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					                          L O S A N G E L E S F I R E D E P A RT M E N T

                                                                                                       FIRE DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATION
DAVID W. FLEMING, President       MEL WILSON, Vice-President                                                  200 N. MAIN STREET
                JAMES E. ACEVEDO, Commissioner
               ELIZABETH H. LOWE, Commissioner                                                                   WILLIAM R. BAMATTRE
                                                               Los Angeles Fire Department
                CHERYL PETERSEN, Commissioner                    on the WORLD WIDE WEB                       Fire Chief and General Manager

Wednesday, June 28, 2000                                                                                  Number 27
                                      This document may now be viewed on the World Wide Web at the above address

                                                       DIRECTIVES AND A C T I O N S
                           APPOINTMENTS                                                         CHANGE OF STATUS (Cont.)
The following is a list of 50 Firefighter I’s appointed at 0630               ENRIQUEZ, Martin, Firefighter III (Paramedic) to
hours, June 5, 2000. Listed below is the order of the certifica-                Firefighter III, F.S. 66-C.
tion for appointment by the Personnel Department. The num-                    YLLESCAS, George A., Engineer of Fire Department
bers (1-50) below establish the relative seniority of the                       (Bilingual) to Engineer of Fire Department, F.S. 6-A.
members appointed in the class.
                                                                              Effective 0800 hours, June 4, 2000:
   1.   KEVIN J. CLARKE                   27.   JOSEPH G. SOLANO              BOWMAN, Marc S., Firefighter III to Firefighter III
   2.   GEORGE S. ANDERSON                28.   SALVADOR L. CASTILLON            (Helitac), Air Operations-B.
   3.   ERIC M. GLYMPH                    29.   JOEL E. PURMA                 BUTCHER, Robert H., Engineer of Fire Department to
   4.   ERIC L. GOODRICH                  30.   BRYAN M. MICLETTE                Engineer of Fire Department (Bilingual), F.S. 106-A.
   5.   HAROLD J. REYES                   31.   ERIC M. ESTRADA
                                                                              CABRAL, Ernest, Fire Captain I to Fire Captain I
   6.   JEFFREY A. ESCALANTE              32.   AARON M. BILSKY                  (Bilingual), F.S. 43-A.
   7.   LORENZO ESPARZA                   33.   JOHN S. MURO
   8.   ERIC MENDOZA                                                          JOO, Nelson O, Apparatus Operator to Apparatus Operator
                                          34.   RANDALL J. DYER
   9.   PAUL A. WINGATE                                                          (Bilingual), F.S. 4-B.
                                          35.   ISSAC R. YANG
  10.   ROBERT E. WEDLOCK                                                     HERSHKOWITZ, Philip R., Firefighter II to Firefighter II
                                          36.   RICARDO MOLINA
  11.   SEAN D. PRIAN                                                            (Paramedic), F.S. 81-B.
                                          37.   JOE L. MAGANA
  12.   JOHN A. VAN HOESEN                                                    KARAOGLANIAN, Garabed, Firefighter III (Paramedic) to
                                          38.   NOE A. LOPEZ
  13.   BRIAN L. WALKER                                                          Firefighter III, F.S. 93-C.
                                          39.   BRENT W. RUEDY
  14.   ERIC S. GARCIA                                                        MORALES, Michael G., Engineer of Fire Department to
                                          40.   MARIO A. NATIVIDAD
  15.   JOSEPH M. WILKINSON                                                      Engineer of Fire Department (Bilingual), FS. 57-B.
                                          41.   DERRICK S. GOLDSTEIN
  16.   KELLY R. TAGGART                                                      ROJAS, John M., Fire Captain I (Bilingual) to Fire Captain
  17.   ALEX GARCIA                       42.   SHAWN K. GILL
                                          43.   VAHN B. BOZOIAN                  I, F.S. 106-A.
                                          44.   ERNESTO L. NARANJO            SHELP, Steven R., Engineer of Fire Department to Engineer
  19.   JOSE D. IBARRA
                                          45.   JOSE M. MOTA                     of Fire Department (Bilingual), F.S. 14-C.
  21.   PETER YAGHOOBOV                   46.   RYAN E. WALLACE               VERWEY, Eric M., Firefighter III to Firefighter III
  22.   DAVID M. MENDOZA                  47.   KOREY R. KENNISON                (Paramedic), F.S. 11-A.
