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Achievement/ELSA/MAAS Test
Test Coordinators Workshop Spring 2011

             Spring 2011
                 Test Schedule
● Again this year, a district-wide testing schedule will be

● The schedule shows the days on which each subtest
  should be given to each grade level.

● You are allowed to choose what time of day each subtest
  is administered.
               Schedule of Events
●Delivery of Achievement Test materials by Farmville Warehouse
● Administration of TCAP Achievement Test in grades 2-8
● Assigned make-up testing date
● Assigned Date: Hand deliver specified test materials to BOE
  Auditorium, including answer sheets with cover sheets and:
   Test booklets written in by students using a scribe and/or answer
    in booklet as an accommodation
   Signed Medical Exemption Forms
   Signed Test Security and Stray Marks Procedure Forms
   School Group Lists and Reports of Irregularity (RI) for entry on
● Farmville Warehouse trucks pick up specified materials from your
  school’s office
          Delivery of Materials
● Please make sure to verify the number of boxes
  and sign the delivery ticket.

● Please report any discrepancies in your delivery
 shipment to the Office of Assessment at 416-
 5450 immediately.
State Test Security
    Pages 1 - 2
               Test Security Law
State of Tennessee Test Security Law (Tennessee Code Annotated
  (T.C.A.) 49-1-607) states:

  Any person found to have not followed security guidelines for
  administration of the TCAP test, or successor test, including
  making or distributing unauthorized copies of the test,
  altering a grade or answer sheet, providing copies of
  answers or test questions, or otherwise compromising
  the integrity of the testing process shall be placed on
  immediate suspension, and such actions will be grounds for
  dismissal, including dismissal of tenured employees. Such
  actions shall be grounds for revocation of state license.
MCS Test Security
   MCS Test Security Procedures
● Each person must initial after the test security
  law at the top of the page, and after each of the

● Each person must copy and sign the statement
 at the end.
    MCS Test Security Procedures
● In addition to state Test Security Guidelines, the
  following procedures shall be observed in the administration
  and in the handling of test materials at the school building

• Immediately upon receipt of test materials, the principal/test
  coordinator shall verify that the quantities of materials
  received correspond to the quantities of materials shipped.
  Discrepancies should be reported immediately to the Office
  of Assessment at 416-5450. Two different people must verify
  the count of materials and sign the Shipping Order Form. Fax
  a copy of the signed Shipping Order Form to the Office of
  Assessment at 416-6447.
     MCS Test Security Procedures
•   After verification, the principal shall ensure that all test materials
    are stored in a locked room which is accessible only to the
    principal/test coordinator.

•   The principal/test coordinator shall ensure that test
    administrators and proctors have reviewed instructions for test
    administration and procedures for test security and have initialed
    and signed this test security procedures and/or volunteer proctor
    document prior to the administration of the test. In addition to
    the test administrator, schools must have at least one proctor at all
    times in each classroom where testing takes place. In large group
    settings (e.g., in an auditorium, library, or cafeteria), there should
    be several proctors used to ensure proper monitoring during
     MCS Test Security Procedures
•   Test contents should not be read, reviewed, or analyzed before,
    during, or after test administration unless indicated in test
    instructions or special accommodations.

•   Test materials and test items may not be copied or reproduced in
    any manner. This includes rearranging or paraphrasing test items.

•   Test administrators and proctors should remain with students and
    be observant and non-disruptive throughout the test session.

•   No persons shall aid test takers in obtaining correct answers. This
    includes pointing out correct or incorrect answers, passing back
    test materials to allow students to change answers, calling out
    correct answers, or personally changing answers on student
    answer sheets.
     MCS Test Security Procedures
•   Persons observing any violations of test security are
    directed to report them immediately to the Office of
    Assessment at 416-5450.

•   “By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have
    reviewed and understand these security procedures. I
    have also been informed of the consequences for
    violating these procedures.”

