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									                     The brief introduction of Microsoft Office Web Apps
Have you had the similar experience: you have forgetten to update a PowerPoint presentation after
nearly getting home, but you have to offer it with donut together at tomorrow morning’s owners
meeting? Or, you forget to check the Excel spreadsheet to see whether there are any other parents
that will take wizard crackers for tonight’s the fourth grade holiday party?
Thanks to Microsoft Office Web Apps in the Windows Live SkyDrive, now you don’t have to be
afraid of turning back to take things. Now, whether you are using your PC or Mac in the company
or at home, you almost can access to PowerPoint, Excel and Word document at any time online,
but also can edit these documents and easily share with others.
You need to have: The Internet connection , Supported browsers , Free Windows Live ID,Your old
friend—Microsoft Office.
The best of the Office Web Apps is that if you have Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2010, then
you are already familiar with its function, setting and toolbar.
It is be an easy job to start. When you use Windows Live ID login (or log in to your Hotmail
account), simply click the top of the screen to start sharing your project SkyDrive.
Time sharing! Post your documents
You should do first is to publish files to Windows Live SkyDrive, and then you can decide with
whom to share.
No worries at home (online).
Whether your network is wired or wireless and PC or Mac, as long as you have an Internet
connection, you can access your documents. You don’t need to worry about that the
implementation of conservation work will disturb your thought, because the document is
automatically saved and each saved version will save order system.
After you open the document, you have several options. You can place a copy download to the
desktop computer, using their own on the Microsoft Office program to open and edit it. Click the
“share”, you will receive and send for direct access link.
Synchronous editing
When multiple users to carry out document collaboration, it is difficult to collect all the revisions
in the inbox and version. Through Office Web Apps, you will always have the latest version and
all users are able to edit the document.
Here you are behind the controller. You control who can see your document (choose names from
the contact list or enter a new e-mail address) and they can see what. You can also decide which
person can only view your work or can edit it. Only click the mouse, all these functions may be
accompanied by your carefree smile.
It’s up to you
Now, you can access online and share your Microsoft Office documents, with this function,
everything is possible. Simply use the Excel, you can track how children cookies to sell or your
own fantasy football draft progress. You can make a bride shower guests food alone or making
donation table for the school going to the aquarium travel.
Now you don’t have to worry about tomorrow, you can share your PowerPoint presentation before
the meeting.
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