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									                                           STD News Notes Index
        Year            Volume     Issue                         Articles                        Employees

                                             Announcements                               Lena Chatmon
                                             Kudos                                       Dee Cordova
                                             Syphilis Elimination Spotlight              Tamara Telfair
                                             Websites of Interest                        Vonetta Williams
       April-01         Volume 1   Issue 1
                                             Cartoon of the Month                        Bernard Linzy
                                                                                         Dale Harrison
                                                                                         Chip Seaman
                                                                                         George Gibbs
                                             Announcements                               Karla Schmitt
                                             Kudos Corner                                Tony Washington
                                             Syphilis Elimination Spotlight              Stacy Shiver
                                             Also of Note                                Chip Seaman
                                             Special Report: Trends in Sexual Behavior   Tamara Telfair
                                             More Success Stories                        Vonetta Williams
                                             Teambuilding Ideas                          Jose Rodriguez
       May-01           Volume 1   Issue 2   Cartoon of the Month                        Michael Wydotis
                                                                                         Ron Cremo
                                                                                         Jayson Trussel
                                                                                         Kris Thompson
                                                                                         Christina Ramsey
                                                                                         Daphne Gassett
                                                                                         Katrina Hopkins-Boone
                                                                                         Larry Roberts
                                             Announcements                               Jayson Trussel
                                             Interesting Websites                        Jesse Flores
                                             Kudos                                       Diane Ashworth
                                             Outreach Highlights Area 3                  Jose Rodriguez
                                             Syphilis Elimination Spotlight              Pete Starling
                                             Welcome!                                    Johnna Dettis
       June-01          Volume 1   Issue 3
                                             Teambuilding Ideas                          Thomasine Collins
                                             STD Logo Contest                            Nelson Colon-Cartagena
                                             STD Crossword Puzzle                        Frank Meyers
                                             Florida Syphilis Cases                      Jonni Gill
                                             Florida Early Syphilis Cases by Area
                                             "More Fishing Tales from Larry"
                                             Interesting Websites                        Stacy Shiver
                                             "The Strategic Planners"                    Michael Guyton
                                             Best Laid Plans…                            Nelson Colon-Cartagena
                                             STD Word Search                             Dan George
                                             STD Nurse Clinicians                        Johnna Dettis
 July-September-2001    Volume 1   Issue 4
                                             What's going on with spectinomycin
                                             (Trobicin)?                                 Bennie Franks
                                             Congenital Syphilis 1997 vs. 2000
                                             Cartoon of the Month
                                             More "Fish Tales" from Larry
                                             Interesting Websites                        Calvin Doss
                                             Region IV STD/HIV Prevention Training
                                             Center                                      Donna Cort
                                             Kudos to You                                Jayson Trussel
                                             STD Logo Contest                            Jeanne Carter
                                             STD Facts: Sept. 2001                       Susan Schmachel
                                             A Typical Day in the Life of a DIS          Johnna Dettis
                                             On a Clinical Note…                         Maresa Corder
October/November-2001   Volume 1   Issue 5
                                             Of Further Note…                            Fanita Brown
                                             "Studies Suggest Hepatitis G Virus Slows
                                             Down the AIDS Virus"                        Frank Meyers
                                             Cartoon of the Month                        Jessie Hemberger
October/November-2001   Volume 1   Issue 5

                                             Button Contest                                 Christi Chambers
                                                                                            Angela Carthens
                                                                                            Dee Cordova
                                                                                            Sandra Scott
                                             Interesting Websites                           Johnna Dettis
                                             Spotlight on Syphilis                          Judy Griffin
                                             HIV/AIDS in Florida's Young People             Frank Meyers
                                             2001 World AIDS Day as observed in Key
                                             West                                           Matt Daniel
                                             Upon Reflection… Publisher's Notes             Ron Cremo
                                             Update on Logo and Button Contests             Joel Franklin Fletcher
    December-01         Volume 1   Issue 6   New Proverbs to Contemplate in 2002
                                             Announcements and Reports
                                             Laboratory Survey
                                             Neonatal Surveillance
                                             New Jail-Based HIV Linkage Project in Lee
