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AFN Radio Show Script CNIC Navy mil by erin.natividad


									                              Eriko’s List Of Things To Do
                              Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ohayo gozaimasu! Eriko-no-show e yokoso! O-genki desu ka? Hai, genki desu (Yes,
I’m fine.) OK! Let’s see what’s happening in Sasebo this week! We’ll talk about the
Bean Throwing Festivals today!

Spot Lights on Events You Don’t Want to Miss!
“A Little Birdie Told Me” Lunch/Dinner Walking Tours
Lunch Hunting
Friday, 3 February                                     1130-1330
Dinner Hunting
Friday, 17 February                                    1800-2000
We Meet at Albuquerque Bridge (Nimitz park side)
Lunch / Dinner hunters tweet the password “cheap, cheap” to find other hunters. We will
visit a new restaurant this time and ensure it is one we have not visited before. Call Eriko
at 252-3102 for more information.

Bean Throwing Festival Information
For those who didn’t listen to my show or read the script last week, Setsubun (Parting the
Season) festivals are seen all over Japan on February 3rd. The festival is held both at
shrines and temples. It’s regarded as the last day of winter and we scatter roast soy beans
to get rid of bad spirits and welcome happiness with warmth. People cry out “Oni wa
soto (Go away, evil spirits)” and “Fuku wa uchi (Come in, good fortune).” If you would
like to experience this custom, please come to the annual FFSC walking trip on Friday. If
you can not make the walking trip please visit a shrine near your residence with your

The Good Luck Charm “Setsubun-Iwashi (fried sardine head on a holly branch)” Give
Friday, 3 February                                     Starting 0800 until the fish last
Fish Market in Ainoura-cho
Customers who shop this Friday will be presented with a good luck charm made of fried
fish head by local fisherman. This is on a first-come-first-served basis. I’m not sure if
you are pleased with their little gift or not, though For more information, please call the
market at 0956-48-6111.

Susa Shrine Bean Throwing Festival
Friday, 3 February                                    1300 / 1700
Susa Shrine in Takanashi-cho
Susa Shrine is also known as “Ana-myo-ken,” the tunnel-looking cave dug out by ocean
current/waves over a thousand years ago. The rumor says the tunnel goes up to
somewhere in Imari city. The shrine alter had been built at the entrance of the cave. So
we can’t check to see if the rumor is true or not. However, Matsura Shigenobu, the 26th
lord of Matsura clan, visited the shrine to wish for good luck on the war before he left for
Korea about 400 years ago. So it sure has a long history and the shrine is registered as
one of the 8 notable sights of Hirado. What? Susa shrine is in Sasebo city instead of
Hirado? Please remember Sasebo village was once in Hirado Domain. When priests
throw beans for the festival they mix some candy along with traditional roasted soy beans
to entertain small kids and adults like me. I like it. People live in Hidamarino-oka
Apartment, Susamachi-cho, and Takanashi-cho, take this chance to visit the shrine. It’s
very close from your residence. Contact the shrine at 0956-23-3657 for more information.

Ritual rite                                          1100
Bean Throwing                                        1200
Used amulet burning in bonfire                       1630
Bean Throwing                                        1700
Star Festival (Star observation)                     2100

Speaking of the 8 notable sights of Hirado, Fukuishi Kan’non is also one of them.
Fukuishi Kan’non (Goddess of Mercy) Temple Bean Throwing Festival
Friday, 3 February
What is Kan’non? Kan’non is believed a people’s savior in Buddhism. He changes the
figures (sometimes appears with 11 faces, one thousand hands, even trans-genders to
female) to rescue people in need. The Kan’non at the temple is the carved figure
(female) on the big rock and is not big (6 feet long) but has 11 faces. It’s counted one of
the 7 important Kan’non figures in Kyushu. It’s believed that it had been built 1,300
years ago by the great priest, Gyoki. Fukuishi Kan’non is better known as the 1,000 days
festival in August. But this bean throwing festival held there is also very popular among
local people. They often invite Base personnel to the event. Call the temple at 0956-31-
8372 for more information. The schedule below is approximate and subject to be
changed. Please be there 10 minutes earlier so that you are not missing the event.

The event in the afternoon
Ritual rite                                          1300
Bean Throwing                                        1350

The event in the evening
Used amulet burning in bonfire                       1830
Ritual rite                                          1900
Bean Throwing                                        1950

Saikyoji Temple “Baby Crying Sumo”
Friday, 3 February                                    1000-1400
Saikyoji Temple in Hirado Island
In 1607, the 26th load of Matsuura clan, Shigenobu believed in Shingon sect Buddhism
seriously. He wanted to build the Saikyoji Temple in Singon sect where the temple is
located now. But there was the Sho-on-in temple already where he wanted to build a new
temple. The lord Shigenobu told the priest of the temple, Ryudon to move the temple to
somewhere but the priest refused the order stubbornly. The lord Shigenobu was mad and
set fire to the temple. Ryudon and his assistant Eitetsu cringed to the Buddha figurine
and died in fire. Shigenobu built Saikyoji temple there. Since then Shigenobu saw
ghosts of the priests and could not sleep at all. When Shigenobu was suffering, a baby
cried. Then the ghosts were scared away. That’s how the Baby Crying Sumo started to
get rid of bad luck. Babies who are around 1 year old get together at the temple on
February 3rd. Two babies sit face to face in the sumo ring and the referee tries to have
babies cry. The baby cries first wins the match. Any babies can attend. No need to sign
up ahead of time. Just bring your baby and sign up at the office. Please call the temple at
0950-22-2469 for more information. Do you like to know where the temple is? Please
visit your ITT office at the Fleet Landing and get a map. It’s very easy to locate the
temple. The office you check in your baby is at the building next to the three-layered

