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									                                                                                                                                                             Jul/Aug 2011
    Quality, natural health products that work

Turn Back Time                                         C
                                                       Colloidal Silver 500ml                                   Probiotic Multi 9
A combination of anti-aging capsules s                 Special price reduction, just in time for
                                                       Sp                                                       Great intestinal health comes
and skin moisturiser to beautify you                   winter. Now only $35 per bottle or buy
                                                       w                                                        from the probiotics in our new
from both inside and outside.                          4 bottles for $115, only $28.75 each.                    ‘Capsule in a Capsule’ technology.
  See page 5                                              See page 21                                             See page 20

    Natural sweetener Stevia                                                                                         WHAT’S NEW
      with improved taste                                                                                           Sweet Stevia Tablets
                                                                                                                    Sweet Stevia Powder
  Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from                           200 Stevia Tablets
  the plant Stevia rebaudiana. Some people                               We have reformulated our                   Sweet Stevia Sprinkle
  find that regular Stevia (which is 250 times                           tablets using the new version              David’s Health Hint –
  sweeter than sugar) has an aftertaste and is                           of Stevia and are very pleased             Cholesterol – why higher can be
  sometimes too sweet.                                                   with the results. We have been             better – Page 4
  We have sourced a new Stevia that has this                             able to use less tableting aids so         Denise’s Article – Artificial
  aftertaste removed and is only 100 times                               there is much less residue from            Sweeteners – Page 4
  sweeter than sugar, making it easier to use.                           the tablet and it has a much
                                                      Sugar equivalent   more pleasant taste.                       Karen’s Article – Stevia – the
  We suggest you give this new Stevia a try,                                                                        Sugar Herb – Page 5
  we know you will pleasantly surprised.                                 One tablet is about 1 teaspoon of
                                                                         sugar but it will be dependant on          Laugh with Health Book –
   Supports insulin production, healthy blood                                                                       New Edition - page 6
                                                                         personal taste. Can sweeten hot
   glucose and balanced blood sugar levels              1 cup = 250g
                                                                         or cold drinks and dissolves easily.       Thermaid – Page 9
  There are very few natural sweetener                                   70g Stevia Sprinkle                        Coral CAA – Page 9
  options for diabetics and many resort to
                                                                         Stevia Sprinkle is Stevia mixed            Satisfied – Page 9
  using artificial sweeteners. The healthy, all
                                                                         with Erythritol, which is an
  natural Stevia is a much better alternative.
                                                                         almost zero calorie natural
  Enjoy sweet drinks and foods without
                                                                         sugar found in many fruits. It is
  worrying about blood sugar levels.
                                                                         not as sweet as sugar but has
   A natural sweetener with virtually no                                 a consistency similar to sugar.          WINTER SPECIALS
   calories, great for weight management                                 Mixed together this makes a
                                                      Sugar equivalent   nice handy sprinkle that you               Colloidal Silver 500ml
  You only use a tiny bit of Stevia, so it is ideal                      can shake over fruit, breakfast            - $35 each – Page 21
  for those watching their weight or following                           or anything else you normally
  a weight management program. Guilt free                                sweeten.                                   Colloidal Silver 500ml
                                                        1 cup = 250g
  treats can now be had with Stevia.                                                                                4 pack $115 – Page 21
                                                                         35g Pure Stevia Powder
   Does not contribute to tooth decay or                                                                            Colloidal Silver
                                                                         This is pure Stevia, no fillers,
   cavities and may help prevent plaque                                                                             Gift Box $73
                                                                         no additives and can be used
                                                                                                                    save $13
                                                                         wherever sugar is used. It is              – Page 21
  The impact of high levels of sugar                                     100 times sweeter than sugar
  consumption on our nation’s teeth is of                                so needs to be used sparingly.             Colostrum 100g
  real concern. Fortunately Stevia does not                              When used in baking you                    now $29 save $10
  contribute to tooth decay or cause cavities.                           may need to increase other                 – Page 22
  Scientific evidence shows it may actually                              ingredients (or use some sugar)
  help prevent plaque buildup.                                           to make sure your cookies,
                                                      Sugar equivalent
   Stevia leaves you feeling full and satisfied,
                                                                         cakes and other guilt free
                                                                         baking come out just right.             Prices                              Each
   no food cravings
                                                                         Buy all three Stevia products           Sweet Stevia Tablets (200)            $19
  Some of the artificial sweeteners on the                               and cover all your natural              Sweet Stevia Powder (35g)             $29
  market stimulate hormones which instruct                               sweetener needs and save
  your body to store fat, while others drive                             $8 overall on the individual            Sweet Stevia Sprinkle (70g)           $25
  down your serotonin levels, which can                                  product prices.
                                                        1 cup = 250g                                             Sweet Stevia Combo - All 3 (save $8) $65
  bring on food cravings. Stevia does not do                             Always read the label and only
  this, so you can use with confidence.                                  use as directed                             TABLETS                  POWDER

Visit us online at or call free 0800 140 141
                                                                                                            Quickfind                                                 Page
                     David’s Bulletin                                                                       7- Day Iron
                                                                                                            Aloe Vera Gel with Colloidal Silver
                     David Coory is the author of the nutrition book “Stay Healthy by                       Article – David                                               4
                     Supplying What’s Lacking in Your Diet” and Executive Director of                       Article – Herbalist                                           5
                     Zealand Publishing House and Health House.                                             Article – Naturopath                                          4
                                                                                                            Banana Calcium Tablets                                       10
                                                                                                            Boron + Selenium                                             14
    I wasn’t going to mention this at all, but          “A man is as old as his arteries”                   Bowel Book                                                   19
    last month we, decided to quietly support           Hardly a week goes by without me hearing            CAA                                                           6
    our long suffering Christchurch earthquake          of someone I know being prescribed a                Colloidal Silver Book                                        18
    customers with some gifts of products. We           Statin drug by their doctor to lower their          Colloidal Silver Gel/Liquid                                  21
    were happy to do this and did not expect            liver’s production of cholesterol. I’ve written     Colloidal Silver Generator/ Test Meter                       20
    any reward, just the thought that we                previously about the side effects of Statins.       Colloidal Silver Gift Box                                    21
    perhaps had helped in a small way.                  You can find it on our website by typing            Colostrum                                                    22
                                                        ‘statin’ into the search box.                       Colostrum Book                                               18
    But we got way more than this. In fact                                                                  Complete C                                                   11
    we were overwhelmed by the massive                  My research for the new edition of                  CoQ10-Omega3                                                  7
    outpouring of love and appreciation                 the Stay Healthy book is unearthing                 Coral CAA                                                     9
    in notes, calls and emails from grateful            surprising facts about this life enhancing          Coral C Calcium                                               8
    Christchurch customers. It brought                  substance cholesterol. I’ve shared some of          DHEA 7-Keto                                                  16
    tears to our eyes as it was so totally              this on page 4.                                     DHEA Breakthrough Book                                       18
    unexpected. Thank you all so much for                                                                   Dr Ulric Williams Book                                       19
    your heartfelt appreciation.                        My upcoming new edition of the Stay                 Easy-Lax                                                     15
                                                        Healthy Book will also include:                     Heal your Eye Problems Book                                  19
    Healthy Stevia sweetener                                                                                Healthy Family, Happy Family Book                            18
                                                          How to read your cholesterol blood
    I am happy that we now have all our                                                                     Healthy Joints                                               15
    natural healthy Stevia sweeteners                                                                       Healthy Skin Diet Book                                       18
    available. I’ve been using Stevia which is            Your ideal levels of HDL and LDL                  Immunity Support                                             11
    from the leaf of a plant, for years.                  cholesterol.                                      Kelp                                                         10
                                                          The health risks of low HDL cholesterol.          Laugh with Health Book                                        6
    Regular Stevia is 250 times sweeter than                                                                Maca                                                         10
    sugar, but can have an aftertaste that                The 7 causes of low HDL cholesterol.
                                                                                                            Magnesium                                                    10
    some people do not like. But now we                   How to raise your HDL cholesterol.                Omega 3 Fish Oil                                              7
    have a new Stevia 100 available which                                                                   Order Form                                                   23
    is approximately 100 times sweeter
                                                        Responses to your questions                         Pain-Eze                                                     12
    than sugar, and has had the aftertaste              Some of you contact us with questions               pH Testing kit                                                8
    elements removed. It is more expensive              about our products that are not covered             Phosphorus Calcium Booklet                                   19
    but well worth it.                                  in our catalogue or on our website. We are          Potion No.9                                                  10
                                                        happy to answer questions but it can take           Probiotic Multi 9                                            20
    I like to bake at home and replace two              some time as we often have to query our             RealSalt                                                     16
    thirds of the sugar with Stevia and the             raw ingredient suppliers. So we do kindly           RealSalt Shakers (Flavoured)                                 17
    balance with brown sugar, honey or                  ask that you bear with us.                          Relax                                                        10
    molasses. This is because some baking still                                                             SafeSlim                                                     13
    needs a bulky sweetener for texture. In                                                                 Satisfied                                                     9
                                                        Kindest Regards,
    other recipes, like home made chocolate                                                                 Salicylic Acid Paste                                         12
    and desserts, you can use Stevia alone. As                                                              Soil Minerals Book                                           19
    excess sugar becomes linked more and                                                                    Stay Healthy Book                                             6
                                                                                                            Stop Smoking Book                                            19
    more to serious health problems Stevia is           Founder and Executive Director                      Sweet Stevia Tablets/Powder/Sprinkle                          1
    the ideal answer.                                   of Health House.                                    Tanita InnerScan Scales                                      13
                                                                                                            Thermaid                                                      9
                                                                                                            The Ultimate Cleanse                                         17
                                                                                                            The Ultimate Downsize                                         9
    CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES                                                                                    Throat Spray                                                 11
                                                                                                            Triple Pack                                                   3
    American Colostrum                                  Colostrum tablets                                   Turn Back Time Face Cream & Capsules                          5
    “For the past 2½ years I’d been having a terrible   “I work in a rest home and was exposed to lots      Yerba Mate Tea bags                                          13
    reaction to my prescribed medication. The           of winter ailments, but since taking colostrum
    constant itching was almost unbearable.             tablets I haven’t had any - and they taste nice.”   OUR PROMISES TO YOU
    Medication my doctor prescribed had little          Ana, Ashburton
    effect on the condition. I was chapped now                                                              Low prices - We keep the prices of our
                                                        Health House service                                products as low as possible, without
    under my armpits, between my buttocks and
                                                      “I am absolutely amazed at how quickly my             compromising quality. We use the finest
    down my front. I had got to the stage that
                                                      orders get to me. One Monday I ordered, and           ingredients available.
    to expect any relief from my current medication
                                                      received it by Tuesday. I don’t know any other        Fast delivery - We pride ourselves on fast
    was hopeless. I decided to try your American
                                                      company that can do that. It is very important        and efficient service.
    Colostrum, and the results have been
                                                      for companies to know when a customer is
    absolutely magic. Thank you for your                                                                    Putting it right - If you should be
                                                      both happy with the product and service.
    wonderful product.”                                                                                     unhappy in any way, please phone us on
                                                      You are the best!”
    Len, age 76. Tauranga                                                                                   0800 140 141 and we will put it right.
                                                      Joan, Christchurch.
                                                                                                            60 day right of return - Return product
            Please send us your experiences or email them to
                                                                                                            within 60 days for an exchange or refund.
    CONTACT US                                          Free fax 0800 140 142 Fax 0064 7 543 0493           Health House Shop Open five days a week,
    Private Bag 12029, Tauranga, New Zealand            International 0064 3 520 8103                       Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm. 61 Maleme St,
    Orders call free 0800 140 141                       Head Office 61 Maleme St, Tauranga 3112             Tauranga 3112.

2        Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                     Quality, natural health products that work
       All the minerals, vitamins, Omega 3 and
       antioxidants needed for optimum health
     A Triple Pack lasts you two months – only one capsule of each per day
David Coory – author and health               CAA contains the correct balance of the
researcher, explains why he highly            finest quality, minerals and vitamins some
recommends the Triple Pack.                   of which have been identified as lacking in
                                              the New Zealand diet.
“I formulated the three Triple Pack
products below, to provide the average        COQ10-OMEGA 3
New Zealander with all of the minerals,       Boost your energy, sharpen your mental
vitamins, Omega 3 and antioxidants            clarity and focus and ensure a healthy, alert
needed for optimum health. Especially         old age by taking CoQ10-Omega 3.
those lacking in the typical Kiwi diet.
                                              The CoQ10-Omega 3 fish oil capsule
They are as good as I can make them, and      contains Omega 3, essential for mental
I improve them whenever possible. I take      and physical health. Equally important,
the Triple Pack myself and really feel the    the capsule includes high quality CoQ10,
difference in my body when it’s supplied      an important enzyme that minimises the
with every nutrient needed for optimum        effects of aging by keeping muscles firm
health.”                                      and supporting healthy blood clotting and            The Triple Pack is also available in non-iron
You just take three capsules a day,           helping keep the mind clear and sharp.                     and non-sulphur formulations.
one from each of the three bottles. A         Our body does make CoQ10, but output              This supplement approach to optimum
Triple Pack lasts you two months. You         drops as we age.                                  health is proven by New Zealand farming
should not normally need any other                                                              experience with animals. Also by the
                                              CORAL C
                                                                                                testimonials received from you, our
                                              A water-soluble, marine Coral Calcium             customers. A common comment we hear
CAA                                           powder to strengthen bones with natural           from users of the Triple Pack is “I can’t
Allow your body to heal itself of             calcium.                                          believe how much better I feel and sleep. I
numerous health problems by taking            The Coral C calcium fills an entire capsule       don’t know what was missing, but I know
the only mineral-vitamin supplement           because of the bulk need of our body for it.      I’m now receiving it.”
specially formulated for New Zealanders.
                                              By taking the three Triple Pack                   Please let us know about your
                                              supplements daily, along with the average         experiences. Our email is
                       SAVE                   New Zealand diet, all your nutritional  

                    $   48
                  Overall on the individual
                   bottle prices when you
                                              needs should be met.                              Always read the label and use only as directed.
                                                                                                 1 Triple Pack

                                                                                                 Buy 2 or more (save $12)                 $111
                    buy two Triple Packs                   Free capsule case with
                                                        every Triple Pack if requested.          CAPSULES/TABLETS

                When you purchase with your Triple Pack
The Triple Pack provides the average
New Zealander with all of the minerals,                                            We are pleased to offer you the
vitamins, Omega 3 and antioxidants
needed for optimum health.                                                         opportunity to purchase the all
However, to ensure the best absorption                                            new PROBIOTIC MULTI-9 at the
from your food and to maximise the
benefit of taking the Triple Pack, your                                           special price of $35 (the same as if
intestinal bacteria do need to be present
and in correct in balance.                                                        you bought 4 or more), when you
We recommend taking our course of
‘Capsule within a Capsule’ Probiotic
                                                             $35                    buy with your TRIPLE PACK.
Multi-9 which could greatly improve                         When bought with                  For further information on this
digestion of foods and also maximise your                     a Triple Pack                      product refer to page 20
mineral and vitamin absorption.

