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					 SECTION 305 Administrative Task Force
                                 JANUARY 18, 2013
     MINUTES                          2012
                                                              11:00 AM EST                CONFERENCE CALL

FACILITATOR               Darrell Smith, Vice Chair of the Administrative Task Force
                          Darrell Smith, Eric Curtit, Tammy Nicholson, Kevin Kesler, Vincent Brotski, Nico
ATTENDEES                 Lindenau, Ryan Swick, Steve Hewitt, David Ewing
                          Al Ware, Johnson Bridgwater, Mary Jo Key, Chad Edison, Jeff Gordon, Leo Penne,
ABSENTEES                 Shayne Gill

                                DISCUSSIONS AND DECISIONS MADE
In the absence of Chairman Al Ware, Vice Chairman Darrell Smith called the meeting to order and asked Steve
Hewitt to call the roll.

After calling the roll, it was agreed that while technically there is not a majority of the states present, (two out of
four – a majority would be three of four) the task force would proceed with the view that a quorum was present
with Amtrak, FRA, and two of 4 state members in attendance, and carry on ATF business.

Approval of Prior Minutes December 21 2012 – Darrell Smith:

On a motion by Eric Curtit, Missouri DOT, and a second by Tammy Nicholson, Iowa DOT, the minutes of the
December 21, 2012 Administrative task force call were approved without objection or exception.

Review of Action Items – Steve Hewitt:

Steve Hewitt provided a brief summary of the status of Administrative Task Force action items from December
21, 2012:

Maintaining the NGEC Future section of the website: Steve Hewitt will continue adding updates and new
items relating to this topic as a living document. Status: Ongoing – a page has been established on the
website for these items.

Developing the educational document(s): Members are to provide additional comments, language,
suggested graphics, etc. to Leo Penne. Leo will prepare a revised/cleaned up version of the 4 pager by mid -next
week for ATF review and distribution to the Executive Board prior to its January 8, 2013 call.

Al and Leo will provide the Board with a progress update on January 8, 2013

Leo will provide a one pager and some proposals from AASHTO designers for the ATF call scheduled for January
18, 2013.

Steve Hewitt and Leo Penne will continue to work on developing a FAQs section for t he website.

Status: The Executive Board provisionally approved the revised 4 page “backgrounder” developed by
Leo Penne with input from ATF members to be used as a basis for developing two additional
“marketing” type documents. This week Leo Penne revised the “backgrounder” incorporating Board
member comments, and it was sent out to ATF members. An update on the status and next steps for
these efforts is on this agenda.

Recruiting new members: A renewed effort will be made to recruit new members as the new year unfolds.
Status: Steve Hewitt reported that this item was an agenda item for discussion today, and, if the
chair agreed it could be discussed now. With the chair’s concurrence agenda item #7 was taken up
at this time:

Steve Hewitt reported that he had not had a recent conversation with Al Ware about next steps, but believes that
the “backgrounder” piece would be a good item to use to try to recruit additional states to the NGEC. Perhaps
another letter – this one from Al and Bill to state rail contacts SCORT – S4PRC etc. with the backgrounder
attached would help. Suggestions?
Darrell Smith, Amtrak, commented that on the Finance subcommittee call this had come up, and he jokingly
referenced incentives for becoming involved with the NGEC for state s involved with 209. However, (without
incentives), Darrell did seriously suggest that he could send the “backgrounder” around to “groups we (Amtrak)
deal with on a contractual basis” to apprise them of the good work of the NGEC and hopefully create some
interest. Members on the call agreed that this would be one way to go.

David Ewing, endorsing Darrell’s suggestion, noted that “there is a critical connection between 305, 209 and 212
and it is only beginning to be fully understood…there is truly a link between capital charges and equipment.”

Darrell also suggested “we use a broader brush” as well by contacting states that are thinking about beginning

David Ewing again agreed, and added that some states are just beginning to “put their toe in the water” and are
looking at 209 – it would be good to introduce those states to 305.

David also mentioned that during the week of February 17. 2013 SCORT, States for Passenger Rail (S4PRC), 209
and the NGEC are all meeting in Washington, DC. With the NGEC Annual meeting occurring on the 21 st. This
would be a good opportunity to circulate the “backgrounder” document as well as a time to have
personal/informal conversations with states to encourage their involvement in the NGEC.

Darrell Smith commented – “maybe we should have buttons made?”

Eric Curtit volunteered to become a member of the Finance subcommittee to help with their membership. Steve
Hewitt will send him the conference call meeting appointments for the subcommittee. This will certainly help with
establishing a quorum on those calls.

Tammy Nicholson, Iowa DOT, asked if we were looking for additional states to become members of the Executive
Board or for the subcommittees.

Steve Hewitt responded that the number of Board members is set by the By -Laws and right now there is no
vacancy, but a state can be a member of the NGEC without being on the Board and can actively participate on
any subcommittee or task force. In fact, it is extremely important that we do broaden the membership beyond
the 11 states who are members of the Board.

Steve also noted that in one year from now a new Board will need to be elected as the current term of office will
have ended and new elections must take place. Thus it is important to broaden the membership now to begin
getting new participants involved in the NGEC activities as soon as possible. “The more the merrier”.

Eric Curtit recommended that time be set aside during the week of SCORT and S4PRC (and NGEC) to have a
“mixer to get the idea of the NGEC across to people”.

