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									            Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations, Inc.
                                  Post Office Box 714
                               Monument, CO 80132-0714

                                                                                    2 Dec 2009

The NEPCO Board held its bimonthly Board Meeting on December 2, 2009, 7:00 pm to 9:00pm,
at Bob Curtis’ home.

1. Attendance: Attending were Hans Post Uiterweer (President, WIA), Steve Kearney (Vice
President, WIA), Bob Swedenburg (Secretary, GCA), Ginny Markl (past Treasurer, Sun Hills),
Bob Maixner (new Treasurer, Higby Estates HOA), Bob Curtis (new Program Facilitator,
Timberview POA), and Ralph Nussbaum (Board Observer, Summer Glen Estates). Louise Link
(past Program Facilitator, High Meadow) was absent. A quorum was present.

2. Approval of Agenda (Hans): Hans asked for approval of the agenda for the meeting. All
present agreed with the agenda and it was approved.

3. Approval of Minutes (Hans): The minutes of the last Board meeting of 14 October 2009 were
reviewed. The minutes were approved as written by unanimous vote. The status of the action
items are reported separately at the end of these minutes.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Ginny and Bob Maixner): Ginny reported that the current balance is
$1592.75. She provided a list of receipts and expenditures since the last Board meeting. Ginny
stated that she has not opened the letters received with dues and re-registrations from the
invoices she sent to all HOAs for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. She gave these to Bob Maixner, the
new Treasurer, for proper disposition.

5. Secretary’s Report (Bob S): Bob reported that the membership in NEPCO has not changed
from 26 HOAs and two professional allied members. Bob also stated that he will soon draft and
send the NEPCO General Meeting minutes of 14 November 2009 to all HOA members.

6. Land Use Committee Report (Steve):

       a. BOCC Results on GGC: Steve reported that Chris from the Eagle’s View Owners
Association wrote to the county regarding the waiver of the 300 year water rule at the BOCC
hearing on the request for re-zoning the Gleneagle Golf Course (townhome construction on the
driving range), and she has had no response yet. The GGC owner has not met with members of
the Gleneagle community to discuss an agreement on the future of the golf course proper as

             Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations, Inc.
                                    Post Office Box 714
                                Monument, CO 80132-0714
directed by the BOCC. In approving the re-zoning the BOCC required an owner-community
agreement be codified by March 2010 and provided to the BOCC or else the re-zoning approval
becomes null and void. The Board agreed that NEPCO’s role is to stay in touch with the
GREAT organization and help facilitate an agreement.

       b. New Requests for Land Use Comments: Steve reported that there have been no new
requests from the county or from the Town of Monument for review and comment on new land
use developments.

7. Old Business (Hans):

        a. Introduction of New Board Members: Hans welcomed the new Board members. Bob
Maixner from Higby Estates HOA agreed to be the Treasurer. Bob Curtis from Timberview
POA agreed to be the Program Facilitator. Bob Swedenburg from the Gleneagle Civic
Association agreed to continue his role as Secretary. Ralph Nussbaum from Summer Glen
Estates agreed to be a Board Observer. Hans asked for a vote to confirm the Board’s officer
positions as described above, and the vote was unanimous. Bob Swedenburg will publish a new
Board roster and send to all Board members for their use.

       b. Review of NEPCO Meeting 14 November 2009: The Board discussed the 14
November meeting in which Commissioner Wayne Williams addressed the attending HOA
representatives on various county issues. The Board agreed it was an excellent meeting and we
should continue to invite our County Commissioner to speak at one meeting each year. The
Board has had Commissioner Williams address the members in years past and his remarks have
always resonated well with the constituency, as they did again this year. Hans will send a letter
of appreciation to Commissioner Wayne Williams.

        c. Program Ideas for the 2010 NEPCO Program: The following topics were discussed as
candidates for speaker programs for the 2010 NEPCO general meetings: 2010 U. S. Census and
Demographics; Water issues with the Pikes Peak Water Authority; Firewise and Fire Mitigation
Techniques; HOA issues with Lenard Rioth; a mix of HOA insurance, foreclosures, property
maintenance, HOA Statements and other best practices; County issues with our County
Commissioner; Future of Monument Library and Palmer Lake library; Status of land use
        After discussion, the Board agreed to the following NEPCO 2010 Program Topics:
             Jan: Use of Technology to Simplify HOA Management
             Mar: Pikes Peak Water Authority
             May: Land Use Projections (or alternatively the Economics Professor)
             Jul: HOA Issues with Lenard Rioth
             Sep: Monument Library Update
             Nov: County Issues with the County Commissioner
Bob Curtis agreed to lay out preferred dates and alternate dates for these meeting topics, and then
send to the Board for review and approval.

       d. Website Status: Hans reported that Walter Paul will remain as our NEPCO Web
Master for another year, and the Board was thrilled with this announcement. Steve will review

            Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations, Inc.
                                    Post Office Box 714
                                Monument, CO 80132-0714
the new home page design by Walter and get feedback to him. All Board members were asked
to review the new home page and send any comments to Steve.

       e. Membership Drive: Hans stated there was nothing to report on this.

       f. Contact with CONO: Hans stated that he was planning to meet with the CONO
president to see if there was anything useful on which we could coordinate.

        g. Action Items:
(1) Action Item Review from Prior Board Meetings (NOTE: Actions will be carried forth in the
minutes until completed or dismissed):

ACTION 09-14: Ginny will develop dues invoices for the NEPCO HOAs and associate
members and email them to the HOA reps and presidents.
Suspense: 14 Oct 09. Status: Closed.

