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									                                                                            The College of Humanities
University Goals   Initiatives/Highlights                            Outcomes                                         College Goals                 FY99-FY00       Issues
Quality of the     Creation of the Institute for Collaborative                                                        Provide a forum for the       $      97,400 Received academic enrichment
Academic           Research & Public Humanities                                                                       intersection of public and                  grant; also serves outreach
Programs                                                                                                              academic interests                          mission
                   Developed Human Language Processing                                                                                                              Received academic enrichment
                   Project w/SBS & Cognitive Science                                                                                                                grant
                   Creation of the Center for the Study and                                                           Facilitation of interdiscip   $      75,000 Also serves student experience
                   Teaching of Writing                                                                                rsch on writing                             and outreach missions

                   Making faculty appointments that advance the      External Awards: 65 externally sponsored                                       $   1,511,703 College notes that sources and
                   quality of the academic programs;                 grants and fellowships totalling over $3.2                                                   uses suggest that Humanities is
                   Support of faculty development, particularly of   million; 1999 James Madison Award; Visiting                                                  under-funded by several million
                   the research profile, through university          Overseas Fellow, University of Cambridge; Ohio                                               dollars. How this is dealt with will
                   programs and additional funding of Grants-in-     Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship in                                                 affect hiring, faculty development,
                   Aid, publication                                  Poetry; Vassar Miller Poetry Prize                                                           student recruitment and
                                                                                                                                                                  experience, program
                                                                                                                                                                  development and technological
                   Created the Benchmark Liaison Committee;          Identified peer institutions and determined      Use Committee to assess                       Near Eastern Languages &
                   Established the ad hoc Humanities Priorities      strategic indicators and related measures to     performance and guide                         Cultures and Women's Studies
                   Planning Committee                                inform planning and priorities                   resource investment                           interested in developing new PhD
                   Enhanced international opportunities              Exchanges now exist with institutions in more                                                  programs
                                                                     than 11 countries
                   Renewed emphasis upon interdisciplinary
                   Assumed 2 journal editorships
                   Continued recognition of faculty
                   accomplishment through Author's Reception
                   and Inaugural Lecture Series
                   Continued recognition of faculty and student
                   accomplishment through Baccaulaureate
Quality of the     Creation of a Student Advisory Group              Internal Awards: 3 Alumni Distinguished       Improve graduation and
Student                                                              Teaching Awards; Departmental Teaching        retention rates
Experience                                                           Excellence Award (English); Arts & Sciences
                   Outreach to new and transfer students             Honors Service Award; 4 UTS Faculty Innovator
                   Continuation of Welcome Week and Career           Grants
                   Night activities
                   Creation of a Student Advising Guide          Enrollment: 388000 credit hours, over 78000
                                                                 headcount, 1903 majors (41% increase)
                   Implemented graduating senior exit interviews Student participation in the University
                                                                 Undergraduate Research Forum
                   Creation of study abroad student resource     Student participation in the National Conference
                   panel                                         on Undergraduate Research
                                                                             The College of Humanities
University Goals   Initiatives/Highlights                            Outcomes                                              College Goals                  FY99-FY00      Issues
                   Completed the new Foreign Language                                                                      Provide satellite feeds from
                   Individualized Instruction Center                                                                       around the world
Diversity          Created an ad hoc Committee on Diversity,         Preliminary recommendations include "cluster
                   Affirmative Action and Discrimination             hiring," funding of visiting instructor positions
                                                                     targetting minorities, developing sub-fields likely
                                                                     to attract underrepresented groups, and
                                                                     development of program to recruit diverse pool
                                                                     of grad students
                                                                     Total faculty: 18% minority; 40% female
                                                                     New faculty: 15.8% minority; 42% female
                                                                     Internal Awards: Distinguished Diversity
                                                                     Enhancement Award
Outreach &         Seven activities by seven faculty                 Over 3500 individuals served
Engagement         Created essay competition for high school
                   Developed outreach programs such as               Provides opportunity for graduate students to
                   US/China Links and Lucent Technologies            live abroad
Other              Continued to pursue development priorities:       Addition of five endowed faculty positions; 15
                   World Media/Culture Center in Hagerty;            endowed scholarships/fellowships; 13 endowed
                   endowed faculty positions; Humanities             research/program funds
                   Institute; Ctr for Study & Teaching of Writing;
                   endowments for scholarships & fellowships

