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					                                 Bear Facts
see pg. 6

                             Vol. XXII No. 7                       Brentwood Christian School                                                  May 2010
                                                                                                                                                                        see pg. 2

   INSHORT                                  Silver-hairs serenaded BCS comes in
            New StuCo
                                            Grandparents’ Day fans flames of tradition                                                         2nd out of 102
 President: Mariah Robinson
 Vice President: Caleb Kronke
                                            lanae HOLLINGSWORTH
                                                                                             at the school.
                                                                                               After the program the grandparents were
                                                                                             able to visit classrooms, see projects, and do
                                                                                                                                               in PSIA state
 Secretary: Jackson Graessle                  The auditorium was packed, projects were activities with their grandchildren. Some of the        ashtyn PATE
 Treasurer: Travis Clark                    on display, and children were singing, as BCS long-standing traditions that they were able to      reporter
                                            hosted the 28th annual Grandparents’ Day on see were the kindergarten rodeo and the fourth-
 Historian: Brandon Jones
                                            Friday, May 14.                                  grade play, “Historical Hysteria.” Unfortunate-      Brentwood Christian elementary through
 Senior rep: Victoria Stewart                 The day began with breakfast served to the ly, the third-grade kite flying was rained out.       middle school students took second place
 Junior rep: Laura Combs                    grandparents in the Family Life Center, where      Grandparents of secondary students went to      from among 102 schools at the PSIA state
 Sophomore rep: Courtney Flores             they also signed in and received name tags three 25-minute sessions in classrooms. These           tournament on April 24. Elementary walked
 Freshman rep: Bryce Morin                  that associated them with their grandchildren. sessions included presentations about the Zam-      away with eighth place while middle school
                                            About 240 grandparents came to the breakfast. bia Medical Mission, Geometry bridge projects,       ended up second, helping BCS win second
                                              The main attraction of the morning was the 2009-10 yearbook, and senior trebuchets. An-          all-around.
                                            vocal program                                                                    other session
   Jazz Under the Stars                     in the auditori-                                                                 was     playing
                                                                                                                                                  “For a school that does all its PSIA prepara-
                                                                                                                                               tion outside school hours, this is truly remark-
                                            um, after which      “My grandparents always take me                             “Deal or No       able,” elementary principal and academic co-
   The second annual Jazz Under the         the grandpar-                                                                    Deal” in Alge-    ordinator Dr. Libby Weed said.
 Stars will be conducted on June 3 at       ents were able           out to lunch at Red Lobster, and then                   bra II. Some         First-place winners for BCS included sixth-
 8 p.m. in the church courtyard. All sec-   to spend time             we go shopping.” – Courtney Flores                     grandparents
                                                                                                                                               grader Andrew Armstrong, who was the
                                            touring their                                                                    enjoyed play-
 ondary students are invited to dress       grandchil-
                                                                                                                                               champion of both Mathematics 6 and Calcu-
                                                                                                                             ing    because
 up and spend an evening with coffee,                                                                                                          lator Applications 6-8. He also finished sec-
                                            dren’s class-                                                                    they were able
 desserts, and live music performed by      rooms. As is tradition, kindergarteners through to spend time with their grandchildren; others,    ond in Music Memory, only missing first by a
 the organizers – the Jazz Band. Admis-     fourth graders sang songs that corresponded because they won.                                      semicolon, and fourth in Number Sense 6-8.
                                            with their costumes. The first graders were                                                           The brother and sister duo of fifth-grader
 sion is $10.                                                                                  “I love to play games,” said Judy Perkins,
                                            dressed up as penguins, and the fourth graders grandmother of sixth-grader Brenna and soph-        Luke Allen and sixth-grader Tiara Allen won
                                            were dressed up in their pajamas. Fifth through omore Haley Decker. “I won $62,500.”               spelling titles in their respective grades. The
                                                                                                                                               Allens also each took second place in their
  Smith moves to office
                                            eighth graders followed with two spiritual         Junior high sessions included map racing
                                            songs, and the high school students concluded in the Texas History session and a display of        vocabulary contests.
                                            the performance with three more songs.           science experiments in Integrated Physics and        Eighth-grader Aaron Ho was first in Num-
   After teaching kindergarten at BCS         This year’s Grandparent of the Year Award Chemistry.                                             ber Sense 6-8, making a perfect score.
 for six years, Karla Smith is moving       was presented to Tom and Mary Riley for their      Students were let out of school at noon so         Other students who placed at state were
                                            dedication to helping Brentwood. The Rileys’ that they could spend the rest of the afternoon       fifth-grader Haleigh Heath (third in Diction-
 out of the classroom and into the role
                                            children graduated from the school, and now with their grandparents. Many students have            ary Skills 4-5), fifth-grader Gabrielle Nguy-
 of admissions director. She is replac-
                                            some of their grandchildren attend. In the years formed traditions with their grandparents of
 ing Deborah Hicks, whose husband           between having their children and grandchil-                                                                            see Armstrong, page 7
 is taking a ministry position in Leba-     dren at BCS, Mrs. Riley tutored many students                             see Families, page 6
 non, Tenn. Smith has prior experience
 as chief administrator of a Christian
 school, preparing her for many of the
 aspects of her new job.

   Stock project winner
   Senior Chris Williams won the ad-
 vanced stock market project in Eco-
 nomics class, taking home a $150 prize
 from BCS parent Tom Cammack, who
 sponsored the project. Beginning last
 November, participants were to invest
 $100,000 imaginary money in a com-
 bination of U.S. stocks, mutual funds,
 and exchange-traded funds. By April,
 Williams’ investment had grown by                                                                                                                                                  photo: Skylar Haws
 more than $15,000.                         Full house Backed by the junior high and flanked by fifth and sixth graders, Encore entertains a packed auditorium for Grandpar-
                                            ents’ Day on May 14. Brentwood’s special guests participated in many long-held traditions as well as a few newer ones.
Page 2                                                                                                                                                                              Editorials
This motor runs: Kia Khadem                                                                                                                                            THE BEAR FACTS May 2010

