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					                                                                 How working at Brooke
                                                                makes you a better teacher:
Great teaching closes the achievement gap. All kids deserve great teaching, and at Brooke, we are committed to providing our students
consistent highly effective teaching year after year after year. We believe teaching is a knowledge profession, much like medicine or law, and to
excel, teachers must have regular opportunities to continually improve their practice. We only hire teachers who get this – who know that
teaching is hard, that it is a huge intellectual challenge, and that they can and must constantly grow their teaching skills. We hire teachers who
want to constantly improve, and then we promise them that as Brooke educators, they will receive support to become better teachers. We do
this by articulating our beliefs on how we improve our teaching and then by committing to providing the structures that enable this growth.

At Brooke, our guiding belief is that we become better teachers through:

     Collaboration – getting a chance to work and think with other mission-driven, thoughtful colleagues
      makes you a better teacher

     Feedback and self-reflection – talking about your teaching and getting the outside perspective of
      others makes you a better teacher. Similarly, watching and thinking about your own teaching,
      especially when coupled with a conversation with another person, makes you a better teacher

     Access to new ideas - observing other teachers and considering their effectiveness makes you a
      better teacher, as does reading professional literature on pedagogy or content.

Because we believe in collaboration…
                                                Our commitment                                 Why this matters                              What this will look like
                                      You will have an opportunity to co-plan units We believe that the best work comes from           You will work on a grade-level team that
                                      and lessons with at least one colleague.      group sharing their thinking and pushing           involves two to five people. During
                                                                                    each other’s thinking. Working with other          professional development, you will have
                                                                                    smart, dedicated colleagues gives us all an        time to co-plan a year-long scope and
                                                                                    opportunity to refine our thinking, become         sequence and unit plans with that. You will
                                                                                    more articulate in our priorities, challenge       have at least 7 days before the start of the
                                                                                    each other, and share best practices.              school year to co-plan with your teams.
Because we believe in COLLABORATION

                                                                                                                                       During the year, you will have at least 45
                                                                                                                                       minutes of dedicated co-planning time, but
                                                                                                                                       wherever possible, teams will have their
                                                                                                                                       non-teaching periods at the same time
                                                                                                                                       during the week and can therefore build in
                                                                                                                                       more co-planning time on a daily basis.
                                      You will participate in one lesson study per   Lesson study, the Japanese model of               Once during the year, teams will be given a
                                      year.                                          professional development, allows teams to         structured series of professional
                                                                                     collaborate on the creation of a detailed         development time to select a lesson study
                                                                                     lesson plan that tackles historically difficult   topic, consider the unit plan, receive initial
                                                                                     material. Then teams receive an                   feedback on the unit plan, develop a
                                                                                     opportunity to present their work to              detailed lesson plan, revise the lesson plan,
                                                                                     observers from within the Brooke network          execute the lesson, receive feedback from
                                                                                     (and possibly outside viewers as well) and to     viewers, and then revise the lesson plan
                                                                                     engage in a specific, focused conversation        again.
                                                                                     about the effectiveness of this lesson. We
                                                                                     believe this helps us all develop the critical
                                                                                     analysis skills that we can direct back to our
                                                                                     own curricular planning.

Because we believe in feedback and self-reflection…
                                                               Our commitment                                Why this matters                             What this will look like
                                                      You will get feedback from an instructional   We think that teachers grow fastest when        An instructional leader will spend
                                                      leader at least 20 times a year.              they have frequent, timely feedback based       somewhere from 10 to 60 minutes in a
                                                                                                    on frequent observations. Administrators’       classroom. Sometimes the leader will
                                                                                                    main job is to support teachers in their own    schedule these ahead of time but often they
Because we believe in feedback and self-reflection…

                                                                                                    performance, and so most of their time          will not. Leaders will attempt to take all
                                                                                                    should be spend observing teachers and          requests for observations, schedule
                                                                                                    giving personalized feedback to teachers.       permitting, and teachers are encouraged to
                                                                                                    During these feedback conversations,            ask to be observed on anything they would
                                                                                                    teachers and administrators engage in           like more feedback on (such as new things
                                                                                                    conversations about purposeful choices.         they are trying or a follow-up lesson if a
                                                                                                                                                    lesson didn’t go as expected). At least 16 of
                                                                                                                                                    the observation feedbacks will be in-person
                                                                                                                                                    meetings rather than just email or written
                                                      You will be video-taped at least 10 times a   We believe that teachers can be more            During the year, we will set up opportunities
                                                      year and will have a chance to reflect on     reflective of their own practice when           for you to be filmed by a Flip Cam. After the
                                                      that video and then engage in a               watching their teaching from a distance that    lesson, the person filming will upload the
                                                      conversation around the video.                is not afforded while in the act of teaching.   video to our school’s Google video page.
                                                                                                    Just like professional athletes study videos    Once it is uploaded, then an instructional
                                                                                                    of games or matches, teachers should study      leader will email you to set up a time to
                                                                                                    videos of their classes to have a chance to     meet the next day. Before that meeting,
                                                                                                    observe and then discuss the video with an      you should watch the video and gather any
                                                                                                    administrator or peer.                          reflections to discuss. During the video
                                                                                                                                                    conversation, you and the instructional
                                                                                                                                                    leader will discuss the video, starting with
                                                                                                                                                    anything that the teacher noticed while
                                                                                                                                                    watching himself/herself.

