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					General Tasks                                         JG        TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                          JG             TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                       JG
Bonding and Sealing Electrical                      05-00-20    Turbine/Compressor Insp Procedure                  21-64-03       AC/DC Power Supply Ops CK                       24-00-03
Canopy Operation                                    05-00-03    Turbine/Compressor Servicing                       21-64-04       AC Generation Ops CK                            24-20-03
Run Screen (Anti-Personnel Guard)                   05-10-32    Water Extractor R/I/LK Test                        21-64-10       Left Bus Tie Fuse Holder R/I/Ops CK             24-20-10
                                                                Fuel Pressurization H/E R/I/Ops CK                 21-64-11       Left Bus Tie Fuse(s) R/I/Ops CK                 24-20-11
TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                             JG        High Press. Wtr Sep. Bypass vlv R/I/Ops CK         21-64-12       Left Current Transformer Assembly R/I/Ops CK    24-20-12
                    Air Conditioning System                     Reheater Heat Exchanger R/I/Ops CK                 21-64-13       Left GCU R/I/Ops CK                             24-20-13
Both Engines Operating Ops CK                       21-00-03    Condenser/Liq. Coolant H/E R/I/Ops CK              21-64-14       Left Line Contactor R/I/Ops CK                  24-20-14
Left Engine Operating Ops CK                        21-00-05    Ram Air Temperature Sensor R/I/Ops CK              21-64-15       Right Bus Tie Fuse Holder R/I/Ops CK            24-20-15
Right Engine Operating Ops CK                       21-00-06    Regenerative Heat Exchanger R/I/Ops CK             21-64-16       Right Bus Tie Fuse(s) R/I/Ops CK                24-20-16
                                                                Regenerative H/E Mod. Valve R/I/Ops CK             21-64-17       Right Current transformer Assembly R/I/Ops CK   24-20-17
TASK (R=REMOVE/ I=INSTALL)                            JG        Secondary Heat Exchanger R/I                       21-64-18       Right GCU R/I/Ops CK                            24-20-18
Canopy Safety Restraint                             21-30-03    Secondary H/E Ejector R/I/Ops CK                   21-64-19       Right Line Contactor R/I/Ops CK                 24-20-19
Cabin Pressurization Ops CK                         21-30-04    Secondary H/E Ejector Valve R/I/Ops CK             21-64-20       26VAC Auto transformer R/I/Ops CK               24-20-20
Cabin Pressurization Leak CK                        21-30-05    Secondary H/E Eje Vlv Solenoid R/I/Ops CK          21-64-21       Airframe Track Mounted Plug-In Relays R/I       24-20-21
Cabin Dump Control Check Valve C-model              21-30-10    Turbine/Compressor R/I                             21-64-22       Static Ground Receptacle R2                     24-70-10
Cabin Dump Control Check Valve D-model              21-30-11    Turbine/Compressor Bypass Vlv R/I/Leak CK          21-64-23
Cabin Pressure Altimeter R/I                        21-30-12    Turbine/Compressor MOD SOV R/I/Ops CK              21-64-24       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                       JG
Cabin Pressure Reg C-model R/I                      21-30-13    Turbine/Compressor MOD SOV filter R/I              21-64-25       DC Generation Ops CK                            24-30-03
Cabin Pressure Reg D-model R/I                      21-30-14    Turbine Inlet Temp Sensor R/I/Ops CK               21-64-26       Left Transformer Rectifier R/I/Ops CK           24-30-10
Safety Valve C-model R/I                            21-30-15    Turbine/Comp MOD Bypass Vlv R/I/Leak CK            21-64-27       Right Transformer Rectifier R/I/Ops CK          24-30-11
Safety Valve D-model R/I                            21-30-16    Turbine/Comp MOD SOV CK VLV R/I                    21-64-28       RH Bus C/B Panel #1                             24-50-17
Safety Cont Vlv C-model R/I/Ops CK                  21-30-17    Pack Discharge Air Temp Sensor R/I/Ops CK          21-64-29       RH Bus C/B Panel #2                             25-50-18
Safety Cont Vlv D-model R/I/Ops CK                  21-30-18    Left Avionics Distro Duct R/I                      21-64-22
Emergency Vent Cable R/I/Ops CK                     21-62-23    FWD Avionics Distro Ducts R/I GS 21-00-1           par 21-10
Cabin Cooling and Pressurization Ducts             GS21-21-33
Anti-G Ops CK                                       21-33-03    Task (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                          JG