  23.   JOSEPH ANGIULI                    48.   RICHARD J. DE LEON                                             xxx
  24.   SAMPAULLIAU                       49.   PETER J. MURO
  25.   RAUL CABRERA                      50.   MICHAEL R. DUTCHER
                                                                                                   DISABILITY PENSIONS
                                                                              Name                Rank           Assignment Effective Date
  26.   MARC S. SAMAMA
                                                                              RUST, John L.       Fire Captain I Accounting-C May 11, 2000
Effective 0730 hours, June 5, 2000:                                           SHAW,
BENCOMO, Eva M., Clerk Typist, Central Industrial Unit-S,                      Christopher        Engineer          Accounting-A January 2, 2000
   Bureau of Fire Prevention. Original Appointment.                                                            xxx
                                   xxx                                                                   PROMOTIONS
                        CHANGE OF STATUS                                      Effective 0800 hours, April 23, 2000:
Effective 0800 hours, August 15, 1999:                                        JOHNSON, Eric C., Fire Inspector I to Fire Captain I,
BECKMAN, John H., Firefighter III (Helitac) to Firefighter                       Bureau of Emergency Services, Division I, Battalion I,
   III, F.S. 80-B.                                                               F.S. 3-B.
Effective 0730 hours, May 21, 2000:                                                                            xxx
BENCOMO, Eva, Clerk Typist to Clerk Typist (Bilingual),                                                  SEPARATIONS
   Data Management Unit-S.
                                                                              GONZALEZ, Dacia E., Senior Clerk Typist, Supply and
Effective 0800 hours, May 21, 2000:                                             Maintenance Division, Bureau of Support Services, effec-
COUCE, Jose M., Firefighter III (Bilingual) to Firefighter III,                 tive close of June 4, 2000. Promotion to Department of
   F.S. 71-B.                                                                   Airports.
                                             DIRECTIVES AND A C T I O N S
                   SEPARATIONS (Cont.)                                           DEPARTMENT LIBRARY (Cont.)
LEE, Diane, Accounting Clerk II, Accounts Receivable-S,             Manual of Operation, Vol. 5        Pages 11-14        Pages 11-14
  Bureau of Administrative Services. Effective close of June        Reports and Records/             (various dates)      (dated 6-00)
  4, 2000. Promotion to LAPD.                                       Procedures, 9/7-F-590
PAPALIAN, Vicki, Management Analyst I, Arson Unit-S,                Manual of Operation, Vol. 1        Pages 35-36       Pages 35-36
  Bureau of Fire Prevention. Effective close of June 4, 2000.       Index                            (various dates)     (dated 6-00)
  Promotion to Department of Transportation.
                                                                    Manual of Operation, Vol. 4         Pages 3-4         Pages 3-4
RIVERA, Michael T., Firefighter II, F.S. 61-C. Effective May
                                                                    Service & Supplies/Services,     Pages 42A-42B      Pages 42A-42B
  7, 2000, 2000 hours. Probationary resignation.
                                                                    8/3-00.00, General               (various dates)     (dated 6-00)
                              xxx                                   Manual of Operation, Vol. 4        Pages 61-62       Pages 61-62
                  DEPARTMENT LIBRARY                                Service & Supplies/Catalog       (various dates)     (dated 6-00)
                                                                    of Supplies, 8/9-00.00
The following material for revision of the Department Library
was distributed last week:                                          Manual of Operation, Vol. 6        Pages 31-32       Pages 31-32
                                                                    Building Inventory Program,      (various dates)     (dated 6-00)
Reference Source               Old Material      New Material       12/7-00.00, Appendix A–
Manual of Operation, Vol. 5         None             Page 1         Lock Boxes
Reports and Records/Pro-                          (dated 6-00)
cedures, 9/7-F-666 S and T,                                         Responsible officers shall cause the new or revised material to
Strike Team/Tactical Task                                           be inserted in its proper place and the old material to be
Force Worksheet                                                     removed and discarded.