                                                               Our commitment                               Why this matters                            What this will look like
                                                      You will get feedback from a peer at least   We want to develop a professional              You will be assigned a peer observation
                                                      twice a month.                               community where teachers feel confident        partner for each two-week period of the
Because we believe in feedback and self-reflection…

                                                                                                   and comfortable engaging in personal           school year. During that time, you and your
                                                                                                   conversations about teaching with each         partner will observe each other – it is up to
                                                                                                   other. We will receive opinions from our       you two when the observations will happen.
                                                                                                   colleagues but more importantly, we will       After those observations, you will meet to
                                                                                                   have opportunities to engage in relevant       engage in a conversation around those
                                                                                                   and specific conversations about our           observations. Then during the next
                                                                                                   teaching. We grow by receiving feedback        biweekly period, you will either have a new
                                                                                                   from multiple sources, and peer feedback is    partner or you will keep partners for a
                                                                                                   a vital part of this growth.                   longer period of time to allow repeated
                                                      You will receive unit plan feedback.         We want to hit the big ideas with kids and     When you complete a final unit plan (at
                                                                                                   teach so that our material sticks with kids    least two days before beginning that unit),
                                                                                                   for the long-term. To do that, we need well-   email that unit plan to Kimberly and your
                                                                                                   organized units that effectively develop an    principal. Within 24-hours, you will receive
                                                                                                   understanding of big ideas. We think our       written feedback from Kimberly and
                                                                                                   units are best when we co-plan them with       sometimes from the principal as well. If you
                                                                                                   others and then get an outside opinion of      would like to meet with an instructional
                                                                                                   the logic of that plan.                        leader to talk further about the unit plan,
                                                                                                                                                  please just ask for a meeting. The
                                                                                                                                                  instructional leaders might ask to meet to
                                                                                                                                                  talk about the unit plan.

                                                               Our commitment                                 Why this matters                           What this will look like
                                                      You will have a chance to examine your own    We are always working hard to make sure         In grade levels with self-contained
                                                      achievement data regularly (as often as       students succeed. But without measuring         classrooms, grade level teams will meet
                                                      weekly) and then engage in data discussions   our student’s success, we cannot know           weekly with an instructional leader to
                                                      with an instructional leader and with your    whether that hard work is effective. The        discuss the results of that week’s
                                                      co-planning team.                             true measure of teacher effectiveness if        assessment. Data will examine different
                                                                                                    how much students learn. Looking at             disciplines each week – for instance, math
                                                                                                    frequent interim assessment data allows to      might be analyzed one week, then writing
Because we believe in feedback and self-reflection…

                                                                                                    always know and reflect upon what our           the next, and then social studies the next.
                                                                                                    students can do; it enables us to make mid-     This is to ensure that we strike a balance
                                                                                                    course corrections to accelerate student        between preserving instructional time and
                                                                                                    learning. Looking at this data in teams also    collecting accurate and frequent assessment
                                                                                                    helps us benchmark our achievement as a         data. During these scheduled meetings,
                                                                                                    collaborative team against ourselves, our       teams will examine grade level data as well
                                                                                                    past performance, and where available,          as individual class and student data to
                                                                                                    against the performance of other students       determine what should be retaught, what
                                                                                                    in other districts. Only close and frequent     should be addressed in small groups, what
                                                                                                    examination of our interim data will enable     additional support individual students need,
                                                                                                    achievement-gap shattering results.             and what we can learn from each other.
                                                      You will receive mid-year feedback on your    Everyone needs regular opportunities to
                                                      mastery of our teaching standards and a       pause and reflect on progress thus far. We
                                                      chance to reflect on your level of mastery on all get involved in the day-to-day curriculum
                                                      each standard and your goals for the year.    and the immediate progress of our students,
                                                                                                    but we need built-in mechanisms to ensure
                                                                                                    that we take the time to reflect on the big
                                                                                                    picture and engage in conversation about
                                                                                                    how things are going overall. Mid-year
                                                                                                    conversations provide us the opportunity to
                                                                                                    learn from instructional leaders how he or
                                                                                                    she evaluates our teaching standards
                                                                                                    mastery and also an opportunity to reflect
                                                                                                    on our own mastery of these teaching

                                                               Our commitment                                Why this matters                             What this will look like
                                                      You will receive student surveys at the end   We know that our students are watching us       At the end of each school year, we will
Because we believe in feedback and self-reflection…

                                                      of the year so that you can learn how         closely throughout the year. We value their     administer consistent student surveys for
                                                      students considered your class.               input and gain perspective by considering       each cluster. Over the summer, the
                                                                                                    their impressions of our teaching.              leadership team will enter that data and
                                                                                                    Furthermore, we gain perspective by             compile summaries of the data. During
                                                                                                    considering their self-reporting on their own   August professional development, we will
                                                                                                    actions, such as how often they read at         learn the results of these students across
                                                                                                    home.                                           the school and within clusters. Each
                                                                                                                                                    returning teacher will also see the results for
                                                                                                                                                    his or her individual class.