Quality health products that work                                           All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                           3
    NATUROPATH                                                  Health Hint article by David Coory
                                                                David Coory is the author of the nutrition book “Stay Healthy by

     Artificial                                                 Supplying What’s Lacking in Your Diet” and Executive Director of
                                                                Zealand Publishing House and Health House.

Amongst this era of obesity and
diabetes epidemics, sugar has indeed
become an enemy. Artificial sweeteners
                                                  Cholesterol – why
are being used in an endeavour to
improve health, but is this sensible?
Stable blood sugar is absolutely
                                                 higher can be better
                                               “A man is as old as his arteries.” Research for   body, but cholesterol takes on different
vital to wellness and healthy ageing.          the new edition of my Stay Healthy book           characteristics as it combines with
Sugar if abused can intensify disease          has unearthed surprising facts about this         proteins for its varying roles in the body.
processes, so our choice of sweeteners         life enhancing substance, cholesterol.
becomes important. The safety and                                                                High Density Cholesterol (HDL)
efficacy of synthetic, man-made,               Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance,            Think of H for healthy. Healthy HDL
artificial sweeteners, such as Aspartame,      needed for countless functions in every           cholesterol is essential for every cell in
Sucralose (Splenda), and Saccharin,            cell of our body and brain. We die without        our body. It is called ‘good’ as one of its
is still controversial. Industry experts       it. About 80% of cholesterol is made by           roles is to carry repair materials away
continue to debate their use for human         our liver. The remaining 20% is normally          from body cells for recycling. These
consumption.                                   supplied by protein foods such as eggs.           materials include excess LDL cholesterol
                                                                                                 (see below) and clotted blood from
These sweeteners also do not provide a         Cholesterol not dangerous in                      artery repairs. This reduces the risk of
feeling of fullness and can increase the       itself                                            clots formed during artery repairs from
tendency to over-indulge or reach for                                                            breaking away. Generally speaking, the
                                               Cholesterol is essential for life, yet has the
more food when not fully satisfied.                                                              higher our level of HDL cholesterol the
                                               image of a rampaging killer in the minds
Aspartame has three ingredients (amino         of most New Zealanders. Why is this?              healthier we are.
acids phenylalanine, aspartic acid and                                                           Low Density Cholesterol (LDL) (Also
                                               Cholesterol’s negative image began
methanol – wood alcohol) and those                                                               VLDL & IDL Very Low Density Lipids and
                                               back in 1948, when 5,209 citizens of the
convinced of its safety explain that the                                                         Intermediate Density Lipids) Here again
                                               town of Framingham, Massachusetts
three solely can be used by the body.                                                            this type of cholesterol is essential for the
                                               were selected by the USA Health Service
Aspartate when ingested solely can                                                               repair and maintenance of every cell in
                                               for a 20 year study into the causes and
excite the brain, in turn leading to subtle                                                      our body.
                                               treatment of cardiovascular disease. It
degeneration of neurons. Methanol is
                                               was called the Framingham study.                  LDL cholesterol carries protein and fats
oxidized to formaldehyde and formic acid
in the body, both being dramatically toxic.    Many facts were gained from this                  to body cells for repairs (rather than from
Phenylalanine if not metabolized correctly     study. One of which was that many                 the body cells as with HDL cholesterol).
also can be found to be carcinogenic.          who developed cardiovascular disease,             It is often called ‘bad’ (mostly incorrectly)
                                               also had high blood cholesterol levels.           as it is LDL cholesterol that is found in
The American FDA monitors adverse                                                                repaired, narrowed arteries.
                                               It was assumed at the time that high
reactions and many have been reported,
                                               cholesterol was therefore a principle             However the only problem with LDL
with headaches being one of the
                                               cause of cardiovascular disease. This             cholesterol arises when our blood
highest. If you experience unexplained
                                               appeared plausible, as plaque build-              levels of healthy HDL cholesterol are
headaches please do look at your choice
                                               ups in artery walls contain cholesterol,          insufficient to carry away excess LDL
of sweetener. The sugar-free labels are
                                               although they also contain fat, calcium           cholesterol and other repair material
always ones to be wary of, including diet
                                               and other substances.                             from the repaired areas of our arteries,
soft drinks and confectionary.
                                               Since then however, numerous clinical             generally less than 60% of our LDL.
If you cook fruits and sweet vegetables
                                               trials have found no evidence that high           A blood level reading of LDL cholesterol
(pumpkin and kumara) slowly, the
                                               blood cholesterol causes cardiovascular           above 3 mmol/L is usually a sign that
natural sugars intensify dramatically.
                                               disease. In fact half of all heart attacks        there is not enough HDL cholesterol
Try baking a whole pumpkin on a very
                                               take place in individuals with normal             circulating in our blood to remove the
long slow heat and see how sweet
                                               cholesterol levels.                               excess LDL.
it is. Honey in small amounts, sugar
in minute portions or Stevia are all           Researchers at the University of San              Some advanced researchers have
healthier options for sweetening our           Diego School of Medicine go even further          found that tiny oxidised, LDL particles
foods.                                         and point out, that rather than being             (called oxysterol) can contribute
                      Denise                   harmful, high cholesterol in those aged           to inflammation, a root cause of
                      N.D., Dip. Herb. Med.,
                                               over 75 is protective of health and linked        cardiovascular disease.
                      B.H.Sc.(Comp.Med.)       with a clearer mind and lower risk of
                      Registered Naturopath
                                               Alzheimer’s. However it depends on what           The role of cholesterol in the body
                      and Medical Herbalist    form of cholesterol we are talking about.         is highly complex and not yet fully
                                                                                                 understood, but it is clear that natural
                      Technical Consultant -   High Density and Low Density                      HDL and LDL cholesterol are not the
                      Health House
                      R & D Team               cholesterol                                       cause of artery damage, they are just the
                                               There is only one kind of cholesterol in our      repair materials.

4     Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                             Quality, natural health products that work
   Turn Back Time                                                                                    HERBALIST
                                                                                                    Stevia– the
 A revolutionary inside-outside skin treatment
      for younger, smoother looking skin
With so many anti-aging creams on the            effects including reducing wrinkles.
                                                                                                    Sugar Herb
market, we should all look like teenagers.       Synthetic Vitamin E does not provide            A plant native from North through to
So why don’t most anti-aging beauty              these anti-aging benefits.                      South America, Stevia rebaudiana has
creams work?                                                                                     been used for centuries to sweeten
                                                 Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), is the               bitter beverages, medicines and also
Firstly, they usually contain mainly water,      secret ingredient in a lot of anti-aging        herbal teas including the popular South
with only token amounts of ‘important            creams. As we age we make less of               American Yerba Mate tea. The leaves
sounding’ ingredients. Secondly, most            it, which contributes to our aging              have also been simply chewed for their
creams simply can’t penetrate the skin’s         appearance.                                     sweet taste.
protective barrier. So while these creams
appear to be absorbed, it is just the water      What’s in our Turn Back Time                    Stevia is a subtropical, shrub-like
in the product evaporating.                      Cream?                                          perennial herb growing up to 90cm
                                                                                                 tall. Small, dainty white flowers are
To properly address the signs of aging           We start off with an all natural, rich,
                                                                                                 produced up the stems of
requires an inside-outside approach to           base cream made with organic jojoba
                                                                                                 the plant amongst the
skin care, so we enlisted the advice and         oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa
                                                                                                 green, oval-shaped
help of two industry specialists.                butter and natural Vitamin E. We
                                                                                                 leaves. A pleasure and
                                                 then add a specially sourced liquid
Kate Robertson, a herbalist/naturopath/                                                          quite a novelty to have
                                                 based CoQ10 and high quality marine
tutor and beauty therapist and consultant                                                        in the garden, my
                                                 Collagen and a couple of drops of
for skin care companies, and Jaye Clark,                                                         own children have
                                                 natural Rose Essential Oil for a mild
a qualified beauty therapist, an industry                                                        taken great delight
                                                 pleasant scent.
consultant and owner of Synergy Vitality                                                         over the years in
Spa (rated New Zealand’s Best Beauty             What’s in our Turn Back Time                    picking off a few
Therapy Clinic 2007/08).                         Capsules?                                       leaves when out in
                                                                                                 the garden to have
Using their knowledge and experience has         They contain the three types of Vitamin         as a sweet herbal
enabled us to develop what we believe is         C, plus Quercetin and grape seed                treat. The leaves
a world first, a combination of anti-aging       extract. We also supplement this with           contain properties
capsules and an anti-aging skin moisturising     chelated Zinc, organic Silica, natural          up to 300 times
cream to address beauty from both inside         Vitamin E and the same high quality             sweeter than sugar.
and outside. We call it ‘Turn Back Time’ and     Coenzyme Q10 that is in our CoQ10-
believe it to be a break through in skin care.   Omega3.                                         Stevia is constantly growing in
                                                                                                 popularity for its zero calorie value,
What natural products assist                     What have we not put in?                        sweet taste and use as a sweetener,
with anti-aging?                                 We have refused to compromise                   sugar replacement, flavour enhancer
                                                 and kept both products as natural as            and in the production of weight loss
Vitamin C, firms up wrinkling and sagging        possible. You will not find parabens,           beverages and foods. It is ideal for
skin and is helpful for the production of        mineral oils, paraffins, sodium lauryl          diabetics and those requiring low
collagen.                                        sulphates, synthetic fragrances or              carbohydrate alternatives. Stevia
Natural Vitamin E, (d-alpha) is a powerful       chemicals.                                      assists with blood sugar regulation,
antioxidant that has many anti-aging                                                             sugar cravings, mood swings, improves
                                                 We also use a special ‘airless’ container
                                                                                                 energy levels, assists digestion and
                                                 to protect the natural preservatives in
                                                                                                 helps maintain a feeling of well-being.
                                                 the cream.
                                                                                                 It nourishes and strengthens various
                                                        For $99 you get 30ml                     organs of the body including the liver,
                                                    (enough for 60 applications)                 kidneys, heart and blood vessels.
                                                      of Turn Back Time cream                    As a natural and tasty alternative,
                                                        and 60 capsules (one                     Stevia is available in a variety of
                                                                                                 convenient forms including dissolvable
                                                          months supply) of                      tablets and powdered extracts to suit
                                                      Turn Back Time capsules.                   personal dietary needs and sweetening
                                                 Both products are available individually, but   requirements.
                                                 we recommend using both. Always read the                           Karen
                                                 label and only use as directed.                                    Dip. Herb. Med.
                                                                                                                    Member of NZ Association
                                                  Prices                                  Each                      of Medical Herbalists
                                                  Turn Back Time Combo                     $99                      Manufacturing Herbalist
                                                                                                                    for Zealand Health
                                                  Turn Back Time Face Cream (30 ml)        $59                      Manufacturing Limited
                                                                                                                    (Creams & Liquids Dept
                                                  Turn Back Time Capsules (60 capsules)    $49                      Manager and part of the
                                                                                                                    R & D Team)
                                                  CREAMS                  CAPSULES