                   RETIREMENT DINNERS
Name:            Anthony “Tony” ZAR
                 Apparatus Operator, F.S. 56-C                                                3RD ANNUAL
Place:           Sportsmen’s Lodge, 12833 Ventura Blvd.,                LOS ANGELES FIREMEN’S RELIEF ASSOCIATION
                 Studio City
Date & Time:     Tuesday, July 11, 2000–(“A” shift on duty)
                                                                              CELEBRITY GOLF TOURNAMENT
                 Social Hour: 6:30 p.m.-Dinner: 7:30 p.m.
Food & Price:    Buffet, $40, includes tax, tip and gift.
                                                                        Monday, July 24, 2000 (“C” shift on duty)
Reservations:    Call Heavy Rescue (213) 847-4634 or F.S. 56                   LAKESIDE GOLF CLUB, TOLUCA LAKE
                 Grapevine (323) 666-3505
                                                                             18 HOLES OF GOLF–SCRAMBLE FORMAT
                              xxx                                     PUTTING CONTEST, LONGEST DRIVE, CLOSEST TO THE PIN
Name:            William A. SOMMERS, Captain I, F.S. 91-B               OUTSTANDING BARBECUE LUNCH UNDER THE TREES
Place:           Knollwood Country Club
                                                                                     SCRUMPTIOUS DINNER
                 12024 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills
Date & Time:     Thursday, July 20, 2000–(“A” shift on duty)                    RAFFLE, SILENT AND LIVE AUCTION
                 Social Hour: 6:30 p.m.-Dinner: 7:30 p.m.
Food & Price:    Prime Rib or Chicken, $35, includes tax, tip and                      ONE OF THE FOLLOWING
                                                                              GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY
Reservations:    Call F.S. 91–(818) 367-6800 or (818) 756-8691
                           xxx                                                 Get a sponsor; pay the entry fee; donate an
Name:            Steve DICK, Firefighter III/Dispatcher,                         item for auction ($); buy a raffle ticket
                              AND                                       DON’T MISS OUT TO “TEE IT HIGH AND LET IT FLY”
Name:            Bob SANCHEZ, Firefighter III/Dispatcher,
                                                                               For more information or to sign up, please call
                                                                        Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association, (213) 380-2900 x215
Place:           Luminarias Restaurant
                 3500 Ramona Blvd., Monterey Park                      All proceeds benefit the scholarship awards program administered
Date & Time:     Thursday, Sept. 21, 2000–(“A” shift on duty)                   by Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
                 Social Hour: 6:00 p.m.-Dinner: 7:00 p.m.
Food & Price:    Lemon Chicken or Grilled Tri Tip Beef, $40,                                 DON'T MISS OUT
                 includes tax, tip and gifts.
                                                                                   SUITS AND UNIFORMS NOT REQUIRED
Reservations:    Call O.C.D. (213) 485-6185 or (213) 485-6009
                     ALL ARE WELCOME