                                             More Fish(y) Tales from Larry
                                             Cartoon of the Month
                                             SEP at TGK Inaugurated                         Frank Meyers
                                             New! Electronic Distribution Planned for STD
                                             News Notes                                     Johnna Dettis
                                             Special Points of Interest                     Maresa Corder
                                             Clinical Notes                                 Heather Chisholm
                                             "Ask the STD Clinicians"                       Margery Zeske
January/February-2002   Volume 2   Issue 1   Results of the Button and Logo Contests        Michele Crews
                                             Service to the Community                       Patricia Ryan
                                             "STOP" Project Promotion Announced             Julie Vollmer
                                             Area Managers Meeting                          Tammy Arnold
                                             STD Facts for 2001                             Ron Cremo
                                             Cremo Wins Senior Classics Gold- AGAIN
                                             Hotlines to Share
                                             Protect Your Health and Your Future            Alessandria Killingsworth
                                             Selected Comments from the April 3-5 STD
                                             Manager's Meeting                              Alberto Perez
                                             Clinical Notes                                 Tom Liberti
                                             "Ask the STD Clinicians"                       Johnna Dettis
                                             Dressing for the Occasion                      Michele Crews
                                             2002 FPHA Meeting                              Margery Zeske
                                             Congenital Syphilis Treatment Plan Form        Patricia Ryan
   March/April-2002     Volume 2   Issue 2
                                             Congratulations!                               Julie Vollmer
                                             Pharmacy News                                  Bill Huber
                                             More Tales about Larry…                        Debbie Richardson
                                             New Findings Explain T-Cell Loss in HIV
                                             Infection                                      Ray Sanchez
                                             New STD Logo Announced                         Deborah Keith
                                             Cartoon of the Month                           John Toney
                                             Hotlines to Share                              John Agwunobi
                                             Standards: Errors in Tracking Medical Errors   Johnna Dettis
                                             Avon Park AIDS Camp                            Maresa Corder
                                             Clinical Notes                                 Ron Cremo
                                             "Ask the STD Clinicians"                       Dee Cordova
                                             Congratulations!                               Tom Burns
                                             Announcements                                  Mike Powelson
                                             Do You Know this Man?                          Kim Honer
                                             2002 STD Treatment Guidelines Released by
                                             CDC                                            Shameeka Akins
                                             Area Events                                    Larry Roberts
                                             Florida Corrections Symposium to Feature
                                             Miami Jail Project                             Chip Seaman
   May/June-2002        Volume 2   Issue 3
                                             2002 Florida Jail Survey                       Barbara Carroll
    May/June-2002        Volume 2   Issue 3
                                              Spotlight on Syphilis Outbreak Response
                                              Team                                          James Moody
                                              Cartoon of the Day                            Karla Schmitt
                                              Interesting Websites to Explore               Ellen Murray
                                                                                            J. Franklin Fletcher
                                                                                            Preston Boyce
                                                                                            Willie Greene
                                                                                            Dennis Houston
                                                                                            Sandra Lewis
                                                                                            John Toney
                                                                                            Leroy Robinson
                                              STD Section Organizational Meeting Held at
                                              FPHA                                          John Toney
                                              Clinical Notes                                Dan George
                                              "Ask the STD Clinicians"                      Pete Starling
                                              Announcements                                 Sandra Lewis
                                              Area Happenings                               Maresa Corder
                                              Info Request- the Saw Mill Campground         Bob Small
                                              "Disease Lockdown" Launched                   Matt Daniels
                                              Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport            George Gibbs
                                              STD Checkup Coupons                           Deborah Levinson
                                              Clinic Access Study                           Valerie Ellis
                                              Always Remember and Never Forget              Denice Redden
    July/August-2002     Volume 2   Issue 4
                                              Coming Soon to your Computer                  Jennifer D'Urzo
                                              Florida: 2001 Gonorrhea                       Cassandre Larrieux
                                              Beware of Dog                                 Deslyn Thornhill
                                              Cartoon of the Day                            Frances Pinero
                                              Website to Explore                            Synthia Williams
                                                                                            Anthony Chester