Quality health products that work                                              All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                    5
            Heal yourself of numerous health
           problems by taking top quality CAA
     The mineral-vitamin supplement                                                              of Percy’s findings. He then formulated
     specially formulated for New                              BENEFITS                          CAA specifically for New Zealanders. He
                                                                                                 added the minerals known by farmers
     Zealanders                                        Brain, alertness and clarity              to be lacking in our New Zealand soils
     This absorbable New Zealand Mineral-              Boron, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt,         and also added important vitamins and
     Vitamin supplement CAA, is based on a             Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5,       antioxidants.
     formula developed by Percy Weston (an             Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12
     Australian sheep farmer).                         Relax your body, your mind and            He believes that CAA is the most complete
                                                       support sleep                             Mineral-Vitamin supplement on the
     It contains all the minerals and vitamins         Manganese, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12,       market and user testimonials bear this out.
     required for optimum health and in the            Vitamin D, Magnesium, Selenium            All ingredients are the best quality and the
     correct balance for our New Zealand               Blood sugar balance and optimum           most bio-available for optimum health.
     conditions.                                       cholesterol levels                        He constantly monitors the latest research
                                                       Manganese, Chromium, Iodine, Vitamin B3   and when necessary revises the formula to
     Percy Weston’s experience                         Helps your body absorb minerals and       ensure it is as good as he can make it.
     It began when Percy Weston’s sheep                nutrients
                                                                                                  Save money and receive additional
     began suffering from serious illnesses. He        Boron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D
                                                                                                 benefits when you buy as part of our
     traced the problem to a lack of minerals          Support healthy intestines and
                                                                                                         TRIPLE PACK - see page 3
     in the soil and the highly acidic super           artery health
     phosphate fertiliser, which had upset             Selenium, Chromium, Iron, Copper,
     the soil’s mineral balance. After much            Silica, Vitamin B1, Folate, Vitamin E
     experimenting, Percy was able to save             Energy and muscle building
     his sheep with a salt lick containing the         Cobalt, Iodine, Iron, Vitamin B1
     depleted minerals.                                Protection from oxygen damage and
                                                       premature aging.
     At age 39 Percy himself also got seriously        Bioflavonoids and Antioxidants,
     ill. When orthodox medicine could not             Selenium, Sulphur, Vitamin C
     heal him, he began to take the same               Boost your entire immune system
     mineral powders that had saved his sheep.         Selenium, Iron, Vitamin B2, Vitamin
     In just four months, he was no longer ill.        B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E
     At the age of 97, Percy wrote his highly          Supports healthy body fat regulation
                                                       Cobalt, Chromium, Vitamin C                CAA is also available in a non-iron (blue lid) or
     interesting “Cancer: Cause and Cure” book                                                       non-sulphur (yellow lid) formulations.
     about his life. He was still actively farming     Bone health
     at age 98 and lived to be a 100 years old.        Vitamins C & D, Boron, Cobalt, Copper,    Always read the label and use only as directed.
     David Coory formulates CAA                        Appearance of skin, hair, nails & gums     Prices                                                                               Each
     When David Coory, researcher/author               Silica, Selenium, Sulphur, Vitamin C,      CAA (2 months supply)                                                                   $45
     of New Zealand’s best selling nutrition           Bioflavonoids and Antioxidants
     book (see below) read Percy’s book, he            Health of digestive systems                Buy 4 or more (save $16)                                                                $41
     immediately recognised the importance             Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5

    Stay Healthy Book                                Laugh with Health is back
                                                                                                                                                                              NE ITIO

                                                                                                                                                                                W N
    David is working on the new edition
    right now. If you would like to be               Just arrived in New Zealand
    phoned as soon as this new edition
     is ready, please drop us a line and             Learn how to heal yourself
    let us know (or email us at                      with the food you eat.                                                                                          This lively and                     Laugh with Health is the complete                                                                              colourful health
    and we will                                      ‘body system’ guide to health and                                                                             book is now better
                                                                                                                                                                   than ever. The last
    put you on the                                   healing. Now completely revised and                                                                            edition sold over
    waiting list and                                 updated, this practical, easy-to-use                                                                           140,000 copies.
    will call you as                                 book includes:                                                                                  LLING
                                                                                                                                              BESTSE BOOK
                                                                                                                                                                      Packed full of
                                                                                                                                               HEALTH 10 YEARS
    soon as it is                                      unique food charts and vital health
                                                                                                                                             FOR OV

                                                                                                                                                    135,00SOLD     useful information
    ready.y.                                                                                          YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO HEALTH, DIET,                           and interesting
                                                       hints for everyday use                             NUTRITION & NATURAL FOODS
                                                                                                               Manfred Urs Koch
                                                                                                               Manf U Koch
                                                                                                                 anf                                                   health facts
                                                       a detailed explanation of 36 essential                                                                          about foods
            NOW                                        vitamins and minerals
           OUT OF                                      food combination charts for
                                                                                                  Prices                                                                               Each
                                                       improved digestion and health
           STOCK                                       specific natural food diets for            Laugh with Health Book                                                                  $39
                                                       various common health conditions.

6         Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                                               Quality, natural health products that work
  Boost your energy, sharpen your                                                                                  Omega 3
  mental clarity and focus and enjoy
       a healthy alert old age                                                                                   Fish Oil rich
Our product CoQ10-Omega3 combines
both Omega-3 fish oil and CoQ10.
CoQ10, is a powerful antioxidant that
                                                   Japanese CoQ10 has been shown to
                                                   increase energy and endurance levels.
                                                   CoQ10 the key to longevity
                                                                                                                  in Vitamin
also acts as a natural preservative of the
freshness of the Omega-3 in the fish oil.
What is CoQ10?
                                                   The life extending quality of CoQ10 is
                                                   also confirmed in animal studies. In an
                                                   experiment, mice given extra CoQ10 lived
                                                                                                                   A and D
                                                                                                                  Fish oil from wild (not farmed) Salmon
CoQ10 is an orange-yellow enzyme                   56% longer than average. Dr Bliznakov                          taken from the nutrient-rich Antarctic
made by our liver from plant and protein           reports, “Equally fascinating was the                          Humboldt current off the coast of Chile.
oils. It is found in every cell of our body        fact that the quality of youthful life was                     Provides the full spectrum of all seven
and is the key ingredient in producing             maintained well into the animals’ extended                     Omega 3 oils, EPA, DHA, DPA, STD, ETA,
95% of our body’s energy. CoQ10 is also            life spans. They still had healthy glossy                      ALA and ETE.
a powerful anti-oxidant that slows the             coats and little or none of the expected
effects of aging and extends life.                 signs of aging like patchy loss of fur, organ
When we reach 30 years of age, our
                                                   degeneration and lack of mobility.”                                         BENEFITS
body gradually loses the ability to make           Improved fitness without                                           Emotional well being and mood
CoQ10. When our CoQ10 levels drop                  exercise                                                           elevation
below normal, health problems appear                                                                                  Heart and artery health
and our mental clarity decreases.                  A team of scientists in Brussels tested
                                                   CoQ10 on six healthy but sedentary                                 Faster reflexes
                                                   young men, with an average age of 22.                              Mental clarity and focus
Restore youthful muscle energy
                                                   They were given 60mg of CoQ10 per day                              Healthy cholesterol levels
CoQ10 is essential for muscle energy,                                                                                 Better natural weight management
full size muscles and healthy, bright red,         for eight weeks. The results were almost
                                                   unbelievable.                                                      Support for joint health and mobility
oxygen-filled blood. Taking 50mg a day
                                                                                                                      Bronchial health
of naturally fermented (not synthetic)             After four weeks, without any extra                                Support for sleep
                                                   exercise, their overall heart efficiency,                          Menstrual support
                                                   had increased by an average of 35%, their
            BENEFITS                               exercise performance increased by 28%.
                                                                                                                      Support for dry eyes
                                                                                                                      Healthy triglyceride (blood fat) levels
                                                   These results were only achieved using
 Omega-3 fish oil                                                                                                     Cardiovascular support
                                                   naturally fermented CoQ10.
                                                                                                                      Support for healthy bone density in
 Support for:                                                                                                         elderly hip bones
                                                   Is CoQ10 safe?
   Emotional well being and the elevation                                                                             Reduced anxiety
   of mood
                                                   CoQ10 is a natural product. There have
                                                   been no reported ill effects to our                                Clearer vision
   Heart and artery health                                                                                            Healthy skin
                                                   knowledge*. CoQ10 is a well tolerated and
   Mental clarity and focus, better reflexes
   and healthy vision
                                                   effective supplement. Taking CoQ10 does
                                                                                                                     200 soft gel
                                                   not stop your liver from making it normally.                     capsules 100
   Weight management
   Joint health                                                                                                      days supply
                                                   High Quality CoQ10-Omega3
   Healthy menstruation                            These quality, deodorised oils do not
   Healthy cholesterol levels                      normally produce any fishy burp when
   Balanced triglyceride (blood fat) levels        taken with food. Take one capsule a day.
   Normal blood pressure                           (Equal to Omega 3 of two 100gm cans of
   Cardiovascular health                           salmon each week).                                                                ule
                                                                                                                 Ingredients per capsule
   Healthy bone density in hip bones of
                                                    Ingredients per capsule                                      Pure Salmon Oil                         800mg
   the elderly
   Healthy sleeping patterns                        CoQ10                                      50mg              Cod Liver Oil                           200mg
   Bronchial health                                 Salmon Oil                                725mg              Vitamin E                                 1mg
   Dry eyes                                         Cod Liver Oil                             225mg
   Dry skin conditions                                                                                           Laboratory verified active ingredients:
 CoQ10                                              Laboratory verified active ingredients:                      Omega 3                           190mg
                                                    Omega 3                             250mg                    Vitamin A 500 IU                 150mcg
    Restores muscle
                                                    Omega 6                               22mg                   Vitamin D 50 IU                   1.5mcg
    Improves fitness                                Vitamin A 560 IU                   168mcg                    Vitamin E 1.5 IU                     1mg
    Supports healthy-                               Vitamin D 56 IU                     1.4mcg
    blood pressure
                                                      Prices                                   Each              Take 2 or 3 a day. Children 1 or 2 a day.
    Protects the brain
    Improved                                          CoQ10-Omega3 (60 capsules)                $49                Prices                                  Each
                                                      Buy 4 or more (save $12)                  $46                Omega-3 Fish Oil (200 gel capsules)      $28
      60 capsules,
    2 months supply                                   CAPSULES/TABLETS                                             CAPSULES/TABLETS

                *If taking Warfarin or any other blood or heart medication we recommend you discuss with your doctor. Always read the label
             and use only as directed. People with fish allergies should seek advice from their healthcare professional before using these products.

Quality health products that work                                                     All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                                7
            Each Coral C capsule contains more
            calcium than a third of a litre of milk
    Coral calcium contains the same kind of                                                         pour the white coral calcium powder into
    natural calcium found in human, cow and                                                         a glass of water, stir it and drink it like a
    goat’s milk. Even people who are lactose                                                        glass of milk.
    intolerant can safely take Coral C.
                                                                                 The calcium
                                                                                 in 400mls of
                                                                                                    Support for healthy-bone density
    Coral C calcium is so concentrated, that
    just one capsule a day will give you the                                    standard milk,      Increasing your calcium and other bone
                                                                                is the amount       minerals can help prevent you from
    same amount of calcium as 400ml of milk.                                    found in every
                                                                                  capsule of
                                                                                                    shrinking in height as you age (average
    It is organically formed by living sea                                          Coral C.        loss is about 1.5mm each year after 50).
    organisms in coral beds, so it also contains                                                    It also helps keep your back straight and
    numerous trace minerals from the sea.                                                           prevent brittle bones that break easily,
                                                                                                    even in a simple fall. A healthy bone, high
    Essential for optimum health                                                                    in calcium, magnesium and iron, flexes
    According to recent New Zealand health                                                          and bends rather than breaks.
    surveys, calcium is one of the minerals
    most lacking in our diet.                           60 capsules containing 450mg of highly      Calcium helps you relax
                                                       soluble, organically formed, calcium from
                                                         the sea, packed full of trace minerals.    Calcium, (like magnesium and selenium)
                                                                                                    is also a natural relaxant. It helps to
                                                    One 1300mg Coral C capsule a day,               lessen feelings of stress and anxiety and
                BENEFITS                            contains net 450mg of highly absorbable         enhances your sleep. In addition, calcium
                                                    calcium. Coral calcium also contains            has an alkalising effect on the body and
     Benefits of optimum levels of                  natural magnesium, another mineral
     sea-sourced Calcium in your diet                                                               can raise your cell pH, protecting against
                                                    lacking in our New Zealand diet today.          a host of common heath disorders.
        Stronger more flexible bones
                                                    Coral C not taken from live coral               One capsule a day of Coral C is
        Natural regulation of body fat
        There are 147 health disorders due to
                                                    or limestone rock                               normally enough
        lack of calcium                             Traditional calcium is dolomite, ground         The latest Recommended Daily Intake
        One capsule of Coral C a day should         up limestone rock. Taking calcium this          (RDI) of calcium is 1000mg for adults.
        supply you with the recommended             way, in hard tablet form, does not appear       One capsule a day of Coral C containing
        daily intake of calcium providing you       to work well.                                   450mg net per capsule, should be
        are eating a normal healthy diet                                                            enough to top up what you are already
                                                    Our highest quality, Coral C is obtained
        Water soluble for better absorption                                                         getting from your regular diet.
                                                    from a pure Japanese coral bed on
        Keep your back straight and prevent         tropical Okinawa Island, which an
        brittle bones                                                                               Always read the label and use only as directed.
                                                    earthquake lifted above sea level. Live
        A natural relaxant and assists sleep        undersea coral is protected worldwide.           Prices                                              Each
        Lessen feelings of stress and anxiety                                                        Coral C Calcium (60 capsules)                          $41
        Raise your cell pH to protect against       Coral C is water soluble
        common health problems                      Coral C dissolves readily in water. You          Buy 4 or more (save $20)                               $36
                                                    can even twist the capsules open and             CAPSULES/TABLETS                    NO pH

    Is your pH at an optimum level?
                                                                                                                                            W TE
                                                                                                                                             CO ST
                                                                                                                                               NT ST
                                                                                                                                                 AI RIP
                                                                                                                                                   NS S

    If you asked us to explain the philosophy       environment of being oxygen-rich, to       Step 4 Match the colour to the
    behind Health House in a few words then         oxygen-poor, encouraging viruses, bacteria colour chart supplied to determine
    we would ask “Is your pH neutral?” We           and disease growth.                        your pH.
    are firm believers that disease and illness
                                                    You can easily check your pH at home with
    thrive in acidic environments.
                                                    this simple Saliva Test kit. For optimum
    If you were to leave your freezer closed        health and immunity, your saliva pH should
    but unplugged for two weeks, the food           be between 6.8 and 7.0.
    inside would become a mass of unhealthy
    mould and bacteria. Where did all the           How to use the Saliva Test Kit
    bacteria come from? The door was closed         Step 1 Swallow the saliva in your mouth
    all the time. The answer is “the bacteria was   and suck in fresh saliva.
    always there.” However the temperature          Step 2   Place the yellow tip of the testing
    had changed to one that was more                litmus strip in your mouth to soak in saliva
    suitable for the ‘bugs’ to thrive in.           for approx 10 to 20 seconds.                     Prices                                              Each
    When your pH drops from a healthy               Step 3   Remove the strip from your mouth        pH Test Strip Kit (50 strips)                          $15
    6.8, your cell interior changes from an         and briefly wait for the colour to stabilise.

