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									                                                           Blue Swan Apartment Homes
                                                                    11710 Parliament Drive
                                                                    San Antonio, TX 78213
                                                                   Phone: 210-366-0122
                                                                    Fax: 210-308-8220

                                               Rental Application Cover Letter
Thank you for choosing Blue Swan Apartment Homes! We take a considerable amount of pride in providing quality housing to anyone
that meets our qualifications. The management is committed to complying with all applicable laws including all Fair Housing Laws and
prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familiar status, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity,
or status as a student. Below is a list of minimum requirements and qualifications the management utilizes to determine the eligibility of
each applicant. The information below is provided to give an understanding of the qualifying procedure. All of the items below are
necessary to assure the proper review of the application package.

1.)     Application: A signed and fully completed application for each adult over the age of 18.
2.)     Deposits and Fees: A $200 - $250 security deposit along with a $40.00* per person/$50.00 per married couple $50.00 for guarantors
        (deposit and application fees must be in separate payments) is required before your application can be considered and/or processed.
             *(Application fee is non refundable. Lease administrative fee non refundable if applicant is approved)

3.)     Credit Report: A credit report will be obtained for all applicants from the past 24 months of credit history. Negative credit information will be
        reviewed as to the age of the account, account type, and the extensiveness of the negative debt. (Excluding student loans and medical)
        Outstanding judgments or liens may not be accepted and if accepted will result in an additional security deposit amount equal to or larger than
        one month’s rent or possible denial. Any “open” bankruptcy is an automatic denial. International applicants may present a valid passport or
        other valid government identification in lieu of credit reporting in the U.S. International applicants must also complete a Supplement Non-
        Citizen Application and provide copies of all required documents.

4.)     Rental History: Delinquent rental payments and/or failure to fulfill terms on prior lease are grounds for denial. First time renters may be
        required an additional deposit. Must have at least 6 months verifiable and positive rental history. Roommates must qualify individually in all
        areas except income.

5.)     Employment History: Current and/or previous employment for six (6) months is required. Additional deposit may be required if employment
        history is less than six months. Full time students may have guarantors.

6.)     Income Verification: Applicant(s) must supply management with written verification, two current paycheck stubs, income tax forms, or
        notarized letter on company letterhead stating the applicant’s monthly gross wage and length of employment. The application will not be
        reviewed until verification is provided.

7.)     Income Requirements: Applicant must earn three (3) times the amount of the monthly rent; roommates must each earn two and a half (2½)
        times the monthly rent.

8.)     Identification: A copy of your current valid driver’s license or state ID card is required for each applicant. The application will not be
        processed until proper legal identification is provided.

9.)     Maximum Occupancy: Two (2) people per bedroom. (Exception – a child less than 12 months of age) Three persons allowed in a 1

10.)      Electric Service: Proof of Electric service will be required before move-in.

11.)     Pet Restrictions: Two (2) Pets are allowed according to breed (no aggressive breeds) Pet deposit: 1 PET- $300 deposit ($150 being
        refundable at move out provided no pet damages).
                                   2 PETS- $600 deposit ($300) being refundable at move out provided no pet damage).
                                   $10.00 per month pet rent- per pet

12.) Criminal Background Check: A criminal background check will be done on each applicant. Record of any felony, drug related or violent
    criminal offenses will be grounds for denial.
13.) Guarantor: If prospective Lease Holder(s) do not satisfy the rental criteria and or the income requirements, a guarantor will be required.
    Guarantor must meet all qualifications and monthly rental amount cannot equal more than 14% of the Guarantors monthly income.

***The signature below acknowledges that I have read and understand this document and have received a copy. I give permission for
management to obtain my credit report and any applicable information in review of my rental application.

__________________________________________                                                           ________________
Applicants Signature                                                                                 Date

                    The Deposit to hold the apartment is non-refundable if applicant(s) cancel after 3 days (72 hours) of our receipt of the security deposit.

                                                                                                                             ___________ (applicant Initials)

Rev. 10/22/2009
                       Privacy Policy for Personal Information
                         Of Rental Applicants and Residents

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of your personal information, including your
Social Security or other governmental identification numbers. We have adopted a
privacy policy to help ensure that your information is kept secure. We follow all federal
and state laws regarding the protection of your personal information.

How information is collected. You will be furnishing some of your personal
information (such as your Social Security or other governmental identification numbers)
at the time you apply to rent from us. This information will be on the rental application
form or other document that you provide to us or to an apartment locator service, either
on paper or electronically.

How and when information is used. We may use this information in the process of
verifying statements made on your rental application, such as your rental, credit and
employment history. We may use the information when reviewing any lease renewal.
We may also use it to assist us in obtaining payment from you for any money you may
owe us in the future.

How the information is protected and who has access. In our company, only
authorized persons have access to your Social Security or other governmental
identification number. We keep all documents containing this information in a secure
area, accessible only by authorized persons. We limit access to electronic versions of the
information to authorized persons only.

How the information is disposed of. After we no longer need your Social Security or
other governmental identification numbers, we will store or destroy the information in a
manner that ensures that no unauthorized person will have access to it. Our disposal
method may include physical destruction or obliteration of paper documents or electronic
files containing such information.

Locator services. If you found us through a locator service, please be aware that locator
services are independent contractors and are not our employees—even though they may
initially process rental applications and fill out lease forms. You should require any
locator services you use to furnish you their privacy policies, as well.


                                            The Management of
                                            Blue Swan Apartments

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