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									We have two classes of students that we need to place in our upper level engineering clinic
program. To aid in this please fill out the following form for each of your programs clinic
projects. From this worksheet we will prepare a summary document to handout to all students.
In addition the Dean is very interested in each programs progress to obtain external funding!
Project Title                               PM         Co-PM's                 Funding Source        ChE     CE
                                            from                               If outside funding    Place the number of requested
                                            program                            state name of         each discipline. The discipline
                                            given in                           company or grant.     managers will use this to deter
                                            the tab    All the Co-project      If internal funding   number of projects that should
Place a short title                         below      managers                state internal.       each program

             ME     ECE    CS Chem Bio

 ace the number of requested students from
ach discipline. The discipline project
 anagers will use this to determine the final
umber of projects that should be offered for
ach program

                                Grand Total
Chemical Engineering Sponsored Projects for Fall 2006 Semester

Proj #     Project Title                      PM            Co-PM's                    Project Identifier Name   Funding Source    ChE        CE       ME       ECE       CS       Chem Bio       Any

ChE-01 Pollution Prevention Strategies for Refineries.      Dahm, Slater               Valero / EPA              Valero / EPA             3

ChE-02 Bug Power III: Fermentation            Savelski      Lefebvre, Hecht            Bug Power                 NSF                      4                                                   2

                                            of Green Chemistry
ChE-03 Pharmaceutical Industry Applications Slater         Hesketh, Savelski           BMS / EPA                 EPA                      4

ChE-04 Catalyst removal from Pharmaceutical processes       Farrell, Slater, Hesketh   Novartis                  Novartis                 5                                           1

ChE-05 Ilustrating Bioseparations with Colorful Proteins    Mugweru                    Colorful Protein                                   3                                           1

ChE-06 Catalytic Converter Recycling: PGM Cementation       Farrell                    JMI                       JMI                      4                                           1

                                          Hesketh           Chary
ChE-07 Specialty Chemical Process Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry         KTCAP                     JMI                      2                                           2

ChE-08 Industrial Crystallization Operations Hesketh        Farrell                    Crystal                                            3

ChE-09 Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Astaxanthin                                                                                      2

ChE-10 FCC Catalyst Performance               Farrell       Slater, Hesketh                                      Sunoco                   4        1

ChE-11 Materials Textbook Supplemental topics development Dahm                                                                            2

ChE-12 Bonding Enhancement in Kevlar composite              Grady                                                                         2        1        1

ChE-13 UOL Development                   Gephardt      Gould, Grady                                                                       4
ChE-14 Sophomore Engineering Clinic Module Development Riddell                                                                            1        1        1         1
                                                                                                                 Totals                  43        3        2         1        0      5       2         0
                                                                                                                 Program Request
Out of Discipline                             CEE           ME                         ECE
Project Number               Project Title                  PM            Co-PM          Funding Source      ECE       ME       CHE CE Other
ECE-01         Robust SNR Estimation                   Ramachandran   Head/Polikar    Airforce                     2
ECE-02         Robust Speaker Identification           Ramachandran   Polikar/Head                                 3
ECE-03         fNIR Probe Design                       Head           Ramachandran                                 1        2
ECE-04         fNIR Hardware Development               Head           Ramachandran                                 3
ECE-05         Desktop Sharing Application             Ciocco         Mandayam        Internal                     3                      2
ECE-06          PV System Designs                      Jansson                        Systems                      1
ECE-07          NJBPU Wind & Energy Efficiency         Jansson        Bhatia/Riddell  NJBPU/NJCEP                  2        1         1
ECE-08          Team House Photovoltaic Installation   Jansson        Everett         NJ Clean Energy              1        1     1   1
ECE-09                                                   Jansson
                Resonant Transfer Plasma Calorimetry Studies          ese             BlackLight Power             2        2     2
                Developing an Analytical Model for
ECE-10          Electronics Disassembly                  Tang         Grochowski      Lindbergh Foundation         2
ECE-11          IMAPS                                    Tang         Zhang           NSF                          3
ECE-12          Imaging Platforms for NDE                Mandayam     Sukumaran       NSF                          2        1         2
ECE-13          VR for Data Fusion                       Mandayam     Schmalzel       NSF                          2        2
ECE-14          The Wavelet Tutorial                     Polikar                                                   2
ECE-15          Pattern Recognition                      Polikar                      NSF                          3
ECE-16          Diagnosis of AD / Parkinson Disease      Polikar                      NIH/UPENN                    2
                Instrumentation for Nanoscale Sci. &
ECE-18          Technol.                                 Krchnavek                    NSF                          2        1
ECE-20          Carbon Nanotube Electronics              Krchnavek                    NSF                          2              2
ECE-21          ISHM for Constellation Systems           Schmalzel    Mandayam        NASA                         2        1     1   1   1
ECE-22          Hurricane Katrina Recovery               Schmalzel    Kadlowec        Self-funded                  1        1     1   1   1
ECE-23          Agile Consulting Group                   Weiss        Schmalzel       Self-funded                  1        1     1   1   1
ECE-24          NCIIA E-Team                             Schmalzel    Marchese        Rowan Venture Fund           1        1     1   1   1
                                       Mechanical Engineering Junior/Senior Clinic Projects                                                 Fall 2002