8        Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                    Quality, natural health products that work
  Enjoyable weight management,
      without drastic dieting
 There are many weight management              Week 2 to Week 4 The main program – a             Ultimate Downsize kit contents
 products on the market, however nothing       combination of herbs, minerals, herbal tea
                                                                                                   Cleansa Plus – a mild herbal bowel
 quite like The Ultimate Downsize. It          and a protein shake to help you manage
 uses powerful, natural herbs and minerals     your food intake.
 to assist your weight management                                                                  Satisfied – a mineral/herbal appetite
                                               Week 5 to Week 6 The lean down                      manager.
 without drastic dieting. It is easy and
                                               program – during these two weeks your
 enjoyable.                                                                                        Thermaid – a herbal supplement to
                                               intake of herbs and supplements is
                                               partially reduced to help your body                 increase energy and support healthy
 The Program                                                                                       metabolism.
 There are four separate stages over           slowly adjust to your new lifestyle.
                                                                                                   CoQ10 – our Omega-3 rich fish oil
 seven weeks:                                  Week 7 A final detox to ensure your                 high in Vitamin A, D and E and CoQ10.
 Week 1 A mini detox to clear your body                                  p
                                               intestines are in good shape.
                                                                                                   Coral CAA – a capsule containing a
 of toxins and faecal matter, with support                                         NEW             half dose of CAA and a half dose of
 from herbal teas and probiotics.                                                Probiotic         Coral Calcium.
                                                                                  Multi 9          Probiotic Multi 9 - nine strains of live
     Now individual                                                               inside           ‘good’ bacteria for your intestines.
  downsize components                                                                              Mixed Berry SafeSlim – our low calorie,
   available separately,                                                                           protein powder helps manage appetite.
        see below                                                                                  Organic Green herbal tea bags – to
                                                                                                   support your mini detox.
    The Ultimate Downsize uses                                                                     Yerba Mate tea bags - the secret to
 powerful, natural herbs, minerals,                                                                Argentine weight management now
  Omega 3 Fish Oil and Probiotics                                                                  available in New Zealand.
   to assist you with your weight
      management program.                                                                          Information booklet/progress
                                                                                                   recorder and 2 capsule cases.
                                                                                                 Always read the labels and use as directed. Weight
                                                                                                 Management programmes should be used in

        PRIZE WINNERS                                                                            conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise,
                                                                                                 and take time and personal commitment to be
                                                                                                 successful. Individual results may vary.
      March Winner - Karyn, Tokoroa
                                                                                                  Prices                                 Each
    April Winner - C & L Lovett, Australia                                                        Ultimate Downsize kit                   $199
     To find out how you can win, see the back cover.                                             Ultimate Downsize twin pack             $299
           More scales to win in July and August

                 Due to many customer requests, we are now pleased to be able to offer the
                   following products from the Ultimate Downsize for sale individually.

Electrolyte restorer                            Metabolic booster                                   Appetite manager
Coral CAA contains a half serving of the        Thermaid contains herbs which maintain              Satisfied contains herbs which provide
minerals and vitamins found in our most         metabolism, provide cellular energy,                satiety, help manage your appetite,
            popular product CAA and also                  support weight management                              encourage digestion and
            contains 170mg of the highly                  and healthy blood circulation.                         support pancreatic health.
            absorbable Coral sourced
            Calcium found in Coral C.                       Thermaid provides warming                              The herbs (Caralluma and
                                                            and stimulating effects which                         Gymnema) and the mineral
             It is also easier to take on an                support cellular energy                               chromium provide effective
             empty stomach due to the                       expenditure and metabolic                             support for the pancreas and
             buffering effect of the                        rate.                                                 its role in regulating blood
             Calcium.                                                                                             sugar and food cravings.

   Prices                             Each        Prices                             Each             Prices                              Each
  Coral CAA (60 capsules)              $45       Thermaid (60 capsules)                $29            Satisfied (60 capsules)              $35

  CAPSULES/TABLETS                               CAPSULES/TABLETS                                     CAPSULES/TABLETS

                                               Always read the label and use only as directed.

 Quality health products that work                                         All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                               9
             Relaxation and calm,                                                      Pleasant tasting calcium
                peaceful sleep                                                       tablets with added Vitamin D
 A blend of the world’s three most relaxing and calming herbs                         Our new Banana Calcium tablets containing natural Vitamin
 (Valerian, Hops and Kava) along with magnesium to promote                            D, are made from a smooth calcium. They taste creamy and
 a general sense of well being.                                                       melt in your mouth and are flavoured with a banana flavour.

                                            BENEFITS                                                                        BENEFITS
                              Reduces stress
                                                                                                                   Suitable if lactose intolerant
                              Promotes a deep restful sleep
                                                                                                                   A vegetarian or vegan calcium option
                              Reduces anxiety
                                                                                                                   Growth to full height
                              Soothes tension
                                                                                                                   Sound sleep and a relaxed mind
                          May cause drowsiness. Not recommended for                                                Strong healthy bones through to old age
                          children. Take care when operating machinery                                             High pH of body cells for immunity
                          after use.
                           Prices                                 Each                                          Prices                                              Each
                           Relax (60 capsules)                      $31                                         Banana Calcium Tablets with Vit D (120)              $29
     60 capsules – take                                                                    tablets take
                                                                                           t blets tak
                                                                                       120 tablets – take
         2 per day         CAPSULES/TABLETS                                            2 tablets per day        CAPSULES/TABLETS

                  Iodine for beauty                                                             Optimum energy and
                 and thyroid health                                                               enhanced desire
 This rich sea herb, Kelp is harvested from nutritious New Zealand                    Native Peruvians have used Maca for thousands of years to
 waters and has 70 trace colloidal minerals and elements needed                       enhance energy, libido and support fertility in themselves and
 by your body, in a highly absorbable form.                                           their animals. Contains 500mg of pure organic Peruvian Maca.

                                            BENEFITS                                                                           BENEFITS
                             Especially rich in iodine.                                                            Supports optimal sexual desire
                             Wonderful for your nails and hair                                                     Promotes libido and sperm production
                             Supports the thyroid gland and helps                                                  Support during menstruation/menopause
                             protect from radiation damage                                                         Restores muscle tone and a youthful
                             Supports a healthy thyroid                                                            glow to skin
                                                                                                                   Optimises energy and stamina
                          Small size capsules each containing 1000mcg
                          of Iodine.                                                                            Prices                                              Each
                           Prices                                  Each                                         Maca (60 capsules)                                     $31

                           Kelp (60 capsules)                       $29                                         Buy 4 or more (save $20)                               $26
 60 capsules – take one                                                                60 capsules – take
     every 2nd day         CAPSULES/TABLETS                                                2 per day            CAPSULES/TABLETS

          Healthy blood pressure                                                                     Enhanced libido
             and sound sleep                                                                         and more vitality
 This extremely important mineral is often lacking in the                             The natural herbs and minerals contained in Potion No. 9
 average New Zealand diet. Each capsule contains 830mg of                             are Tribulus, Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Ginkgo, Maca, Zinc
 Magnesium Citrate (132mg active Magnesium).                                          and Selenium.
                                           BENEFITS                                                                 Enhance both male and female libido
                            Easily absorbed even if digestion weak                                                  Increase long term sexual vitality
                            Helps relax your mind                                                                   Boost sexual energy
                            Supports healthy blood pressure                                                         In men, may support sperm production
                            Contributes to a sound sleep                                                            In woman, may support fertility
                            Vital for a healthy heart                                                          Potion No. 9 is not an instant fix. You should
                            Helps in the absorption of calcium                                                 experience long term benefits within a few
                                                                                                               days of taking it.
                          Prices                                 Each                                           Prices                                              Each
                          Magnesium (60 capsules)                  $29                                          Potion No.9 (60 capsules)                              $49
  60 capsules – take                                                                   60 capsules – take
   up to 4 per day        CAPSULES/TABLETS                                                 2 per day            CAPSULES/TABLETS

                          Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.

10        Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                          Quality, natural health products that work
The world’s best Vitamin C supplement
                                                   Complete C is a world renown blend of                 Grape seed extract, Bioflavonoids,
                                                   Vitamin C, as a dissolvable powder that               Rosehips, Rutin, Hesperidin and Quercetin.
                                                   makes a tasty, tangy drink. It contains
                                                                                                         Grape Seed and Pine Bark Extracts assist
                                                   three different forms of 100% absorbable
                                                                                                         by strengthening and protecting the
                                                   Vitamin C, each designed to complement
                                                                                                         collagen in the skin, slowing the rate of
                                                   the others and avoid stomach irritation.
                                                                                                         collagen breakdown and keeping the skin
                                                   Vitamin C helps keep your skin collagen               firm, supple and vibrant by maintaining it’s
                                                   youthful. It increases mental alertness,              integrity and elasticity.
                                                   makes bones stronger and is necessary to
                                                                                                         One quarter teaspoon of Complete C
                                                   expel harmful toxins from your body.
                                                                                                         mixed with water will give you approx
                                                   Complete C also contains 6 powerful                   750mg of Vitamin C.
                                                   antioxidants and bioflavonoids, all proven
                                                   excellent for maintaining health and
                             Vitamin C with Pine                                                           Prices                                   Each
                              Bark, Grape Seed     alkalising your body.
                             and other powerful                                                            Complete C (100g)                          $29
                                                   These are Pine Bark extract (Pycnogenol),

Soothe your throat and help clear your chest with
 this pleasant tasting, 100% natural throat spray
Health House Throat Spray syrup is all                 Marshmallow and Echinacea Gylcertracts            do not recommend it for
natural and non-alcohol based. It tastes               Blackcurrant Juice                                infants (under 2 years old).
great and is suitable for the whole family.            Peppermint                                        Rinse nozzle under hot
When those respiratory problems occur                                                                    water if spray volume
                                                    How to use                                           reduces
and a dry scratchy throat threatens to
spoil your day, try our convenient spray            Throat Spray comes in a convenient                   * Contains less than 1% alcohol
bottle of Throat Spray.                             spray bottle that you can carry with you,            by volume.
                                                    but if you prefer you can take off the lid
A couple of sprays should soothe your               and take one teaspoon (5ml) 2 or 3 times              100ml of pleasant tasting, 100%
throat. The antiseptic properties of the            per day.                                               natural syrup in a convenient
Echinacea will support your recovery and                                                                           spray bottle.
healing.                                            Spray as often as required, but it is
                                                    recommended you do not exceed 20ml
                                                    (80 sprays) per day. The bottle contains               Prices                                   Each
The 100% natural ingredients
  Manuka-based honey
                                                    about 400 sprays.                                      Throat Spray                               $29
  Colloidal Silver                                  Due to the syrup containing honey, we                  CREAMS/GELS/LIQUIDS
                                                                                   Reduce the severity
                                                                                  of winter ills and chills
                                                                                 Contains three powerful herbs (Echinacea, Olive Leaf and
                      Colloidal Silver 500ml                                     Garlic) and two powerful supplements (Vitamin C and Zinc).
$  35        ea
                      only $35 or buy 4 for $115
                      saving $28.50
                                                                                                              Supports the immune system and the
                                                                                                              body’s defences
                                                    $73ea                                                     Potent immune supporting and
                                                                                                              antioxidant properties
                                                                                                              Less likely to get seasonal ills and chills
                                                                                                              Support for and faster recovery

Colloidal Silver                                                                                          Take as soon as you feel a chill coming on or can be
                                                                                                          taken regularly as a preventative measure.
Gift Box only $73                                                                                          Prices                                   Each
saving $39 of the                                                                                          Immunity Support (60 capsules)             $29
                                                                                     capsules t
                                                                                  60 capsules – take
individual product prices                                                             as directed          CAPSULES/TABLETS

                      Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.

