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March _ April 2009 - Women s Press


									{ Volume XXIV, Number 2 } March & April 2009   A Publication of the Women’s Community Center of San Luis Obispo County

                                                                                                                         Anne Barga, “Green Buddha (Tara)”

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                                 The Table

  5   Beyond Stereotypes     8   Mark Your Calenders:          10      Local Perspectives:
                                 Lunafest                              Women’s History Month
  2         Women’sPress                                                                                                              Women’s Press | March & April 2009 |

Courtney’s Quill What’s in a Name                                                                                                                     Letter to George,
The recent rain has seemed to rejuvenate my
spirit as I watch our community turn green
                                                     By Hilda Heifetz                                 Owed To An Egret…                               the Night Before
                                                    I’ve been saving a clipping from our local        An Apology
and flourish. And maybe it’s the rain, but
lately I’ve been feeling rather earthy, which       newspaper about a woodcarver who                                                                   By Judith Bernstein
is a difficult feeling to explain, but the other    donated to our nearby park a sign showing         I send my regrets                               Note: I grew up in the house that George
day, I told my friend that I felt like rolling in   his version of a ‘crane.” This was in tribute     To all egrets                                   Putnam and Amelia Earhart lived in (Rye,
the mud just to be closer to nature. While my       to what he believed was this bird’s habitat.      If I caused you pain                            NY), first in a “menage a trois” when he
comment did garner an odd look from her, it         Well…we have diligent and informed bird           By calling you “crane.”                         was married and she single, and later when
was incredibly true. I’ve been craving the out-     watchers in this area (Morro Bay, California      (It took more than I knew                       he divorced his wife to marry her. So I have
doors, and so despite the rainy weather, I’ve       is a bird refuge). There was an immediate         To identify you!)                               always been fascinated by the story of her life.
been taking long walks, hiking up our beau-         outcry by them to let the woodcarver know                                                         She was a true ‘free spirit’ and wrote a letter to
tiful mountains, and getting some sand in           that cranes don’t live here…but great, white      It is lots of trouble                           George the night before her marriage setting
between my toes. This is all, I’ve decided, an      EGRETS do!                                        To have a bird double                           out some conditions, and letting him know he
attempt to become more centered in spirit               I can sympathize with the artist’s dis-       Who looks much the same                         could still opt out. I imagined this letter in a
and quieter in mind—something that nature           comfort. As a matter of fact, several years       But is different in name?                       poetic form.
teaches us on a daily basis. And I think this       before when I first moved to Morro Bay, I
is what spring is all about. As winter ends         was raving to my new neighbors about my           I won’t be a botcher again                      It’s the bite of marriage that I fear,
(oh wait…did we have a winter this year?)           numerous encounters with the beautiful            Upsetting bird watchers again                        markings
and spring approaches, we typically clean           white cranes. They lost no time correcting        And I’ll never forget                           left by teeth, a dog collar ‘round my neck
out our houses and get organized, but I find        me, that I must be referring to egrets. Their     You’re known as “egret”!                        (where once a silk scarf flowed)
this the perfect time to also clean my mind         indignation made my mistake seem like                                                             that say I have an owner.
of distractions and become a bit quieter in         a major offense against all egrets and that       Dear bird, this ode to you is owed to you.
my daily thoughts. And in doing so, I will try      I was obliged to make amends. To write                                                            G.P., til now you’ve called me by my name,
to fill my mind with thoughts of gratitude,         (right) the wrong, a poem emerged which           Now, I cannot leave this confession with-       Amelia Earhart. Let that not change
which is something that this issue of Wom-          seemed to allay my guilt and then was filed       out including my reflections following this     once we are wed. Our union’s not
en’s Press does as well. March is Women’s His-      away.                                             experience. Having a predisposition to          in names, nor written on a
tory Month, and we devoted a section in the             Somehow the woodcarver’s gaffe inspired       see the sublime in the ridiculous and vice          parchment scroll,
paper to celebrating inspirational women. If        me to bring out my poem and go public.            versa, I also find my tongue likes to be in     nor sanctified by minister or state.
you know someone who is an inspiration to           For better or verse, I share my original:         my cheek but also needs to wag with great
you, say a silent thank you for this person.                                                          seriousness. It was inevitable that I would     Just as in passion’s moment we forget
Could you imagine how different you might                                                             ponder: “What’s in a name?” Even before         ourselves, mingling our sounds and smells,
be if not for her influence? This month we                                                            I was introduced to William Shakespeare’s       then reluctantly pull apart, taking back
                                                                                                      “he who steals my good name, steals that
also look forward to LUNAFEST! The event                  About the Cover Artist                      which does not enrich him, but makes
                                                                                                                                                      once more those places that were
takes place on March 7th at the SLO Library.                                                                                                              briefly bound,
For the small cost of $8, please join us as we
watch short films by, for, and about women.
                                                                Anne Barga                            me poor indeed” –even before that, I was
                                                                                                      shocked to learn that our Native Americans
                                                                                                                                                      just so in marriage let us treasure
                                                                                                                                                      times that bind, but also time apart.
The event has been circled on my calendar for       Anne Barga’s paintings have been described        were not consulted about what they wanted
a month now, and I just can’t wait to feel the      as containing a balance between sponta-           to be called, but were named “Indians” by       And sometimes sitting in my room alone,
kinetic energy in the room as we watch, learn,      neity and control, emotion and thought.           misguided explorers who thought they had        I forget for few moments I’m at home,
and explore filmmaking at its finest. Finally, I    Her paintings are nature-based blends of          landed in India!                                and adjust my goggles at La Guardia field,
encourage you to send us your thoughts and          abstraction and representation. Anne says             I have also learned that in the mysticism   reliving that delicious fear that leaves
comments about our humble paper. In our             “Everyone’s daily life is a series of emotions,   of the Kabala, a person’s name contains his     my arm pits wet, and then the rush
next issue, we will have a local perspectives       thoughts, and impressions. I think, dream,        destiny. In human beings the name seems         of rising upward through the air
section celebrating Mother’s Day. Though            and imagine colors and shapes to represent        to become the “self,” so that my friend,        then leveling off and floating with
this holiday is often viewed as “hallmark-y”,       these sensations. My goal is to create art        when asked who she is, promptly answered            the currents.
I challenge you to go beyond the obvious. In        that is beautiful and that has wit and intel-     “Sarah!” Even more extreme that Shake-
such a critical economic time, when so many         ligence and humor. I hope my work inspires        speare, to whom the loss of a good name         I may stay aloft past dark, then land
of my friends and family are currently with-        a natural high.” This painting, Green Bud-        is only impoverishing, taking Sarah’s name          for dinner.
out employment, I have been inspired and            dha (Tara), was commissioned for Anne’s           away could deprive her of her very exis-        The clink of silver, the taking in of food
moved to see communities of women come              friend who is exploring Buddhist teachings.       tence. Do we go so far, as in the case of           and wine,
together to help each other. And so I think         Tara, the Protectress, is known in many cul-      the egret, as to believe his life depends on    the flight of words across the table
of mothers as not just women who have born          tures as the ever accessible, all encompass-      correctly identifying him? Have I become        feed our spirits as the meat our bones.
children, but of women who have taught,             ing Great Mother. She is the embodiment           ridiculous?                                     Then let us drink a toast to marriage,
encouraged, helped, lead, and supported, and        of the highest qualities of wisdom, compas-           The carver as well as the rhymester,        regretting nothing we have left behind,
really been the foundation for which all has        sion, and power. Swift to reach out to all        meaning no harm, have been treated to           celebrating what we bring together
been built upon. Send in your articles, letters,    those in need, her 21 aspects reflect human-      the world of distinctions and differences.
poems, and anything else you might think of         ity’s radiant potential.                          And the egret, by ANY other name, is still
about this topic. We would love to share your            Please see for more        a beautiful bird and unimpressed by name
stories, furthering our commitment to you           of Anne’s art.                                    calling.
and those in the community.

                         Courtney                                                                                                                      Women’s Community Center Board
                                                                                                                                                                 Angie King, President
                                                                                                                                                                 Sonia Paz Baron-Vine
                                                                                                                                                                    Robin Rinzler
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March & April 2009 | | Women’s Press                                                                                                   Motherhood                      3

                                                                                                                                                   Just a Moment
                                                                                                                                                    By Kalila Volkov

  The Children’s Bookshelf                                                                                                                         Waiting for my carpool kids to spill
                                                                                                                                                       noisily in
                                                                                                                                                   (leaving tracks of sand)
                                                                                                                                                   expecting the girlish giggles and stories
                                                                                                                                                   from the halls of eighth grade
                                                                                                                                                   I sit and ponder the name of the bird
                                                     “Holy Frijoles,” cries the cutest, person-       Children are highly entertained with             on the wire
 By Lisa Pimentel Johnson                                                                                                                          with a white spot high on its chest
                                                 ality packed, Siamese cat ever written in        body functions and can wax poetic for
“Molly Lou Melon stood just taller than          children’s literature. His mother calls him,     hours about one burp, one hiccup, or
her dog and was the shortest girl in the         “Mr. Kitten Britches, Mr. Fuzzy Pants, Mr        even rectal flatulence! In the book, Wal-        Fortunate am I to have these days
first grade. She didn’t mind. Her grandma        Fluffernutter, or Mr. Cocopugs.” Even if         ter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle        where I can steal a twenty-minute rest
told her, ‘Walk proudly as you can and the       you don’t particularly like cats, Skippyjon      and Glenn Murray, it’s totally about a dog       breathing deeply
world will look up to you.’”                     Jones by Judy Schachner is a story about         that produces the smelliest, most disgust-       where I can quietly watch my
    Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty         a rambunctious kitty with an overactive          ing farts all morning, noon, and night. The          nature friends;
Lovell, teaches us many life lessons: how to     imagination that will win your mind and          children in the story love this dog in spite     contemplate new recipes;
deal with being short, clumsy, not “maga-        heart with a swipe of his black and white        of his gas, but after trying different meth-     read poems;
zine pretty,” and having a “voice that sounds    paw. He is El Skippito, wielding a sword to      ods to cure the problem, the parents are         have an extended chat with my
like a bullfrog being squeezed by a boa con-     save a roving band of Chihuahuas from a          ready to get fresh air in the house and take         distant brother
strictor.” In this climate of adjusted parent-   gigantic bumblebeeto. This mission involves      the dog to the pound. Luckily, Walter’s gas      or sit among my ripening tomatoes
ing, it is her grandmother that steers Molly     lots of beans: black beans, baked beans, kid-    problem saves the day in a unique way, and
Lou through the rough waters of bully’s          ney beans, and jelly beans. Add some made        the whole family learns to live with him         Getting quieter still
at school and self image issues. Using the       up words like bangito, crashito, popito or       and his special aroma. The illustrations are     retraining my body to move more slowly
sage advice of her grandmother, she walks        friskito, and you have instant smiles. The       especially artistic and will make you want       to perch and gaze around me
proud, smiles big, and sings loudly in daily     drawings are engaging as well: colorful,         to study it in depth. Children will love all     like the little bird
life. Both parents and children need to          “funeeto,” and whimsical. “Holy Guaca-           the farting in this book, and you probably
embrace the simple lessons taught in this        mole,” every child should have this book!        will get some “demonstrations” of that par-
delightful book.                                                                                  ticular talent every time this book is read!

Parenting                                                                                         Give, Sustain, Save: Breast Milk
 By Lisa Jouet                                   ciples every day. I make little mistakes just
                                                 like everyone else, but I try to learn from       By Jennifer Kaplan
My husband and I decided to try to get           them, listen to my instincts, and move on        Salma Hayek recently made international
pregnant about 5 years ago, and we are           without regrets.                                 news when she breastfed a malnourished
now the proud 40-something parents of an             For example, when it is time for our tod-    African baby (in the Sierra Leone Region)
active 2 ½ year old. Each day we are faced       dler to go to sleep, we go through our tooth     while she was on a goodwill ambassador
with myriad decisions regarding our child.       brushing routine, read a few books, and          tour with UNICEF. Sierra Leone has the
At first, we read every book, magazine, and      turn out the light. One of us lies down with     highest infant mortality rate in the world

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Anna i Adria
internet article we could get our hands on,      her in her bed until she falls asleep. Occa-     with many babies dying because their
beginning with pregnancy and birth. Dur-         sionally, I am annoyed when she does not         mothers are being forced to stop breastfeed-
ing my searches, I also met other parents        fall asleep quickly, but I keep in mind that     ing their children. Folklore and myths in
trying to parent in the same instinctive,        I want her to feel loved, safe, and secure.      Sierra Leone encourage many mothers to
bonded, and positive way that we were.           Before I slip away, I look I see her peace-      stop breastfeeding their infants within the
These other parents called their philosophy      ful, sleeping face, and I feel so much hap-      first few months after birth because of pres-
“Attachment Parenting.” The term is cred-        piness and love. More importantly, I feel I      sure from their husbands. Tradition holds,       mother and baby by stimulating a woman’s
ited to a physician, Dr. William Sears. If       am doing the right thing for our daughter.       in some areas, that it is not acceptable to      body to produce prolactin and oxytocin,
you go to AP websites, eight principles are      If she wakes up during the night, we don’t       have sexual relations with breast feeding        hormones that give mothering a boost. So
listed. They are;                                make a big deal of it, and she finishes her      women. It is also widely believed in this        breastfeeding is good for the mother and
                                                 night or morning in our bed. She sleeps          West African country that breast feeding         the child.
 •	 Prepare     for    Pregnancy,    Birth       through the night more often than not and        does not provide enough food for a baby,             And here, in the United States, where we
    and Parenting                                wakes up in a very sunny mood.                   and that colostrum, or first milk, is actually   have so much, women all across the nation
 •	 Feed with Love and Respect                       The most difficult task for me is posi-      poisonous. These inaccuracies and stigma         choose to forgo breastfeeding because it can
 •	 Respond with Sensitivity                     tive discipline. When my child acts out, I       attached to breastfeeding has led to cata-       be time consuming, painful at times, and
 •	 Use Nurturing Touch                          find I am often at a loss, even for words. I     strophic events in this region. In an effort     can even ruin the look of a breast. Though
 •	 Ensure     Safe     Sleep,   Physically      was raised with a more authoritarian style       to encourage and educate the women there         there are some women who have physi-
    and Emotionally                              of parenting, and according to my parents,       to breastfeed, Salma Hayek offered a sick        cal problems and cannot breast feed, the
 •	 Provide Consistent and Loving Care           I was as an easy-going child who did not         baby boy her own breast milk. He hungrily        majority of women not breastfeeding made
 •	 Practice Positive Discipline                 often disobey. So here I am with an active,      accepted.                                        a conscious decision not to. And though
 •	 Strive for Balance in Personal and           confident, and at times moody 2 year                 Not only can we women give birth,            some women must return to work, science
    Family Life                                  old who throws things at me when she is          but we are able to sustain life through our      and nature has come together beautifully in
                                                 angry. My husband and I, however, choose         breast milk, and now, as Salma Hayek has         the form of a breast pump, allowing women
    My upbringing had many of these prin-        clear and loving communication. We give          shown, we can also save lives with the milk      to pump their milk throughout the day, so
ciples, but certainly not all of them. I am      her options and she chooses her path.            we can provide to babies. Give, sustain,         babies may still have nature’s perfect food
glad I knew so many people who were will-            Attached parenting is nothing more           save. Breastmilk is nature’s perfect food for    in the form of a bottle. To think that babies
ing to share their pregnancy, birth, and par-    than parenting in the way history and time       babies. A woman’s body is designed to initi-     world wide are dying without breast milk,
enting stories. Everything I learned pointed     has proven to be most effective. Please join     ate breastfeeding minutes after giving birth,    and here in the United States, women let
me toward the goal of having a healthy           me over the next year, as I explore and          and babies are born with the innate knowl-       their milk go, is sad.
pregnancy and an unmedicated birth. The          explain each of Attached parenting’s eight       edge of seeking out the breast and suckling.         Salma Hayek might have given this new-
path I started down with this first prin-        principles. I believe that both you and your     Breast milk is so vital to our children that     born a fighting chance, but he needs more
ciple created a domino effect. As time has       child(ren) will be enlightened and enriched.     the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)         than one feeding. We do not yet know if
marched on, I try to embrace these prin-                                                          and WHO (World Health Organization)              this baby survived or if another woman
                                                                                                  recommend nursing our young for a mini-          or his mother resumed breastfeeding him.
                                                                                                  mum of one year, and they suggest that two       What we do know is that the stigma of
Midwifery Today                                                                                   year breastfed babies reap the most benefits.
                                                                                                  The babies of Sierra Leone could thrive if
                                                                                                                                                   breastfeeding in the African nation has been
                                                                                                                                                   reduced. The myths are being questioned
 By Edana Hall                                   pregnancy and birth as normal, physiologic       they were breastfed.                             by mothers, and their maternal instincts to
                                                 processes; that encourages women and their           Furthermore, according to world              nurture and feed their children are being
In the State of California, women have           families to become informed, educated, and       renowned Pediatrician and author, Dr.            restored. The fathers might listen to the
many choices on where, with whom, and            responsible for their health and health care.    Sears, the benefits of breastfeeding and         physicians who are urging the women to
how they will birth their children. Seem-        These standards are the hallmarks of The         breast milk include not only an innate           keep their babies alive by feeding them. It
ingly, much of the population is unaware         Midwifery Model of Care as practiced by          bonding between mother and child, but            took Salma Hayek to reach out and feed a
that there are options that exist outside of     today’s Licensed Midwives.                       also germ-fighting and health-promot-            hungry baby, to share her breast milk, and
the standard obstetric, medically-based              Today’s Licensed Midwife has completed       ing ingredients. These help protect babies       to nurture a child to squash these myths.
model of care.                                   a didactic training course from an accred-       against all kinds of infections, common and      She was able to do more in that simple
   In fact, there is a distinctively differ-     ited college, has secured adequate clini-        not-so-common. Breast milk also contains         altruistic action than all the literature and
ent model of care that addresses the indi-       cal experience through apprenticeships or        unique brain-building nutrients that can-        education the WHO has been trying to get
vidual needs of normal, healthy birthing         hands-on training, and has passed the State      not be manufactured or bought. Breastfeed-       across to the people of Sierra Leone. Salma
women and their families; that approaches                                                                                                          Hayek was simply, being a mother.
                                                 Continued in Midwifery, pg 5                     ing promotes the right chemistry between
4          WomenatWork                                                                                                               Women’s Press | March & April 2009 |

