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									Chapter 5: Product Specifications

  Product Design and Development
  Fourth Edition
  by Karl T. Ulrich and Steven D. Eppinger
             Product Design by Otto and Wood, 2001

•   Form a List of Design Issues
•   Form a List of Related or Competitive Products
•   Conduct an Information Search
•   Establish Best-in -Class Competitors
•   Develop Specifications
    –   Less than
    –   Greater than
    –   Range
    –   Discrete values
    –   Exactly X
     Sources of Product Information

• Library                   • Trade Magazines
• Thomas Register           • Patents
                            • Market Research Databases
• Market Share Reporter          – DIALOG, Predicasts, American
• National Bureau of               Demigraphics
  Standards                 •   Web
• Census of Manufactures    •   Vendors
                            •   Technical Specialists
• Moody’s Industry Review
                            •   Experts/Friends in Industry
• Consumer Reports          •   NAICS (North American Industry
  Magazine                      Classification System) Codes
 Benchmarking the Krups 203 Coffee Mill
• Design Issues            • Competitors
   –   price                 –   Braun
   –   noise level           –   Molinex
   –   size                  –   Salton
   –   grind time            –   Bosch
   –   fineness of grind     –   Proctor-Silex
                             –   Cuisinart
Format for submission
Need Statement: The coffee grinder has sufficient capacity.
Metric and units: Bean capacity in oz.
List of 3 competitors:
           Best: Capresso 565.04 Infinity Burr Grinder, 8-1/2 ounces
           Middle: Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind, 8 ounces
           Worst: Krups F203, 3 ounces
US Patent:
Title: Coffee grinder
United States Patent 4607200
A coffee grinder has a control circuit for its electric grinder motor which includes a three-
position control switch having a resident "Off" position, a resident "On" position, and a
non-resident or momentary "On plus Start" position. In the "Off" position power is
interrupted to all circuits of the grinder. The "On" position is a resting position which is
resumed after the start of each grind cycle in readiness for the start of another grind cycle.
The "On plus Start" position is momentary and in which a relay is energized so as to
complete a circuit that energizes the grinder motor. In one type of coffee grinder the
electrical control circuit includes a timer which can be set to determine the length of the
grinding cycle. In another type of coffee grinder the length of the grinding cycle is
determined by the presence of a ground coffee receiving bag or other container. In both
types of grinders the normal grinding cycle can be terminated by placing control switch in
its "Off" position.
NSF/ANSI 8-2007 Commercial powered food preparation equipment
EN 60335-2-33 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances Part 2: Particular
Requirements for Coffee Mills and Coffee Grinders CENELEC
HD 260 Particular Specification for Coffee Grinders and Mills CENELEC
HD 260 S3 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances Part 2: Particular
Requirements for Coffee Mills and Coffee Grinders CENELEC
UL 763 (Ed. 3) Standard for Motor-Operated Commercial Food Preparing Machines

Group Members Name and CM:
David Stienstra and Patsy Brackin, CM 165
                       Quiz for Today

• 20 Minutes
• From your customer needs statements, select one statement
  and develop an appropriate metric.
• Perform benchmarking to find the current range for this
  metric among your competitors’ products.
• Do a search of the US Patent web-page and find one patent
  that is relevant for your product. (www.uspto.gov)
• Locate the title of at least one standard that is relevant for
  your product. (http://www.nssn.org/)
   (Make sure find title, abstract, or keyword is selected.)
• Include a CM for one team member.
Format for submission
Need Statement:__________________________________________________
Metric and units:__________________________________________________
List of 3 competitors:
           Best: Name and Metric____________________________________
           Middle: Name and Metric__________________________________
           Worst: Name and Metric___________________________________
US Patent, copy of front cover
Standard: Description from website
Group Members Name and CM______________________________________

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