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					      My ‘Best of’ UFO Book Review
          Featuring a Paola Harris Press Release:
                              By Dennis Whitney

                   Artist’s tribute to the late Dr. John Mack

I’ve decided to put forth, and offer my take on some of the titles that
have influenced and guided my own research over the years. There
are some titles you feel may belong, that I have neglected to mention,
and they probably deserve some worthy space here as well. But this
is about the books that actually changed my way of thinking,
expanded my belief and consciousness, and basically proved to be
pivotal in where my worldview now stands. There are others, but
these brought me to where I am today. And I’m appreciative of the
knowledge these authors have conveyed.

I am also including the recent worldwide press release of Paola
Harris’ latest book, ‘All of the Above’, for which I was privileged to
be a small part of. Paola is not like other researchers, in the traditional
sense. Rather than a ‘boots on the ground’ scientific sort, Paola
specializes in the interviews of the greatest names in the field. No one
seems better at capturing the wisdom and relaxed openness of
researchers, experiencers, whistle blowers, and military officials, in
her beautifully documented, word-for-word style. She prints what
they say, with no alteration, letting us all into the lives of those we
want to hear the words directly from. These interviews round out,
and cut to the chase of the many volumes of print out there. Her
works are a necessary part of any serious researcher or enthusiast’s
book collection.

So following the ‘All of the Above’ Press Release (below) during the
recent X-Conference in Washington D.C., is a list of just a few
personal favorite books of mine. You will note several Roswell
themed titles, but they were chosen for completely different slants on
the subject. The list below is in no particular order, and cover the
spectrum of most things ET, starting with one of the darker
hypotheses by Dr. David Jacobs, and running the gamut from
abductions, to ET technology and back-engineering, to the possible
existence of these entities roaming and colluding with our officials,
within the very halls of our own governments! They should prove to
be a great foundation to your own study of the most important
subject in the world! And I found it necessary to include the topic of
how it all fits within the multi-dimensional paradigm that seems to
now be unfolding, and all truly engrossing in their own right, for one
reason or another! They have each helped to shape my worldview of
the subject. If you feel the same after these mini-reviews, I hope
you’ll also invest a few well-spent dollars to pick them up from
Amazon, or directly from the authors themselves, then, to share what
you learn, to help in the continuance and advancement of the ever-
expanding consciousness we need now more than ever. I’ve added
direct links below each review to take you to their pages. Enjoy.

     Initial Press Release: April 18, 2009 at the X-Conference in Washington D.C.

         This book is dedicated to Coast to Coast host George Noory because he has
inspired the responses in this book: All of The Above. Filled with important information,
this book will stimulate the mind. It includes essays from the top researchers all over the
world as to the possible conclusions they have reached about the UFO Phenomena over
the years. Woven with Paola’s “word for word” interviews which include Steven Bassett,
Dr. Michael Salla, Richard Hoagland, Grant Cameron, Larry Warren, Kathleen Marden,
Jim Sparks, J.J. Hurtak, Clifford Stone, and Italian contactee Maurizio Cavallo, it is a fine
work of contemporary UFO research. It is an excellent reference for students of
Exopolitics, the study of the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth and its social and political
implications for mankind.

"In my 31 years of pursuing the truth about UFO's I have met very few people of the
caliber of Paola. It was a distinct honor and pleasure to finally meet and get to know her
better at X-Conference's I & II.
What brought us close together quickly was our shared respect and
admiration for the work of Dr. John Mack. In her life long quest for
exopolitical truth and planetary peace there is no finer journalistic
example of honesty, integrity, compassion and courage than Paola."
 Mike Bird - director Exopolitics Toronto.
“Well Paola, I gotta tell you that since Richard C Hoagland introduced us to each other,
it has been quite a journey.You are remarkable for the work you have done in this
community, this incredible community of people who want to get to the bottom of UfOs.
They need you! I put you up there with the Stanton Friedmans and all those other
George Noory - December 27th 2008 Broadcast of Coast to Coast.