Quality health products that work                                                All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                               11
     Muscle and joint soothing cream
 Pain-Eze is an all natural, warming cream                It also comes in your choice of a pump or
 with powerful oils and extracts to calm and              flip top bottle
 soothe tired and stiff muscles. The pleasant             containing 150g                                              BENEFITS
 fragrance is also very popular with our                  for $49. All sizes                                 Soothing of tired and stiff muscles
 customers.                                               are couriered
                                                                                                             Soothing of ligaments and joints
 11 active ingredients                                                                                       Soothing your bruises and sprains
                                                          Not to be taken                                    All natural, no chemicals or additives
 Pain-Eze contains 11 active ingredients.                 internally. Do not
 These are five essential plant oils, four liquid                                                            For bumps, bruises, aches and pains
                                                          apply to broken
 plant extracts, a plant based preservative,              or very sensitive
 all in a natural healthy coconut cream base.             skin. Always read
 All ingredients are 100% natural and there               the label and use
 are no chemicals, perfumes or additives.                 only as directed.                               Prices                                              Each
                                                          If symptoms
                                                          persist please see                              Pain-Eze (50g)                                         $29
 Pain-Eze comes in an attractive blue glass
 jar containing 50g for only $29, enough for              your healthcare                                 Pain-Eze (150g) pump or flip top                       $49
                                                          professional.         Pleasant wintergreen
 over a hundred typical applications.                                                fragrance

     Manage common sun spots on your face, head or hands
 Our Salicylic Acid Paste is a pleasant way of helping manage dry sun spots on your face, head or hands
 Directions for use                                      We recommend you apply Aloe Vera Gel           Aloe Vera with Colloidal Silver.
 Just dab a shallow blob of Salicylic Acid               daily for two months after treatment.
                                                                                                        Keep out of reach of children.
 Paste on to the sun spot once a day                     You can buy as
                                                                                                        Store Salicylic Acid Paste in a dark place.
 for three days in a row. There may be a                 combo with a 15g
 mild sting for the first minute or two on               Aloe Vera jar or
                                                                                                          Prices                                              Each
 sensitive skin.                                         buy a large 150g
                                                                                                          Salicylic Acid Paste (15g)                             $18
                                                         Jar contains enough
 Leave on for at least two hours each day,                 for hundreds of                                Salicylic Acid/Aloe Vera Gel Combo                     $33
 then wipe off with a damp tissue. You can                   applications.
 thin it down with olive oil if desired.                                                                  CREAMS/GELS/LIQUIDS

                                               Salicylic Acid/Aloe Vera Gel Combo
                                               New combo pack containing two convenient 15g glass jars, one of Salicylic Acid Paste and the
                                               other containing Aloe Vera Gel. Easy to carry and fit in your purse or toiletry bag. Buy both for $33

     Nature’s two skin healers combined
     For preventing recurrence of sun damage, fast healing of pimples, soothing sunburn and skin irritations.
     Our Aloe Vera Gel is made from                       Mild sunburn vanishes
     organically grown Aloe Vera enhanced                 We have personally experienced mild
     with our own Colloidal Silver.                       sunburn disappear overnight and
     Aloe Vera Gel and Colloidal Silver are               moderate sunburn vanish in two
     skin healers in their own right and when             days when Aloe Vera Gel with Colloidal
     combined, work very well together.                   Silver has been applied to the area.

     Best healer of pimples                               Soothe skin irritations
     Aloe Vera Gel with Colloidal Silver is the           The natural soothing and cooling ability of
     best healer of pimples and skin blemishes            Aloe Vera Gel with Colloidal Silver assists
     we have ever come across. It normally                skin irritations and mild sun damage spots.
     brings pimples to a head overnight and               Our Aloe Vera Gel with Colloidal Silver
     within two days they are gone.                                                                       Prices                                              Each
                                                          is available in either a bottle with pump
                                                          top or a flip-top lid. Choose which ever        Aloe Vera Gel (150g) Pump or flip top                  $24
     Not to be taken internally. Always read the label
     and use as directed.                                 one you want when you place your order.         CREAMS/GELS/LIQUIDS

12       Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                      Quality, natural health products that work
     Argentina’s slimming secret
        Yerba Mate herbal tea
Yerba Mate tea from Argentina is
consumed as their national drink by                            BENEFITS
millions of Argentineans, who are renown
for their slimness.                                   One of the healthiest teas in the world
                                                      Zero calories
It is full of vitamins and antioxidants,              Full of vitamins, antioxidants and
increases energy, supports calorie burning            amino acids
and helps manage appetite.                            Increases energySupports calorie
For many years physicians in Europe have
                                                      Helps manage appetite
been incorporating Yerba Mate in their
weight management treatments.                         Supports cardiac efficiency
                                                      Aids digestion                              Prices                                Each
There are 196 natural compounds reported              Contains less caffeine than Green Tea
to be in Yerba Mate, making it one of the                                                         Yerba Mate Herbal Tea (21 tea bags)       $12
healthiest teas in the world.                                                                     MISCELLANEOUS

 Manage your weight by easily eliminating calories
Nothing helps manage your weight better          and stir to dissolve or mix with yoghurt.
than eliminating a large number of calories      For a more pleasantly full feeling, you can                BENEFITS
each day. SafeSlim can typically save            also eat a carrot (raw or cooked), or half a
you 700 to 1000 calories daily and help          banana or apple beforehand.                       Fennel for appetite management
manage your appetite.                            You can blend fruit and SafeSlim into a           Chromium and Cinnamon for blood
                                                 smoothie. However it is important that            Sugar balance
How do you use SafeSlim?                                                                           Protein for increased muscle mass
                                                 the sweetness of Stevia remains in your
Add two rounded teaspoons of SafeSlim                                                              Stevia for zero calorie sweetening
                                                 mouth. This helps greatly with appetite
powder to 200ml of water or low fat milk                                                           Only 20 calories per serving
                                                                                                   Save 700 to 1000 calories a day
This product is                                  One serving of SafeSlim (2 rounded
supplementary to                                 teaspoons) contains only 20 calories. Half        SafeSlim more than pays for itself
and not a replacement                            a glass of milk contains 45 to 80 calories.       Natural berry flavour for better taste
for a balanced diet.
Individual results
                                                 A medium size carrot contains 15, half a
may vary.                                        banana 50 and half an apple 40. A total of
                                                 no more than 150 calories. Do this once a        Prices                                Each
                                                 day for a week and your clothes will start to
                                                                                                  SafeSlim Berry (250g)                     $39
                                                 feel loose.

   Modern, easy to use electronic monitor

Check your body fat, muscle mass, metabolic age and six other key indicators
This award winning monitor sends a series        Your metabolic rate and age
of electronic signals up into the trunk of       InnerScan 542 calculates the number
                                                                                                  The monitor measures:
your body, through your bare feet.               of calories your body burns at rest from            Your weight, accurate to 0.1 kg
                                                 the amount of muscle in your body. This             Your body fat percentage
How it works                                                                                         Your health rating
                                                 fascinating feature of the InnerScan 542
It works by using a scientific process called    rates your present metabolic age up to a            Your muscle mass
Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis.               maximum age of 50.                                  Your bone density
A series of safe, low-level electronic signals                                                       Your metabolic age
are sent up through your body when                                                                   Your daily resting calorie need
you stand on the monitor with your bare                                                              Your body water percentage
feet. The InnerScan 542 then uses a                                                                  Your all-important organ fat
built-in computer to detect the different                                 Measures your exact
                                                                            weight accurately
resistances of water, fat, bone and muscle                                and a whole lot more.   Prices                                Each
as the electronic signals pass through your                                 Comes with a two      Tanita Inner Scan 542 Monitor         $199
body. You are then given a read out on the                                year full replacement
clear LCD screen.                                                               guarantee         MISCELLANEOUS

Quality health products that work                                           All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                          13
 Boron & Selenium
 for healthy joints,                               Iron for high energy
reproductive health
   and immunity
                                                     and strong bones
     A high quality, organic                      Just take one capsule of this highly absorbable,
     chelated mineral blend                        non-constipating chelated Iron, once a week
Boron is an important mineral for bone            Our 7-Day Iron has remained very
and joint health, but is lacking in New
Zealand soils.
                                                  popular as our customers see real
                                                  improvements in the Iron levels of their
CAA contains 2.5mg of Boron which                                                                Benefits for everyone
is sufficient for most people. However,           25% of people have an Iron                        High energy
some people require up to 9mg a day to            deficiency                                        An organised mind
support joint health                              Iron-containing red blood cells carry             Strong bones and muscles
and mobility.                                     energy-giving oxygen to every part                Alert quick brain
Boron & Selenium                                  of our body. Yet Iron-deficiency is the           Natural weight management
contains an                                       world’s most common nutritional                   Resistance to winter ills and chills
optimum 10mg                                      disorder. 25% of the world’s population           More desire to exercise
of amino acid                                     are Iron-deficient. This is a major cause of      Feeling warmer during winter
chelated Boron. It’s                              low energy.
recommended that
                                                                                                 Benefits for children
                                                  We formulated 7-Day Iron to overcome
your total intake                                 this deficiency. This high quality,               Energetic yet calm
of Boron doesn’t                                  chelated Iron, gives you a net 35mg of            Better school work
exceed 100mg per                                  energy-producing Iron, plus 60mg of               Harmonious behaviour
day.                                              Vitamin C, to boost absorption up to              Resistance to bone fractures
                                                  300%.                                             Better complexion
Boron & Selenium
contains 150mcg                                                                                     More persistence in completing
                              Take one capsule    Our CAA capsules have 5mg of chelated             tasks
of the finest organic            per day. 60      Iron, but this may be not enough for
chelated Selenium,             capsules. Two      certain people. The recommended daily
containing methionine.         months supply.
                                                  intake of Iron for most adults, both male      Take once a week
                                                  and female is 8mg and children 10mg.           For most people 7-Day Iron only needs
                                                  For teenage girls it is 15mg, and for          to be taken once a week. This should
            BENEFITS                              pregnant women 27mg.                           provide an extra 5mg a day, over the full
                                                                                                 week, as the body stores surplus Iron in
     Benefits of organic Boron                    What is chelated Iron?                         the blood and liver if we are deficient.
      Improves Calcium absorption
                                                  Chelated Iron is Iron pre combined with        With the 5mg in CAA, this should give
      Improves Magnesium absorption               a natural digestive amino acid to make
      Supports joint mobility                                                                    you 10mg extra a day, plus what you get
                                                  it easy for the body to digest, like the       from your food. Taking it only once (or
      Supports healthy male testosterone          Iron in meat. It’s 10 to 15 times more
      Supports healthy bone density                                                              maybe twice) a week also prevents any
                                                  bio-available than pharmaceutical Iron         risk of constipation
      Increases male muscle strength              supplements such as Iron Sulphate.
      Reported to help manage body fat                                                           and it will save you
     Benefits of organic Selenium                                                                You get six months
      Powerful antioxidant                                                                       supply (25 capsules)
      Neutralises mercury toxicity in the                                                        in one bottle, for
      body                                                                                       less than $5 a
      Supports prostate health                                                                   month.
      Fades brown skin spots                                                                     Always read the
      Helps protect the body from the                                                            label and use only as
      poisonous effects of heavy metals and                                                      directed.
      other harmful substances
      Supports fertility, especially among
      Shown to support the production of
      sperm and sperm movement                                                                                              6 months supply of
                                                                                                                           quality iron that only
                                                                                                                             needs to be taken
Always read the label and use only as directed.                                                                                once a week.

 Prices                                 Each                                                      Prices                                            Each
 Boron and Selenium (60 capsules)         $39                                                     7-Day Iron (six month supply)                        $29

 CAPSULES/TABLETS                                                                                 CAPSULES/TABLETS

14      Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                             Quality, natural health products that work
Promote easy, daily bowel movements
Easy-Lax is a mild, herbal stool softener,   Cascara sagrada                                ensure an adequate amount of fruit and
which promotes easy, regular bowel           stimulates the large intestine and             vegetables is part of your diet.
movements without straining.                 supports regularity in moderate doses.
                                                                                            If symptoms persist or you are pregnant
It contains five herbs proven to be          Fennel seed soothes many digestive             or breastfeeding, please consult your
beneficial to the bowel. Generally just      disorders. This mineral-rich herb also         health professional before taking. Always
one capsule with the evening meal plus       reduces hunger and can support weight          read the label and use only as directed.
a glass of water is all that is required.    management.
                                                                                            For best results
The price is very reasonable, only 30        Slippery elm soothes the digestive tract       take one capsule
cents a day. Easy-Lax works gently over      by coating the lining. It can also relieve     a day, with a
a twelve hour period.                        stomach rumbling, bowel issues and             glass of water,
                                             excessive wind.                                after your
How the five effective herbs                                                                evening meal.
                                             To be effective you need to increase your
work                                         intake of water when using Easy-Lax. If
Psyllium seed is the finest source of        taking for longer than a few weeks,
soluble fibre. Weight for weight, it is 14
times higher than oat bran. It swells in
water and stimulates movement of stools.                BENEFITS
At the same time it lubricates and soothes                                                   Contains 100
                                                Natural soft bowel motions without
the mucous membranes of the digestive                                                       capsules – take
                                                straining or damage                         one capsule per
tract. It is soothing for disorders of the
                                                Promotes a soft, regular motion                  day.
digestive system.
                                                Has a soothing, lubricating effect
Wormwood invigorates the entire                 on the colon tract
digestive process and supports                  Improves digestive functions
                                                                                             Prices                                 Each
production of bile and good cholesterol.        Reduces wind and bloating
It has been used since ancient times as         Soothes acid stomach                         Easy-Lax (100 capsules)                  $30
a traditional remedy for intestinal             Helps balance Uric Acid levels               Buy 4 or more                            $25
parasites.                                      Supports production of good cholesterol

 Healthy Joints contains the highest content of
 marine Chondroitin on the New Zealand market
Equal amounts of marine Glucosamine and Chondroitin, plus Silica, Boron and Vitamin D
We have formulated Healthy Joints to         What is Glucosamine?                           and aids the lubrication of the joint.
be the most effective Glucosamine-           The Glucosamine we use in Healthy              Chondroitin is also a major source of
Chondroitin product in New Zealand.          Joints is a natural substance, derived from    the protein building-blocks used in your
                                             shellfish and is found in and around the       joints and helps form new cartilage.
Equal amounts of Glucosamine
                                             cells of your joint cartilage and connective   As we age, these building blocks become
and Chondroitin                              tissue. Glucosamine helps improve              in short supply, but are important for
Recent research has shown that when          lubrication and nutrition to your joints       elasticity,
sulphur-based marine Glucosamine             and protect cartilage from wear and tear.      resilience and
is combined in equal parts with                                                             maintaining
Chondroitin, extracted from shark            What is Chondroitin?                           the shock-
cartilage, it is much more effective.        Our high quality Chondroitin is extracted      absorbing
Due to the very high price of Chondroitin    from commercial species shark cartilage,       properties of
derived from shark cartilage, it is rare     which is why it costs so much. (A cheaper      your cartilage.
to find a product on the New Zealand         less effective form can be obtained from
market with enough Chondroitin to be         cow, pig or chicken cartilage). Chondroitin
fully effective. Both Glucosamine and        is also found naturally in normal joints
Chondroitin are natural parts of our         and helps the cartilage of your joints to
                                                                                                                           f Glucosamine
                                                                                             Each capsule contains 435mg of Gl        i
cartilage and our joint lubrication fluid.   retain water, elasticity, resist compression   and 435mg of Chondroitin. Up to three capsules
                                                                                                      per day may be required.
Our formula is as effective as we
can make it                                              BENEFITS                           Always read the label and use only as directed.

