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                                                                                                                           The Student Voice
                                                                                                                              of Northport

Volume 40 No.               Northport High School, Northport N.Y. 768                                                       january 2009

   In This Issue:         Get Ready: Relay For Life                                                                              By Sarah Holzmann

                          On June 6th, 2009, Northport High            have battled or are battling cancer.  the event, each group member is
                          School will host its first Relay for                                               urged to raise about $100 by seeking
                          Life event. This event was created           Jessie Kardos, a member of the donations or selling the candles
                          to get together members of the               NHS Relay for Life committee who used to help light the area around
                          community, to honor and appreciate           has also been to a “Relay” event the track.
                          cancer-survivors, to keep in mind            herself, said, “It’s completely awe-
                          those who lost their lives to cancer,        inspiring and moving.” If someone On the night of the relay, teams
                          and to benefit those who are still           is interested in using one of these are assigned areas to pitch their
                          fighting the disease.                        candles, they can be purchased tents. When team members are not
                          Thanks to a group of Northport               online for about $10 by the team walking laps around the track, there
                          students, the American Cancer                captain or even at the start of the are many other things to take part
  Vanderbilt Closing?     Society’s key event “Relay for               event. Every participant in the event in. At the start of the event there is a
        Page 3            Life” was brought to our school. It          receives a free tee-shirt when they special dinner to celebrate and honor
                          started when a number of students                                                  the cancer survivors along with their
                          were interested in the event. These                                                families. Entertainment takes place
                          students had either been to a Relay                                                throughout the night. At a certain
                          event or heard about the event, and                                                point, local laws require the noise
                          they decided to bring it to Northport.                                             level to be at a minimum, starting
                          Chelsea Tholen and Ashley                                                          approximately around 11PM.
                          Weinman, both seniors at Northport,
                          called the American Cancer Society                                                   It is not necessary that everyone
                          and asked about starting the event.                                                  attending the event sleep over, but
                          Once things were all worked out,                                                     it is definitely encouraged. If you
                          David Storch, who coordinates the                                                    don’t stay over, you can just come
                          school’s International Baccalaureate         enter the event. Cancer-survivors       and check out everything going on,
     Sweet 6 Mania                                                    will be given purple tee-shirts, the
                          Program, was asked to advise                                                         but you will miss walking around
         Page 4                                                        signature color of “Relay for Life.”
                          “Relay for Life.” Jessie Kardos, Erin                                                the track, spending time hanging
                          O’Brien, and Casey Robinson were                                                     out with friends, and even watching
                          also invited to join the main group,         During spring, a few months before      the sunrise in the morning. There
                          now named the NPT Relay for                  the actual event, the NHS Relay for     is a specific time at which visitors
                          Life Committee. Cathleen Garry,              Life Committee and other students       should leave, but a curfew has
                          senior director of the Relay for Life        interested in making this event         not been formally established at
                          events, is the representative for the        possible are going to attempt to        this point. Besides entertainment,
                          American Cancer Society and is also          “paint the town purple” by placing      speakers will have the opportunity
                          helping Northport Coordinate the             purple “Relay for Life” signs           to share their stories and speeches.
                          event along with Dawn Tropeano,              everywhere: in shops, on streets,       From the perspective of people who
                          who also works with other towns              and other common public places.         have previously attended a “Relay
                          that sponsor the event.                                                              for Life” event, these talks are
                          For those unfamiliar with “Relay for         The proceeds from “Relay for Life”      remembered as very inspirational
                          Life,” it is an overnight fundraising        are used to fund cancer research to     and touching.
                          event. It will take place on the             help early detection and education
                          school’s football field June 6-7 from        about cancer-prevention. Not only       The formal Kickoff meeting was
                          6PM to 6AM. Students, teachers,              do funds aid research, they also        January 14th, but there are still
                          parents, and other residents of              go toward helping cancer patients       many meetings for those interested
 SCOTTY’S Best and more
                          Northport are invited to form teams          commute between home and                in the event. Future meeting dates
      PageS 7 & 8
                          and take turns walking (or even              hospital.                               are: February 5th. March 5th, April
                          running) laps on the high school’s                                                   22nd, and May 13th. Each of these
                          track. Everyone participating camps          Interested students, teachers, and      meetings will be held in the High
                          out on the field and sleeps over.            residents of the community are          School’s Little Theatre. At the
                                                                       asked to form teams. A dozen or         Kickoff meeting, the “Relay for
                          The slogan of “Relay for Life” is            more can make up a team, but there      Life” event was explained and two
                          “celebrate, remember, fight back.”           must be one or two team captains.       speakers were present, along with
                          Cancer-survivors walk the first              The captains are expected to keep       brief comments from those involved
                          official lap of the event, called the        track of the information about          in the event here. Approximately
                          “Survivor Lap.” Survivors and their          upcoming meetings, events, and all      50-60 people attended the event,
                          caregivers walk the second lap. By           things related to “Relay for Life.”     and turnout for the next meeting
                          the third lap, everyone joins the            Although captains can be any age, it    is anticipated to be much greater.
                          walk. Once it gets dark, white paper         is essential there is a chaperone 21    Additional information can be found
  OH so Smart Boards                                                   or older. Team captains pay about
                          bags holding lit candles are placed                                                  online at and
        Page 0                                                        $20 and the other team members
                          around the track. Loved ones who                                           
                          lost someone to cancer decorate the          pay $10. Each team picks a team
                          bags to commemorate those who                name and signs up online. Before
The Rag                                                                                                                                     Feature

Remind Us Why We Care?                                                                                                                   By Samantha Lowenkron