Anti-G Pressurization Control                      GS21-33-00   Anti-Fog Ops CK                                    21-65-03       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                       JG
                                                                CACC Bit CK                                        21-65-04       JFS/AMAD/Engine Overheat/Fire Det./ AB          26-10-03
TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                             JG        Reschedule CACC                                    21-65-04, 6A   Burn Thru Det. Sys Ops CK
Canopy Safety Restraint                             21-31-03    Anti-Fog Temp Sensor C-model R/I/Ops CK            21-65-10       JFS/AMAD warning lights/switch R/I/Ops CK       26-10-10
Canopy Seal System Ops CK                           21-31-04    Anti-Fog Temp Sensor D-model R/I/Ops CK            21-65-11       Rear Cockpit Warning Lights R/I/Ops CK          26-10-11
Seal Pressure Reg C-model Ops CK                    21-31-05    Anti-Fog Heat Exchanger R/I/Ops CK                 21-65-12       JFS/AMAD Fire Detection Sys. Controller R/I     26-10-12
Seal Pressure Reg D-model Ops CK                    21-31-06    Anti-Fog Modulating Valve R/I/Ops CK               21-65-13       Engine Overheat/Fire Det. Sys. Controller R/I   26-10-13
Rear Canopy Seal C-model R/I/Ops CK                 21-31-10    CACC R/I                                           21-65-14       JFS/AMAD Fire Detection Elements (loops) R/I    26-10-14
Canopy Seal C-model R/I/Ops CK                      21-31-11    Cabin Hot Air Valve R/I/Ops CK                     21-65-15       Engine Fire Detection Elements (loops) R/I      26-10-15
Canopy Seal D-Model R/I/ Ops CK                     21-31-12    Cabin Inlet Overtemp Sensor R/I/Ops CK             21-65-16       Transient Signal Suppressor R/I                 26-10-16
Seal Bellows C-model R/I/Adjust                     21-31-13    Cabin Inlet Shut Off Valve R/I/Ops CK              21-65-17       Fire Warning/Extinguishing Control Pnl R/I      26-10-17
Seal Bellows D-model R/I/Adjust                     21-31-14    Cabin Ram Air Valve R/I/Adjustment/Ops CK          21-65-18       Fire Detection Bit Panel R/I                    26-10-18
Seal Press. Reg. C-model R/I/Adjust                 21-31-15    Cabin Ram Air Valve Limit Sw R/I/Adjustment        21-65-19       Fire Warning Panel R/I                          26-10-19
Seal Press. Reg. D-model R/I/Adjust                 21-31-16    Emergency Vent cont Cable Assy R/I/Ops CK          21-65-20       L/R Engine Burn Thru Detection Responder R/I    26-10-20
Seal Sys. Ck Vlv C-model R/I                        21-31-17    A/C Cont Pnl (F-15c 85-0126 and up) R/I/Ops CK     21-65-21       L/R AB Burn Thru Light R/I/Ops CK               26-10-21
Seal Sys. Ck Vlv D-model R/I                        21-31-18    Cabin Air Flow Temp Sensor R/I/Ops CK              21-65-22
Seal Test Fitting C-model R/I                       21-31-19    Temp Cont Pnl (c/d 78-0468-85-0125) R/I/Ops CK     21-65-24       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                       JG
Seal Test Fitting D-model R/I                       21-31-20    Anti-Fog Ducts                                     GS21-21-35     Fire Extinguishing System Ops CK                26-20-03
Seal Test Fitting Ck Vlv C-model R/I                21-31-21    Anti Fog Check Valve C-model                       21-20-12       Fire Extinguishing System Dearm/Arm             26-20-04
Seal Test Fitting Ck Vlv D-model R/I                21-31-22    Anti-Fog Check Valve D-model                       21-20-13       Fire Extinguishing Cartridge R/I                26-20-10
                                                                                                                                  Fire Extinguishing Container R/I                26-20-11
TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                             JG        TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                          JG             Fire Extinguishing Discharge Switch R/I         26-20-12
Pri Heat x-changer Ejector Vlv Ops CK               21-60-03    AACC Bit Check                                     21-66-03       L/R Engine Fire Ext. Discharge Nozzle R2        26-20-13
Bleed Air Over Press Protection CK                  21-60-04    ACMU Functional Test                               21-66-05
Lt/Rt Bleed Air PRSOV R/I                           21-60-10    AACC R/I                                           21-66-10       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                       JG
Lt/Rt Bleed Air PRSOV filter R/I                    21-60-11    Avionics Airflow Temp Sensor R/I/Ops CK            21-66-11       Boost Pump Control Relay Left                   28-20-17
Lt/Rt Bleed Air PRSOV solenoid R/I                  21-60-12    Avionics Flow Control MOD Valve R/I/Ops CK         21-66-12       Boost Pump Control Relay Right                  28-20-18