Want to Know Where Your Hassles Are Hiding? Economic Stimulus Opportunities
          Launch a “Hassle Hunt!”           By Andrea Zeller

                                                           feeling of momentum by tackling           By the time you read this, President Obama
 By Adele Sommers                                                                                    will have signed legislation authorizing the
                                                           the easier ones first. A few quick
Is the water feeling                                       successes can really boost morale!        nearly $800 billion American Recovery and
a little choppy at                                    #4   Filet: Dissect each high-priority         Reinvestment Act. President Obama sought
your place of work?                                        hassle in a group discussion. Con-        the creation of an Act that emphasizes infra-
Is your boat bouncing                                      sider a range of potential solutions      structure development and public works
around a lot (or even a                                    by brainstorming and analyzing as         projects modeled much after the New Deal
little) these days? Are peo-                               many ideas as possible. Create new,       programs created by President Franklin
ple getting seasick and look-                              digestible recipes by adding ingre-       Roosevelt shortly after he entered office in
ing around for the Dramamine—all                           dients and chopping out waste.            1933. President Obama’s massive economic
because they keep sailing into barriers that          #5   Cook: Give everyone a chef ’s hat         stimulus package is intended, much like
keep them from getting anything done?                      and identify actionees to sauté the       President Roosevelt’s New Deal programs,
     That could be a sign of shark-like “has-              solutions.                                to jumpstart our flailing economy.
sles” surrounding your ship, or giant octopi          #6   Serve: Dish up a plan of action to            As a business owner, have you thought
waiting to strangle your productivity and                  meet regularly to track and monitor       about what opportunities this legislation
morale. Or, maybe there are just a lot of                  progress. Start by entering the has-      will offer you? The new American Recov-
little sea urchins out there, sucking the life             sles, priorities, actionees, and prog-    ery and Reinvestment Act brings billions
                                                           ress notes into a table, spreadsheet,     of dollars in contract opportunities to gov-    disabled veteran-owned business enterprise?
out of your people and profitability!
                                                           or database, and update it before         ernment contractors over the next several       Do you understand how to find and bid on
     In any case, it’s time to go fishing for
                                                           each meeting.                             years. Do you offer products or services        government contracts?
hassles — obstacles, hurdles, and frustra-
                                                                                                     that could be used in the various areas             There is a parallel tract of things you
tions of all shapes and sizes! Give everyone
                                                      In conclusion, with ongoing vigilance,         where stimulus strategies are targeted? The     need to do to best position your com-
a “fishing license” along with a permit to
                                                   demoralizing hassles will stop invading your      government likely will award contracts to       pany to take advantage of these oppor-
clean up the waters once and for all.
                                                   workplace like piranhas in pond. Manage-          increase energy efficiency in federal build-    tunities. First, get certified. Then second,
                                                   ment’s unflagging participation and sup-          ings, expand health care information tech-      identify which government buyers are likely
Recipe for “Hassle Stew”                                                                             nology, and continue military construction      to need your company’s products or ser-
                                                   port throughout this entire voyage will help
    #1   Bait and trap: Invite everyone to a       ensure your ultimate success!                     projects. Meanwhile, billions more will be      vices, and plan your marketing strategies
         “hassle hunt” party. Tell people to                                                         provided to state and local governments for     to reach these buyers! You want to be sure
         bring back a net full of their most                                                         shovel-ready infrastructure projects, cre-      your targeted government buyers know
         annoying hassles. Have people                                                               ating business for small and mid-size con-      your company and are familiar with your
         catch and return their ideas to you                                                         struction firms.                                products and services before the funds from
         in advance or simply plan to start                                                              For example, infrastructure development     the American Recovery and Reinvestment
         “fishing” at the meeting. No hassle                                                         funds, such as highway and bridge improve-      Act begin flowing. Here at Mission Com-
         is too big or too small to pursue!                                                          ments, will flow federal funds through Cal-     munity Services Corporation, we have the
    #2   Weigh: Define each problem clearly                                                          trans. If you are in construction, be sure      resources and connections to help you
         in terms of what happens and why                                                            your business is certified through the State    prepare to take advantage of these govern-
         it occurs.                                                                                  of California to access the Caltrans oppor-     ment contracting opportunities. Call or
    #3   Sort: Prioritize your hassles using a                                                       tunities. The Act also contains billions of     visit us today.
         5-question test. Use these answers                                                          dollars to improve health information tech-
         to help determine the order in                                                              nology, and there’s money for green initia-     Andrea Zeller, Executive Director of Mission
         which to resolve them. Consider                                                             tives. The US Army Corps of Engineers           Community Services (MCSC), coordinates
         the a) perceived impact or sever-                                                           and the US General Services Administra-         Women’s Business Partners (WBP) to ensure
         ity, b) whether your customers are        Adele Sommers, Ph.D. is a business per-           tion will have numerous opportunities.          all community resources are leveraged and
         bothered, c) whether you can get          formance consultant who helps entrepreneurs           Are you ready for this? If you have a       optimized to support entrepreneurial women.
         a quick resolution, d) whether you        align their life passions with their business     product or service that can be used in any      WBP serves everyone interested in establishing
         can more easily achieve a mission-        purpose. She also guides organizations through    of these areas, you definitely want to pre-     self-sufficiency through small business owner-
         critical goal by getting rid of each      “tactical tune-ups” and “strategic makeovers”     pare and position your company so that          ship. WBP can take you step by step towards
         hassle, and e) whether the solu-          in individual or group sessions. Contact her      government buyers can quickly place con-        success and can help those who speak only
         tion is under your group’s control.       today for a free initial consultation at Adele@   tracts with you. Do you know how to get         Spanish. Visit or call 595-
         While you shouldn’t ignore the  , or 805-462-2199.           certified as a small business, as a women-      1357 to find out more.
         obstacles that need more time and                                                           owned or minority-owned business, or as a
         energy, you can generate a stronger

Shifting Toward Hope
                                                   from my colleagues, partners with whom I          challenge was to win them over by creating      see this day. As I gazed at my TV on Jan-
 By Roberta Youtan Kay                             led the majority of my trainings, as well as      a non-threatening, inclusive atmosphere         uary 20th, 2009, and I looked at the faces
                                                   the participants attending the workshops.         where people could speak openly and hon-        representing the diversity of our coun-
For the last 15 years of my professional           Over and over again, people would talk            estly about their feelings and eventually get   try, I thought about the hundreds of peo-
life, I worked as a Diversity Trainer. This        about being obviously followed and care-          to the place where they not only tolerated      ple who had been in my trainings over the
wonderful profession gave me the unique            fully watched as they went shopping, for          but began to appreciate and realize the value   years and the emotional and shocking sto-
opportunity to lead workshops and semi-            example, or being singled out and inter-          of the differences we were discussing. I am     ries they shared. I felt the excitement all
nars in workplaces all across the country          rogated by police when driving through            happy to say that the majority of the time      of those people must have been feeling on
and occasionally overseas. The sessions were       white neighborhoods. Participants shared          I was able to accomplish these goals. It was    that day. Their deep understanding and
designed to expose the inequity of treat-          hundreds of stories about being treated like      always extremely rewarding and gratifying       appreciation for this momentous time in
ment aimed at people considered “differ-           second class citizens or ignored by their         at the conclusion of a workshop when par-       history had to be huge. I’m sure they, like
ent” from the dominant culture. Dominant           teachers in school and being overlooked or        ticipants would thank me for helping them       I, felt the dream of Martin Luther King,
culture typically implied white males, so          not considered for advancement in their           understand the experiences of others. A         Jr. was beginning to be realized and that a
difference included many categories: those         jobs. Occasionally, there would be shock-         man once wrote on his evaluation form: “I       major shift had occurred in our country, as
from other races, cultural and religious           ing stories like the following one I’ll never     learned that diversity is not a problem that    President Obama said. My hope is that the
groups, the disabled, those of different sex-      forget told to me by a white woman. One           needs to be solved but rather an asset that     countless tears of joy that have flowed from
ual orientations, political ideologies, gender     day while she was pregnant and with her           needs to be implemented.” When those that       so many eyes since his election will mark
and age. I worked with executives, corpo-          African-American husband, a woman came            had been oppressed in some way finished a       the true beginning to the end of the unfair,
rate managers, government bureacrats and           up to them, placed her hand on the wom-           workshop, they consistently talked about        inhumane treatment of those different from
laborers, university and school administra-        an’s swollen belly and said, “Lord, save this     how much they appreciated the opportu-          ourselves. In the words of Dr. King, “...that
tors and teachers to try to make the envi-         child’s life and free him from its devil par-     nity to finally open up and tell the truth      we will (finally) be judged by the content
ronment in the workplace more inclusive            ents!”                                            about their lives in a room of co-workers       of our character and not the color of our
and hospitable. Trainings were designed to             Walking into a new training room, I           with whom they’d worked, often for years,       skin.”
help eliminate prejudice and exclusionary          never knew what to expect. I was often met        but to whom they had never really spoken
practices commonly engaged in by our soci-         with suspicion and animosity by partici-          the truth.                                      Roberta Youtan Kay, former Marriage and
ety toward those considered minorities or          pants who were not receptive to the goals             Fast-forward to the election of our         Family Therapist, has a private practice as a
just those different from the majority .           of the workshops. I occasionally encoun-          first African-American president and the        Life Coach. She specializes in Cross-Cultural
    Throughout my years as a diversity             tered blatant anger aimed at me, especially       ecstatic, enthusiastic world wide celebra-      Relationships and also works with issues spe-
trainer, I heard hundreds of stories from          when the group consisted of no other peo-         tion of his inauguration. As many people        cific to the Boomer Generation. Roberta can
people of all colors that illustrated life expe-   ple than white males. Since many of my            have said on interviews and in newspaper        be reached at 805.929-5574 or by email at you-
riences common to them but not part of             sessions were mandatory for employees, my         columns, I never thought I would live to
my reality at all. Many of these stories came
March & April 2009 | | Women’s Press                                                                                                        Body&Soul                      5

Beyond Stereotypes
 By Heather Mendel
When my husband and I were married
thirty years ago, I inherited the role of ‘reb-
betzin’ that came with marrying a rabbi.
When he proposed, he asked me to think
about what this role would mean and how,
to a certain extent, our lives, and those of
our children, would become more public.
What he did not foresee, or certainly did
not warn me of, was the amusing comment
that, over the years, has continued to amaze
                                                                                                         The Business of Yoga
me: “That’s funny, you don’t look like a rab-                                                                                                                                     Photo by duchesssa
bi’s wife.” Always said (and received) with
a smile, these few words have always left                                                            By Yvonne Duran                                municates. (I guess, “Because I said so” and
me bemused as I am not sure what a rabbi’s        groupings. Do they apply to us? Instantly                                                         “Because I’m the Mom” don’t lead to com-
wife looks like and why I do not fit some         we recognize where we match and more              “I give thanks to my mother . . . for intro-    promise.) For April, it’s a true application of
preconceived notion. If the same people,          importantly, where we don’t.                      ducing me to the path of yoga as a child,       having conscious union in relationships and
casually met, would have been aware of my             When I was training to become a speech        her wisdom and guidance along the way,          being present with love and compassion.
outspoken and passionate interests in femi-       and hearing therapist in what seems now to        and for embarking on this journey we            She says staying mindful of these yoga prin-
nism and spirituality, they may have been         have been a separate lifetime ago, each ther-     undertake hand in hand.” –April Thyrring        ciples helps influence the business interac-
convinced that I definitely don’t sound like      apist-in-training had to agree, for a period          I majored in psychology and child devel-    tions with her mom accordingly.
a rabbi’s wife! This comment has certainly        of 2 week and in all situations, to ‘become’      opment, so “business” is usually the fur-           Additionally, Connie believes they bring
served as a good introduction to my consid-       a stutterer to know what this speech dis-         thest thing from my mind. But then I took       their love of each other and yoga into their
ering the role of stereotypes in our lives.       order feels like to the person dealing with       a class at Yoga Village, owned and managed      business. For example, because April prac-
    Surface and substance—where does              it. It was a humbling experience indeed.          by the mother/daughter team of Connie           ticed yoga as a child with her mom as do
one begin and the other end? Our physi-           Ask any woman who chooses to wear the             Murphy and April Thyrring. As a mother          her children with her, they offer a yoga class
cal appearance; apparent strength or weak-        hijab in Western society, and especially post     of a young daughter, who finds the inter-       where families can practice yoga together as
nesses; our gender, race, and nationality; the    9/11, how her choice affects the reaction of      personal dynamics of daily tooth-brushing       a bonding experience. Then there’s the tea
clothing, colors, and adornments we chose         strangers in the streets, or its effects on the   equal to negotiating peace treaties, my curi-   and refreshments served after class. It’s hard
to wear—all are taken in instantly by those       initial moments of meeting someone not            osity about such a business relationship was    to deny the sense of nurturing experienced
we meet and filtered through a perceptive         of her faith, for the first time? What of the     peaked.                                         when someone feeds you. A beneficial busi-
lens that has evolved within them through         elderly, or those in wheelchairs, who expe-           Connie, a yoga teacher since 1980 with a    ness practice for their family is that Connie
their life’s experience. Each of us operate in    rience invisibility as strangers address who-     degree in finance, always wanted to have her    can support April’s role as a mother with
the same way, and the more tied we are to         ever accompanies them rather than talk            own yoga studio. When her daughter April,       flexible scheduling and division of labor.
the egoic mind, as described by Tolle, the        directly to them?                                 a single mother of two, decided to pursue           Both women concur that they have
more we assume that our perceptions of                One of the many joys of having Presi-         her yoga certification, Connie moved to         grown in their mother/daughter relation-
others, gained in this way, are valid.            dent Obama in office, is that the barrier         the Central Coast to help. The yoga studio      ship through birthing a business. This
    Such superficial coverings, including the     of race has cracked and is crumbling. For         became a joint venture, and Connie and          March, they celebrate their one-year anni-
personality traits we show to the world, con-     the first time, many have been able to see        April were in business.                         versary. Any parent who has ever thrown
ceal, in varying degrees, the essence of who      through their own limiting stereotype to              As partners, they make major decisions      an over-the-top birthday party for an oth-
we are—the former, where our individual-          the essence of the amazing man who now            together, divide duties based on personal       erwise oblivious one-year-old knows the
ity is found and the latter where our simil-      leads our country and the world. His mete-        strengths, and use their differences to their   party is not for the babe, but for the parents
itude resides in the identical divine sparks      oric rise, a great gift to us all, has cracked    advantage. For example, Connie’s cost-effec-    who made it through that first amazing,
that animates each human being as children        open the imprisoning national lens that has       tive perspective has been balanced by April’s   though at times challenging, year. It’s evi-
of One God, splendid in our diversity.            separated us, one from another.                   eco-friendly perspective, better aligning       dent in talking with Connie and April that
    What is not quite so obvious when we              How do we deal with difference?               their practice with their philosophy. They      their bond and regard for one another is
first meet, is the intangible information we      How much trust do we have in stereo-              both note an intuitive communication style      strong. Whether it’s the yoga or just them,
intuit vibrationally. In an unconscious state,    types? How much of our assessment of              of effective mind reading and finishing each    I’m going to keep bringing my daughter to
we are unaware that we take in information        others is tainted because we are unaware          other’s sentences that comes in handy when      family yoga with me. She loves it, and it’s
on many levels and that surface impressions       or unable to see beyond the surface and           getting a job done.                             significantly more mutually enjoyable than
are intricately tied to our own inner voice.      the touch the substance of one another?               But how is the infamously intimate          the mandatory practice of good dental
So often our first impressions have more to       Surely widening our perspective and               and potentially tenuous mother/daughter         hygiene.
do with ourselves than the person we are          becoming conscious of the lens through            dynamic handled in a business setting? For
meeting.                                          which we each view our lives will assist          Connie, it has meant stepping back more         Yoga Village is located at 132 W. Branch
    It is interesting to view all the sub-        us to connect in more meaningful ways.            as a mother. The mother/daughter part-          Street, Arroyo Grande (located behind the
groups we can identify with in terms of           B’shalom                                          nership is multi-dimensional (the mother/       Village Center). Feel free to call or visit their
race, nationality, roles, gender, and sexual                                                        daughter hats don’t disappear) and so she is    website: or 805-
preferences (to name just a few) and then to      Heather     Mendel’s         website         is   more cognizant of what and how she com-         474-9884.
think of the stereotypes that abound these

