Technology consulting team at IPSES chose XJTAG boundary by erin.natividad


                                                                           IPSES                                                              XJTAG Technology Partner

XJTAG boundary scan fast-tracks solution for testing complex, high-density boards
“  Technology consulting team at IPSES chose XJTAG boundary scan to test complex boards containing over
20,000 solder joints for Linkra Manufacturing Services whose boards are manufactured and tested for the
telecoms giant Italtel. Whereas developing an in-circuit test solution would demand significant engineering
commitment, XJTAG was able to test 75% of the board quickly and cost effectively.

IPSES is located near Milan, Italy, and produces customised                          “XJEase breaks the boundaries of the
                                                                                                                                 with comparatively little engineering
electronic solutions for scientific and industrial applications.                     boundary scan chain. It is an open          effort and without complex custom
The 10-strong team has specialist expertise in networking and                        language, which can be learned quickly      hardware,” comments Angelo Stella.
connectivity, embedded firmware, integrating data analysis and                       and provides more flexibility than
acquisition systems, and making devices for automatic testing                        solutions offered by other systems for         An additional advantage is that
of electronic assemblies.                                                            testing non-JTAG devices.” He adds          XJTAG is well suited for use in a
                                                                                     that some of these alternatives are         production environment, as well as in
   Recently, the manufacturing            automatically captured from CAD data       extra-cost options, whereas XJEase          a development laboratory. “We were
division from Linkra Networks             or entered manually. XJDeveloper’s         comes with no such restrictions.            able to build the system, including
engaged IPSES to develop a test           advanced graphical interface helps to                                                  the XJLink2 module, into a robust
solution for complex and densely          set up each project and visualise faults      Using the built-in test capabilities,    test station comprising various power
populated computing boards                with individual boards, and enables        clear visualisation tools and DFT           supplies, I/Os, and a small bed of nails
containing over 20,000 solder joints      faster project completion by providing     analyser provided, and taking               providing the few direct connections
and with around 5500 connection           built-in tests such as connection tests.   advantage of XJEase to maximise             needed. The operator simply places
nets. Linkra had envisaged a                                                         test coverage, the team at IPSES            the board on the fixture and presses
strategy based on in-circuit testing.        Angelo Stella singles out XJTAG’s       created a solution for testing 75% of       the Start button. It is a very satisfactory
IPSES proposed a faster and more          high-level test description language,      the board before even considering           and easy to use solution.”
cost effective solution using boundary    XJEase, as one of the most helpful         creating an ICT fixture or using a flying
scan to test the majority of the          features simplifying the development       probe tester. “XJTAG effectively solved
board’s connections. “The cost of         of tests for non-JTAG devices.             three quarters of our test challenge
building a fixture and developing                                                                                                   Gian Luca Pizzocolo

software to test this board would be
high. We saw the opportunity to                                                      Angelo Stella                               Data
deliver a priced solution within a fast                                              Electronics Test Specialist
turnaround time using the XJTAG
boundary scan system,” says                                                                                                                           Scientific Electronics

                                             “Using XJTAG,fast turnaroundtotime. XJTAG effectively solved
Angelo Stella of IPSES.                                                                                                           Company         IPSES S.r.l.
                                                             we were able    deliver a competitively priced
                                                                                                                                                  HQ Italy
                                           solution within a                                                                      Nature of       Customised electronic solutions
   XJTAG boundary scan is able to
                                           three quarters of our test challenge with comparatively little                         business        for scientific laboratory
test a high proportion of connections                                                                                                             instruments and industrial
and components, including non-JTAG         engineering effort and without committing to custom hardware.
                                                                                                                         ”                        applications

devices, with very few physical                                                                                                   Main product    Design, development and
                                               The XJEase test description language is more flexible and                                          manufacture of innovative
connections to the board. Connecting
                                           cost effective than other solutions, and allows us to test beyond                                      hardware, firmware and
the tester via the 4-pin JTAG header
                                                                                                                                                  software solutions
provided on the board, plus additional
                                           the boundaries of the boundary scan chain.
                                                                                                                                  Customers       Scientific electronics, automotive,

connections using the XJLink2 I/O               XJTAG boundary scan is able to test a high proportion of                                          networking, telecom, wireless
                                                                                                                                                  and control systems industries
expander to enhance test coverage,         connections and components, including non-JTAG devices, with                           Location        Milan, Italy
allows XJTAG’s XJDeveloper                 very few physical connections to the board. Using XJTAG, we have                       Employees       10
application to check the unit under
test against board information
                                           achieved a very satisfactory and easy to use solution.
                                                                                                             ”                    Web site


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