ACTION 09-21: Bob will take the tenants for NEPCO involvement in public safety alert
notifications, as discussed and approved at the past meeting, and incorporate them into a NEPCO
Policy Memo for review by the Board and subsequent posting on the NEPCO web site.
Suspense: 14 Oct 09. Status: Open. Memo drafted and approved, but needs to be put on NEPCO
web site.

ACTION 09-25: Bob to retrieve the NEPCO maps and map stand from the Lutheran Church.
Suspense: 12 Sep 09. Status: Closed.

ACTION 09-27: Hans to send a letter of thanks to Lenard Rioth for his presentation at the 12
Sep 09 NEPCO Meeting.
Suspense: 2 Dec 09. Status: Closed.

ACTION 09-28: Hans to provide ideas for 2010 speaker topics to NEPCO members and solicit
further ideas from membership at the 14 Nov 09 general membership meeting.
Suspense: 14 Nov 09. Status: Closed.

ACTION 09-29: All Board Members to develop ideas for improving HOA attendance at the
general NEPCO meetings.
Suspense: 2 Dec 09. Status: Closed.

ACTION 09-30: Hans to draft a change to the NEPCO Bylaws stating an annual dues cap of
$115 maximum regardless of the size of the HOA and present this to the Board for approval.
Suspense: 2 Dec 09. Status: Open.

ACTION 09-31: Hans to develop a paper for the WIA describing the value of belonging to
Suspense: 14 Nov 09. Status: Closed.

             Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations, Inc.
                                      Post Office Box 714
                                  Monument, CO 80132-0714
ACTION 09-32: All Board Members to review Article 3, Section 1 of NEPCO’s Articles of
Incorporation addressing the purpose of NEPCO so we can discuss how well we are meeting
these objectives at the next Board meeting.
Suspense: 2 Dec 09. Status: Closed.

(2) New Action Items assigned during this meeting:

ACTION 09-33: Bob Swedenburg to publish new roster of new Board members and send to all
Board members for their use.
Suspense: 2 Jan 10. Status: Open.

ACTION 09-34: Bob Curtis to publish preferred and alternate dates for all 2010 NEPCO
meetings and speaker topics and send to Board members for review and approval.
Suspense: 2 Jan 10. Status: Open.

ACTION 09-35: Hans to send a letter of thanks to Commissioner Wayne Williams for his
presentation at the 14 Nov 09 NEPCO Meeting.
Suspense: 16 Dec 09. Status: Open.

ACTION 09-36: Steve to review new web site home page, collect any review comments from
Board members, and send comments to Walter Paul.
Suspense: 2 Jan 10. Status: Open.

ACTION 09-37: Bob Maixner to provide a budget for NEPCO for 2010 and present to the
Board for approval.
Suspense: 10 Feb 10. Status: Open.

8. New Business:

a. Monthly Program Quality and Topics. Hans stated that the Board needs to provide ideas on
ways to increase attendance at the general meetings. Although we normally get a majority of the
HOAs for a quorum, the Board is concerned that more HOAs are not attending. We need to
discuss this more.

b. LUC Activities. Steve stated there is nothing new to report.

c. Budget for 2010. Hans suggested the new Treasurer should provide a budget for 2010, and
Bob Maixner agreed.

d. Review of NEPCO Articles of Incorporation, Article 3, Section 1. Hans had asked the Board
members to review this part of NEPCO’s Articles of Incorporation addressing the purpose of
NEPCO so we can discuss how well we are meeting these objectives. The Board had reviewed
this Article and Hans led a brief discussion. The Board concluded that we are doing pretty well
in meeting our objectives, although we could do more on encouraging beautification. All agreed
that the HOAs are doing a good job individually at beautification in their areas.

             Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations, Inc.
                                     Post Office Box 714
                                Monument, CO 80132-0714
e. Board Meetings. As a reminder, Board meetings will usually be the second Wednesday of
alternating months. The Board has agreed to begin the meetings at 7:00 pm. Hans promised to
keep the Board meetings to 2 hours maximum. The schedule of Board meetings for 2010 is the
Date                         Location
Feb 10, Wed, 7:00 pm         Bob Curtis’ Home
Apr 14, Wed, 7:00 pm         ?
Jun 9, Wed, 7:00 pm          ?
Aug 11, Wed, 7:00 pm         ?
Oct 13, Wed, 7:00 pm         ?
Dec 8, Wed, 7:00 pm          ?

9. Next Board Meeting: The next NEPCO Board meeting will be held February 10, 2010, at
7:00 PM at Bob Curtis’ home.

   Bob Swedenburg                  Hans Post Uiterweer
   Secretary, NEPCO                President, NEPCO


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