ME Junior/Senior Clinic Projects - Fall 2006
 Proj #                Project Title                     PM                 Co-PM's    Sponsor              Team       ME        ECE   CE   ChE
ME-01     Water Vapor Fog Chamber               von Lockette       Dahm                                                3                     1
ME-02     MRE Vibration Damper                  von Lockete        Constans           ME Dept.                         4
ME-03     ASME Design Contest                   Constans           Celik              ME Dept.
ME-04     SAE Mini-Baja                         Constans, Bhatia                      ME Dept                          5
ME-05     Liquid Sample Dispenser Redesign      Chen                                  Coriell                          4
          Automated Thermal-Cycling Testing of
ME-06                                          Chen                Bhatia             Navy-Philly                      3          1
          HTS Coils
          Evaluation of Hydrocarbon
ME-07     Electrosprays for Microscale Direct  Marchese            Chen               ME Dept.                         3                     1
          Injection Diesel Engines
          Resonant Transfer Plasma Calorimetry                                        BlackLight
ME-08     Studies                              Marchese            Jansson                                             2          2
                                                                                      Power, Inc.
          Microgravity Ignition Delay of
ME-09                                           Marchese           Chen               NSF                              2                     2
          Biodiesel Fuel Droplets
ME-10     Entrepreneurial Development Projects TBD                 TBD                RUVCF                            1          1    1     1
ME-11     Flow Through a Bifurcated Vessel      Celik                                 ME Dept.
ME-12     Plasma Assisted Combustion            Marchese                              NSF                              2          2
ME-13     Advanced Fuel Cell Plate Design       Bhatia                                ME Dept.                         4
          Wind and Energy Efficiency Outreach                                         NJ Clean
ME-14                                           Bhatia             Jansson, Riddell                                    4
          and Education                                                               Energy
ME-16     IMAPS2                              Zhang                Tang               NSF
ME-17     Bottle Cap Design with RFID         Zhang                Chen               SureID
          Pendulum Redesign for ATD Neck Testing
                                              Kadlowec             Maltese            CHoP          Saffioti           NA        NA    NA    NA
                                                                                                    Program request:   37         6     1     5

                                                                                                    Total                   49
                                                                                                                                                           To be
Civil and Environmental Engineering Clinic Projects for Fall 2006 Semester                                                                             filled in by Indicate Preference
                                                                                                                                                       Students -
Proj #   Project Title                                                                     PM          Co-PM's        Funding Source                   Spring       CEE ChE ME ECE Bio    Chem Any   Total
                                                                                                                                            d Majors
                                                                                                                      NJDEP, Gloucester /
CEE-01   Water Quality Assessment for Rowan Pond and Edwards Run                           Jahan       Orlins                               2 CEE 1 ChE          2    1                              3
                                                                                                                      Camden Soil
CEE-02   Photodegradation of NDMA                                                          Jahan                      Internal              2 CEE 1 ChE          2    1                              3
CEE-03   Improved Safety for Impacts with Utility Poles                                    Riddell                    NJ DOT                4 CEE                4                                   4
CEE-04   Wind and Energy Efficiency - Outreach and Education                               Riddell                    NJ HEPS, NJ BPU       2 CEE                2                                   2
         Regional Stormwater Management – Assessment & Water Quality. Conduct
         detailed watershed assessment, including measuring streamflows, water                                        NJDEP, Gloucester /
CEE-05   quality, and sediment distribution of Raccoon and Mantua Creeek         Wyrick                               Camden Soil            2 CEE 1 Any         2                  1          1     4
         watersheds. Develop and use computer models to evaluate options for dam                                      Conservation Districts
         removal and impacts on stormwater management
                                                                                                       Jansson,                             2 CEE 1 ME 1
CEE-06   Design of Green Townhouses for Glassboro Redevelopment Area.                      Everett                    Internal                                   2         1   1                     4
                                                                                                       Hasse                                ECE

CEE-07   Evaluation of New Pavement Design Guide for NJ Roads                              Mehta                      NJDOT                 3 CEE                3                                   3

CEE-08   Fatal Accidents Analysis                                                          Mehta                      NJDOT                 2 CEE 2 ME           2         2                         4

                                                                                                                                            2 CEE 1 ChE
CEE-09   Engineers Without Borders -El-Salvador                                            Everett     Wyrick/Mehta   EWB                                        2    1    1   1                     5
                                                                                                                                            1 ME 1 ECE
         Bond of reinforcement in self-consolidating concrete. Testing of reinforced
CEE-10                                                                                     Cleary                     Internal              2 CEE 1 Any          2                             1     3
         concrete beams to evaluate anchorage requirements.
CEE-11   Characterization of self-consolidating concrete                                   Cleary      Mandayam       Internal              2 CEE 2 ECE          2             2                     4
         Bridge Design for Police Athletic League - Design of two wooden bridges for                                  PAL of Egg Harbor
CEE-12                                                                                     Cleary                                           3 CEE 1 Any          3                             1     4
         placement on PAL's dirt bike/go-cart facility in Egg Harbor Township.                                        Township
         Bridge and Ship Collisions - This will include a thorough literature review and
CEE-13   the preparation of historical summaries of bridge and ship collisions in the      Dusseau                                          3 CEE                3                                   3
         United States and around the world.
         Finite Element Analysis of flexible airport pavements - This is an ongoing
         project with the FAA and would require literature review, modeling and
CEE-14                                                                                     Sukumaran                  FAA                   2 CEE 2 ME           2         2                         4
         comparison of analysis data with the data obtained from the National
         Pavement Test Facility.
         Crushing of Sands - This is an ongoing NSF project which requires
                                                                                                                                            2 CEE 1 ME 1
CEE-15   experimental work using the new crushing device that has been built at            Sukumaran                  NSF                                        2         1   1                     4
         Rowan and imaging the process.
                                                                                                                                            1 CEE 1 ChE
CEE-16                                                                                     Sukumaran   Everett/Mehta Internal                                    1    1    1   1                     4
         Design of a Human Powered Grain Crushing Device for the Developing world                                                           1 ME 1 ECE
                                                                                                                                                                 35   3    7   5    1     0    3     58
                                                                                                                      Program Request:                           54

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