                                                                                            Leroy Robinson
                                                                                            Joel Franklin Fletcher
                                                                                            Suzy Peters
                                                                                            Kay Hood
                                                                                            Donald Lees
                                                                                            Gary Ervin
                                              Area STD "Report Cards" Released for
                                              January-June, 2002                            Fanita Brown
                                              Clinical Notes                                Maresa Corder
                                              In Service to our Military…                   Johnna Dettis
                                              Goodbye Note from Johnna                      Linda Silverman
                                              Florida Public Health Association News        Kim Honer
                                              Congratulations to Dr. Karla Schmitt          Phil Moncrief
                                              Lee County Jail Linkage Project               Karla Schmitt
                                              Condoms in Jails                              Debra Killackey
                                              Training Tid-bits                             Patricia Connor
September/October-2002   Volume 2   Issue 5   Meet Dr. Toney                                Franklin Fletcher
                                              World's Top Health Hazards Ranked in Report
                                              by World Health Organization                  John Toney
                                              Spotlight on CBOs                             Lori Saxon Jordahl
                                              Announcements                                 Marc Cohen
                                              Cartoon of the Day                            Sterling Whisenhunt
                                              Interesting Websites to Explore               Frank Meyers
                                                                                            Cathy Bradley
                                                                                            Adrian Cooksey
                                                                                            Shameka Ayers
                                                                                            Hal Wiliford
                                              Department of Health Secretary Cited as
                                              Public Health Hero by APHA                    John Agwunobi
                                              Clinic Notes                                  Steve McInelly
                                              Hand Hygiene Guidelines Fact Sheet            Gustavo Aquino
                                              Announcements                                 Bob Small

November/December-2002   Volume 2   Issue 6
                                              Old Names in the News- Former Florida
                                              Assigned Feds on the Move                     Frank Meyers
                                              Quote to Note                                 Maresa Corder
                                              "Syphilis Update on Los Angeles County"       Alwin Chang
                                              RUP Workshop Snapshots                        Gloria Pacheco
November/December-2002   Volume 2   Issue 6   Spotlight on Training                         Philip Williams
                                              South Florida Training- Syphilis Symposium    Margaret Velez
                                              Cartoon of the Day                            Rajendra Hiralal
                                              Interesting Websites to Explore               Renato Gonik
                                                                                            Ruthie Sirmans
                                                                                            Hal Wiliford
                                                                                            Derek Monroe
                                                                                            Rhonda Davis
                                                                                            Yvon Duchatelier
                                                                                            Marc Cohen
                                                                                            John Toney
                                              "Skin Infections Hit San Francisco Gay Men"   Phil Moncrief
                                              SF State National Sexuality Research Center   John Agwunobi
                                              Items to Note…                                Carla Hardnett
                                              HPV Vaccine Protects Women                    Tom Burns
                                              Rapid HIV Test Approved                       Lori Jordahl
                                              Hepatitis C Among Soon-to-be-Released
                                              Prisoners                                     Mary Fleming Tollefsen
                                              Pocketsize Spanish Phrasebooks                Dan George
                                              Comparison of Miami vs. Ft. Lauderdale 2002
                                              Provisional MSM Data                          Maresa Corder
                                              National Campaign to Prevent Teen
                                              Pregnancy Releases Annual Survey              Franklin Fletcher
 January/February-2003   Volume 3   Issue 1
                                              The Disease Intervention Specialist, Public
                                              Health's Ace Detective                        Alwin Chang
                                              Congratulations to our Leader                 Janet Firestone
                                              Spotlight on Syphilis Elimination             Jeff Couch
                                              A Valuable Resource for State Employees       Franz Dewet
                                              Get the Scoop on Smallpox                     Ron Archambault
                                              MTV Names America's Top 10 Sex Savviest
                                              Cities in Valentine's Day V.D. Report Card    Susan Dillmore
                                              Announcements                                 Cliff Knight

                                              HSV and HPV now Reportable STDs in Florida
                                              Websites to Share
                                              Florida Public Health Association (FPHA)
                                              Annual Meeting Date Announced                 Karla Schmitt
                                              STD Bureau Chief to Testify Before U.S.
