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									                                    Fine Arts Boosters Meeting
                                            December 17, 2012


Patty Hormann, Kayla Erickson, Rachelle Lorentzen, Melody Bruns, Robyn Stephens

Old Business

Approval of the minutes from November was motioned by Kayla and seconded by Patti.

Review of the treasurer’s report highlighted sponsorships of $2,221 and t-shirt sales so far of $840. Fine
arts savings now has $9,584.29 and $741.61 in checking.

Student Letter Writing – This is tabled until the January meeting. Mari will contact all fine arts teachers
to make them aware of our campaign and the role they will play. It was decided though to have a start
date of January 14, 2013, for the beginning the letter writing.

New Business

Partytime Fundraising - Patti Hormann reported that for 96 tumblers ordered, we would have to have a
total investment of $881.40 up front. It was decided to table this fundraiser until fall with the option of
pre-purchasing supplies in advance and having available to sell at football games and other activities.
Concerns brought up with the current sponsorship and letter campaign that may not be best timing right
now for a fundraiser. Consensus seemed to be it would be better to have supplies to sell versus door to
door. It was suggested to add this to future agendas of discussion.

Fine Arts Departments

Art – Kayla will ask Christian about the poster that was supposed to be displayed at the band and choir
concert. She will see who is supposed to be copying the poster for future events.

Drama/Speech – Mari reported that Susan Anderson has ordered the speech t-shirts.

Choir – Laura Engels thinks we all saw at the concert that we are in desperate need of show choir risers.
She has talked to Maury, and he has asked her to see how much money the boosters can throw in for
new risers. She has a quote for about $10,000 for all the risers we need. She’s not necessarily asking for
a price right now, but just a discussion among the group if this would be a possibility.

Currently, there are 18 acts which are signed up for the Variety Show. The high school choir, show choir
and opening band will be performing at the show, but are not included in the 18 acts. The Variety Show
format will be a little different in that some students will only perform one night, and some students will
perform both nights depending on what the judges decide. Auditions are early so students have been
preparing for a quite a long time, and Laura is excited to see them audition. Currently, the Variety Show
is scheduled to be at the Federated Church which isn’t any larger. She is working with the Student
Council, who will be serving food this year. They would like it at the Federated Church. Laura wants it in
a bigger and better auditorium. Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.
The Show Choir decided to go to one more competition. The only that really fits into anyone’s schedule
would be January 19, 2012, at Dallas Center-Grimes. This is the same date at a speech competition, but
as she is aware, students have been able to go back and forth from event to event, and Mrs. Sandoval
and Laura will make it work.

The next phase of construction in the high school is the football stadium and auditorium. They are
hoping this will be moved up or more improvements made to the auditorium plans since the Lohse’s are
donating money for a football stadium. It’s exciting what the Lohse’s donation means to our
department, but it’s also important that the school hear from its constituents (parents) about how the
auditorium is built and what is inside of it. Something the Fine Arts Boosters might want to think about
is a “chair” campaign of some sort. In building our new auditorium while at Southeast Polk, we had a
“take a seat” campaign where we sold plaques to put on the back of the chairs. Alumni, parents,
businesses and anyone could buy one, and depending on the section, they were a certain price. This is
something to think about and be prepared for.

Band – Nothing to report

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be Monday, January 21, 2013, in the high media

Respectfully submitted,

Robyn Stephens

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