2008 Couples Retreat by rolo14


                                              Couples Retreat

                                              “Making Room for

                                               November 13-15, 2008
Sponsored by the Missouri State Association
   of Free Will Baptists Executive Office
Dates:                                       “Making Room for
          Thursday, November 13
                 through                                                                                          Steve and Susan
          Saturday, November 15          *What is love?                                                           were married
                                         * Romance - But we’re married!                                           on January 27,
                                         * Why do we need romance in our                                          1979 and have
Location:                                      marriage?                                                          lived in Benton-
                                         *Setting the mood for romance                                            ville, Arkansas
              Clarion Hotel              * Easy and simple dating ideas                                           since 1984.
           Springfield Missouri          * Communicating with your heart                                          They have two
                                         * Can we rekindle the romance that                                       sons, Seth 19,
                                               made falling in love so special and
Speakers:                                                                            and Sheldon 17. Steve and Susan founded
                                               fun?                                  Eagle Family Ministries, a non-denomina-
                                         * The importance of touch                   tional ministry, based on God’s call and
         Steve & Susan Tucker            * Intimacy needs in marriage                direction in 1996 after having served on
    with “Eagle Family Ministries”       * Loving each other with the love of        two Southern Baptist church staffs full-time
                                               Christ                                for their entire married life. They are active
Cost:                                    * The romance analysis                      members of First Baptist Church in Benton-
                                         * Communication                             ville, Arkansas where Steve served on staff
                                         * Sexual Touch                              for 12 years. Seven of those years were spent
              $175 per couple -          * Ideas For Romance                         as Minister of Education and Youth, the
        includes two nights lodging,     * Conflict Resolution                       remaining years he served as Minister of
            breakfast both days,         * Biblical Love                             Education and Administration. Steve and
              lunch on Friday,           * Spiritual intimacy in marriage            Susan both work in the Studio 412 youth
               and conference.           * Three types of love needed in marriage    ministry at the church as well as with other
                                         * Learn how to listen                       church ministries.
                                         * Ideas For Making Room For
                                               Romance                               Steve and Susan have worked heavily in
                                                                                     providing Biblical instruction in the areas
                                       This is a very special and relaxed weekend    of pre-marital coaching and family rela-
                                       to get away, rekindle and strengthen the      tionships. Their education, years of experi-
                                       romantic love in your marriage. You will      ence, and burden to minister to marriages
                                       have fun taking the romance analysis and
Registration:                                                                        and families is what helped to prepare them
                                       learning some things about each other in      to meet the many challenges and opportu-
                                       a humorous way. “Making Room For              nities that God has placed before them in
        On-Line at www.mofwb.org       Romance” is a weekend you will remember       Eagle Family Ministries.
         or call 1-866-532-6537        for a long time!

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