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									                                    BMX Represantation
What is BMX: BMX stands for bicycle motocross is a type of bicycle designed for easier handling.
The bikes are not that big which makes them easy to do tricks on so you don’t get trouble with
your feet and it weighs less so you can pull of jumps. The tires are more flat than normal so it’s
easier to land afterwards. BMX is still fairly common today; many people hang around at skater
parks doing tricks. Tournaments are being held worldwide with talented bikers doing insane stunts
on their bikes. The British team extreme have been holding tournaments since 1988.

History of BMX:

The history of BMX or Bicycle motocross started the 70´s when the kids of South California began
racing their custom build bikes on dirt tracks out in the nearby forests. Using small bikes to easily
move through the rough terrain. BMX riding quickly became popular amongst youngsters. People
started building their own racetrack terrains. The first championships of BMX riding was held by
the international BMX federation in 1982. Freestyle BMX which is doing stunts on a BMX is a sport
at the annual Summer X games held in both west and east coast of USA. Some more skilled BMX
rider even proceeded to do races in other championships.

There are 7 kinds of BMX bikes that are used for different types of terrain suited for different kinds
if events

They are:



Dirt jump





BMX race: BMX racing is typically done on bumpy one round dirt tracks. Beacause you wanna go as fast as
possible the track is forcing you to make jumps. But the tricky part is to make perfect landings. You can very
easily fall and loose the whole race and even get injured. The bike of the BMX racing class is lightweight,
easy handling and made of strong materials to prevent the bike from taking damage from the jumps you
Freestyle BMX,Trial BMX and Flatland: freestyle BMX and Trial BMX is basically the same thing. The only
difference is that trial is held in forests with nature made ramps. Flatland BMX is doing tricks on your bike
without the help of ramps or bumps therefore the name. This type of BMX riding is a sort of stunt riding doing
tricks category. You get a certain amount of time on a area with lots of ramps and other resources to do
stunts on. After that there are no rules, you can do whatever trick you like. The judges will decide your
performance in the end. The Freestyle BMX bike is heavy to increase the stability and control of the bike
Flatland style is also the one you see most people on the street do next to park BMX

Dirt Jump BMX: Dirt jumping is the most deadly and challenging of the BMX categories. You are placed on a
hill to give you lots of speed and there is a big ramp in the end to give you lots of air time. When you are in
the air you have to make a stunt of your own choice before landing. Then the judges will rank your
performance. The reason it is so deadly is because if you fail the landing you are gonna get seriously injured
from the huge fall. The bike is a bit bigger to help your landing and the seat is small since you won’t really
need it until you hit the ground.

Park BMX And Street BMX: Park BMX is not a competition sport it’s just taking your BMX to a skate park and
have fun. Street BMX is just taking your BMX to the streets and do tricks and stunts. Like grinding stairs
that’s why this is the most commonly used BMX style in the street culture.

BMX and street culture: Much like skateboarding and Scooters BMX is used in skate parks in
peoples spare time since you can do tricks on them and they are easier to handle than
skateboards. So that those people who lack a little balance still can have fun in skate parks.

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