Volunteerism: Obama Style                                                                                                                           Midwifery
                                                                                                                                                     Continued from page 3
 By Matt Lombardini                               empower people to action during our work              Our organization, named Central Coast
                                                  for President Obama. We told her what our         United for Change, is one where commu-          Board Exam as administered by the Medi-
Recently a Food Drive took place though           target was and that we would organize and         nity organizing is the model in which we        cal Board of California. As with any health
out San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa            coordinate the event for her.                     help ordinary people through empower-           professional, licensure is contingent upon
Barbara Counties to honor the little known            Well, we did just that. Over 25,000           ment via resources and training to help oth-    the completion of continuing education
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.            pounds of food and $4,000 in cash dona-           ers and to evoke real change. Community         units at conferences, workshops, and pro-
“O.K. Another food drive,” you say. “Been         tions were collected for the Food Bank. We        organizing can also be used to bring vari-      fessional meetings. This ensures a midwife’s
there, done that.” Well, not exactly.             also approached Kathy Hayes, Director of          ous existing organizations together to work     training and skills are based on current
    From January 17th to the 19th, a small        operations of the Food Bank of Santa Bar-         toward common goals, such as the allevia-       research, standards of care, and techniques.
group of residents answered the call by then      bara County, with the same plan of action.        tion of hunger.                                     Licensed Midwives (LMs) are trained in
President-Elect Obama to honor the Martin         In Santa Maria they took in over 2,000                In the coming months and years the          all aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth, and
Luther King, Jr. holiday through a national       pounds of food and $1,000 in donations as         model of community organizing may very          postpartum care as well as newborn care
“Day of Service” first introduced by the          well. Volunteers working on the ground put        well become the popular method for peo-         through the first six weeks. Their training
Clinton Administration in 1994. The group         in an average of just 4-6 hours each.             ple to connect and help each other dur-         includes certification in neonatal resusci-
decided to conduct a food drive, but, wait a          According to Ms. Lewis, the Food Bank         ing these trying times. Our dependence          tation and adult CPR, and they carry oxy-
minute, it wasn’t just any food drive, it was     Coalition had never experienced this type         on the government and non-profit sectors        gen and medications to treat and prevent
a food drive “community-organizing style.”        of result in such a short period of time          will no doubt have to subside, as funding       certain conditions related to birth. Addi-
This style is the type of grassroots activism     with very little effort on their part except to   for those various agencies becomes increas-     tionally, LMs are capable of performing
and action that elected President Obama -         receive and stock their shelves. It was signif-   ingly unable to meet the rising demand          well-woman health exams including man-
regular folks making a difference.                icant that the community approached them          for resources and services. So, step up, get    ual breast exams and annual Paps. They can
    As     community       organizers,     we     with the idea rather than the organizing          involved, and feel the power in helping oth-    provide contraceptive and family planning
approached Wendy Lewis, Volunteer Coor-           trying to engage the community. This type         ers. The rewards are great for you and your     counseling. Clearly, their training ensures
dinator of the Food Bank Coalition of San         of organizing, mobilizing, and empowering         community.                                      continuity of care throughout a woman’s
Luis Obispo with the idea of a door-to-door       people around a specific cause is an exam-                                                        reproductive life and beyond.
food drive throughout the County. The             ple of how effective community organizing         Matt Lombardini can be reached at www.              For further information contact Holis-
neighbor-to-neighbor appeal is something          at the grass roots level can be.         and email:      tic Midwifery Care: 805-462-8821 or e-mail
that we used to develop relationships and                                                   
6         Body&Soul                                                                                                                 Women’s Press | March & April 2009 |

Becoming a Giver to Life
 By Laura Grace

The best way to find yourself
                                                                                                   Navigating Life’s Passages

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by channah
is to lose yourself in the
service of others.
                       - Gandhi
                                                                                                   With Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Baha’i faith believes that God is Love                                                                                                           tionship to each other keeps our bodies
and Love is God and that we’re here to                                                              By Clare B. Lowery L.Ac.
                                                                                                                                                     functioning at its highest potential. Chi-
express love. Being of service is an expres-                                                       Let’s face it. In life, we as women must          nese Healers of ancient days observed the
sion of love. It’s the highest form of giv-                                                        navigate many transitions. Not just minor         changes that the body goes through from
ing. It joins us to the heart of another and     the time to succumb to fear. We are being         transitions, like the seasonal changes in         birth to death and developed many reliable
reminds us that we are all connected. When       presented with an opportunity to know             California, but major ones: girlhood to           methods of treatment with needles, herbs,
we give unconditionally to others, we are        that true abundance comes from within.            womanhood; a child’s body to a woman’s;           massage, and dietary modifications.
actually giving to ourselves.                    Abundance is not something we acquire; it’s       menses and fertility, pregnancy, and meno-            If the goal is to stay healthy, balanced,
    At the Circle of Spiritual Enlighten-        something we tune into.                           pause. On top of all of these natural transi-     and therefore content through life’s pas-
ment, we have a division called the “Circle          One step toward tuning into your true         tions, we have the pressures of modern life,      sages, it is nice to know that there is help
of Selfless Service.” In Sanskrit, “self-less    abundant nature is to practice giving your        slightly disconnected with nature and nat-        out there. TCM offers a welcome balance
service” is called seva. Gurumayi Chidvilas-     time, talent, or treasure. For example, if        ural rhythms. We worry about our weight,          to Western Medicine. Women in particu-
ananda once said that it is seva that acceler-   financially you are feeling a sense of lack,      financial security, relationships, children,      lar can benefit from natural medicine and,
ates the sadhana [spiritual path] of a seeker    consider tithing your time or talent to           aging, and on and on.                             through TCM treatment, can avoid unnec-
and lights the path to God. Within the Cir-      your favorite non-profit. It doesn’t matter           Accepting that this is all part of the pre-   essary medical procedures.
cle of Selfless Service, people are offered a    how you give but what you give and how            cious lives we are given, it behooves us to           Traditional Chinese Medicine today
pathway to tithe their time and talent to        you give it. The “what” can be your energy,       find ways to ease these transitions, to navi-     consists of acupuncture treatment with tiny
those in need. The joy and fulfillment expe-     support, and attention. The “how” is your         gate with awareness and find tools to stay        stainless steel needles. Insertion is painless
rienced while giving never ceases to amaze       intention, attitude, and awareness.               centered when the storms hit. Fortunately,        and once the needles are in specific acu-
the “giver.” They quickly discover that giv-         There is a saying that it is easy to be a     humans have been around for thousands of          puncture points on the body the enhanced
ing—without any expectation—allows               saint on a mountaintop, but the real proof        years and ancient healing systems are still       flow of energy often induces a feeling of
them to unearth their own true spiritual         comes when you return to the marketplace.         available to keep us in balance.                  euphoria. Herbal remedies are prescribed
nature.                                          Giving, when performed without condi-                 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)            and tailored to a patient’s needs. Dietary
    We also have a saying that “It’s God-        tions, is a pathway to awakening. As we           is one of the most comprehensive forms            and lifestyle guidance, according to prin-
Like to Give,” meaning the nature of God         cultivate an attitude of service, we learn        of natural medicine available today. Based        ciples of balance, are also prescribed. This
is unconditional love and infinite expres-       how to make all of our life’s work service to     on the concept of the dynamic balance             holistic system engages the patient with the
sion. Givers are joyful servants and know        God, and all aspects of our life become rich      between Yin and Yang, TCM has the tools           practitioner in a dynamic relationship of
the meaning of genuine love in ways that         with meaning. Ultimately, we come to real-        to help women maintain balance through            discovery to optimal health.
others cannot. They realize that giving and      ize that serving humanity and serving God         all of the natural changes we experience in
receiving are the same, inseparably joined       are one and the same.                             life. TCM combines acupuncture, herbal            Clare B. Lowery L.Ac. is a Licensed Acu-
together—like inhaling and exhaling. Giv-                                                          medicine, diet, exercise, and lifestyle guid-     puncturist with a Masters Degree in TCM.
ers understand that our essence is love and      Laura V. Grace is the Spiritual Leader for        ance to maintain optimal health.                  She has been practicing since 1990. Recently
that it is best expressed through seva: unin-    the Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment in San          The ancient Chinese viewed the body           relocated to San Luis Obispo, she may be
terrupted loving service.                        Luis Obispo (, an         as a microcosm of the universe. The body          reached at 805-541-6772.
    Giving, when done with a pure heart,         interfaith spiritual community. Laura is also     is composed of elements, as is the earth.
enriches our lives in many seen and unseen       a teacher and spiritual director, and a mem-      Keeping these elements in the proper rela-
ways. It opens the channel for abundance         ber of Spiritual Directors International. A
to flow in every area of our lives. With         syndicated columnist for more than twenty
the amount of fear, doubt, and worry that
people are feeling about the economy, the
                                                 publications, Laura has penned 200 articles on
                                                 spiritual growth and is the author of the books   Creating Change
temptation is to constrict. Yet, this is not     Gifts of the Soul and The Intimate Soul.
                                                                                                    By MaryAine Cherry
                                                                                                   If I loved him enough, he’d take care of me.
                                                                                                   Right?! Several years ago I quit again. I quit
Friendship Confirmed                                                                               another man that needed to keep me small
                                                                                                   by controlling and abusing me. I thought
                                                                                                   long and hard about giving up my home,
 By Jill Turnbow                                                                                   security, retirement, the American dream,
I am fortunate in that I didn’t need to wait                                                       and the monster R.V. Can you actually pic-
until my last dying breath before having my                                                        ture me in RV parks? I couldn’t either. I just
life flash before my eyes. I just had to sign                                                      didn’t fit in.
up for Facebook. If you haven’t discovered                                                             There were two or more personalities
this latest obsession, you simply must…                                                            living in my body; the ‘in the box’ quiet,
                                                                                                   housewife model and the fun, spirited, and            A well kept secret is that women are par-
unless, of course, you are in the Witness
                                                                                                   smart lady that my friends and clients knew       ticularly powerful because we live on a fem-
Protection Program or hiding from your
                                                                                                   when I was ‘out of the box.’ My wonderful         inine planet. We have the ability to tap into
past. Because believe me, with one sim-
                                                                                                   enlightened woman friends were supportive         the creative power of Mother Earth anytime
ple click of the mouse, your entire life will
                                                                                                   free thinking types and somehow threaten-         we desire. We create energy for others.
come flooding forward.
                                                                                                   ing to the man.                                       And so woman need more self love and
     At first, I signed up simply to connect
                                                                                                       “Security” meant my choices were lim-         appreciation. It is an internal awareness
with a couple of business acquaintances.         but I’m pretty sure the fact that I am clean-
                                                                                                   ited and bland, a concession. I had mate-         that is ignited by one’s spirit. We teach oth-
But from that first “poke,” the doors were       ing the toilet or inspecting the dog for ticks
                                                                                                   rial things, but my spirit was dying. There       ers how to treat us. That means if we have
thrown open: friends from school, from           does not need its own declaration. (by the
                                                                                                   were good aspects, but for the price of my        respect for ourselves, we will receive respect
earlier careers, from theatre companies...       way, I never do either of those things!) But
                                                                                                   spirit, they just didn’t measure up. Some of      from others. Natural boundaries will come
all popping up one by one, eager to recon-       I’ll play along for now. Because I’m lucky
                                                                                                   my choices are limited now financially, but       easily as we actually live being true to our-
nect. It only took a few days for hundreds       that a great percentage of my friends are
                                                                                                   the difference is I am not trading my soul        selves.
of friends to find me, many I have not seen      comedians and their status updates are
                                                                                                   anymore.                                              Women are amazing beings; we can
or heard from in decades. And now they are       hilarious.
                                                                                                       Several times in my life I’ve made the        move mountains when we need to and most
posting grade school photos, bringing up              If you have absolutely no idea what I
                                                                                                   huge decision to become single. It’s scary,       of us have at some time our lives. Today I
long-lost memories, and generally parading       am talking about, don’t be afraid. Facebook
                                                                                                   exhilarating, lonely, and great to make my        am birthing a new intention of the woman
my past in front of me. It’s a kick, really.     is fun. But you can always tell who is new
                                                                                                   own way in peace, quiet, creative joy, and        I am. Collectively we can trade in the old
It’s been a joy to realize how many circles I    to Facebook. They will throw hypothetical
                                                                                                   passion. It’s funny—except for sleeping           paradigm and use our incredible hearts, the
have traveled in throughout my life.             objects at you, subject you to quizzes and
                                                                                                   alone, I’m really not more alone than I was       power of intent and love with our resilient
     Yet, I must say I am fascinated in this     surveys, and poke and poke and poke. Then
                                                                                                   when I was married.                               feminine expressive energy to create joy and
need to update your “status” at all hours        after about a week, all that fades and the
                                                                                                       Divorce freedom is painful, but some          peace. We have options and resources to
of the day. I believe my generation is pick-     questions begin. “How are you?” “Where
                                                                                                   of my biggest accomplishments have also           remember. We are creators and we can be
ing up the younger generation’s uninhib-         are you?” “What are you?” I love it. And
                                                                                                   come with a high cost: pain. In visualiz-         the change we wish to see.
ited belief that every moment of our day is      I love that at my age, I can finally answer
a milestone and should be shared with the        those questions.                                  ing, some of my good feeling anchors are
                                                                                                   the births of my children—glorious, loving,       MaryAine     Cherry   MRET,       CMT
world. I have a wonderful, interesting life,
                                                                                                   and painful, and hiking to the top of Half        RETurn to JOY! Tomorrow is created by
                                                                                                   Dome in my forties—amazing at the top             your thoughts today!
                                                                                                   and painful getting there.                        805-773-4475
March & April 2009 | | Women’s Press                                                                                                                   Voices                 7

