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100 Years
of Brilliance
As the French jeweler Cartier marks a century in America, we celebrate its unforgettable
stories and timeless designs—plus those famous fans, from film greats to First Ladies
How a necklace                                               Jeanne
                                                                         wHo WOULDN’T                               elizabeth
landed a building                                                        say i do?                                  taylor
In 1917, Pierre Cartier                                                  Elegant engagement rings
established the company’s                                                have been part of Cartier’s
American base of operations                                                              repertoire since
in a glamorously unorthodox                                                                 the beginning,
fashion: He traded a double                                                                  and its dazzling
strand of natural pearls worth                                                                designs have
$1 million for its flagship Fifth                                                             made it onto
Avenue mansion. What made                                                                    the hands
the piece so desirable? At the                                                             of some of
time, years before cultured-                                                 demi        Hollywood’s most
pearl farming, divers would                                                             high-profile brides.
gather oysters holding their           tHe aFFair                        Grace Kelly flaunted her 12-
breath (no oxygen tanks yet!)          tHat insPired                     carat emerald-cut diamond
and hope that when they pried          tHe PantHer                       engagement ring from Prince
the shells open, something              Cartier’s unofficial             Rainier III of Monaco in her final
gorgeous would tumble out.              mascot has been                  film, High Society (1956). When
It had taken Cartier years to           prowling the                         Ashton Kutcher proposed to            tHose
assemble enough perfect—and             design studios                         Cartier collector Demi              stuPendous
perfectly matched—pearls to             since 1914 in one                       Moore in 2005, he sealed           stones
make the stunning necklace.             form or another,                        the deal with a vintage            In 1969, Cartier sold a 69.42-
                                        including black-                       Cartier ring from 1937.                     carat diamond to
                                        spotted watches                                                                         Richard Burton for
                                        and jewel-encrusted                                                                       over $1 million—
                                                  brooches.                                                                        then the highest
                                                      Louis Cartier                                                                price ever paid
                                                        originated the                                                             for a diamond.
                                                         motif for his                                                            He gave it to wife
                                                         lover, Jeanne                                                          Elizabeth Taylor,
                                                        Toussaint, the                                          knightley who agreed to put the
                                                       firm’s creative                                                        giant gem on display
                                        gwen        director, whom he                                              at Cartier’s New York and
                                                   had nicknamed the     grace                                     Chicago stores, resulting in
                                        Panther. (So much for a no-      kelly                                     lines around the block to view
                                        romance office policy!) The                                                it. Taylor then showed her
                                        American-born Duchess of                                                   peachy pear to the world at the
                                        Windsor made the fine-jeweled                                              1970 Oscars. In 2006, Keira
                                        felines world famous in the                                                Knightley wore pear-shape
                                  e,    1950s, and more recently pop                                               diamond earrings weighing
                r office and stor
The first Cartie still in use today     star royal Gwen Stefani rocked                                             more than 10-carats each
circa 1917—an                           Cartier’s panther ring.                                                    to the Golden Globes.

                                                                                                                    InSt yle / oc tob er 20 0 9   275
Shop It! | cartier                                                                  tank watcH
                                                                                    Designed in 1917 and
                                                                                    inspired by the lines of

                                                                                    American armored

     Greatest Hits
                                                                                    vehicles in World War I,
                                                                                    this timepiece became an
                                                                                    instant status symbol
                                                                                    when Rudolph Valentino
                                                                                    wore one in The Son of the
 This iconic trio of designs has stood the test of time                             Sheik (1926). It was later a
                                                                                    favorite of Frank Sinatra,
                                                                                    Princess Diana, and even
                   then                   trinity ring and                          two stylish First Ladies.
                                          bracelet                                     Stainless steel watch       Jacqueline kennedy
                                          Introduced in 1924, this puzzle piece     ($4,350), and 18kt yellow
                                                                                     gold watch with alligator     now
                                          features three interlocking bands
                                                                                    strap ($6,900); at Cartier.
                                          of 18kt gold (yellow for fidelity, pink
                                          for love, and white for friendship).
                                          Called the rolling ring because of
                                          the way it moves up and down the
   18kt white,                            finger, it eventually became a
   yellow and         Jacqueline bisset   bracelet too.
    rose gold
   Trinity ring,     now
    at Cartier.

                             eva             anne               rachel                                             michelle obama
                            mendes         hathaway              weisz

                                                          Screen Gems
                                                             Beloved by Hollywood, Cartier creations
                                                                    are now movie mainstays

       yellow                       now
    and screw-
     $3,850; at

love bracelet                                           sTage               OceaN’s             IrON MaN              sex aND
This gold trick jewel appeared in                       FrIghT              eLeveN                    (2008)          The cITy
1970 and can only be put on and                            (1950)               (2001)          Gwyneth Paltrow           (2008)
taken off with its accompanying                      Marlene Dietrich      Brad Pitt sported       shared screen       Kristin Davis
                                          lucy liu
screwdriver. Ali MacGraw raised                           flaunted         his own 18kt gold     time with a glam    donned a deco-
the bracelet’s profile after she                     countless carats      and moonstone          18kt white gold   inspired Basier du
wore it throughout The Getaway                         in the classic       Tank ring in the    and diamond Tank    Dragon necklace in
(1972), with Steve McQueen.                          Hitchcock thriller.   Vegas caper flick.    Francaise watch.   the movie update.

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