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 SOLOY                                                                                          4Q2005

     Law Enforcement Relies on Soloy for                forcement value equation. Soloy’s enhancements
        Cessna 206 Special Missions                     include the popular Rolls-Royce turbine engine
                                                        conversion; but Soloy offers much more than a
Increasingly, US Department of Homeland Secu-
                                                        turbine powerplant change. Although the Rolls-
rity agencies, state patrols, and police depart-
                                                        Royce turbine engine is certainly desirable for its
ments worldwide, are calling on Soloy for tailoring
                                                        stealth - being 12 db quieter than the piston air-
of Cessna 206 aircraft to their special mission
                                                        plane at equivalent cruise altitudes - it is popular
                                                        for its performance, its jet engine reliability, and
This year’s Airborne Law Enforcement Associa-           for its freedom from dependence on avgas.
tion annual meeting in Reno, Nevada, made an
uncontestable case on behalf of the use of fixed-
wing aircraft for police surveillance. The fixed-
wing aircraft’s superiority over helicopters for this
important watchdog mission is partly a product of
its “stealth”, resulting from a low noise signature
and an ability to mix-in with the multitude of other
fixed wing aircraft in the skies; and partly the re-
sult of its smoothness and stability as a long-
range stand-off FLIR and video platform.

                                                        Soloy also offers an FAA-certified surveillance
                                                        window, shown at left, along with an observer
                                                        seat (the most comfortable in the market), and a
                                                        recessed headliner with 4-point seatbelt upgrade.
                                                        Customers of Soloy Cessna 206 law enforcement
                                                        mods include the Royal Canadian Mounted Po-
                                                        lice, the Ottawa and Toronto Police Departments
                                                        in Canada, US Drug Enforcement Administration,
The fixed wing’s low cost of operation, compared        US Marshall’s Service, Costa Rica Ministry of
with rotorcraft, and comfortably long loiter time,      Public Security, and other leading law enforce-
were cited as additional benefits in its favor: the     ment agencies worldwide.
agencies gain more police capability for fewer          When they’re up to no good, the ‘bad guys’ know
governmental budget dollars.                            to look up for helicopters. But police surveillance
The Cessna 206 is a favorite airplane for law en-       teams are now better able to “bust” the bad guys
forcement missions because of its good value,           by utilizing the quietest, most effective fixed-wing
great supportability, and very high productivity (ie,   police vehicle available, the Soloy-equipped 206.
payload & range). And Soloy’s special mission
offerings on this airframe only add to the law en-      Now that’s a Soloy Advantage that benefits us all.
       US Fish & Wildlife #1 Delivers with                are established across the nation. They are also
      FAA-certified Reversing MT Propeller                the “early warning” defensive line protecting the
                                                          nation from avian flu potentially carried by migrat-
US Fish & Wildlife’s first Soloy Turbine 206 deliv-
                                                          ing waterfowl.
ered to the customer recently following production
test flights with the newly-certified MT five-blade re-   A major reason for the conversion to a Soloy Tur-
versing propeller. Meanwhile, its sistership, US          bine 206 was to relieve dependence on avgas,
F&W #2, has just begun the conversion process,            which is scarce and/or exceptionally costly in
and will deliver similarly-equipped shortly after the     some areas where they operate...areas like north-
New Year.                                                 ern Canada, for example.

