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									Carroll County                         Attachment 1

Department of Corrections

Contractor / Volunteer / Vendor
Rules and Regulations Handbook

Jason Johnson                   Ian Phillips
Superintendent                                  Programs

             Carroll County Department of Corrections
    Contractor / Volunteer Rules and Regulation Handbook

                       Mission Statement

As a member of the law enforcement community, it is the
mission of the Carroll County Department of Corrections
to provide a safe, secure, and humane environment for the
staff, and detainees in accordance with all applicable
federal and state laws, current correctional standards and
practices, and to ensure the safety and welfare of the

It is further the mission of the Carroll County Department
of Corrections to offer an environment that promotes and
fosters personal growth, and models pro social behavior

Introduction –

All persons, volunteers and contract service providers, must be 18 years of age or older
and may be required to attend the Volunteer Orientation Program to include a
background investigation and criminal record check. No volunteer will be allowed access
if they have not completed the release and personal information portion on pgs 7-11.

You will be asked to complete a Criminal Background (record check) form – note this
form must be signed; a personal information sheet and a sign off sheet which states that
you understand all of the Rules and Regulations. Please retain the rules portion of this
packet on pgs 4, 5, & 6 as a reference

In the future, if you should have any questions in regards to the Carroll County
Department of Corrections Rules and Regulations or would like to get specific approval
for any item to be brought into the facility or approval for any guest speaker, please feel
free to contact the number listed below. Thank you.

                      Carroll County Department of Corrections
                                50 County Farm Rd
                                    PO Box 688
                                 Ossipee NH 03864

                                   Sergeant Ian Phillips
                          Classification & Programs Supervisor
                                 603-539-2282 ext 2017

              Carroll County Department of Corrections
  Contractor / Volunteer Rules and Regulation Handbook

            Section 1 –                        Rules and Regulations

                  Do Remember when on Jail Property

1. Lock your vehicle; completely close all windows and secure all doors.
2. Remove personal belongings from view in the vehicle, place in trunk or glove
    box, or leave at home.
3. Empty your Pockets, remove items inappropriate for jail.
4. Bring only –Your Photo ID and keys for your vehicle.
5. Carroll County Complex grounds are Tobacco-Free.
6. Communications, Imaging, Photographic & Recording devices are prohibited.
7. Use of, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
8. Possession of Contraband is prohibited and subject to criminal prosecution.
9. Dress Properly –
       a. No dresses or skirts above the knee
       b. No shorts above the knee
       c. No sleeveless shirts
       d. No low cut shirts (anything below the collar bone).
       e. No hats
       f. No belts
       g. No jewelry or watches (exceptions, wedding/engagement ring, religious
            and medical alert).
       h. No shirts that reveal the mid-riff or belly
       i. No hooded sweatshirts
       j. No jackets
       k. No loose or baggy clothing
       l. No wallets, or electronic devices such as pagers, cell phones, or other
10. Stay with others in your group & escorting staff.
11. Use appropriate language.
12. Address all inmates by their last name (example: Mr. Jones or Ms. Dow).

13. Give Nothing to an Inmate.
14. Take Nothing from an Inmate.
15. Correspondence and Telecommunications are prohibited between Contractors /
    Volunteers and inmates. Contractors / Volunteers are accountable to higher
    standards of conduct and subject to more restrictive communications regardless of
    designations with this agency.
16. Activity on the outside on behalf of an inmate by a volunteer is prohibited.
17. Ask for Help from Staff Supervisor or Officer-in-Charge –
18. Rules in jail are very different from outside society.
19. Seek answers only from the supervisor or corrections staff.
20. Tell the supervisor if you are a relative, or acquainted with, any inmate.
21. Report inmate pressure, threats, excessive or unusual requests.
22. Report concerns about inmate welfare.
23. Keep everything in the open. Do not say anything or do anything with an inmate
    you would be embarrassed to share with your peers or supervisors.
24. Complete activity/event reports as requested.
25. Cooperate Immediately with any Officer Request.
26. Offenders have been sentenced by society through the judicial system for serious
27. Be aware of Con Games –Don’t bend any rules. Offenders can be very
    manipulative and may try to trap or blackmail you.
28. Be Friendly, but don’t over identify.
29. Be Supportive without becoming manipulated.
30. Maintain a Clinical/Professional Distance with offenders.
31. Keep your Focus on the service you offer.
32. Know your own boundaries and maintain your personal space.
33. Be careful about physical contact. Limit to brief handshake or handclasp, if at all.
34. Be aware of your surroundings.
35. Be accountable for Tools & Equipment (Rulers, Notepads, etc).
36. Respect Offender Privacy, Confidentiality of Records and Privileged Information
    (DOC and Inmates).
37. Accept that volunteers cannot substantiate offender conversation.
38. Maintain a Positive Attitude.
39. Suicide Prevention – Speak to the Shift Supervisor before you leave.

