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					Greek Mythology Review                         Name:________________________________

Directions: Read each event, lesson, and quote carefully. Cut each one out and paste it into the chart
for the corresponding myth.

“Creation Mythology”


“King Midas”
“Echo and Narcissus”

“The Nine Muses”

“Jason and the Golden Fleece”

Hera made sure he was cursed with twelve difficult and dangerous tasks.

With the help of his wife Rhea, magic armor, and his siblings, he overthrew Cronus.

Against Zeus’s wishes, he gave the sacred fire to man.

Her gaze turns any living thing that looks into her eyes into stone.

He ate his children for fear they would overthrow him.

By opening a jar, she unleashed evil upon the world for all eternity.

He defeated the Nemeon lion among other beasts.

Everything he touched turned to gold.

As instructed, he brought back the head of the Gorgon, Medusa.

He punished Midas with donkey ears for selecting a satyr over him in a music competition.

He was punished with 10 years of slavery for slaying his own children.

He has set a three-headed dog to guard his domain.

Single-handedly, he defeated the terrible Minotaur.

A witch of Hecate and Jason’s wife, she was punished by the gods for causing the death of family


An architect and inventor, he helped Theseus find his way through the labyrinth.

Posing as an old woman, she granted Jason her help after he helped her across a stream.

He cast the Cyclopes and the 50-headed giants down to Tarterus.

This beast feasted on Athenian citizens.

This hero set out to find the fabled Golden Fleece.

                                                         One who seeks adventure is certain to find it.

                                                      Men often seek forgiveness from a higher power

                           Intelligence and common sense are as necessary as strength and bravery

                                             Sometimes, even the most gifted artists need inspiration

                             Mankind needs answers about the beginning of Earth and human race

           Mankind must be saved from himself, so someone must sacrifice themselves to save us
                                                                  Don’t be foolish; think before you speak

                                                      Even with all the sin in the world, there is still hope.

                                                Don’t be so self-absorbed that you lose touch with reality

                                                        Talking too much can get you into serious trouble

   Beware of promotions that require you to prove your worth; it is often a trick intended to destroy you

                                   The son will replace the father as head of the family when he is grown

                  You must work hard to earn trust and forgiveness when you’ve done something hurtful

“’Here is the head you wanted!’ he shouted….Startled, the king and his men looked up, and there they
                        sat, turned to statues of stone”

“The magic ball of thread would roll ahead of him through the maze and lead him to the monster, and
                        then it was up to [him] to overpower the beast”

“Then he turned to [him] and said, ‘Ears as stupid as yours belong to an ass. Ass’s ears you shall have
                       from now on!’”

“No man alive could clean his stables in a year....But [he] …changed the course of two rivers. The
                       waters flooded through the stables and barnyards and washed them clean in
                       less than a day”

“[He] thought for a while, then he tied a silken thread to an ant, put the ant at one end of the conch
                        shell and a bit of honey at the other end. The ant smelled the honey and found
                        its way through the conch, pulling the thread along with it”

“As soon as Rhea had borne her child, the god Zeus, she hid him. Then she wrapped a stone in baby
                      clothes and gave it to her husband to swallow instead of her son”

“Looking into the mirroring shield, [he] swooped down, and with one deft stroke he cut off the
                        Medusa’s head. Out from the monster’s severed neck sprang a beautiful winged
                        horse, the Pegasus”

“Not only had [he] stolen the sacred fire and given it to men, he had also taught them to cheat the gods”

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