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					Embedded Systems,
Computing and Control
Pavel V. Kustarev,
    Agenda / content

    1. Description of the organisation/company

    2. Research activities of the organisation/company

    3. Research activities where co-operation is sought

2   Speaker name
         1. Saint-Petersburg State University of
       Information Technologies, Mechanics and
         Optics. Computer science department.
    > SPb SU ITMO exists since 1903. It is one of the leading universities of Russia in
      information technologies.
    > Computer science department (CSD) – the largest in SpB SU ITMO (more than
      40 employees, including 8 professors, 16 senior lecturers) and now prepares
      specialists and performs research works in the field of computer architecture,
      networks, embedded systems and system-on-chip (SoC) development .
    > In a research direction “Embedded computer systems“ research-educational
      laboratories «Computer organization», «Embedded system design», «Integrated
      computation cores» work, equipped with the modern computer, test&measuring
      and bench equipment, CAD software.
    > For solution of the task of education, research and business integration а
      science, education and manufacturing cluster is created, which unites а research
      laboratory, shops of prototyping and pilot production of electronic equipment, and
      also some commercial organizations which are engaged in implementation of
      real projects in the field of embedded systems and networks.

3      Speaker name
    2. Research activities of the
> Development of a scientifically-educational direction
  «Embeded computer systems» in the area of innovative
  educational program of St.Petersburg State University ITMO
> Researches in the field of architectures and throughput
  technologies of embedded systems design
> Embedded systems networks
   • Configurable network platforms on the basis of wired (CAN,
      TCP/Ethernet) and wireless (GSM/GPRS, ZigBee, Bluetooth)
      channels for transport and energy field
   • Hard real time and fault tolerant embedded systems networks
> Integrated computation cores and Systems on A Chip (SoC)
   • Development of IP-cores of configurable application-specific
      processors (for Programmable Controllers (PC), signal
      processing, etc.)
   • Development of a masters education direction «Systems on A
      Chip» (since 2008)

4    Speaker name
    3. Research activities where co-
    operation is sought
    > Development of mechanisms of real time and
      fault tolerance of wireless networks for
      embedded systems
    > Development of methods of electronic system
      level (ESL) design especially for configurable
      application specific SoC
    > Preparation of educational-research projects for
      students: bachelors and masters
    > Development of reference and information base in the
      field of embedded systems (
    > Teaching in innovative directions of masters

5   Speaker name
    Thank you

    Pavel V. Kustarev, SPbSU IFMO


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