                      Things you will not need on Jail Property

1. Money, Wallet or Purse, Debit, Credit or Calling Cards.

2. Cell Phone, pager, or handheld computing devise.

3. Photographic or audio recording devises.

4. Cigarettes, lighters, other tobacco products and/or matches.

5. Weapons of any kind.

6. Food, Gum, Beverage.

7. Cosmetics or grooming supplies.

8. Pets (not even left in vehicle).

9. Photos of family, friends, pets.

10. Any item not specifically authorized in writing by the Superintendent, Program
    Director or designee.

11. Any person under 18 years of age.

                              Don’t Discuss with Offenders

1. Your Social Life.

2. Inmates past, crime, or the criminal justice system (unless it is part of your position).

3. Politics or political activities.

4. Religion (unless as your authorized voluntary service).

5. Home and Family.

6. Work, School, Neighborhood.

7. Business Transactions with any offender.


          Carroll County Department of Corrections
                         Civilian / Volunteer / Professional
                                 Information Sheet

     Last Name                    First Name                             MI

       Address                     City/Town                            State

Social Security Number              DOB                    Drivers License Number & State

   Contact Number           Agency/Group Affiliation                   Email

 Emergency Contact                Relationship                     Contact Number

                     Carroll County Department of Corrections
                       Authorization to Release Information

      I, ____________________________, born in _______________________,
consent herein to have an investigation made by the Carroll County Department of
Corrections as to my moral character, reputation and fitness for the position for which I
have applied. Furthermore, I agree to give any additional information that may be
required during the conduct of that investigation.

       I also authorize and request every person, firm, company, corporation, partnership,
governmental agency, court, association, medical profession*, medical facility or
institution*, school, college or branch of the military having control of any documents,
records or other written information pertaining to me, to cooperate and allow inspection
or provide copies of such documents, records, reports or other written information to the
Carroll County Department of Corrections or it’s agents or representatives.

      It has been explained to me, and I fully understand, that refusal to grant this
authorization will void my application process.

      This authority shall continue for one year from the above date, unless sooner
revoked by me in writing.

                                                         (Signature of Applicant)

                                                    Date _____________________

* Medical records will not be sought unless and until you have been given a conditional offer or
probationary employment.

                                         CARROLL COUNTY
Route 171 Post Office Box 152                                                                          (603) 539-7751
Ossipee New Hampshire 03864-0152                                                                   Fax (603) 539-4287


                                             RELEASE AND WAIVER

      KNOW ALL MEN BY THE PRESENT, that I: ________________________________________
      On my behalf and for my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns for and in consideration of the
      authorized and permission to accompany any officer(s), official(s), member(s), and employee(s) of the
      ______________________________________ during the course of his or her duties, which has been
      granted to me at my voluntary request, being aware of the potential hazards of such activity or activities,
      do hereby waive and release all demands, damages, actions, cause of action, claim or demands for
      damages, costs of living services, experiences, compensation, consequential damages or any other thing
      whatsoever, that I or my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns might have against the:
      _________________________________________________________ and every officer, official,
      member, and employee, agent and attorney thereof and therefore, and his or hers executors,
      administrators and assigns on account of my death or injuries, both to person and property, whether
      foreseeable or not, which may occur, directly or indirectly, or develop at any time in agency vehicle, in
      the agency building(s) or otherwise associated with the officer and officials thereof in any manner
      whatsoever, and it is expressly agreed and understood that this waiver and release shall apply for the
      express purpose of precluding forever my claims, suits, demands, damages, and causes of action that I or
      my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns might otherwise assert against any of the aforementioned
      parties as a result of my association and activities with the: ____________________
      ________________________________ during the following period

      From:____________________________________ To: _____________________________________
      (Inclusive) Date and Time                                Date and Time

      I hereby declare that the terms of this waiver and release have been truly read and understood by me,
      and are freely and voluntarily entered into and accepted by me, and I hereby acknowledge receipt of a
      copy of this agreement.

      Name (Printed) ______________________________________________________________

      Signature: ___________________________________________________________________

      Date: ______________________________________________________________________

                                     RELEASE AND WAIVER

In further consideration of the aforementioned authorization and permission granted to me to accompany
an officer or officers of the ___________________________________________
At my own request, I hereby promise to and agree to fully comply with all instructions given to me for
the purpose of protecting my personal safety and the safety of my property.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal
This _______ day of ______________________ 20___

Signature of Requesting Person________________________________________________________

Name (Printed) _____________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth _______________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________


Telephone _________________________________________________________________________


Name _____________________________________________________________________________

Title ______________________________________________________________________________

Agency ___________________________________________________________________________

                             Carroll County Department of Corrections
                             Contractor / Vendor / Volunteer Agreement

For your protection, please read and initial the following agreement. If you do not completely
understand any of the items listed, please ask for clarification.

I, ________________________ have completed my orientation as a 1) ___Volunteer Service Provider
2) ___Contract Service Provider 3) ___Vendor at the Carroll County Department of Corrections.

____ I understand that the primary mission of the Carroll County Department of Corrections is the
protection of the public. This is accomplished by maintaining the safety and security of the institution.
If I cause any action deemed disruptive to this mission, my service at CCDOC will be terminated.

____ I understand my specific role and will not assist inmates in any type of service that is outside of
my job duties (e.g. medical, legal, housing, counseling, etc.).

____ I will immediately notify correctional staff of any suspicious behavior or suspected

____ I understand that any materials I bring into the institution must be approved, in advance, by the
Chief of Training and Programs; all items will also be inspected before I am admitted into the facility. I
understand that I am responsible for the security of these items. If these items are considered contraband
outside of the program area, I understand that I am responsible for keeping an inventory of these items
and reporting any discrepancy immediately.

____ I will obey any direction from correctional staff without hesitation. At no time will I argue with
correctional staff in front of inmates.

____ At no time will I write a reference or make contact with any outside agency or service on behalf
of an inmate without approval from the Chief of Training and Programs.

____ I will present a professional appearance and demeanor; this will include following grooming
guidelines, maintaining appropriate boundaries and doing nothing to willfully discredit CCDOC.

Applicant Signature _____________________________

Date __________________________________________


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