November 9_ 2010 - EAT by langkunxg


									November 9, 2010

Start – 4:03

Approval of Minutes
    Jason motions to approve the minutes
    Derek seconds the motion
    Passed

Approval of Agenda
    Unanimous approval
    Passed

Officer Reports
    President
           o Working on getting the guest speaker for next week
    Vice President
           o Made contact with Navcom and Raytheon (ION)
                  It is possible to have them to come to the meeting next week
                  ION is offering a $2,500 scholarship
           o Restocked the fridge and the store
    Treasurer
           o $1,150 kept in the safe
           o $94 kept in the black box in the cabinet
           o $119 in container for store
    Secretary
           o There will be no workshop this week due to Microsoft Xbox Kinect party,
    AESB Representative
           o Not present, due to the ImagineCup Underground Party
    Webmaster
           o Welcome back

Bob’s Nibble
    Nothing to say…. AGAIN!?!?!

ION Scholarship
    ION is the company that hosts the lawnmower competition
         o Competition date is June 3
    Successful in getting contact with ION and will be coming down to present at the
      next meeting
    Currently working on getting contact with Navcom
    Deadline for ION Scholarship is December 3
         o Mostly for those who are involved in the Lawnmower Project
Kinect Launch Party Part 2
    Eat will be hosting the next Xbox Kinect Launch Party November 18 at 6:30pm
    There will be free food and Window 7 keys
    There will also be a tournament
          o Dance Central and Kinect Adventure
    Free food for the first 50 people, compliments of Microsoft

Imagine Cup
    Alex needs to get 300 registrations, and giving out free Windows 7 disc
          o Basically a free MSDNAA account for free Microsoft products with
            product keys
          o All accounts made for ImagineCup will be closed December 31
                 Easier management for the President

      Guest Speaker
      Karan Bhandari – Plumbing project proposal
          o Project is part of the Innovative Challenge

End – 4:50

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