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KWAG letter - ClassNet


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									Dear Parents and Guardians,

       This year the Grade 4’s will be participating in the KW Art Gallery to Go
Program. There are three parts to this experience. We will have a pre-visit from
the art gallery staff on Monday, October 3rd. On Tuesday, October 9th, we will
walk to the KW Art Gallery for a “hands on” experience. We will be leaving the
school at 12:00pm and returning by 2:55pm. Students are asked to stay for the
lunch this day as we will be leaving before lunch recess is over. And finally, on
Wednesday, October 10th the art gallery staff will come back to our classroom for
a follow-up visit. There is NO COST for the trip or class visits!

Here are the details…
Part 1 - Pre-Visit in Classroom - Mon. Oct. 3rd
Using an inquiry-based activity and an art piece from KW|AG's permanent
collection, students practice careful observation and begin to learn about
interpreting a work of art. This is followed by an art making activity inspired by
what they have seen/learned.

Part 2 - Art Gallery Visit – Tues. Oct. 9th – Walk to the KW Art Gallery
Students will view the current shows with one of the artist-educators as their
guide and then head into the studio to experiment with various media and
explore the themes discussed during their tour.

Part 3 - Post-Visit in Classroom – Wed. Oct. 10th
Post-visits begin by challenging students to remember as much as they can about
a specific work they saw while at the gallery. This is followed by an art making
activity designed to extend what has been learned at the gallery into new realms.

Please sign the bottom portion of the permission form if you are available to help
supervise the walk to the KW Art Gallery on Tuesday, October 9th.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Allensen and Ms. Reinhart

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