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					          Educational Leadership
           Information Meetings
                                 Dates:                #1—Monday, September 12
                                                       #2—Thursday, September 15
                                 Time:                 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                 Location:             Downey USD District Office, Blue Room
                                                       11627 Brookshire Ave., Downey 90241
Downey Unified School District

                                        Become an administrator. Transform your work,
                                                 your vision, and your field!
  Point Loma University &

                                 This program prepares school administrators to establish and sustain a vital
                                 learning community that supports powerful teaching and learning. The 24
                                 Preliminary Administrative Services Credential units are foundational to the 36
                                 unit Master of Arts Degree in Education with a concentration in Educational
                                 Leadership. An option is available to complete only the credential units. This
                                 is an evidence-based program. Candidates develop a plan for their graduate
                                 level coursework and fieldwork, building on the evidence of prior knowledge,
                                 skills, and dispositions that they bring into the program. This program is
                                 aligned with the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
                                 (CPSELs). Much of the fieldwork is embedded in the coursework.

                                                                  Cohort Information
                                       Location: Site in Downey Unified School District (TBD)
                                       Start date: Fall, quad II
                                       Schedule: Classes will meet one night/week for eight weeks
                                                   (Day of week TBD)
                                       Units:      36 units for MA program, 24 units for Preliminary
                                                   Administrative Services credential
                                       Unit Cost: 20% discount contingent on a minimum enrollment
                                                   of fifteen (15)
                                                   Regular tuition rate if enrollment is less than 15

                                                                   Contact Information
                                                                       (626) 821-8240
                                                         Jerry Childs, Ed. Leadership Coordinator
                                                         Kristi Toth, Enrollment Counselor
                                      PLNU Arcadia Regional Center 225 E. Santa Clara St. Arcadia, CA 91006 (626) 821-8240

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