                   In development, neared initial campaign goal      Gifte up 35% over previous year, 132% over
                   of $12.5 million and added over $1 million in     FY95; set new goal of $14.5 million
                   estate commitments
                   Developed new structure with regard to            Provides greater emphasis on use of                                                                 College suggests need to impose
                   technological advancement                         instructional technology, fuller computing                                                          a technology fee for all students;
                                                                     support for faculty and staff, closer alliance with                                                 substantial technological
                                                                     UTS and UNITS                                                                                       resources needed regardless of

                   Continued computer leasing program                Cost savings, timely access to more advanced
                                                                     technology, resolves problem of discarding
                                                                     obsolete equipment
                   Participation by four faculty in Emerging
                   Academic Leaders Program
                   Developed a training room to advance              taught 90 classes to 458 participants; supported
                   instructional technology research and             teams of instructors on web development
                   development projects                              projects
                   Maintained WWW server for administrative
                   and teaching activities and for student
                                                                                         The College of Humanities
University 2000 College Goals           Strategic Indicators                       Outcomes                  Related 1999 College Goals               2000 Initiatives/Highlights/Issues
Quality of Enhance the scholarly        # strategic sr appts (incr by 10%)                                                                            Through History Select Inv, hired sr historian
the        profile of HUM
Academic                                # peer-reviewed books/ articles            Published 80 books                                                 Dist Schol Awd, 4 Alumni Dist Tchg Awds, 2 Dist Staff Awds, honorary Dr
Programs                                (incr by 10%)                                                                                                 of Humane Ltrs to Lehiste, Ohio Prof of the Yr, 3 mjr prizes, invited lectures
                                                                                                                                                      at Harvard & Princeton, Vis Prof at Oxford, presentation to Ohio Supreme
                                                                                                                                                      Ct Task Force, Chr of Dept of S
                                        $ amt of grants/awds/ fellowships          Over 60 awds                                                       Ext grants & fellowships of over $3.2 million from NEH, Ohio Arts Coun,
                                        (goal: incr by 10%)                        totaling over $3.2                                                 OBOR, ACLS, NSF, other nat'l, state, private agencies; Incl'd in this are
                                                                                   million for 99-00                                                  $500K Challenge Grant plus $120K from NEH for World Media/Cult Ctr

                                                                                                             Use ad hoc Hum Priorities Plan-          Reallocated funds to advance progs based on evaluations by ad hoc
                                                                                                             ning Comm to assess perform-             Humanities Priorities Planning Comm and Benchmark Liaison Committee;
                                                                                                             ance/ guide resource investmnt           internal reinvestment included fdg to support fac developmt, esp rsch

                                                                                                                                               Acad Enr received: CSTW, Tchg for Global Comm; Humanities Tech;
                                                                                                                                               Engl Stds in Late Age of Print; Computat'l Ling; Inst for Coll Rsch & Public
                                                                                                                                               Hums; Human Lang Processing
            Enhance fac per-                                                                                                                   HUM plans to establish mentoring prog for jr fac in each TIU; college-wide,
            formance/satisfac                                                                                                                  create fac dev plan and implement peer tchg eval
            Further HUM's ldrship       # of jointly authored grant proposals                                CSTW: Facilitation of interdiscip W/LAW & SBS, proposing "Inst for the Stdy of Race & Ethnicity in the
            in interdisc activity       (incr by 10%)                                                        rsch on writing                   Americas"
                                        # fac doing collaborative tchg, rsch,                                                                  Inst for Collaborative Rsch & Public Hums supported 6 fellows; HUM
                                        or outreach thru Hum Inst/interdisc                                                                    supported 2 interdisc conferences; exploring new prog in Amer Stds
                                        # interdisc PhD minors                                                                   Women's Stds proposing new interdisc PhD
                                                                                                                                 Proposed new program in Comparative Ethnic Studies
                                                                                                                                 99 Baccalaureate speaker was William Ferris, Chair of NEH
                                                                                                                                 Acad Enr requests: Comparative Ethnic Studies; Intercultural Media Rsch
                                                                                                                                 Grp; Logic & Language; Sociolinguistics
Quality of Ensure top quality           # Honors/Scholars sections (incr by Honors offerings    Improve graduation and retention Continued set of UG initiatives; Created Hum Scholars Prog; hiring staff
the Student acad exp's for HUM          4 per yr)                           steadily grown      rates                            member to support honors/scholars, coord advising in depts
Experi-     stdts                       # HUM mjrs in Honors/ Scholars      # honors mjrs = 431                                  HUM plans to establish Humanities Scholars floor in Morrill Tower
ence                                    (incr by 5%)                        up 34% over 5 yrs

