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									                                        Joseph D. DeJohn
          Contribute mathematical and/or software solutions to a challenging and successful organization
by leveraging existing experience and developing new skill sets. To be involved in the creation of
multi-tiered or service oriented applications using languages for web development. The languages
typically involved are C#, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, JavaScript, XML, XPath, and Transact-SQL.
APIs include ASP.NET 3.5/4.0/4.5 and ADO.NET 3.0/4.0/4.5 in collaboration with SQL Server
2008/2012. Not necessarily just focused on Microsoft technologies, but any methods that would
enhance web application quality.

                          Design Patterns:
                                  MVC 2,                      MVVM,             MVCP

                          Programming Languages:
                                 Assembly (Cusp),             C#,               C++,
                                 Cobol,                       HTML,             HTML 5,
                                 Java,                        JavaScript,       Transact-SQL,
                                 VBA,                         VBScript,         Visual Basic 6.0,
                                 XHTML,                       XML,              XPath,
                                 XSLT,                        VB.NET

                          Programming Methodologies:

                                  ASP.NET XML Web Services,
                                  Object-Oriented Design,
                                  Abstract Data Types (ADT),
                                  .NET Remoting,
                                  Microsoft Reporting Services,
                                  Web Client Software Factory,
                                  Web Services Software Factory

                                   Windows NT,
                                   Windows 2000,
                                   Windows XP Professional,
                                   Windows Vista 64-bit,
                                   Windows 7 64-bit,
                                   Windows 8,
                                   Linux(XWindows, KDE)

                          Application Programmer Interfaces:

                                   ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, and 4.0,
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                      Joseph D. DeJohn(Continued)
                      XML DOM,

              Typesetting Languages: LaTeX

              Development Tools:

                      SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2,
                      Visual Source Safe,
                      Visual Studio 6.0,
                      Visual Studio 2005,
                      Visual Studio 2005(Database Edition),
                      Visual Studio Team System 2008,
                      Visual Studio 2008,
                      Visual Studio 2010,
                      Team Foundation Server(2008/2010),
                      Source Offsite,
                      XML Spy,
                      Access 2000

              Office Products: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote

              Unit Testing Frameworks: Rhino Mocks,
                                       Microsoft Unit Testing Framework

EXPERIENCE:   Senior Software Engineer
              Avanade, Inc.                                       1/3/2011-10/26//2012

                       Served in development and operations roles. Developed new
              functionality and worked extensively on defects for an ASP.NET 3.5/4.0 web
              application within the MVCP design pattern. Developed
              and modified database code in SQL Server 2005/2008 R2. Verified
              requirements with testers and business analysts. Developed an ASP.NET XML
              web service for the importation of data from Excel spreadsheets into a SQL
              Server database. Created the web service within the context of Microsoft's Web
              Service Software Factory. Modified and added unit tests using Rhino Mocks.
                       Led a small group as a side project to continue development of a WPF
              application which constituted the Avanade Touchscreen Kiosk utilizing the
              MVVM design pattern and the Prism eventing model. The Avanade
              Touchscreen Kiosk consisted of modules such as Room Scheduling, Weather,
              and Transportation. Room Scheduling involved a touch-screen method of
              scheduling meetings by integrating WPF forms with Exchange 2010 using a
              WCF AutoDiscover web service. Deployed this functionality to touch-screen
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        Joseph D. DeJohn(Continued)
hardware for testing.
          Developed WCF web services to add new functionality for a new
digitial storefront. Was a member of an integration team and in particular
developed .NET WCF 4 services for payment calculations and credit checks.
Also helped design and build a .NET WCF web service for the integration
of marketing materials into the Sharepoint-based digital storefront. Wrote XML
schemas for the definition of data contracts, types, and service operations used
to generate .NET WCF service code. These web services utilized the Entity
Framework 4 with LINQ to retrieve and store data between a SQL Server 2008
R2 database.
          Researched a multimedia player for use within a client's web site that
could gracefully transition between HTML 5 and Flash. Developed several
proof of concept samples showing the player working in various states. Tested
this player in-between various browsers for compatibility. Wrote a WCF 4
client used in the process of accepting markup from developers as input. Used
this input in a transformation that would generate markup on various mobile
devices via WCF services. Examined W.S.D.L. used to describe the web
services utilized in the markup generation.
          Became a Microsoft Certified Professional by passing MCTS Exam 70-
515 Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Also
attended a course on Windows Identity Foundation and interfaced with this
technology during the development of WCF web services used in the digital