Voices Around the Table: How do you make your home a sanctuary?
Susan Lynn Hoffman                                feeder and experience my backyard as a liv-      mornings with breakfast talk and wind                  The favorite part of my home is our
    In answer to what I have found a very         ing room. Familiar art and fun mementos          down the day with story-telling over dinner.        bedroom. Our bed is where both my chil-
provocative question, I’ve been think-            provide a dependable backdrop. Supplying         Lastly, one must always have flowers—my             dren eventually wind up in the middle of
ing why isn’t my home a sanctuary? And,           food, quiet, music, and exercise space allow     roomies and I like to keep a vase of fresh,         the night, both curled up around me and
what does sanctuary even mean? I used             me to feel comforted and cared for.              brightly colored flowers on our dining              my husband. So, my bed is sacred to me.
to believe it meant safety, where no one                                                           room table to keep our spirits up; there is         To make it a sanctuary, I make sure I have
or nothing I didn’t want in my life could         Katy Meter                                       something about flowers—especially the              the softest sheets I can afford and have a few
get at me. But turning sixty this past year           My home became my sanctuary once             pretty yellow ones, that make you feel good         scented candles in the room. So all night
has shifted my point of view. My mother           I learned to allow in it all the people and      inside.                                             long we sleep in a soft, cozy bed filled with
died when she was sixty, and on my birth-         things that make me peaceful and blessed                                                             the warmth of our children. That is a sanc-
day I chose to be alone in my house, refus-       and keep out everything else. There is no        Sally Demerest                                      tuary to me.
ing offers from friends to celebrate, refusing    other place I have this allowance.                   When I was single and lived alone,
my own dreamy desire to be in Santa Fe or                                                          I made my home feel special by trying to            Leslie St. John
even Spain on that day. My birthday came          Megan Selby                                      keep it uncluttered and by doing things like            I keep it clean. I take baths. I have books
and went quietly in my house, my safe                 As long as my bed is made, the rest can      burning incense and candles. Now, I can’t           in every corner and windows to look out.
zone, my sanctuary. But now, approach-            fall apart: that makes me feel peaceful in my    really do those things because the clutter
ing my birthday this year, I don’t think that     house. I accomplished something.                 keeps coming back, my husband doesn’t               Jennifer Ashley
is what sanctuary means anymore. What                                                              like incense, and the candles don’t seem               My home is not often my sanctuary—it’s
possibly makes my home a sanctuary, and           Kristen Tara McNamara                            safe with a family and a dog. So now? My            usually the place where I feel weighed down
always has, is books, even when I was a lit-         I try to furnish my home in a way that’s      home is a sanctuary because my children             with expectations to provide for my family
tle girl holding tight to fairy tales while I     inviting to those I love and comfortable         call it home, because it’s where I can sneak        (by folding laundry, loading the dishwasher,
slept. The words which are imagined or            to me. My home is an external extension          into their room at night and watch them             or cooking some semblance of an edible
researched and then printed on the                of my personality—always getting better,         breathe. My home is a sanctuary because it          meal). Instead, I find sacred alone time at
blank page become a spiritual experience          more comfortable, more secure.                   is where my children feel safe.                     a cafe or the beach where I can just think,
where my “home” is the whole world and all                                                                                                             read, write, and be.
that is in it, whether safe or unsafe. If sanc-   Christine Dewart                                 Sarah Taylor Maggelet
tuary is about compassion and wisdom,                 Fill your home with the things you love!         I take a long hot shower at night and           Melanie Senn
which I hope it to be as I grow older, it is      I have myself a designated cozy area where       settle into freshly laundered sheets to read a          I really feel we’ve made our home a
found in my home in crowded bookcases,            I like to curl up and read a good book, on       good book in peace.                                 sanctuary by not having a television. Okay,
stacked on tabletops, tucked under my pil-        an amazing bed dressed in flannel and lay-                                                           we DO have one, but it’s tucked down in
low, or held lovingly in my hands, with           ered with blankets, with an explosion of         Denise Gibbons                                      the basement in a cozy corner, and we don’t
gratitude for learning something new.             photos and drawings on my wall that make             I try to keep it clean because if it is dirty   have cable, so we just use it to watch mov-
                                                  me smile. I, of course, have a radio preset to   I stress out.                                       ies. Upstairs, in our main living space, we
Jeanie Greensfelder                               country and hip-hop/r&b, and my Ipod is                                                              have a big cozy couch and chair, but we
    While I like to think my home takes care      packed with a variety of playlists—to match      Sadie Johann                                        spend most of our time on the floor. We
of me, it does take preparation on my part        whatever mood I am in. A home should                 I make my home my sanctuary by keep-            have two big rugs, which are perfect for
to enjoy that illusion. Recliners please me:      also always have a social area—in my home        ing everything that stresses me out in my           lounging, stretching, reading, and playing;
one indoors                                                          the kitchen seems to be       car (I should mention that I don’t have kids,       that’s where the action is. When I was grow-
and a fold-                                                                 the place where        so I’m not leaving them in the car).                ing up, the T.V. was always the focal point
ing one out-                                                                  my       roomies                                                         and always on. I don’t miss it.
side where I                                                                  and I hang out       Laurel White
can watch the                                                                 the most. The            I don’t add much to my home to “make            For the next issue: In these stressed times,
birds at the                                                                  kitchen is where     it” a sanctuary. It is my sanctuary because         what do women of the world need now?
                                                                              we start our         that is where I have all the things I need:
                                                                                                                                                       Please send responses to
                                                                                                   My husband and my children.
                                                                                                   Jen Kaplan
8          Women’sStories                                                                                                                Women’s Press | March & April 2009 |

                                                     Come to the SLO Library on Palm
                                                                                                                                         Unsung Heroine
                                                     Street on Saturday, March 7, 5:30 PM
                                                     to view 90 minutes of short films by,                                       Betty Winholtz:
                                                     for, and about women: LUNAFEST!
                                                     Cost is $8 ($6 for students)
                                                                                                                    Advocating a Broader Ecology
                                                         Proceeds go to Women’s Press and
                                                     Cal Poly Women’s Programs and Ser-
                                                     vices. Go to to view
                                                     the trailer.

               Presents A Monthly Series of Spiritual Workshops

                                                    Save the World
    Temple Beth David, 10180 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo
    Third Thursday of Each Month • 7-9 pm • $20
    Contact or (805) 541-6874 for more information.

                                                                                                        By Berta Parrish                                 happens in their communities. Look at
                                                                                                                                                         what people have accomplished with Har-
                                                                                                       We all care about ecology, but how much           mony Headlands, the East/West Ranch,
                                                                                                       of our time, energy, and talent are we will-      and other groups, such as CAPE (Citizens
                                                                                                       ing to commit to it? Defined as “the totality     Alliance on Power Plant Expansion).” Even
                                                                                                       or pattern of relations between organisms         the San Luis Obispo Council of Govern-
                                                                                                       and their environment” ecology is coun-           ments has recognized her service and strong
                                                                                                       cilwoman, activist, and educator Betty            commitment to environmentally-sensitive
                                                                                                       Winholtz’s driving force. She embodies a          problem-solving.
                                                                                                       dedication to enhancing the ecology of her            Betty is particularly respected and appre-
                                                                                                       community and county. “I’ve always been           ciated for her tireless efforts to save the trees
                                                                                                       interested in habitat—specifically hous-          from certain unwise practices in the county
      March Workshop                                       April Workshop                              ing. Humans and animals both need shel-
                                                                                                       ter, and they dramatically affect each other,
                                                                                                                                                         state parks. She believes that “Nature is
                                                                                                                                                         everywhere. And we can learn so much if
                                                                                                       along with trees and plants.” However, she        we watch, listen, and sit with it. Trees are
Embodied Sexuality                                  BEING vs. DOING: Meditation for                    adds, “We don’t completely understand this        the life force. They attract the wildlife, espe-
In this workshop, we will explore how               our Awakening World                                interdependence of all living things. We’ve       cially the birds, that we so enjoy. We must
ancient wisdom may support the integra-             Come spend an evening in inspiration,              the resources, but we manage them poorly.”        speak for those aspects of our environment
tion of a powerful and authentic sexual             conversation, and practice, exploring how              Helping people to wisely manage their         that cannot speak for themselves.” Follow-
identity. Gentle movement and journaling            BEING rather than DOING just a few                 private and public resources could be Bet-        ing her passion, she brings compassion and
will be incorporated into this workshop.            moments each day can change your life and          ty’s mission statement. Surrounded by             a keen intellect to fight for the preservation
Please bring a journal and wear comfort-            transform our world. Meditation is simple.         the events, petitions, and concerns of her        of the local and regional natural habitat.
able clothing.                                      You will leave this workshop with the tools        father’s city planner role, she learned ser-          Betty Winholtz proves that one per-
                                                    to begin or re-energize a personal medita-         vanthood and civic responsibility early.          son can make a huge difference in the way
Bailey Drechsler is a professor in the              tion practice.                                     From her first job as a church youth direc-       things work in our society. One does not
Human Development Department at Cuesta                                                                 tor, to Graceland College’s (in Iowa) hous-       have to be a Citizen Advocate like Betty to
College. She has been leading workshops in          Nancy Ballinger has over 25 yrs. experience        ing and program development department,           impact a small part of the vast, intercon-
women’s healing and empowerment, multicul-          with her own meditation journey and has            to academic tutoring, and to Morro Bay’s          nected web of life. If we each try to improve
tural sensibilities, and mindful conflict resolu-   lovingly shared these teachings for the past 10    City Council, Betty has encouraged peo-           the strand that we most care about, where
tion since 1987.                                    years through workshops and weekly medita-         ple to take responsibility for improving the      our heart’s longing meets the world’s need,
                                                    tion groups. She is the Spiritual Director of      quality of their lives. She stresses that “Peo-   we can build a healthier ecology and every-
                                                    the AWAKENING Interfaith Spiritual Com-            ple need to get involved, to influence what       one and everything benefits.
                                                    munity in Morro Bay.

                                                                                                                     ... looking for a spiritual change?
                                                                                                                      e Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment is an interfaith community
                                                                                                                             dedicated to celebrating diversity and honoring
                                                                                                                                    the spirit that connects all things.

                                                                                                                       Spiritual Leader: Laura V. Grace

                                                                                                            Sunday Services 10:00am
                                                                                Please join us for meditation at 9:30am each Sunday before the service
                                                                                               Sunday School Provided: Educational and Fun
                                                                                          1500 Lizzie St., Room J-2, Adult School, San Luis Obispo

                                                                                                          For more info: 805.541.1963

                                                                          Please join us for a celebration of expanding consciousness and love.
March & April 2009 | | Women’s Press                                                                                                  Women’sStories                          9

The Woman’s World                                                                                    Our Feminist President
                                                                                                      By Cassandra J. Carlson                              make an equal amount in the United States
                                                                                                                                                           and elsewhere. This is a fight where women
                                                                                                     Since the inauguration of Barack Obama,               will have to demand fairness and transpar-
                                                                                                     the world has focused on the first 100 days           ency.
                                                                                                     of one of the world’s most prestigious posi-              This will further women’s agendas by
                                                                                                     tions. Currently, a cloud of recession lies           having legal protection against discrimina-
                                                                                                     over America while unemployment rates                 tory pay practices; that is, if they get the
                                                                                                     rise. Americans are struggling to pay for             job.
                                                                                                     adequate health care, higher education, and               In Obama’s cabinet alone, only three
                                                                                                     even food. Those most hurt by the economy             women make up the 15-member cabi-
                                                                                                     will be of course the poor, but the economy           net, and it’s possible they’ll add Governor
                                                                                                     will also impact women the most. But this             Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas as Health and
                                                                                                     isn’t just a national issue; it is a global one.      Human Services Secretary (HHS) since
 By Hannah Hewes-Clark                             give each other strength and confidence; it           Obama’s new arrival brings forth an era           Tom Dashchle’s recently withdrew his name
                                                   was also the year that I consciously became       of urgency for furthering women’s rights,             for consideration.
I’m in high school. High School: the most          aware of associating my self-identity with        especially since the political agenda under               This was one woman who was also
notorious place for “girl drama.” Drama            my girlfriends.                                   the leadership of former President George             talked about in the blogosphere as being a
about who stole whose boyfriend, who’s                  It felt like we were so in tune with each    W. Bush was slim and barely included a                possible contender for Obama’s vice presi-
wearing the hottest dress at Prom, who acted       other; we weren’t clones of one another,          feminist’s agenda.                                    dent last year. As of press time, Obama had
like a slut at the last party, and which clique    but our differences matched up so per-                A recent cover of Ms. Magazine shows              not made a final decision on Sebelius as
rules the campus. All women have been              fectly. We were able to support each other        Obama in a superman-like pose, ripping                HHS.
there, have seen the cruelty between females       in everything, and we backed each other           at his suit jacket, revealing his t-shirt with            On a global level, Obama rescinded the
during the ripe ages between fourteen and          up no matter what. Our isolation from the         bold white letters that reads: “This is what a        Global Gag rule on his third day in office.
eighteen. Teens claim, “Ugh, I hate drama,”        otherwise raucous high school community           feminist looks like.”                                 The rule, reinstated by the Bush adminis-
and yet they pursue it, find any reason to         allowed our unique qualities to find their            So does Obama truly earn the title of             tration, barred U.S. funding foreign health
gossip about a fellow student. I can’t imag-       way out, and individually, our self confi-        feminist?                                             care organizations that provided abortions
ine that this is a generational issue; movies      dence increased. When around each other,              With recent legislation pushed by the             or abortion counseling and legalizing abor-
and novels portray the same situations. Fur-       which was most of the time, we didn’t feel        Obama administration, Democrats hope to               tion in their own countries.
thermore, it is becoming more popular for          like we had to fake anything. We knew that        take the country in a new direction.                      Obama acknowledged the gag rule’s
older women to be depicted as highly dra-          we weren’t being judged, and we felt totally          While the passage to expand state chil-           limitations on free speech, women’s health,
matic people, as evident in such shows as          accepted in our little group. Junior year,        dren’s health insurance program has satisfied         democracy, and healthcare workers rights.
“The Real Housewives of Orange County,”            we had the tools and experience to reach          many feminists throughout the country, the                “For too long, international family plan-
“The O.C.,” and “Desperate Housewives.”            out to more people. We started socializing        economic stimulus package, totaling $787              ning assistance has been used as a political
In these programs, women are ruthless and          with other groups and, as our sexual identi-      billion, lacks the support of some women’s            wedge issue, the subject of a back and forth
just as catty as any fifteen-year-old who is       ties flustered about, we began talking with       rights activists because most of the money            debate that has served only to divide us,”
running low on self-esteem.                        boys more. Despite our exposure to the ups        is allocated for roads and infrastructure,            Obama said in a statement released by the
    For this reason, I have to assume that         and downs of the high school social scene, I      instead of social programs.                           White House. “I have no desire to continue
conflict between women is built into human         still felt just as connected to my girlfriends.       But Obama has made direct action                  this stale and fruitless debate.”
nature; it is natural for us to feel resent-       They were still a huge part of my identity,       toward women’s rights in his the first two                The global gag rule, which has been
ment, jealousy, anger, and hatred toward           and I found myself growing even closer to         months as president.                                  implemented and repealed in an ever-end-
each other. While I’d like to full-heartedly       them, because as we all grew and matured              With the help of the majority of mostly           ing political tug-of-war is now solved, for
believe that women should support each             and changed, we watched each other, and           Democrats, Obama passed the Lilly Ledbet-             now. His policies are not without critics
other at all costs, an inevitable competition      did our best to understand each other’s           ter Act to end pay discrimination based on            and not everyone will be happy with all of
sometimes drives us apart. What would              changes.                                          gender by amending the statutory limita-              his choices.
really happen if we all stopped “hating on”             Now, as a senior, I know that these          tions period. This enactment gives women                  It is a proud moment for women glob-
each other? Would we turn against men?             girls—excuse me—women have played an              a voice to speak up about inequalities in the         ally that Obama came out swinging in his
Would our social cliques fall apart? These         enormous role in shaping who I am today.          workplace.                                            first few months in office, implementing
are questions that modern females find             They gave me the opportunity to, first, look          Although the Ledbetter Act does fur-              changes that would directly affect women
themselves asking in their everyday girl-to-       into myself, then to feel comfortable allow-      ther women’s rights in the work place, it             in the United States and globally. The chal-
girl relationships. In this two-part series on     ing my natural characteristics to shine, and      does not close the gender pay gap com-                lenges the constituency faces in the upcom-
friendship between young women, I’d like           finally, to explore my interests and to set       pletely. Employers are not forced to disclose         ing downturn of the economy is hopefully
to explore the ways some groups of young           goals. Although I know that I will never          every employees salary, so employees can-             seen by President Obama. The 56 percent
women avoid excess competition while fos-          have to compete against them, and that they       not gauge what they are compensated for               of women who voted for him along with
tering stronger, better friendships                will always have my best interests in mind,       compared to their counterparts. A call to             the 49 percent of men created a want and
    Although I am acutely aware of the             it’s hard to say how we’ve accomplished this      transparency would lead to fair pay in the            need for a new direction for the country.
“drama” that permeates the cliques at my           when most other relationships between             workplace, but regulation must also hap-                  On election day, the women created an
school, I try to exclude myself from such          females indicate otherwise. I also know that      pen.                                                  outstanding and satisfactory gender gap,
trivial behavior. If someone were to ask me        I have watched these young ladies trans-              Fairness in the workplace is not a recent         the seven percent gap, a strong statement
if I belong to a “clique,” I’d initially say no,   form. Each has her own individual talents         issue. Over the last 45 years, an Equal Pay           to Obama from his women voters that sup-
but I do have a close group of girlfriends.        and qualities that make me so incredibly          Act of the United States of 1963 has had lit-         ported his messages at the election booth,
Let’s assume a clique is a group that pre-         proud to call them my friends.                    tle to no enforcement.                                checking the box to the most historical
vents others from joining. From an outside              Leaving my friends next year is prob-            Now, as the Ledbetter Act creates new             presidency yet—America’s first presidential
perspective, it is easy to label my group of       ably going to be one of the most difficult        legal opportunites for women, there needs             feminist, President Barack Obama.
friends as a clique, because although we do        days of my life, and I’m fully aware that I’ll    to be provisions made to secure that women
include plenty of people who haven’t known         miss them immensely. I’m also aware that I
us since kindergarten, our foundation took         might never encounter such unique friend-
root as five year olds and naturally no one        ships with other females. I’m scared of the
else can know as much as we do about each          future, but I know that I’m ready for it                                         FLUTE INSTRUCTION
other. We’ve been best friends since kinder-
garten, and every year we become closer,
                                                   because of what these women have given
                                                   me. When looking at my own relationships
                                                                                                                                      & PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                                                      Serving Students of All Ages
more aware of each other’s individual per-         with other females, I’ve found that, yes, I’ve                                                   NEW: Beginning Recorder Lessons
sonalities, and more accepting of our differ-      learned from the self-degrading mistakes
ences. In this sense, I wouldn’t define our        of girls at my school, but I’ve learned the                                                               Bonnie Richan
group as a clique, but simply a very close         most about being an independent, strong,                                                   
and unique group of friends.                       and confident woman from the friends I’ve                                                                  805-748-6087
    In our early years, it felt as if we were      carried with me. And that’s the best kind                                                                   Current Member:
at constant battle with one another, always        of female relationship—when one woman                                                                  San Luis Obispo Symphony
getting into random tiffs about nonsense           can find role models, sisters, daughters, and                                                         San Luis Chamber Orchestra