Baby checking in                                     0830
Match starts                                         1000

Hachiman Shrine Bean Throwing Festival
Friday, 3 February                                    1700-1900
Hachiman Shrine on Route 35
The ritual rite starts at 1700 and the bean throwing event starts at 1800. Anyone can
attend to catch beans. Please contact the shrine at 0956-24-8983 for more information.

FFSC Reach Out Walking Trip “Bean Throwing Festival Observation”
Friday, 3 February                                    1800-2100
Meet at Albuquerque Bridge and walk to Miyajidake Shrine on Route 35
It only takes for 10 minutes to walk from the bridge to the shrine. You observe the ritual
right, catch beans in plastic bags, and enjoy sipping cups of sweet bean soup. It’s totally
free of charge. Call Eriko at 252-3102 for more information. Local people eat certain
food for this occasion. The following information is for the people who would like to try
them out.

Yumihari-no-oka Hotel “Rolled Sushi” and “Rolled Cakes”
Friday, 3 February                                   1000-1900
They say something good happen to you if you eat whole rolled sushi facing to the year’s
lucky direction (North-North-West this year) in silent. If a whole rolled sushi is too
much to eat for you, how about eating a whole rolled cake? Yumihari-no-oka Hotel is
fixing lucky food for you. Please call the hotel 0956-26-0800 to order NLT Tuesday, 31
January. Oh, the cut off day was yesterday. Sorry, you can’t order them anymore. Oh,
there are two more interesting events scheduled at the hotel. Well we take an easy way.
We are planning to get rolled sushi at the convenience store on the way to the shrine and
eat them at the shrine.

Mariage (Marriage in French) of Home Made Breads and French Dishes
Sunday, 5 February                                  1800
Fee: Y5,000
Two geniuses (bread making and French chef) work together and create a special French
course meal in only one night. Please reserve your seat NLT Thursday, 2 February at
0956-26-0808 to eat the special dinner.
All-you-can-eat Buffet Fast Eating Contest
Sunday, 12 February                                     1200
Fee: Y1,500 (adult), Y750 (child)
If you are not attending the first eating contest, you just enjoy wonderful buffet lunch at
your own pace. But 9 men and 9 women who are attending the first eating contest fight
against the following food.
Man: 1kg (2.2 pounds) of steamed rice, 1kg (2.2 pounds) of curry sauce, and big deep-
fried chicken cutlet on the top
Woman: a special fruit cake (diameter 7 inches, 2.7 inches tall, whole cake)
If you eat the buffet, you have a chance to sign you up for the contest. Well, I’d rather
watch them devouring a lot of food. I want to enjoy eating food instead of fighting
against it.

Lobby Concert
Saturday, 4 February                                1400
Arkas Sasebo Lobby
It’s a concert of Ms. Okada Mari (pianist) from Sasebo city and trio from Omura city; Ms.
Nagatome Yuka (flute), Ms. Matsuura Chika (violin), and Ms. Ikeda, Yuki (fagotto also
known as a bassoon, music instrument). It’s free of charge.

Excavating Fossil Experience
Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 February                     1330-1430
Saikai National Park Kujukushima Zoological and Botanical Garden
The admission is Y400 (adult) and Y100 (child)
Fee: Y300 (the max number of attendees is 20)
This event is held as a part of the special exhibition of dinosaurs. To join this, you must
be older than 6 years old. Please call the zoo to sign up at 0956-28-0011.

99 Island Winter Oyster Festival
Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 February                  1000-1600
Saturday, 11 and Sunday, 12 February                1000-1600
Saturday, 18 and Sunday, 19 February                1000-1600
Saturday, 25 and Sunday, 26 February                1000-1600
Kashimae Pearl Sea Center
There are 500 small BBQ grills lined up in the lawn park. Please call the center at 0956-
28-4187 for more information.

Finding a Senior Wonderer Drill
Sunday, 5 February                                     1300
Shimanose Park
What is the event? The life span has been getting longer in Japan these days. The old
citizens who are not sick but just senile sometimes wonder around alone and get lost.
This is a drill to find those wonderers. If you see a group of people calling someone’s
name and looking for someone in the Ginza are attending the drill. Sometimes those
people passed out alone and found dead. They have to be found as quickly as possible
before they are in trouble. It’s important to conduct the drill.