Cafeteria review: The good, the bad, and the bacon
Freshman recommends pizza, burgers, pancakes; offers words of caution regarding Wednesdays
  Ah yes, the cafeteria. One of the cornerstones     the same thing again and again.                          Friday: Go for pizza sticks on this day, un-         food, that’s a good $5 meal.
of American culture, this marvel has been               Tuesday: No pizza sticks today, but you have        less they’re serving pancakes. The pancakes do           Service: 8.5/10
through the glory years (fifties, anyone?) and       … pizza! Yup, every Tuesday is a pizza day,            taste pretty nice – not perfect, but still pretty        No bologna here! Good ol’ fashioned par-
our era of shame (McDonald’s, I’m looking at         and the thick pizza tastes really nice. The fla-       darn good. I don’t see why more people don’t           ent volunteers (Volunteering, it doesn’t pay.)
you). Does Brentwood break away from the             vors work together. However, under no circum-          order this. Maybe because it’s brunch? But the         who are quite nice. However, they’re about as
traditional bland slop that will clog your arter-    stances shall you ever get the thin pizza. It’s like   ratio of pancakes to syrup and sausage is bad.         slow as customer support from Dell. (OK, not
ies, or are they guilty of being indifferent? Here   cardboard drizzled with sauce and a sprinkling         We need more syrup and sausage!                        that slow.) I usually wait 5-10 minutes till I get
are my recommendations on what to eat, what          of cheese; it’s as sad as Central Market’s pizza!        A La Carte: Besides pizza sticks, there’s al-        to eat. They never seem 100 percent prepared
to skip, and other important issues.                    Wednesday: Ya got three choices for the trays       ways PB&J. What do you expect? It’s a classic!         when I get there. But I wouldn’t be if I had to
  Quality: 7/10                                      today: tostadas, quesadillas, or baked potatoes        If you get tired of eating everything, go with         cook for 1,000 kids, and to be fair, I still have
  Some of the stuff in the cafeteria tastes good,    – none of which is really that good. And the ba-       these. Sure, they’re pricey, but they’re pretty        enough time to eat and talk to my friends, so
others I’d assume came from Whole Foods              con is fake! We pay good money for a potato,           good. Then you’ve got pretzels, which are              no real harm.
(without the organic factor), and some are just      with FAKE bacon? FAKE BACON! Go with                   sometimes good – if they’re hot and not over-            Quantity: 7.5/10
plain bad, while most are adequately satisfying.     pizza sticks once again, unless you want to risk       cooked. The last time I got one it was cold and          Really small portions, at least for the price. It
  My Recommendations                                 it for … FAKE BACON!                                   undercooked. The burritos look okay, and to            might be satisfactory for some, but for me it’s
  Monday: Nothing really good on this day.              Thursday: Ah yes, the other day of every            some might taste good. But to me, it looks like        not. I always need to buy another item – chips,
The barbecue sandwiches and steak/chicken            week that I look forward to cafeteria food:            sludge wrapped in a tortilla.                          cookies, you name it. I’m not satisfied with itty
fingers are not bad, although the side items         burger day. Chicken or beef, both are good. I            Pricing: 7/10                                        bitty portions. How do you think I got fat? By
taste odd together. AVOID the pasta. The cake        personally like the beef burgers better. Always          I would like it to be cheaper, but it’s bearable.    eating small and exercising? No. Therefore, the
served with it might look tempting, but the pas-     get the tray on this day. Trust me. However,           Meals range from $2.50 to $3.75, not including         portions are too small.
ta is bland and soggy. I’d say to stick to pizza     sometimes the chicken doesn’t taste, well, con-        add-ons, such as a soda, which adds 75 cents             There ya’ go, a freshly baked review. Sign-
sticks (if they’re not overcooked), although         sistent. In fact, one time the chicken patties         to the price. Chips add 50 cents, and cookies          ing out. But seriously, what’s up with FAKE
you can (and probably will) get tired of eating      were sturdy enough to serve as Frisbees.               add 50 cents as well. By the time you buy your         BACON?!

                                                     Bretz knows best: Gabe Breternitz
 The Bear Facts
      Brentwood Christian School
                                                     New Bear Facts chief offers fresh biases
                                                       Perspective is like a monocle: It is easy to         perspective, which can sometimes mean                    Instead, we are charged to devise strategies
       11908 North Lamar Blvd.                       lose, it has a tendency to give only a singular        softening or simply not reporting controversial        to maintain proper perspective, like utilizing
           Austin, TX 78753                          viewpoint, and it’s often too foggy to be of           material if it fails to serve any purpose greater      accountability and reducing negative impacts on
                                                     much use anyway. And yet, without some sort of         than spreading shame. And yet, once again, the         our thoughts. This is how change can be attained
   The Bear Facts is published monthly               perspective, there exists no frame of reference        Christian ideal is also unattainable, for it relies    – that is, so long as one is willing.
 by the journalism classes of Brentwood              to interpret the blur of life that whirls around       on the staff to be consistently Christ-oriented.         True virtue lies in persistent commitment to
 Christian High School. The paper is a               us all. We, as humans, need our monocles and           I’ll be the first to say that I fall short with much   self-improvement. He who continually strives
 learning tool which informs the student             must accept the inherent pitfalls as unavoidable.      more regularity than I succeed.                        towards an unattainable goal may not succeed,
 body while teaching students to become              The best we can do is hope to keep the right              So we have ideals that we cannot attain; do we      but he is still the better for it. And although
 critical observers of their environment             prescription and admit graciously when we’ve           give up? Of course not. Are we then doomed to          every now and then our monocles will still
 and to validate Truth within the context            made the egregious error of misplacing it.             live in continual examination of our perspective       cloud, possessing the strength of will to re-
 of the Christian world view.                          Of course, life is never so simple. More often       to see if it reflects our original, true intent?       evaluate and wipe the crystalline surface clean
                                                     than not, we cling to our biased perspectives no       Perhaps. Impossible though this might seem,            places us farther along the path towards the
              Editor-in-Chief                        matter how cracked the glass is, and no matter         one cannot simply admit defeat and give up.            ideal, 20/20 perspective.
               Skylar Haws                           how rusted the frame. After all, there is comfort
                                                     in continuity, and changing perspectives requires
               Sports Editor                         a brief period of viewing the world in its chaotic,
              Megan Monacelli                        unfiltered form – a scary prospect indeed.
                                                       To avoid this harrowing experience, we
                  Reporters                          must select our “monocles” with care. The
                                                     key is selection; simply slipping into a world
   Matthew Archer        Mike Lee                    view always contains adverse consequences. A
    Steven Bailey       Levi Matus                   proper world view must be purposeful; it must
     Elena Batlle    Matthew Onabajo                 be crafted with care to truly reflect the morals
   Gabe Breternitz     Rachel Orick                  we wish to maintain. Should we fail to do so,
    Ryan Brunson       Ashtyn Pate                   other, less benevolent forces and our inherent
                                                     selfish tendencies will inevitably guide our
   Jacob Cardenas     Kailey Rodden
                                                     decisions and warp our perspective.
     Travis Clark     Connor Schiesz                   Next year, I will be the editor of The Bear
    Lizzy DuPond       Taylor Shaw                   Facts, and perspective has been on my mind.
 Lanae Hollingsworth   Erica Shultz                  The traditional ideal perspective of a newspaper
     Joseph Kang      Derek Tresslar                 is an unbiased, structured account of the facts.
     Kia Khadem      Morgan Vandygriff               But this ideal is simply unattainable, because
     Charles Kim                                     the newspaper form is limited by a number of
                                                     things: space, need for relevance to a diverse
                                                     readership, and the inability of the staff to
                   Adviser                           remain flawlessly unbiased, to name a few.                                                                                                          photo: Summer Best

                Jonathan Weed                          On top of that, as a school newspaper at a           Peaceful campout Ethan Rivera, Cason Best, and Elijah Baron enjoyed each other’s
                                                     Christian school, our true goal is not even            company at this year’s Kindergarten campout on April 30. Bringing their tents, grills,
                                                     to be unbiased, but to present a Christian             and Frisbees, families enjoyed laughter, delicious food, and Star Wars games.
News                                                                                                                                                                                   Page 3
THE BEAR FACTS             May 2010