that only third-graders would care about.          therapists in other women. Cat fights are
Junior high was a growing phase—like most          always going to be prevalent in our society,
kids at that time, we were trying to figure        but how can we as individuals avoid them?                                                Clare B. Lowery L.Ac.
ourselves out, and our overly introspective        How do we create and develop friendships                                            Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
and mostly self-critical viewpoints separated      with other females that are healthy and that
us. We were so worried about ourselves             make us feel empowered instead of aggres-                                                 Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Guidance
that the strings that had been holding us          sive or upset? These are the questions I
together momentarily loosened. By sopho-           will address in the next article, in which I                                                   San Luis ObiSpa
more year, though, we were back together           will reflect more on the power of my own                                                        4115 Vachell Lane
as a unit. Joined, we felt like nothing could      friendships and the observations I’ve made                                                 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
stop us. This was the year that we began to        about other female relationships.
10        LocalPerspectives: Women’s History Month                                                                                  Women’s Press | March & April 2009 |

Cal Poly Women’s and Gender Studies                                                                Talent Is As Talent Does
at the SLO Public Library                                                                           By Inglis Carre’-Dellard, M.F.A.                     There will always be art that is “bet-
                                                                                                                                                     ter,” more marketable, given more critical
                                                 the series, there are equally interesting lec-    What is this thing called, “Talent?” Is it a      acclaim than ours. So what? How is this
 By Rachel Fernflores
                                                 tures to which we look forward. On Tues-          magical quality bestowed only on a few of         fact going to help us when we’re alone in
 Professor, Cal Poly Women’s and
                                                 day, March 3, Dr. Judy Saltzman-Saveker           us by our parents, or by divine agency, or        the studio, staring at a blank canvas? Does
 Gender Studies Department
                                                 will discuss ways in which feminists have         by fickle chance? While many artistic peo-        this idea of magical talent empower us
For several months I have been working           been critical of male dominance in religion.      ple do come from artistic families, it is         to push forward with the work of better-
with Kristine Tardiff, manager of the SLO        On Tuesday, April 7, Dr. Camille O’Bryant         likely that this is more the result of nur-       ing our skills and speaking with our own
Public Library, on the Cal Poly Women’s          will give a presentation about Title IX in        ture than of nature. And, if magical talent       voice? Or does it give us an excuse to sab-
and Gender Studies (‘WGS’) lecture series        which she will address issues pertaining to       is randomly doled out by a Greater Power          otage ourselves by giving up our power of
at the San Luis Obispo Public Library. In        sex discrimination in sport. And finally, on      to only a few, then wouldn’t that contradict      personal choice? After all, if talent is deter-
working together, we have learned that           May 5, Dr. Jean Wetzel will talk about the        the idea that we are all made in the image        mined by fate or genetics, some of us have
we share a commitment to expand and              role that the courtesans played in Classical      of the Ultimate Creator?                          it and some don’t…right?
enhance adult educational opportunities          and Renaissance art, as well as in the art of         Guess what? The vast majority of good             Wrong. Rather, I would say that the real
in the county. In addition, we both believe      the Ming-dynasty.                                 art is made by ordinary people, not gifted        magical quality is Desire. It fuels ordinary
deeply that the best approach to thinking,           As employees of county and state insti-       geniuses. It is also true that a small percent-   working artists every day. True greatness lies
learning, and engaging in debate is one          tutions, Kristine at the library and myself at    age of all art that is made soars to a new        in persisting in the work of our hearts and
that does not shy away from controversial        Cal Poly, we both feel the pinch of cutbacks      level, and often defines a new level. But         returning to it even after a detour, because
ideas. And, we agree that among the most         to education and learning. The library needs      if we look at what lies behind these great        it is our home. It’s time for us to put away
controversial ideas worthy of discussion in      more resources. In WGS, we need more              works, we are likely to find that they are        the notion of magical talent. It’s time for us
the public forum are those that come from        resources. And at the same time, Kristine         the end product of consistent hard work           to pick up our brushes and begin!
feminist insight and scholarship. Thus, in       and I think that now is the time to be as         by people who constantly strive to bet-
our lecture series we are showcasing five        industrious as possible in using what we do       ter their skills and who nurture their own        Inglis Carre’-Dellard, M.F.A. is a Los
of Cal Poly’s most experienced and knowl-        have. She’s got a library full of people inter-   unique voice. They follow their own muse          Osos artist and teacher whose nature inspired
edgeable feminists.                              ested in debate, ideas, and learning. I’ve got    and set up conditions that foster artistic        oil paintings are the product of an intuitive
    On January 6, a crowd of over fifty peo-     a department full of feminist scholars with       inspiration. Behind each great work of art        encounter with the unknown. Her teaching
ple heard Dr. Jean Williams present ideas        expertise and ideas they want to bring to         there are stacks of not so great works that       style emphasizes individuality and self expres-
from her recent book, The Politics of Virgin-    the rigor of public debate. And so a lecture      prepared the way for greatness. It is not an      sion in a nurturing environment. For more
ity: Abstinence in Sex Education. Without        series is born!                                   accident that they are called “works” of art.     information, e-mail her:
any intended hyperbole, I thought I felt a           Please come to the talks, the first Tues-     Developing good art is a lot of work.
collective cathartic release from the audi-      day of every month, in the Community
ence as we listened to Dr. Williams critique     Room at the SLO Public Library, 995 Palm
the politics and ideology of abstinence only
sex education from a feminist perspective.
                                                 Street, 6-8 p.m. There is no charge, every-
                                                 one is welcome, and refreshments will be          Passionate Communication and Connection
The discussion was respectful, engaging,         served courtesy of Friends of the Library.
and enlightening. It was great.                  Visit the Cal Poly WGS web site for more
    As we work our way through the rest of       details:

A Strong Woman: Hua Anwa
                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Kriss Szkurlatowski
 By Tobey Crockett PhD                           materials, resources, and various commu-
                                                 nity partners.                                                                                      to put my husband in a nursing home.” Put
I have spent my life surrounded by women.            It is gift to see this strong woman open       Judythe Guarnera
                                                                                                                                                     as she used it seemed to imply that the per-
Having been raised by a single mother, and       her heart to so many and set an example of        “Judy’s passion in life was to promote con-       son putting had more power than the per-
attending all female schools from first grade    respect, caring, and yes, deep humor as well,     nection through communication.” These             son being put. With a little coaching, my
through my bachelor’s degree, I can truth-       for Hua is too smart to take herself too seri-    are the words I want on my tombstone.             friend rephrased her statement: “I can no
fully say that I have been lucky to know         ously. She never places herself above anyone      This may be the greatest contribution I can       longer provide appropriate care for my hus-
quite a few remarkable women. As a for-          else despite the great body of knowledge          make in my lifetime.                              band. I will move him to a home where his
mer New Yorker, growing up in the big city,      and rich experiences which she has accu-              When I was young, independence was            needs can be met.” The situation sounded
I was exposed to a wide variety of poten-        mulated over the years. Since she is always       a major goal. Years later I acknowledged          less threatening to the individual who
tial role models: executives, teachers, art-     open to learning more, Hua inspires loyalty       that independence was impossible. We are          needed additional care and eased the guilt
ists, stockbrokers, lawyers, pastry chefs, and   and generosity from other teachers, elders        all interdependent, relying on those around       she felt.
moms. But among the many superb exam-            who choose to share with her community,           us to obey the laws and mores of our times,           In court people come to confront their
ples of feminine strength, versatility, and      which is a great benefit to us all.               though we often forget about the interde-         adversaries. As a mediator, I must create an
sagacity that I have had the good fortune            Though she is consistently inspiring,         pendency we have on one another’s words.          environment where participants feel safe
to meet, it is a local Arroyo Grande woman       precise, and even electrifying in her instruc-    I experienced an “aha!” moment when I             to talk about the problem, to express emo-
who stands out to me now: Hua Anwa, a            tion of others, Hua is nonetheless a gentle       acknowledged how hurtful or helpful words         tions, and feel heard. Early in a mediation,
Metis teacher and the spiritual leader of the    and patient teacher. What really touches          can be.                                           I suggest that by agreeing to mediate they
Church of Empowerment, a Native Ameri-           me and impresses me about the way Hua                 This interwoven word play occurred            are no longer adversaries but become par-
can based community which follows in the         approaches her various offerings to her spir-     recently at a meeting when we were dis-           ticipants in a process to find a solution that
Medicine Way.                                    itual community is the integrity and con-         cussing the power of words. A maintenance         works for both parties.
    Hua, a long time resident of the Cen-        sistency with which she conducts the daily        worker came into the room complaining                 In mediation a word used by a partici-
tral Coast, has been leading an annual cel-      business of getting things done. There is a       that we were parked in the slots designated       pant or a mediator can move the process
ebration of the traditional Long Dance for       clarity and transparency to the way she goes      for the residents with disabilities. After he     forward or stop it in its tracks. Once a par-
nearly two decades now. Falling on or about      about solving problems, teaching classes,         left, someone commented that “he sure was         ticipant called the other a “liar.” That per-
the autumnal equinox each year and lasting       and leading ceremony that communicates            territorial.”                                     son responded by jumping up and knocking
a few days, the Long Dance event gathers         the deep respect she has for others, and              I suggested replacing territorial—which       over her chair. When I suggested that the
together some one hundred or more women          indeed for the entire Web of Life.                to me connoted someone acting bossy or            speaker might want to use a word which
into a great community circle of drum-               Hua is not afraid to show her true spirit     pushy—with “It sounds like he was being           was less inflammatory, he said, “She doesn’t
ming, singing, sitting in a sweat lodge, and     and lay her feelings bare, and in this, she       protective of the residents.” The discussion      tell the truth.” Then he added, “She has a
teaching that culminates in an all night cer-    sets the finest example. She does not hide        about how words can color a conversation          different perspective than I do.” The subtle
emony lasting from sunset to sunrise. With       from challenges or sorrow, but nor does           with positive brush strokes or negative ones      shift this generated opened the door for the
the event held on remote, private land near      she dwell on it. Like us all, she is simply       suddenly became germane.                          beginning of a fruitful discussion.
Lopez Lake, both men and women partic-           a human being. And how rare it is for us              If we assume that others have had the             Robert Benjamin, in “Managing the
ipate in the village building and the com-       to watch the evolution of a fellow seeker? I      same experiences as we did, it might follow       Natural Energy of Conflict,” indicates that
munal creation of sacred space that makes        really admire her gift of spiritual intimacy,     that they carry the same emotional baggage.       words have a certain magic: “Particular
possible this highpoint of the spiritual cal-    her easy grace and compassion, and I am           A word which evokes one type of memory            words and language used to frame a dispute
endar. It is a mighty undertaking, requir-       happy that I can call her friend, as well as      or reaction for an individual may produce         can alter or shift the context.” He contends
ing weeks and months of advance planning,        teacher.                                          an entirely different reaction or have no rel-    that words such as “custody” are exclud-
organization, and the gathering together of          Thank you Hua.                                evance at all to another. The wrong word or       ing words, while “parenting responsibil-
                                                                                                   an emotionally charged word(s) often elicit       ity” includes both parents. “The judicious
                                                                                                   an unintended reaction.                           use of words can create fertile soil in which
                                                                                                       A perfect example of this happened            the seeds of agreement can germinate and
                                                                                                   when a friend could no longer care for her        grow.
                                                                                                   husband at home, and tearfully said, “I have          Words are important.
March & April 2009 | | Women’s Press                                        LocalPerspectives: Women’s History Month                                                          11