Nagasaki Lantern Festival
Until Monday, 6 February                             1700-2200
Shinchi-machi, Nagasaki city
China Town in Nagasaki city is the smallest but the oldest one in Japan. January 23rd is
the New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar this year. Yes, Nagasaki Lantern Festival is a
New Year’s celebration. Big and very unique 15,000 lanterns in vivid colors light up
China Town very brightly. There are more than several festival sites and stage shows,
music concerts, parade and much more are held. ITT is planning three tours to observe it.
Traditional Chinese food is available at many stalls. I love steamy pork buns to eat. The
dragon dance is fantastic. Don’t miss the yellow lanterns at Megane-bashi (Spectacle
Rock Bridge). If you come with the ITT tour that I lead, you will see all of them. You
can reach ITT office at 252-3433. To know about the festival itself, please call Lantern
Festival Committee office at 095-829-1314 for more information.

Emperor and Empress Parade
Saturday, 4 February

Maso Parade
Sunday, 5 February

Saikai-no-Megumi (Bliss of Western Ocean) Market
Note: The market is closed on Mondays and Japanese holidays. It opens from 0800 to
1200 from Tuesday through Sunday.
A 100lb Blue Fin Tuna cleaning demonstration is scheduled every Saturday and Sunday
at 0900. I learned last week that the Japanese restaurant at the entrance of the market is
closed. I’m afraid Seafood Donburi (Rice Bowl) dishes are not available any more. Too
bad! For more information, please call the market at 0956-48-6111.

Note the market is closed the following days.
Mondays, 6, 13, 20, 27 February
Tuesday, 8 February

Big Tuna Cleaning Demonstration
Saturday, 4 February                                 0900
Saturday, 11 February                                0900
Saturday, 18 February                                0900
Saturday, 25 February                                0900

All-you-can-pack Sale
Saturday, 4 February                              1000
Saturday, 18 February                             1000
What are you packing? You’ll figure it out when you get there.
Mock Bidding
Sunday, 5 February                                  1000
Sunday, 12 February                                 1000
Sunday, 19 February                                 1000
Sunday, 26 February                                 1000

Raffle Drawing
Saturday, 11 February                                   0800-1200
Saturday, 25 February                                   0800-1200
In addition to live fish, processed fish such as fish jerky, fish cakes, flowers, manju
dumplings and much more are on sale at the market. Plus, frozen fish are on sale. They
are currently looking for new vendors. If you are interested please contact with the
market at 0956-48-6111.

Free Seafood Soup is contributed
Sunday, 19 February                                  1000
Please bring a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of your own.

Now you can get special rates when you take the Sasebo city bus. The fare is Y390
(Adult one-way). Children 4-12 are half fare (Y200). You can catch the bus from
Sasebo Train Station (STS) or Motomachi Bus Stop (MBS) in front of the local General

      STS                    MBS                    Fish Market
      0811                   0819                      0848
      1022                   1030                      1100
    Fish Market              MBS                       STS
      1004                   0930                      0940
      1115                   1141                      1151
For more information, please contact the market at 0956-48-6111.

Free Noh Play Class
Saturday, 4 February
1500 (adult), 1630 (elementary & middle school student)
Arkas Sasebo Rehearsal Room (Basement)
Noh player who lives in Fukuoka city comes to Sasebo and introduce the traditional
Japanese art to us. There are two courses, Dancing and Singing. Mr. Morimoto is
starting new classes in February and March. The tuition for one subject is Y6,000 per
month. The tuition for 2 subjects is Y8,000 per month. The tuition for Noh Dancing for
youth (elementary to middle school student) is Y3,000.
New class starts
Saturday, 18 February                        1500
Saturday, 17 March                           1500
Please contact Mr. Morimoto at 092-711-8888 for more information.
Let’s Enjoy Cultural Exchange in Sasebo
Monday, 6 February                              1330
Spica in Arkas Sasebo
It’s the third time for Spica to host the cultural exchange event. The theme this time is
“What is Chinese New Year like?” Sasebo city hall official (Chinese) is going to give the
special lecture. If you like to have day care center, please let them know it NLT Friday,
27 February. Please call Spica office at 0956-23-3828 for the event.

Recycle Shop Mook House 50% Off Sale
Until Sunday, 26 February                             1000-1900
Mook House in Oroshihonmachi-cho close from AEON Daito JUSCO
I have found very reasonable kimonos for Boy’s Day and Girl’s Day. If you are looking
for kimonos, this is your chance. Call the store at 0956-59-4020 for more information.

Sports Event
Sechibaru Mountain Hiking
Saturday, 4 to Sunday, 5 February
Sechibaru Youth Nature Center
Fee: Y1,800
This overnight hiking trip is for youth and their families. The max number of the
attendees is 50. Please call the center at 0956-76-2769 for information. The sign up
deadline was Friday, 27 January and I’m afraid it’s too late to sign up. Let’s cheer them

2012 Jogging Festival in Saza
Sunday, 4 March                                       0900
Saza-cho Ground
Entrée fee: Y2,500 (adult), Y800 (elementary, middle school, high school and college
student), Y3,000 (family rate per family)
There are 3 courses (2 km, 3 km, and 10 km) to choose. 2 km race is for elementary
school students in 4th to 6th grade. The 3 km race is for middle school and high school
boys and girls. The sign up deadline has been passed. Please call the committee at 0956-
62-2128 for more information.