Way Off Broadway showcases talent, creativity
travis CLARK                                         rer also teamed with junior Mariah Robinson
reporter                                             on a humorous duet.
                                                       Saturday night’s acts included two dramatic
  BCS students, parents, and even grandpar-          duets: one by sophomore Kailey Rodden and
ents enjoyed the wide variety of art, the theatri-   junior Caleb Kronke, and the other by seniors
cal acts, and the musical entertainment during       Josh Porter and Marisol Hernandez. There was
the third-annual “Way Off Broadway” event on         a humorous duet by juniors Alison Riedesel
May 14 and 15 from 7 to 9:30 p.m.                    and Mandy Wiles; Mariah Robinson and senior
  Whether it was listening to a tenor saxophone      Cely Mora did dramatic interpretations.
jazz solo or watching an intense dramatic duet,        “I thought it was a cool show with good mu-
the various aspects of the show provided a           sic and some awesome acting,” freshman An-
highlight of the weekend for young and old           thony Milan said.
alike.                                                 Music was another one of the main attrac-
  The event had several things to offer from the     tions at the event. The Jazz Band played “Sing,
art department. There was a wide array of pieces     Sing, Sing” and “Funky Fugue,” and the Jazz
on display, including black and white sketches,      Combo played during intermission and also
paintings, and on-site drawings. Many people         accompanied Encore in two songs. The Jazz
who won awards at TAPPS contests showcased           Band earned a “one” in TAPPS district, and the
some of their work. Among them were junior           Jazz Combo got a “one” in TAPPS district and
Honney Kang, who placed in five different            state.
events at last month’s state competition.              Vocal entertainment provided by Encore,
  Other award winners among the 30 students          the BCS honors choir group, was also scat-
who showcased art at the event were seniors          tered throughout the event. They performed
Lizzy DuPond and Skylar Haws; juniors Diem           the songs “Man in the Mirror,” “For Good,”
Ho, Jennifer Quinn, Daniel Robinson, and             “Haven’t Met You Yet,” and “In My Life.”
Mandy Wiles; sophomore Carter Boyd; and                Encore was a winner of many awards in sev-
freshman Jackson Graessle.                           eral competitions this year, receiving the Supe-
  Many drama presentations, including the            rior Rating and Outstanding in Class awards in
TCSIT Grand Champion One-Act Play “The               the Director’s Choice Festival in San Antonio
Importance of Being Earnest,” were also given        and a “one” for their small and sacred ensem-
at the event.                                        bles in TAPPS district and state.
  In addition to the play, there were award-           At the end of both performances, all seniors
winning dramatic and humorous duets and              involved in fine arts were honored with roses
interpretations. Some of these performances          while Encore sang “In My Life.” On Saturday,
were shown on Friday night, while different          students gave bouquets to honor their directors:
acts were performed Saturday.                        Lori Morin, Travis Pollard, Cindy Singleton,
  Friday night’s acts included a dramatic inter-     and Missy Weaver.
pretation by senior Paige Garner and humor-            “Way Off Broadway is a great way for stu-                                                                                       photo: Bear Tracks
ous interpretations by junior Tara Cole, junior      dents to show people the best in them,” said         Separated Seniors Marisol Hernandez and Josh Porter perform “Two Rooms,” a dra-
Gabe Breternitz, and senior Jamie Furrer. Fur-       Singleton, who directed the event.                   matic duet about a couple torn apart by war, at Saturday’s “Way Off Broadway.”

Gifted in academics and fine arts, seniors take flight
                                                       Chris Williams has been accepted at
                                                     Hillsdale College in Michigan, which is one of                   Future homes for Class of 2010
                                                     two colleges in the country that is completely
  The senior class of 2010 has many bright           unaffiliated with the government. Therefore it        Abilene Christian University             Blinn College
individuals with myriad choices they are now         has an entirely unique curriculum that focuses        John Alan Archer, Bible                  Jenny Eason, kinesiology/exercise science
facing, two of the foremost being where to go        on the constitution and in giving the students        Abbie Boyd, music                        Megan Montgomery, nursing
to college and what to study. With a large class     a traditional, classical liberal arts education.      Hanna Boyd, family studies
of 54 students, the choices are varied for both      Williams will double-major in political science       Madison Dampier, undecided               Harding
colleges and majors alike.                           and American studies, and also plans to get           Brady Johnson, telecommunications
                                                                                                                                                    Ashley Clement, nursing
  Twelve students will be leaving the state,         involved with a jazz band.                            Katie Miertschin, exercise science
                                                                                                                                                    Zachary Ellis, music/marketing
with the longest distance away being New York           Fifteen students are enrolling at Christian        Ryan Patterson, pre-physical therapy
                                                                                                                                                    Michael Sansom, business
City. Marisol Hernandez and Charles Kim will         universities, including eight at Abilene Christian    Allen Taylor, information technology
                                                                                                                                                    Zachary Strietelmeier, undecided
be attending different colleges there.               and five at Harding, which is in Arkansas. Ten        Austin Community College                 Jillian Wilson, nursing
  “I thought New York would give me                  soon-to-be graduates are staying right here           Selena Castro, criminal justice
opportunities where I could gain diverse,            in Austin, four going to Austin Community             Paige Garner, theater education          Hillsdale College
exciting, and memorable experiences – things         College and six planning to go to UT.                 Matthew Hall, technology                 Christopher Williams, poly sci/Amer. studies
that I wouldn’t be able to experience in Texas,”       There are many different majors that                Erin Hood, digital imaging/design
said Kim, who will go to school at New York          BCS seniors are interested in, ranging from           Henry Rhea, undecided
University.                                          biomedical engineering to interior design to                                                   John Jay College of Criminal Justice
                                                                                                           Taylor Shaw, undecided                   Marisol Hernandez, forensic psychology
  “After talking to everyone at the college,         psychology. The most popular choices are
they have told me I’m in for a culture shock.        forms of business, engineering, and nursing.          Baylor
I’m very excited,” said Hernandez, who chose           Six students have yet to decide what they           Adam Cammack, computer science                                    see Class, page 5
John Jay College of Criminal Justice.                would like to major in.                               Matthew Gardner, engineering
Page 4                                                                                                                                                                      News & Features
                                                                                                                                                                      THE BEAR FACTS May 2010
Seniors featured in the Bear Facts were selected by a vote held among the entire BCS Class of 2010.