We see them everywhere: on               If this is the only real difference
TV, in movies, and on the covers         between them and us, why do we
of magazines. Celebrities are            pay so much attention to them?
everywhere we look, and inevitably       Why do we feel ecstatic to meet
influence many of us in our daily        them? Why do we lose our train of
lives.                                   thought if we talk to them? But most
                                         importantly, why do we look up to
Many celebrities increase our            them? Yes, many of them serve as
desire to better ourselves in a          role models, with their charitable
desperate attempt to fit their perfect   nature and amusing personalities,
images. The more we see them in          but what about those others? Should
our “normal” world, the more we          we admire celebrities who are
wish we could meet them or be like       constantly in trouble? With all the
them. In truth, a celebrity is just a    displays of overzealous partying,
normal person who is lucky enough        constant substance abuse, drunk-
to make a successful career doing        driving, short-lived marriages,
something they love, whether it’s        ugly divorces, and all-around bad
acting, singing, dancing, playing a      behavior, when does looking up to           disregard the fact that these three     a powerful drug that can allow
sport, being a leader, or entertaining   the rich and famous lead us down            people, along with many others,         someone to become the center of
people in some other way.                the wrong paths? We have become             have had quite a few problems           attention and get almost anything
                                         so addicted to keeping up with our          dealing with drugs, alcohol, and lots   they want. Companies hire them
The world of a celebrity usually         favorite celebrities that even when         of things in between. Some have         to endorse their products, boosting
seems so much more fascinating           they do something disgraceful we            even been imprisoned or sent to         their fame and inflating their egos
than our own. We envy their              still admire them, making us the            rehabilitation centers in attempts to   even further.
enjoyable and seemingly easy             pathetic ones. Why should we have           remedy what can only be described
careers, the glamorous parties they      high regard for someone who is              as bizarre behaviors.        When it comes to the world of
get to attend, the other celebrities     constantly in trouble with the law or                                    celebrities there are a lot of questions
they are privileged enough to            who is in-and-out-and-in of rehab?   Still, how far are we willing to that we ought to ask ourselves. Why
socialize with, and of course, their                                          forgive these famous people, our do we look up to these people we
money. These celebrities we look         Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, idols, for letting us down and getting don’t even know and why do we
up to are noted for making millions      and Paris Hilton are just three of into all the trouble they do? Surely, concern ourselves so much with all
with their special talents – superb      the countless celebrities considered we can’t look up to someone who is the aspects of their lives?
singing voices, brilliant acting         by their fans to be glamorous constantly in trouble with the law, or
talents, incredible athleticism, or      people. Our society has become so has a harmful addiction. Sometimes Remind me, why do I care about
the ability to entertain crowds of       consumed by the glitz and charm the worst of their problems is their what these people get up to?
people.                                  of Hollywood that we completely addiction to fame itself. Fame is

January 20th, 2009                                                                                                                                 By Jesse Feitel

                                     out on the big day, or charged                  National Mall. The entire length        Another gala that Obama attended
                                     exorbitant prices and required at               of the Mall was opened and filled       was the Hawaii State Society party,
                                     least three-night minimum stays.                with a number of people equivalent      since Hawaii was where he spent
                                     Rooms at Washington bed-and-                    to the population of Los Angeles.       much of his childhood.
                                     breakfasts were going for $800 a                That’s right: the population of one
                                     night. And the suburbs booked                   of the largest cities in the country  Overall, this event was the biggest,
                                     up fast as well. Cities north of                fitting in a 2.5 mile-long strip of   most massively attended, most costly,
                                     Washington including Baltimore                  land. But that wasn’t all that went   and for many, the most memorable
                                     and south including Richmond and                on in Washington.                     inauguration in our nation’s history.
                                     Williamsburg were sold out or                                                         People from all fifty states and from
                                     very close to it. People thinking               Inaugural balls were the main spots countries around the world made
                                     of braving the cold and booking a               for those who paid big bucks to the trek to see our president get
                                     campsite, were certainly not alone.             get a glimpse of the nation’s new sworn in. D.C. was loaded with
                                     Just a week after the election,                 president. The Illinois State Society crowds, excitement, and eagerness.
                                     Cherry Hill Park, an RV park and                Inaugural Gala was one that drew a While the trip was certainly not
                                     campground in Maryland about an                 large crowd, and the Obamas made easy –with the packed streets and
                                     hour outside of the capital, already            an appearance there during his busy millions of people– it was surely a
One of the most important events had two-hundred reservations for
of 2009 has taken place: the the inaugural week.
inauguration of President Barack
Obama. Our first president of Most who attended the event showed
African-American descent was up in the city in the very early hours
sworn in on the prescribed date of of the morning, a strategy which
January 20th, at noon, in front of enabled close to two million people
the United States Capitol building. to at least be at the event without
People from Northport and across spending a tremendous amount of
the country planned to head to overnight money. Those who tried
Washington, D.C., for this extremely to get a quick glimpse of the new               evening. Tickets ranged from $300-      once-in-a-lifetime experience that
important day.                       president in the flesh, made their              500, and went as quickly as our         was hard to pass up. For those of
                                     way –or positioned themselves–                  economic recession has worsened. It     us unable to make the 272 mile trip,
Anyone who hoped to attend the along Pennsylvania Avenue during                      is very interesting that people were    the Commons television aired the
inauguration and didn’t book the Inaugural Parade, which started                     still willing to pay copious amounts    inauguration live as it happened to
a hotel long in advance should at the Capitol and ended at the White                 of money to attend lavish parties in    crowds of students and teachers and
not have made the effort. Most House. Also open to the public,                       the hope of catching a quick smile      thunderous applause.
downtown hotels were either sold with a capacity of millions, was the                from Barack or Michelle Obama.
Feature                                                                                                                                  January 2009

End of the Vanderbilt?                                                                                                                                 By Celia Bever

The renowned Vanderbilt Museum,           failed to override his veto. While
tucked away in a far corner of            most Suffolk County legislators are
Centerport, has come frighteningly        ready to save the museum, Levy is
close to closing over the past few        wary about throwing money into
months. The museum, famous for its        it. He doesn’t want to raise park
planetarium, historical exhibits, and     fees and isn’t willing to put county
mansion, suffered greatly under the       surplus into it. He believes that there
pressures of the declining economy.       are more important things –such as
When William K. Vanderbilt Jr. left       healthcare– that Suffolk can put its
his mansion to Suffolk County, he         money into.
required that the endowment never
fall below the original amount of   Two legislators plan on proposing
$8.2 million. The endowment had     revised bills in February. Deputy
                                    presiding officer Vivian Viloria-
risen to $12.3 million, but this fall
dropped down to $8.3 million,       Fisher’s bill includes an increase
which is dangerously close to       in park fees, but less than in the
the minimum. The money is now       previous bill, and the increase                     museum administrators are hesitant      looking at bringing outside vendors
invested in bonds, and the museum   would only last for one year, just                  to move to borrowing money. If the      to run a gift shop and a café. The
needs to find other measures to     to help dig the museum out a little.                money did not effect a long-term        staff was cut by three, extra laser
support itself.                     Majority leader Jon D. Cooper                       turnaround, they would not only be      shows were added, and the estate is
                                    eliminated the new park fees and                    left with the commitment of paying      going to be used for big events like
At the beginning of December, instead asks for $500,000 from                            the loan back but would also have       weddings in order to generate more
the Suffolk County Legislature unused funds in the budget to go                         interest to worry about.                money. Museum administrators are
passed a bill to give the museum to the museum. Levy has already                                                                also actively seeking donations.
$800,000 next year by raising park said he would veto both of them.                     While the county legislators are
fees. County Executive Steve Levy He believes the museum officials                                                          According to Gittelman, trying to
                                                                                        battling it out, people closer to the
vetoed the bill and the legislature should look into a loan. However,                   museum are doing everything they    preserve the vacant mansion and
                                                                                        can to raise more money. Presiding  museum would cost just as much
                                                                                        officer of the County Legislature,  as keeping it open. He says, “I’m
                                                                                        William J. Lindsay, hosted a Save   not letting it close.” Others in the
                                                                                        the Museum Event on Sunday,         community are also committed to
                                                                                        December 28th. The museum and       keeping the museum open. A new
                                                                                        planetarium were open for touring   Friends of the Vanderbilt group was
                                                                                        and refreshments. Tickets were      started and has 118 members. People
                                                                                        $100 each. The event was a success, are sending letters to the legislators
                                                                                        raising over $17,000. Museum        to urge them to support it. There
                                                                                        board president Steve Gittelman     is even a Facebook group devoted
                                                                                        donated his SUV to be auctioned     to saving the museum with almost
                                                                                        off for the museum.                 1,500 members. It is clear that the
                                                                                                                            people of the towns surrounding
                                                                                        On a smaller scale, the museum has the Vanderbilt Museum want the
                                                                                        changed its day-to-day policies. county to pull together with them
                                                                                        The tour fees were raised, although and finance the museum. As of now,
                                                                                        by a miniscule amount – most only it should be open at least through the
                                                                                        two dollars, or so. The museum end of January. Whether it remains
                                                                                        is now closed every Wednesday, open beyond that is probably in
                                                                                        which saves $120 a day in salaries. the hands of Levy and county
                                                                                        Vending machines were added to legislators.
                                                                                        bring in more money and they are

