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					HealthSource Chiropractic And Progressive Wellness In Clarksville Provides Natural Solutions For
Back Pain

Clarksville, TN, 4-MAY-2013 - Dr. Chad Young, DC offers individuals suffering from back pain the
safe and natural solutions that will provide long term relief and enhance the body's ability to heal more
effectively. The Clarksville Chiropractor creates programs that address the immediate issues causing
the pain and gives patients the care, education and training they need to become more active
participants in achieving and maintaining greater overall health and wellness.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Young shared his commitment to helping patients using natural
solutions. "There are often many factors that contribute to back pain and, in order to achieve lasting
resolution, all of these factors must be addressed. I work very closely with patients to ensure that they
are able to take the steps necessary to ensure that they do not experience further, needless pain. My
staff and I strive to create lasting relationships with the individuals we serve and am always available to
answer questions and help people take the steps that will ensure they are able to enjoy a more active
and full life."

During the initial examination, the doctor performs a physical examination and identifies any
misalignment, compressed discs and/or pinched nerves. The doctor will review the medical history of
the individual and discuss any injuries or accidents that the person has been involved in. Triggers for
the pain, such as stress or tension will be reviewed, as well as the diet of the individual, their normal
activities, the type of job they perform and their exercise regimen.

After evaluating the information that has been received, the doctor will create an individualized
program that addresses the immediate pain and provides the long term solutions that will alleviate the
recurrence of pain in the future. Dietary changes may be recommended to enhance the body's ability to
heal, increase stamina and enhance the circulation through the body. Chiropractic techniques will be
used to realign discs and relieve pressure from pinched nerves.

Exercises are often recommended to strengthen the muscle groups supporting the damaged areas, and
stress management training is provided to help the patient proactively address triggers before pain
begins. The doctor also utilizes other therapies designed to reduce inflammation and swelling to the
damaged areas and stimulate oxygen and healing to the damaged tissues and cells.

To get more information about the natural solutions provided by Clarksville chiropractor, Dr. Chad
Young, DC to address back pain, visit today. Individuals and
members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information

Dr. Chad Young, DC
HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness In Clarksville
1734 Memorial Drive, Clarksville, TN, 37043
Telephone: 888-977-6734

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