                                                                    Soloy’s Rolls-Royce Heritage
                                                          In watching the Soloy Turbine 206 “Mark 2” take
                                                          shape on the hangar floor, we realized that Soloy
                                                          and the Rolls-Royce 250-series engines go back
                                                          a long way. In the mid-70s, working with designer
                                                          and initial manufacturer Detroit Diesel Allison divi-
                                                          sion of General Motors, Soloy began a series of
                                                          conversions with this enormously successful se-
                                                          ries of light turbine engines. At the time, the en-
                                                          gine was young, and going through the in-service
                                                          development period leading to a powerplant that
                                                          revolutionized the rotary wing industry.
Soloy’s conversion process involves removal of the
piston engine, propeller and accessories, and the         Soloy’s involvement began with the conversion of
installation of the Rolls-Royce 250-C20S turbine          the Hiller UH12D/E helicopters, followed immedi-
powerplant, together with a Hartzell or MT propeller.     ately by the similar conversion of the Bell 47G.
A new Shadin Fuel Totalizer is a standard addition        These installations put Soloy on the map as a go-
to all Soloy Turbine 206 and 207 aircraft.                to conversion house.
Soloy’s customer pilot training follows completion of     With experience and reputation gained, Soloy
production test flights. US F&W senior training pi-       went on to develop FAA-certified, as well as pro-
lots will then carry their new knowledge forward, as      totype, installations in many different airframes,
they train fleet pilots throughout the US F&W organi-     both fixed- and rotary-wing. A major milestone
zation.                                                   was Soloy's work in producing a certified turbo-
                                                          prop version of the 250-C20S turboshaft engine,
                                                          the only time this has been accomplished using
                                                          the STC certification process. This variation was
                                                          called the Soloy Turbine Pac, and won certifica-
                                                          tion in the Cessna 206 (now Soloy’s “ Mark 1”)
                                                          and the Cessna 207.
                                                          In what may be considered the most ambitious
                                                          STC program of all time, Soloy and Tridair
                                                          teamed to certify a twin-engined version of the
                                                          Bell 206L-3 and 206L-4 Long Ranger. Twin-
                                                          engine Soloy kits were purchased by Bell Heli-
                                                          copter Textron and incorporated into their produc-
                                                          tion line in Montreal. In fact, the 1000th Bell heli-
                                                          copter produced on its Canadian production line
The US Fish & Wildlife fleet encompasses a wide           in Montreal, which was celebrated with a special
variety of missions. These two aircraft will be oper-     ceremony including Soloy staff as guests, was a
ated by the experts that monitor bird population,         brand new Bell Twin Ranger, which entered ser-
from which data annual hunting permits and limits         vice with Niagara Helicopters.
Soloy prototypes utilizing the Rolls-Royce tur-
bine included the Cessna 185, shown below,
and 210, and even a single-engine Cessna 337.                 BELL 206L Long Ranger
                                                         with Rolls-Royce 250-C20R engine
                                                     FLIGHT MANUAL SUPPLEMENT REVISION
                                                   Soloy's recent revision to its Bell 206L Rolls-
                                                   Royce 250-C20R Rotorcraft Flight Manual Supple-
                                                   ment clarifies the method for calculating In-Ground
                                                   Effect (IGE) and Out-of-Ground Effect (OGE)
                                                   hover and rate of climb performance.
                                                   As originally issued, the Soloy RFMS restricted
                                                   performance to that obtained with a “min spec”
                                                   C20B engine, and the torque limit placard - pub-
                                                   lished in the LIMITATIONS section of the RFMS -
      Cessna 185 with Soloy Turbine Pac            had the effect of precluding the use of available
                                                   performance to limits already approved for the en-
Other prototype applications included the Beech-   hanced C20B-powered helicopter.
craft T34 Mentor, Chilean airframe ENAER’s T35
Aucan, and the Groen Bros autogyro.
Fully-certified Soloy engine conversion projects
include the 250-B17 powered Beechcraft A36
Bonanza (now known as the Tradewind Turbine
Propjet), the -C30 Eurocopter AS350D Allstar,
the C20R Bell 206 Jet Ranger and Bell 206L
Long Ranger. It’s an extensive list of achieve-
ments, one now is extending into the future with
the Rolls-Royce 250-B17F installation in the
Cessna 206. May this relationship continue for
many more mutually-successful years!               For example, Bell offers an approved water / alco-
                                                   hol performance kit for the C20B powered aircraft,
                                                   and publishes data that permits improved perform-
        CALL - FOR SALE - CALL                     ance based on engine power check results. The
                                                   206L C20R engine conversion produces power at
 Soloy Turbine 206 “Millennium Edition” with       least equivalent to a C20B with water/alcohol, and
 wheels & Wipaire amphibs; outstanding avi-        even at “min spec”, engine output is 7% better
    onics; leather seats; Flint wing-tip fuel      than the C20B. Soloy’s Revision approves the
 tanks; oxygen; an immaculate airplane with        use of the higher-performance charts, thereby fa-
          less than 500 hrs TTAF&E                 cilitating operation at higher weights, and at torque
                                                   values higher than defined by the original Soloy
                                                   limitation placard.
                                                   Why have a placard at all? Because the C20R
                                                   has extra power to allow 206L operations at higher
                                                   weights and density altitudes than the original cer-
                                                   tification envelope, authority to fully utilize avail-
                                                   able C20R power would have required flight test of
                                                   new static and dynamic structural loads, control
                                                   travel margins, and determining tail rotor effective-
                                                   ness. By placarding performance to a previously
                                                   approved envelope, significant certification costs
                                                   were realized, resulting in better performance
                                                   value for the customer. If you would like to dis-
                   $825,000                        cuss this subject, check with Nick Parkinson by
                                                   email at
 450 Pat Kennedy Way SW
Olympia, Washington 98501
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    Fax: 360.943.7659


     New Soloy Turbine 206 “Mark 1” of US Fish & Wildlife flies over Puget Sound, Washington.

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