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					Samsung MP3 Player Diamond


Reinvent Your Listening Experience
With the stirring sound of Samsung’s unparalleled sound technology DNSe™ 3.0, your music will sound as vibrant as the artist intended. The Diamond provides a more natural and fuller sound, as the blue light of the touchpad pulses with excitement while the 2.4” display and convenient interface make it easy to find your music. The Q1 is a breath of fresh air, taking you on a sonic adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

A breath of

fresh sound

The Samsung

Diamond Q1

Your Music, Enhanced Through Color and Light Samsung Diamond Q1 adds excitement to the monotony of daily life, both in sound and in style. This MP3 player is truly in tune with your music, through color and light, in addition to sound. The diamond LED touchpad emits either a blue or white light that pulsates in time with the beat, adding a new dimension to your listening pleasure. An MP3 player that breathes with the music via a dazzling and emotional interface, allowing you to enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard.

Samsung’s Cutting-edge Sound Technology Samsung Electronics developed its sound enhancing technology in 2003, applying it to products ranging from TVs and DVD players to stereo systems and MP3 players. DNSe™ Digital Natural Sound engine is advanced technology which replicates high quality acoustics in MP3 players and similar portable devices. The Samsung Diamond Q1 uses DNSe™ 3.0 technology to deliver optimum sound for your music. For a listening experience like no other, you have to experience the Diamond.

A Versatile MP3 Player to Fit Your Active Life The 2.4” widescreen display is perfect for viewing photos and video, along with music. Your options are endless. Loaded with functions like TTSText-to-Speech, Variable Speed Playback, A-B Repeat and Voice Recording, the Samsung Diamond Q1 is an excellent tool for learning new languages. Even better, files and features are quickly located through an intuitive and stylish interface. Finally, an MP3 player that does it all, just like you.

Samsung MP3 Player Diamond


| 4GB \ 8GB \ 16GB | Color | White \ Silver \ Black | Display | 2.4” TFT LCD | Audio | MP3 \ WMA(OGG \ FLAC) | Video | MPEG4 \ WMV | Image | JPG \ BMP \ GIF \ PNG | Playback | 30 hrsaudio 4 hrsvideo | Others | FM Radio \ Voice Recording \ Text Viewer \ FM Recording \ RDS (in serviced areas)


Digital Natural Sound Engine

Customizable to your preferences, DNSe™ provides optimal sound quality that’s always natural, never exaggerated. Most MP3 players rely on earphones to deliver sound, but the physical limitations of earphones also adversely affect the sound quality. DNSe™ overcomes those limitations to offer realistic stereophonic sound, like that of an ideal listening environment. Experience the stunning difference of DNSe™ 3.0 technology and explore its wide range of features and effects.

3D Sound
Portable multimedia devices typically use earphones to transmit sound to the listener, making it difficult to accurately and precisely reproduce complex sounds as they were intended by music content creators. Employing state-ofthe-art channel separation technology, DNSe™3.0 achieves the perfect balance of sound going to your left and right ears for the most natural stereo soundstage possible, delivering music that comes alive – the way it was meant to be heard.

Audio Upscaler The Audio Upscaler restores the higher frequency components of music that can be lost when audio is compressed into “lossy” formats such as MP3, WMA and AAC.

Concert Hall The extraordinary sensation of listening to music in a concert hall results from a combination of the original sound, early reflections of the sound, and later reverberations. DNSe™3.0 reproduces this experience, while Concert Hall allows you to adjust playback via “Room Size” and “Effect Level” settings, so you can enjoy your music in an intimate cafe or an imposing opera house, no matter where you are.

Speed Control Normally, when an audio file’s playback speed increases or decreases, it alters the pitch and results in the speaker’s voice sounding distorted and unnatural. DNSe™3.0’s Speed Control gives you full control of playback speed, so you can maintain a constant pitch, ideal for learners of new languages.

Auto DNSe™ The Auto DNSe™ feature scans your entire music library, analyses files according to tags and mood information, ensuring optimum listening settings for each track.

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