Lt/Rt Bleed air overpress sensor R/I                21-60-13    ACMU R/I                                           21-66-13       Boost Pump Control Relay Emer                   28-20-27
Lt/Rt Bleed air overtemp sensor R/I                 21-60-14    Avionics Cold Air Distro Ops CK                    21-21-03
Lt/Rt Bleed air temp sens. R/I/Ops CK               21-60-15    Avionics Air Distro Duct                           21-20-10       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                       JG
Lt/Rt Bleed air temp sens. Solenoid R/I/Ops CK      21-60-16    Avionics Cooling Air Ducts Forward                 GS21-21-30     Aerial Refueling Slipway Door Close Switch      28-23-21
Lt/Rt Final Stage Vlv filter R/I                    21-60-17    Avionics Cooling Air Ducts Aft                     GS21-21-31     AR Floodlight/Transformer R2                    28-23-27
Lt/Rt Final Stage B/A solenoid valve R/I/Ops CK     21-60-18    Avionics RAM Air Check Valve                       21-21-23       AR Signal Amplifier R                           28-23-19
Lt/Rt Final Stg B/A sol. Vlv solenoid R/I/Ops CK    21-60-19    Avionics RAM Air Diverter Valve                    21-21-22       AR Door Open Switch R2                          28-23-20
Lt/Rt Precon. air overtemp sensor R/I/Ops Ck        21-60-20    Ground Cooling Check Valve                         21-21-16       AR Slipway Light (Inboard) R                    28-23-25
Lt/Rt/ primary heat x-changer R/I                   21-60-21                                                                      AR Slipway Light (Outboard) R                   28-23-26
Primary H/E bypass valve R/I/Ops CK                 21-60-22    TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                          JG             AR Thruster Cart, Emergency, R                  28-23-23
Primary H/E bypass valve filter R/I/Leak CK         21-60-23    Liquid Coolant System Ops CK                       21-80-03
Lt/Rt Primary H/E ejector R/I                       21-60-24    Radar Shunt Hose R/I                               21-80-04       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                       JG
Lt/Rt H/E ejector valve R/I/Ops CK                  21-60-25    Liquid Coolant System Servicing                    21-80-05       Anti-Ice Valve                                  30-40-10
Lt/Rt primary H/E eje. Vlv Solenoid R/I/Ops CK      21-60-26    Liquid Coolant System Purging                      21-80-06       Anti-Ice Valve Solenoid                         30-40-12
Left Final Stage Valve R/I/Ops CK                   21-60-27    Liquid Coolant Heat Exchanger R/I/Ops CK           21-80-10       Avionics Status Panel Cover                     31-50-13
Right Final Stage Valve R/I/Ops CK                  21-60-28    Pump/Reservoir R/I/Allowable Lk Test               21-80-11       ASP R                                           31-50-10
Lt/Rt Pri H/E ejector vlv cable R/I/Ops CK          21-60-29    Pump/Reservoir Filter R/I                          21-80-12       ASP Ops CK                                      31-50-03
Lt/Rt Pri H/E ejector vlv cable pull test           21-60-30    LCS Radar Return Hose/Supply Hose R                21-80-13
Bleed Air Ducts R/I                                GS21-21-34   LCS Radar Return/Supply Hose Coupling R2           21-80-14
Bleed Air Check Valve Left                          21-21-28    Liquid Coolant H/E Outlet/Inlet Hose Coup. R       21-80-15
Bleed Air Check Valve Right                         21-21-29    Liquid Coolant Relief/Bleed Valve R/I              21-80-16
ECS Ground B/A adapter kit (stove pipes) R/I        21-00-07
Bleed Air Leak Detection Unit C-model               26-11-20    TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                          JG
Bleed Air Leak Detection Unit D-model               26-11-21    IDG Ops CK                                         24-10-05
                                                                Lt/Rt CSD Oil Bypass Valve R/I                     24-10-10
                                                                Left/Right IDG R/I                                 24-10-11
                                                                IDG Draining and Initial Filling                   24-10-12
                                                                IDG FILTER                                         12-11-04
TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                                JG       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                      JG
Normal Brake System Ops CK                             32-40-03   NVIS Ops CK                                    33-60-03
Abbreviated Anti-Skid Ops CK                           32-40-04   NVIS (Rear Cockpit) Ops CK                     33-60-04