Umegae Sake Factory Open Barrel Festival
Saturday, 11 and Sunday, 12 February                   1000-1500
Umegae Sake Factory in Joma-cho on Route 205
It’s an annual event of one of the oldest sake factories in Sasebo. Koto, Japanese harp
concert is held on both days. Free pork and vegetable soup is distributed to first 1,000
visitors. Free sake tasting is held for sure. Local products sale and factory tours are held
as usual. The local music band Milk Boys have their live show three times on both days
(6 mini concerts in total). There are more events are scheduled. Please see below.

Saturday, 11 February
Tea ceremony by Tea Ceremony Club students of Nagasaki International University
Star Light School on Stage (Dance performance, two stages on Saturday)
Miyazu-cho Women Sumo Club Demonstration (two stages on Saturday)

Sunday, 12 February
Yosakoi Dance performance

Free shuttle bus service between JR Huis Ten Bosch Train and Sake Factory
The shuttle bus leaves from Huis Ten Bosch train station at 0920 and runs every 20
minutes thereafter until 1600.

Please contact the sake factory at 0956-59-2311 for more information.

Saikai, Sasebo Shocking (“King of Food” in Japanese) Kingdom, Eat S-class
What’s S-class food? They are super delicious, super gourmet dishes in Saikai-cho and
Sasebo city.

   1) Port Town Sasebo Style “Solid Soup”
   Until Wednesday, 29 February 2012
   18 restaurants in Sasebo city
   What is “Solid Soup?” It’s a bowl of soup with a lot of ingredients. You have to
   chow to eat the soup.

   2) Kujira (Whale) Gourmet Fair
   Until Wednesday, 29 February 2012
   Restaurants in Higashisonogi-cho, Kawatana-cho and Sasebo city
   Where are the whales from? It’s a very good question.

   3) Saikai, Sasebo Shocking (King of Food) Kingdom Beef Gourmet Fair
   Until Sunday, 11 March 2012
   Restaurants in Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-cho, Kawatana-cho, Saikai-cho, Sasebo
   city and Saza-cho

   4) Food in Hasami Chinaware Gourmet Grand Prix
   January 2012
   Restaurants in Hasami-cho

   5) 99 Island Oyster Festival in Winter
   February 2012
   Saikai Pearl Sea Resort

   6) The 11th Saikai-don Fair
   Saturday, 11 February to Monday, 30 April 2012
   Restaurants in Saikai-cho and Saikai Bridges

   7) Shirouo (White Fish) Fair
   Sunday, 4 March 2012
   Citizen of Saza General Center Park in Saza-cho
   “Shirouo (White Fish)” are not white. They are transparent and very tiny. Fishermen
   scoop them up from water with fine nets. People put a soy sauce in a bowl of fish and
   swallow it. It’s only available for a week or so in a year. Please do not miss it.

Hirado Hirame (Flounder) Festival
Until Sunday, 8 April
Hotels and Restaurants in Hirado City
Thos who taste flounders in Hirado city during the festival, you are granted discount
tickets to Hirado spa resorts, Hirame Clear Files (first 1,000 customers), and 10%
discount tickets to purchase goods in Hirado city. Please take your chance during the
festival. Call Hirado Tourism Association office at 0950-22-3060 for more information.

Flea Markets
Aeon Daito Shopping Center Flea Market
Wednesday, 8 February                              1000-1500
Wednesday, 22 February                             1000-1500
Daito Jusco Parking Lot
This monthly flea market event is held on the second Wednesday and 4th Wednesday
every month. Due to the holiday season, the flea market today has been cancelled.
Please contact Mr. Yasunaga at 090-4572-1899 for more information. It will be held rain
or shine.

99 Island Events
Saikai Pearl Sea Resort (a.k.a. Kashimae Pier) Aquarium
Admission: Y1,400 (10th grader and above), Y700 (4 years old to 9th grader)
Please call the office at 0956-28-4187 for more information.
Special Discount for Sasebonians (Sasebo habitants): Y990 (high school student and
older), Y500 (4 years old to middle school student) Please show your Military ID

Three dolphins will greet you at the new tank. There is a Jellyfish tank too. Parking over
one hour is cost (Y100). Please visit the website:

Dolphin Show
Everyday                                            1020-1040, 1320-1340, 1520-1540

Pearl Queen Cruise
1000, 1100, 1300, 1400, 1500
Duration of the tour: 50 minutes
Fare: Y1,200 (middle school student and older), Y600 (elementary school student)

 Kaio (Ocean King) Adventure Cruise
1130, 1330, 1430 on Saturdays, Sunday, and Japanese holidays
Fare: Y1,200 (middle school student and older), Y600 (elementary school student)
Amamoba (Shallows) Playroom in Umikirarra (Shining Ocean) Aquarium
If not mentioned, the tuition is free. The admission to the aquarium is still required,

Story Telling
Saturday, 4 February                                  1130-1200, 1430-1500

99 Island Visitor Center Programs
Programs held at the 99 Island Visitor Center require small amount of fee. Contact the
center at 0956-28-7919 or visit website:
Please e-mail the visitor center your information (address, name, phone number and the
event you want to participate in.

