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					                         Millbrook Residents’ Association
                                   AGM Minutes
                                  12th May 2011

ITEM                       DESCRIPTION                                      ACTION
  1. Account information & Karla O’Neill reported that the balance b/fwd
     collection update     from last year was €183.60. Since our money
                           collection commenced in April we have
                           collected €2293 from 79 houses. Expenses
                           associated with grass cutting and shrub
                           planting so far comes to €332.82 giving us an
                           a/c balance of €2143.78. Many thanks to those
                           who have paid their contribution and we would
                           like to encourage those who have yet to pay to
                           do so at their earliest convenience. It is
                           possible to pay in instalments if that suits you
  2. Grass cutting         We have been testing a system of hiring a
                           lawnmower and cutting the grass in the
                           common areas ourselves. This has been in
                           operation for just over a month now and all
                           agreed that despite a few teething problems it
                           is working well so far and saving us a lot of
                           money. We took names of nine new volunteers
                           to add to the three we already have. We would
                           like to thank all of those who put their names
                           forward. It was agreed that we will draw up a    Karla
                           calendar of dates when cutting will need to be
                           done. This will be distributed to all volunteers
                           who will then choose the dates that best suit
                           It was also mentioned that Meath County
                           Council provide financial assistance in the form
                           of a grant to Resident Associations’ who wish to
                           purchase their own lawnmower and strimmer.
                           The deadline for application has passed for this
                           year but we will consider applying for grant aid
                           next year based on the success of this years
  3. Clean-up day          Our first clean-up day for this year was held on
                           the 16th April and was very successful. Thanks
                           to all who came out and helped on the day, it
                           was great to see some new faces. It was noted
                           that a lot of domestic waste was dumped in the
                           skip both by residents of our own estate and
                           surrounding estates. As a result we ran out of
                           space in the skip for the hedging we pulled out
                         at our boundary with Spire View. We needed
                         to hire a second skip from AES at a cost of
                         €120. All residents are asked not to dump any
                         of their own domestic waste in the skip on
                         cleaning days and to be vigilant of any persons
                         who do and report it to a member of the
                         committee. It was suggested that on future
                         cleaning days that the skip be placed at a
                         location further into the estate where it cannot
                         be seen by passers by. We will definitely be
                         doing this going forward. A second cleaning        committee
                         day is to be arranged towards the end of June
                         and notice will be given to all in advance.
4. Estate maintenance    A number of residents have requested that we
   etc.                  look into installing speed ramps and signs in
                         the estate to help eliminate the problem of cars
                         driving too fast around the estate. We asked
                         for a show of hands from attendees who agreed
                         that we should go ahead and spend funds on
                         this. We got a show of 14 hands from the 19
                         attendees. We will get quotes of the costs         Claire
                         involved and possible insurance requirements
                         etc and will go ahead with the installation as
                         long as enough funding is available to us.
                         We have also received requests to replace the
                         current Millbrook sign at the entrance to the
                         estate with an engraved stone. This is
                         something we have also agreed to price and         Claire
                         will do if enough funding is available also.
                         We also plan to replace the dead hedging at the
                         front of the estate and plant shrubs throughout    committee
                         the estate at number signs etc. We are also
                         hoping to plan a sports day/bbq for later in the
5. Estate taking in      Colette Monahan contacted the council              committee
   charge                requesting an update on the status of our
                         request for them to take the estate in charge.
                         The person handling our case is currently on
                         holidays and will contact Colette with an update
                         in the coming weeks. We are currently three
                         years into the process so we will find out what
                         has occurred to date and what needs to happen
                         going forward. We will inform all residents of
                         any updates we receive.
6. Neighbourhood watch   Claire Murphy contacted our community Garda        committee
                         to find out what was required for us to set-up
                         our own Neighbourhood Watch programme
                           within the estate. She was informed that we
                           must get agreement from a significant number
                           residents before we can go ahead and set one
                           up. This needs to be done through a process of
                           form filling. These forms are then passed to
                           the community Garda who will then arrange a
                           meeting with all residents. We will need a
                           representative on each street who will report all
                           incidents to the main co-ordinator who will
                           liaise with the community Garda. Claire asked
                           if we wanted to include the apartments in this
                           and it was decided that it would be a good idea.