Cutting the Cord: Painful Reality                                                                                                                 By Mackenzie Gavel

In a modern world where students          for granted, are now home less and            Barbara’s statement undoubtedly         To remember the past is wonderful,
can seek higher education across          less. Barbara Cortes, a sophomore             reflects emotions many have felt        but to try and live in the past is
the globe, many students often            at Northport High School, said,               over siblings leaving, as well as the   probably frivolous and unhelpful.
find themselves venturing far from        “My brother is in his first year of           anxieties over their imminent exit      With every change comes a new
home to attend college. Some find         college down in Florida. It’s really          from high school into a new life. In    opportunity: a chance to dive
themselves a few states away; others      hard on me not seeing him every               this ever-changing world, it is often   headlong into the unknown and
even a few countries away. While          day like I once did. Sometimes I              startles students when they realize     perhaps experience something
this takes children far away from         feel as though I lost my best friend.         some of the requirements which          unforgettable. The ties among
home, it can hardly be considered a       Even worse, I know everything will            exist beyond the walls of high          family members will always exist.
crime, since it serves to broaden the     never be like it once was in my               school. The possibility of having       The old does not have to completely
horizons of many students.                family. It’s almost as though this            to pay college tuition, or simply       be replaced by the new. It is on this
                                          has come to symbolize a certain end           the realization of having to leave      note that we all must remember
It is, however, a very difficult strain   to my childhood – I’m never going             the comforts of home and venture        to “never let fear hold you back.”
for some families. As elder siblings      to relive those same memories                 into the unknown frighten many          Cherish the memories of the past,
leave the house, it becomes more          again. They’re all in the past. Soon          students as they begin to consider      yet embrace the future – for it may
than just an absence, it can represent    enough, I’ll be in college, myself.           the various opportunities available     just change your life for the better.
a disruption of family as siblings        This just really proved to me how             to them.
and children whose presence, taken        fast everything is changing.”
The Rag                                                                                                                                         Feature

Not So Sweet Sixteen                                                                                                                         By Samantha Lowenkron

There are many important days in         and an excuse for more presents
our lives that call for celebration:     than necessary. To most people
arrival of a baby, a wedding, an         nowadays who have either been to a
anniversary, religious milestones,       sweet sixteen, plan on going to one,
various holidays, and, of course,        or who desire to have one of their
birthdays. Birthdays are celebrated      own, it holds no cultural value. It is
by people throughout the world           no longer a time to reminisce with
excited to commemorate the               family and contemplate what type
beginning of life with friends and       of future one might wish to have,
family. Although birthdays are           but a time to party hard with friends
celebrated annually by many, certain     and spend parents’ hard-earned
birthdays receive more attention         money in one night.
than others. For anglophone
teenage girls, the sixteenth birthday    A typical sweet sixteen these days
especially could be considered one       has a few notable components. A
of the most important birthdays.         video montage of the birthday girl
                                         is usually given, showing pictures
A sixteenth birthday is often seen       of the person throughout the                 and now that money is tighter than   famous music artists, to incredible
as an essential step that must be        years. A candle-lighting ceremony            ever, we must ask ourselves if it’s  decorations, to extravagant gifts,
taken in a young girl’s life. It shows   customarily precedes the cutting of                                               these spoiled girls hassle their
                                                                                      really that important to spend all that
a coming-of-an-important-age and         a cake. The sixteen candles from             money for a one-shot celebration     parents for everything they want
with that, more responsibilities         the cake are to honor the special            that usually only lasts a few hours. and often get their way. They waste
and opportunities. Some even like        people in the birthday girl’s life.          Have we become so selfish that a     thousands of dollars on nothing
to think of it as an indication of a     She traditionally reads a brief              huge, glamorous party is expected,   more than a mere popularity boost.
girl becoming a woman, much like         passage about the person the candle          or can we be grateful for what       The cost of a sweet sixteen affects
the concepts of the Latin American       is for, recalling the good times             is initially offered to us and not   the party guests as well, since many
Quinceañera or the Jewish Bat            they had together or how much the            push our luck? Might we even be      feel obligated to purchase new
Mitzvah. However there is a huge         person means to them. Prior to the           gracious enough to decline a party   clothes and shoes; not to mention
difference between a sweet sixteen       candle-lighting ceremony and video           and save the money for something     giving a generous gift to the birthday
and one of these significant days.       montage and almost immediately               more useful, such as college?        girl. The cost of everything really
Quinceañeras and Bat Mitzvahs are        following it, a lot of dancing and                                                starts to add up, especially when
important ritual celebrations and        socializing with friends takes               Many people have seen the hit MTV one attends multiple parties. The
signify a coming-of-age, obligation,     place.                                       show My Super Sweet 16, which real question that must be asked
and maturity in a certain religion                                                    shows the whole planning and regarding the importance of this
or ethnicity. They are events that       Many girls have a typical sweet              preparation process of several girls celebration is: “Is a sweet sixteen
mark a new beginning in a person’s       sixteen nowadays not to celebrate            in their quest to have the perfect part of an important rite of passage,
life and show their readiness and        their coming of age, but as an excuse        sweet sixteen. These girls tend to or is it just an excuse to throw a wild
ability to take on new challenges.       to have a huge party and get loads           be wealthier than the majority of party and be the center of attention
A sweet sixteen has evolved from         of presents. With more important             people and long for much more than for one night?”
a meaningful day into a huge party       things to worry about these days,            they need. From performances by