                                        # stdts participating in UG rsch                                                                              Students rec'd NSF Grad Rsch Fellowshp; OSU nomination for Phi Kappa
                                        progs (incr by 10%)                                                                                           Phi scholarship; Fulbright; US Army Ctr of Military Hist diss fellowship;
                                        # stdts writing honors theses (incr                                                                           DAAD; Grad Stdt Alumni Rsch Awds & Int'l Diss Rsch Travel Grants; BoT
                                        by 25%)                                                                                                       stdt recognition awd
                                        # grad fellowships (incr by 5%)                                                                               Did well in Grad Schl fellowshp comp; record # of multiple yr awds
                                        # stdts who publish papers/                Record # stdts:UG
                                        participate in prof conferences            Rsch Colloq; Denmn
                                                                                   Rsch Forum; NCUR

            Expand opportunities        $ private funds secured for World                                                                             WMCC expected to be a premier facility for foreing lang, culture, and
            for int'l/multicult educ    Media/Culture Ctr                                                                                             literary stdy - will provide learners from elem school to the business comm
                                        Curricular opportunities to                                                                                   w/customized instruction; piloting Crane Café in lobby of Univ Hall
                                        understand other cultures
                                        # Hum's stdts w/stdy abrd exp                                        Satellite fds from around wrld           Lang dpts have satellite feeds; stdts have access in dorms/public sites

        Blue indicates connectedness in a row or rows across columns; Red highlights tuition increase requests, budget restructuring issues, Academic Enrichment proposals
                                                                                          The College of Humanities
University   2000 College Goals          Strategic Indicators                       Outcomes                  Related 1999 College Goals               2000 Initiatives/Highlights/Issues
Quality of   Enhance the scholarly
             Enhanced undergrad                                                                                                                        HUM plans to establish a "best-practices" prog of acad advising/stdt svc in
the          profile of HUM
             academic advising                                                                                                                         all depts
Academic     Provide curr richer in                                                                                                                    HUM teaches over 392,000 cr hrs, 19% of total Univ enrollmts; predicts
Programs     interdisc offerings                                                                                                                       some decline in UG enrollmts
                                                                                                                                                       Hum does not propose a tuition increase above the University average, but
                                                                                                                                                       emphasizes need for tech fee
Diversity    Broaden opp's for                                                                                                                         HUM plans to establish prog in comparative ethnic stds; revise curricula to
             ethnic stds; provide                                                                                                                      further address diversity of human history/culture; propose new Inst for
             broadly inclusive curr                                                                                                                    Stdy of Race and Ethnicity
             Guarantee richly            % minority faculty (incr from 18% to       16.6% of new hires =                                               HUM plans to monitor data on diversity of employmt pools by disc and in
             diverse faculty ranks       20%)                                       minorities                                                         comparison w/benchmk depts
                                         % women faculty (incr from 39% to          55% of new hires =
                                         41%)                                       women
                                         % women fac in full rk (incr from
                                         22% to 28%)
Outreach Widen programs of               # distance lrning opp's (incr by 5)                                                                     Piloting adv Spanish distance learning proj w/New Albany HS
& Engage- public education               Capabilities in tech-enhanced                                                                           W/Ohio U, rec'd OBOR Higher Ed Efficiency Challenge Awd of $500K for
ment                                     lrng/rsch, including support for                                                                        web-based foreign lang instr; CSTW intro'd new online tutorial svc for OSU
                                         AAAS Ext Ctr's Instr Tech Proj                                                                          comm and public; dev'd partnerships w: high schools to help prep stdts for
                                                                                                                                                 college writing, elem schools to imp
                                         # secondary schls linked to FLC's                                                                       Collaborative effort betw OSU & 40 Ohio schools gives hs stdts early
                                         CAAP (incr from 25 to 75)                                                                               feedback re univ lang placemt
                                         # Ohioans reached thru Hum Inst                                      Hum Inst: Provide forum for inter- HUM plans to launch Encyclopedia of the Midwest and mkt in region
                                         chautauqua                                                           section of public/acad interests