Exopolitics originally emerged as a defined concept in the United States in 2000. It has
since spread around the world, and no one has done more to bring Exopolitics to Europe
than Paola Harris. Her work is now acknowledged worldwide. Through research,
conferences, articles and interviews, she is helping to educate people about the most
profound issue in human history - the formal disclosure of and eventual open contact
with an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet earth and the human race.
Stephen Bassett
Paradigm Research Group

"Paola Harris is an investigative journalist whose quest for the truth about
UFOs has taken her all around the world. Her dedication is legendary and she has
obtained numerous scoops through her meticulous research and tenacious approach.
Paola has made a major contribution to this subject by placing into the public domain a
vast body of direct testimony from key figures in this field."
Nick Pope - Researcher, UK

Paola (through her UFO travels) has added a great wealth of data pertaining to the
UFO Enigma that has introduced and shown to newcomers of the subject that there is
indeed a very real case to be answered. A powerful UFOlogist.
Malcolm Robinson, UK
SPI (Founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations)

 I'll tell you that Paola Harris, is a wonderfully gracious and compassionate individual,
and it is exactly why people open up to her. But it's those quiet, personal moments with
John Mack, Phil Corso and J. Allen Hyneck that she should very much treasure. That
type of intimacy, with such strong souls, who came forth on subject matters that simply
invited ridicule in their time, makes their time with us all the more important. She has
shared a very personal, trusted, and historic place in the lives of these great men and
other witnesses, who were the essence of what I truly see as nothing less than heroic.
So thanks for the book, and letting me, and so many others into the lives of these
wonderful people.
Dennis Whitney - Contributor to Australia
UFO Researcher and Columnist for

                           To purchase from Amazon:
           1.   The Threat – David Jacobs, Ph.D.

From Amazon:
The world's foremost academic expert on UFOs and alien abductions provides the first
evidence-based explanation of a mystery that has perplexed scientists for decades.
Based on more than 700 hypnotic-regression interviews with alien abductees and a
Roper survey of 6,000 adults, The Threat reveals why the aliens are here and what they
want, explains why their agenda has been kept secret, and exposes their frightening
plans for earth and its inhabitants. In a direct, authoritative challenge to researchers
who believe the abduction phenomenon is essentially benevolent and spiritually uplifting,
Professor David M. Jacobs proves that there is a far more disturbing and potentially
dangerous plan underway, with possible alien domination at its core.
In this remarkably well-researched and well-written book, Professor Jacob has added a
new complexity and depth to our knowledge of the UFO and abduction phenomena. The
secret alien agenda revealed here is ominous, but it must be confronted before it is too

My thoughts on ‘The Threat’:
This book is simply uneasy at best, and frightening at worst, in its implications of what
the abduction phenomena represents. Dr. Jacobs has taken a stand here that goes much
against the grain, and against many of his peers. Though a widely respected researcher,
and Associate Professor of History at Temple University, by those in the field, his views
seem a bit harsh, with little room for the potential positives the abduction scenario may
actually gift the experiencer with (Think: Jim Sparks, Betty and Barney Hill, etc.). I
found it a fascinating read, and always appreciate a strong stance, regardless of the
backlash it may bring. But his being a student of Budd Hopkins (and reluctantly, to face
the truth of abductions) many years ago, has brought Dr. Jacobs to conclusions I simply
think others will not admit to being plausible. If a race of beings is abducting humans,
doing various forms of DNA extraction, then to what end, if not for their own darker
purpose? You could state the case that this is only meant to PROTECT our race from
future catastrophes, or in Dr. Jacob’s view, it’s to re-inhabit the planet with a hybrid
species of their superior intellect and spirituality, and our emotion, all to re-populate a
planet they know is about to go to hell in a hand basket, and all to jumpstart life once
again with the perfect (?) being. Regardless of the side of the fence you may sit on, he
states a scary, but possible case for what’s coming.