                                                                                             Prices                                 Each
Healthy Joints contains 435mg of natural         Maintains the health, flexibility and
Glucosamine Sulphate and 435mg of                youthfulness of your joints                 Healthy Joints (90 capsules)             $66
highest quality Chondroitin Sulphate and         Helps bones absorb calcium and              Healthy Joints (180 capsules)            $99
we have added three nutrients – Boron,           magnesium from your food
organic Silica and natural Vitamin D.                                                        CAPSULES/TABLETS

Quality health products that work                                         All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                        15
     Restore the energy of your youth
 What is DHEA?                                   plant can be modified to produce an              Artery and blood health
 DHEA is a natural ‘feel alive’ hormone,         exact copy of natural DHEA. However              According to a report in the New England
 made by glands in your body. It is the          pure DHEA, when taken in excess, can             Journal of Medicine, DHEA supports
 most abundant hormone in your body in           raise sex hormone levels.                        artery and blood health.
 your youth.                                     Our 7-Keto variety of DHEA, has been
                                                 further modified so as not to affect the
                                                                                                  Enjoy energy and passion
 DHEA peaks around age 25 and then
                                                 stability of the sex hormones.                   DHEA can make your
 steadily declines, more rapidly after
                                                                                                  later years energetic
 age 35 in both men and women. As it             DHEA 7-Keto retains full effectiveness in all    and passionate,
 declines, so does your youthful vigour,         other regards – youthful energy, enthusiasm,     improve your mental
 mental focus and clarity of mind.               clarity of mind and mental focus.                focus and generally
 Pure DHEA can now be made                       Stephen Cherniske MS, leading                    improve your overall
 from a natural plant extract                                                                     well being.
                                                 DHEA biochemist researcher
 A natural extract from the Mexican Yam          Stephen Cherniske MS, a leading                  Directions: Age 25 to
                                                 DHEA research biochemist and sports              35: One capsule every
                                                                                                  second day. Over 35:
             BENEFITS                            nutritionist has spent over 20 years
                                                 researching and experimenting with               One capsule daily.
     Natural youth hormone                       DHEA. He has published over 3000                 Check with your health
     Turn back the body clock                    articles and written an excellent book on        professional if pregnant or
                                                 his DHEA discoveries called “The DHEA            breastfeeding. Always read
     May increase longevity                                                                       the label and use only as      40mg of pure,
     Feel full of vigour and enthusiasm          Breakthrough – Look younger, live                                            highest grade DHEA
     Feel like exercising and eating healthy     longer, feel better.” (See Page 18)                                              per capsule.
     Enjoy better health as you age              Stephen Cherniske MS has found that               Prices                                             Each
     Sharpen your mental focus                   when a person begins taking DHEA, they
     Support artery and blood health             start to feel full of vigour and enthusiasm,      DHEA 7-Keto (60 capsules)                             $37
     Natural management of body fat              and actually feel like exercising and eating      Buy 4 or more (save $24)                              $31
     and muscle mass                             healthy foods.

     RealSalt, real taste, real health
                               The healthiest, best tasting, salt in the world
 This mineral-rich salt is carefully extracted   from four to eight ounces of salt. Salt
 from a pure, salt deposit in Utah, left         helps maintain the normal volume of
 behind by the evaporation of an ancient,        blood in the body and also helps keep the
 unpolluted Jurassic sea. It is rich in over     correct balance of water in and around
 50 of the soluble (colloidal) trace minerals    the cells and tissues. It is also necessary
 required for human health.                      for the formation and proper function of
                                                 nerve fibres, which carry impulses to and
 The health benefits of                          from the brain, and plays an important
 unrefined salt                                  part in the digestion of food. It is essential
 During the refining of regular salt, every      in making the heart beat correctly.
 one of these trace minerals, which our          RealSalt also contains natural Iodine
 body needs for optimum health, are lost.        that remains in the body far longer than
 RealSalt, which is unrefined, still contains    the inorganic Iodine, (which is added to
 all of these removed minerals. Health           refined table salt).
 enthusiasts swear by the benefits of
 unrefined salt.                                 Is RealSalt different to other
 In the body, salt is as important to humans     Sea Salts?
 as water or air, in fact each of us contains    Yes, RealSalt is different from other Sea
                                                 Salts and 35,000 chefs in a professional
                                                 taste test of top gourmet natural salts
                                                 agreed. RealSalt was deemed the                   Prices                                             Each
                                                 Best of Show and Gold Medal winner                RealSalt Combo (Shaker and Refill)                    $28
                                                 by professional chefs of the American
                                                 Tasting Institute. However, don’t just            RealSalt Shaker (255g)                                $10
                                                 take our word for it. We encourage you            RealSalt Refill Pouch (737g)                          $23
                                                 to experience the RealSalt difference
                                                 yourself. Take the RealSalt taste test.           POWDERS/SALTS

16    Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                    Quality, natural health products that work
                                                                                                                    D E ECI
The original Ultimate Cleanse

                                                                                                                       TO AL
                                                                                                                          X         $9
 – now with Probiotic Multi-9


                                                                                                                                      9      M
Traditionally the finest and most popular

                                              Step 4 At the end of the cleanse, your

full-strength herbal detox and liver and

                                              bowel flora (healthy bacteria) is restored

bowel cleansing system available in New

                                              to its optimum balance with high quality
Zealand. The same original formulation        9 strain probiotics. Many cheap imitations
with added Probiotic Multi-9, available       leave out this important step or make
at a lower price for a limited time. A        you pay extra. Not so with our original
complete internal cleanse.                    Ultimate Cleanse. By this time you
How The Ultimate Cleanse works                should be feeling like a new person.
The Ultimate Cleanse contains 14 highly       Instruction and food guide
effective herbs, all in capsule form, to be
                                              A clear, full colour instruction booklet
taken at different times, over a 5,10 or 25
                                              including shopping lists of healing foods
day period. You choose.
                                              allowed during the cleanse.
4 easy steps
                                              Ultimate Cleanse best on the
Step 1 Begin by implementing gradual                                                              New Zealand’s finest herbal internal cleanse.
dietary changes for three to seven days       market                                                 14 effective herbs, plus live, healthy
Step 2 Compacted matter from years            This powerful cleansing program was                             intestinal bacteria.

of eating unhealthy processed foods is        inspired by pioneers in the herbal
                                              cleansing field – Dr Bernard Jensen, Dr              Bowel and intestine cleanse
softened by powerful herbs and flushed                                                             (Gentlelax and Cleansa)
out of your entire 7m length of intestines.   Richard Anderson and Dr Sandra Cabot
                                              (“The Liver Cleansing Diet”).                        Liver and kidney cleanse (Digestaid)
Step 3 The wholesome herbs and the
                                              What foods am I allowed?                             Nutritional support (Supafood)
healing diet recommended during the
cleanse, detoxify and clean your upper        Foods allowed are most vegetables                    Bowel flora renewal (Probiotic Multi-9)
and lower colon, liver, kidneys and lymph     and fruits, plain yoghurt, avocados,                 The original and proven Ultimate Cleanse
system.                                       olive oil, brown rice, herbal teas, natural          over 15,000 sold
                                              flavourings and herbs.
                                              Can I continue to work or                           We have replaced the acidophilus with
                   BENEFITS                                                                       Probiotic Multi 9 to ensure that all types
                                              travel?                                                of bowel bacteria are replenished.
    A spring clean detox for your insides
                                              Certainly, as long as you are not far from a               Special price of only $99
    Total body flush out
                                              toilet. You can be passing motions several                 applies for a limited time.
    Improve digestive secretions              times a day.
    Reduce bowel transit time
    Speed up your metabolism                  Always read the labels and use only as directed.    Prices                                     Each
                                              If symptoms persist please see your healthcare
    Liver and kidneys are cleansed and        professional. If you are on prescribed medication   Ultimate Cleanse kit (save $22)             $99
    stimulated                                please check with your doctor.

       Organic                                          Organic                                             Organic
        Onion                                            Garlic                                            Seasoned
       RealSalt                                         RealSalt                                            RealSalt
This is a combination                           This is a combination                                This is combination of
of RealSalt and organic                         of RealSalt and organic                              RealSalt with zesty
onion. Now you can enjoy                        garlic. Now you can enjoy                            organic flavours
the great taste of RealSalt                     the great taste of RealSalt                          including, coriander,
together with a                                 together with a                                      mustard, black
pleasant onion                                  hearty garlic                                        pepper, onion,
flavour you will                                flavour you will                                     paprika and herbs
love.                                           love.                                                and spices.
Contains no MSG.                                Contains no MSG.                                     Contains no MSG.

 Prices                            Each           Prices                             Each              Prices                                 Each
 RealSalt Onion Shaker (255g)       $16          RealSalt Garlic Shaker (255g)         $16             RealSalt Seasoned Shaker (255g)           $16

 POWDERS/SALTS                                   POWDERS/SALTS                                         POWDERS/SALTS

Quality health products that work                                            All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                              17
        Colostrum ‘kick starts’ your body’s immune system
 What is Colostrum?                                antibodies into the gut and bloodstream,      density increased, muscle tone restored,
 When a mother gives birth to her off-             protecting against virtually every bacteria   and sexual function improved.
 spring, for the first 48 hours her mammary        and virus known (just like vaccination).
                                                                                                 Nerve, skin, bone and joint cartilage can
 glands provide youth hormones and                 Secondly, the youthful growth hormones        also be regenerated. Fat stores of the body
 disease-fighting antibodies that she has          in colostrum slow down and even reverse       are utilised for calorie
 acquired throughout her lifetime. This            the effects of aging in adult humans. Fat     burning resulting in
 milk-like fluid is called colostrum.              is burned more easily, and healthy muscle     body fat melting off with
                                                   growth is promoted. Even faulty DNA can       just moderate exercise.
 What colostrum can do for you
                                                   be repaired. Insulin sugar uptake is
 Colostrum’s benefits have been proven                                                           You will read about all
                                                   improved. People taking colostrum report
 over and over again in numerous scientific                                                      these benefits in this
                                                   the clearing up of stomach ulcers, reflux,
 studies. All these benefits work in adult                                                       interesting book. It has
                                                   allergies, asthma, IBS and other intestinal
 humans.                                                                                         been updated, and
                                                                                                 republished in 2010.
 Colostrum ‘kick starts’ the body’s own
 immune system, with billions of healthy           More youthful appearance
                                                                                                   Prices                                              Each
 gut microflora, so it can function with full      Regular takers of colostrum report a
 strength on its own.                              more youthful appearance, restored skin         Colostrum Book                                         $20
 Colostrum also transfers millions of              elasticity, age spots disappearing, bone

     What is Colloidal Silver?                                               Look younger, live longer
 This New Zealand book “Everything you need to know
 about Colloidal Silver” by Max Crarer, the New Zealand
                                                                                  and feel better
 pioneer of Colloidal Silver, is excellent. It tells you how to make         Read about DHEA – the natural youth hormone that can turn
 Colloidal Silver yourself at home, as well as how to use it, what           back your body clock. Stephen Cherniske MS, is a leading
 it will do for you, what costs are involved, the illnesses it can           DHEA research biochemist and sports nutritionist and has
 heal and germs it can kill. It is an easy to read book with large           spent over 20 years researching and experimenting with
 print. It also includes many interesting testimonials from users            DHEA. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on DHEA,
 of Colloidal Silver. This book answers all the questions you have           and also takes it himself.
 ever wanted to ask about Colloidal Silver including:                                            He has published over 3000 articles and
                         What is Colloidal Silver?                                               written this top rated, excellent book
                         Why does it work?                                                       “The DHEA Breakthrough “ on his
                         Who can use it?                                                         DHEA discoveries.
                         Are there any side effects?
                         Where on the body can it be used?
                                                                                                 This is a highly readable book.

                        Prices                               Each                                  Prices                                              Each
                        Colloidal Silver Book                 $19                                  DHEA Breakthrough Book                                 $25

                        BOOKS                                                                      BOOKS

   How to persuade your                                                       Make your skin radiantly
 family to eat healthy food                                                  healthy from the inside out
 Are your children fussy eaters? What about your spouse? Do you             This popular book The Healthy Skin Diet by Australian
 struggle to convince them that healthy is best? 90 per cent of New         Nutritionist Karen Fischer shows you how to have radiantly
 Zealand families face this problem every day.                              healthy skin, working from the inside out.
 If this is a problem in your family, this popular book Healthy             The book begins with an easy-to-do, 8 week program of
 Family, Happy Family by practising Nutritionist Australian                 planned daily menus, a 3-day detox, and delicious, simple,
 Karen Fischer is for you. With just a few simple (and clever)              healthy recipes. All based on common sense from Karen’s
 rules to follow, you can convince your children or spouse to                                     personal and professional experiences.
                       eat meals that include vegetables, curry or
                       wholegrain bread, day after day, and have                                 This program has proved itself over and
                       them asking for more. It’s simple when                                    over with Karen’s patients as a practising
                       you know how.                                                             Nutritionist.

