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					-------------------------------------------------------------------------The Star Trek Voyager 3D Screen Saver v1.701 for Win95/98/NT4 by ROBERT BENNETT EMAIL: ICQ# 14073622 RELEASED: 30th October, 2000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------* ARCHIVE CONTENTS - Voyager.scr - readme.txt * INSTALLATION To install, simply copy the "Voyager.scr" file to the windows folder (normaly C:\WINDOWS). Then go the Display options in Control Panel and in the Screen Saver section select Voyager! Then sit back and prepare for warp speed, Mr Paris! To remove simply delete the "Voyager.scr" file from the windows folder, but why you want to do this is beyond my comprehension. * SETTINGS: To get to the settings screen go to Display options in Control Panel and in the Screen Saver section click on Settings. No. of Background Stars: Sets how many background stars there are. No. of warp lines: Sets how many warp lines/space particles there are. Set these to low to speed it up a little. Camera pause and warp pause set the average wait between the change in camera angles and the wait for Voyager to go to warp. Texture Detail set the level of detail in the textures. High looks better but it slower, Low looks chunky but is faster, none means Voyager will have no textures. * v1.701 RELEASE NOTES: Well 1 week ago today I had my wisdom teeth out. This resulted is much pain and swelling, and a week off work. So once I was feeling up to it I decided to waste some time updating the Voyager screen saver.

See below for a full list of new features/fixes. The main add on is random encounters with the BORG! When Voyager warps into a new system there's a chance the Borg will be lurking and attack! Voyager will ofcourse try and fight back, but comeon people its the Borg we're talking about here, so there's not much hope. Voyager has a limit to the amount of shield power it has. Once its depleted it will start taking damage. Shields will recharge in time tho so don't panic. (See the shield meter in the top left of the screen). Another major update is that I've fixed the problem that stopped the screen saver from running properly on Voodoo cards. (I hope!) (I don't have a voodoo card so if you do, and it works, let me know!) It was all done pretty quickly so there's probably heaps of bugs. If you spot one, let me know! Wasted hours and hours doing this boys and girls so I hope you like it. If you do/don't email me and let me know! Otherwise I won't know to keep wasting time working on it! Enjoy. * v0.74656 RELEASE NOTES: Back in 1995 (Has is been that long?!) I was doing alot of fiddling with good old DOS Pascal programming and at the time I was really looking forward to the new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Voyager. (I think it was already out in the US but here in Oz we got it like a year later). Anyway to pass the time I made a 3D model of the ship from a picture I got off the web and plotted it out in 3D space in dots. Sounds impressive doesnt it? Well it was! (Hey I was impressed at the time). So recently I got sick of working on the next version of the Eric Cartman 3D Extravaganza! and decided to do some fiddling with something different. I'd had afew requests to do a Star Trek screen saver so when I came across the old dotty Voyager I decided to make something out of it. And this is it. I guess I'd have to class this as an unfinished version as the model of the ship really should have alot more detail but for now I was more interested in some of the other stuff involved. And there's

alot of stuff I wanted to do with it that I haven't gotten around to yet. It requires Microsoft's version of OpenGL which comes with most versions of Windows these days. If you get errors about DLLs missing (usually if you've got the original version of Win95) You can download it from: As with all my stuff if you like it/hate it/use it and want me to keep going with it let me know! Enjoy! * VERSION HISTORY 1.701 20/10/2000

Second Release - Random BORG attacks! - Some detail/texture mapping added to the ship. - Some rewriting. Runs *ALOT* faster. - Fixed problem so it will woth on Voodoo Original Release - USS Voyager cruisin' at warp/impulse.

hardware. 0.74656 12/12/1999

-------------------------------------------------------------------------STAR TREK and STAR TREK VOYAGER are Trademarks of Paramount Pictures. The screen saver itself is Copyright © Robert Bennett 2000. This software was made as a tribute to STAR TREK: VOYAGER. No copyright infringement is intended. This software is FREE and may not be used for profit. If you like and use it, send me an email! -------------------------------------------------------------------------This screen saver is provided as is. The author takes no responsibility for any damage that is done to your system thru it's use. It works fine for me! If it doesn't for you, it aint my fault! This product is not guaranteed to save your screen from burn in or any other form of damage. (eg. appointing it as referee in a boxing match between a Borg and a Cyberman) --------------------------------------------------------------------------

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