                          To purchase from Amazon:

                   2.   The Keepers – Jim Sparks

From Amazon:
Since 1988, Jim Sparks has been working with intelligent, nonhuman beings from
off-planet locations. Unlike any other abductees, he has conscious awareness of his
experiences with approximately 95 percent clear recall of technology, including time
travel, invisibility, multidimensionality, and manipulation of gravity and
electromagnetic fields. His firsthand reports of sperm extraction, breeding programs,
shape-shifting, and thought-activated transport are astonishing, as is his personal
journey from anger at the invasion to gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of
saving the Earth from self-destruction. After a 1996 mass abduction, Jim was
initiated as a participant, rather than as an unwilling abductee. It became clear to
him that some ETs have become very concerned about their investment in planet
Earth. He was given a message: "Your planet is dying." He was told to instruct
humanity to: restore the Earth's ecological balance, grant amnesty to those who
have suppressed the truth about the long-term alien presence on Earth, and bring
forth all the concealed knowledge and technologies that extraterrestrial visitors have
given to humans. He is an ambassador for human cosmic awareness and a voice for
the ridiculed and dismissed people who have been contacted by alien civilizations.

My thoughts on ‘The Keepers’:
For me, this is the quintessential book on the abduction program. Had it not been for
Jim’s clear recollection of events, there would be so many holes in the its purpose. But
that’s not the case here. You can take all the known experiencers across the literary
world, and even they can only quote you these moments of conscious recollection, some
meaning, some glimpse of their surroundings and beings, and maybe even an implanted
artifact to take home. But Jim’s account reads like a book. A stream of experiences,
illustrating every facet of the phenomena we want to know! From their purpose (to a
degree), to how he’s brought aboard, to their use of technology, to the message we’ve
heard before, but never so filled with imagery, of the state of our planet. But even after
20+ years of abductions, and even learning their alphabet, he is still not convinced they
are here for purely altruistic reasons. It’s a quid pro quo, it seems. They give Jim the info
he desires at their pace, he moves in a direction to better our planet (as many experiencers
have described), but all at a price somehow that benefits them, not us, in the end. Maybe
a plundering of our resources? Just one thought being tossed around. But you take all of
this, and you listen to Jim speak, and it helps appreciate his words on paper, as he is so
seemingly genuine and modest in his demeanor. This is a must have book if you would
like as much detail as you can get about what this all looks, feels, and sounds like, once
you are ‘pulled’ into the craft!

                 Watch the Project Camelot interview with Jim here:

                           To purchase from Amazon:

         3.   Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. 2 –
                    Linda Moulton Howe

My thoughts on ‘Glimpses of Other Realities - Vol. 2’:
Linda is a type all her own. To try to compare what it is that makes her similar to another
researcher in the UFO field, would be a hard-pressed task to attempt. There are many
researchers out there. Many very qualified and intelligent researchers, who truly know
what they are studying. But Linda is an award-winning journalist, who dives about as
deeply into the science of it all, as anyone I’ve known, while cobbling together so many
of the puzzle pieces of the ET presence. From some of the best interviews you’ll ever
hear, asking many of the RIGHT questions we want asked, to her decades-long scientific
study of cattle mutilations, to all the forensic stuff that separates the anecdotal from
evidence of real visitation. This book is almost compiled in an encyclopedic manner. If
there is some facet of the phenomena that interests you, you will probably find it here,
with a fair amount of scientific study to back her claims. You hear from the military
personnel present during some major ET events, as well as what our government truly
knows about it all. You’ll see the secret Majestic Documents, protocols written by the
military on how to handle the craft and beings, as well as how Bigfoot even fits into all of
this! This is more of a reference guide than anything else. Have it on your shelf. Because
as events have occurred in our skies over the years, I’ve found it helpful to go back and
re-read certain passages that tie together what’s happening!

               Interview with Linda Moulton Howe on You Tube here:

                          To purchase from Amazon:

     4.   Witness to Roswell – Thomas Carey and
                     Donald Schmidt

   From Amazon:
   Witness to Roswell will hold you spellbound as you read the actual eyewitness
   testimony to an amazing event; the recovery of a UFO in 1947 just outside of
   Roswell, New Mexico. Witnesses will not only reveal that the alien crew were
   placed in body bags and packed in dry ice, but most astonishing of all, that one
   of them survived the crash.
   Witness to Roswell exhaustively presents accounts of witnesses to the crash,
   the military containment and recovery, the high level of security surrounding all
   phases of the cleanup operation, deathbed testimonies, sealed posthumous
   statements, and the extreme measures the U.S. government has taken to
   prevent people from telling the truth.