             Cultivate new               # contracts w/private sector for                                                                              HUM plans to market services
             partnerships                linguistic/cultural svcs                                                                                      Outreach projs listed: FLC's CAAP; Use of Writing, Tech, & Culture In Sec
             w/bus/prof orgs                                                                                                                           Sci Instr; Latino Town Mtg; Communication for Success; Cantonese Lang
                                                                                                                                                       Proj; Heritage Lrng Proj; Ohio History Tchg Inst; History WWW proj;
                                                                                                                                                       Japanese Tchr Trng Wkshp; Peer Pwr!; NEH S
Other                                                                                                                                                  Development gifts over past year over $2.2 million (incl $1 million from
                                                                                                                                                       Ameritech); 93% incr in private gifts over previous year
                                                                                                                                                       Continuing its computer leasing program
                                                                                                                                                       Creating new facility - The Studio - to improve support for instructional tech
                                                                                                                                                       projects; rec'd BETHA grant for conference "Technology Across the
                                                                                                                                                       Humanities Curriculum"
                                                                                                                                                       Upgrading entire HUM computer network from shared hub config to
                                                                                                                                                       switched network
                                                                                         Budget Restructuring Issues
College believes it is seriously under-funded: since opportunity to improve budgets under restructuring will be "on the margin," determining the enrollment base will be of major importance. HUM provides
University-wide programming through the CSTW, reme

         Blue indicates connectedness in a row or rows across columns; Red highlights tuition increase requests, budget restructuring issues, Academic Enrichment proposals
                                                                               COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES
                                                                            SUMMARY OF 2001 ANNUAL REPORT
University Goals        2000 College Goals                       Goals Met & How                             2001 College Goals                      Critical Issues/Strategies/Comments

                                                                                                             Sustain eminence of Linguistics and     Strategic senior appts in History, English, Philosophy,
Build a World Class                                              Multiple internal and external awds;        move add'l depts into national          Germanic L&L and perhaps Women's Stds; fill vacancies
Faculty                 Enhance the scholarly profile of HUM     selective investment and other sr hires     prominence                              in Slavic & Greek/Latin w/ top scholars
                                                                                                                                                     continue on-going research support ; continue Seed
                        Enhance fac performance/satisfaction                                                 Invest in faculty research              Grant Program or replace w/similar program

                        Provide curriculum rich in                                                           Continue to develop new academic         Progs include: Ethnic Studies Prog, Institute for the
Develop High-Quality    interdisciplinary offerings/further                                                  programs, particularly multidisciplinary Study of Race & Ethnicity in the Americas, Spanish for
Academic Programs       HUM's leadership in interdisc activity                                               programs                                 the Professions (Business, Medicine)
                        Expand opportunities for                 Yes; developing new program in
                        int'l/multicultural education            Comparative Ethnic Stds w/Acad Enr $