•   Test Security forms should be kept on file by the
    principal for at least one year from the date signed.
    Schools must turn in copies of all signed Memphis City
    Test Security forms.
Common Problems Observed During
School Visits (Please Avoid)
• Instructional materials on classroom walls and
  in hallways is not removed or covered.
• Students are sitting together at tables with no
  barriers to prevent cheating.
• Test administrators are not monitoring students
  (e.g., on computer, trying to do other work).
• Test security sheets are not signed until after
  testing begins.
Stray Marks Procedure
          Stray Marks Procedure
● In order to scan properly and to ensure accurate scoring, there
  should be no stray marks on answer sheets. This applies to
  both grade 2 test booklets and grades 3-8 answer sheets.

● With the exception of the Achievement Test in grade 2,
  students may mark in test booklets. This includes highlighting
  or underlining words or phrases.

● If a student in grade 2 requires additional marking during
  testing, a transparent overlay may be used. The Building
  Testing Coordinator must ensure that all transparent overlays
  are erased after testing.
          Stray Marks Procedure

● Once test booklets and/or answer sheets are returned to
  the Building Test Coordinator, stray marks should
  only be erased in a group setting supervised by
  an administrator. NO individual Building Test
  Coordinator, Test Administrator, teacher, etc. should be
  allowed to erase stray marks unsupervised (e.g., alone in
  a classroom or office).

● Signed Stray Marks Procedure forms should be kept on
  file by the principal for at least one year from the date
 Breach of Testing
Security Procedures
     Pages 3-4
Breach of Testing Security Procedures

 ●   Immediately report a potential Breach of Test Security
     to the Assessment Office at 416-5450.

 ●   “Upon receipt of any information concerning a possible
     breach of testing security, the school and system must
     initiate an immediate and thorough investigation into
     the circumstances of the event.”

 ●   The Office of Assessment will inform you of any further
     steps that need to be taken.
Breach of Testing Security Procedures

● This form is to be used only when reporting a testing
  security breach that was the result of a test
  administrator or other adult’s actions.

● A Report of Irregularity should be used to report
  student cheating.
Breach of Testing Security Procedures
● Immediately notify the Office of Assessment at 416-5450 of the breach.

● Attach detailed statements from all involved, including students, the
  principal, the test administrator(s), proctor(s), the building engineer, etc.

● Attach signed test security procedures of all involved.

● Be sure to notify the principal and parent(s) of students involved in the
  breach of the possible consequences.

● Attach copies of in-school distribution forms, if appropriate.

● Attach a list of students’ names, their state id numbers, grade level(s), and
  name and SSN of test administrator(s).

● Turn in breach form to report shortages of test booklets and manuals.
Building Test Coordinator
      Pages 11 - 13
Shipping Order Form
      Page 14
         Shipping Order Form
● Immediately upon receipt of test materials, the
  principal and/or test coordinator shall verify
  that the quantities of materials received
  correspond to the quantities of materials
  shipped. (Test Security Procedures #2).

● Discrepancies should be reported immediately
 to the Office of Assessment at 416-5450. (Test
 Security Procedures #2).
                 Check to make sure
               amount shipped is what
                you actually received.
                  Document actual
                  amount received.

 Two different people must
sign (not initial) the bottom
 of the form to confirm the
      amount received.
In-School Distribution
    In-School Distribution Form

● Use this form to keep track of test materials
  distributed to and received from Test

● Return these forms with your answer sheets and
 test materials.

● Keep a copy for your files.
Test Administrator’s
    Pages 17-20
Test Administration
Group Sheet (TAG)
   Pages 49 –51
• The TAG was formerly known as the Group Information Sheet (GIS)

• The TAG provides data that determines how results are reported.