Uggs Galore!                                                  By Taylor Hanley

Nearly everyone has heard of             again, so now are most branded
Ugg boots: The popular, warm,            Uggs.
comfortable footwear that looks
good with pretty much anything.          An Australian boot made in China?
Have you ever wondered how the           How does that work? You might
Ugg boots are made? The number           have heard that the Ugg Boots were
one necessary material is sheepskin      made of sheepskin, so you decided
hide. If you search for Ugg boots        to go with a similarly styled, but
online, numerous websites will pop       different in name boot. Well, sorry
up that do not sell the original Ugg     to break it to you, but 99% of the
boots. There are many different Ugg      boots made in China are created
boot copy-cats online. The artificial    using mediocre sheepskin on the
boots that are a copy of Ugg boots       inside and probably suede external
are mainly made in China. But then                                                    material, which restricts the boot        According to Ugg-wearer Amanda
                                                                                      and leaves you with an icky, smelly       Levy, “Uggs are really warm, and
                                                                                      boot that you won’t want to wear          they hold up well against snow.
                                                                                      after a while. Beware of very cheap       Overall they are very practical.”
                                                                                      imitations; quite a few boots on the      She also thinks that her Ugg Boots
                                                                                      market are made of cow suede with         match her outfits very well. She
                                                                                      sewn-on sheepskin inner fleece off-       likes wearing them because they
                                                                                      cuts. The Ugg Boots and many copy-        are comfortable and warm, not
                                                                                      cat boots are made of sheepskin,          because everyone else seems to be
                                                                                      whether you want to believe it or         following this fashion craze. As
                                                                                      not. If you’re searching for Ugg          well as Amanda, many girls all over
                                                                                      Boots, it’s better to go for the real     the world are wearing these boots.
                                                                                      deal. The original Ugg Boots are          As time goes on, fashion trends
                                                                                      more expensive, but when it comes         leave just as fast as they arrive, but
                                                                                      to usage you’ll find that you’ll wear     for now the Ugg boot stays. Sorry,
                                                                                      them more. There’s no point in            Little Bo-Peep.
                                                                                      buying a cheaper Ugg-type boot,
                                                                                      you’ll get what you pay for.
 Feature                                                                                                                      January 2009

A Million Dreams Fulfilled...

A Midwinter Night’s Dream, held     year, described the event as follows:       ALS patients, people who have now    How many high school students can
recently at Oheka Castle, was       “When Tim Rozmus surprised                  become our heroes.”                  say that they have raised over one
considered a great success, as      the committee by announcing at                                                   million dollars for such a worthy
the event’s committee was both      the end of the presentation that            Kate could not have better           cause? Even more beautiful than
surprised and overjoyed to find thatwe had surpassed the million,               summarized the emotions which        the amount of money were the
                                    I think our entire committee
its goal of one million dollars raised                                          were running through the heads       looks on the faces of the patients
for ALS research had not only been  was overwhelmed with this all-              of the committee members, as         throughout the night...the memories
met, but exceeded. Announced on     encompassing happiness, like                well as the ALS patients involved    and emotions of that night at Oheka
a Monday after school, the total    everything we had worked for – we           in A Midwinter Night’s Dream.        Castle will stay with me for the rest
amount raised through the event     got...but this would not have been          Kimberly Moran, also a member        of my life.”
                                    so powerful had we not seen the
over the five years it has been taking                                          of the Oheka committee, stated,
place is $1,067,068.53.             reactions of the ALS patients, such         “Being new to the committee this     An overall success, this is one event
                                    as Mr. Pendergast and Mr. Deutsch.          year, I wasn’t exactly sure what     which will likely never be forgotten
The strong motivation and Seeing their expressions brought to                   to expect for this event. It was     in Northport High School’s history.
determination behind each and life the million reasons why we are               magical, and the entire thing felt   Thanks to all the hard work of each
every student on the committee was fighting this disease. The drive and         like a dream. Everything we had      member on the committee, a cure
apparent throughout the event. Kate motivation behind our committee             done in the past ten months had      for ALS may be about one million
Macina, who has been working on comes from knowing that we are                  paid off, and we had accomplished    dollars closer.
the committee since her sophomore making a difference in the lives of           something completely unheard of.                      --Mackenzie Gavel

The Truth About ADHD                                                                                                                                 ByAmanda Levy

The disorder ADHD, or Attention          A common belief is that it results
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,          from a chemical imbalance in the
has come to be much more widely          brain. This is believed to be genetic.
known in recent years. This disorder     Scientists have studied this theory
is said to affect about 5-12% of all     in depth. Some of these studies
children.                                include: family studies, adoption
                                         studies, and twin studies. The results
The way doctors diagnose ADHD            scientists have gleaned from such
is by seeking out the symptoms.          studies have been impressive.
What makes ADHD different                Family studies showed that ADHD
from, say, diabetes, is that there are   does run in families. Scientists
actual laboratory tests for diabetes.    discovered that if a child has ADHD
There is no absolute laboratory          there is a five-fold increase in the
test to diagnose ADHD. To replace        risk to other family members. In the
a test, doctors gather anecdotal         adoption studies scientists looked
information about the patient’s          for the adopted children to resemble
home life and how the patient acts       their biological parents much more
in school. Also, the symptoms must       than their adoptive relatives. The           identical twins should have it.          theories include: exposure to toxic
be apparent before the age of 7 and      overall outcome of this was that             In trying to prove that ADHD is          substances, and injury to the brain.
continue for six months. How do          children generally did resemble              genetic, it would be very significant    It is evident that ADHD is not some
the doctors know the child isn’t just    their biological parents more than           to demonstrate that the chances of       direct result you get from watching
a naturally hyper child? This being      their adoptive ones.                         fraternal twins both having ADHD         too much T.V, or being simply
said, not everyone who is diagnosed      The studies of twins have also been          are lower than those of identical        unmotivated. In addition, it may be
with ADHD necessarily has it.            particularly interesting. Identical          twins. These studies have indeed         surprising how many people with
ADHD is not a result of being lazy       twins, of course, have the same              shown that it is more common for         ADHD have found great success. In
or unintelligent. To this day, we are    exact genetic information, while             identical twins to both have ADHD.       fact, some people even call ADHD
not sure exactly what causes ADHD,       fraternal twins do not. This being           Genetics is not the only proposed        a gift.
but there are numerous theories.         said, if ADHD is genetic, both               cause of ADHD. Other minor