                                              Congress                                      Stacy Shiver
                                              2002 Morbidity Quiz                           Dan George
                                              Items to Note…                                Mary F. Tollefsen
                                              Bureau of STD BPIP (Business Process
                                              Improvement Project)                          Lori Jordahl
                                              STD and Commitment to the Strategic Plan      Emy Martinez
    March/April-2003     Volume 3   Issue 2
                                              Syphilis and HIV Among MSM in South Florida   Ralph Quintana
                                              The Clinician's Corner                        Debbie Levinson
                                              In the Spotlight…                             Beatrice Johnson
                                              Yearly STD Manager's Meeting                  Sandra White
                                              Star Performer                                Marc Cohen
                                              Ask the Clinician…                            Sterling Whisenhunt
                                              Mama Bears Invade Florida
                                              The SOBE Syph Group- Miami
                                              Websites to Share

                                              Annual STD Managers Meeting a Big Success John Toney

    May/June-2003        Volume 3   Issue 3
                                              Words to Live By                                Karla Schmitt
                                              Items to Note…                                  Tom Liberti
                                              Sexual Health Crisis Looms in Britain: Report   Sandra Roush
                                              The RUP Report                                  Hal Wiliford
                                              The Clinician's Corner                          Mary Fleming Tollefsen
                                              Indian Health Service                           James Toomey
    May/June-2003        Volume 3   Issue 3   In the Spotlight…                               Chip Seaman
                                              Veteran STD Supervisor, Tommy Chandler
                                              Retires After 39 Years of Service               Migling Cuervo
                                              Meet the DIS                                    Serenia Beckton
                                              2002 Florida: Reported Cases and Rates
                                              /100,000                                        Tommy Chandler
                                              Websites to Share                               Dennis Houston
                                                                                              Jeanne Pinal
                                                                                              Maria Alfonso
                                              Rise of Internet Fuels Fears of AIDS
                                              Resurgence                                      Franklin Fletcher
                                              Miami Community-Jail Coalition, Inc.            Terry Fitch
                                              Items to Note…                                  Stacy Shiver
                                              Most Parents Unaware that Teens can be
                                              Treated for STDs, Receive Contraception
                                              without their Involvement                       Sandra White
                                              Reporting Supercedes HIPAA                      Jayson Trussel
                                              Interesting Trivia                              Pete Starling
                                              High Herpes Rate Found in Metro Atlanta         Dan George
                                              Geek's Point of View                            Cristi Chambers
                                              High Rates of Trichomonas in Men Attending
    July/August-2003     Volume 3   Issue 4   an STD Clinic                                   Elizabeth "Allyn" Bridgewater
                                              Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy
                                              Increases Risk of Preterm Delivery              Sheila Morris
                                              In the Spotlight…                               Bill Huber
                                              Florida Public Health Association (FPHA)
                                              Report                                          Ron Cremo
                                              STD Section Business Meeting                    Ken Kampert
                                              One-Third of Sexually Active Young Adults
                                              Report Alcohol and Drug Use Influenced their
                                              Sexual Decisions                                Rich DeRevere
                                              Happy Retirements to Bill and Ron
                                              STD Facts July 2003
                                              Websites to Share
                                              Ciprofloxacin Resistant Gonorrhea Discovered
                                              in Florida                                      Karla Schmitt
                                              Up Through the Ranks                            Frank Meyers
                                              Meet the DIS                                    Linda Averill
                                              Please Note…                                    Frances Pinero
                                              They Made 'Em Tough Back Then                   Bill Huber
                                              Syphilis Elimination News                       Terry Payne
September/October-2003   Volume 3   Issue 5
                                              Florida CBO-Based Syphilis Screening Project    Philippe Charles
                                              And in Collier County…                          David Andress
                                              In the Spotlight…                               Rich DeRevere
                                              Thousands Given Wrong STD Results               Franklin Fletcher
                                              The Clinician's Corner                          Phil Moncrief
                                              Websites to Share                               Mary Fleming Tollefsen
                                                                                              Johnna Dettis
                                              Holiday Greetings from "The Chief"              Calvin Doss
                                              2004 National STD Prevention Conference         Jayson Trussel
                                              STD 101 In-A-Box                                Larry Roberts
                                              Items to Note…                                  Geri Ingram
                                              Training Updates                                Mark Crowley

November/December-2003   Volume 3   Issue 6
                                              More Information on Collier County Medical
                                              Spanish Classes                                 Karla Schmitt
                                              Expanded Evening and Saturday Hours in
                                              Miami-Dade                                      Frank Meyers
                                              Announcements                                   Mig Cuervo
                                              And Yet More Announcements                      Willie Greene
                                              In the Spotlight…                               Mary Tollefsen
November/December-2003   Volume 3   Issue 6
