FOOD DRIVE by gegouzhen12


									 Can your resource win the “GOLDEN TICKET”?

                Calling all students / resources…
 Time to bring in food items for our annual        food drive!
           Receive 1 point for each item brought in!

   Deliver items to Mrs. Steiner’s room (during resource)
= 1 point for each item will be added to your resources total!!!

     Each day also has “golden point” items!!!
              GOLDEN POINT ITEMS
              are worth 5 points each!
 For example: Monday, Nov. 12th our golden point item is peanut butter.
If your resource brings in three jars of peanut butter you receive 15 points.
                Otherwise, food items are worth 1 pt. Each.

Our Food drive runs from
               November 12th – November 21st!

               Golden Points items are as follows:

                      Mon., Nov. 12th: Peanut butter
   Tues., Nov. 13th: Boxed Dinners (hamburger helper, tuna helper)
   Wed., Nov. 14th: Breakfast Foods (cereal, pancake mix, Syrup, oatmeal)
            Thurs., Nov. 15th: Canned Soup or Dry Soup Mix
   Fri., Nov. 16th: Canned Veggies, Canned Fruit or Pork & Beans
        Mon., Nov. 19th: Baking Mixes (Cakes, Brownies, Cookies)
                       Tues., Nov. 20th: Pasta Day
         (EXCLUDES ramen noodles / Mac & cheese see tomorrow)
              Wed., Nov. 21st: Macaroni and Cheese Day 

  The winning resource with most       points gets a pizza and
     breadstick lunch provided by STUDENT COUNCIL!

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