And Now...Third-Hand Smoke                                                                                                                        By Sarah Holzmann

Most people are aware of               them.” Some of the carcinogens                 bleach, and most conventional            chemical evidence that was gathered
secondhand smoke, which is smoke       and materials found in third-hand              household        cleaning     product    or analyzed.
that is inhaled involuntarily from     smoke are hydrogen cyanide,                    ingredients (Parabens, pthalates,
tobacco being smoked by others.        something present in chemical                  nitrites, sulfates) are preventable      Although it would be quite
However, recent studies by a           weapons; butane, which is found                toxins, as are things people consume     impossible to put a ban on smoking
professor of pediatrics at Harvard     in most lighter fluid; toluene,                through foods (Msg, hydrogenated         and hard to restrict its uses in even
Medical School suggest that there      used in paint thinners; arsenic, a             fats,    preservatives,     colorings,   more public places, something will
are other toxins that can cause harm   steel-gray poisonous solid; lead, a            and all kinds of additives). Some        likely be done about this smoke
to people long after someone last lit  metallic chemical element; carbon              believe that although these toxins       gunk. Whether third-hand smoke
a cigarette.                           monoxide, a colorless and odorless             are avoidable, there is not sufficient   is just another “discovery” to
                                       toxic gas; and even a substance                reason to believe that the risk that     worry smokers and scare them into
People have labeled this newly known as polonium-210, a highly                        “third-hand smoke” poses is any          quitting, or if it is an actual concern
acknowledged risk “third-hand radioactive carcinogen.                                 greater. These same people also          that has unknowingly been putting
smoke.” Although people who                                                           argued that Dr. Winikoff’s study,        people at significant risk, will be
smoke try to go outside when they George Matt, a professor at San                     because it was done over the             the subject of future studies. These
smoke, open a window, or use a fan, Diego State University, concluded                 telephone in national random survey      studies are sure to come at a time
thinking that the air has been freed that roughly 90% of the particles,               between September and November           in which many researchers and
of toxins, there are apparently many chemicals, and nicotine, from                    of 2005, was only a telephonic quiz      scientists are already committed to
ways in which these invisible toxins cigarettes cling to the walls, clothes,          that appears not to utilize any actual   combating the negative effects of
can cling onto clothes and continue hair, and skin. The researchers also                                                       cigarette smoke.
to linger long after secondhand found that these particles could be
smoke has dissipated. Dr. Jonathan ingested, inhaled, or even absorbed
P. Winikoff, the director of the through the skin of a non-smoker.
study, stated, “Everyone knows
that secondhand smoke is bad.” Smokers, who try to smoke outside
Conversely, not many people have to prevent secondhand smoke in their
considered “third-hand smoke.” home, still have a risk of increasing
Doctors and specialists from a the levels of tobacco contaminants
children’s hospital in Boston coined in their homes. In a recent study,
the term after studying the risks that the levels of these contaminants
vestigial toxins from cigarette smoke were seven times greater than those
pose for children and adolescents.     where there was no smoker at all.
                                       The tobacco toxicity levels were
Dr. Philip Landrigan, head of only marginally greater in places
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine’s where people smoked inside than
Children’s Environmental Health in places where the smoker went
Center, said, “The central message outside to smoke.
here is that simply closing the door
to take a smoke is not protecting Although most people are taking
the kids from the effects of that precautions to prevent secondhand
smoke… There are carcinogens in smoke from harming others, there
this third-hand smoke, and they are are people who do not see third-
a cancer risk for anybody of any hand smoke as a threat. It has been
age who comes into contact with argued that air-fresheners, aerosols,
       Arts and Entertainment

Berman’s Best of 2008: Top Five                                                                                                                     By Scott Berman

     1                                                                                   2

The Dark Knight:                           spot-on that it almost seems he’s not
I honestly haven’t seen another            working from a script, but that he
movie more thrilling, captivating,         actually is the character. However
absorbing,       and        incredibly     another great performance I’d like to        Milk:                                   more interested in showing the
entertaining throughout the whole          recognize is that of Aaron Eckhart as        Milk contains excellent storytelling    way he came to be elected, and all
of 2008. The Dark Knight is a great        Harvey Dent/Two-Face. The whole              techniques, intriguing visual styles,   the support and hope people had
film full of action, unforgettable         movie almost seems like a partial            and acting so absorbing that it         in him. Sean Penn gives a great
characters, and a gripping storyline       build-up to Harvey Dent’s final              makes the movie almost seem like        performance and at a certain point
with more layers than an onion.            moments of worry and attempts at             an actual documentary. It involves      I forgot it was him, since he sinks
There are so many different side           control, to the point where he turns         the gay civil rights movements          that deep into the role. It’s also
plots going on at once, and also so        into Two-Face and exposes the real           of the 1970s, as an honest man          nice to see Sean Penn give a nice
many characters to keep track of, that     “Harvey” underneath. Eckhart gives           named Harvey Milk (Sean Penn)           performance for once rather than his
the movie not only overwhelmed             an incredible performance from               becomes the first gay man ever          usual cold, angrier performances.
me but also surprised me in that it        start to finish. The Dark Knight is          to hold office. However the film        Other great performances come
could still hold onto its entertaining     my favorite film of 2008 and truly           seems less interested in the actual     from James Franco, Emile Hirsch,
values. The movie contains Heath           shows what a comic book-based                “holding office” section, but much      and Josh Brolin.

Ledger’s final performance, as the         movie can be when its full potential
crazed Joker, and his acting is so         is reached.


                                                                                        Cloverfield:                            biggest part of the movie, I’ll bet
Iron Man:                                  underneath the armor. Not only               Every single time I think about this    you many people came out of the
Iron Man is one for the books!             does this movie entertain with its           movie…I want to watch it again.         theaters quoting the character Hud’s
Nobody, including me, expected             amazing visual effects, but it also          Why not? It doesn’t take up too         quirky one-liners. For such a short
how popular and loved this movie           entertains with its story, characters,       much of your time, and it’s always      movie (84 minutes) it packs quite a
was going to be. Iron Man is one           and pure sense of fun. There is never        worth it. The movie’s “home video”      huge punch leaving you breathless,
of the greatest superhero movies           a dull moment in this movie, and             style is cool and original, the         bewildered, and thirsting for
in years, also boasting one of             every time it comes close Downey             monster is pure menace and terror,      answers and a possible sequel.
the greatest actors ever to play a         Jr. smoothes it over with a funny            and while the characters aren’t the
famed superhero. Robert Downey             one-liner. Look up “awesome” in
Jr. is awesome in the role of Tony         a dictionary and I assure you the

Stark, offering up laughs and heart        movie Iron Man will be mentioned.

