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Vineland Public Schools Lunch Menu by jayt137


									 Vineland Public Schools Lunch Menu                                                                                                                                                           November 2009
Mon                                          Tue                                              Wed                                          Thu                                            Fri

2    Chicken Nuggets                         3                                                4                                            5                                              6
     Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich
     Turkey & Cheese Sandwich
     Sweet Potatoes
     Cream of Tomato Soup
                                             Schools Closed— Election Day                     Schools Closed                               Schools Closed—NJEA Convention                 Schools Closed—NJEA Convention

9    Chicken Patty on Bun                    10 Burger Day! (Plain/Cheese/Veggie)             11                                           12 Oriental Chicken Wrap                       13     Macaroni & Cheese
     Pizza                                          Cheese Ravioli w/ Meat Sauce                                                                  Chinese Vegetables                             Golden Fish Sandwich
     Green Beans                                    Tuna Chef Salad                                                                               Pork Ribbie                                    Submarine Sandwich
     French Fries                                   Bologna & Cheese Sandwich                 Schools Closed                                      Ham & Cheese on Wheat                          Stewed Tomatoes
                                                    Cucumber & Carrot Salad                                                                       Grilled Chicken Chef Salad                     Tossed Salad
                                                                                                                                                  Tossed Salad                                   Pudding

16     Pretzel Sandwich
                                             17 Hot Roast Pork Sandwich                       18      Chicken Patty on Bun                 19       Taco                                  20      Pizza
                                                                                                                                                    Fish Sticks                                   Cheesesteak on Roll
                                                    Pasta with Meat Balls                             Sloppy Joe on Bun
       Nachos w/ Ground Beef                                                                                                                        Yellow Rice
                                                                                                      Turkey & Cheese Munchable                                                                   Chef’s Surprise Soup
       Turkey & Cheese Sandwich                     Yogurt Parfait
                                                                                                      Bologna & Cheese Sandwich                     Tuna Chef Salad                               Submarine Sandwich
       Green Pea Salad                              Grilled Chicken Chef Salad
                                                                                                      Potato Smiles                                 Ham & Cheese on Wheat                         Veggie Sticks
       French Fries                                 Tuna Salad Wrap                                                                                 Corn
                                                                                                      Baby Carrots                                                                                Tossed Salad
                                                    Broccoli Florets
                                                                                                                                                    Tossed Salad                                  Pudding

23 Chicken Nuggets                           24      Thanksgiving Dinner for Lunch!           25                                           26                                             27
      Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich                      Roast Turkey & Gravy
      Turkey & Cheese Sandwich                       Sweet Potatoes
                                                                                              Legal Attendance Day —                       Schools Closed—Thanksgiving Recess             Schools Closed—Thanksgiving Recess
      French Fries                                   Green Beans
                                                                                              Assorted Cold Sandwiches will be served
      Cream of Tomato Soup                           Cranberry Sauce
                                                     Pumpkin Muffin
                                                     Ham & Cheese on Wheat

30 Pretzel Sandwich
      Nachos w/ Ground Beef
      Green Pea Salad
      French Fries
                                                                                                                                               Choose 3-5 Colors Each Day to Create a Balanced Meal!

    Available Daily                                                                                                                  Choose 3-5 Dots to Make a Meal!                          Fruits & Vegetables- You May Choose:
     Milk: Skim, 1%, Chocolate, Strawberry       Bread Basket: Selection of fresh baked breads, rolls, & muffins                       Grains             Milk                                      Two Fruits (only 1 may be juice)
                                                 (students may choose an item from the bread basket in addition to their 3-5 dots)     Vegetables
     Fresh/Chilled Fruit: Daily Selection                                                                                                                                                           Two Vegetables
                                                                                                                                       Fruit              Meat, cheese, yogurt, fish, beans
     Juice: Orange, Apple                        A la Carte Items: available for purchase, items vary by school                                                                                     One Vegetable & One Fruit
                                                                                                                                         Extra Item (does not count as a Dot)

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