Scene1: con ultra vires

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					Scene 1 of 10:   “ultra vires”        [Darkened empty stage, spots on speakers alternate,
                                     Off-Voice: “Court waiting room anywhere in America”]

Guilty (timorously) : why must I wear this vest to enter the courtroom?

Esquire (antsy) : that´s the rule here

G: you don’t wear one

E: I am not appealing my condemnation

G: you are my hired counsel, are you not on my team?

E: not really, but I can’t talk about that either, it’s another rule here

G: why this big yellow “G”?                       [G points to the “G” on his vest]

E: it means you’re guilty, all guilty must wear a G - vest

G: like all adulterers wear A as batch of shame?         [Holographic projection]

E: Yep, we moved on, we use more letters now, some used even stars

G: but I was never guilty, they wronged me, they cheated, they slandered me

E: you were branded as guilty, that’s enough in here

G: they had no right to judge me, they´re ignobles trespassing our laws

E: Pssssssssssh, do not ever speak like that, they´ll go bonkers, their appointment to
our Royal Court was for life, they will never pay tax, they’re more worthy than you,
me or anybody. They even wear noble wigs, robes. Never any letters, signs. Politically
appointed, senatorially cleared, as the least democratic bunch of them all.

G: did they bestow victory on Bush over Gore?

E: they set it up this way, they know our votes never count, they are our most
dangerous branch thinking it was theirs to decide, except Sandra, now she recanted,
she cringed, but much belated from retirement. Just a whitewash try.

Guilty: could I be exculpated?
 uilty                                   Esquire NOT really, but YES in theory.

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