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					Our Mission:

The SCConnection
Second Christian Church Serving Christ by serving others since 1894

To love God above all else; To love one another with Christ’s self-sacrificing love; To love the people of our community and the world, And thus, to go and make disciples of them, baptizing them and teaching them

to do the same
4801 Edison Street, Houston, Texas 713-692-3503 May 10, 2009

A 6-week, in-home, book- & video-guided study.

Read chapters 6 thru 8 for this 5th week!
Learn to live a life of eternal influence.
Sign up at the back & pick up a book today!
Please prayerfully consider donating $6 to cover the cost of the book. ____________________

News Flash!
To all the moms among us:

Blood Replacement
Harriett Maly recently had a blood transfusion. The Gulf Coast Blood Center asks that friends and family help replace the blood she used (and may need in the near future with upcoming surgery). If you’re willing to help out, please contact Harriett to get the details (it involves a claim number and information about Harriett). Her number is: 281-894-6637. You don’t have to have her blood type to donate.
Executive Board Meeting – Next Sunday, May 17 at 2:30 p.m. God’s Servants Today, May 10, 2008 Elders at the Table: John Maly and Eduardo Arriaga Communion Preparer: Cipriano Saenz In the Nursery: Sunday School – Darlene Weisinger Worship – Sandra Arriaga and Angie Arriaga Greeters: Harriett Maly and Ryan Romig Communion for Shut-ins: A- Robert Wilhite (B- Todd Mosley) GROW: R-Team (Jeffrey, Wendy, Tammy, Rachel, Clay) – meeting cancelled for Mother’s Day God’s Servants Next Sunday, May 17, 2008 Elders at the Table: Todd Mosley and Robert Wilhite Communion Preparer: Cipriano Saenz In the Nursery: Sunday School – Rachel Peacock Worship – Jennifer Harwell and Japheth Eernisse Greeters: Marie Salinas and Todd Mosley Communion for Shut-ins: A- Jeffrey Eernisse (B- Robert Wilhite) GROW: O-Team (Darlene, Nelda, Reed, Marie) – meeting time TBD

Happy Mother’s Day!

Youth Movie Night!.
Friday, May 15 at SCC at 7 p.m.
Youth 10 through 18 years old, invite your friends to watch “Nacho Libre” [PG] with us!
Parents: This is an entertaining film that also has a positive message. Questions? Talk to youth leader, Gabriel Cantu.

Sunday Morning Attendance
April 26 – 59 May 3 - 68 Your presence is a gift to us!

Prayer Corner
Please notify us of new concerns, updates, corrections or answers to prayer on the back of your attendance slip!

$tewardship of God’s Resources
May 3, YTD 2009
Budgeted: $3,137.54 $56,475.72 Received: $3,823.83 $50,953.23 We’re supported ONLY by individuals like you! Building Your Walls – (starting Feb. 17, ‘08) and as of May 3, 2009
Goal: $100,000.00 Pledged: $100,465.60 Received: $ 58,591.62 Weekly Goal: $ 961.54 Rec Goal TD: $61,538.46 Spent TD: $20,811.00

Please pray: The biggest part of our project (main A/C replacement) is in the engineering/designing phase!
We sincerely appreciate all gifts! Please keep in mind that the Church Board may find it necessary to redirect designated gifts to meet the current needs of our ministry.

Mission emphasis
SCC supports or endorses over a dozen different local, national and international ministries. We highlight one or two each month.

Mission Centers of Houston
This ministry changed its name recently from Baptist Missions Centers. MCH ministers to the people of the inner city of Houston, Texas with clothing, food, and programs for children, adults and senior adults. The Gano Mission Center is right here in our neighborhood. We sometimes support them financially, particularly due to their ministry to the hungry. Please pray for MCH that they will minister effectively for Christ to our community.

New Requests or Updates: [1] Rebecca Gould – recently in and out of hospital with high fever; back at home with antibiotics; [2] J.C. David – health concerns; [3] Harriett Maly – tests for colon cancer; [4] Jim Bowen (friend of Marie Salinas-Rico) – cancer; [5] Donnie Heaton – his desire is that he & his kids experience contentment with what they have; wants kids to have a good life with God; Ongoing Concerns: our pastor & his family, our church leaders & teachers, our shut-ins, our ministries, the missions we support, other churches, our nation & its leaders, our armed forces, persecuted Christians around the world Missionaries: David & Suzie Snyder & Rebekah & Lauren, Eduardo, Sr. & Eva Arriaga (Alabama), Timothy Jenkins (Guatemala), Cyril & Rhonda Gordon (Jews for Jesus), The Gideons International Servicemen & Women: Nathan Clark, Miguel Paredes, Jimmy David, Matthew Tran Health: Rebecca Gould (high fever), J.C. David, Jim Bowen (cancer), Harriett Maly (tests for colon cancer), Brian Johnson (eye health), Paul & Renee Basinski (Paul’s heart health), Angelita Ayala, Lillie Zigler, Anne Marie Maly (Alzheimer’s), Dot Viator Expectant Parents: Steven & Amy Tamayo Other: Donnie Heaton & Family (contentment), Dana Livanec (better job), Corry Peacock (work troubles), Tomball Assembly of God (searching for new pastor), Angelita Ayala (finances), Bernie Cisneros & Jennifer Gonzales & Mario Moreno (purpose & guidance), Mike Taylor & Jennifer Gonzales & Bernie Cisneros (purpose & direction), Rico Family (finances), Daniel Kelley (working in Baghdad), Pat Maly (mother’s caregiver)