1) Winter Bird Watching in the Ainoura River
Sunday, 19 February                                1000-1200
Fee: Y100
Attendees meet at the parking lot of Ainoura Sogo (General) Sports Ground. The max
number of attendees is 20 and they should be elementary school student and older.
Please sign up NLT Monday, 6 February.

2) What is it? Drift Objects Detective Experience
Sunday, 18 March 2012                              1300-1500
Fee: Y100
Attendees meet at the parking lot of Shirahama Beach. The max number of attendees is
20 and should be elementary school students and older. Please sign up NLT Monday, 5

Ocean Breeze Guided Walking Tour
Sunday, 12 February                                   1400-1500
Sunday, 11 March                                      1400-1500
Note: Cancelled if rain
Fee: Y100
It only takes for 5 minutes to get the beach from the center. The experienced guide leads
you there and explains fish, flowers, local plants, and more. The max number of the
tourists is 20. Call the visitor center at 0956-28-7919 for more information. The max
number of pairs is 5.

Saikai National Park Kujukushima Zoological and Botanical Garden Events
The admission is Y400 (adult) and Y100 (child). The phone number there is 0956-28-
0011. Tuition for the following classes is free unless it is specifically noted. You only
pay the zoo admission fee.
The whole zoo becomes non-smoking area. Please be careful.

Renewal Open “Petting Zoo”
It’s open!
You can pet bunnies and guinea pigs, feed goats and sheep, and ride on ponies.

Valentine Zoo
Saturday, 4 to Tuesday, 14 February                   0900-1630
The photo spot is created with a lot of pink, red, and white flowers and hart-shaped
colorful papers at the greenhouse so that you can take photos with your loved ones. In
Japan, boys receive chocolates from girls on February 14th. All male visitors visit the zoo
during the campaign are granted chocolate gifts from the zoo. It’s worth visiting there for

Container Garden Making Class
Sunday, 12 February                                1030-1200
Tuition: Y2,500
The max number of students is 40. Please call the zoo at 0956-28-0011 to sign up NLT
Tuesday, 7 February. Please bring a pair of work gloves and a pair of branch-snipping

Flowers and Plants Information Center
Fridays to Mondays and Japanese holidays     1030-1500
The SAZANBOSU volunteers answer your questions for free.

Zoo Annual Pass
Ishidake Zoo is issuing their annual passes, “Zoo to Pasupo.” The annual pass for adults
costs Y1,000 and for elementary and middle school student it costs Y250. Please bring a
photo (2cm X2.5cm) for your annual pass.

Zoo Volunteer “SaZanBoSu” Wanted
What is “SaZanBoSu?” It’s Sasebo Zoological and Botanical Garden Supporters
(Volunteers). They are instructors from the zoological and botanical classes and guides
of special exhibitions. They are also musicians who play music for zoo visitors and train
visitors to play music at the zoo. You don’t have to have special knowledge or a degree
to do that. You’ll be trained by the zoo staff.

Sazanbosu Activities!
The tent next to the zoo entrance, every Sunday
Herb Tea Tasting and Sale             A variety of herb teas are lined up!
Zoo Animal Quiz Rally                 Costs Y100 but you can win zoo animal post cards!
Original Cookies for Sale             Home made vanilla, almond, marble, raisin, and
                                      sesame cookies are for sale in reasonable price.
Zoo Animal Caps for Sale              The cap costs Y1,000 but worth more than that.

The Original Post Cards are for Sale
Now the Ishidake Zoological and Botanical Garden Post Cards have amazing photos of
zoo animals and plants for sale. A set of 6 post cards costs Y500.
Note: The nursing room is available in the zoo. The facility is for parents with babies.
The facility has a nursing room to change diapers and feed babies. Please refrain from
bringing your pets to the zoo.

Mt. Eboshi Sports Village Information
“Dog Run” Park has been Completed!
It’ opens now at Mt. Eboshi Sports Village
Wednesdays, Saturdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese Holidays.
Admission: Y300 per dog, Annual membership: Y3,000 per dog
Do you know what we mean when we say “Dog Run”? Now, I know it’s been very
difficult for you to find parks to walk or run your pet dogs freely in Sasebo. This facility
is only for dogs but they must be pre-registered at the park office. The registration fee is
Y500. The owner of dogs should be at least 18 years. Your dog’s shot records and
owner’s ID card is required when you register your dog(s). Please call Sasebo City Hall
Park Maintenance Office at 0956-24-1111 for more information.

Youth Science Museum
Wednesday to Sunday and Monday                       0900-1700
Closed on Tuesday and Japanese holidays. Phone number: 0956-23-1517
Sasebo Planetarium was closed and newly the Youth Science Museum opened in Hotate-
cho. Visit there once. It’s a new facility with decent and free parking lot.