  Pineapple Express:                       McBride only completes the puzzle
  I always have respect for a movie        as the scene-stealing character Red.
  that sets out to be exactly what         Pineapple Express has a simple
  it wants to be, nothing more and         storyline that sets up the whole
  nothing less. Pineapple Express          movie to be a barrage of laughter
  set out to be an enjoyably hilarious     and hilarity. The wacky hi-jinks
  stoner movie full of “bromance” and      the characters get into are priceless
  action, and that’s exactly what it is.   and memorable, making Pineapple
  Seth Rogen and James Franco make         Express my favorite comedy of the
  a great comedic duo, and Danny           year 2008!
       Arts and Entertainment

Woof Woof! Marley & Me, Simple but Good                                                                                                      By Scott Berman
Marley & Me is based on the book        & Me a lot better than the average
of the same title, and was released     Hallmark-type movie. They give
on Christmas day. For those who         you insight on the frustrations of
do not know the story: It’s about a     being married with children, having
newlywed couple, played by Owen         an out of control dog, finding your
Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, who        passion in life, and dealing with loss.
adopt a dog named Marley. Though        Before I saw the movie I watched
seemingly gentle and joyful at          the trailer and thought it looked like
first sight, Marley turns out to be     any other dog movie Hollywood has
a rebellious and destructive force      made. This is actually somewhat
in their home. Though startling         true, since some of the things in the
and a little amusing at first, Marley   movie seem a little fabricated. Such
becomes a lot harder to control as      as Marley playing keep-away with a
the years go on, and even as they       brand new necklace, and also trying
start having children. But despite      to escape through the car window
being a naughty dog, Marley is also     in the middle of traffic (While half
a very loving dog that sees their       of him walks nonchalantly on the
family through the good times and       street as his owner hangs onto his
the tough times over the years.         behind). These are the type of scenes
                                                                                Jennifer Grogan, a wife and mother      I never read the book and probably
Marley & Me is a Hallmark movie if      that make the movie funny, but lack
                                                                                who at first has a hard time raising    never will, but the movie was
there ever was one! Marley & Me is      the impact that the more emotional
                                                                                her kids with an unruly dog running     pretty good for what it is. It was
chock full of scenes that will make     scenes have.
                                                                                around, until she lets go and           an enjoyable movie to see on
                                                                                becomes less high-strung. Wilson        Christmas day, where the silly
                                                                                and Aniston made a good couple          scenes made the movie funny,
                                                                                and both of them play the funny         while the sadder and more upsetting
                                                                                scenes and serious scenes very          scenes ironically shape the film into
                                                                                well. Other than the two stars, there   something bigger than I thought it
                                                                                are few major performances in the       would be. The acting is good, the
                                                                                movie, other than Alan Arkin’s as       story is enjoyable, and the message
                                                                                John’s boss and Eric Dane’s as his      and morals are the best part. Marley
                                                                                best friend. Both actors give good      & Me is a simple movie but a good
                                                                                performances that add nuance to the     one at that.

you happy, make you laugh, pull         The acting in the movie comes
your heartstrings, and finally make     mostly from Owen Wilson and
you cry. While it is a happy and        Jennifer Aniston. Owen Wilson
pleasant film overall, it has a few     plays John Grogan, a talented
depressing and sad spots. However       journalist who never takes life too
these points are what make Marley       seriously. Jennifer Aniston plays

    United Students of Northport                                                                            Amaranth
                                                                                            Northport High School’s Art & Literary Magazine
                                                                                          We’re looking for any kind of art, any kind of writing:
    BAND NIGHT 2009                                                                                submit and you could be published!
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    Helping Americans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan
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       Arts and Entertainment

Cove’s A-List:                                                                     Composer of the Month
              Best New Music of ‘08                        By Matthew Cove          John Milton Cage Jr., who lived
                                                                                                                                        By Christopher Woodall

