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									Palmerston, NT
Palmerston Uniting Church is currently seeking to call a Minister of the Word or Deacon to fill a part-time (0.5) placement.
The City of Palmerston is an active young community. The city is 21km south of the Territory's capital, Darwin. It was named after the former British Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston and was first settled in the early 1980s. It has been one of Australia’s fastest growing areas. Palmerston was declared a city on 2 August 2000. The area has attracted many young families and its population of approximately 25,000 has an average of 28. Around 30% of the population is under 15 years old. There is a significant Aboriginal population, both permanent and transient visiting from outlying Territory communities. Palmerston is also home to the Australian Army's newest barracks, purpose built for the First Brigade as part of the Army Presence in the North Project. The Barracks occupy a total of 700 hectares and personnel are a familiar sight around town.

The City Centre has two major shopping complexes, various sporting clubs, restaurants, pubs, skatepark, cinema, library and smaller shops. Although Palmerston is mainly residential, it also has two light industrial areas - Pinelands and Yarrawonga. The City's tropical environment is perfect for outdoor living and people are passionate about activities like fishing, hunting and camping. Palmerston has a wide range of sporting activities. There are over 100 parks, many with playgrounds and barbecues. There is also a 50 metre Olympic swimming pool. Marlow Lagoon is a large recreation area where community and private events are often held. The Elizabeth River is only 5 ks from the city centre and the boat ramp has good access to either the upper reaches of the river or downstream to the East Arm of Darwin Harbour. On Friday nights during the Dry Season, Palmerston's night markets come alive in the City Centre. The markets boast a wide array of delicious international food, as well as craft, vegetables, and gift items for sale, activities for the children, and entertainment for the whole family. The Palmerston congregation has a market stall providing tea, coffee and relaxation. There are five government schools providing pre-school and primary education and one government high school with another in the planning stage. In addition there are two Christian primary schools. The Charles Darwin University is the major tertiary education institution in the NT and is unique in that it offers both higher education and vocational studies. In addition, the university has a full range of postgraduate programs and a strong research focus. Palmerston is the home to one of the campuses of Charles Darwin University where degrees are offered in Tourism and Hospitality, and Events Management, and Library and Information Management. Many locals take advantage of the campus’s training restaurant for a delicious lunch or dinner. There is also a variety of VET courses available at the Palmerst0n campus. Further information about the university can be found at The Palmerston Health Precinct offers a range of health services and the Darwin Private and Public Hospitals are a 25 minute drive away.

Congregation and its Mission The congregation consists of about 60 committed Christians. Numbers vary due to the transient nature of some of the population or because of medium term defence force postings. Regular worshippers live either in Palmerston or in the rural area (some 10-30 ks away). Sunday school is held every Sunday. The major focus of the congregation’s mission is Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Fair Ø youth fostering congregational mission and development sharing faith in Christ and assisting others also to share faith in Christ covenanting with Indigenous people developing multicultural understandings, relationships and ministry with outreach to the community through the dry season markets stall and the annual Mothers Day with outreach to the high proportion of young families and relating to the needs of children and

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