   You will be shocked to learn that:
   *The Air Force used death threats against civilian eyewitness and their children
   to silence them.
   *The Air Force turned a small New Mexico town upside down and inside
   search of a weather balloon?
   *The Air Force's next "official" explanation for Roswell will be its fifth!
   *The true number of witnesses supporting an extraterrestrial event at Roswell
   versus those favoring the Air Force's balloon explanation. Hint: It's like
   comparing the Empire State Building to a low-rise.

   Witness to Roswell asserts that the truth cannot be forever suppressed: An
   alien vessel really did arrive, bodies were recovered, and they were not from

My thoughts on ‘Witness to Roswell’:
Like many of us, I’ve read and heard so much about Roswell over the years, that I feel
I’ve heard about enough. Until more confessions come forward, deathbed and otherwise,
what more is there to hear? Well that’s what makes this book so tasty! The first
impression you get in the early chapters, is the incredibly unbiased approach to which
these two researchers, Thomas Carey and Don Schmidt, go about their work. You don’t
get a single vibe that these guys will fall for any story that comes their way from
supposed ‘witnesses’ to the event. And they do a fine job of parsing through those
timewasters. But it is the overwhelming scope to which they’ve undertaken this task.
From the time needed, to the hundreds of leads, balanced with what time they may have
left from these aging witnesses, they miss nothing. I walked away with a greater respect
and a solidified belief on those strange events over the desert in ’47. How you could
possibly read all that they’ve unearthed in this book, and still come away thinking
weather balloons, is beyond comprehension. And oh yes, there are the deathbed
confessions and affidavits (i.e. Walter Hautt) that just place the final nail in this coffin.
Those events happened, and this is the best Roswell research I’ve read yet.

                           To purchase from Amazon:


             5.   Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara
   From Amazon:
   Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara
   Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a
   group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to
   reach a new stage of evolution. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial,
   these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning his or her
   existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious--and

My thoughts on ‘Bringers of the Dawn’:
Here is a book that sadly (in retrospect) languished on my shelf for quite a few months,
since being brought to my attention at the Gilliland ECETI ranch, by Brenna Iset, a very
gifted channel, herself. But it was my reluctance at the time, to pay much attention to
anything other than the purest of UFO literature I could absorb. This could wait, couldn’t
it? Anything that speaks of ‘Teachings from the Pleiadians’ would be gotten around to,
but there it sat nonetheless. But to spend time at the ECETI ranch is to open up to a wider
reality. A world of dimensions, light beings, contact, and consciousness. Not just UFOs.
They are almost the icing on the cake when you look more deeply into all the activity
there. But I mention ‘The Ranch’ as it teaches you (consciously or unconsciously) that
everything happens in its proper time and place. This book was an example of that. To
have read this a year earlier than I did, would have had little impact or meaning to me, as
it is the experiences that followed my visit, that were to be explained in these pages! This
is a book that has left me awestruck in its timing, and its content. Written in 1994, it was
speaking of all the phenomena now in my life! This was a game changer of a book. The
‘expanded and instant knowledge’ many of us would be receiving, and I was now living,
was in here. The ‘tones in the ear’ as I was beginning to experience was in here. If you
are feeling at all curious as to what is happening to you as many of us have, this may be
your time to pick this book up. To think, written in ’94, read in ’08, but would have had
little to no meaning in ’07 for me. Amazing.