Max number of attendees is 68. The duration of the show is 45 minutes.
Admission: Y300 (adult), Y150 (middle school student and under)

Winter Constellations
Wednesday, 1 to Friday, 3 February                    1600
Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 February                    1600
Monday, 6 February                                    1600

The Night of Galaxy Train
Wednesday, 1 to Friday, 3 February                    1500
Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 February                    1500
Monday, 6 February                                    1500

Educational Film
Saturday, 4 February                                  1000, 1100

Pocket Monster “Best Wish”
Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 February                    1300

Observation of Winter Constellations
Saturday, 4 February                               1830-2030
Fee: Free
The max number of attendees is 50. Please call the museum to sign up at 0956-23-1517.
Observation of Nature
Sunday, 19 February                                  1300-1500
Hananomori (Flower Woods) Park in Tawaragaura-cho on the way to Shirahama Beach
Fee: Y500 (accident insurance)
The max number of the attendees is 30. This is an observation meet for elementary
school students, middle school students and their parents to study about eggs of
amphibians such as frogs in winter. The center starts taking the sign-ups commencing on
Saturday, 14 January. Call the center at 0956-23-1517.

Sasebo Local Library Events
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday         1000-1800
Thursday and Friday                             1000-2000
Closed on Mondays and Japanese holidays. Contact the library at 0956-22-5618 for more

Story Telling Volunteer Training
Monday, 6 February                                 1000-1600
Fee: Free (max number of trainees is 20)
Please fax (22-9535) your information to sign up. The attendees are to take both of the

CD Check Outs
Commencing February this year, you can borrow 6 CDs instead of 3 CDs.

The local library opens until 2000 on Thursdays and Fridays until December. I like it.

Huis Ten Bosch Events
Below is the admission chart and fee for the New Huis Ten Bosch. I have just learned
you can bring your pet with you now. It started last week. Of course it’s not free. You
pay Y500 per pet.

Regular Ticket
      Period                  Adult             7th – 12th grade         4 years old –
                                                                           6th grade
Monday – Friday           Y2,500                    Y1,800                   Y800
Regular Season
Saturday, Sunday          Y3,000                    Y2,000                 Y1,000
Japanese Holiday
Busy season
Busy Season: March 1 – March 31

Moonlight Ticket
      Period                  Adult             7th – 12th grade         4 years old –
                                                                           6th grade
Monday - Friday              Y2,000                 Y1,300                   Y500
Regular season
Saturday, Sunday          Y2,500                    Y1,800                  Y800
Japanese Holiday
Busy season
Busy Season: March 1 – March 31

White Ferris Wheel Opens!
Huis Ten Bosch
Ticket to ride: Y700 + admission to Huis Ten Bosch is required (Y3,000)
700,000 lights lit up Huis Ten Bosch last year. This year, there are 820,000 lights! New
“White Ferris Wheel” is now in service. The tickets are Y700 for 11-minute ride. 1%
of ticket sales go to the charity fund for the Northern Japan Earthquakes and Tsunami
Victims. Please see Huis Ten Bosch information section. There are a lot of events
scheduled. Call Huis Ten Bosch at 0570-064-110 for more information.

Chapter 1
Until Sunday, 4 March 2012

Over-the-Ocean 3D Theater “Bon Voyage”
1000, 1030, 1100, 1130, 1200, 1230, 1300, 1330, 1400, 1430, 1500, 1530, 1600, 1630,
1700, 1730, 1800, 1830
Fee: Y500 (3 years old and older)
A new attraction theater will be open. ONE PIECE is a series of animated films. Ruffy
and his friends run around in 3D theater. The 12-minute-long film is a Huis Ten Bosch
original. Don’t miss it!

The Daytime Parade
Until Friday, 25 February 2012                             1300 (for 20 minutes)
Nieuwstad to Binnenstad

Palace of Lights
Until Sunday, 4 March 2012
1830, 1900, 1930, 2000, 2030 (for 12 minutes)
The Palace Huis Ten Bosch is lit up by colorful jewel-like illumination. The light up
show “The Palace Jewel Illumination Show” is held every day.
Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Thriller Fantasy Museum Illumination
Until Sunday, 4 March 2012
1830, 1900, 1930, 2000, 2030 (for 8 minutes)

The Electric Parade
Until Sunday, 4 March 2012                                 1800 (for 25 minutes)
Nieuwstad to Binnenstad
Chapter 2
Until Sunday, 29 January

Hot Spot Rest Stop
World Bazaar
Tulie-chan (Tulip Girl) is a mascot of Huis Ten Bosch. She has a tulip head and wears
Dutch dress. Her head is larger than her body. Small cakes designed after Tulie-chan are
for sale. Or you would like to toast marshmallows on bonfires?

Acrobat with Fire
Until Sunday, 4 March
Alexander Circle in Binnenstad area
The first-class acrobat artists of the world will perform with fire. The schedule of the
shows is to be announced at the site.

Electric Parade
Until Sunday, 4 March                                 1730
The starting time of the parade may change due to the time of sunset. Along with the
parade go, the lights of the town are turned on. It’s held in concord with 3D Projection
Mapping until Sunday, 29 January.

