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									Administrative & Service Faculty Membership Meeting Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 6, 2005 11:45am-Pizza, 12:00pm-Meeting, Alumni House Attendees: Lynna Brenner, Barb Larsen, Tracy Rahim, Xavier Wilson, Alexander Hines, Paula Scheevel, Karen Johnson, Nancy Peterson, Diane Palm, Ruth Schroeder, Maggie McDermott, Nancy Dumke, Paula O’Malley, Barbara Oertel, Vicki Decker, John Ferden, Dennis Martin 1. Call to order 12:05pm  Approval of Agenda N. Peterson/D. Palm 2. Secretary/Treasurer Report  Approval of August meeting minutes N. Peterson/B. Larsen  Campus Account $36.20  Winona National Account $700.07  New Members Since the last meeting, Xavier Wilson (Quad Hall Director), Candice Slaby (East Lake Apts. Director), Hyesung Park (Asst. Director Institutional Research) and Chandra Heitman (Maxwell Children’s Center) have joined.  New Brochure New local ASF brochures were handed out. It is also posted as a PDF form on the local website. 3. Vice President Report Nothing to report 4. President’s Report o Meet and Confer—1 hour 45 minute meeting!!  New Faculty/staff Orientation: Cathy Summa et. al will be working on developing more for staff orientation. OCED did a luncheon for new Faculty & Staff. More to come.  New Employee Announcements—New employee announcements will hopefully come through HR and University Communications.  Desktop Plan—Talk to your VP if you have needs for a new desktop for your assistants/support staff.  Email lists—Hopefully the portal will help us out. This is a communication matter and we do need to know academic information.  PIF Grants—Dr. Ramaley wants the written reports but would also like to meet with people to get to know them.  John Ferden as State President—He will work out with HR what worked best last year when conducting ASF and WSU business at the same time.  Winona Experience Info will be on the web soon on what is being funded. For those who wrote New University grants last May, those people who did not get their projects funded will be notified soon. For those projects that were funded, budgets will be loaded soon.  Portal Training—President Brenner will be sending out information on when portal training can/will happen.  Floating Holiday—We no longer get a floating holiday for Presidents Day. We will all have the same day off—when the university is open but preferably when classes aren’t in session. Ideas are Dec. 31, Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Timeliness of CEC reviews—Teresa Waterbury will be doing a study of some HR processes to see where things can be more efficient. All CECs are up to date.  Center of Excellence—RFPs are due in October 7. There is a proposal being worked on with Christine Barajas and Tim Gaspar and RCTC to work on a Center of Excellence surrounding healthcare. This is a university/community grant.

     

University Committees—We requested some changes to some committees. President Ramaley would like to make changes to how some committees are made up so look for changes. Alcohol Policy—A fresh look at the alcohol policy will be looked at. Alcohol was allowed in the 3rd floor of the Press Box and it will be studied to see if it will be allowed on other areas of campus. Academic Deadline Calendar—Subject to prior approval by IFO and will be up on the web once it is approved. Academic Program Review—A draft document was handed out and they will be looking for 2-3 volunteers to help revise outdated language and learning outcomes for accreditation. ROTC from UW-L has requested to hold classes on our campus. Our response is “No” for this fall. Classes are currently held at the Amory Building. Dr. Ramaley will be looking faculty and other groups on campus to develop ideas for things that could be used as class projects (i.e., snow removal on campus).

5. Committee Reports  Campus Evaluation Committee 5 CECs in the last month. 3 were for new positions and 2 were for reclassifications. NEW: Assoc. Director of Career Services (Range C), Assit. Director of Career Services/Outreach (C), Director of Multicultural Learning & Outreach (Range D)  Search Committees a. Assistant Registrar - Tania Schmitt has accepted the position and will start Sep. 21. b. Director of Public Information - They have reviewed files and will be offering campus interviews soon.  Negotiations (B. Oertel) A session is scheduled for Sept. 26-27. We are getting close to the end! We may be able to wrap things up at this next session. In the past, we have waited until IFO settles, but times are changing now. There may be nothing to gain or lose by waiting. The other major units have all settled. Their information is on their websites. If a tentative agreement is reached, there is a 30-day period to get the information out and have informational sessions. Greg Peterson is our official campus rep. He will be bringing information to us.  State Legislative Committee No report  Space Utilization No report 6. State Committee Reports  State Evaluation Committee (Vicki Decker) Next meeting is November 18.  Executive Committee John Ferden attended a memorial service for the Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations. The next state board meeting is Oct. 6-7.  Membership Committee (Glenn Petersen) No report  System IT Committees (Glenn Petersen, Theresa Waterbury) No report  Sick Leave Incentive Committee (Greg Peterson) No report 7. Old Business  Campus Committees The new list of who has been appointed is out. It will be on our website. It was emailed out today.  Gift for Dr Krueger Lynna Brenner will be meeting with Mark Swart (owns Sundance Perrenials) to decide on a location for the sundial (possibly near the Children’s Garden). Dr. Krueger will be back this week on campus. They are trying to find the sunniest spot.  Seniority Roster The report was as of June 30, 2004. If you want to see it, please see Lynna Brenner.  President’s Day/Alternative Day OPTIONS: Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Day before Christmas Eve holiday, or Dec. 31. MOTION: In order to accommodate those on 9- or 10month contracts and those who are on academic schedules, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day is our recommended alternative holiday (Moved: Vicki Decker, Second: John Ferden). MOTION CARRIES. 8. New Business

9. Additional Items The Four Disciplines training Sept. 26-27 (tentative). The Franklin Covey Company is doing their own registrations. Contact them if you are interested. 10. Good of the Order  John Ferden will still be serving as Grievance Officer. 11. Meeting Adjourned J. Ferden/ X. Wilson 12. MEET & CONFER ITEMS  Budgetary information for Learning for the 21st Century projects/grants.  Portal problems  Email Lists—John Ferden will discuss with Dave Gresham

Respectfully submitted by: Tracy A. Rahim 9/6/05

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