Longtime Brentwooder a full-time disciple of Christ
jacob CARDENAS                                           Boyd, describes John Alan as                        years, and my experiences at Blue Haven have         get a quick drink of water, he came back out
reporter                                                 “an inspiration” to take seri-                       definitely helped strengthen my faith,” he          and ran alongside the last person running, en-
                                                         ously what she believes. She                          says. “But God has always been a big part          couraging him to the end.
  A person of courage has the special ability to         is also quick to point out                            of my life, growing up in a strong Christian         “When I saw that, I saw the mark of a lead-
change the lives around him. Evangelist Billy            the stability he brings as a                             family.”                                        er,” Peyton says. “That’s the greatest memory
Graham once said, “Courage is contagious.                friend.                                                    In addition to a strong, uplifting faith,     I have of him.”
When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of               “I’ve known him my whole                              John Alan displays strong leadership abili-       On the court, John Alan developed a reputa-
others are often stiffened.”                             entire life, and whether we’re                         ties. Whether it’s taking his role as senior      tion for being a scorer with textbook shooting
  On February 22, 1992, many were blessed                getting along or not, I know he                           basketball team captain seriously by being     form. Unfortunately, he only had the opportu-
by the birth of John Alan Archer. More specifi-          will always be there for me,” Ab-                                   there for the team in the midst      nity to play in six games his final season due to
cally, Brentwood Christian was blessed by the            bie says.                                                                 of injury, or stepping up      injuries. However, in the few games that he did
birth of John Alan Archer.                                  Every summer since the                                                   to give the message in       play in, John Alan created lasting memories.
  “I was born here, dude,” he often jokes, re-           fifth grade, John Alan                                                        boys’ chapel, John         For example, in the third game of the season he
ferring to the fact that he’s attended Brentwood         has gone to Camp                                                               Alan willingly ac-        exploded with 17 first-quarter points, right be-
since pre-K.                                             Blue Haven, a                                                                   cepts leadership as      fore falling prey to an ankle injury that would
  But on a serious note, John Alan has impacted          two-week-long                                                                    his responsibility.     force him to sit out the remaining three quar-
the lives of many of his friends through his un-         Christian camp                                                                      “John Alan is a      ters of that game and half the season. Instead
wavering faith in God, his trustworthiness, and          in New Mexico.                                                                     natural born lead-    of complaining about how unlucky he was, he
his bold walk towards leadership. He has been            The purpose of                                                                     er, and he’s never    jokingly said, “And I was on my way to a 68-
described as unashamed to proclaim Christ as             Blue Haven is                                                                      swayed         from   point game.”
Lord, and his faithfulness has encouraged oth-           to have students                                                                  that,” junior Brian      Besides basketball, John Alan loves singing a
ers in their spiritual walk. In other words, his         put aside all                                                                      Peterson says. “In    cappella and was in Encore for two years. Now
courage is contagious.                                   distractions of                                                                     whatever it may      he is part of a small group that performs once a
  “John Alan was one of the biggest deciding             everyday life and                                                                   be, whether bas-     year at Leadership Training for Christ in Dal-
factors in my choice to get baptized,” senior            focus on getting                                                                    ketball or leading   las, and occasionally at Brentwood Oaks, his
Alex Georgulas says.                                     closer to God,                                                                      songs, he sees it    church family.
  For others, particularly among the girls, John         while building                                                                      as his duty.”          John Alan also places a lot of importance on
Alan is known as the guy with open ears, en-             edifying relation-                                                                    Basketball         his family. He unabashedly praises his sister,
couraging words, and, as classmate Madison               ships. John Alan                                                                   coach David Pey-      Amy, a BCS graduate (’08), for having the big-
Dampier puts it, “the one guy I can always               readily credits his                                                                ton recalls a time,   gest influence in his life.
count on to open the door for me, like a true            experiences at Blue                                                               three years ago,         “She is my best friend,” he says. “I respect
gentleman.”                                              Haven for playing a                                                               when the team was      her so much.”
  “He holds me accountable and encourages                major role in devel-                                                              running Lamar laps       After graduating, John Alan plans to attend
me in my walk with God,” says senior Megan               oping the faith he has                                                           during off-season.      Abilene Christian University, where he will
Montgomery. “He’s truly a man of God and I               today.                                                                            Only a freshman,       pursue a Bible degree. He hopes to one day use
see that in him. He’s not afraid to let his light           “I’ve felt my relation-                                                        John Alan was the      his major for a ministry in the church, where he
shine, and I really admire that.”                        ship with God become                                                             first to finish, but    will continue to lead, encourage, and edify the
  One of his closest friends, classmate Abbie            more real over the past few                                                     after running in to      people around him.

Teachers publish ‘Wit & Lit’ to encourage writing
lizzy DUPOND                                             similar literary compositions submitted by stu-       Hammock, the junior high English teacher,          Haikus or limericks, unless students offer truly
reporter                                                 dents. English teachers said they plan to print a   said she was impressed at how excited the            good ones; otherwise, the magazine might be
                                                         new edition every year before Christmas and         younger students were about writing their            filled with effortless submissions.
   Last summer, two Brentwood Christian Eng-             Grandparents’ Day.                                  stories. She said students were sharing ideas,          Moore said he wanted to give students a
lish teachers were discussing an idea that would           Members of the high school English depart-        working together, and drawing from family            venue to explore their writing talents and to
be any English teacher’s dream. Craig Moore              ment met at the beginning of April to discuss       stories. The high school students, in turn, sub-     feel the “pride of printership.” He noted that
and Heather Hammock planned to start a lit-              the details of the project. The half-page-sized     mitted several works they had written before-        Brentwood has always been good at provid-
erary magazine that would be                                        pamphlet would be covered by card-       hand.                                                ing all sorts of venues for students to develop
open to all aspiring writers in                                     stock featuring a student’s artwork        This year’s edition featured 20 submissions –      their talents in “drama, chorus, orchestra, and
the BCS junior high and high                                        on the cover, along with the maga-       poems, short stories, and one essay.                 sports.”
school.                                                             zine’s full title, “Bear Wit and Lit:      “It was stressful and fun,” said eighth-grader        In the beginning, Moore was mostly con-
   That dream became a reality                                      Brentwood Christian School Liter-        Kalena Noble, who submitted a poem about             cerned with finally getting the project into ac-
on May 14. After three weeks                                        ary Magazine.” Moore said a $1 cost      not being able to write poetry.                      tion.
of rapidly collecting various                                       could be instituted next year to pre-      Among the details that teachers had dis-              “The first thing to do is get started,” he said.
students’ writing contribu-                                         vent students from nonchalantly dis-     cussed about the project was the proposition of         He explained that once an activity gets
tions, the English department                                       carding multiple copies, and “to have    having subject themes, although Moore said he        launched, it is harder for it to break down, and
released the first Bear Wit and                                     buyers attach some value to it.”         hopes the magazine will be kept open.                that otherwise, the dream stays a dream and is
Lit Magazine just in time for                                         The first magazine was compiled          He said that incidentally, a lot of the teach-     never put into action.
Grandparents’ Day.                                                  in the two weeks before Grandpar-        ers’ brainstorming went into the title; they            “You know the expression: ‘The journey of
   The “Wit and Lit” is intended                                    ents’ Day. After it came out, Moore      thoroughly discussed every suggestion to pre-        a thousand miles starts (Moore’s characteristic
to be a semiannual collection of                                    said he received very positive re-       vent having a name that could be twisted into a      dramatic pause) with the first step.’”
poetry, short stories, essays, or                                   sponses on it.                           bad joke. He also said that they will accept no
News & Features                                                                                                                                                                                     Page 5

Pimentel retires after 28 years at BCS                                                                                                                             Class of 2010
joseph KANG                                            Another plan of Pimentel’s is to work along-    make certain that the foundation upon which
                                                                                                                                                                   enrolls across