                        Prices                               Each                                  Prices                                              Each
                        Healthy Family, Happy Family Book     $32                                  The Healthy Skin Diet Book                             $35

                        Buy both books (Save $8)              $59                                  Buy both books (Save $8)                               $59

                        BOOKS                                                                      BOOKS

18    Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                  Quality, natural health products that work
Rid your body of digestive                                          Heal and prevent

                                                                                                                          NE ITIO

                                                                                                                            W N
   and bowel problems                                             eye disorders naturally
This highly readable book “Happiness is a Regular Complete        This unique New Zealand book “Heal your Eye Problems
Bowel Motion” is written by Sir Peter Edwards, an award           with Herbs, Minerals and Vitamins” was written by Max
winning Australian Naturopath who has spent 30 years              Crarer of Wairoa. It tells the true story of how he accidentally
treating patients with digestive and bowel problems. He shows     healed his Glaucoma (of 12 years standing) with the use of
you the 17 habits that cause these problems and reveals new       minerals and vitamins.
habits that will naturally alleviate these problems for you.
                                                                                         Max researched other natural healing
Hard to put down this readable book                                                      t
                                                                                         techniques from eye researchers all over
                    His book is a fascinating and honest read,                           t
                                                                                         the world. He discovered combinations
                    packed full of useful information from his                           o
                                                                                         of herbs, minerals and vitamins that
                    experience, both with his patients and                               h
                                                                                         have helped thousands of New Zealand
                    himself. It is full of photos and diagrams                           s
                                                                                         sufferers of various eye complaints.
                    with large clear print.
                      Prices                            Each                              Prices                              Each
                      Bowel Book                         $34                              Heal your Eye Problems Book          $19

                      BOOKS                                                               BOOKS

Helping millions of people                                           Download this popular
worldwide to stop smoking                                             NZ Soil Minerals book
Allen Carr was a 50 year old accountant, smoking 60 cigarettes    “Soil Minerals - The key to Farming Wealth and Your own
a day. One day his wife insisted he spend an hour visiting a      Health” written by Fairlie farmer, Brown Trotter, who pioneered
hypnotherapist. He did so but was not hypnotised. However,        the use of soil minerals in New Zealand farming. He was ready
when Allen walked out the door afterward, he had no desire        to walk off his farm due to on-going stock sickness from long
to smoke.                                                         term acid fertiliser use and the wrong information he was
                                                                  getting from ministry officials. Brown Trotter tells how he was
He never smoked again, and in his own words, “suffered no         able to heal his severely diseased heart using the same minerals
                  withdrawal pain, gained no weight.” Allen                              with which he healed his sheep and cattle.
                  says that all the hypnotherapist did, “was                             His skin moles also fell off at the same time.
                  to remove the massive brainwashing” of
                  the so called ‘benefits’ of smoking. This                              The book is a PDF download sent to your
                  best selling book has sold over nine                                   email address when you order. File size is
                  million copies worldwide.                                              only 1.1 MB.
                      Prices                            Each                              Prices                              Each
                      Stop Smoking Book                  $36                              Soils Minerals Book                   $9

                      BOOKS                                                               BOOKS

     Dr Ulric cured his                                                Phosphorous-Calcium
   patients without drugs                                                balance booklet
We highly recommend the interesting book “New Zealand’s           For the best protection from serious health disorders, your
Greatest Doctor, Ulric Williams of Wanganui – a Surgeon           Phosphorus intake should be less than your Calcium intake.
who became a Naturopath.”                                         In most New Zealand diets, we get far more Phosphorous
                                                                  than Calcium. This easy-to-use, booklet lists the Phosphorus
Dr Ulric Williams was a GP (1920’s to 1960’s) who had an
                                                                  and Calcium levels of 500 New Zealand foods.
exceptional mind and unorthodox treatment methods. He
opened clinics in Wanganui and sent home thousands of                                   In the first half of the booklet the pages
seriously ill New Zealanders, healed without drugs or surgery.                          are colour coded and the foods listed
                     He said, “I never became a real doctor                             in order of Phosphorus content. In the
                     until I forgot 95% of what I was taught at                         second half of the booklet, all 500 foods
                     Edinburgh (his UK medical school).” Learn                          are listed in alphabetical order, grouped
                     all about his effective healing methods in                         in common categories.
                     this easy to read and informative book.

                      Prices                            Each                              Prices                              Each
                      Dr Ulric Williams Book             $17                              Phosphorous Calcium Booklet           $5

                      BOOKS                                                               BOOKS

Quality health products that work                                 All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                       19
 The key to total health is in your intestines
 There is about a kilogram of different                                                                         growth of intestinal bacteria. This is known
 types of bacteria lining your small                                                                            as a pre-biotic and completely seals the
 intestine. These bacteria are necessary                                                                        inner probiotic capsule. It later provides
 to convert and break down your food                                                                            nourishment for the probiotics when the
 so it can be used in your body. If any                                                                         capsules open in your intestines.
 of these strains of bacteria are missing,
 various kinds of foods will not be digested
                                                                           Outer capsule contains pre-biotics   Dissolves in your intestines not
 properly. This causes gluten and dairy                             Inner capsule contains probiotics           your stomach
 allergies and numerous other health                                                                            Another big advantage of super dry HPMC
                                                         preservatives and antibiotics (which
 or digestive problems.                                                                                         capsules, over regular gelatin capsules, is
                                                         are fully intended to kill bacteria). But
 Our new improved Probiotic Multi 9                      they kill both good and bad bacteria                   that they do not dissolve in your stomach
 contains the nine most important live                   indiscriminately, just like weedkiller                 acid. They dissolve over several hours in
 bacteria that tend to be missing in our                 destroys plant life.                                   the lower pH environment of your small
 intestines. Once in your small intestine,                                                                      intestine. Scientific testing has verified this.
 these bacteria recolonise and multiply,                 New ‘Capsule in a Capsule’                             So ‘Capsule in a Capsule’ technology over-
 just like plants in a garden. If any of these           technology – no refrigeration or                       comes both the need for refrigeration
 bacteria are missing, the improvement in                coating needed                                         and the need for enteric (acid resistant)
 your health and ability to digest all types             To make our Probiotic Multi 9 more                     coating of gelatin capsules to prevent
 of foods can be dramatic.                               effective, we now use a clever                         the probiotics from being destroyed by
                                                         breakthrough in capsulation called                     stomach acid.
 Food preservatives and                                  ‘Capsule in a Capsule’. This process
 antibiotics are like weedkiller                         was developed by a leading American
 Intestinal bacteria are destroyed by food
                                                         Pharmaceutical firm. Health House
                                                         is the first company in the Southern
                                                                                                                            With a Triple
                BENEFITS                                 Hemisphere to use this new technology                                 Pack
                                                         for probiotics.
     Increased energy
     Improved mineral and vitamin absorption             In this process, the delicate, living
                                                         probiotic bacteria are enclosed in a                      60 Capsules in a
     Improved digestion of foods and less                                                                           Capsule – nine
     food allergies                                      small inner capsule, made not from
                                                                                                                      strains of
     Restore bowel bacteria after taking                 moisture-laden regular gelatin (which                        probiotics
     antibiotics                                         unless refrigerated, activates the bacteria
     Support when you have a bowel or                    prematurely) but from a super dry, plant-
                                                                                                                Always read the label and use only as directed
     digestive problem                                   sourced material called HPMC which
     Counteract the negative effects of food             actually repels moisture.                               Prices                                             Each
                                                         This small, super dry HPMC capsule is then              Probiotic Multi 9                                     $39
     Support for optimal immunity                        placed inside another regular size HPMC
     Supports the defences of the intestinal             capsule, which is filled with a liquid plant            Buy 4 or more (or buy 1 with a Triple Pack) $35
                                                         sugar, similar to honey, that promotes                  CAPSULES/TABLETS

     Make your own                                                                                      Take the guess work
 Colloidal Silver at home                                                                               out of making your
 Make fresh, high quality Colloidal Silver yourself at home for
 a fraction of the cost. Easy to use, just immerse the supplied                                         own Colloidal Silver
 pure silver rods in a jar of distilled water. Plug the generator                                                This is an excellent little state-of-the-art,

 into a standard 240v wall socket and you will be underway.                                                      electronic, battery-operated meter that
                         This kit contains an electric Colloidal                                                 is of very high quality, yet only about half
                         Silver Generator,                                                                       the price of an imported meter. No more
                         2 silver rods, rod holder and detailed                                                  guessing. It measures the ppm content
                         instruction booklet. All you need is a jar                                              of the ionic silver in your homemade
                         and distilled water.                                                                    Colloidal Silver.
                            One year’s guarantee. Replacement                                                    These Colloidal Silver ppm meters
                            silver rods available at $32 per pair.                                               accurately read the mineral conductivity
                                                                                                                 of water. This high quality, precision digital
                             Prices                                     Each                                     ppm meter is guaranteed for one year.
                                                              July from 1 Aug
  Due to international      Colloidal Silver Generator       $117        $133                                      Prices                                             Each
silver prices, from 1 Aug
the Generator price will    Replacement Silver Rods (pair)   $32          $48                                      PPM Colloidal Silver Test Meter                     $108
 be $133 and the Silver                                                                 Reads 0-99 ppm (parts
    Rods will be $48        MISCELLANEOUS                                                   per million).          MISCELLANEOUS

20     Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                                Quality, natural health products that work
Heal your body in an all natural way
Use our scientifically proven Colloidal                 Spraying Colloidal Silver into the air             our knowledge does not interact with any
Silver to enhance the health of your body.              in front of your face and breathing the            medical drug. It is odourless, non-stinging
Colloidal Silver is recognised as Nature’s              mist into your nose and then inhaling it           and suitable for the whole family when
anti-septic and all-round general healer.               down your throat with your mouth open,             used as directed.
                                                        is the best way to stop problems from
Silver has been used for thousands of                                                                      Testing of Colloidal Silver
                                                        developing any further.
years for a variety of purposes ranging                                                                    We sent away our Colloidal Silver for testing
from keeping food and liquids from                      Do this several times                              at an USA laboratory that specialises in
spoiling, purifying water and recently to               over a three hour period                           colloidal testing. The results we impressive,
coat medical dressings.                                 whenever you have                                  40% colloidal silver and 60% ionic silver.
                                                        been exposed or feel                               Over double what was predicted.
Colloidal Silver and bacteria                           the symptoms coming
Hundreds of health disorders have been                  on. You can easily                                 This is a 55% increase in the all important
documented in medical journals as being                                     ay
                                                        refill the 100ml spray                             colloidal silver content, over the previous
successfully helped by taking or applying               bottle from your                                   colloidal silver. All colloidal silver products
Colloidal Silver, and more are being                    larger 500ml bottle..                              are now made by ourselves in one of the
added to the list all the time.                                                                            humidity and temperature controlled
                                                        Is it safe?                                        clean rooms of our factory.
Colloidal Silver allows the body’s immune
                                                        It is very well
system to heal the body in an all natural                                                                  We also sent away some silver made with
                                                        tolerated and to
way. It also helps the body cope with                                                                      the Colloidal Silver Generator (refer page
seasonal chills and ills especially when                High quality, double                               20) and the result was almost as good.
sprayed in the eyes, nose and mouth.                   strength, 10 parts per
                                                       million Colloidal Silver.                                Winter price drop now
How do I take Colloidal Silver?                                                                                 only $35 per bottle, or
Colloidal Silver can be taken several
ways – by drinking it, by holding it under                            BENEFITS                                   buy a 4 pack for only
the tongue, by a sprayer for nose, throat                    Avoiding winter ills and chills                    $115 that’s only $28.75
and ear, a dropper for eyes or a soaked
pad for skin ailments. It does not sting,
                                                             Clearing pimple prone skin                           each, saving $25.
                                                             Reducing bad breath
not even in a newborn baby’s eyes. It also                   Supporting bladder health                     Always read the label and use only as directed.
has other uses in the home and garden                                                                      If symptoms persist please see your healthcare
                                                             Less dry flaky scalp                          professional.
and works well on animals, especially for
                                                             Better contact lens comfort
eye, mouth and skin health.
                                                             Healthier eyes, ears and teeth                   Prices                                   Each
Handy re-fillable spray bottle                               Soothing dry throat                              Colloidal Silver Liquid (500ml)           $35
Due to demand we now have a 100ml                            Restore fungal balance
                                                             Urinary tract health                             500ml Colloidal Silver Liquid (4 pack)   $115
spray bottle of Colloidal Silver that is an
effective way to apply Colloidal Silver to                   Odourless and non stinging                       Colloidal Silver Liquid Spray (100ml)     $12
the throat or nose.                                          Suitable for the whole family

                                                                                                                                                  W PEC
Colloidal Silver Gel for                                                             Colloidal Silver
                                                                                                                                                   IN IA
                                                                                                                                                     TE L
naturally healthy skin                                                               Gift Box - Save $39                                               R
This Colloidal Silver Gel is in a transparent jelly form, so it stays on             A great way to get all the Colloidal Silver products is by
your skin for much longer than Colloidal Silver Liquid only. You                     buying the Colloidal Silver Gift Box. To buy all these products
will find it much more effective at dealing with skin problems.                      individually would cost $112 and the gift box costs only $73.
It is excellent for dry skin conditions, cuts and scratches, burns                   This also makes a great gift for a friend, so they too can
and other skin disorders. It is odourless, non-stinging and                          experience the health benefits of Colloidal Silver themselves.
suitable for the whole family.                                                                            This attractive gift box includes:
                         Choose from either a glass pot, a pump bottle, a
                                 flip top bottle or the 250g tub.
                                                                                               $      ea
                                                                                                               Colloidal Silver liquid 500ml bottle
                                                                                                               Colloidal Silver liquid 100ml spray bottle
                          Prices                                     Each                                      Colloidal Silver gel 50g
                                                                                                               Colloidal Silver gel 150g with flip top lid
                          Colloidal Silver Gel (50g)                   $17
                                                                                                               Colloidal Silver Book “Everything You Need
                          Colloidal Silver Gel (150g pump)             $29                                     to Know about Colloidal Silver”
                          Colloidal Silver Gel (150g flip top)         $29                                    Prices                                   Each
                          Colloidal Silver Gel (250g tub)              $49                                    Colloidal Silver Gift Box                 $73

                          CREAMS/GELS/LIQUIDS                                                                 CREAMS/GELS/LIQUIDS

                        Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.