Enhance the Quality of Ensure top quality academic                                                                                                   Survey of how course/peer evaluation is done in depts;
Teaching & Learning    experiences for HUM stdts                 Rec'd 5 of 10 Grad Schl Tchg Awds           Curriculum review/instruction           meeting w/all depts to conduct full curriculum review
                                                                                                                                                     Will review commitment of current resources, including
                                                                                                             Meeting enrollment demand               teaching loads
                                                                                                                                                     Series of initiatives, including advancing Honors
                                                                                                                                                     programming (does that mean expanding?), building
                                                                                                                                                     Scholars Prog, improving advising, outreach for at-risk
                                                                                                             Improving the learning environment      stdts
                                                                                                                                                     Need stdt tech fee to add tech programming for Hagerty
                                                                                                             Enhancing technology                    Hall, distance learning
Enhance & Better Serve Enhance undergrad academic
the Students           advising                                                                                                                      folded into the above
                       Ensure top quality academic               First class of Humanities Scholars; CSTW
                       experiences for HUM stdts                 and Project Deaf Write

Create a Diverse        Broaden opportunities for ethnic        Institute for Study of Race & Ethnicity in the Focus on Recruitment to advance goal Identified 5 depts as areas in which college can hire add'l
University Community    studies; provide broadly inclusive prog Americas                                       of diverse community                 female and minority faculty

                                                                                                                                                 Career planning & development for jr faculty; curricular
                                                               New diversity committee; Of 16 new hires, 9 Focus on Retention to advance goal of and extra-curricular activities for students; enhanced
                        Guarantee richly diverse faculty ranks were women and 6 minorities                 diverse community                     communications network between supervisors & staff

                                                                                                             Focus on Climate to advance goal of     Gathering data about work and learning environments to
                                                                                                             diverse community                       support a climate in which all can thrive
                                                                                                                                                     Taking inventories of current offerings to determine the
                                                                                                             Focus on Content of Courses to          extent to which there is positive engagement with the
                                                                                                             advance goal of diverse community       goal or a need for reform.

    f:\Strategic Analysis\Annual Reports\annual reports 01\a55f47f5-51f5-4a70-8854-893e031af5f4.xls                                                                                              5/3/2013
                                                                               COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES
                                                                            SUMMARY OF 2001 ANNUAL REPORT
University Goals         2000 College Goals                      Goals Met & How                             2001 College Goals                     Critical Issues/Strategies/Comments

                                                                                                                                                    Most important efforts: k-12 literacy partnerships; Web-
                                                                 EECAP, outreach at AAAS Extension Ctr;                                             based instruction in foreign languages; collaborative
                                                                 providing lang & culture classes to rural                                          efforts w/K-12 & business community made possible via
Help Build Ohio's                                                elementary schoolchildren; Peer Power!;     Build Ohio's future through outreach & renovated Hagerty; strategies to resolve social problems
Future                   Widen programs of public education      Ohio Chautauqua                             engagement                             thru progs such as Peer Power!
                         Cultivate new partnerships w/business
                         and prof organizations
College Strategic                                                                                            Unique Indicator Documentation
Indicators               Unique Indicators Added                 Unique Indicator Data Provided              Provided                               Clear Connection between Goals and Unique Indicators
                         Yes                                     Yes                                         No                                     Some
Plan for Pushing Base-                                    Budget Restructuring: Base-Budget Plans for Academic Units Within the College
Budget Decisions
Down to the Academic Additional resources from re-basing ($2.5 to $4.4 million over 5 years) will be used in accordance with the academic plan and dependant upon the exact amount received. If $750,000
Units                  in re-basing funds were received in FY 2002, they would use these resources

    f:\Strategic Analysis\Annual Reports\annual reports 01\a55f47f5-51f5-4a70-8854-893e031af5f4.xls                                                                                            5/3/2013
                                                             COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES
                                                          2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals              2001 College Goals           How Goals Met                 2002 College Goals             Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                       Hired 6 Selective Investment
                                                       hires and internationally
                                                       recognized scholar;                                              Secured commitment of National
                            Sustain eminence of        Linguistics, Germanic Lang,                                      Endowment for Humanities to the
                            Linguistics and move add'l Philosophy, English & History                                    innovative renovation of Hagerty
                            depts into national        high rankings among public Investment in distinguished           Hall for foreign language and
Build a World Class Faculty prominence                 universities                  senior faculty                     culture instruction
                                                                                     Earmark resources for faculty
                                                                                     development, including
                                                                                     additional support of faculty
                            Invest in faculty research                               research