Summer Camp

Forms are available at the back of the sanctuary!
Parents, this is a great way for kids to learn more about Jesus, to make friends, and to have fun.

High School – June 7–12 (sponsor: Lacey Trevino) 4th & 5th Grade – June 14–19 (sponsor: to be determined) Jr. High – June 21–26 (sponsor: Jeffrey Eernisse) 2nd & 3rd Grade – June 28–July 1 (sponsor: Tammy Eernisse)

SCC will pay half of camp fees. Questions? Ask Wendy.

SCC Assistance Ministry
What: When funds are available, SCC can provide
help with utility bills, rent, mortgage payments or medical bills (paperwork required) What Else: When funds (& volunteers) are available, we can collect & deliver groceries or clothing to families in need Who: SCC will help church members, relatives of church members, regular attendees, or people living in nearby zip codes How: Trusting that God orchestrates divine appointments, we help on a “first come, first served” basis. Contact Laurie for more details: 713-692-3503 or

Program Has Started This Month!
Volunteers, this week and each week, see the back of the newsletter for schedule reminders. Thanks for getting involved! CORRECTION: On the May calendar, published last week, I indicated that the W-Team that meets on the 4th Monday meets at 7 p.m. However, the correct time for their meeting is 6:30 p.m. Please make the correction on your calendars. - Laurie



Join us as we meet with God and express His worth to us in song and service.

Service of Fellowship
We celebrate our togetherness in Christ with songs, a brief greeting time and prayer. Prayer requests (or updates) may be written on the back of your attendance slip. Urgent prayer requests may be handed to the minister during the greeting time.

We feel blessed that you chose to worship with us today. We hope you “make yourself at home” and that the worship and fellowship will draw you closer to God. We baptize by immersion those who make a public profession of faith in Christ. We also accept membership of immersed believers who transfer by letter (from another church) or by statement. Requests for information about baptism and/or church membership may be made on the attendance slip in this newsletter or the Decision card in the pew. Children under 4 years old may be cared for in the nursery (during both Sunday school and Children’s Worship Bulletins and worship). crayons are available in the foyer for kids 3-12 years old. We also have a Junior Church for children under 12 who have not been baptized. Please feel free to ask questions of our greeters if you are lost or need information about the Sunday school classes, nursery, etc.
To accept Christ as your Savior and Lord today, you may pray this suggested prayer: “Dear God, I agree with you that I have been living my life without acknowledging or worshipping you as Creator, the source of life and all good gifts. I have rebelled against you by doing things my own way and not following your commands. I have sinned against you with my every hurtful or selfish thought or deed. Thank you for sending Jesus to come to earth as a man and to die on the cross to suffer the judgment my sins deserve. Thank you that he arose from the dead proving he is your own precious son and that my sins are forgiven. I invite Jesus Christ to live in me and be Lord (take charge) of my life from this day forward. Teach me how to live according to your will. All these things I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.” Please let us know about this wonderful decision you have made! You can call 713-692-3503, email or write a note on the back of your attendance slip and put it in the offering plate.

Service of the Word
We meditate on God’s message with a responsive reading and a sermon. Our Elders are available for prayer and spiritual guidance immediately following the sermon.

Service of the Table
We celebrate open communion, inviting all who call Christ Savior and Lord to participate. The elements are taken when passed.

Service of Thanksgiving
Immediately following communion, we give a tithe (10%) of our income as well as other gifts and offerings with faith in God and gratitude to Him. Please have your tithes and offerings and your attendance slip ready to be placed in the offering plate.

Schedule of Regular Events
Sundays Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. Sunday schooll “Life on Loan” groups Sunday school Sunday schoo (for children & youth of all ages) (6 wks starting 4/15) 9:30 a.m. Adult Bible Fellowship 10:30 a.m. Fellowship 10:45 a.m. Worship
Pastor: Jeffrey Eernisse Elders: Eduardo Arriaga, Todd Mosley, Robert Wilhite Elders Emeritus: Lester Clark, Weldon Davidson, John Maly Children’s & Youth Ministry Leader: Wendy Tisdel Secretary: Laurie Mosley

STREET & MAILING ADDRESS: 4801 Edison Street Houston, Texas 77009

Welcome Guests!

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