                                                                                    from September 5, 1912, to August
                                                                                    12, 1992, was an American avant-
                                                                                    garde composer who was dedicated
                                                                                    to integrating chance events and
                                                                                    “happenings” into his music. John
                                                                                    Cage is often considered to be a
                                                                                    musical philosopher, rather than a
                                                                                    composer. This is due to the fact       ties to the Beatles through John
                                                                                    that he often forces listeners to       Lennon. The Fluxus movement
                                                                                    question the world around them,         relied on the idea of “happenings”
                                                                                    rather than handing his listeners       or events rather than straight-
1. R.E.M.–Accelerate: R.E.M.’s                                                      a complete self-contained world.        forward dictated scores. The idea
lauded comeback album was a                                                         This is consistent with his studies     of these “happenings” originated
long-time coming. Pre-release         3. LaGrecia–On Parallels: One                 of Indian and Eastern philosophy        with one of John Cage’s teachers,
insistencies by Michael Stipe that    of the best releases of 2008 that is          and the infamously minimalistic         Henry Cowell.
the album would be a return to        also likely one of the least known,           Zen Buddhism. His research into         The most infamous piece by John
R.E.M.’s more fondly remembered       On Parallels is most essentially a            Eastern philosophy led him to use       Cage is 4’33”, which comprises
past were met with skepticism. But    testament to the notion that modern           the I Ching, which is an ancient        four minutes and thirty-three
with Accelerate R.E.M. delivered on   punk rock does not need to be                 Chinese text used to predict the        seconds of precisely counted and
these promises, returning to the rock repetitive or musically boring. On            future, amongst other things,           written silence. The score is also
form of much of its celebrated past.  LaGrecia’s only release, singer/              as a basic tool in writing his          available in an abridged form,
R.E.M. re-established its creative    guitarist Jason Shevchuk further              compositions. The compositions          where each of the three movements
vitality and returned to many of its  demonstrates the creative vitality            of John Cage are heavily rooted         is written as Tacet (which means
essential roots, and in the process   that has defined many of the bands            in the ideas of chance and chaos,       silence). This composition will be
produced one of the best albums,      he has led. He takes what are                 though this chance and chaos            continuously played in the A-wing
and tours, of 2008.                   largely tried-and-true punk tools             is thoroughly controlled and            once the display is completed.
                                      and builds something much less                selected.                               John Cage is also known for
2. The Loved Ones–Build&Burn: so with them, creating a musically                    Some of John Cage’s works helped        his Sonatas and Interludes for
Before Build & Burn, the Loved dynamic album that is very hard to                   to inspire a new art movement           Prepared Piano, which, roughly
Ones were basically another stock overlook, provided you’re aware of                called the Fluxus movement. This        stated, is a collection of musical
punk band signed to Fat Wreck its existence.                                        was was a predominately music-          pieces written for a modified grand
Chords. But the Loved Ones’                                                         based movement from the 1960s           piano with various items in it, such
second full-length effort pulled the 4. Bad Religion–New Maps of                    which sported anti-art and anti-        as nails drilled in and ping-pong
Philadelphia-based band ahead of Hell (Deluxe Edition): A rare                      commercial sensibilities similar to     balls. These added elements to
the pack, at least musically. Build & case of a re-released album that              that of the surrealists and Dadaists    the piano create a level of chance
Burn is symptomatic of a maturing can do more than just empty fans’                 of the earlier 20th century. The        and variety between different
band trying to find its unique voice pockets, this July release adds a              movement was associated with            interpretations of the
and niche. And the Loved Ones seem significant amount of content to Bad             such characters as La Monte Young       pieces. John Cage also wrote
well on their way to doing so; Build Religion’s 2007 album. The album’s             and Yoko Ono and even contained         music for such odd instruments
& Burn shows musical maturity and original edition was powerful in                                                          and items as toy pianos, water
variety to a much greater extent than its insistence that Bad Religion is                                                   buckets and radios.
did the Loved Ones’ first effort. The still a force to be reckoned with, in
album starts with a fast-paced and both its music and the words sung                                                        The interests of John Cage were
unabashedly punk track and closes by its PhD-armed singer, Greg                                                             wide and varying. He was a man of
with a four-minute love song, Graffin. The Sun seems to have set                                                            the arts and he considered himself
stopping a few other places on the on Bad Religion’s experimental                                                           everything from a philosopher to a
way. But nowhere in this process inclinations in the mid-1990’s, but                                                        printmaker. John Cage was even a
does the band lose its penchant the fact that Bad Religion is doing                                                         mushroom collector and amateur
for melodicism or catchy hooks, the same things musically that it has                                                       mycologist. He was a man of
making Build & Burn at its heart a been for almost thirty years hardly                                                      chance and a man who attempted
story of potential activated.         detracts from the fact that they’re                                                   to convey complex ideas through
                                        so good at it. The main additions                                                   natural happenings, as well as
                                        of the Deluxe Edition are footage                                                   man-made ones.
                                        of an entire concert at the House of
                                        Blues in Las Vegas and seven new           5. Flogging Molly–Float: Flogging        twist on good rock music like few
                                        acoustic tracks.                           Molly’s fourth full-length is            others can. The most prominent
                                                                                   another album indicative of an “if       evidence of this is Dave King’s
                                                                                   it ain’t broke” attitude. On Float,      gruff Irish accent, which continues
                                                                                   singer Dave King and company             to shine throughout Float.
                                                                                   stick to what’s been working for
                                                                                   them on their last few albums. The
                                                                                   consistency turns out to be a positive
                                                                                   thing, though, as Flogging Molly
                                                                                   seems to keep getting better at
                                                                                   what it does. Float shows Flogging
                                                                                   Molly’s great ability to put a Celtic
       Tech Update

Go Green With Motorola’s Renew                                                                                                                              By Celia Bever

In keeping up with the growing             money to, which                   can last for 18 days without being
trend of “green” products, Motorola        in turn buys a carbon offset, which              charged (not including the time while
has just announced an eco-friendly         is just a credit from an energy-                 it is being used, which can last for 9
phone – the Renew. The plastics of         reduction company to use that money              consecutive hours) which is good
this phone are made from recycled          to help substitute as much carbon as             for the environment because it can
plastic water bottles and they are         the original product gives off with a            be charged less, and is also good for
packaged using recycled paper. As          cleaner energy source. So, while the             people who are tired of their phones
gimmicky as this may sound, the            phone does use carbon, and as such               running out of battery before they
major way in which they are helping        isn’t technically “carbon-free,” the             can get around to charging them.
the environment lies not with the          idea is that Motorola is indirectly
actual phone, but in a promise.            “erasing” the carbon that it does has high hopes
Motorola counteracts the amount            emit. Essentially, Motorola buys   for the Renew. On its website, it
of carbon emitted by making,               a “CarbonFree” stamp to attract    titled a blog post about the phone
distributing, and using the phone by       environmentally-conscious buyers   “Motorola Makes History with the
investing money in environmental                                              Renew Phone.” This may be slightly
                                           by donating to causes looking for or
organizations.                             using renewable resources.         overestating the success of the phone.
                                                                              Although the effort by Motorola to                     will be released February 4th by
Motorola is in alliance with As phones go, the Renew is pretty try and eliminate some of the waste                                   T-Mobile at an unknown price,,       a     nonprofit basic, at least in terms of features. created by cell phones is laudable,                      but chances are it will be more
organization that helps individual It has no internet access, no touch it appears unlikely that a significant                        expensive than regular phones with
people and especially businesses screen, no keyboard, not even a number of people are going to skip                                  similar capabilities. So, how much
“neutralize” the carbon they release. camera. It’s not that great in terms of over iPhones, Blackberrys, and                         history will the phone will actually
If a business wants its product to be style, either. To go with the “green” other new and high-tech phones for                       make? The Renew might be lucky
certified “CarbonFree,” the product theme, it actually is green, almost one that can basically just make and                         if its legacy were as a prelude to
is tested to see how much carbon it Shrek-colored. It isn’t exactly the receive calls, which seems almost                            better, sleeker, environmentally-
gives off. Then the company gives most attractive look. However it pre-historic nowadays. The Renew                                  conscious phones to come.

The Smarter Alternative to Chalk Marks                                                                                                                 By Mackenzie Gavel
In our fast-paced, technologically-        and print lesson plans, access the
advanced society there can only            internet, display online versions of
be one expression appropriate for          textbooks, and much more. As Mrs.
the addition of SMART Boards to            Rozell, a math teacher at Northport
Northport High School’s facilities:        High School, stated, “I love having
“It’s about time!” Recently                the SMART Board in my classroom.
introduced to classrooms situated          I think it’s a great addition to have
mostly in the math and science             in the math wing, and I try to use
wings of the building, the SMART           it in my lesson plans as much as I
Board is rapidly altering the teaching     can.” A particularly great asset to
methods to which we have become            the math wing, the SMART Board
accustomed.                                even has the ability to function as
                                           a graphing calculator so that it may
Teachers are now able to dictate           display equations on a large enough
lesson plans to the class with the aid     scale to ensure easy viewing for all
                                                                                                                                                          Photo By Vicky Walters
of what is, in reality, a large computer   students in a class.
                                                                                            There are, however, a few kinks to       stated, “I would definitely say that
screen with the capabilities to save
                                                                                            the SMART Board, as is common            the SMART Boards are a great asset
                                                                                            with any relatively new piece            to have in the classroom. However,
                                                                                            of technology. Though students           I think the mounted ones function
                                                                                            can easily write on the SMART            better, because you often have
                                                                                            Board as though it were a regular        to recalibrate the other SMART
                                                                                            blackboard, minus the annoying           Boards if a student accidentally
                                                                                            and all too common chalky residue,       bumps into them.”
                                                                                            the board is sometimes found to
                                                                                            erase previous notes or jump to a        It is clear that there are some
                                                                                            different page if the student happens    problems with this new piece of
                                                                                            to lean upon the board while             technology. It may be stated further,
                                                                                            writing. Furthermore, due to their       though, that the positive features of
                                                                                            improved stability, SMART Boards         SMART Boards seem to outweigh
                                                                                            mounted upon the classroom wall          their negatives and, therefore, make
                                                                                            are found to be better than those        the SMART Board an exceptional
                                                                                            simply carted into the classroom on      new addition to Northport High
                                                                                            wheels. As Mrs. Garcia, a Spanish        School.
                                                              Photo By Vicky Walters        teacher at Northport High School,