                                                             Improved TA training                                        Faculty committees concluded
                                                             program, increased # of                                     that resources were not sufficient
                              Continue to develop new        honors courses & study                                      to realize all the goals and that
                              academic programs,             abroad opportunities;       Revitalization of Hagerty Hall, progress required a maximum
Develop High-Quality          particularly multidisciplinary expanded Humanities         especially Hagerty's World      efficient use of current funds & a
Academic Programs             programs                       Scholars Programs           Media & Culture Center          clear sense of priorities
                                                                                         2 new doctoral programs in
                                                                                         Comparative Studies and
                                                                                         Women's Studies
                                                           Eliminated some of the
                                                           budget barriers to            Eliminate dept barriers to
                                                           interdisciplinary endeavors   interdisciplinary work

                                                           Rigorous curriculum reviews
Enhance the Quality of        Curriculum                   ensure programs served the
Teaching & Learning           review/instruction           students
                              Meeting enrollment                                         Meeting student demand is
                              demand                                                     critical to the College

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                                                           COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES
                                                        2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals              2001 College Goals         How Goals Met                  2002 College Goals               Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                                                        When renovations are
                                                                                        complete in early 2004,
                                                                                        Hagerty and its World Media
                                                                                        & Culture Center will            The College will provide $1.9
                                                                                        revolutionize the way foreign    million to Hagerty's renovation
                              Improving the learning                                    languages and cultures are       and $5.0 million for technologies
                              environment                                               taught and learned               to support it
                                                                                        $5.0 million for technologies
                                                                                        to support the new Hagerty
                                                                                        World Media & Culture
                              Enhancing technology                                      Center

                                                         Improved TA training           College will invest in
                                                         program, increased # of        departments that
                                                         honors courses & study         demonstrate a strong
                                                         abroad opportunities;          commitment to academic
Enhance & Better Serve the                               expanded Humanities            excellence and use their
Students                                                 Scholars Programs              resources wisely & efficiently

                                                         Commitment to Diversity
                              Focus on Recruitment to    reflected in multicultural     First woman and African-
Create a Diverse University   advance goal of diverse    make-up of faculty, staff,     Amer will be appointed Chair
Community                     community                  students.                      of English in Autumn 2002
                                                                                        Sustained commitment to
                              Focus on Retention to                                     diversity in recruitment,
                              advance goal of diverse                                   retention, curriculum, &
                              community                                                 climate
                                                         Developed Institute for the
                              Focus on Climate to        Study of Race & Ethnicity in
                              advance goal of diverse    Americas, ASL courses,
                              community                  Comparative Ethnic Studies
                                                         Curricula within all Depts
                                                         promote multicultural
                              Focus on Content of        awareness. 30 languages
                              Courses to advance goal of represents hundreds of
                              diverse community          countries around the world
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                                                                  COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES
                                                               2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals                 2001 College Goals            How Goals Met                  2002 College Goals          Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                                                           Renewed attention Outreach
                                                                                           Scholarship now received in
                                                                                           annual reviews & promotion &
                                                             Preparation of K-12 teachers, tenure deliberations will
                                                             partnerships with business,   ensure the College remains
                                 Build Ohio's future through community, and prof           on of the University's most
Help Build Ohio's Future         outreach & engagement       organizations                 engaged units
                                                             Advance placement history
                                                             teachers in high schools
                                                             across the state

                                                               Dept of English granted an
                                                               OBR Eminent Scholar Award
                                                               Foreign Language Center's
                                                               Collaborative Articulation &
                                                               Assessment Project

Budget Restructuring
                      Best Practices                                  Help Needed                 Issues/Concerns

New resources will be allocated in ways that guard existing
and future revenue streams, enhance the student
experience and reward achievement.                                                            Impact of changes to GEC

Ensure each unit makes most efficient use of its budget
and human resources. Units whose expenditures exceed
resources will be required to submit a plan for closing this

a55f47f5-51f5-4a70-8854-893e031af5f4.xls                                       9                                                               5/3/2013

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