Because we believe in access to new ideas…
                                                                                                       Why this matters                           What this will look like
                                             You will get to observe a peer at least twice    During peer observations, we can glean best    You will be assigned a peer observation
                                             a month.                                         practices and consider how other teachers,     partner for each two-week period of the
Because we believe in access to new ideas…

                                                                                              in the same teaching community with the        school year. During that time, you and your
                                                                                              same values, conducts class similarly or       partner will observe each other – it is up to
                                                                                              differently from ourselves. Furthermore,       you two when the observations will happen.
                                                                                              observing and discussing teaching with our     After those observations, you will meet to
                                                                                              colleagues helps us refine our beliefs about   engage in a conversation around those
                                                                                              what makes teaching effective; from            observations. Then during the next
                                                                                              watching and evaluating the teaching of        biweekly period, you will either have a new
                                                                                              others, we can develop skills that we can      partner or you will keep partners for a
                                                                                              then direct back on our own teaching.          longer period of time to allow repeated
                                             You will reflect on and build your capacity in   We believe that great teaching closes the      Each week during our professional
                                             the essential components of effective            achievement gap. So we need to define          development block, we will engage in a 45-
                                             teaching through whole-school professional       great teaching, discuss great teaching, and    minute session focused on developing one
                                             development focused on teaching                  work to develop our ability to provide great   teaching standard. Each teaching standard
                                             standards.                                       teaching. Weekly professional                  module will look distinct because sessions
                                                                                              development should build this capacity         will be tailored to develop that individual
                                                                                              through direct, focused, and specific          teaching standard, but they will usually
                                                                                              conversation about what great teaching         involve some form of video and/or
                                                                                              looks like and how we can consistently         examination of student work. Most
                                                                                              provide it.                                    modules will last about 9 weeks.

                                                                                                     Why this matters                             What this will look like
                                             You will develop curricular proficiency       Teaching is hard. We can work on it forever      Each year, the instructional leaders, with
                                             through a year-long examination of a          and never perfect it. Each year, we select       input from the entire teaching staff, selects
                                             targeted achievement area.                    an area of our curriculum where we think         an achievement focus for each of our
                                                                                           we can improve our achievement. Then we          clusters. Every Wednesday, we will devote
                                                                                           work in grade level clusters (primary, upper     45-minutes to working with our cluster to
                                                                                           elementary, middle school ELA, and middle        examine our own practice, research best
                                                                                           school math/science) to improve our              practices, and create and implement plans
Because we believe in access to new ideas…

                                                                                           achievement in this area. This constant          for improving our own practice.
                                                                                           striving for greater achievement prevents
                                                                                           complacency and ensures that we are
                                                                                           always working to give kids what they
                                             You will visit another school each year and   Teaching suffers when it happens in a            Once each year, every teacher will visit a
                                             gain best practices or comparative            bubble. Just like we visit each other’s          high performing private, suburban, or urban
                                             reference through this school visit.          classrooms to learn our own school’s best        public school. Ideally, we will visit in multi-
                                                                                           practices, we should visit other high-           grade level teams (for instance a team of 3
                                                                                           performing schools to learn their best           teachers representing 3rd, 4th, and 5th
                                                                                           practices. Visiting other schools allows us to   grade). The visit will focus on one specific
                                                                                           develop our own perspective, examining           learning goal – for instance examining how
                                                                                           what works within our model and what we          that school approaches social studies
                                                                                           can change in response to the new ideas we       instruction
                                                                                           can take from other high-performing
                                             You will have access to any professional      As teachers with a growth mindset about          When you identify resources you would like
                                             reading material you need or want to          our own learning, we are constantly seeking      to and will commit to reading, you should
                                             improve your practice.                        to improve our practice. There is a limit to     complete a purchase order for that
                                                                                           what we can learn through feedback and           publication and we will order it for you. If
                                                                                           reflection – some things we need to learn        you would like to read the text with others,
                                                                                           from experts in the field and from research      consider asking your colleagues to be in a
                                                                                           studies. We constantly strive to keep            book club with you. At times, an
                                                                                           current on new information about                 instructional leader will ask you or your
                                                                                           pedagogical practices and to deepen our          team or everyone to read a text, in which
                                                                                           knowledge of our content field.                  case, they will provide copies for you.


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