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									                                                       Tyler Weirick
502 South Hester APT 4                             B.S. Biochemistry/Computer Science
Stillwater OK, 74074                        Website:   Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Phone: (405)564-4959                                                                Expected Graduation May 2011
                                                                                    GPA 3.092

         Castleberry SA, Weirick TM, Madihally SV. Optimization of a Novel Dual Cross-Linking Strategy in Generating
           Gelatin Porous Structures. Biomacromolecules. 2007. (Submitted but not accepted).
   Research Experience:
         Dr. Prade (microbiology/bioinformatics) Spring 2010 – Present
         Dr. Madihally (tissue engineering research) Fall 2005 – Summer 2008
         Dr. Matts (biochemistry research) Fall 2004 – Spring 2007
         Dr. Dave Walters - EPA (volunteer environmental research) - Summer 2003
   Academic and Research Awards:
         Wentz Research Scholarship 2007
         Niblack Research Scholarship 2006
         2004 Coca-Cola Top Graduating Science Student Award from Ada High School
         2nd place 2004 State OJAS meet in Botany - Purification of Peroxidase Isozymes in Cucumis melo L.
   Presented Research:
         Couger, MB. Weirick,T. Brunson, D. Mostafa, E. High Performance Computing: An Essential Tool for Modern
           Molecular Biology. University of Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 2010
         Weirick, T. Matts, R. Characterization of Hsp90-Melusin Interactions. OSU Research Week Symposium 2007
         Weirick, T. Matts, R. Effects of Aha1 Knockdown by Silencing RNA of Hsp90 Levels in Human K562 Cells. OK-
           CAMP Research Symposium 2005
         Weirick, T. Biles, C. Purification of Peroxidase Isozymes in Cucumis melo L. Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science,
           and State Science Fair 2004.
         Co-Founder of the Oklahoma State Secular Organization (Campus Student Group).
               o Vice President of the Oklahoma State Secular Organization - Fall 2007- Summer 2008.
         Engineers Without Borders
               o Vice President - Spring 2008
               o Finance chair - Fall 2007
         Biochemistry Club
               o Vice-president - Spring 2004-Fall 2005
         Fluent Speaking/Reading Japanese - 中上級 (chuujyoukyuu)
   International Experience:
         One year abroad at Shinshu University in Matsumoto, Japan - Fall 2008 – Summer 2009
         Research experience with laboratory techniques related to:
               o     Mammalian cell culture(Human K562, umbilical cord stem cells and fibroblasts), chemistry
                    associated with 3-D cell scaffolding, Gene Cloning, SDS-PAGE Gels, Western Blotting, DNA Sequencing,
                    RNA knockdowns, Enzyme Kinetics, Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, In Vitro Translation
                    and Expression of Proteins, Protein-Protein Interactions, Compression Testing, Protein Purification.
         Proficient in computer languages:
               o     Python, C/C++, Java, Processing, Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML, Bash, NQC
         Experience with Programming Topics:
               o Application Programming, Unix Programming, Genome Assembly Programs, Web Server Hosting,
                    Web Programming, Robotics Programming, Data mining, GUI Programming.
   Professional Programming
         Conceived and wrote EWBAASQ an amino acid quiz program for Survey of Biochemistry students. Sold to OSU
           Biochemistry Department for $200 to benefit Engineers Without Borders.
         Presently writing gene annotating pipeline for Dr, Prade and Dr. Mostafa

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