Oma                                                                                               Then I Remember Mandy
 By Jeanmarie Tarmann Derry                       nurse.                                           By Lynne Ludwick Higgins
                                                      Closing my eyes, I remember my
My Oma, Anna Wegerbauer, taught me to             grandmother’s strong hands, even nails.         I come home after work to an empty
make apple strudel. We’d pull the dough           Oma picked berries from the bushes she          house. Stillness overwhelms me. Nothing
thin on her white table cloth. She’d melt the     planted along the property line. Oma’s lis-     has changed since I left in the morning. I
butter in the pan. I’d sprinkle the stretched     tening ear and head would nod as I shared       grew up in a home of four kids, two par-
dough with raisins, apple chunks, and cin-        my dream to be an astronaut. I was 6 years      ents, cats and dogs. I raised three children
namon. Oma and I would roll the strudel.          old.                                            along with chickens, dogs, cats, horses,
    My stomach shudders to write again.               My Oma and I shared a bed. She’d            and 4-H pigs and heifers. My father died. I
My International Women’s Writing Group            chuckle over the old, sometimes rac-            became divorced. Subsequent relationships
(IWWG) affords me a safe place to share           ist Reader’s Digest jokes. I’d be terrified     ended. My children grew up. Two of three
my words. Safety? I enjoy the cuddly              of the Case of the Whispering Statue. My        moved seven hours away (one by air, one
warmth of my gray flowered sweatshirt and         dad would call, “Lights out!” We’d wait til     by car). My mother died. I sit in the same
close my eyes to ignore the drill on my ach-      we heard his bed creak with him crawling        chair when I get home. I sit and listen to
ing tooth.                                        into it. I’d reach over to the hummel lamp      the silence and wonder what is next for me,
    Lately, my confidence has been clouded        of a pup biting the shoe of a boy up a tree     at this age of 59, with no mother to listen to
by doubt as gray hair sprouts from my             and push the button lamp back on. We’d          me, to guide me, and my children involved                she ran the Marathon wearing a shirt that
scalp. “Beats going bald,” Oma, my Aus-           read into the early hours. Me, Jane Eyre, she   in their own lives, and with no partner to               read Running for Mandy – and she made
trian grandmother used to say.                    Reader’s Digest.                                share the ups and downs of life with. A                  $6,100 to contribute to Mandy’s walk.
    She of the milky blue eyes; I smile and           Eyes closed, I can picture her nose and     trickle of self-pity and depression creeps in,               But Mandy’s story is more than just a
cry to think of my Oma. Oma was green             cheeks dusted with flour, baking her latest     then I remember Mandy.                                   car accident which left her immobile. She
before it was in. I would drive her to parks      creation, Bavarian nut roll, plum dump-             I’ve never met Mandy. Not yet anyway.                was born with scoliosis. She had surgery at
to collect cans to recycle. We went to the        lings dusted with powdered sugar. She loved     But Mandy is a ripple effect. She lives in               2 ½ and they fused 9 of the 12 thoracic ver-
dump weekly to collect the change from            to dig in the dirt growing cherry toma-         Texas, but I can feel her spirit clear across            tebrae. She wore a brace until age 5. How-
these cans.                                       toes, chives for red potato salad. She made     the country, here on the Central Coast of                ever, she lived through her childhood and
    Oma wrote down her dreams on blue             a mean vinegary red skinned potato salad.       California. I sit in that chair and feel the             teenage years playing sports and being a
thin-lined paper. She remembered her              Now memories.                                   spirit of Mandy lift me right out of it. I feel          cheerleader. Then at age 20 she had to have
dreams and sent them to me. Her real life             Oma of the sturdy heart survived my         motivated, inspired and ready for the next               back surgery again & they put a rod in her
dream was for her daughter to graduate            grandfather’s heart attack. He liked to         phase of life and challenge that presents                back. Then came the car accident which
from college. Oma was pulled out of school        swath butter an inch thick on his bread and     itself.                                                  broke her neck.
at age 11 to care for her younger siblings.       smeared it with Oma’s homemade apricot              My daughter was planning to run the                      Despite setbacks (broken femurs, bro-
Oma threshed wheat, cutting the drying            jam. When my Mom was 14 years old, my           San Diego Marathon. She called me one                    ken tibia & fibula, and 3rd degree burns on
stalks with a curved scythe.                      grandfather slumped over this piece of jam      day from Texas, where she is a PhD stu-                  her hands), she has made tremendous prog-
    At 21, Oma married Hubert. He and his         butter bread and died.                          dent at Texas A & M, and asked me what I                 ress with her therapy and is the most deter-
five brothers married five of the village girls       My grandmother successfully put my          thought of the idea of running it for Mandy.             mined person my daughter has ever met.
and took them to America. Two landed in           mother through school. My Mom, beauti-          “Who is Mandy?” I asked. That opened a                   Mandy believes in herself and hopes the
Chicago, and my Opa went to Cudahy,               ful in her white cap graduated as an R.N.       floodgate. She explained that Mandy is the               world will believe in her also to help her
Wisconsin where his cousin had work at            at age 19. My father, introduced to her by      most upbeat, outgoing, enthusiastic, peppy               walk across the stage.
the sausage factory.                              her cousin Annie, was a friend of my Uncle      person she has ever met and also a fellow                    Mandy’s              website            is
    My grandparents paid cash for their           Bill. Two families joined as one. I miss Oma    student at A & M.                               It’s worth a visit
home. My grandpa worked as the gardener           and my family. When Oma died, my Mom                Mandy’s dream is to walk across the                  and perhaps she can inspire you and lift
for the priests. The large trees umbrella the     couldn’t face cleaning out her belongings.      stage at her graduation. She was told in                 you right out of your doldrums. Perhaps
road in fall colors when we would visit. My           I have Oma’s silver wind up watch, the      1996 after a car accident that broke her                 you might even decide to donate to her
grandmother stuffed sausages.                     one memento I chose to keep.                    neck, that she would never breathe on her                cause—a donation to the National Trans-
    My mother finished nursing school.                                                            own or shrug her shoulders and definitely                plant Assistance Fund is a tax write-off and
Now my daughter intends to become a                                                               never walk again. Yet, through hard work,                will help Mandy live her dream: to walk
                                                                                                  will, and determination, she lives an inde-              across that stage.
                                                                                                  pendent life in a wheel chair, drives a van,                 When I find myself in my chair, listen-
                                                                                                  and started a business in addition to being              ing to silent walls, I visualize Mandy walk-
                                                                                                  a student of finance at A & M. She works                 ing across that stage, and I lift myself up
                                                                                                  diligently with intensive physical therapy in
               Would you like to learn about                                                      order to fulfill her dream to walk across that
                                                                                                                                                           out of that chair, I lift my spirit up and I
                                                                                                                                                           am ready to march forward through my
                                                                                                  stage when she receives her diploma, and
                   Spiritual Judaism?                                                             she has recently had movement in her legs.
                                                                                                                                                           challenges, which suddenly are so minor
                                                                                                                                                           I am embarrassed to call them challenges.
            Join a Special Seder to explore                                                       Mandy’s out-of-pocket expenses will be                   Mandy faces hardships with a tenacity that
                                                                                                  about a million dollars. My daughter, Lind-              doesn’t falter, with a joy in living, with an
   the Unique, Mystical, Feminist and Untraditional                                               sey, wondered if I thought it was a good idea            enthusiastic spirit and this young woman
                                                                                                  to ask for donations for every mile she ran              whom I have never met (yet) inspires me
                 elements of Passover!                                                            at the marathon and if I thought she should              from across the country to get up and get
                                                                                                  bring it up to Mandy. I told her, “Yes!” She             with it—there’s still some living to do.
                                                                                                  talked to Mandy, she collected donations,

                                                                                                                 One of the most difficult things a family can go through is to watch their loved
                                                                                                                              one struggle with the use of alcohol or other drugs

                  Facilitated by Heather Mendel                                                                                    A SUPPORT GROUP
            Jewish Artist, Author and Spiritual Advisor                                                                   families dealing with substance abuse
                 Music by Soloist Ricki Weintraub
                                                                                                                  For More Information Contact: Pam Miller, LMFT
                                                                                                                   (805) 473-8311                   Lic.#MFC35690
                     Monday, April 6th at 5:30 p.m.
                       Congregation Beth David
                            10180 Los Osos Valley Road
                                 San Luis Obispo

      All Adults are invited to this Vegetarian Potluck Seder. Guests
      are asked to bring a salad, side dish or dessert for 6 to share.
      Tickets are $30. Deadline for reservations is April 2nd. For
      reservations call Congregation Beth David at 805 544-0760.
12        NOWNews                                                                                                                 Women’s Press | March & April 2009 |

  This Page Presented by the            National Organization for Women
                                                                  The purpose of NOW is to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW !

Coordinator’s Corner
 By Angie King
                                                                                                 “Don’t Forget the Ladies”
                                                                                                 Abigail Adams’ famous quote to her hus-           gress to provide incentives to draw more
There has been much attention given to                                                           band, John, while he was at the first Con-        women in these higher paying jobs (see
racial factors these days: from our new Pres-                                                    tinental Congress, is still apt today. Check for more detail). Women
ident down to art exhibits by African-Amer-                                                      out the current Ms Magazine article by            business owners deserve more than the Bush
icans at the public libraries, and the critics                                                   Martha Burk on the subject of how women           Administration’s 5% set aside for women
who say there doesn’t need to be a month                                                         are more adversely affected by the current        owned businesses when awarding new con-
for African Americans anymore because it’s                                                       recession/depression/downturn. And see the        tracts for those big stimulus projects.
demeaning and marginalizing to separate                                                          accompanying article by one of our NOW                Women are almost half the workforce
out a month for blacks.                                                                          chapter members about her plight (“One            and almost half of these women are heads of
     Those same arguments are often made                                                         Woman’s Reaction”).                               household. Since many of these jobs are in
                                                 woman whose case was heard at the US
about women. Is there a need for Women’s                                                             Burk points out that women’s job losses       the health care sector and education, Burk
                                                 Supreme Court heard), the bill allows an
History Month? Do women need a separate                                                          are larger than men’s; in the 2001 recession,     urges Obama to reform sectors and fixing
                                                 employee to sue for wage discrimination
time to reflect on the achievements against                                                      women lost more jobs proportionately and          the health care system would not only pro-
                                                 based on sex within a time period from
the great odds of our foremothers?                                                               did not recover those losses as the economy       vide jobs, but would give us all more access
                                                 whenever she first learns of that discrimina-
     Obviously, yes we do because there is                                                       recovered. This time around, while they           to health care.
                                                 tion, not, as the court had previously said,
still rampant discrimination and margin-                                                         haven’t suffered as great a numeric loss, the         Lastly, Burk urges preserving federal
                                                 from the very first time that discrimination
alization of women both here and abroad.                                                         jobs women hold are in low wage part time         social programs such as food stamps or
                                                 occurred, whether she was aware of it or
Without even going into the issue of sex                                                         work with no benefits, often requiring more       health care. These measures have the great-
                                                 not. Lily had worked for decades at a job
slaves, laws giving men the right to beat                                                        than one of those dead-end jobs to make           est impact on women and yield big returns
                                                 earning less than her male counterparts but
their wives, honor killings and other injus-                                                     ends meet. And, as a result, when these           for every dollar spent without changing the
                                                 didn’t find out until she was almost ready to
tices abroad, there is the screeching dispar-                                                    jobs are lost, those women fail to qualify        long-term effects on the economy.
                                                 retire. She sued her employer for damages,
ity of wages in the workplace, stereotypes                                                       for unemployment benefits. That inequality            Women may hold up half the sky, as the
                                                 but lost because, the court said, she should
which cement down the glass ceiling,                                                             should be redressed as well.                      Chinese say, but currently, we are shoul-
                                                 have filed the claim when she received her
harassment and violence against women                                                                Burk also points out that the main job        dering the larger chunk of the economic
                                                 first paycheck.
as a “matter of right” still occurring in our                                                    losses have been in heavy industry and            downturn. Write Capps and McCarthy and
                                                     It is also interesting to note Abigail
own country.                                                                                     the stimulus plan calls for focusing on           let them know you support their efforts to
                                                 Adams’ quote (in the article about how the
     Until these injustices are remedied, we                                                     jobs in that same sector—jobs dispropor-          include women in all economic recovery
                                                 economic crisis affects women): “If partic-
need at least a month for women! We had a                                                        tionately held by men. She urges Con-             legislation. “Don’t Forget the Ladies.”
                                                 ular care and attention is not paid to the
year (1975) and a decade (1980’s) (see article
                                                 ladies, we are determined to foment a rebel-
on CEDAW) and yet… sometimes it seems
                                                 lion and will not hold ourselves bound by
like it’s getting worse, not better.
     There is some good news, of course.
                                                 any laws in which we have no voice or rep-
                                                 resentation.” Pretty formidable woman, I’d
                                                                                                 One Woman’s Reaction
With the change in administration, Con-                                                                                                            trol pills, or not have sex at all. Wait? That’s
                                                 say, and one of the first American feminists.    By Kim Anderson
gress has passed and Obama has signed                                                                                                              it…
                                                     March is Women’s History Month, and
the restoration of the Title VII provisions                                                      I’m a single mom, I have year-old twins,              Conservatives called the Medicaid Fam-
                                                 we remember the achievements made by
against wage discrimination. Known as                                                            I want to go back to school, and I do not         ily Planning State Option an attack on
                                                 women, many under great odds.
the Lily Ledbetter Law (named after the                                                          want more kids (at least now). So, when           family values: Because single women like
                                                                                                 Obama dropped the Medicaid Family                 me shouldn’t be having sex, or pap smears,
                                                                                                 Planning State Option from the economic           or get checked for breast cancer and low-
NOW History and Structure                                                                        recovery package, I was pissed off.               income married women should be popping
                                                                                                     The Medicaid Family Planning State            out babies as often as possible. Is that what
Once a year we review the history of the         rampant discrimination against women in         Option allows states to use Medicaid              women are for? And nothing helps a strug-
formation and the structure of NOW, as a         all levels of public life, these women wanted   funds to provide low-income women, who            gling family more than having a baby they
way to remind us that we are the organiza-       to change that situation, but found instead     make a slightly too much to be able to get        can’t afford.
tion, at least the action-member-run part of     the Commission was prohibited from rec-         traditional Medicaid, with family plan-               If you’re as mad as I am, take a minute
it, and to fulfill a chapter requirement.        ommending any action.                           ning services, such as contraceptives,            to leave President Obama a message at 202-
     NOW actually has 3 different parts, each         Thus NOW was founded. The structure        STD/STI tests, and cervical and breast can-       456-1414. Tell him not to buckle under pres-
with its own purpose. The main one is, of        they developed was very grass roots. Chap-      cer screenings.                                   sure from conservatives, that women are
course, the member-run action organiza-          ters are formed at local levels, sending del-       So, women like myself, who are strug-         important, and that the last thing we need
tion, whose mission is to bring women into       egates to state and national conferences to     gling during this economic downturn, must         in this economy is to worry about unin-
the mainstream of society in equal participa-    determine the organization’s agenda each        somehow find the cash to get pap smears,          tended pregnancy.
tion with men. I am paraphrasing the state-      year. Resolutions are debated and approved.     breast cancer screenings, and buy birth con-
ment drawn up in 1966 by the 28 founding         Actions (calling for support or opposition
women who became frustrated at the inabil-       of proposed laws), boycotts, and marches
ity to take action as part of the President’s
Commission on the Status of Women con-
                                                 are approved and then carried out by the
                                                 executive committee.                                            Get Involved — Join NOW!
vened by John Kennedy in 1963. Having
researched and presented findings of the         Continued in History, page 14                                              San Luis Obispo Chapter
                                                                                                                        National Organization for Women
                                                                                                                             Every woman doesn’t have to join NOW,
                                                                                                                        just the 142 million who are discriminated against!
Calendar                                         April 18:
                                                  •	 Women’s World Fair, Chicago, 1925                                                       Goals
                                                 April 21:                                           •	 Support reproductive choice                •	 Commemorate Roe v Wade (Jan 22)
March 3:
                                                  •	 NOW regular meeting, 6 PM                       •	 Work to eliminate ALL violence             •	 Celebrate Women’s Equality Day
 •	 Harriet Tubman (operated Under-
                                                 April 23:                                              against women                                 (Aug 26)
    ground Railroad) died, 1913
                                                  •	 Take Your Daughter to Work Day                  •	 Fight against sexual harassment            •	 Participate in Farmer’s Market
March 4:
                                                 April 25:                                           •	 Encourage tolerance and diversity          •	 Support feminist politics
 •	 Jeannette Rankin becomes 1st US Con-
                                                  •	 Colorado, 1st state to liberalize               •	 Promote feminist issues
    gresswoman, 1917
March 8:                                             abortion laws, 1967
 •	 International Women’s Day                    April 28:
                                                  •	 Equal Pay Day
                                                                                                      Name: _ ______________________________________________
March 15:
 •	 birthday Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 1933                                                                Address: _____________________________________________
March 17:                                                                                                                                          _
                                                                                                      City/St/ZIP: _________________________________ _________
 •	 NOW regular meeting, 6 PM
March 24:                                                                                                                                                ___
                                                                                                      Phone: _____________________________________________
 •	 League of Women Voters founded,                                                                      Regular Dues ….$40
    1919                                                                                                 Sliding Scale…..$15-39                                   _
                                                                                                                                           Amount enclosed: _______________________
April 4:
 •	 birthday of Billie Holiday, 1915
                                                                                                      Send your check and this form to                       General Meetings
April 9:                                                                                              PO Box 1306                                      11573 Los Osos Valley Rd, #B, SLO
 •	 March for Women’s Lives to support                     NOW Chapter # CA 565
    abortion rights, 1992                               PO Box 1306, SLO, CA 93406                    SLO, CA 93406                                  3rd Tuesday of every month
April 10:                                                    SLONOW @                        Chapter # CA 565                                       at 6:00 pm
 •	 birthday of Dolores Huerta, 1930             
March & April 2009 | | Women’s Press                                                                      Women’sCommunityCenter                                            13