                                              CDC National Conference Accepts FOUR
                                              Florida Poster Presentations                    Phil Moncrief
                                              Orange County STD Staff Holds Retreat           Alwin Chang
                                              Study Finds Heart Attack Gene                   Chip Seaman
                                              Client Satisfaction Beta Test Survey Results:
                                              Duval County                                    Anthony Chester
                                              Client Satisfaction Beta Test Survey Results:
                                              St. Johns County St. Augustine                  Leisha Ware
                                              FL Monthly STD Report                           Joel Franklin Fletcher
                                              Resources to Share                              Lori Jordahl
                                                                                              Stacy Shiver
                                                                                              Tony Washington
                                              Public Health Organizations Echo CDC's Call
                                              for Increased Cervical Cancer Screening         Allison Nist
                                              Items to Note…                                  Gary Ervin
                                              More Innovations from Collier County            Rafael Loza
                                              Good Job Sarasota!                              Lydia Valentin
                                              HIV and STD testing in prisons: perspectives
                                              of in-prison service providers                  Barbara Allender
                                              Daily Use of Drug Valacyclovir Reduces Risk
                                              of Sexual Transmission of Genital Herpes,
                                              Study Says                                      Don Lees
                                              STD Directors Call for Internet Service
                                              Providers to Address Concern Over Spread of
                                              STDs via Internet                               Judit Illyes
 January/February-2004   Volume 4   Issue 1
                                              In the Spotlight…                               Boots Harrold
                                              Upcoming Event                                  Virginia Brockman
                                              HIV Upsurge Seen in Black Male Students         Willie "Pete" Starling
                                              Congratulations!                                Dan Green
                                              North Carolina: "HIV Outbreak is Identified
                                              Early"                                          Linda Thompkins
                                              Resources to Share                              Derek Monroe
                                              Wisdom from the world's greatest
                                              philosophers, and not a one over 11 years old   Bill Hazel
                                                                                              Sherry Lewis
                                                                                              Jackie Gibson
                                                                                              Michael Zarnowski
                                                                                              Karla Schmitt
                                              2004 National STD Conference Held March 8-
                                              11                                              Lori Jordahl
                                              STD Conference Exhibits                         Stacy Shiver
                                              Interesting Conference Presentations            Franklin Fletcher
                                              Observations on the National 2004 STD
                                              Conference                                      Mary F. Tollefsen
                                              Designing and Funding a New Jail Linkage
                                              Project                                         Frances Pinero
    March/April-2004     Volume 4   Issue 2
                                              MSMs and Smoked Neck Bones                      David Andress
                                              "Hundreds of Syphilis Patients in Los Angeles
                                              Got the Wrong Drug"                             Willie Greene
                                              It's a Jungle Out There                         Connie Wolfe

                                              United States: "HIV Transmission: Rate in US
                                              is Approximately Four Percent per Year"         Thomasine Collins
                                              In Memoriam                                     Alwin Chang
                                              New Quinolone Resistant Gonorrhea
                                              Surveillance Project Will Begin in Florida in
                                              June                                              Mary Fleming Tollefsen
                                              FPHA/FAPHN/FEHA 2004 Joint Annual
                                              Educational Meeting and Trade Show                Debbie Richardson
                                              Spotlight On…                                     Frances Pinero
                                              Women's Health Issues: New Release from
                                              Kaiser Family Foundation                          Lori Jordahl
                                              Employee Health Fair Screening                    Don Lees
                                              Study: Young Americans are nearly half of
                                              U.S. STD cases                                    Gary Ervin
                                              Headquarters Welcomes…                            Sharron Walters
                                              The Library Corner- Research You Can Use          Kisha Randolph
                                              Prevalence of Chlamydial and Gonorrheal
                                              Infections Among Females in a Juvenile
                                              Detention Facility                                Amanda Brown
    May/June-2004        Volume 4   Issue 3   Emergency Department Management of
                                              Sexually Transmitted Infections in US
                                              Adolescents: Results from the National
                                              Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey           Susan Bulecza

                                              Pregnant adolescents at risk: Sexual behaviors
                                              and sexually transmitted disease prevalence       Tamara Arnold
                                              Friends, Friends with Benefits and the Benefits
                                              of the Local Mall                                 Sherita Ingram
                                              Tribute to Richard Finney                         Susan O'Bryan
                                              54% Have Sex During a Blackout                    Richard Finney
                                              "A Third of HIV Gays Ignorant of Their
                                              Infection"                                        Jayson Trussel
                                              Letter to the Editor                              Thomasine Collins
                                              Element of breast milk may fight cancer           Frank Meyers
