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					Electronic Medical Records Market, 2013
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) represents a growing market for a large number of companies, with
customer demand, heavy competition and government incentives spurring revenues.

This Kalorama Information report, EMR 2013, is a look at the market and trends impacting electronic
medical record software and related services. As government policy begins to pivot on incentives in this
market, as market share adjusts and new vendors play a larger role, it is an interesting time for market-
watchers. How have the incentives worked? Have reluctant physicians embraced EMR? Where does
hospital adoption stand? What is the competitive situation among vendors now? Is there still
opportunity for new entrants? Kalorama answers these questions and brings clarity to recent market

Report Details:

Published: April 2013
No. of Pages: 322
Price: Single User License: US$3995    Corporate User License: US$7990

As part of its coverage, the report contains:

       2012 Market Estimates for EMR, and Growth since 2010
       Market Forecast to 2017
       Market Share of Top Vendors
       Hospital and Physician EMR Usage Statistics
       Pricing of Select EMR Systems and ROI for Physicians
       Overview of EMR, EHR, CPOE and other Functions
       Impact of Incentives and Disincentives for Paper Submission
       Breakout of Hospital EMR Market and Physician/Web EMR Market
       Key Trends in the Industry
       Profiles of Major Vendors and Smaller Companies to Watch
       Mergers and Acquisitions
       Current Vendors with CCHIT Qualification
       Summary of Third-Party EMR User Survey Results
       Analyst Conclusions Regarding the EMR Market

The report estimates the size of the market for the EMR hospital and EMR physician markets and
reviews usage trends among hospitals and physicians. It also forecasts the market to 2017. Included in
the report are statistics influencing the industry, demographics, life expectancy, and company
strategies. Market share is provided for top players in the industry. Revenues are reported based on
worldwide figures with a focused view on US competitors and US trends.

The information for this report was gathered using both primary and secondary research including
comprehensive research of secondary sources such as company literature, databases, investment
reports, and medical and business journals. Telephone interviews and email correspondence were the
primary method of gathering information.

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There are several primary issues and trends affecting the electronic medical records (EMR) industry.
Demographics, increasing life expectancy, and technology innovation will continue to fuel growth in the
future. New developments will also positively influence growth. Issues and trends explored in this study

       Meaningful Use
       Economic Stimulus Package
       Stimulus Guarantee
       Information Overload
       Patient Access – Blue Button Technology
       Vendor Switch
       Virtualization Technology
       Storage Area Networks
       Cloud Computing
       Dashboard Modules
       Mergers and Acquisitions
       NFL and EMRs
       Stark Law
       Discreet Recordable Transcription
       Health Information Exchanges
       Regional Extension Centers
       Personnel Issues
       Security Breaches/Portable Devices
       Tablet Adoption
       New Network for Doctors
       National Physician Education Program
       ICD-10 Controversy
       Physician Position
       Accountable Care Organizations
       Personal Health Record
       Doctor’s Surveys
       Interoperability
       Smart Card Technology
       Wireless Technology
       Open Source EMR Applications
       Adoption Issues
       Usability and Adoption
       Quality of Care/Malpractice
       Cost Benefit Analysis
       Privacy Issues
       Technology Limitations
       E-Prescribing
       CCHIT
       NHIN
       Direct PPC Offerings
       International Markets and Trends

The electronic medical records market in the United States is competitive, with over 400 providers;
however, increasing mergers and acquisitions in the industry will result in the reduction in the number
of competitors. Companies remain competitive by offering high-quality solution packages to private
practices and hospitals. However, there is still ample opportunity for other companies and new
entrants. There is still not a single system that is complete with true interoperability. The main drawback
for smaller companies is the cost to enter the market with a certified product.

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Description: This Kalorama Information report, EMR 2013, is a look at the market and trends impacting electronic medical record software and related services.