• It is essential that a complete and accurate TAG be placed on top of
  each stack of answer documents whose scores are to be reported
      all   answer documents to be scanned must be placed under a
      answer documents to be destroyed should not be placed
       under a TAG (goes under ITM)
      grade levels should   not be combined under a TAG
      place no   more than 49 answer documents under a TAG
• Achievement and ELSA answer sheets can go under the
    same TAG.
•   Achievement and ELSA answer sheets cannot be mixed
    with MAAS or Braille answer sheets under a single TAG.
•   Teacher Last Name and First Name should be EXACTLY
    the same on the TAG, answer document, and School
    Group List (SGL, to be discussed later).
•   System name is Memphis City Schools

        Memphis City Schools               Not MCS

      Designate the
      assessment type
      here. Only one can
      be selected.

       Fill in last name, leave a
       space blank, and then
       fill in the first name.

            Record number
            tested, number
            absent, and total
2nd Grade Scoring Service Identification Sheet
     Answer Sheet
Information: Grades 3-8
      Pages 21-30
Answer Sheets
• There are several versions of the 3-8 test. Please be sure to
  code the version of the test book on the students’ answer sheet
  and make sure that students receive the same test books
  and/or answer sheets at each testing session.

• Make sure students write their names on the test booklets
  before testing begins.

• Do not use social security numbers for a student’s id. Use the
  state id number. Very few students do not have a state id. If a
  student does not have a state id at test time, use the following
  formula: 9791 + (3 digit MCS School Loc Code) + (01 to 99),
  with the last two digits assigned being unique for any students
  in the same school.
TCAP ACH AND ELSA Answer Sheet     NEW


        ELSA bubble
ELSA Bubble on ACH Answer Sheet

Students may take ELSA at the same
time and same setting as ACH if there
are no Read-Aloud Accommodations.
Answer Sheets
•   The answer documents will have a bar code in the pre-ID area with
    student demographic information.

•   If a student does not have a pre-ID answer document, a blank
    answer sheet must be used and all relevant fields must be bubbled.

•   Be aware that the blank answer sheets will also have a barcode, but
    will say above the bar code “Not Pre-coded Answer Document –
    Fields must be bubbled.”

•   An answer document with completed demographics should be
    turned in for every absent student. The absent circle in the Absentee
    Status box should also be bubbled. A student is absent only if he did
    not complete any portion of any test.
                Answer Sheets
           Information included in pre-ID label
(Not all of these will be visible on the barcode, but they are included.)

  • Name
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Birth Date
  • Unique Student ID#
  • Gender
  • Membership Data
  • Code A/B
  • Gifted
  • Functionally Delayed
  • Title I Status
  • ELL Excluded/ELL/T1 and T2
           Answer Sheets
Even with a Pre-ID bar code you still are
required to fill in:
• Test Version
• Instructional Availability
• Teacher (Test Administrator) Name
• System Name
• School Name
               Answer Sheets
These sections must be hand-bubbled if they are
relevant to the student:

Absentee status
Other Programs (except for gifted and functionally delayed)
State Use Only (B1 for homebound)
ELL Accommodations
Special Education
Modified Test Format
Special Accommodations (note that letter codes have
Coding of Functionally Delayed and Special Ed

For Alternate Assessments (MAAS, Portfolio)

• If PRIMARY disability is Functionally Delayed,
  code as Functionally Delayed even if they have a
  secondary disability that is IDEA recognized.
• Do NOT code Special Education Hours for a student
  whose PRIMARY disability is FD
• AYP Implications for Primary Disability of FD
  ▫ Non-Participant
  ▫ Non-Proficient
Coding of Functionally Delayed and Special Ed

 For Regular Assessments (TCAP Achievement)

 • If Primary disability is Functionally Delayed, code as
  Functionally Delayed if there is NOT a secondary
  disability that is IDEA recognized.

