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									Print Management
   by   Leo Burnett
Leo Burnett is part of Publicis S A, one of the four large advertising
conglomerates that manage a large percentage of global advertising.

We were privately held until fall of 2002, and the organizational and
culture changes that we are undergoing as a publicly held company
 underscore the need to be more efficient in our execution for our
           clients, our shareholders and our employees.
       Print Management at Leo Burnett

•   70 employees
•   $200 MM worth of print execution annually
•   Changing from a vendor based expertise to an internal,
    innovation focused, client value proposition
•   Pro-active not reactive

We are fortunate to have as a sister company, CAPPS Studio that
   delivers the majority of our creative execution and pre-press
                         around the world.
         Print Management

                  Department Director

Category            Managing Directors          Execution
      Consumer Ad Team            Production Planning Team

          Direct Team                Procurement Team

        Collateral Team               Clearance Team

         Outdoor Team                   Quality Team

         Events Team               Post Production Team

          Retail Team

 International/Special Projects
      The Process / Print Management

• Client focused CBMs        Client
  own projects                    Category Business
• Detail focused Execution             Manager

  experts own specifics                      Production Planning
• Consistent Department       Management       Procurement
  standards & procedures                        Compliance
                                              Post Production
                  Print Management
•   Revolutionary approach to print
•   Driven by efficiency and expertise
•   Proactive vs. reactive
•   Add tactical focus to creative vision
•   Execution obsessed / ISO Certification Q4 2002
•   Consistent standards and process
•   Highly trained and industry involved
•   Leverages scale and scope
•   Technology savvy
•   Maximizes Project Management tools
                          The Spoils
• Extremely flexible resource management
• True category expertise vs. generalist approach
• Specialized process drives reduction in errors - greatly improves
• Buying power leveraged by $200,000,000+ in print purchased
• Over 70 professionals bring extensive expertise to print
• Directors with over eighty years on industry experience
                       Our future is…

•   Appropriate integration of new technology to create more
    predictive, effective turnkey execution
•   Leveraging our mass to provide value in execution across the
    entire Publicis network
•   Shaping change within our industry that provides the best
    practices and partners to position the Agency, as not only great
    creative, but as an execution solution as well
                PDF File Format
We, along with CAPPS, have adopted PDF as our file format of
 choice. It is not perfect… but it allows us the most flexibility in
  solving workflow issues for our clients and their requirements.
 Our view is that it is the most predictive, turnkey format that we
 can use to manage and expand our digital workflow through the
                            entire process.

 Leo Burnett was analog three years ago … making film with
  traditional color separators, at an annual cost of 30MM. Our
 print business has grown 12% over three years, and we are now
  producing pre-press for our clients to the tune of 7-8MM per
          year. We are migrating costs farther upstream.
         PDF File Format (cont.)
We feel PDF to be the most consistent, easily manageable file
   format to accomplish the ease of file transmission, color
    management, and re-purposing of the media … for our

We are committed to not only where PDF is … but where it is
going for applications and workflow that will extend to all of our
                          global clients.
Print Management
     By Leo Burnett

     Copyright 2003
 The Leo Burnett Company

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