Skid Control System Ops CK                             32-40-05   NVIS Lights Control Panel R/I                  33-60-10
Emergency Brake System Ops CK                          32-40-06   NVIS Lights Control Panel (Rear Cockpit) R/I   33-60-11
Anti-Spin System Ops CK                                32-40-07   NVIS lights Control Panel Battery R            33-60-12
Brake System C-model Rigging                           32-40-08   Cockpit &Rear Light Head Assembly              33-60-13
Brake System D-model Rigging                           32-40-09   Cockpit Main Inst Panel Multi Light Assy R/I   33-60-14
Break Pulsar System                                    32-40-12   Cockpit/Rear Light Head Assy Align/Adjust      33-60-15
Emer Brake Steer Arming Vlv Cable D-model R/I          32-40-28
Emer Brake Steer Cable R/I/Ops CK                      32-40-29   TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                      JG
Rear Emer Brake Steer Cable R/I/Ops CK                 32-40-30   Oxygen System Operational Check                35-10-03
Arming Valve Cable Shoe D-model R/I/Ops CK             32-40-31   Oxygen System Leakage Test                     35-10-06
Emergency Brake Steering Handle R/I/Ops CK             32-40-32   Oxygen System Evaporation Loss Test            35-10-07
Rear Emer BK Steer Handle D-model R/I/Ops CK           32-40-33   Oxygen System Purging                          35-10-08
Anti-Skid Switch R/I/Ops CK                            32-40-34   Oxygen Regulator Control Panel Leakage Test    35-10-09
Skid Control Box C-model R/I                           32-40-35   LOX Converter R/I/Ops CK                       35-10-10
Skid Control Box D-model R/I                           32-40-36   Oxygen Regulator Cont Pnl & Rear Pnl Removal   35-10-11
Skid Control Valve R/I                                 32-40-37      Pressure Gauge Sight Glass R2 and Install
Compensator R/I                                        32-40-38   LOX Pressure Relief Valve R/I                  35-10-12
Inline Filter R/I                                      32-40-39   LOX Indicator R/I/Ops CK                       35-10-13
Lt/Rt Wheel Speed Detector R/I                         32-40-40   Rear Lox Indicator R/I/Ops CK                  35-10-14
Lt/Rt Wheel Speed Detector Cable R/I                   32-40-41   Rear OXY Test Switch R/I/Ops CK                35-10-15
Lt/Rt Wheel Brake R/I/Bleeding                         32-40-42   Rear ECS Control Panel R/I/Ops CK              35-10-16
Check Valve/Restrictor Replacement                     32-40-44   LOX Heat Exchanger R/I                         35-10-17
Two-Way Restrictor R/I                                 32-40-45   Oxygen Vent Line R/I/Repair                    35-10-18
Brake Pulsar Unit C-model R/I                          32-40-46   Oxygen Supply Line R/I/Repair                  35-10-19
Brake Pulsar Delay Timer Relay R/I                     32-40-47   Oxygen Hose (Mask) and Rear R/I/Leak Test      35-10-20
Wheel BK Hydro Bleed Vlv /Bleed Vlv Adapter R/I        32-40-51   Lox Converter Probe Leads R/I                  35-10-21

TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                                JG       TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                      JG
Landing Gear Control Panel R/I/Ops CK                  32-60-10   NAV PANEL R/I                                  34-41-12
Landing Gear Cont Handle Relay #5 D-model R/I          32-60-11   ECS Control Panel R/I                          39-10-10
Landing Gear Indicator Assy D-model R/I/Ops CK         32-60-12   ENGINE Control Panel R/I                       39-10-11
MLG Actuator Gear Down Limit Sw R/I/Rig/Ops CK         32-60-13   Ground Check Panel R/I                         39-10-12
MLG Door Closed Limit Sw R/I/Rigging/Ops CK            32-60-14   GND PWR Control Panel                          39-10-13
MLG Door Open Limit Sw R/I/Rigging/Ops CK              32-60-15   MISC Control Panel R/I                         39-10-14
MLG Indicator Isolation Relay R/I/Ops CK               32-60-16   OXY COMM Panel R/I                             39-10-15
MLG Up Cycle Sequence Relay R/I/Ops CK                 32-60-17   HMD/VIDEO Control Panel R/I                    39-10-17
MLG Jury Link Gear Down Limit Sw. R/I/Rig/Ops CK       32-60-18
MLG Up Limit Switch R/I/Rigging/Ops CK                 32-60-19   TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                      JG
MLG Up Limit Switch D-model R/I/Rigging/Ops CK         32-60-20   Relay Panel Plug-In Relays Typical R/I         39-40-10
MLG WOW Switch R/I/Ops CK                              32-60-21   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #1 C-model R/I           39-40-11
NLG Diode Panel Replacement/Ops CK                     32-60-22   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #2 C-model R/I           39-40-12