 • If the Primary disability is Functionally Delayed, but
   there is a secondary disability that is IDEA recognized,
   code Special Education hours for the student and do
   NOT code as Functionally Delayed
Answer Sheet: Teacher Linkage
Answer Sheet: Teacher Linkage
• On page 4 of each student’s answer document you
  are able to identify the core subject teachers by
  license number. Up to 9 teachers can be entered.
• If you use this option, teachers will be able to pull up
  a list of their students (based on teacher license
  number) when teacher-student claiming is
  performed on the RANDA site.
• If you do not use this option, students will only be
  organized by TAG form on the RANDA site. Also
  you may need to manually enter teachers and
  license numbers on the RANDA site.
Answer Sheet: Teacher Linkage:
Alternative Schools
• Alternative student answer sheets must be turned in
  under the “regular” remanding school.
• Alternative students must be claimed by the
  alternative school teacher who taught them, but
  these students are claimed under the “regular”
• Often the regular school does not know who taught
  the student at the alternative school.
• Therefore, alternative schools should use the teacher
  linkage section on the answer sheet to identify their
  students’ core subject teachers.
Teacher License Number
• You must use the new 6 digit license numbers, not
  Social Security numbers.
• Use three leading zeros so that all columns are filled.
• Can be found in Chancery SMS
• Select “District Setup” and then “Staff”.
• Use the search function to search for the teacher.
• Click on the teacher’s name.
• Click on the Professional Info tab.
Grade 2 Booklets
             Grade 2 Booklets
• For grade 2 only, you do NOT need to mark
  demographic information and turn in a booklet
  for absent students.
• Pre-ID labels will be provided for grade 2
  booklets this year.
• If a Pre-ID label is not available for a student ,
  demographic information will need to be hand
                 Grade 2 Booklets
The Pre-ID label includes the following

Date of Birth
Student Number

Even with a Pre-ID label you still will need to write in the following

Test Date

*You do not have to fill in Ethnicity
Calculator Information
       Page 31
                  Calculator Use
• Calculators may be used on TCAP Achievement 2011, Mathematics
  subtests, Part 1 and Part 2 (Grades 3-8).

• Using a calculator on a science test is a special accommodation and
  would need to be documented in the student’s IEP.

• Calculators may not be used on any part of the Grade 2 test.
• Sharing calculators during testing is not permitted.
• The Test Administrator is responsible for ensuring that students do
  not use calculator memory to store test information. Calculators
  should be cleared before and after the test administration.
Memphis City Schools Calculator
● Schools must ensure that if calculators are used that
  ALL students have access to a calculator.
    Do not have a situation where some students in a
     class have access to a calculator and some do not.
    Do not have a situation where some classes in a
     school have access to a calculator and some do not.

● If students have not been using calculators consistently
  throughout the school year, it is not a good idea to use
  them on the Achievement Test.
Calculator Shortage
• If you do not have enough calculators to allow all students
  access at the same time, you may test some students in math
  the first day and reading the second day.
• All students within a particular grade at the same school must
  follow the same schedule (e.g., all sixth graders take math the
  first day while all seventh graders take reading the first day).
• There are some TI-73 (mainly used in middle schools)
  calculators available. If altering the schedule does not solve
  your calculator shortage, and your students are familiar with
  the TI-73, email me ( with the number
  you will need.
Homebound and
 Home School
 Pages 32 - 33
             Homebound Testing
There are three possible situations that can occur when teachers offer
testing to students receiving homebound/hospital services:

1.   The homebound teacher can administer the test to the student in
     the home or hospital.

2. If the homebound student is able to attend his/her home school for
   the administration of the test, the homebound/ hospital
   teacher should contact the school and parent to set up the
   school testing session.

3. If the student is sick and unable to take the tests on the dates
   required (including makeup days), the homebound teacher should
   mark the student absent and follow appropriate procedures as
   indicated in the test administrator’s manual.
Homebound Testing
Questions about homebound testing should be
directed to:

● Homebound Office at 416-0158

● The Office of Assessment at 416-5450
      Home School Students
● Your principal will receive a list of Home Schooled students
  in grades 5 and 7 who may test at your school.
     See pp. 32-33 of the manual for the state guidelines
       for testing home school students.

● Place all test materials for Home Schooled students in the
  envelope labeled HOME SCHOOL and return them when
  you hand-deliver the answer documents for your school on
  your assigned date.