Report Developer
First American Data Services                         12/14/2009-3/4/2010

         Worked on an Access 2003 migration project for preparation into
a data warehouse. Developed a VBA solution in Access 2003 for
determination of Mortgage Servicing Rights. Troubleshooting
of complex stored procedures using traces for analysis of execution
plans. Worked with RDL in Reporting Services to help troubleshoot and
fix a Reporting Services solution utilizing ASP.NET(VB) and ADO.NET.

Senior Programmer
Independent Consultant                               7/1/2009 - 12/11/2009

         Developed a partial web-based system for recovery operations
at Coles County Recovery. Wrote user interfaces and database code.
Worked with users to gather requirements and performed some of the
investigative operations to elicit requirements.

Senior Developer                                              3/3/09-5/29/2009
Cook County Treasurer’s Office

         Learned about the business rules of the Cook County Treasurer's Office
by observing customer service procedures. The business aspects included
various tax sale procedures. Used ASP.NET 3.5 and SQL Server 2000/2005 to
design a web page for user input utilized in various reports.
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                    May 3, 2013
        Joseph D. DeJohn(Continued)
         Wrote several T-SQL queries for various customer requests within the
Cook County Treasurer's Office. Implemented a method to improve the tracking
of database scripts using Visual Source Safe 2005. Upgraded a DTS package to
SSIS and then used it to update an Excel spreadsheet with current database data.
Helped pioneer development on a 64-bit computing platform.

Senior Consultant                                             4/21/08-12/12/08
Sogeti USA LLC

          Served as Webmaster for SSAB Steel providing updates to an existing
intranet application written in ASP using VBScript. Modified existing worklow
modules written in ASP.NET to allow for added business capability. Worked
with upper management(IT Director and V.P.) to discuss project status and
direction. SQL Server 2000 was used as the back-end relational database.
          Worked for Insurance Auto Auctions as a web-based developer using
ASP.NET 3.5 and C# with SQL Server 2005. Wrote Javascript to interact with

the DHTML object model. Used Visual Studio Team System 2008 for product
development along with Visual Studio Team System 2005 Database Edition for
back-end database development. Used Sharepoint as the project portal along
with Microsoft Project to keep track of hours and tasks. Maintained a wiki to
communicate ideas with other team members. Also used Visio to create a
diagram for modeling distributed application authentication.

Software Developer                                            12/20/07-1/31/08
Catalyst Consulting Group

          In ASP.NET 2.0, developed user controls and associated Voter
Validation web page used in the Illinois Voter Registration System. Modified
business and data access logic in a tiered architecture to support this Voter
Validation page. Incorporated the ASP.NET AJAX library to provide real-time
results to users based on searches to various government agencies. Used Visual
Basic.NET for the server-side logic, and SQL Server 2005 as the relational
          Developed utilizing an Agile SCRUM methodology using Sprints.
Used JIRA for issue tracking and Subversion for source control. Also
developed via pair programming using Nant, Nantcontrib, and NUnit.

Marketing Software Engineer                                   1/10/07-11/27/07
Infor Global Solutions

         Developed a service oriented solution based on ASP.NET XML web
services in Visual Studio(C#). This web service is part of a new product named
Infor365 and coordinates user and profile information between Infor365 and its
associated online community. This online community reflects coordinated user
information between several online systems. Also implemented an AJAX
solution for cross-domain authentication using Microsoft.XmlHttp. Wrote T-
SQL as stored procedures and scripts within SQL Server 2000. Also developed

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                    May 3, 2013
        Joseph D. DeJohn(Continued)
a Product Support Search application in Visual Studio 2005(VB.NET) utilizing
the ASP.NET 2.0 framework.