       Women’s Community Center                                                                    A Year of Accomplishment
                                                                                                    By Angie King, President,                       steadily increasing, providing increased
                                                 Family Law                                         Board of Directors, WCC
                                                                                                                                                        Speaking of Women’s Press, 2008 was a
                                                                                                   For the Women’s History month issue, I           year of change there, as well. WP became
                                                 Action Committee                                  thought it might be appropriate to sub-          more independent from WCC in han-
                                                                                                   mit an annual report from the Board for          dling its own finances and editorial man-
 Our mission is:                                                                                   our supporters—we want to let you know           agement; Kathleen Deragon announced
                                                 Dealing With Divorce                              what we did last year! It was a full year of     her retirement and we were very fortu-
  •	 TO maintain an accessible center to
                                                 3rd Wednesday of each month – 7 PM                accomplishments, building on the frame-          nate to have found Courtney Brogno, the
     collect and exchange information of
                                                 Upcoming:                                         work of the previous years.                      new editor in chief, who is continuing the
     interest and concern to women
                                                 March 18, April 15 and May 20                         In 2007, we spent some time develop-         standards set by Kathleen. WP now has
  •	 TO organize and facilitate work-
                                                 Talk with other women who have                    ing a vision for our grand goal: a “Wom-         its own bank account and WCC now has
     shops, clinics, seminars, classes, and
                                                 been there, done that in a supportive,            anspace” of our own, our own building,           its own page in each issue for extended
     support groups on subjects of inter-
                                                 non-judgmental environment.                       with room for meetings and celebrations,         articles about our activities. As WP circu-
     est and need
                                                 $10 donation                                      providing space for other allied profes-         lation increases, more people read about
  •	 TO engage in and facilitate interac-
     tion among local, state, and national                                                         sionals, becoming “the” place for women          us—more visibility.
     agencies and organizations working          Self-Represented Litigants’ Clinic                to gather. The goal was easy; the imple-             Of course, our big fundraiser (and
     to benefit women                            4th Tuesday of each month – 5:30 PM               mentation turns out, not unsurprisingly,         fun-raiser) each year is the Day with Cre-
                                                 Upcoming:                                         to be less so. In discussing our plans with      ative Women. With the help of volunteers
 Call for Volunteers                             March 24, April 28 and May 26                     the highly successful Women’s Build-             (aren’t volunteers wonderful people!!) we
                                                 Get family law advice from local                  ing in San Francisco, we were encour-            were able to secure some sponsorships to
 Hear ye, hear ye! The Women’s Com-
                                                 attorneys and/or paralegals.                      aged to keep going, even when the way            help defray the cost of advertising this
 munity Center is looking for a few vol-
                                                 Reservations required. $40 donation               isn’t clear. They started with 7 people          event; we reviewed and amended our pol-
 unteers to help with several projects. We
                                                                                                   and spent years building their organiza-         icies for vendor space; we secured a great
 could use some help with general office
                                                                   Call 788-2491 for information   tion, and still have slumps when board           lineup of local female talent; brought
 duties and to monitor family court pro-
                                                                                                   members are discouraged, no volunteers           back the popular petting zoo; and a good
 ceedings (Court Watch).
                                                                                                   appear, and money gets tight. That gave          time was had by all. And we reached our
                                                                                                   us the encouragement we needed to keep           fundraising goal as well.
                                                                                                   after our goals.                                     We also received financial help from
                                                                                                       Last January (that is, January 2008)         The Graduate with a fundraiser in Octo-
                                                                                                   the Board of WCC set primary goals of            ber, as part of their Big Chill night, and
                                                                                                   building visibility for the organization         a grant from the County of San Luis
                                                                                                   through public events and building our           Obispo. And, of course, much thanks
                                                                                                   financial structure through better fund-         goes to our supporters, who responded to
                                                                                                   raising, as first steps toward building          our year-end request for donations.
                                                                                                   “Womanspace.” I believe we achieved                  As part of our goal to increase visibil-
                                                                                                   both those goals.                                ity in the community, we contacted the
                                                                                                       The family law activities bring in both      editors of New Times, and finally our
                                                                                                   visibility and money, which includes a           persistence paid off, with an almost full-
                                                                                                   monthly class on the practical aspects of        page article about us in the January 15,
                                                                                                   divorce, including alternatives to court,        2009 issue. That’s good publicity!
                                                                                                   and the monthly legal clinic, successful             We’re still working on expanding
                                                                                                   in large part because of the generosity of       the Board, expanding our fundraising
                                                                                                   the attorneys who donate their time to           opportunities, expanding the volunteer
          Women’s Community Center Presents                                                        give specific one-on-one legal advice to
                                                                                                   women who cannot afford to pay attor-
                                                                                                                                                    base, promoting public events that draw
                                                                                                                                                    new supporters, and developing plans
                                                                                                   ney fees and who are trying to navigate          to actualize “Womanspace.” Be a part of

       Day with Creative Women                                                                     a very complicated legal process on their
                                                                                                   own. Ongoing notices in the print media
                                                                                                   and on radio and the advertising in our
                                                                                                                                                    Women’s Community Center: donate
                                                                                                                                                    your time and expertise to helping us
                                                                                                                                                    achieve our goals. Contact any Board
                                                                                                   own Women’s Press, provide the visibil-          member or call the Center to find out
                              August 8, 2009                                                       ity. Attendance at both activities has been      how you can help.

                           10:00 AM to 5:00 PM                                                     When is your best friend or loving relative your worst nightmare?
                                                                                                    By Robin Rinzler                                being helpful by offering advice such
   Calling all Creative Women! The Wom-            relaxed atmosphere, and immerse them-                                                            as: “Are you crazy? You could do much
                                                                                                    Core Mediation Services
   en’s Community Center of San Luis               selves in the sights and sounds of many                                                          better. Why are you agreeing to that?”
   Obispo County invites you to partici-           local entertainers.                             As a divorce mediator, it is my job to help       And before you know it, your friend or
   pate in the 35th annual Day with Creative           If you create art or handcrafted items,     clients that are going through a divorce to      family member has talked you into retain-
   Women, to be held in Mission Plaza in           you are invited to display and sell your        come to an agreement that will work for          ing an attorney to “do better than that.”
   downtown San Luis Obispo on Saturday,           works. Entertainers of all types are sought     both parties. It’s not as easy as it sounds!     With attorneys charging an initial retainer
   August 8, 2009. This event has graced the       to perform during the day, and food ven-        But in my office, couples can negotiate          of eight to ten thousand dollars (this
   Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo on the         dors are particularly encouraged to partic-     and come up with ideas and suggestions           is just to get started), and with divorces
   second Saturday in August for the last          ipate. Non-profit organizations are invited     for splitting their assets and their debt, for   routinely costing tens of thousands of
   35 years and draws thousands of people          to provide the community with informa-          a parenting plan for their minor children,       dollars or more, it’s hard to imagine that
   from all around the Central Coast and           tion about your services. We encourage          and for financial support for the children       one would do better when you account
   beyond, featuring nearly 100 vendors dis-       women in business to submit applications        and/or for a spouse. The suggestions and         for all the attorney fees. Not only are you
   playing their own creative arts. This event     for a booth to market your creative skills.     workable solutions are often the kind that       paying fees you never thought possible,
   is an excellent opportunity to experience       Booth space is always limited, so reserve       would never have taken place had the             but the adversarial position that the attor-
   the many local and statewide talents of         your booth now!                                 couple gone to two separate attorneys.           neys place you in makes any civil future
   women artists.                                      For more information, contact Robin         The concept of negotiation and media-            relationship with your ex almost impos-
       Day with Creative Women celebrates          Rinzler (805-801-3235) or WCC (805-             tion is foreign to many attorneys that are       sible. This is exacerbated if you have chil-
   women’s creativity with music, arts and         544-9313), check the website www.wccslo.        trained to put up the good fight (at the         dren. So those “helpful” loved ones may
   crafts for display and sale, continuous         org, or email                 client’s expense!)                               be doing you and your children a disser-
   entertainment, delicious food, and chil-            Funds realized from Day with Cre-               So why do I say your best friend             vice if they talk you into seeking litigation
   dren’s activities. This event provides an       ative Women help support the programs           might be your worst nightmare? Why               over mediation or try to pull you out of
   atmosphere where families can come to           of the Women’s Community Center, ded-           might your sister or aunt be send-               your decision to negotiate your divorce.
   view and purchase quality hand-made             icated to the empowerment of women.             ing you down the river? Because after            Be cautious and use your best instincts. If
   arts and crafts, have a meal or snack in a                                                      the hard work of negotiating a settle-           after discussing and agreeing to workable
                                                                                                   ment that both clients are happy with,           solutions, stick to your instinct and don’t
                                                                                                   sometimes our friends or a family mem-           let others dissuade you.
                                                                                                   ber think (that is, they assume) they are
14         CommunityBulletins                                                                                                        Women’s Press | March & April 2009 |