● Contact the Office of Assessment at 416-5450 if you have
  any questions regarding Home School students.
      Home School Students
The following schools have home schooled students in grades
5 or 7 residing within their attendance zone:

A. Maceo Walker            Riverwood Elem
Carnes Elem                Sea Isle Elem (2)
Colonial Mid.              White Station Mid
Cordova Mid                Willow Oaks Elem
Fairview Mid.
Gardenview Elem
Havenview Mid (3)
Kingsbury Mid
Testing Time Limits
    Pages 35–36
Test Accommodations
     Pages 38 - 48
           Test Accommodations
●   There are three types of testing accommodations available.

    1. TCAP Allowable Accommodations may be used by
       all students as needed. (Pages 38-40)

    2. Special Accommodations may be used only by
       students receiving special education services who have
       the need documented in their IEP or by students
       receiving 504 services who have the need documented in
       their 504 Service Plan. (Pages 41-44)

    3. English Language Learner (ELL) Accommodations
       may be used only by students who meet specified criteria for
       ELL services. (Pages 45-48)
Allowable Accommodations
● See the chart on page 38 of the manual for complete listing
  of Allowable Accommodations

● Multiple Allowable Accommodations may be used

● Should be based on individual student needs

● Must be used consistently by the student throughout
  curricular instruction during the school year

● The teacher must discuss the accommodation with the
  student prior to testing.
Allowable Accommodations
●Recommended size for small group setting
 is two to five (2-5) students.

● Small group setting should NOT exceed
 ten (10) students.
Special Accommodations
● Chart on page 41 shows which Special Accommodations
  are allowed on the Achievement Test

● Pages 41-44 give instructions and eligibility criteria for
  Special Accommodations.

● Post “Test Accommodations In Use” sign

● Bubble in appropriate circle in “Special
  Accommodations” box on the answer sheet.
Special Accommodations
● Used only if indicated in IEP or 504 Service Plan.

● Students may use multiple Special Accommodations if they
  meet all of the required conditions.

● Specific eligibility requirements must be met.

● If the accommodation determined by the IEP team as
  necessary for use on TCAP assessments is not an Allowable or
  Special Accommodation provided by the state, but is used
  consistently and proficiently by the student on classroom
  assignments, a Unique Adaptive Accommodations
  Request Form may be submitted.
Special Accommodations
Read Aloud Internal Test Items: Page 42

● Special Accommodation B

● In a group setting, students receiving this accommodation must
  have the same test version
     For grades 3-8, there are several versions
     Use read aloud packs
     If you need additional copies of the same version,
      pull from your other test materials

● If you still need additional copies of the same version after
  pulling from your own materials, contact the Office of
  Assessment as soon as possible at 416-5450.
Mathematics Tables
● Mathematics Tables as an Allowable
  Accommodation on specified subtests
  (Achievement) or tests (EOC and Gateway) is
  limited to clean copies of tables outlining facts in
  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

● The tables should not be posted, but each student
  should have a copy to help prevent cheating.
ELL Test Accommodations
● Chart on page 45 gives which accommodations are
  applicable for all TCAP assessments.

● ELL Accommodations and instructions are listed on
  pages 46-48.

● Transitional ELL students (T1 and T2):
  NOT eligible for ELL accommodations
  NOT eligible to take the ELSA
 ARE still counted as ELL for AYP calculations
ELL Test Accommodations
ELL First Year Excluded
 ELL students may be exempted from the Reading/Language
 Arts content area of the TCAP Achievement Test and may
 have their Mathematics Achievement Test score excluded
 (must use the ELL excluded Bubble) from AYP calculations if

● are identified on the Home Language Survey as having a
  home language other than English, and
● score limited English proficient on the Tennessee ESL
  assessment, and
● are in their first year of enrollment in a U.S. school.
School Group List
    Page 52
School Group List (SGL)
● The School/Group List (SGL) provides a comprehensive
  list of all TAG forms for each school.