                                              Germs hitch a ride on doctor's ties
                                              Notable Quotables
                                              Fighting Sypilis and HIV on the Web               Tracey Gross
                                              Library Corner- Research You Can Use              Susan Bulecza
                                              "Prevalence of Chlamydial and Gonococcal
                                              Infections Among Young Adults in the United
                                              States"                                           Lloyd "Chip" Seaman
                                              "He Said, She Said: Concordance Between
                                              Sexual Partners"                                  Tommy Chandler
   July/August-2004      Volume 4   Issue 4   Errata                                            Jackie Gibson
                                              The Annual Tommy Chandler Excellence
                                              Award                                             Dan George
                                              In the Spotlight…                                 Jeanne Pinal
                                              U.S. Researchers Test Free Home Infection
                                              Test Kit                                          Pamela Johnson
                                              Microbicide Research Announced                    Mary Fleming Tollefsen
                                              Resources to Share                                Larry Roberts
                                              Internet Partner Notification (IPN) TAG-19
                                              Approved                                          Dan George
                                              "Sharing Our Best" The Bureau of STD
                                              Cookbook                                          Larry Roberts
                                              Library Corner- Research You Can Use              Phil Moncrief
                                              If the Condom Fits, Wear It: A Qualitative
                                              Study of Young African-American Men               Bonita Sorenson
                                              Investigating Ethnic Differences in Sexual
                                              Health: Focus Groups with Young People            Susan Bulecza
                                              "Sexual and Reproductive Health: Teens
                                              Teaching Teens About Safer Sex is African
                                              Success Story"                                    Vincent Hodge
                                              Welcome to New Staff                              Rob Scott
                                              In the Spotlight…                                 Jayson Trussel

September/October-2004   Volume 4   Issue 5
                                              From Duval CHD                                     Chip Seaman
September/October-2004   Volume 4   Issue 5   From Sarasota CHD                                  Terry Payne
                                              "Chlamydia in Men Affects Fertility-
                                              Researchers"                                       Mike Guyton
                                              "Protect Yourself Against Hepatitis A & B: A
                                              Guide for Gay and Bisexual Men"                    Floren Fisher
                                              Syphilis Contracted Through Oral Sex on the
                                              Rise                                               Tommy Chandler
                                              Palm Beach County Update                           Mitch Marcus
                                              Chlamydia Screening: The HEDIS Report              Jeffrey Goldhagen
                                              Funnies                                            Lydia Valentin
                                              More words of wisdom from the world's
                                              greatest (and youngest) philosophers!              Rafael Loza
                                                                                                 Barbara Allender
                                                                                                 Gary Ervin
                                                                                                 Donald Lees
                                                                                                 Sheri White
                                              Linkage to HIV Care Demonstration Project
                                              Grant Bureau of STD and Miami-Dade STD
                                              Clinic                                             Kisha Randolph
                                              Client Education Alert                             Joe Pietrangelo
                                              Library Corner- Research You Can Use               Jose Castro
                                              Risks and Benefits of the Internet for
                                              Populations at Risk for Sexually Transmitted
November/December-2004   Volume 4   Issue 6   Infections: Results of an STI Clinic Survey        Karla Schmitt
                                              Web-Based Behavioral Surveillance Among
                                              Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Comparison
                                              of Online and Offline Samples in London, UK        Susan Bulecza
                                              Hurricane Season: STD Friend or Foe?               Sharlene Emmanuel
                                              BPIP Summary Report                                Stacy Shiver
                                              Journal Resources to Share                         Donald Lees
                                                                                                 Gary Ervin
                                              U.S. FDA Warns Consumers About Home
                                              Medical Tests Sold by Quebec Company               Michael Zarnowski
                                              A Useful Narrative: To Test, To Treat, or Wait
                                              to Treat Syphilis Cases                            Susan Bulecza
                                              The Library Corner- Research You Can Use           Phil Moncrief
                                              Sexually Transmitted Disease/HIV
                                              Transmission Risk Behaviors and Sexually
                                              Transmitted Disease Prevalence Among HIV-
                                              Positive Men Receiving Continuing Care             Robert Small
                                              Scientists Discover Key Genetic Factor in
                                              Determining HIV/AIDS Risk                          Lena Chatman
                                              Snow Facts                                         Jeremiah (Jerry) Perry
                                              HPV in the News                                    Terry Payne
                                              The Writing on the Wall                            Lloyd "Chip" Seaman
 January/February-2005   Volume 5   Issue 1   Legislative Policy Proposal                        Stacy Shiver
                                              "Vaccination in the County Jail as a Strategy to
                                              Reach High Risk Adults During a Community-
                                              Based Hepatitis A Outbreak Among
                                              Methamphetamine Drug Users"                        Franklin Fletcher
                                              Announcements                                      Mary Tollefsen
                                              Welcome Back, Bob!