Steve Hewitt said he would ask Leo Penne if there was available time that would not conflict with the SCORT
schedule and see if something could be arranged to get people together to talk about the NGEC.

Eric volunteered to call SCORT and S4PRC attendees to “rally states to become involved in the NGEC”. Steve will
ask Leo for a list of attendees.

Steve also noted that Leo Penne plans to have the more “glossy” version of the “backgrounder” available for the
NGEC meeting and possibly the one pager as well. Steve suggested tha t these items be handed out as part of
the SCORT meeting packet. Steve also asked David Ewing if he could possibly arrange for these items to be
handed out at the S4PRC meeting. David responded that he could.

Status and Next steps: NGEC “backgrounder” -Leo Penne:

In Leo Penne’s absence, Steve Hewitt provided a brief overview of the status of the “backgrounder”. He
commented that a revised version, along with attachments, had been sent out earlier in the week to all ATF
members. Steve noted that the revised version incorporated comments received since the January 8 th Executive
Board meeting.

Steve suggested that he provide it to the Executive Board members in advance of their January 22, 2013 call, and
advised that there will be an agenda item on the topic which will include an update from Leo Penne on finalizing
the “backgrounder” and one pager.

All agreed that Steve should send the “backgrounder” out to Board members today.
David Ewing commented that he and Leo had been working together this morning “to mature the product”, and
that Leo is looking for graphic material to add to the “brochure”.

David also noted that it is important to get a broad circulation of the brochure out as way of providing information
on the number of projects currently underway in the SFTF.

Steve Hewitt will follow up with Leo Penne today to keep him apprised of today’s discussions.

Preparation for ATF Report at the NGEC Annual Meeting -Steve Hewitt:

Steve Hewitt reported that a standard practice for the Annual meeting has been for each subcommittee or task
force chair to give a power point presentation on the year’s activities as well as a look ahead. Steve will contact
Al to see how he wants to approach this. There is an NGEC power point template that Steve will send out to all
chairs so the presentations can look uniform. Topics for Al’s presentation should be sent to him (cc to Steve) by
the end of January, 2013. One topic Steve believes should be included is a report on the RR101 effort.

Members agreed to send their thoughts to Steve and Al, and agreed that RR101 should be included in Al’s

Other issues/questions? – All:

Darrell Smith took a moment to make sure that all ATF members were aware of the announcement yesterday of a
joint RFI released by Amtrak and the California High-Speed Rail Authority. Darrell noted that “the spirit of 305 is
extending into high speed using the same specs for both coasts.”

David Ewing commented that this announcement “sends signals to the industry that this is a good business to be


With no further business to come before the ATF today, the conference call was adjourned at approximately
11:30am Eastern.

               Next call of the Task Force will be: February 15, 2013 at 11:00am Eastern

                                                 Action Items
Maintaining the NGEC Future section of the website: Steve Hewitt will continue adding updates and new
items relating to this topic as a living document. (ongoing)

Developing the educational document(s): Members are to provide additional comments, language,
suggested graphics, etc. to Leo Penne. Leo has prepared a revised/cleaned up version of the 4 pager and it was
sent to ATF members. Steve Hewitt will send it out to all Board members prior to the January 22, 2013 call.

Leo will provide the Board with a progress update on January 22, 2013

Steve Hewitt and Leo Penne will continue to work on developing a FAQs section for the website.
Recruiting new members: A renewed effort will be made to recruit new members.

Steve Hewitt will contact Leo Penne in regards to setting a time and location aside during SCORT for an NGEC
      Steve Hewitt will ask Leo to include the “backgrounder” and one pager in the SCORT meeting packets.

      David Ewing will look into including the same items in the S4PRC meeting packets.

      Darrell Smith will send the “backgrounder” to groups Amtrak deals with on a contractual basis, and an effort will
      be made to also contact states who looking at beginning passenger rail services.

      All ATF members will “spread the word” while at SCORT and S4PRC the week of February 17 th.

      Steve Hewitt will ask Leo Penne for the SCORT attendance list – Eric Curtit will call all those on the list who are
      not on the NGEC and rally them to become involved.

      Preparing the ATF Presentation for the Annual Meeting: All ATF members should send suggested items for
      the presentation (such as RR101) to All Ware and Steve Hewitt by January 31, 2013.

                       Next Meeting/Conference Call – February 15, 2013 – 11:00am EASTERN

                                   Call in number: 866 299-7945 passcode: 1601544#


                                      SECTION 305 ADMINISTRATIVE TASK FORCE

                                             Conference Call January 18, 2013
                                                 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time
                                            866 299 7945 pass code 1601544#

1.   Welcome                                                              Darrell Smith
2.   Roll Call                                                      Steve Hewitt

3.   Approval of the December 21, 2012 minutes                      Darrell Smith

4.   Review of action items                                         Steve Hewitt

5.   Status and Next steps: NGEC “backgrounder”                     Leo Penne

6.   Preparation for ATF Report at the NGEC Annual Meeting          Steve Hewitt

7.   Renewing recruitment efforts                                   Steve Hewitt

8.   Other issues/questions?                                                  All

                                                     Next Call: February 15, 2013
                                             Call in # 866 299 7945 passcode 1601544#

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