Chapter 3
Saturday, 4 February to Sunday, 4 March 12

The Japan First English-speaking Hotel Open
Watermark Hotel Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch
The manager is Australian. All the clerks speak in English. This is very new in Japan.
You would like to stay in this hotel? Please contact the hotel at 0956-27-0785 to make a

English Square Renewal Open
English Square
Japanese people who would like to learn conversational English visit this English Square.
If you would like to involve this project, please contact the office at 0956-27-0785.

Huis Ten Bosch English Square
Tomodachi Factory in Free Zone, Huis Ten Bosch
The following programs are held and taught in English. For more information on the
following events, please contact Tomodachi Factory office at 0956-27-0785 or visit the
web site:

Thriller Fantasy Museum Illumination Show
Everyday                                            1930, 2000, 2030, 2100, 2130
The show of lights and music lasts for 11 minutes. It’s held every 30 minutes after dark.
Huis Ten Bosch Wander Vehicle “Duck Tour”
Everyday, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600
Fee: Y2,500 (adult), Y1,800 (4 to elementary school student), Y500 (3 years old and
Have you seen the amphibious bus at the Huis Ten Bosch yet? When I saw it, it was
crossing the street. Yes, it looks like a boat but yet can drive on the road! The bus drives
on the road for 25 minutes and ducks in the water for 20 minutes. You don’t have to sign
up, come to the Huis Ten Bosch Entrance 15 minutes prior to the tour that you wish to
take. I’m thinking to take my brother and his family to ride on this bus. Please call HTB
Tourism Office at 0956-27-0290 for more information.

Open Season “Sea Ten Bosch” Fishing Pond
It’s open until it’s noticed.

If you want to feel scared in Japanese style, please visit Obake-yashiki (Haunted House).
Nihon no Kaidan Yashiki (Japanese Haunted House)
Admission: Y300
Thriller Fantasy Museum
It’s an on-going business and it stays what it is until noticed. Good.

5D Miracle Tour
5D doesn’t mean 5 dimensional. 5D stands for Dramatic, Dream, Delightful, Different
and to Discover. Whatever. That’s Japanese English and you are not expected to
understand. The screens are all over and you feel like you are floating in the air. The
duration of the show is only 8 minutes. They only take 32 Max people for a tour. Fee is
Y500 (4 years old and over). If you have a membership of Huis Ten Bosch, the fee is
Y400. The location of the show is in the district of Thriller Fantasy Museum, where you
find the Japanese Haunted House.

Special Events
Events featuring one of the popular animated films in Japan, “One Peace” are held at
Huis Ten Bosch.

The Memory of the “Going Merry” Quiz Digest Rally
Fee: Y500
There are 6 stations you have to clear (getting points). In completion, you can get a little
moment as a keepsake.

Let’s ride on the “Going Merry”
Fee: Y500
Riding on the mini size “Going Merry” pirate boat makes you feel like you are in the
“One Piece” world.

Take a Picture of the Thousand Sunny with You
Fee: Picture pin (Y600), Picture in the paper frame (Y500)
They take your photo when you are in the boat and make a picture pin or picture in the
paper frame. Please tell them which you would like to have.

Shabondi House (Restaurant) Opens!
The “One Piece” featured goods that you can only get at Huis Ten Bosch and dishes
featured “One Piece” that you can only eat at Huis Ten Bosch are served.

The Thousand Sunny Cruise
Write your message to Ruffy and his crew in the flag.
Tickets: Y1,000 (adult, non-member), Y800 (adult, HTB member), Y600 (4 to
elementary school student), Y500 (child, HTB member)

HTB Activity Center Craft Classes
For more information about the following classes, please contact HTB activity center at

Music Box Making Class
On going                                    1030-1730 (Please check in by 1630)
Fee: Y1,365

Wax Perfume Making Class
On going                                    1030-1730 (Please check in by 1630)
HTB Activity Center
Fee: Y1,200

Magic Show
On going
Pub “Moon Shower”
Admission: Y1,500 (including a drink and snacks)

Other Events
Sea Ten Bosch, Fishing at Huis Ten Bosch
Fee: Y300 per hour (special campaign fee only until the end of August), Y500 per hour
The fee includes a rental fishing rod and bait.
Fish you caught: Y600 (black snapper)

Zipangu Detective Club (Treasure Hunting)
“Zipangu” was the name that Italian explorer, Marco Polo gave Japan in 1270’s. He
didn’t visit Japan but he heard about Japan as the golden islands. He introduced Japan as
“Zipangu” in his journal. It’s said this “Zipangu” turned into Japan later.

