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									Let’s Go to College!
       Types of Colleges
          in California
•   Community College (112)
•   California State University (CSU 23)
•   University of California (UC 10)
•   Private and Independent (75+)
         Degrees Offered
CA Community Colleges          CA State University:
Associate of Arts & Science    Bachelors of Arts & Sciences
Certificates of Achievement    Masters of Arts & Sciences
Certificate of Completion      Teaching Credentials
                               Joint Doctoral Degrees

University of California:      Independent Colleges & Universities:
Bachelors of Arts & Sciences   Bachelors of Arts & Sciences
Masters of Arts & Sciences     Masters of Arts & Sciences
Teaching Credentials           Teaching Credentials
Doctoral Degrees               Doctoral Degrees
Professional Degrees           Professional Degrees
  (Law, Medical, Business)      (Law, Medical, Business)
                           California State University
-23 Campuses
                                                    San Jose State University
-Different campus sizes
-Practical, Hands-on learning
-Prepare students for world of work
-Prepare students for advanced degrees

              California State University, Fresno
     Independent Schools
76 independent colleges and universities in CA

         - Examples -
      Loyola Marymount
        Fresno Pacific
    University of the Pacific
                University of California
- 9 undergraduate campuses                                   UCLA

-Variety of sizes, environments and majors
-Student research opportunities with distinguished faculty
-Student support services
-Education abroad opportunities
-Athletics, ranging from intramurals to Division I
-Guaranteed admission for eligible students
-Excellent educational value
-High graduation rates

                                            UC Merced
     The University of California

San Francisco
    Santa Cruz
     Santa Barbara
                                             San Diego
        Los Angeles

Getting Started
         • Strive to Maintain
           Good Grades
         • Know who to ask for
         • Ask your teachers
           and counselors for
         • Go Online
            Preparing for College
                 6th Grade
-Stay focused on your studies and get good grades
-Meet with your school counselor to set a goal of attending college
-Select classes that will help you prepare for college
-Develop good study habits
-Aim for good grades (A’s & B’s) in all classes
               Preparing for College
                 7th – 9th Grades
-Stay focused on your studies and get good grades
-Explore Careers – What kind of education is needed to achieve your goal?
-Study hard and build strong academic skills
-Begin taking college preparatory courses – ask your counselor to confirm
you are taking the right classes for college
-Visit your local colleges and universities
-Become involved in academic programs (AVID, etc.)
             Preparing for College
              10th – 11th Grades
-Stay focused on your studies and get good grades
-Meet with your college counselor
-Prepare for college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) by taking pretests – PSAT
-Get involved with various school and community activities
-Begin taking the standardized tests (ACT or SAT) in the 11th grade
-Begin the college search – attend college fairs, visit campuses, check out
college web sites
-Ask about scholarships and grants
          Preparing for College
              12th Grade
-Stay focused on your studies and get good grades
-Decide which colleges to apply – be aware of deadlines
-Retake the SAT or ACT, if needed
-Apply for financial aid between January 1 – March 2 using FAFSA
-Apply for Scholarships
            Academic & Student Support
•   Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
•   California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal SOAP)
•   Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
•   Educational Talent Search (ETS)
•   Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate
    Program (GEAR UP)
•   Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)
•   Upward Bound
•   Listing of programs at local schools www.appris.org

These programs provide:
-Support and information on college placement exams
-Assistance in the application and financial aid process
-Tutorial services, personal and career development, study skills and mentoring
-College visits and tours
            A – G Requirements
• English (4 years)
• Math (3 years) *
• Social Studies
  (2 years)
• Science (2 years) *
• Foreign Language
  (2 years)*
• Visual and Performing
  Arts (1 year)
• Electives (1 year)

* An additional year is recommended
College Costs & Expenses

              • Tuition & Fees
              • Books/Supplies
              • Rent
              • Food
              • Clothes
              • Transportation
                          Money Matters
                                 2012 - 2013
        On-Campus                     Off-Campus               At-Home w/ Relatives

     ITEM         UCM              ITEM         UCM               ITEM         UCM
Tuition / Fees*      13,802   Tuition / Fees*       13,802   Tuition / Fees*     13,802
Health                        Health                         Health
                      1,383                          1,383                        1,383
Insurance                     Insurance                      Insurance
Room and                      Room and                       Room and
                     14,272                          7,109                        4,422
Board                         Board                          Board
Books &                       Books &                        Books &
                      1,398                          1,398                        1,398
Supplies                      Supplies                       Supplies
Personal                      Personal                       Personal
                      1,594                          1,521                        1,684
Expenses                      Expenses                       Expenses

Transportation          895   Transportation         1,725   Transportation       1,794

TOTAL COST          $33,344   TOTAL COST           $26,938   TOTAL COST         $24,483

                        Estimated Cost at UC Merced
        How to Pay for College

• Develop a savings plan

• Learn about scholarships

• Maintain Good Grades
Financial Aid
  4 Types of Financial Aid
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Loans
  • Work Study
    (Part Time Jobs)
  How Can Higher Education
         “Pay Off”
What types of jobs are offered
 without a college degree?

What types of jobs are offered
 with a college degree?
Jobs Which Do Not Require
    a College Degree
                             Expected Earnings*
           Occupation         (Average-Yearly)
     Cashier (Merced County)      $18,867
     Counter and Retail Clerk                               $19,841
     (Merced County)
     Cook, Fast Food                                        $18,657
     Waiter/Waitress (Merced                                $19,391
     Bank Teller (Merced                                     $25,901
         *Based on full time employment in Merced County. Before Taxes.
Careers Which Require
  a College Degree

                       Teacher                  $49,095
                         Lawyer               $157,934

        Doctor (Pediatrician,                 $168,043
       Mechanical Engineer                      $92,164
    Advertising & Promotions                  $105,268
                  *Based on full time employment in California
 United States Department of Labor
     Admissions Office (209) 228-4682
    Email admissions@ucmerced.edu
    Website: admissions.ucmerced.edu

Good luck in your
educational goals!

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