NLG Door Closed Limit Switch R/I/Rigging/Ops CK        32-60-23   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #3 C-model R/I           39-40-13
NLG Door Open Limit Switch R/I/Rigging/Ops CK          32-60-24   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #4 C-model R/I           39-40-14
NLG Down Limit Switch R/I/Rigging/Ops CK               32-60-25   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #4 D-model R/I           39-40-15
NLG Up Limit Switch R/I/Rigging/Ops CK                 32-60-26   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #5 C-model R/I           39-40-16
NLG Wow Switch R/I/Ops CK                              32-60-27   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #5 D-model R/I           39-40-17
Landing Gear Control Handle Light Replacement          32-60-28   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #6 C-model R/I           39-40-18
Landing Gear Position Light(s) R /Ops CK               32-60-29   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #6 D-model R/I           39-40-19
Rear Landing Gear Indicator Light R2/Ops CK            32-60-30   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #7 R/I                   39-40-20
Right MLG WOW Relay #5 R/I/Ops CK                      32-60-32   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #8 R/I                   39-40-21
LDG Gear Position Warning Tone Relay R/I/Ops CK        32-60-33   Avionics Relay Panels D-model R2 Typical       39-40-22
Arresting Hook Up Limit Switch      32-90-12,          32-90-13   Lights Test Relay Panel R/I                    39-40-23
                                                                  #1 Misc Relay Panel C-model R/I                39-40-24
TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                                JG       #1 Misc Relay Panel D-model R/I                39-40-25
Interior Lights Control Panel R/I Ops CK               33-10-20   #2 Misc Relay Panel C-model R/I                39-40-26
Interior Lights Power Supply R/I/Ops CK                33-10-22   #2 Misc Relay Panel D-model R/I                39-40-27
Interior Lights Trim Panel R/I/Ops CK                  33-10-25   #3 Misc Relay Panel R/I                        39-40-28
CLLU R/I/Ops CK                                        33-10-27   #4 Misc Relay Panel R/I                        39-40-29
Caution Lights Display Panel R/I/Ops CK                33-10-28   #5 Misc Relay Panel R/I                        39-40-30
CLDP Panel Lamps R2                                    33-10-56   #6 Misc Relay Panel R/I                        39-40-31
Caution Light Power Switch Relay                       33-10-60   #7 Misc Relay Panel C-model R/I                39-40-32
                                                                  #7 Misc Relay Panel D-model R/I                39-40-33
TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                                JG       #8 Misc Relay Panel C-model R/I                39-40-34
Exterior Lighting System Operational Check             33-40-03   #8 Misc Relay Panel D-model R/I                39-40-35
Left/Right Wing Anti-Collision Light Assy R/I/Ops CK   33-40-10   #11 Misc Relay Panel D-model R/I               39-40-36
Left/Right Wing Anti-Collision Lamp R/I/Ops CK         33-40-11   #12 Misc Relay Panel R/I                       39-40-37
RVS Light Assembly R/I/Ops CK                          33-40-12   #13 Misc Relay Panel R/I                       39-40-38
RVS Lamp R/I/Ops CK                                    33-40-13   Brake Pulsar Relay Panel R/I                   39-40-39
Lt/Rt Wing Position Lights (Lamp) R/I/Ops CK           33-40-14   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #9 R/I                   39-40-40
LVS Lamp/Assembly R/I/Ops CK                           33-40-15   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #10 R/I                  39-40-41
Lt/Rt Wing Formation Light Assy R/I/Ops CK             33-40-16   #14 Misc Relay Panel C-model R/I               39-40-42
Lt/Rt Aft Fuselage Formation Light Assy R/I/Ops CK     33-40-17   #14 Misc Relay Panel D-model R/I               39-40-43
Lt/Rt Forward Fuselage Form Light Assy R/I/Ops CK      33-40-18   Misc. Mod Relay Panel #11 R/I                  39-40-44
Lt/Rt Wing Lightning Arresters R/I                     33-40-19
Lt/Rt Forward Fuselage Lightning Arresters R/I         33-40-20   TASK (R=REMOVE/I=INSTALL)                      JG
Landing/Taxi Light Relays R/I/Ops CK                   33-40-21   Canopy Actuated Initiator Switch C-model       95-20-45
Exterior Lights Control Panel R/I/Ops CK               33-40-22   Canopy Actuated Initiator Switch D-model       95-21-50
Taxi Light/Lamp R/I/Ops CK                             33-40-23   Canopy Braces C & D-model                      95-20-04
Landing Light/Lamp R/I/Adjustment/Ops CK               33-40-24   Canopy Lock Position Switch C-model            95-20-54