Quality health products that work                                                     All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                            21
                                                                                                       HOW TO ORDER
       Tasty Vanilla                                                                                   Prices valid until 31 September
                                                                                                       2011 unless otherwise stated
     Colostrum Tablets                                                                                 To order any of these products, just tick
                                                                                                       the box to the left of the items you want.
 If you want a tasty and convenient way of                                                             Write in the quantity if more than one,
 receiving the ongoing immune enhancing                                                                plus the price. Then place your order by
 benefits of colostrum, our Vanilla                                                                    any of these five ways:
 Colostrum Tablets are for you.                                                                        1. Order online at:
 Pop some in the kid’s lunchbox or take                                                         
 a few yourself. These chewable tablets                                                                   using your credit card details.
 contain a huge 250mg of active, high                                                                  2. Call toll-free on 0800 140 141
 quality colostrum. Colostrum can help                                                                    (New Zealand) any time using
 growing children in many ways, including                                                                 your credit card details.
 mental clarity and focus. Children also               Prices                                 Each
                                                                                                          (International call +64 3 520 8103)
 have a higher tendency to catch seasonal              Colostrum Tablets (200 tablets)         $29
 ills and chills from school friends and                                                               3. Free fax this page to 0800 140 142
 colostrum can help immensely.                         Colostrum Combo (180g and tablets)      $69        (New Zealand) and fill in all details.
                                                                                                          (International fax +64 7 543 0493)
 Always read the label and use only as directed.       CAPSULES/TABLETS
                                                                                                       4. Mail order form to:
                                                                                                          Health House, Private Bag 12029,
                                                                                                          Tauranga 3143, New Zealand

  Colostrum – immune                                                                                      with all your customer details filled in.
                                                                                                       5. Direct banking (New Zealand only):
                                                                                                          Step 1: Call free on 0800 140 141 to

 boosting and anti-aging                                                                                  place your order.
                                                                                                          Step 2: Deposit payment into our
                                                                                                          bank account 03 1548 0039888 00.
 How does colostrum work?                            Regular takers of colostrum report that              Please include your customer ID.
 Colostrum from cow’s birth milk,                    their skin appears more youthful, age                As soon as your payment shows, your
 contains millions of immune antibodies              spots disappear, they have support                   order will be dispatched.
 from the mother cow. These antibodies               for optimum bone density and sexual
                                                                                                       All prices are in New Zealand dollars.
 (identical to human antibodies) transfer            function and athletic endurance is
                                                     enhanced. Many body builders maintain             All New Zealand orders are couriered free.
 her natural immunity from numerous
                                                     that colostrum is the most effective              A charge is made for international freight.
 diseases, to newly born offspring. When
 one cow’s colostrum is mixed with the               muscle building supplement they have              Or visit our retail outlet at
 colostrum of hundreds of other cows, its            ever used.                                        61 Maleme St, Greerton, Tauranga 3112
 effectiveness is multiplied.                        Boost the immune system                           Open five days a week,
                                                                                                       Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm.
 Anti-aging and muscle growth                        Cow colostrum is over 10 times richer
 Colostrum contains many growth                      than human colostrum in antibodies.
 factors (known as IgG, IGF-1, EGF, FGF,             These antibodies are the same as human
                                                                                                        Quality, natural health products that work
 TGF, GH, Lactoferrin, etc) which have               antibodies and support the immune
 anti-aging, cell repair and natural                 system to protect you against thousands
 weight management qualities.                        of common pathogens. People who take
                                                     colostrum report they no longer get
                                                     seasonal ills and chills.
                                                                          100g now
                                                                                                       Save $9 when you buy the
                                                                           Save $10
                                                                                                       180g Colostrum Powder
                                                                                                       and the 200
                                                     Always read the label and use only as directed.
                                                                                                       for only
                                                       Prices                                 Each
                    The new La Belle colostrum is
                                                       Colostrum 100g

                                                       Colostrum 180g

                    now available in either a 100g     Colostrum Combo (180g and tablets)      $69
                     tub or the larger 180g tub.

22    Call free on 0800 140 141 or visit                                                                       Quality, natural health products that work
HEALTH HOUSE ORDER FORM & PRICE LIST                                                                                                                   Quality, natural health products that work

Tick                                                          Price Each Qty       Total   Tick                                                          Price Each Qty                  Total
CAPSULES/TABLETS                                                                           POWDERS/SALTS
   7 - Day Iron (p14)                                           $29.00         $              American Colostrum 100g (p22) Save $10                         $29.00               $
   Banana Calcium Tablets with Vit D (p10)                      $29.00         $              American Colostrum 180g (p22)                                  $49.00               $
   Boron and Selenium (p14)                                     $39.00         $              Colostrum Combo (p22) Save $9                                  $69.00               $
   CAA (1,2 or 3) each (p6)     Non-iron     Non-sulphur        $45.00         $              Complete C (p11)                                               $29.00               $
   CAA (4 or more) each (p6)      Non-iron      Non-sulphur     $41.00         $              RealSalt Shaker (Flavoured) (p17)                              $16.00               $
   CN3 Herbal (not advertised)                                  $59.00         $                 Seasoned      Onion      Garlic
   CN5 Mineral (not advertised)                                 $57.00         $              RealSalt Combo shaker and refill (p16)                        $28.00                $
   CN3 & CN5 Combo (not advertised)                             $99.00         $              RealSalt Shaker (Original) (p16)                              $10.00                $
   Colostrum Tablets ()                                         $29.00         $              RealSalt Refill pouch (p16)                                   $23.00                $
   CoQ10-Omega3 (1,2 or 3) each (p7)                            $49.00         $              SafeSlim Berry (p13)                                          $39.00                $
   CoQ10-Omega3 (4 or more) each (p7)                           $46.00         $              Sweet Stevia Powder (p1) New                                  $29.00                $
   Coral CAA (p9)                                               $45.00         $              Sweet Stevia Sprinkle (p1) New                                $25.00                $
   Coral C Calcium (1,2 or 3) each (p8)                         $41.00         $              Sweet Stevia Combo (p1) Save $8                               $65.00                $
   Coral C Calcium (4 or more) each (p8)                        $36.00         $
   DHEA 7-Keto (1,2 or 3) each (p16)                            $37.00         $           BOOKS
   DHEA 7-Keto (4 or more) each (p16)                           $31.00         $              Bowel book (p19)                                               $34.00               $
   Easy-Lax (p15)                                               $30.00         $              Colloidal Silver book (p18)                                    $19.00               $
   Easy-Lax (4 or more) each (p15)                              $25.00         $              Colostrum book (p18)                                           $20.00               $
   Healthy Joints 90 (p15)                                      $66.00         $              Condensed Bible soft cover Save $10 (not advertised)           $10.00               $
   Healthy Joints 180 (p15)                                     $99.00         $              Condensed Bible hard cover Save $15 (not advertised)           $15.00               $
   Immunity Support (p11) New Name                              $29.00         $              DHEA Breakthrough book (p18)                                   $25.00               $
   Kelp (p10)                                                   $29.00         $              Dr Ulric Williams book (p19)                                   $17.00               $
   Maca (1, 2 or 3) each (p10)                                  $31.00         $              Happy Family, Healthy Family book (p18)                        $32.00               $
   Maca (4 or more) each (p10)                                  $26.00         $              Healthy Skin Diet book (p18)                                   $35.00               $
   Magnesium (p10)                                              $29.00         $              Happy Family, Healthy Family and
   Omega-3 Fish Oil (p7)                                        $28.00         $              Healthy Skin Diet Combo Save $8                                $59.00               $
   Potion No.9 (p10)                                            $49.00         $              Heal your Eye Problems book (p19) New Edition                  $19.00               $
   Probiotic Multi 9 (p20)                                      $39.00         $              Laugh with Health book (p6) New Edition                        $39.00               $
   Probiotic Multi 9 (4 or more) (p20)                          $35.00         $              Phosphorous Calcium booklet (p19)                               $5.00               $
   Probiotic Multi 9 Special offer with Triple Pack (p3)        $35.00         $              Soils Minerals book (email 1.1MB) (p19)                         $9.00               $
   Relax (p10)                                                  $31.00         $              (PDF download only. Please complete email address)
   Satisfied (p9)                                               $35.00         $              Stay Healthy book (p6)                                                    $
                                                                                                                                                             $25.00 of Stock
   Sweet Stevia Tablets (p1)                                    $19.00         $              Stop Smoking book (p19)                                        $36.00     $
   Thermaid (p9)                                                $29.00         $
   Triple Pack (p3)    Non-iron CAA      Non-sulphur CAA       $117.00         $           CREAMS/GELS/LIQUIDS
   Triple Pack (2 or more) each (p3)                           $111.00         $              Aloe Vera Gel with Colloidal Silver (p12)                      $24.00               $
       Non-iron CAA     Non-sulphur CAA                                                          Flip top    Pump top
       Send me a capsule case with my Triple Pack                                             Bloodroot paste (not advertised)                            $21.00                  $
   Turn Back Time capsules (p5) New                             $49.00         $              Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml (p21) Save $4                 $35.00                  $
                                                                                              Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml (4 pack) each (p21) Save $25 $115.00                  $
                                                                                              Colloidal Silver Liquid Spray Bottle 100ml (p21)            $12.00                  $
                                                                                              Colloidal Silver Gel 50g (p21)                              $17.00                  $
   Colloidal Silver Generator (p20)                            $117.00         $
                                                                                              Colloidal Silver Gel 150g (p21)       Flip top   Pump top   $29.00                  $
   Colloidal Silver Generator (p20) price from 1 August        $133.00         $              Colloidal Silver Gel 250g (p21)                             $49.00                  $
   Colloidal Silver Test Meter (p20)                           $108.00         $              Colloidal Silver Gift Box (p21) Save $13                    $73.00                  $
   pH test strips 50 (p8) New                                   $15.00         $              Pain-Eze 50g (p12)                                          $29.00                  $
   Silver Rods (pair) (p20)                                     $32.00         $
                                                                                              Pain-Eze 150g (p12)       Flip top     Pump top             $49.00                  $
   Silver Rods (pair) (p20) price from 1 August                 $48.00         $
                                                                                              Salicylic Acid Paste (p12)                                  $18.00                  $
   Tanita InnerScan 542 (p13) Save $26                         $199.00         $
                                                                                              Salicylic Acid/Aloe Vera Gel Combo (p12)                    $33.00                  $
   Ultimate Cleanse kit (p17) Save $22                          $99.00         $
                                                                                              Throat spray (p11)                                          $29.00                  $
   Ultimate Downsize kit (p9)                                  $199.00         $
                                                                                              Turn Back Time Face Cream (p5) New                          $59.00                  $
   Ultimate Downsize twin pack (p9)                            $299.00         $
                                                                                              Turn Back Time Combo (p5) New                               $99.00                  $
   Yerba Mate Herbal Tea (p13)                                  $12.00         $
Prices valid until 31 September 2011                                                                                                      Total        $

 Orders are couriered free in New Zealand. Please tick your preference below.
        No signature required                  Signature required (Not rural delivery)      Customer ID (If already a customer)


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 Phone                                                            Email*

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 All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand • 60 day money-back guarantee on all products.                                                                                                  23

  Every purchase of an Ultimate Downsize kit allows you to go
  into the draw to win a free Tanita Body Fat monitor.
  We now have 2 sets left of the BF-683W        body fat and body water. They have a 4
  Tanita Body Fat Monitors to give away         person memory with Athlete mode and
  to lucky purchasers of the Ultimate           an easy to read digital display.
  Downsize Kit.
                                                Every month (starting in March and
  These scales are the earlier model of the     ending in August) everyone who buys
  Tanita Inner Scan 542 Scales we currently     an Ultimate Downsize kit during each of
  sell (refer page 13). While these do not      these months, will be entered into the
  have quite as many functions as the 542       draw and have the chance to win a BF-683
  model they are an excellent scale and still   Tanita Body Fat Monitor.
  retail for around $199.
                                                For Winners of last months prizes –
  They are easy to use and measure weight,      refer page 9

                                                                                                                         W EC
  Colloidal Silver                                                       Colloidal

                                                                                                                           IN IA
                                                                                                                             TE LS
  Gift Box discount                                                      Silver 500ml
 This Gift Box is a great way to get all the                             Use our scientifically proven
 Colloidal Silver products. To buy all these                             Colloidal Silver to enhance
 products individually would cost                                        the health of your body.
 $112 and makes this great buying at $73. Reduced to
 You save $13 of the
 normal price and save

                                                                         Colloidal Silver is recognised
                                                                         as Nature’s anti-septic and
                                                                         all-round general healer.
                                                                                                          $     35            ea

 $39 off the individual                                                  Price reduction for winter to only
 product prices.                                                         $35 per bottle or buy a four pack of
                                                                         Colloidal Silver bottles for $115,
   See page 21
                                                                         that’s only $28.75 per bottle saving
                                                                         you $25 overall.
                                                                           See page 21

                                                                                                                                                          Jul/Aug 2011

 Turn Back Time                                                                                            Sweet Stevia
                               Existing customers, your customer ID is printed on your address label.
 A skin treatment that                                                                                     These three products
 works from the inside                                                                                     will cover all your natural
 out, giving you younger,                                                                                  sweetening needs
 smoother looking skin
                                                                                                                See cover page
   See page 5

All orders are couriered FREE in New Zealand                                                                       Quality, natural health products that work

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