                                                  UPCOMING TRAINING EVENTS
                                                            Revised 06/20/00

            Date                               Event                         Place                For               Contact
      1/19 - 12/30/00                    Weapons of Mass                    FHMTC                 open            213-485-6087
     most Wednesdays                       Destruction
       7/10 to 7/14/00                  Fire Prevention 1B                  FHMTC                 open            213-485-6087
       7/10 to 7/14/00                 Fire Management 2A                   FHMTC                 open            213-485-6087
       8/7 to 8/11/00                  Fire Management 2B                   FHMTC                 open            213-485-6087

  Events are subject to change or cancellation. Events marked “open” are open enrollment. Some prerequisites may be neces-
  sary. Events marked “LAFD” are training events for LAFD members only. Dates with “or” can be attended either day.
  Dates with “and” and “to” require attendance all days.

                                                          I N F O R M AT I O N
                                                    LETTERS OF APPRECIATION
Dear Chief Bamattre:                                                   Dear Chief Bamattre:
On March 21st, Captain Pat Patterson, Firefighters Steve Leaf,         RE: RA34 SEQUENCE NUMBER AY132822, MARCH 24,
Steve Hall, Kevin Ponce, Wayne Bowman and Scott Christlieb             2000
from Station 39 came out to our school. I had asked for some help      On behalf of Cedars-Sinai Emergency Department and
in talking to the children about “safety” and what they might          Trauma Service I would like to commend Firefighter/
expect in an emergency. They were very generous with their time        Paramedics Jeffrey Dodd and David Pass for successfully
and they all did an outstanding job of relating to the children and    resuscitating a multiple gunshot victim. The patient was found
answering their questions. This visit was particularly impressive      in a parking lot with no blood pressure and an approximate
because the Firefighters received an urgent call at the conclusion     1,000 cc blood loss.
of their demonstration and rushed off with sirens screaming.           RA34 was first on scene with a four minute ETA. Paramedics
We do this “Community Helpers Unit” at the school because we           Dodd and Pass had their patient packaged and ready to trans-
feel it’s never too early to expose the children to strong role mod-   port in eight minutes. On arrival to Emergency Department
els and inspire them to make a noble contribution to their com-        the patient had a systolic blood pressure of 80 and was awake,
munity.                                                                alert and oriented.
Thank you for helping us through your officers.                        The patient’s injuries were quite extensive with a penetrating
Sincerely,                                                             gunshot wound to the left chest, abdomen and lower back with
ELLEN J. ENGEL                                                         no motor sensory to his lower extremities. Thanks to their
The Sherman Oaks Nursery School                                        prompt delivery of field care with no delays, this patient was
                                                                       successfully stabilized and taken to the OR within 30 minutes.
                                                                       EVIE ANGUIANO, RN
                                                                       Prehospital Care Coordinator
                                                   W E E K LY U P D AT E
          BATTALION OVERVIEW —- BATTALION 4                                     QUARTERLY DEPARTMENT STATISTICS (Cont.)
The following information pertains to Fire Department sta-                 6.   “12D4”    Continuous seizure               27 incidents per day
tions, resources and workload in Battalion 4 during January,               7.   “31D1”    Unconsciousness                  27 incidents per day
February and March of 2000. This information is being pro-                 8.   “6C1”     Difficulty breathing             24 incidents per day
vided as an overview of the emergency activity of each                     9.   “17B1”    Falls / Back injuries-possibly
resource within each of the 16 Battalions. Emergency hours is                               dangerous injuries             23 incidents per day
the accumulated time on responses from Time of Alarm                      10. “6D3”       Breathing problems-pale,
(Dispatch) to Time Complete (Available).                                                    sweating, or changing color    22 incidents per day
Fire Station 5                                                            The ten most frequently dispatched EMS Categories were:
BLS Light Force 5     3.0 responses per day 0.7 emergency hrs per day      1. “6”         Breathing Problems         101 incidents per day
BLS Engine 5          5.9 responses per day 1.6 emergency hrs per day      2. “29”        Traffic Accidents           91 incidents per day
PM Rescue 5           6.9 responses per day 4.4 emergency hrs per day      3. “26”        Sick Person                 59 incidents per day
Fire Station 51                                                            4. “32”        Unknown Problems            59 incidents per day
BLS Engine 51         7.7 responses per day 2.3 emergency hrs per day      5. “10”        Chest Pain                  55 incidents per day
                                                                           6. “17”        Falls / Back Injuries       42 incidents per day
Fire Station 62                                                            7. “31”        Unconsciousness             36 incidents per day
BLS Engine 62 6.7 responses per day 1.9 emergency hrs per day              8. “4”         Assault / Rape              36 incidents per day
BLS Rescue 862 10.7 responses per day 5.1 emergency hrs per day            9. “12”        Convulsions / Seizures      34 incidents per day
                                                                          10. “30”        Traumatic Injuries          29 incidents per day
Fire Station 63
BLS Light Force 63    3.6 responses per day 0.9 emergency hrs per day     The most frequently dispatched non-EMS incidents were:
BLS Engine 63         7.2 responses per day 2.1 emergency hrs per day      1. “AA”       Automatic alarm              47 incidents per day
PM Rescue 63          7.8 responses per day 5.2 emergency hrs per day      2. “AUTO”     Automobile fire              16 incidents per day
                                                                           3. “SF”       Structure fire               14 incidents per day
Fire Station 80                                                            4. “RF”       Rubbish fire                 14 incidents per day
Crash Rescue 80       0.8 responses per day   0.3 emergency hrs per day    5. “ENG”       Engine only, unclassified    9 incidents per day
Foam 180              0.8 responses per day   0.3 emergency hrs per day    6. “INVAL”    Invalid                       9 incidents per day
Foam 280              0.7 responses per day   0.2 emergency hrs per day    7. “RS”        Reported smoke               9 incidents per day
Foam 380              0.7 responses per day   0.2 emergency hrs per day    8. “SD”       Smoke detector                5 incidents per day
Fire Station 95                                                            9. “LNG”      Leaking natural gas           5 incidents per day
BLS Light Force 95    3.8 responses per day 0.7 emergency hrs per day     10. “FLOOD”` Investigate flooding            5 incidents per day
BLS Engine 95         4.8 responses per day 1.2 emergency hrs per day     11. “E”         Electrical failure           5 incidents per day
PM Rescue 95          8.4 responses per day 4.8 emergency hrs per day     12. “ELEV”     Stuck elevator                4 incidents per day
                                                                          13. “LOCKO” Lockout                          4 incidents per day
                                  xxx                                     14. “BELLS”    Bells ringing                 4 incidents per day
                                                                          15. “WIRE”      Wires down                   3 incidents per day
          QUARTERLY DEPARTMENT STATISTICS                                 16. “INVEST” Investigation                   3 incidents per day
                                                                          17. “WFLOW” Waterflow alarm                  3 incidents per day
During the months of January, February and March of 2000:
                                                                          18. “CHEM”     Chemical spill                3 incidents per day
The ten most frequently dispatched incidents were:                        19. “HYDRA” Hydrant shut-off                 3 incidents per day
                                                                          20. “WASH”     Washdown                      2 incidents per day
 1. “AA”             Automatic alarm               47 incidents per day
                                                                          21. “TREE”      Tree fire                    2 incidents per day
 2. “6D1”            Severe respiratory distress   35 incidents per day
                                                                          22. “FO”        Fire out                     2 incidents per day
 3. “29B1”           Traffic accident-possibly
                                                                          23. “ILLEG”     Illegal Fire                 2 incidents per day
                       dangerous injuries          34 incidents per day
                                                                          24. “GRASS” Grass fire                        1 incident per day
 4. “32B1”           Unknown medical problem       32 incidents per day
 5. “26B1”           Sick person-                                         Future Weekly Bulletins will feature the average number of daily
                       unknown symptoms            31 incidents per day   fire and EMS incidents.

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