Position/Anti Collision Lights Flasher R/I/Ops CK      33-40-25   Canopy Lock Position Switch D-model            95-21-46
Lt/Rt Vertical Tail Floodlight Assy R2/Ops CK          33-40-26   Canopy Position Switch C-model                 95-20-55
Tail Flood Dimming Transformer R/I/Ops CK              33-40-27   Canopy Position Switch D-model                 95-21-47
Lt/Rt Vertical Tail Flood Light Lamp R /Ops CK         33-40-28   Canopy Replacement C-model                     95-20-21
                                                                  Canopy Replacement D-model                     95-21-21
                                                                  Canopy Unlocked Warning Light D-model          95-20-53
                                                                  Canopy Wire Bundles C-model 95-21-48,          95-21-49
                                                                  Canopy Wire Bundles D-model                    95-20-09
                                                                  Canopy Lock Position Switch 95-20-54           (book 5)
            WUCs                                                       CAMS Screens
110   Airframe              37    CAMS Automated Forms
120   Cockpit               53    Create/Schedule Discrepancies
12C   Canopy System         54    Event Maint./Add/Change/Cancel/Defer/Reschedule
130   Landing Gear          72    SBSS Issue Request Action
140 Flight Controls         73    Schedule Maint. (with no JST assigned)
240   Auxiliary/Sec Power   85    Schedule Maint. (S/N will be Tag #)
410   Environmental         91    Change SRD
420   Electrical            98    CANN History Inquiry
44A   Lighting Internal     99    Job on-line Inquiry Menu
44B   Lighting External     100   Maint. Actions Review Inquiry
450 Hydraulic               104 CANN History Report
460 Fuel System             111 Event WCE or Data Change
46B Fuel Indication         122 Maint. Snapshot Inquiry
46F Fuel External           123 Maint. Repair History Inquiry
470 Oxygen                  137 Unscheduled/Deferred/Scheduled Discrepancy Inquiry
49A Fire/Overheat           139 Event/WCE Narrative Change
49B Loop AB                 141 Rescedule Event/WCE
51A Flight Instruments      143   Schedule Maint. Part Serial # Item
                            145   Unschedule Discrepancy Part/Serial # Item
                            147   Inspection Package Inquiry
                            207   Automated 781A Print
                            292   Special Cert. Roster
                            307   Course Status Inquiry
                            347   SBSS Inquiry by Stock #
                            349   SBSS Inquiry by Part #
                            379 Location Update for Part/Serial #
                            380 Documented Maint. List
                            390 Automated History Entry - Initial Significant History
                            392 Automated History Entry - Discrepancy/Corr Action
                            393   Automated History Inquiry
                            412   Part/Serial # Inquiry
                            589   Work Center Roster
                            593   Training Requirement Notice
                            597   Course Status Inquiry (Workcenter)
                            598   Course Status Inquiry Individual
                            620   Training Forcast Workcenter
                            907   Job Data Documentation Menu (DDR Changes/Deletions)

                                                                Scheduled Maintenance                                        IAW
                                  50% SW Cleaning 1-1A-14 WP 026 00 para11                        or 83-20-13 pg13-20 step11
                                  180 Day LOX System Purge                                        35-10-08
                                      * O2 Regulator Control Panel (Lifted)                       35-10-11
                                      * Info Note O2 cart OC02 Connected to                       Acft
                                  180 Day O2 Reg. Control Panel Leak CK                           35-10-09
                                                 * O2 Panel R/I                                   35-10-11
                                  180 Day Ground Receptacle Continuity CK                         24-70-07

                                                                              Part                                         Order Info
                                  Anti - K Bulb                                                   NSN6240-01-270-2915 P/NS2063-3-5-A
                                  24 inch Sheet White Wire Bundle Chafe Guard                     9330-00-993-0769
                                  Black Tie String                                                4020-00-448-0290

