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									Secure-It, Inc, Provides Sonic Shock Alarm System For LCD Projector Systems

East Longmeadow, MA, 4-MAY-2013 - Secure-It, Inc., offers people who want to keep their LCD
projector systems protected the effective and easy-to-use Sonic Sock Alarm System. The East
Longmeadow MA privacy monitor is a cost-effective system that can be attached to your LCD
projector, TV, or other property. The alarm is loud, issuing a 117 dB sound that draws attention and
keeps your equipment safe.

When interviewed recently a representative for Secure-It, Inc., shared the commitment of the company
to continuously meeting the needs of their customers and providing the greatest level of customer
service. "We provide customers with the most advanced security systems to ensure that they are able to
keep their audio visual, computers and other expensive equipment safe. Our highly skilled team are
continuously enhancing our systems to ensure that our customers have the latest technology and are
available to answer questions about the steps that clients can take to keep their equipment safe."

The design of the Sonic Shock Alarm System is based on a simple concept with powerful protection
and straight forward technology. The three parts of the system consist of a small stainless steel base
plate that is permanently attached to the equipment that you are protecting. An alarm module snaps into
this base plate that locks the module to the plate and a ten foot sensor wraps around an immovable
object near your equipment that will sound the alarm if it is cut or broken. When you don't have a place
to anchor your equipment there are several options available that expand the area where the sensor can
be anchored.

The entire system is made from high strength steel and attaches to your equipment and anchor point
with 3500 psi resistant high strength adhesive. The system uses a 9v batter with an estimated life of 50
years. There are hundreds of key code and each system is custom keyed so all of your alarm products
can be under a master key or keyed individually. In addition, the lock can be re-keyed at any point.

To get more information bout the East Longmeadow MA privacy monitor offered by Secure-It, Inc., to
protect LCD projector systems from theft visit today. Individuals and
members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information

Secure-It, Inc.
140 Denslow Road, East Longmeadow, MA 01028, USA
Telephone: 800-451-7592 or 413-525-7039

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