                     Catching Up
                            With Seniors
What was your New Year’s resolution?

Allison Yule                     Pat Leone                    Kira Dowling
“Attend all my classes”          “Stay fly”                   “Be nicer to my mother”

Adam Lowenthal                   Jesse Feitel                 Lauren Ames
“No soda for an entire year”     “Get into college”           “Find a nice, Jewish boy”

Scott Berman                     Lauren Demos                 Mike Carlino
“A great year with E-Team ‘09”   “Survive my 18th birthday”   “I like the path I’m on right now.”

The Jets Crash                                                                                                                          By Jesse Feitel

On January 28, 2008, the New              Tennessee Titans. But after that,
York Jets completed one of the            the downward spiral began. The
worst downslides in recent football       Jets lost supposedly easy games
history. After starting with a very       to the Seattle Seahawks and the
impressive 8-3 record, the Jets slid      San Francisco 49ers, and began to
to 1-4 in their last five games. The      resemble the team of 2007 that was
Jets, who need to keep their fans         playing poor defense and making
locked in so they will finance the        decisions on offense that led to
team’s new stadium in 2010, took          many interceptions. Eventually the
immediate and drastic action to           Jets came into Week 17 needing
address the problem of the team’s         a win and either a New England
collapse. On December 29, just over       Patriots or Baltimore Ravens loss.
12 hours after the team played its        A team that a mere few weeks ago
last game of the season, the Jets fired   had its destiny in its own hands
head coach Eric Mangini. Mangini,         was degraded to having to depend
who went 23-25 in three seasons           on other teams to lift them into the
with the Jets, was initially believed     playoffs. What also made this last
to be the cause of the collapse. The      game incredibly interesting was
Mangini-led Jets made the playoffs        that the Jets were playing the Miami
only in his first year as head coach,     Dolphins, led by quarterback Chad
and lost in the first round of the AFC    Pennington, whom the Jets had
Wild Card. Still, the Jets finished       gotten rid of mere months before.
with an impressive record of 10-          The Jets were defeated in horrible
6, highlighted by the comeback            fashion, in a 24-17 loss complete
of quarterback Chad Pennington,           with three interceptions thrown by
who in previous seasons had been          Brett Favre. What stung even more
plagued with injuries and cries from      was the 2008 Comeback Player of
                                                                           he wanted to rehire Mangini. “I
fans for his dismissal. Pennington’s      the Year Award being given to Chad
                                                                           don’t think it was one thing,” said   There are numerous reports that
efforts even earned him the 2006          Pennington, an ultimate slap in the
                                                                           Johnson, explaining why he fired      Favre seemed distant from the
NFL Comeback Player of the Year           face to a team that was so desperate
                                                                           Mangini after two winning seasons     rest of his teammates, including
Award.                                    to abandon him.
                                                                           in three years. The main question     refusing to go out to dinner with the
                                                                           that remains is what will happen to   team and having his own office in
But 2007 was a change for Mangini. After the team’s loss and elimination estranged quarterback Brett Favre.
                                                                                                                 the locker room to separate himself
His team was led by a less than stellar from playoff contention, most Favre informed Jets GM Mike
                                                                                                                 from the team. If Favre can spend
Chad Pennington, and finished with football fans in Northport and Tannenbaum that “it may be time
                                                                                                                 this offseason conditioning himself
an embarrassing 4-12 record. But New York had many poor things to look in a different direction’’
                                                                                                                 to take his team to the Super Bowl
refusing to disown their new, young to say about the Jets’ performance, at the quarterback position when
                                                                                                                 in 2010, then it certainly may be a
coach, the Jets stuck with Mangini as well as what action should be they spoke in early January. A
                                                                                                                 good option to keep him around.
and hoped for a more profitable 2008 taken to alleviate that pain of a 1-4 main concern among Jets fans is
                                                                                                                 If he will not take his job and
season. Going into the season, the landslide. Giants fan and Northport the amount of interceptions thrown
                                                                                                                 responsibilities seriously, then it
Jets made national news by signing junior Kyle Silverstein said, “The by Farve, particularly in the final
                                                                                                                 may be time to dump him and look
Brett Favre, the former Green Bay Jets should take action against stretch of the season, as he had
                                                                                                                 for another option as quarterback.
Packers quarterback who is a future Favre; he was terrible towards twenty-two throughout the season
                                                                                                                 The Jets’ reputation as a serious
hall of famer and one of the greatest the end of the season.” Before and nine in the final five games.
                                                                                                                 football team depends on it.
quarterbacks ever to play the game. anyone had a true chance to think
High expectations were made for a over their choices, Eric Mangini
team that spent time, money, and was fired at a press conference on
energy on signing Favre and getting December 29th. The conference
him ready to play with the team. was confusing to follow at times, as
The Jets started the season on a Jets’ owner Woody Johnson, joined
great note, and eventually climaxed by GM Mike Tannenbaum, was so
by beating the then-undefeated complimentary that it sounded like                                     in Chief:
                                                                                          Matthew Cove•Vicky Walters
                                                                                          Staff: Taylor Hanley•Celia Bever
                                                                                      Samantha Lowenkron•Scott Berman
                                                                                        Sarah Holzmann•mackenzie gavel
                                                                                            Jesse Feitel•Olivia Calandra
                                                                                            Amanda Levy•Noel Purcell
                                                                                         Principal: Mrs. Irene McLaughlin
                                                                                          Faculty Advisor: Bob Runyan
                                                                                      Published by and for the students of
                                                                                             Northport High School
                                                                                             Northport, New York 768

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