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Short Film Corner 2013 Publicity PR Social Media by Cloud 21 PR


A shy wine bar waitress is challenges to step out of her shell when a bold customer asks her to teach him the waltz.

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									Cloud 21 PR at the Short Film Corner (Cannes Court Metrage)
         66th Cannes International Film Festival 2013

                   Af t e r noon a t Gu dr u n – Ja v i e r B a d i l l o
                   A shy wine bar waitress is challenges to step out of her shell
                   when a bold customer asks her to teach him the waltz.
                   MORE INFO

                   Bev or da s G r a s W a c hs t ( Bef or e t he G r a s s
                   Gr o ws ) – Al e x a nde r S c he r e r
                   During the Second World War, German soldiers were tapped
                   in English and American camps in their private
                   conversations. The unbearable life of the soldiers is revealed.
                   The atrocities of their ruthless actions are casually narrated
                   alongside the care and warmth expressed in their letters to
                   their loved ones at home. A clever and important film that
                   must be faced in order not to forget… MORE INFO
Expl or at i on of Con f i nem ent – Ma r u s y a
Syr oec hkovs kaya
Is there a life after you got trapped in a rubbish chute? How
long would you be able to live with your foot stuck in a
bucket? Or with your head stuck in a turtleneck? And what if
you enjoy it? … MORE INFO

Me r c i B e a u c o u p B r a d l e y C o o p e r – Anne -
Chr i s t i ne Ca r o
Fame is the name of the game in this satire on the cult of
celebrity as an enterprising actress enlists an English teacher
– who happens to be a Bradley Cooper doppelgänger – to
impress industry insiders and make a name for herself in the
attention-seeking chaos of Cannes Film Festival. MORE

On T h e Na t u r e o f Ho t n e s s – Ri c ha r d Sny der
From the social and spiritual to the biological and scientific,
we explore what makes a person attractive in the modern
St r yngs – Ge o f f M c g e e
Ambrosio the Great is near death. His beautiful puppet show
is ignored by the village children and his body aches more
and more each day. In his fading moments on Earth, he tries
to gather enough strength to create one last show that no
one will ever forget. MORE INFO

The Lum i nanc e – Ha s t i S a a d i
A man who lives alone and is surrounded by his childhood
memories tries to experience something different by making
an unusual conversation with a young escort girl for a night…

Ti r am i s u – Law r ence M i cky Par ker
In the heart of New York City‟s Lower East Side, Jonhas and
Derek are called to a secluded club to take on a job for
notorious crime boss Gino Duesanti. Mr. Duesanti sends
them out on an assignment with a mysterious mistress to
take back stolen money from “The Bird.” Everything goes
smoothly, until suddenly everyone‟s life is at stake… MORE
                                      Wh o l e „ N o t h e r L e v e l – Br uc e G or don
                                      Randy Larson is a 20-year-old man with cerebral palsy who
                                      wants to pass the final test given to him by an occupational
                                      therapist. If he passes the test, he will qualify for job training
                                      and independent housing assistance. If not, his parents will
                                      be forced to put him in an institution. MORE INFO

     Cloud 21 PR is a well-established public relations agency based in Los Angeles,
     USA with its associates worldwide. Cloud 21 PR creates tailor made campaigns
     for filmmakers, which promote uniqueness.

     Cloud 21 PR‟s team of publicity professionals have extensive publicity
     experience at major Film Festivals and Markets worldwide including Cannes,
     Berlin, Sundance, TIFF, American Film Market, SXSW and Shanghai.

     Contact: Leslie Bianchi – - (323) 432 6673

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