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									Clarification No. 1                           April 18, 2007                           Page 1 of 5


                      Duncan F. Klussmann, Ed.D, Superintendent of Schools

                                    PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                      1031 Witte Road, Bldg. E, Houston, Texas 77055-6016
                         Phone (713) 365-5223 FAX (713) 365-5214

Director of Purchasing

                      NOTICE TO PROPOSERS
                                          DATE: April 17, 2007

This Clarification forms a part of and modifies the original Proposal Document, issued by the Spring
Branch Independent School District. Most changes are imbedded in the revised document. This
clarification document is addressing items that were not specifically covered in the revised document.

Invitation to Proposal entitled:    LAPTOP COMPUTER SPECIAL PROJECT

Proposal Opening Date & Time: APRIL 24, 2007 @ 3:00 PM

                                   CLARIFICATION NO.         1

                                   PROPOSAL NO.              8331P

Please make the following additions, revisions, and/or deletions to the Proposal Document:

                              See attached Questions and Answers.
          See attached list of Companies Represented at the Pre-proposal Conference.

The offeror shall acknowledge receipt of this clarification in the Proposal Form.

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Clarification No. 1                           April 18, 2007                               Page 2 of 5

                                       QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Question #1:      What manufacturer are you buying today: Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc?

Answer #1:        Combination of all three (3) listed above.

Question #2:      What reseller are you buying from today or are you buying direct?

Answer #2:        Prime - desktop (white box) and Lenovo – laptop.

Question #3:      What are the major determining factors in deciding who wins the bid? Is this more
                  than about price?

Answer #3:        Replace 2.10.0 of Addendum No. 1 with the following:
        An evaluation committee will review and evaluate all proposals and make a recommendation
        to the SBISD Board of Trustees for recommended award of contracts. The evaluation will be
        based on the following criteria, including:
            Quality of product line offered
            Quantity of line items available that are used by district
            Customer support
            Supplier’s demonstrated ability to perform
            Pricing
            Reputation of Vendor
            Supplier’s past relationship with SBISD.
            Extent to which goods and services meet SBISD needs.
            Total long term cost to SBISD to acquire goods and services.
            Supplier’s products and services providing the best value to SBISD.
            Any other relevant factor.”

Question #4:      Based on your past experience is there anything in particular that is critical to you in
                  awarding these?

Answer #4:        See question #3.

Question #5:      What weight is given to HUB vendors in these bids?

Answer #5:        None - this requirement does not apply to SBISD.

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Clarification No. 1                           April 18, 2007                                Page 3 of 5

Question #6:      Due to the complexity of the bids and the number of questions that need to be
                  answered for both, would it be possible to extend the time of the bid proposal due

Answer #6:        After extensive considerations and conversations the district has determine it can not
                  honor this request and meet the expectations of the district. SBISD apologizes
                  for any inconveniences this decision may cause as it is not the intention of the

Question #7:      Based on 2.10.0 - Will there be an opportunity to present final proposals to the
                  evaluation committee or will the decision be solely based on a written response?

Answer #7:        At this time it is not the intention of SBISD to host final proposals to the evaluation
                  committee. Decisions will be based on established evaluation criteria, evaluation
                  of samples and any other value added/engineered services outline in vendor

Question #8:      What type of software will SBISD are using to test the configurations? Since the
                  incumbent currently has access to the SBISD image, will potential respondent
                  see given access to the image prior to equipment evaluation?

Answer #8:        Software used: PC Mark -05 Professional, Test Pro -version 5 and Performance Test
                  version 6. The district provided detailed specific information regarding its current
                  image to vendors at the pre-proposal conference. Therefore, no additional
                  opportunities to access image will be provided. SBISD apologizes for any
                  inconvenience this decision may cause vendors.

Question #9:      Approximately how many systems will be cascaded?

Answer #9:        To be determined by SBISD based on number of surplus units that are salvageable
                  for student/teacher/staff usage.

Question #10: Please clarify if you would like analog or digital monitors.

Answer #10:       SBISD would like pricing for 17” Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Active Matrix flat panel
                  monitors as the primary monitor for desktop computers. The TFT panels should have
                  both analog and digital connections. If feasible, SBISD would prefer speakers that
                  are mounted on the monitor. Samples of all models proposed must be provided for
                  evaluation. Preferences will be given to companies proposing all areas of this

Question #11: Are there any specific training requirement for integration of teacher laptops into the

Answer #11:       Not at this time.

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Clarification No. 1                           April 18, 2007                           Page 4 of 5

Question #12: Are there days set aside for teacher professional development?

Answer #12:       Yes, see SBISD website for calendar.

Question #13: Does each teacher currently have an e-mail address?

Answer #13:       Yes.

Question #14: 7.10.5 - Please define/clarify this process.

Answer #14: SBISD and awarded vendor(s) will define the specific process i.e. schedule, security,
after-hours, entrance/exits to SBISD facilities, definition of problems, etc.

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Clarification No. 1                           April 18, 2007                           Page 5 of 5

                                COMPANIES REPRESENTED
                           AT THE PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE


                          LAPTOP COMPUTER SPECIAL PROJECT
                              SBISD PROPOSAL NO. 8331P

                               ON APRIL 4, 2007 AT 3:00 PM


                                      DIGITAL COMPUTING SYSTEM


                                                 MCPC INC.

                                    MULTI SYSTEMS SUPPORT, INC.

                                    NETSYNC NETWORK SOLUTIONS

                                          NORTHROP GRUMMAN

                                           NWN CORPORATION

                                               PCPC DIRECT

                                              PRIME SYSTEMS


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