                           We will be calling to all residents with the forms
                           in the coming weeks.
7. Meath Pride of Place    Karla O’ Neill informed attendees of this
   awards                  competition that the council hold every July.
                           Housing estates are divided into categories
                           based on size and judged on appearance,
                           cleanliness, community spirit etc. 1st prize is
                           €500, 2nd prize €300 and 3rd prize €200. The
                           deadline for entry was April 1st so we’ve missed
                           it for this year but it is something we will
                           definitely consider entering next year as it
                           would be a great way of further boosting our
                           community spirit and give us something
                           positive to work towards.
8. UPC – installation of   Claire Murphy and Karla O’Neill were
   ducting                 approached by UPC who are looking for
                           permission in writing from the residents’
                           association to allow them to install ducting that
                           will enable them to provide service to house
                           numbers 135-163 to whom they currently
                           cannot provide a service. They will need to
                           install a duct/pipe in the road from their
                           existing manhole outside 166/167 to connect
                           with ducting in footway outside 163. The
                           works will take one day to complete and works
                           will be completed half of the road at a time.
                           Contractors are tied into a 2 year reinstatement
                           guarantee. It was agreed that we should allow
                           the works to go ahead providing we get to sign
                           off on satisfactory completion of the works and
                           that we are covered for any problems that may
                           arise as a result of the works.
9. Wall between            Claire Murphy is trying to get a consensus to      Claire
   Millbrook &             put an opening in the wall between our estate
   Johnstown Wood          and Johnstown Wood to allow access to a
                        safer/quicker walkway to St Stephen’s school.
                        It was noted and many adults and children
                        currently scale the wall to gain access which is
                        a safety concern. The council have agreed to
                        perform and pay for all work involved in
                        opening the walkway. It was agreed that we
                        should poll all residents to see if we can get a
                        majority agreement on opening up the walkway
                        and then liaise with Johnstown Wood to try and
                        achieve an agreement with them. Work can
                        only go ahead once agreement is reached with
                        a majority.
10.   Election of new   Colette Monahan stepped down as Chairperson
  committee members     and Niall McGough stepped down as Secretary.
                        Karla O’Neill put herself forward to remain as
                        Treasurer and Clement Pavie to remain as
                        Assistant Treasurer. Both nominations were
                        seconded and passed. Claire Murphy came
                        forward for Chairperson and David Walsh for
                        Assistant Chairperson. Maria Tenor came
                        forward as Secretary. All were seconded
                        electing the new committee for 2011. On
                        behalf of all residents the committee wish to
                        thank Colette and Niall for their valuable
                        contributions since the residents’ association
                        was formed in 2005. You will be missed.
11.    AOB              Clement Pavie informed us of a complaint he      committee
                        received from a resident living on the road with
                        house numbers 26-73 about people visiting the
                        apartments parking in front of her house. A
                        number of residents agreed that this is a big
                        problem and that they often come home and
                        cannot find a parking spot on the road outside
                        their home. There are more spaces than
                        houses so there should definitely be enough for
                        everybody. The committee will contact the
                        Gardai in Kells who have a traffic division that
                        deals with illegal parking to find out what our
                        legal rights are with regards non-residents
                        parking in our spaces. We will also contact the
                        council regarding the legal ownership of the
                        parking spaces and whether we are entitled to
                        operate a permit parking system and clamp
                        those who park there without a permit.
                        Maria Tenor informed us of a complaint she
                        received about a red car parked on the main
                        road outside the apartments. It has been
parked there a long time and appears to be
abandoned. The committee will contact the
Gardai to inform them of this and find out what
can be done.
Karla O’Neill informed attendees of a letter
received from Meath local sports partnership
who are hosting an innovative workshop for
parents to help them organise a SPORTS DAY
for their own community. The workshop is to
take place in early June and three volunteers
are needed to attend. A nominal grant will be
available to successful communities. Claire
Murphy, Fiona Donahoe and Karla O’Neill
volunteered to attend the workshop provided it
takes place in the evening time.

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