                                              Welcome, Terry!
                                              Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR)
                                              A Re-Emerging Disease…LGV
                                              Two New York Men Diagnosed with Rare STD
                                              The Florida Connection…
                                              CDC Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)
                                              Surveillance Project
                                        April is STD Awareness Month                     Terry Murphy
                                        Monday, April 11- STD Event of Interest in the
                                        Capitol                                          Susan Bulecza
                                        Field Visit "Expose"                             Frank Meyers
                                        Observations and Advice                          Victoria Stovall
                                        The Library Corner- Research You Can Use         Jim Hinson
                                        Randomized Trial of Supplementary
                                        Interviewing Techniques to Enhance Recall of
                                        Sexual Partners in Contact Interviews            Richard Stiles de Revere
                                        Past Predictions                                 Jeremiah Perry
                                        Public Health Practitioners may want to check
March/April-2005   Volume 5   Issue 2
                                        out this site                                    Reginald Carson

                                        Teen Boys with Little Condom Use Knowledge,
                                        High Confidence Least Likely to Use Condoms
                                        During First Intercourse, Study Says
                                        Meth Use Causes Dental Devastation
                                        Acculturation as a Predictor of the Onset of
                                        Sexual Intercourse Among Hispanic and White
                                        Fast Facts
                                        Record Number of STD Posters to be
                                        Presented at FPHA                                Lloyd "Chip" Seaman
                                        Legislative Update                               Phil Moncrief
                                        STD-MIS Risk Factors                             Ken Kampert
                                        The Clinician's Corner                           Stacy Shiver
                                        The Library Corner- Research You Can Use         D. Penny-Jones
                                        Have You Heard These?                            Victoria Stovall
                                        Collaboration of Partners Involved in Prenatal
                                        Follow-Up of Pregnant Women with STDs            Miriam DeLaLastra
                                        Web-Based Home STD Tests Can Work                Migling Cuervo
                                        Statewide Pap Smear Survey Summary               Karla Schmitt
                                        Early Syphilis in South Florida, 1999-2004       Dan George
May/June-2005      Volume 5   Issue 3   E-mails Send STD Warning                         Frances Pinero
                                        Announcements                                    Adrian Cooksey
                                        New Front Line Supervisor- Duval County          Mary Fleming Tollefsen
                                        More Comings and Goings                          Susan Bulecza
                                                                                         Ruthie Sirmans
                                                                                         Gayreon Cowan
                                                                                         Virginia McGowan
                                                                                         Leroy Jackson
                                                                                         Terry Payne
                                                                                         Alberto Perez
                                                                                         Nellie Rosario
                                                                                         Wendy Von Kleist
                                                                                         Mitch Smykel
                                        The I-4 Corridor: More Than Just Another
                                        Road                                             Willie Greene
                                        The STD Excellence in Mentoring Award            Jayson Trussel
                                        Special Recognition: Sixty plus years of STD
                                        experience soon leaving Florida                  Karla Schmitt
                                        2005 Tommy Chandler Award                        Larry Roberts
                                        News Clip of Interest: "Birth Spike for
                                        Youngest Mothers"                                Sandra White
                                        Newly Elected Officers for 2006 FPHA STD
                                        Section                                          Sherry Lewis
                                        Urban Quest Seeks Deadly Foe                     Debbie Richardson
                                        "Getting Unstuck" by Conscious                   Tommy Chandler
                                        Library Corner- Research You Can Use             Danijelia Causevic
                                        United Kingdom: "Community Based Syphilis
                                        Screening: Feasibillity, Acceptability, and
                                        Effectiveness in Case Finding"                  Jeanne Pinal
                                        Neonatal Herpes Should be a Reportable
                                        Disease                                         Virginia McGowan
                                        Announcements                                   Cristi Chambers
                                        BSTD Epi Update                                 Lori Jordahl
                                        More Comings and Goings                         Rhonda Davis
                                        Save the Dates                                  Leroy "Bo Pete" Robinson
                                                                                        Larry Schmuhl
                                                                                        Kavita Chodavarapu
                                                                                        Migling Cuervo
                                                                                        Frank Meyers
                                                                                        Deberah Keith
                                                                                        Susan Bulecza
                                                                                        Debra Dulin
                                                                                        Ann Rountry
                                                                                        Leroy Jackson
                                                                                        Tony White
July/August-2005   Volume 5   Issue 4
                                                                                        Zenora Cobb
                                                                                        April Greene
                                                                                        Allice "Patsy" Waters
                                                                                        Samuel Frimpong
                                                                                        Charles Kizer
                                                                                        Clement Richardson
                                                                                        Jean Baptiste Ceme
                                                                                        Barry Blackman
                                                                                        Scott Fryeberger
                                                                                        Barbara Carroll