   Brentwood Christian teachers and many
                                                    side her friend Sharon Evans in her efforts to
                                                    raise funds for Christian education. She will
                                                    help Evans get the school uniforms project
                                                                                                       this program would be built was the one that
                                                                                                       God was directing.”
                                                                                                         Pimentel said she has fond memories of be-
                                                                                                                                                                   the country
guests will honor Linda Pimentel, who is retir-     up and running, not only at BCS but in other       ing with her students in class and sharing her              continued from page 3
ing after teaching at Brentwood for 28 years,       Christian schools all over the country.            love of literature with them “while trying to get
with a retirement party in the BOCC courtyard          Pimentel also said she hopes to work on be-     them to see lessons of eternal significance at
at 7:30 p.m. on May 27.                             half of an orphanage in Peru. She said there       the same time.” She also has humbling memo-                 Mary Hardin-Baylor
   The guests will enjoy a dinner in the church     are about 800 children in the orphanage at this    ries of having colleagues pray for her when she             Kristen O’Dell, psychology
courtyard and a slide show with pictures of Pi-     time, and they need a great deal of help right     went through health problems.                               Joshua Porter, mass com./public relations
mentel throughout her years at BCS. Teacher         now.                                                 “I have been so incredibly blessed by the peo-
Geri Archer said a surprise or two is also             Pimentel said she finds it difficult to name    ple I have encountered here at BCS,” she said.              New York University
planned.                                            just one or two favorite memories from her         “Sometimes I can hardly believe the depths of               Charles Kim, psychology/int’l business
   “Various faculty and staff members are work-     time at BCS.                                       this blessing. I am awed by it all!”
ing on different aspects of the evening as well,”      “My memories of this very special place           Pimentel offered words of encouragement                   Northwestern Vista
Archer said.                                        make up a kind of tapestry – lots of memories      for students and teachers alike: “Do not grow               Joelle Vargas, graphic design/business
   While Archer is in charge of planning the re-    and mental pictures fitting together to make       weary. The task of growing God’s work here
tirement party, she mentioned others who are        one beautiful picture,” she said.                  sometimes seems daunting. … What seems to                   Purdue
playing key roles, such as Cynthia Miller, who         She began working at BCS when it opened at      be a flaw in the design may actually turn out to            Alyssa Collins, entomology/forensics
is doing decorations, and Jerry Franklin, who       its current location. At that time, there were a   be a crucial part of the beautiful whole. … Re-
will prepare the food.                              lot fewer students, classrooms, and buildings.     joice and give thanks when you recognize the                Rutgers
   According to Archer, the guests will be fac-        “We were a small school, but we knew that       blessings He has poured out. Leave this school              Christine Park, pharmacy
ulty and staff members, students and parents,       this was going to be a very special place,” she    a better place because you have been here.”
alumni, and former teachers.                        said. “We worked very hard together, trying to                                                                 St. Edwards University
   “Mrs. Pimentel has been making a life-
                                                                                                                                                                   Aracely Mora, criminal justice
changing difference in the lives of her stu-
dents,” BCS president Marquita Moss said.
“If the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ were re-                                                                                                                     Texas A&M University
written to show what a different world Mrs.                                                                                                                        Reagan Smith, business
Pimentel has helped to create for the lives she
has touched in this 28-year span, it would be an                                                                                                                   Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
amazing and wonderful story.”                                                                                                                                      Amanda Bailey, int. design/architecture
   Pimentel has two sons, both BCS graduates,
and one daughter-in-law. She graduated from                                                                                                                        University of Chicago
Stephen F. Austin State University in 1973 and                                                                                                                     Lizzy DuPond, psychology
came to BCS in 1981. She taught Spanish and
English, focusing in recent years on AP Eng-                                                                                                                       University of North Texas
lish for seniors.                                                                                                                                                  Trevor Atherton, business
   In her “Philosophy of Education,” Pimen-                                                                                                                        Stephane Montgomery, marketing
tel wrote: “Teachers in Christian schools must                                                                                                                     Jackson Robertson, criminal justice
build relationships, treat students with com-
passion and love, and call them to be seekers                                                                                                                      University of Texas-Arlington
of truth who ‘hunger and thirst for righteous-                                                                                                                     Ben Kim, business/engineering
ness.’’’                                                                                                                                                           Laura Torres, nursing
   Pimentel said she plans to stay very busy in
a number of activities. First, she plans to spend                                                                                                                  University of Texas-Austin
more time with her mother who lives in East
                                                                                                                                                                   Andrew Beach, electrical engineering
Texas and Louisiana. In addition, she is hop-
                                                                                                                                          photo: Sandy Patterson   Lindsey Bernard, communication/music
ing to have some grandchildren in the next few
years. She said she is really looking forward to    Et tu, Joelle? Senior Joelle Vargas poses to strike Linda Pimentel down, after the an-                         Brian Lam, engineering through business
the experience of being a grandmother.              cient Roman tradition of vanquishing bad teachers, while on the senior trip in March.                          Rebekah Teeter, business undeclared
                                                                                                                                                                   Stephen Yu, mathematics/education
                                                                                                                                                                   Carlos Zaragoza, engineering

Academic, sports banquet split in two
                                                                                                                                                                   University of Texas-Dallas
                                                                                                                                                                   Jacob Cardenas, engineering

                                                                                                                                                                   University of Texas-San Antonio
charles KIM                                         officials. The banquet itself usually lasted       to have worked well.                                        Jamie Furrer, science/nursing
reporter                                            longer than three and a half hours, but many         “We think this will be great change that al-              Caleb Geer, computer/info. sciences
                                                    agreed that it did not provide sufficient time     lows us to take more time to honor the students             Alex Georgulas, business international
   Each year, BCS has held an awards banquet        for all deserving students to be honored for all   for all their hard work,” Walker said.                      Tyla Wells, education
to honor its high school students who have          their achievements.                                  This year’s athletic banquet for elementary
made excellent achievements in many different         According to athletic director Joseph Walker,    and junior high students was held in the Fam-               Vanderbilt
fields. However, the ceremony is going to be        having two separate banquets seems to resolve      ily Life Center on May 18, and the one for the
                                                                                                                                                                   Skylar Haws, biomedical engineering
little different this year. It will be divided up   both problems. Walker said it will make each       high school students will be at same place on
into two different banquets: one for academic       banquet shorter than the old one, but it will      May 25.
achievements and the other for athletics.           give enough time for each student to receive         The academic banquet for high school stu-
   While most people have enjoyed it, the ban-      proper praise and honor. In fact, grades 5-8       dents will be held in the Westin Austin at the              Zach Hildebrandt, undecided
quet has been criticized as being “too long, but    have had an athletic banquet since the 1980s,      Domain on May 21.                                           Tommy McCaffety, undecided
too brief” by students, parents, and even school    and Walker said most would agree that seems
Page 6                                                                                                                                                                                          Sports
                                                                                                                                                                                THE BEAR FACTS May 2010