● Use the SGL to cross reference information from the
  TAG forms and to verify the number of answer
  documents to be scanned/scored.
  The Teacher Name, Grade level, and Number of
   Answer Documents (testing, absent, returned)
   should be copied from each TAG form.
  The teacher’s name should be copied exactly as it
   is written on the TAG.
School Group List (SGL)
• You will initially use a hard copy of the SGL. Bring the
 hard copy with you to TCAP collection, and we will help
 you enter it online.

• Be sure to list all TAG forms in grade order.
• If a teacher has more than one TAG form, each TAG
 form will need to be listed separately on the SGL.

• Fill out a separate SGL for the MAAS test.
• SGL instructions are on page 52.
Teacher Name Should Match Exactly in 3 Places


                SMITH, DAVID

          TAG                        SGL

Absentee Information
● All students who are enrolled must be accounted for
  in testing materials.

● Absent should be marked only for students who are
  currently enrolled but are not present to take ANY
  portion of the test throughout the entire testing

● Absent should NOT be marked for students who are
  present but refuse to test or who leave during the
  test administration without completing the
● If students who have taken a make-up test used a
  new answer document and also have an answer
  document with the ABSENT circle darkened in the
  stacks of answer documents, remove the answer
  document that does not contain responses and place
  it under an Inactive Test Material form with the
  appropriate incident type checked.

● Be sure that no student has two answer documents
  to be scanned and scored.
Inactive Test Materials
     Pages 54-55
Inactive Test Material (ITM)
• Only material to be destroyed should be placed under this
  form. Documents attached to an Inactive Test Material (ITM)
  form are inactive and are not to be scored.

• A separate form should be submitted for each incident type
  per grade/content area for each school.

• If an answer document contains responses, the responses and
  student demographics must be transcribed to a new answer
  document before placing the document to be destroyed under
  this form.

• Test booklets do not go under ITM forms. Answer documents
  go under ITM forms.
Report of Irregularity
    Pages 56-62
Report of Irregularity (RI)

• The Report of Irregularity (RI) is used to report
  a serious irregularity during testing.

• The RI should be used only for the irregularities
  listed on the RI form.

• Only incidents that affect the scoring of a
  student’s test need to be entered on an RI.
Report of Irregularity Examples
• A student cheated.
• A test administrator provided inappropriate
  assistance. (This is also a breach of security.)
• A student left or was removed after the test began
  and was unable to complete the test.
• Testing time limits were not observed.
• Answer sheet damaged and could not transfer
  answers to another sheet
• A student took the wrong test.
• Improper test modifications/accommodations
Report of Irregularity (RI)
• The state has implemented an online Report of
 Irregularity process.

• All schools must complete the information on the
 website, even if no testing irregularities occurred.

• If you have an irregularity to report call us (416-5450)
 and we’ll fax you a hard copy of the form.

• Test Coordinators will enter the RI information on the
 RANDA website when they return test materials.

• Keep a copy of the RI form for your records
Medical Exemption
     Page 61
Medical Exemption
• Used only for “severe, documented
  medical circumstances”.
• An answer document for the student
  bubbled as “absent” must be included
  under the appropriate TAG Form
• Medical exemptions will be entered as a
  Report of Irregularity.
 Adequate Yearly Progress
Demographic Review Form
       Page 63-64
Unused Pre-ID Answer
      Page 65
Unused Pre-ID Answer
Documents Return Form
●Place unused pre-ID
answer documents under
this form and return to the
state in the brown boxes:
● Students who have moved
● Portfolio students

DO NOT place unused 2nd
grade test materials under this
                     Final Points
• Do not allow students to bend grade 2 test booklets back
    during testing. This will cause scanner alignment
•   Make sure there are no loose, USED answer documents
    in the boxes of returned materials. All USED answer
    documents belong with a form: An ITM or a TAG.
•   Make sure that students use the correct answer
    documents that correspond to the grade level/content
    area of the test book they are using.
•   You are not mailing the materials directly to the state.
    You are returning to us, and we are mailing to the state.
  Questions or Problems?

Call the Office of Assessment


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