You are going to read the mysterious map in Japanese and find the treasure somewhere in
Huis Ten Bosch. Sure it’s difficult.
    Basic Course (Y200)
    Beginner’s Course (Y300)
    Intermediate Course (Y500)
      Advanced Course (Y500)
      Super Advanced Course (Y1,000)

ESL and Japanese Phrase Class
English as a Second Language         Tuesdays, 7, 14, 21, 28 February 1000-1100
Tuition: Free

Community & Education Center Classroom “B”
Tuition: Free
Lesson 5 “How to count” in Japanese                Tuesday, 7 February 1130-1230
Lesson 6 “Colors” in Japanese                      Tuesday, 14 February 1130-1230
Lesson 7 “Food” in Japanese                        Tuesday, 21 February 1130-1230
Lesson 8 “Directions” in Japanese                  Tuesday, 28 February 1130-1230
Lesson 9 “When and what time” in Japanese          Tuesday, 6 March 1130-1230
Lesson 10 “How to use local transportation” in Japanese
                                                   Tuesday, 13 March 1130-1230
Lesson 11 “I don’t feel well” in Japanese          Tuesday, 20 March 1130-1230
Lesson 12 “Special occasions” in Japanese          Tuesday, 27 March 1130-1230
No need to sign up. You don’t have to complete the course. Please stop by and learn
Japanese phrases. The new series starts on Wednesday, 10 January 2012.

Cooking Class for Workers
Wednesday, 15 February                              1830-2130
Central Health and Welfare Center
Tuition: Y200 (Max number of students is 30)
This is a cooking class for busy people who work during day time. It doesn’t say what
they are cooking but the menu should be very healthy and economical. They only ask for
Y200 for ingredients. The class is taught in Japanese. Hope you have a Japanese
speaking friend goes with you. Contact Sasebo city hall Health Promoting Office at
0956-24-1111 for more information. I’m wondering if I sign up for the class. Let me
know if you are interested in it, too.

Art Exhibition
Shimanose Art Center Exhibition
Hours: 1000-1800. Closed on Tuesdays. Phone number is 0956-22-7213.

The 7th Nagasaki Prefecture Excellent Artist Exhibition
Wednesday, 1 to Sunday, 5 February

The 4th Indian Ink (Black-and-White Brush Painting) Art Exhibition
Wednesday, 8 to Sunday, 12 February

Nagasaki Prefectural Tosho High School Art Club Graduate Artwork Exhibition
Thursday, 9 to Sunday, 12 February
Matsumoto Takayuki Memorial Art Exhibition
Wednesday, 8 to Sunday, 12 February

Artistic Apron Exhibition
Wednesday, 15 to Sunday, 19 February

Shimanose Art Center Sketching Class Art Exhibition
Thursday, 16 to Wednesday, 29 February

The 60th Japan Water Paint Association Sasebo Branch Art Exhibition
Wednesday, 15 to Sunday, 19 February

Sasebo City Middle School Art Club Art Exhibition
Thursday, 16 to Sunday, 19 February

Emiko Solo Art Exhibition
Wednesday, 22 to Sunday, 26 February

The 8th Hosokawa Chizuru Art Class “Crayon” Art Exhibition
Saturday, 25 to Sunday, 26 February

Furukawa Taketoshi Art Exhibition
Until Wednesday, 29 February                        0900-1800
Sasebo Kyosai Hospital Lobby
The themes of his artworks are “Colors of 99 Islands” and “Mindscape of Hearts.” His
artworks are all drawn by color pencils. The admission is free. Please call Mr. Furukawa
at 090-8224-5838 for more information.

Ultraman Art Exhibition
Until Saturday, 31 March                            1000-1800
Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum in Nagasaki city
Admission: Y1,000 (adult), Y800 (university student, 70 years old and older), Y600
(high school student), Free for middle school student and under
Please call the art museum at 095-833-2110 for more information.

Arkas Sasebo Concert
The following concerts are held at Arkas Sasebo Convention Center. Please call Alkas
Sasebo regarding the concerts at 0956-42-1111.

Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra Concert
Friday, 24 February                               1900
Arkas Sasebo Big Hall
Admission: S seat (Y7,000), A seat (Y5,500), B seat (Y4,000), Student late (Y1,000)
I believe they are good.
Café EASEL concerts
Unless it’s mentioned, the admission is free. For more information, please contact the
café at 090-8220-0363.

New Year Big Party
Sunday, 12 February                               1530 (Doors open at 1500)
Leo Plaza Hotel
Please call Café EASEL for tickets at 090-8220-0363.

Mitchy Solo Live
Saturday, 18 February                                 Time is to be announced

Kudo Takashi & Kawasaki Misako Concert
Saturday, 25 February                                 Time is to be announced

Sudo Mitsuru New Album Tour
Wednesday, 7 March                                    Time is to be announced
Arkas Sasebo Rehearsal Room

Latin Jazz Night
Tuesday, 20 March                               Time is to be announced
Goto Yoshifumi and Takahashi Getao are performing.

Theatrical Play
Minato-machi (Port Town) Sunset
Saturday, 18 February                                 1400, 1900
Sunday, 19 February                                   1400
Arkas Sasebo
Admission: Y500 (adult), Y300 (middle and high school student), Free for elementary
school student and under
It’s a story about the people in a port town where the jazz music flows at the sunset. It’s
unsaid but it apparently “Sasebo.” It’s spoken in Japanese without subtitles. Please call
the theatrical company at 090-2394-6231 for more information.

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