Softball falls  BCS girls place high Families share
short; one year
                Brunson, Wells excel at state track meet in memories
from greatness                                            ryan BRUNSON                                           Christian High School on April 23. The girls’              continued from page 1
                                                          reporter                                               team placed fifth overall and the boys took sev-
taylor SHAW                                                                                                                                                                 going out to lunch.
                                                                                                                 enth. Senior Ashley Clement, junior Alyssa Leg-
reporter                                                     Sophomore Brittany Brunson finished sec-            band, Brunson, and freshman Morgan Vandyg-                   “My grandparents always take me to lunch
  The BCS softball team suffered a 5-2 loss               ond in the 1600 meters and fourth in the 3200,         riff came in third in the 4x400 relay, qualifying          at Red Lobster, and then we go shopping,”
in a must-win game against Corpus Christi                 and senior Tyla Wells placed fourth in discus,         for regionals behind SACS and Incarnate Word.              freshman Courtney Flores said.
John Paul II on Friday, April 30.                         as both girls represented BCS at the TAPPS             Legband, freshman Priscilla Glenn, freshman                  This day is also a time of reflection for many
  They followed up that loss with a 6-3 vic-              state track meet on May 7-8 in Waco.                   Serena George, and sophomore Shannon Lesko                 students about time spent with their grandpar-
tory at home the following Monday, also                      Wells threw the discus 97-9, beating out her        qualified in the 4x200 by placing third.                   ents. After the fourth-graders’ play, each of
against John Paul II.                                     fifth-place opponent by merely an inch. She ad-           Brunson placed second in district with her              them stood up and said one way their grand-
  “That was the best win I’ve had as a coach              vanced to the state meet by taking first place at      time of 5:37 in the 1600 and third in the 3200             parents had blessed them.
at Brentwood,” softball coach Paul Sladek                 the district meet and second at regionals.             in 12:31.                                                    “My grandparents have blessed me by mak-
said.                                                        Brunson beat a personal record with a time             Other regional qualifiers were freshman Ste-            ing me special treats like cinnamon rolls,”
  BCS entered the first game against John                 of 12:21 in the 3200 on Friday. The next day           ven Bailey in pole vault, freshman Michelle                fourth-grader Derek Lilya said.
Paul having to win both games against them                she came close to her personal best in the 1600        Dembosky in shot put, and Glenn in the 300                   Older students were also eager to share
to get a playoff spot. The first loss put them            with a time of 5:35. The event was won by a se-        meter hurdles.                                             memories.
out of playoff contention, but the team still             nior from Incarnate Word with a time of 5:29.             In all, nine girls and Bailey qualified for the           “When I was little my grandparents would
rallied in the second game, not allowing John                Brunson, who focuses intently on the mental         regional competition at AWTY International in              take me to McDonald’s, and I would get a Hap-
Paul to score until the fifth inning.                     half of running, said that she too often psyches       Houston on April 30. Only Brunson and Wells                py Meal,” sophomore Megan Gum said. “Then
  Members of the team were disappointed                   herself out before each race, nearly convincing        advanced to state by placing in the top four.              we would get ice cream and go to the park.”
but remained positive about the way the sea-              herself that she will finish in last place. She pre-      Coach Walker said he was proud of his                     In the evening the grandparents were invited
son ended.                                                pares by pep-talking herself before the race.          team’s effort.                                             to attend to the third annual “Way off Broad-
  “We almost made playoffs, and even though                  “I realized I could’ve gotten first,” she said.        “I don’t think I’ve ever had a team consis-             way: An Evening with the Fine Arts.” This
we didn’t, I’m still proud of the team this year          “I need to be more encouraging and tell myself         tently perform at their highest levels the last            included a performance of the TCSIT Grand
because we improved a lot throughout the                  that ‘your body can handle ten times what your         three to four weeks,” he said. “That is some-              Champion One-Act Play, “The Importance of
season,” senior Katie Miertschin said.                    mind thinks it can.’” Then she added, “And             thing I will treasure from this year and from              Being Earnest,” some humorous and dramatic
  Several of the team members were awarded                you’ll pass out before you die.”                       these kids. They made the absolute most of the             duets and interpretations, Encore, Jazz Band,
spots on the all-district teams. Junior Somare               The district meet took place at San Antonio         talent they had and I was very proud of them.”             and a display of art pieces.
Peyton and Miertschin both made second-
team all-district, while sophomore Sydney
Jung and freshman Lanae Hollingsworth
were honorable mentions.
  Sladek said he was happy with the way
                                                                                                                                                                            Brunson gets
the girls played at the end of the season and
was optimistic about the future of softball at
                                                                                                                                                                            to round two
  “I expect a state championship next year,
and that’s completely true,” he said.
  Sladek also said he is excited because he
                                                                                                                                                                            at state tennis
has a lot of younger students in elementary                                                                                                                                 connor SCHIESZ
who are already playing on teams together,                                                                                                                                  reporter
and he thinks they can contribute to the team
at Brentwood a lot in the future.                                                                                                                                              Junior Ryan Brunson was eliminated in the
                                                                                                                                                                            second round by a player from Dallas Luther-
                                                                                                                                                                            an South at the TAPPS 4A tennis state tourna-
                                                                                                                                                                            ment on April 23 at the Waco Tennis Center.
                                                                                                                                                                               Brunson won his first-round match against
                                                                                                                                                                            Chad Adams from Midland Christian with
                                                                                                                                                                            scores of 6-1 and 7-5. It was the second year
                                                                                                                                                                            in a row he beat a Midland Christian player in
                                                                                                                                                                            the first round.
                                                                                                                                                                               The second round was a different story, as
                                                                                                                                                                            Brunson was unexpectedly put up against the
                                                                                                                                                                            first-seed player, Stuart Kenyon from Luther-
                                                                                                                                                                            an South, and lost the match 6-0, 6-0.
                                                                                                                                                                               “I wasn’t mentally prepared or determined
                                                                                                                                                                            to keep fighting,” Brunson said.
                                                                                                                                                                               According to Brunson, the tournament or-
                                                                                                                                                                            ganizers received calls from coaches com-
                                                                                                                                                                            plaining that their players were matched un-
                                                                                                                                                                            fairly, and the draw was then rearranged.
                                                                                                                                                                               Brunson expected Kenyon to win the whole
                                                                                                                                                                            tournament, but he lost in the third round to
                                     photo: Bear Tracks                                                                                                                     Sean Rodriguez from Incarnate Word.
Lean into it Sophomore Kailey Rodden                                                                                                                 photo: David Brunson
                                                          Super star Sophomore Brittany Brunson (second from right) sprints the final portion                                  Brunson continues to compete in the USTA
prepares to make a play at first base in                                                                                                                                    Tennis League, where he plays about two
                                                          of the 1600 meters at the state meet May 8 in Waco. Brunson finished second, in 5:35.
game at Balcones, the girls’ home field.                                                                                                                                    tournaments a month.
                                                          Senior Tyla Wells was the Bears’ other state participant, and she took fourth in discus.
News                                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 7
THE BEAR FACTS              May 2010
                                                                                                                  Fit faculty finds finality
Armstrong best in state                                                                                           matthew ARCHER
                                                                                                                                                                      every step of the way.
                                                                                                                                                                        According to some teachers, the program
continued from page 1                                  “I think it was an indication, both of the qual-                                                               still needs to have a few problems worked
                                                     ity of education at BCS and of the hard work                   It is now the end of the year, and with that      out. Some employees have complained about
en (sixth in Number Sense 4-5), sixth-grader         of the students and the outstanding support of               comes the end of the first-ever faculty fitness     keeping track of the points, saying that it just
Brendan Hollaway (fourth in Mathematics              their parents,” Dr. Weed said.                               initiative.                                         adds more work for them. Hager and Weed
6), seventh-grader Haley Hutson (sixth in Im-          Without the help of many family members,                     Last August Brentwood employees began a           said next year they hope to change the format
promptu Speaking 7-8), and seventh-grader            Dr. Weed said, BCS would not have been                       “friendly competition” to help encourage each       by possibly just counting one category a week
Michael Lam (sixth in Mathematics 7).                nearly as successful. Don and Daniel Gard-                   other to live healthier lifestyles. The faculty     and rotating which category will be counted.
  Of about 800 students who attended, a total        ner both helped in the tab room all day; David               and staff were split into eight teams of about        For the most part though, the initiative has
                                                     Armstrong directed a math event; Daphne Al-                  eight members each, and every week they             been considered a success.
of 281 earned points at PSIA state. Out of the
                                                                                                                  could earn points by doing things like exercis-       “At the beginning I was a little irritated by
ten highest individual point earners, Brent-         len graded music memory; and Aaron Ho’s dad
                                                                                                                  ing, eating five servings of fruits and vegeta-     keeping track of all the points,” one teacher
wood had four. Earning more points than any-         graded number sense.
                                                                                                                  bles a day, and not eating unhealthy snacks.        said. “However, it’s been a good for me: I
one else in state was Armstrong, with a total of       On May 20, PSIA director Dr. Patricia Wal-
                                                                                                                    Every week also included opportunities to         have lost around 10 to 12 pounds.”
50 points. Ho was fourth with 30 points; Tiara       ters came to Austin to present the second-place
                                                                                                                  earn bonus points by doing things like drink-         The fitness initiative began in part as a pos-
Allen was ninth with 27 points; and her brother      trophy to Brentwood Christian right after all-
                                                                                                                  ing at least six glasses of water a day, not eat-   sible way to lower insurance costs. According
Luke was tenth with 26 points.                       school chapel.
                                                                                                                  ing fast food, or getting at least seven hours      to Weed, high rates have caused frustration
                                                                                                                  of sleep. Some weeks the bonus was more             among teachers so they created this system to
                                                                                                                  creative, like parking far away from school         help encourage people to become healthier.
                                                                                                                  or other destinations and walking the rest of         The quickest way to lower insurance rates