 Bulletins                                        Free Community Outreach Program
                                                  Offered in Atascadero                             Equal Pay Day: April 28, 2009
                                                  The Global Alliance for Balance and Heal-
Seats Open For The Speech                                                                            By Angie King                                        Despite laws to the contrary, women
                                                  ing is offering a Clear Mind-Open Heart,
and Learning Coach                                                                                                                                   still earn less at the same job as men. If
                                                  Stepping into the Flow of Joy workshop
                                                                                                    Wear RED on Equal Pay Day to symbolize           women were paid comparable wages, it is
Come discover positive strategies to help         on Tuesday, March 10 from 6 to 8pm at the
                                                                                                    how far women and minorities are “in the         estimated, the poverty level would drop by
your child succeed in school.                     Atascadero Library.
                                                                                                    red” with their pay!                             a third, and some say by half (see
    The Speech and Learning Coach is offer-           For more information or to register,
                                                                                                        Equal Pay Day was originated by              issues/factsstats/).
ing a FREE Community Service presen-              call Nancy at 461-1490 or e-mail nancy@
                                                                                                    the National Committee on Pay Equity                  Social Security is the only thing keeping
tation to help you make homework less   
                                                                                                    (NCPE) in 1996 as a public awareness             almost 40% of older women from poverty.
stressful. March 18th, 6:30-8:00PM. For                                                             event to illustrate the gap between men’s        Still, even with that benefit, twelve and a
location and registration, call 474-1144 or       EDA Support In Pismo Beach                        and women’s wages. The day, observed on          half percent of women 65 and older live in
email Info@theSpeechandLearningCoach.             Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA) is a             a Tuesday in April, symbolizes how far into      poverty. For older women of color, that rate
com.                                              fellowship of individuals who share their         the year a woman must work, on average,          doubles.
                                                  experience, strength and hope with each           to earn as much as a man earned the previ-            In the meantime, keep in mind that you
The Steynberg Gallery Features Poetry             other that they may solve their common            ous year. It falls on a Tuesday because that     should be paid at the same rate as men who
Sunday, March 1st, from 4-6pm, you’re             problems and help others to recover from          is the day on which women’s wages catch          do the same kind of job and that women
invited to the Steynberg Gallery for poetry       their eating disorders. People can and do         up to men’s wages from the previous week.        should have greater access to the broad
readings. The topic is Family and will fea-       fully recover from having an eating disor-        Because women earn less, on average, than        spectrum of jobs in order to compete for
ture Joan Gerard and Kevin Patrick Sulli-         der. Meetings are held at La Perla Del Mar        men, they must work longer for the same          higher paid positions. It may mean a huge
van reading poems by other authors. You           Community Center, 205 Windward Ave in             amount of pay.                                   difference in your life later.
are also invited to bring your favorite poem      Pismo Beach, every Monday at 6pm.                     That same discrepancy follows women               Also keep in mind that a system that
centered on the theme and join the open                                                             into retirement. Not only do women live          penalizes women who take time out of work
mic portion. Poets may not read their own         WHERE on EARTH are we going?                      an average of 3 years longer than men, they      at lower paying jobs to be the child bearers
work. For more information on future dates                                                          have earned less in their working lifetimes      and caregivers of family members both old
                                                  And what can we do about it?                      and have smaller pensions, leaving a greater     and young and then pays them less in the
and topics, visit
                                                  You are invited to attend the “Awakening          proportion of women living in poverty. The       bargain, does so on the backs of women.
                                                  the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” Sym-             median income for older women is just            Shouldn’t government be able to give some-
SLO Library To Focus On                           posium, Sunday, March 1st, 1PM at the             $3,000 over the poverty level and just over      thing back in retirement for a woman’s ser-
Male Dominance In Religion                        Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Commu-             half the median income of older men.             vice to society?
The SLO Library and Cal Poly Women’s              nity, 1130 Napa St. in Morro Bay. This sym-
and Gender Studies are presenting a series        posium makes a profound inquiry into a
of lectures on the first Tuesday of every         bold vision to bring forth an environmen-
                                                  tally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and
month, 6-8PM, through May. The lecture
on March 3rd will focus on the feminist’s         socially just human presence on Earth. $15
criticism of male dominance in religion.          suggested donation at the door.
Each talk will be held in the Community               For more information or to reg-               In the spirit of International Women’s Day       as part of the World Plan of Action for the
Room of the SLO Public Library, 995 Palm          ister, contact Philip Westergaard at              (March 8) and Women’s History Month, it          Implementation of the Objectives of the
in SLO. Admission is free. For more infor-            or        visit   is time to bring up – again! – ratification of   International Women’s Year, adopted by
mation, contact the Library Manager, Kris-                           the Convention on the Elimination of All         the World Conference of the International
tine Tardiff at                                                            Forms of Discrimination against Women            Women’s Year held in Mexico City in 1975.
                                                  Earth Day 2009: A Green Living Expo               (CEDAW). CEDAW is an international               It was adopted by the General Assembly in
IONS Now Meeting Every Third Sunday               SLO County’s 19th annual Earth Day event          convention adopted in 1979 by the United         1979 by votes of 130 to none, with 10 absten-
                                                  will be held Saturday, April 18th from 11AM       Nations General Assembly.                        tions, and presented to the mid-decade
The Institute Of Noetic Sciences (IONS),a                                                                The Convention defines discrimination       World Conference of the United Nations
local group, meets to address the poten-          to 5PM in the Mission Plaza. The event is
                                                  free and open to the public. Learn about          against women in the following terms:            Decade for Women, which became effec-
tials and powers of consciousness, includ-                                                               Any distinction, exclusion or restric-      tive September 1981, after the twentieth UN
ing perceptions, beliefs, intention and           wise earth practices, alternative energy
                                                  sources, green building options, earthy           tion made on the basis of sex which has the      member state had ratified it. The United
intuition. These meetings are now being                                                             effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying     States is the only developed nation that has
held every third Sunday from 1:30-3:30            friendly products and zero waste solutions.
                                                  Also, there will be drawings and giveaways,       the recognition, enjoyment or exercise by        not ratified the CEDAW. Seven UN mem-
pm at the Coast National Bank, 500                                                                  women, irrespective of their marital status,     ber states have not signed the convention:
Marsh St. in SLO. Info: 627-1501 or               guest speakers and a Kids Zone.
                                                      For more information, contact                 on a basis of equality of men and women,         Iran, Nauru, Palau, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan,                                                                            of human rights and fundamental freedoms         and Tonga. Niue and the Vatican City have
                                                                                                    in the political, economic, social, cultural,    also not signed it.
Fresno Metropolitan Museum                                                                          civil or any other field.                            During the presidential campaign, can-
                                                  Camp Ocean Pines                                       It also establishes an agenda of action     didate Obama specifically said he “supports
Welcomes Anna Richards Brewster
                                                  Camp Ocean Pines was established in 1946          for putting an end to sex-based discrimi-        the ratification of the Convention on the
 The works of one of the best-known Amer-
                                                  to serve the community as a non-profit            nation: States ratifying the Convention are      Elimination of All Forms of Discrimina-
 ican woman artists at the turn of the last
                                                  camp and a conference center. A jewel on          required to enshrine gender equality into        tion Against Women (CEDAW). The U.S.
 century will be on view for a special Fresno
                                                  the Central Coast, the camp sits on thir-         their domestic legislation, repeal all dis-      failure to ratify this important international
 engagement, as the Fresno Metropolitan
                                                  teen donated acres of Monterey Pine forest        criminatory provisions in their laws, and        treaty has been a worldwide embarrass-
 Museum hosts Anna Richards Brewster:
                                                  that nearly meets the ocean shore. Camp           enact new provisions to guard against dis-       ment” (see
 American Impressionist from March 21
                                                  Ocean Pines has made memories for more            crimination against women. They must also            At the winter executive board
 through June 7, 2009.
                                                  than 100,000 Adults use the facilities for        establish tribunals and public institutions      meeting, national NOW developed its
     Anna Richards Brewster: American
                                                  enriching conferences. Singers, songwrit-         to guarantee women effective protection          agenda for the year. Among many items
 Impressionist, seeks to demonstrate Anna
                                                  ers, sculptors, storytellers, quilters, weav-     against discrimination, and take steps to        was this very important one: to instruct
 Richard Brewster’s historical context and
                                                  ers, flutists, dancers, choirs...they ALL join    eliminate all forms of discrimination prac-      the State Department to send the CEDAW
 her role as a successful artist at the begin-
                                                  us! We regularly host weekend and week            ticed against women by individuals, organi-      co to the senate for ratification (more
 ning of the twentieth century, a time when
                                                  long retreats, church groups, marine sci-         zations, and enterprises.                        on the NOW agenda at
 women were just starting to break into the
                                                  ence focused educational seminars and art              The text of CEDAW was prepared by           agenda2009.html). Let’s make sure he does!
 professional and academic spheres of the
                                                  focused weekends.                                 UN General Assembly from 1977 to 1979,
 art world.
                                                      Upcoming workshops include a Flute
     As part of the exhibition, the Met will
                                                  Circle, Feb. 27-Mar. 1st. A Memory Ware
 host a series of special luncheon tours.
                                                  Mosaics Workshop, Mar. 13-15. And the 7th
“Taste and Tour” is a new program which
                                                  Annual California Sculptors Symposium,
 allows visitors traveling in groups to receive
 a special docent-led tour of the exhibition
 as well as a catered lunch in the Muse-
                                                  April 19-26. To register, go to campocean-
                                         or call 805-927-0254. Also, sum-        History
                                                  mer camp begins June 21st. Seven weeks of         Continued from page 12                           courts and other political arenas; which
 um’s exclusive Eaton McClatchy Founders
                                                  fun and sun!                                                                                       publishes results of research into gender
 Room for a premium ticket price of $20 per
 person (in a group of 20 or more).                                                                     But the membership part of the organi-       inequality in such areas as school sports
                                                  Timeless Ireland Through the Lens                 zation was precluded from endorsing can-         (Title IX), work discrimination (the Wal-
                                                  of a Wanderer                                     didates for elected office. So, a NOW PAC        Mart suit), reproductive rights cases and
The Literacy Council Seeks Tutors                                                                                                                    defense of clinics.
                                                                                                    formed, which may endorse those candi-
The Literacy Council for SLO County has           Come with me on a magical journey enjoy-                                                              With an increase of connections avail-
                                                                                                    dates for office it determines best advance
an urgent need for volunteer tutors. They         ing an afternoon of armchair travel with                                                           able through the Internet, so much more
                                                                                                    the NOW agenda.
are offering a free, 2-part training workshop,    photographs, stories and interesting facts                                                         information is available, too much to ade-
                                                                                                        The third arm of NOW is the Legal
Saturday, March 7th and Saturday, March           about Newgrange, The Temple of The                                                                 quately summarize here. I urge you to check
                                                                                                    Defense and Education Fund, which writes
14th at the Literacy Council’s office, 1264       Gods, The Hill of Tara, and her special sig-                                                       out the web page and learn how
                                                                                                    amicus briefs for important Supreme Court
Higuera, Suite 102, from 9AM to 3:30PM.           nificance to all of us. Your guide is Mary-                                                        much NOW has contributed to the advance
                                                                                                    Cases; which provides attorneys in some
    For more information, please call 541-        Aine Cherry. Saturday, March 14th, 1-4pm                                                           of women’s rights in only 43 years!
4219 or visit                 at Cuesta College, Room 4760. Course fee
                                                  is $20 and you can register online at com-
                                         (Travel section) or call
March & April 2009 | | Women’s Press                                                                                     Resources               15
ABUSE                                                          Hospice of SLO County (inc. miscarriage/stillbirth            481.7424 (Arroyo Grande)
Adults Molested as Children Support Group (AMAC)                       support) 544.2266 or 434.1164                         541.8633 (SLO)
         545.8888                                              Project Lifesaver                                     Planned Parenthood
Center for Alternatives to Domestic Violence                           548.0909                                              SLO 549.9446
         781.6406                                              Safe and Sober Support Group                          Stroke Support Group
North County Women’s Shelter & Resource Center,                        473.6507                                              471.8102 (SLO)
         (inc. domestic violence support groups)               Senior Peer Counseling                                Caregivers of Stroke Survivors
         461.1338                                                      Free, trained in-home counseling for 60+              544.2266 (SLO)
Rape Survivors Support Group, SLO                                      547.7025, ext. 15                             Women’s Support/Therapy v (general)
         545.8888                                              Talk/Listen - Emotional support                               534.1101
SARP (Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention)                            489.5481                                      Women’s Healthcare Specialists
         545.8888                                              Transformations Counseling Center                             544.4883
Support Group for Sexual Assault Survivors                             Free monthly workshops 541.7908
         545.8888                                              FINANCE/BUSINESS                                      Code Pink
Women’s Shelter Program of SLO                                 Consumer Credit Counseling Services                 
         781.6400                             800.540.2227                                  Commission on Status of Women
ADDICTIONS                                                                                                                   545.8412; Dawn Williams
                                                               GAY & LESBIAN                                         Democratic Women United
AA Meeting                                                     Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast
         541.3211                                                                                                            541.4252
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)
                                                                       541.4252                                      League of Women Voters
                                                               PFLAG.Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays                    543.2220
         498.2176                                                      438.3889
Al-Anon                                                                                                              NOW (National Organization for Women)
                                                               SOL (Single Older Lesbians)                         
         534.9204                                                      Mostly socializing! Call 474.9405
Cambria Connection (12 step support)                                                                                 READERS/WRITERS
         927.1654                                              HOSPICE                                               Adult Literacy
Casa Solana                                                    AIDS Bereavement Group (Hospice)                              541-4219
         Women’s Recovery Home 481.8555                                544.2266                                      Creative Writing Group
Chemical Dependency intensive                                  Hospice of SLO County                                         748-2676; contact Gloria
outpatient program                                                     544.2266 and 434.1164                         Nightwriters
         541-9113                                              Hospice Partners of the Central Coast                         549.9656; contact Shirley Powell
Compulsive eaters Anonymous, H.O.W.Concept                             782.8608                                      Sisters in Crime
Drug & Alcohol Services                                        JOBS/CAREERS
         781.4275                                              AARP                                                  SENIORS
         800.549.7730                                                  788.2643                                      Adult Day Care
Overeaters Anonymous                                           Cal Poly Foundation                                           489.8894 (Arroyo Grande);
         541.3164                                                      Jobline 756.7107                                      434.2081 (Templeton); 927.4290 (Cambria)
SCA, SLAA & SAA (Sex, Love & Romance Addictions)               Cal Poly University                                   Adult Protective Services
         461.6084                                             756.1533                       781.1790
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)                                Cuesta College                                        Computerooters:
         929.1789                                             Jobline 546.3127                Computer help: 489.6230
Women for Sobriety                                             The Creekside Career Center                           Department of Social Services:                      788.2631 or 788.2690               In-Home Support 781.1790
         215.536.8026                                          Department of Rehabilitation                                  Nursing help for the terminally ill 781.5540
                                                                       549.3361                                      Elder and Dependent Adult Advocacy and Outreach –
CHILDREN & FAMILIES                                            Mission Community Services Corporation                Victim Witness Assistance Center
Birth and Baby Resource Center                                        Women’s Business Partners                              781-5821
         546.3755                                         595.1356                      Elder Law, Geraldine E. Champion, Attorney
Childcare Resource Connection                                  Private Industry Council (PIC)                                473.4747
         541.2272 or 800.727.2272                             788.2601                      Foster Grandparents.Senior Companions
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)                                                                                     782.9200
         “A child’s voice in Court in SLO County”              LEGAL                                                 Senior Ballroom Dance club
         541.6542                                              Core Mediation Services                                       489.5481
Children’s Services Network                                            544.6334                      Senior Peer Counseling
         781.1847                                              District Attorney’s Office – Victim Witness Center            Free, trained in.home counseling for 60+
First 5: Children & Families Commission                                781.5821                                              547.7025 ext. 15
         781.4058; ask for Susan Hughs                         Family Law Facilitator
Homeschooling in SLO County (HSC)                                      788.3418                                      SPIRITUAL
         462.0726; ask for Barbara                             Lawyers Referral Services/Legal Aid Alternative       Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment
La Clinica De Tolosa         238.5334                                  788.2099                                              995.1390;
La Leche League                                                Pro Per Divorce Workshop                              Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community
         489.9128                                                      544.9313                                              Meditation Monday evenings 7-7:45 pm
Migrant Childcare Program                                      Senior Legal Services                                         Open to all. 772-0306
         544.4355 and 466.3444                                         543.5140                                      Hungry Hearts Spiritual Community
MOMS Club of South SLO county                                                                                                RC liturgy with womanpriest 546.8672
         473. 2548                                             MEDICAL SUPPORT/SERVICES
                                                                                                                     Meditation Group
Partnership for Children                                       ALS Support Group (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
                                                                       227.4785 or 674.4162                                  Mondays, 7:30–8:30 PM; 772.0306
         541.8666; ask for Beth                                                                                      New Beginnings Church
Real F.A.C.T.S. (Forum on Abused Children)                     Alzheimer’s Support
                                                                       534.9234 (LO); 547.3830 (SLO);                        Every Sunday, Coalesce Bookstore, MB
         460.9016                                                                                                    Self-Realization Fellowship
Social Services                                                        547.3830, 534.9234 (SLO/Los Osos)                     Sunday Services 995-1599
         781.1600                                                      888.488.6555
Support for Kids Coping with Domestic Violence                 American Cancer Society                               WOMEN’S CENTERS/SHELTERS
         473.6507                                                      San Luis Obispo 543.1481                      Homeless Shelter
                                                                       Templeton 434.3051                                    781-3993
EMERGENCY/CRISIS                                               Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Support Group              Housing Authority
Hotline                                                                541.9113                                              543.4478 800.549.8989                       Arthritis Foundation                                  North County Women’s Resource Center, Shelter
Sexual & Rape Prevention (SARP)                                        892.5556                                              461.1338
         545.8888 or 800.656.HOPE (4673)                       Cancer/ Breast Cancer Support Groups                  Prado Day Center (for the homeless)
Temporary Restraining Order & Victim Witness                           543.1481 ext. 3 for information                       786.0617
       Program 781.5821                                        Caregivers of Aging Parents                           Women’s Community Center, SLO
EMOTIONAL SUPPORT                                                      547.3830 (AG); 927.4290 (Cambria);                    544.9313
                                                                       227.7135 (PR); 547.3830 (SLO); 543.7969       Women’s Shelter Program of SLO
A.D.A.P (Aid in Divorce Adjustment Problems Today)             Celiac Disease Support Group
         543.0388                                                                                                            549.8989 (crises), 781.6401 (business)
Alzheimer/Dementia Resource Center                             Endometriosis Association
         434.2081 or 534.9234 or 888.488.6555                                     OTHER WOMEN’S ORGANIZATIONS
CALL–Concerned Agoraphobics Learning to Live                   Enhancement, Inc. (for breast cancer survivors)       Altrusa International, Inc.
         543.3764                                                      771.8640                       481.1039; Cici Wynn, President
Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)                                 EOC Health Services Clinics                           American Association of University Women
         542.0577 (SLO) 481.5093 (Grover Beach)                        no or low cost reproductive health services           781-0922; Karen
         927.1654 (Cambria) 466.8600 (North County)                    544.2478 (SLO); 489.4026 (Arroyo Grande)      Camping Women
Community Counseling Center                                    Healthworks of the Central Coast                              440.2723
         543.7969                                                      No or low cost reproductive health services   Hadassah.SLO
Dealing With Divorce                                                   542.0900                                              543.9452
         544.9313                                              Hearst Cancer Resource Center
Depresson and Bipolar Support Alliance Group                           542.6269                                      OTHER GROUPS & GATHERINGS
         927.3703                                              IC Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome     Central Coast Peace and Environmental Council
Divorce Discussion Group                                               3rd Thursday, SLO, 7 -9 pm 464-0564                   544.3399 or 783.2383
         489.2990,                 Long-term Care Ombudsman Services of SLO County       Compassion & Choices (or Final Exit)
Eating Disorders Support Group                                         785.0132                                              800.247.7421 or 489-5481
          546-3774; free, meets weekly in SLO                  Lymphedema Education & Support Group
Grief Awareness Group                                                                                                  Please send additions, corrections or deletions to:
                                                                       2nd Monday, 4-5 pm, 782-9300
         489.2990,                 Parkinson’s Support Groups                     or leave a message at
                                                                       466.7226 (Atascadero/Templeton)                 the WCC: 805.544.9313. Last update 2/25/09.
                                                                 Mama’s Meatball
                                                                         Fine Italian Cuisine

                         Near Downtown
                    Deluxe Continental Breakfast
                            Pool & Spa
                           Fitness Room
                          Guest Laundry
                                                      Dine-in • Take-out • Full Catering Service
        2050 Garfield Street                       All three locations are open: Mon.-Sun. 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401                      570 Higuera St., #130 • San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401- tel. 805.544.0861
      Toll Free: 800.544.7250                                                 New Locations:
 805.549.9911 Fax: 805.546.0734                            325 Pier Ave. • Oceano, CA 93425 • tel. 805.473.2383
    SUPPORTERS OF WOMEN IN BUSINESS!               In Avila Hotsprings • San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 • tel. 805.627.0288
                                                         Also, order on line:

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