                                                                       Forms Discrepancies                                   IAW
                                  Symbol Entered in Error ( - or / )                              00-20-1 para4.6.6.1
                                  Symbol Entered in Error ( X )                                   00-20-1 para4.6.6.2
                                  Previously C/W                                                  00-20-1 para5. (print name)
                                  Duplicate Write Up                                              00-20-1 para5.
                                  CND                                                             PACAF 21-101 Para6.7.4
                                  Warning Tags                                                    00-20-1 para5.

                                                                              Misc                                           IAW
                                  ASP30 Fault Code 2160B2AZ                                       1F-15C-2-21FI-00-1
                                  ASP31 Fault Code 2160B3AZ                                       1F-15C-2-21FI-00-1
                                  Soldering                                                       1-1A-14 WP 016 00
                                  Safety Wire Procedures                                          1-1A-14 WP 018 00 para9
                                  Terminal Boards                                                 1-1A-14 WP 019 00 para28
                                  Cannon Plug R2                                                  1-1A-14 WP 020 00
                                  Cannon Plug Re-Connect                                          1-1A-14 WP 020 00 pg9 step40 A-J
                                  Circuit Breakers                                                1-1A-14 WP 028 00 para58
                                  Taping Louvers                                                  AFI 21-101 18WG SUP1 para18.23.2.2
                                  Dents                                                           1F-15C-2-21GS-00-1 pg21-25
                                  Cure Check                                                      1F-15C-3-5pg2-5 para2-28 or pg6-10A Table 6-2
                                  Panels                                                          1F-15C-3-3 pg1-17 paraA-L
                                  60 Sec Motor                                                    05-20-05
                                  Adel Clamps                                                     1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-69
                                  Capping Unused Wire                                             1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-31
                                  In Line Splice (Term Code 641)                                  1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-104
                                  Installation of Terminals                                       1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-66
                                  Lanyard Connector                                               1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para3-16
                                  Lap Splice (Term Code 118)                                      1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-95
                                  Lt/Rt Wheel Well Protective Boot Install                        1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-110
                                  Protective Boot Install                                         1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-41
                                  Repair of Kapton Wire                                           1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-28
                                  Shielded Cable Stub Splice Term.                                1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-37
                                  Shielding Harness Repair                                        1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-86
                                  Stub Splice                                                     1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-89, 2-91
                                  Wire Harness Repair                                             1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 para2-118
                                  Procedure A - R2 Harness (Whole)                                1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 pg2-125 para2-118 A-H
                                  Procedure B - R2 Partial Harness (Brake to Termination Point)   1F-15C-2-00WD-20-1 pg2-126 para2-119 A-K

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