                                                                                        Raj Hiralal
                                                                                        Jim Hinson
                                                                                        Al Perez
                                                                                        Jeanmanno Titus
                                                                                        Tricey Goldwire
                                                                                        Suzelle Gauthier
                                                                                        Elsie Belizaire
                                                                                        Sheri White
                                                                                        Carlos Huente
                                                                                        Robert Scott
                                                                                        Ryan Rappaport
                                                                                        Desmond Moller
                                                                                        Daphne Rojas
                                                                                        Psyche Hayward
                                                                                        Olga Garcia
                                                                                        Samson Williams
                                                                                        Joseph Villanueva
                                                                                        Helen Welch
                                                                                        Eva Rodriguez
                                                                                        Samson St. Fleur
                                                                                        Tony Loncke
                                                                                        Derek Monroe
                                        A Friend We Will Never Forget                   Dan George
                                        County Focus: Statistics for Marion County
                                        Health Department                               Jayson Trussel
                                        Computer Humor                                  Ken Kampert
                                        The Library Corner- Research You Can Use        Karla Schmitt
                                        Florida's Multifaceted Response for Increases
                                        in Syphilis Among MSM: The Miami-Fort
                                        Lauderdale Initiative                           Susan Bulecza
                                               A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Interventions
                                               to Increase Repeat Testing in Patients Treated
                                               for Gonorrhea or Chlamydia at Public Sexually
                                               Transmitted Disease Clinics                      Steve Bender
                                               Visit to St. Lucie County Health Department      Thomas Burns
                                               The Writing on the Wall                          Lori Jordahl
                                               The Clinician's Corner                           Larry Lee
                                               Piloting Nucleic Acid Amplified Technology
                                               Testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in STD
                                               Clinics                                          Felicia Ingram
                                               Bay County Health Department                     Vicki Stovall
                                               Announcements                                    Shirley Bolden
                                               More Comings and Goings                          Elsie Belizaire
                                                                                                Miriam DeLaLastra
                                                                                                Terry Murphy
                                                                                                Andrew Buffa
                                                                                                Aretha Pearce
                                                                                                Yvonne Lane
                                                                                                Mary Fleming Tollefsen
 September/October-2005   Volume 5   Issue 5                                                    Sherrie Serpas
                                                                                                Julie VanderMeer
                                                                                                Jennifer Weaver
                                                                                                Toni Jones
                                                                                                Wes Harper
                                                                                                Laura McKinney
                                                                                                Maureen Merckle
                                                                                                Stacy Clinton
                                                                                                Loretta Price
                                                                                                Alexandra Langford
                                                                                                Kimberly Quinn
                                                                                                Bonnie Lott
                                                                                                Clement Richardson
                                                                                                Treva Davis
                                                                                                Hector Roche
                                                                                                Pat Simmons
                                                                                                Dante Ross
                                                                                                Michael Wydotis
                                                                                                Alorsious "Pete" Fedrick
                                                                                                Marie Denis
                                                                                                Natasha Speck
                                                                                                Wendell Rutledge
                                                                                                Ron Robiner
                                                                                                Morris "Nick" Carter
                                                                                                Edith Gum
                                                                                                Spencer Marks
                                                                                                Serenia Beckton
                                                                                                Christine Morrow
                                               Words from an Ol' DIS                            Larry Roberts
                                               What is Bluetooth and how does it work?          Larry Schmuhl
                                               The Library Corner- Research You Can Use         Candice Allbaugh
                                               An Intervention to Reduce Vaginal Douching
                                               Among Adolescent and Young Adult Women:
November/December-2005    Volume 5 Issue 6
                                               A Randomized, Controlled Trial                   Migling Cuervo
                                               Computer Humor                                   Susan O'Bryan
                                               BSTD Web Manager's Corner                        Frank Meyers
                                               The Kaiser Family Foundation and MTV

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