Web Developer                                                8/15/06-11/3/06

Corrected bugs and implemented enhancements throughout the
EveryWarehouse warehouse management system using the .NET Framework.
EWMS was implemented in ASP.NET 2.0 and uses .NET Remoting architecture
to communicate between the client and the server. C# was used for all tiers
within the architecture and SQL Server 2005 is used with T-SQL as the
relational database management system. Client-side code was implemented in
Javascript and XHTML.

Web/Windows Developer                                        5/1/06-7/20/2006
JDV Online

Utilized C# and Transact SQL to develop features and enhancements within Some of these features for Chefs involved the creation of SQL
scripts, Regular Expressions, and ASP.NET to parse English language input.
Created Windows utilities with Visual Studio .NET to support and maintain
SQL Server 2000/2005 data for These Windows utilities involved
the creation of Windows applications along with Console applications. The
Windows utilities imported and transformed data into SQL Server 2000. A
Console application was also used to test URLs that must have for its

Web Developer                                                 5/23/05-4/13/06
Komatsu America, Inc.

Maintained and added new product features within the e-Parts Central
E-commerce web application. E-Parts Central is an ASP.NET based E-
commerce solution which serves the northern hemisphere. The application
allows parts/literature ordering and availability for all Komatsu utility,
construction, and mining machines. Developed database code for SQL Server
2000 in Transact-SQL. ASP.NET server-side code was written in Microsoft
Visual C# (Visual Studio .NET), whereas client-side code was written in
Javascript and HTML/DHTML. Utilized XML and XPath as a medium to share
information regarding availability and pricing of parts.

Systems Developer
Apex Consulting Group, Inc.                                   11/4/03-5/17/05

Developed new software modules using ASP, ASP.NET, and SQL Server 2000.
These code modules comprise Abbott Laboratories’ Environmental Health and
Safety Action Management System. Javascript was the language utilized in the
ASP environment for server and client-side code. In ASP.NET, Javascript is
used on the client, and Visual C#.NET is used for all server side code. Created

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                    May 3, 2013
                            Joseph D. DeJohn(Continued)
                   reports with Active Reports 2 in Visual Basic 6. Relational database code was
                   written in Transact SQL using MSSQLXpress and Query Analyzer.

                   Software Developer
                   Celerity LLC, Columbus, Ohio.                                  3/16/03-12/1/03

                   Responsible for implementing new system requirements and maintaining
                   existing functionality for the media sales management application service
                   provider. Designed and developed user tracking program to extract critical user
                   experience information. Technologies used includes Microsoft .NET, C#,
                   HTML, SQL Server 2000, Source Offsite, and Visio for design.

                   Computer Programming Intern
                   Medicaid Retrieval Corporation, Charleston, Illinois.          5/22/02-8/30/02

                   Created a web-based Data-Entry system that facilitates the transformation of
                   paper data into digital data. Data-Entry allows the digitizing of data which is
                   then stored in a relational database management system for reporting and
                   archival purposes. Data-Entry was brought into existence through
                   implementation of the Microsoft Windows DNA framework via a 3-tier
                   strategy. Used ASP, COM+, ADO, and XML DOM along with Transact SQL,
                   Visual Basic 6.0, VBScript, HTML, XML, XPath, and Javascript.

EDUCATION:         B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science                          September 2002
                   Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois

                   MCTS Exam 70 - 515 Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET
                   Framework 4


                      Earned the Eagle Scout Rank, Boy Scouts of America.

                            -(Pioneered a team that enabled public access to federally protected

                      Eastern Illinois University Math Club.

                      Two year high school varsity award for baseball and soccer.

                      Studying for the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in .NET(C#).

                      Open source software such as FreeBSD, Linux, Samba, and Apache.

MEMBERSHIP:        Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society.

AVAILABILITY:      Sometime in November.
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                      Joseph D. DeJohn(Continued)
REFERENCES:   Available upon request.

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