‘Angels’ rally for Ashton                                                                                         the way.
                                                                                                                    Each Thursday the points were totaled and
                                                                                                                  the team with the highest average was given
                                                                                                                                                                      might come through the Mayor’s Fitness
                                                                                                                                                                      Council certification program. Represented
                                                                                                                                                                      by Hager and Weed, BCS joined the program
                                                                                                                  the coveted golden apple.                           last year, and they said this year’s friendly
megan MONACELLI                                      class.                                                         “It started out as a fake apple that was gold,    competition has helped with by fulfilling
sports editor                                           “I wanted to teach the class the impor-                   but Mrs. (Mary Kay) Clark made apple mag-           some of the requirements for certification.
                                                     tance of serving our school and community,”                  nets that get passed around every week to the       Hager said the council met on May 14, and
   With paper angels pinned to their shirts and      Mohrmann said.                                               team that gets the most points,” said secondary     they should know within a few weeks if they
flapping in the wind under an overcast sky,             To help encourage sponsorship, teachers                   librarian Tere Hager, who along with teacher        have been approved.
familiar Brentwood faces walked amongst              participated in a “Jeans for Genes” day Friday,              Jonathan Weed created the program.                    Weed said the main goal, however, has
climbing monkeys, colorful birds, and fero-          April 30. Teachers and staff who donated at                    The overall winner was the team captained         been to help teachers become better leaders
cious cats.                                          least $3 were able to wear jeans to school. Ac-              by kindergarten teacher Linda Allen. After          physically.
   A team of 29 BCS faculty, staff, students, and    cording to Mohrmann, there was excellent par-                losing the top spot to April Hejl’s team several      “Since we are here to lead the students, we
parents known as “Ashton’s Angels” gathered          ticipation, and $181.50 was raised. The sixth                weeks ago, a late surge in the last week helped     should not just do it spiritually and academi-
May 8 at the Austin Zoo to participate in the        grade had their own “Jeans for Genes” day Fri-               give them the victory. One team member said         cally. We should also be leaders to students in
national cystic fibrosis fundraiser Great Strides.   day, May 7. Students who donated at least $1                 that Allen did a great job of encouraging them      physical health,” Weed said.
Sixth-grade teacher Michelle Mohrmann co-            were able to wear jeans, and $98 dollars was
ordinated the BCS team because a student of          raised.
hers, Ashton Myers, has cystic fibrosis.
   “It was a perfect day for walking,” Mohrmann
                                                        Mohrmann said she wanted to bring aware-
                                                     ness of the disease to BCS and to help a good
                                                                                                                  Parker days are numbered
   Great Strides is the Cystic Fibrosis Founda-         “I hope people will learn more about cystic               mike LEE                                            decided to honor Pimentel’s 30-plus years of
tion’s largest and most successful fundraising       fibrosis and the need to help fund research for              reporter                                            commitment to education, including 28 at
event, and “Ashton’s Angels” raised $1,200,          treatments and a cure,” Mohrmann said.                                                                           BCS. Evans suggested financially assisting
beating their goal by $200. The money raised            Cystic fibrosis is the most prevalent genetic               The long-held monopoly of Parker Uni-             the school with new uniforms.
through this 5K walk goes toward cystic fibro-       disease in the U.S. This terminal disease im-                form will end next fall, as BCS has made a             “Sharon Evans is an amazing woman,” Ar-
sis programs that support research, care, and        pairs respiratory and digestive functions, which             new partnership with manufacturing company          cher said. “God has richly blessed her, and
education.                                           make simple tasks such as eating and breathing               CFj, adding new school uniforms.                    out of the blessings she has received she is
   Talk of how to be of service to the communi-      a challenge. The average age of death for peo-                 A company based in Fort Worth, CFj manu-          offering something to us that will honor her
ty started last fall for Mohrmann’s sixth-grade      ple diagnosed with this disease is 37.                       factures various products, ranging from jew-        friend and bless BCS and Christian education
                                                                                                                  elry and crystal to chocolate. According to         for many years to come.”
                                                                                                                  elementary teacher Geri Archer, who is the             The new uniforms will be made more to the
                                                                                                                  contact person for the partnership with CFj,        specification of BCS, and many will bear the
                                                                                                                  the benefit will extend beyond a few more           BCS crest. While some of the new items will
                                                                                                                  dressing options.                                   look similar to the current Parker uniforms,
                                                                                                                    First of all, because CFj has set the partner-    others will be very different, Archer said. Also,
                                                                                                                  ship as non-profit venture on the company’s         some of the new uniforms will be available in
                                                                                                                  part, BCS will be able to get the uniforms at a     three BCS colors: green, white, and black.
                                                                                                                  discount. Also, direct partnership with the fac-
                                                                                                                                                                         The introduction of new uniforms has elic-
                                                                                                                  tory eliminates the money that goes to retail
                                                                                                                                                                      ited a generally favorable response from the
                                                                                                                  stores like Parker, the school’s current uni-
                                                                                                                                                                      student body. Although some of the older
                                                                                                                  form provider. Archer also said that CFj is us-
                                                                                                                                                                      students said they are disappointed to see the
                                                                                                                  ing the same factory that manufactures current
                                                                                                                                                                      change right before their graduation, several
                                                                                                                  Parker uniforms, allowing the same quality of
                                                                                                                                                                      students have complained about the way their
                                                                                                                  uniforms at a discounted price.
                                                                                                                    BCS obtained the partnership with CFj             shirts and shorts fit, and they hope that the
                                                                                                                  thanks to retiring English teacher Linda Pi-        new uniforms can fix the problem.
                                                                                                                  mentel, who is a friend of CFj’s founder,              Other students, like sophomore EJ Sung,
                                                                                                                  Sharon Evans. According to a letter sent to         are just happy to be free from the “obligation”
                                                                                                                  BCS families last month by president Mar-           of Parker Uniforms.
                                                                                                                                                                         “I’m glad that I don’t have to wear Parkers
                                                                                         photo: Sandy Patterson
Great Striders Many parents, teachers, and students walked in the cystic fibrosis                                 quita Moss, Pimentel was discussing retire-
                                                                                                                                                                      every day,” he said.
Great Strides fundraiser May 8 at the Austin Zoo. Their participation raised $1,200.                              ment plans with Evans last year when Evans
Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                    Features
THE BEAR FACTS           May 2010

Construction to start soon                                                                            Junior/Senior masquerade
matthew ONABAJO                                     appraisal of the property completed. Getting      Masked upper classmen make memories at formal
reporter                                            the permit involves getting the construction
                                                    detail drawings completed and to the city. We
   Construction on the Center for Science and       have done that and are waiting for the city to
the Arts building will possibly start as early as   make a decision.”
June 7, according to the architect of the proj-       The development committee is responsible
ect, who also said the work could be delayed if     to the rest of the school board for the over-
events on the schedule do not go as planned.        sight of fundraising and construction projects
   According to BCS president Marquita Moss,        of the school. Along with Strietelmeier, the
the architect for the building is Danze & Da-       committee includes Glenn Davis, Brian Jack-
vis, and the contractor is Zapalac/Reed. Both       son, and Pete Howell. According to Cogburn,
firms are located in Austin and have been used      the committee plans to continue raising mon-
by Brentwood for previous jobs.                     ey with the “Take a Seat” campaign, and to
   Through April, $3,757,509 has been raised        encourage individuals to make donations.
for the building, according to Brentwood              Moss said the new building will expand
Christian’s business manager James Cogburn.         the science program to make room for more
The money has come through individual dona-         labs, solve conflicting rehearsal problems that
tions as well as the “Take a Seat” campaign.        clash with events in the Family Life Center,
   According to development committee chair         create a better theater that will have a larger
Fred Strietelmeier, BCS has $742,491 yet to         stage with better acoustics, have band and                                                                                                 photo: Alyssa Collins
raise to reach its $4.5-million goal.               choir rooms built for their respective needs,     Lords and ladies Seniors attending this year’s Junior/Senior formal pose inside Villa
   Right now, school officials say the only ob-     and free up classroom space for upgrades and      St. Clair, where they enjoyed good food and friendship.
stacles are the negotiation for the construction    renovations.
loan and getting the city permit.                     “We will have more facilities that will en-     kailey RODDEN                                        Junior/Senior with a prayer, students were
   “We have received approval from the Brent-       able us to even more effectively pursue the       reporter                                             brought by table to the buffet line. Steamed
                                                                                                                                                           vegetables, hot rolls, and a chicken plate was
wood Oaks church elders and are moving for-         school’s mission, which includes helping stu-
                                                                                                        BCS students checking Facebook three               the main entrée, and chef-cooked pasta was
ward toward construction,” Moss said. “Get-         dents to identify their God-given talents for
                                                                                                      weeks ago should have noticed the many pic-          also available to eat. For dessert, assortments
ting a construction loan involves such steps        lives of Christian leadership and service,”
                                                                                                      tures of girls in bright fancy dresses and boys      of different cakes were available: chocolate
as getting an environmental study and an            Moss said.
                                                                                                      in suits and tuxedos.                                with chocolate icing, vanilla with vanilla icing,
                                                                                                        Brentwood’s annual Junior/Senior Formal            and strawberry with strawberry icing.

Band, choir give final show
                                                                                                      was Saturday, May 1, at Villa St. Clair. Stu-          “The chicken was really good,” junior Bran-
                                                                                                      dents and faculty were entertained during the        don Jones said. “Everything was very filling
                                                                                                      masquerade-themed formal with a slide show           and the pasta blew my mind!”
steven BAILEY                                         The high school jazz band returned, featur-     of the attending seniors and a harp player while       When everyone had their fill of delectable
reporter                                            ing freshman clarinetist Travis Clark, before     being served food. After the formal, students        food, a slide show was presented to honor the
                                                    the high school band closed the evening.          dressed down for the after party, which was          seniors. “Ooohs” and “awwwws” were heard
   You know it must be the Brentwood Chris-           A week later, the choirs performed, begin-      also at the villa, an elegant and spacious recep-    every 10 seconds as a picture of a baby would
tian band when you walk into a concert and          ning with Encore’s “Satisfy My Soul,” featur-     tion hall that hosts many large weddings each        pop up, followed by a present-day photo of the
the musicians are wearing masks while play-         ing senior Alex Georgulas. Elementary then        year. It is owned by the Sinclair family, who        senior. After the slide show finished, the junior
ing “Phantom of the Opera.”                         performed before Encore returned with “Clos-      has a current BCS student and two graduates.         class officers went up and presented a gift to
   BCS bands held their all-level spring con-       er,” with senior Zach Strietelmeier soloing.        “We chose Villa St. Clair because we knew          the attending seniors: a painted black mask and
cert on April 22, a week before the choirs had        Next, the middle school choir (grades 6-8)      they had experience with large events, and we        a picture of the senior class.
their turn on April 29.                             performed before Encore sang “I Am More,”         knew they’d be professional and elegant,” ju-          The special event was planned and organized
   The band program was kicked off by the           with senior soloist Stephane Montgomery.          nior class president Ryan Brunson said.              by the junior class officers: president Brunson,
elementary beginning band; following their            After the junior high choir and several           After arriving at the scenic villa, the 107 stu-   vice president Polly Park, secretary Tina Gro-
performance, the high school jazz band played       small ensembles, the high school choir took       dents and faculty members were ushered into          gan, treasurer Diem Ho, historian Alison Rie-
the old BCS favorite “Dirty Dozen.”                 the stage; they were followed by Encore sing-     the courtyard, where hors d’oeuvres and lem-         desel, and StuCo representative Mariah Rob-
   Next, the elementary advanced band per-          ing an old favorite, “Prayer of the Children.”    onade were served by 2009 graduates Hannah           inson. Class sponsors are Cissy Johnson and
formed three songs, including a Ray Charles         To close the night, all choirs sang “There’s a    Sinclair, Carrie Thomas, and Catherine Marler.       Michele Broadway.
hit. Two high school band ensembles enter-          Hero,” followed by “The Lord Bless You and        At about 7 p.m., everyone was brought inside           “I had an amazing time,” senior Brady John-
tained before the junior high played their set.     Keep You.”                                        the ballroom to the sound of Suzanne Ballam,         son said. “It was really enjoyable and easy go-
                                                                                                      the harp player, serenading the guests as they       ing. The food was slammin’! It was an overall
                                                                                                      sat down.                                            great time to unify with the high school one last

Field day tradition continues                                                                           After teacher Mel Witcher formally opened          time.”

elena BATLLE                                        3-5), whereas kindergarten through second is
reporter                                            more of a ‘everybody gets to do it,’” P.E.
                                                    coach Paul Sladek said.
                                                                                                      Rotich baby begins race of life
   Children are running everywhere and                On both Field Days, about 50-60 parents,        levi MATUS                                           changes your whole life and the way you think
tripping on one another in their lines to get as    relatives, and friends of the students            reporter                                             about things.”
fast as they can to their events. Teachers are      attended. The younger students’ day, on May                                                              Jonathan will share his middle name with his
shushing them, yet secretly revealing little,       7, included some of high school and parent          Coach Jacob Rotich and his wife, former            great-grandfather. When Rotich asked his father
amused smiles. Other kids are just laughing         volunteers.                                       BCS teacher Hellen Rotich, welcomed a son,           to select a middle name for Jonathan, he picked
with their friends and wondering what prize           After events were over, the kindergarten        Jonathan Kipnam Rotich, on Thursday, May 6.          “Kipnam,” which means “touch” in Kalenjin.
they will get for this event and that.              enjoyed a “book-in” in their classrooms after     After a C-section delivery, the baby weighed           Since the family came home from the hospi-
   These are the sights and sounds of Field         lunch.                                            seven pounds, 10 ounces, and was 20½ inches          tal, Rotich has been busy keeping the school’s
Day. Kindergarten through second grade had            At the older students’ Field Day, the sixth-    long.                                                computers working while handling added re-
their chance on May 7, and grades 3-5 enjoyed       graders volunteered as a service project for        Rotich said both Hellen and Jonathan are do-       sponsibilities at home.
the day on April 30.                                the school, according to sixth-grade teacher      ing well.                                              “I am getting sleep, but not all of the night,”
   “The events are more competitive (in grades      Becky Stewart.                                      “It’s exciting,” Rotich said. “(Being a father)    Rotich said.

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