                               To purchase from Amazon:

              6.   Exopolitics – Dr. Michael Salla

From Amazon:
According to Dr. Michael Salla and many other experts in the field of ET research, for
almost 70 years the US government has engaged in an extensive "official effort" of
disinformation, intimidation and tampering with evidence in order to maintain a non-
disclosure policy about extraterrestrial presence. Writes Dr. Salla: "Ever since I
began to publish the early versions of the chapters in this book in January 2003 as
"Study Papers" on my website... I have received a consistent stream of supportive
letters encouraging my research, and unsolicited information from former
government, military, intelligence employees confirming many of my hypotheses.
This has given me hope that eventually full disclosure of the extraterrestrial
presence on the planet will occur, since interest is high and so much information is
now in the public arena. States Jim Marrs, author of Rule by Secrecy and Alien
Agenda: "Michael Salla presents an astounding and eye-brow raising alterative
history of the past 100 years. He postulates that since at least the 1930s every
major war and policy decision has been in response to an undisclosed extraterrestrial
presence on Earth.

My thoughts on ‘Exopolitics – Political Implications of the ET Presence’:
This has, without a doubt, become one of my favorite aspects of this subject. There are
certainly a number of researchers you could go to, to learn about this subject (i.e. Alfred
Webre, Paola Harris, Steven Bassett, etc.), but this is always the first name that comes to
mind for me. Michael has proven himself extremely articulate and passionate in this
particular area, while offering up scenarios I had never DREAMED of, prior to reading
this book! Sure, I’ve heard of the ETs that look like us (or is it us that look like them?),
wandering the halls of Congress and our Capitol, working hand-in-hand with certain
members of the government. I’ll buy that. There’s been enough evidence of our
communication and collusion within these deeper, darker, chambers of a shadow
government. But would you believe that we seemingly know of 57 various races visiting
us? Clifford Stone has also confirmed that in his interviews. Would you ever have
believed in a plausible theory for Iraq being the keepers of such artifacts as a Stargate,
and the reason behind our invasion, and the ‘professional’ looting of the museum for ET
artifacts? That’s pretty brazen, and assumedly so, very contentious if shared with
someone of opposing beliefs, or even within the military who was not of a ‘need to
know’ status. But to read this account, as told by those on ‘the inside’ just blows your
world open! You may or may not believe it when you’re finished, but this book WILL
make you think! If you’re studying Exopolitics now, and what the implications of the
release of what our government KNOWS to be true, then you must start here. You simply
cannot be fully rounded in your theories until you absorb the positions of Dr. Salla.

                         Visit Dr. Salla’s Exopolitics site here:

                           To purchase from Amazon:

       7.   Gaia Project 2012 – Hwee-Yong Jang

From Amazon:
According to Hwee-Yong Jang, the world as we know it will undergo a
profound transformation by 2012


As part of a grand cosmic plan called the Gaia Project, the earth is already
undergoing a purification process-marked by natural disasters, disease, war, and
social chaos-that will ultimately end in our planet's ascension to a new dimension.
Jang's prophetic proclamation-communicated to him through channeling, dreams,
and energy reading-explains countless mysteries about the world, including:
•   The origins of the world and humankind
•   The collapse of Lemuria and Atlantis
•   Reincarnation and past-life memories
•   The purpose of life and the meaning of existence
•   The nature of consciousness
•   New revelations regarding alien life

This visionary text reveals how each of us can prepare for the coming "Great
Change" and take part in the universal expansion of consciousness. Along with a
thorough description of the purpose of the Gaia Project, this field guide to the future
includes a question and answer section, recommended reading list, and glossary to
provide additional insight into the unprecedented challenges and opportunities that
lie ahead.

About the Author
Hwee-Yong Jang's (Korea) life-changing practice of energy work and gi led to an
interest in clairvoyance, reincarnation, the spiritual world, and UFOs. The message of
the earth's “Great Change” was communicated to him through channeling, dreams,
and energy reading.

My thoughts on ‘Gaia 2012’:
This is another of those books that have become the foundation to my belief in a much
greater reality and plan, through the living, breathing organism we call Mother Earth. As
you begin to learn about other dimensions, extrasensory communications with ETs, and
loved ones long passed, you begin to feel the connections to it all. UFOs become only a
PART of this much more elaborate mechanism that seems to create and distribute life in
all its forms, for a much greater purpose. And instilling the idea that while we may
quickly denote things we don’t quite understand as ‘supernatural’, there seems to be
something very natural, but no less mind bending than what’s put forth here. As a student
of all things 2012, I’m not sure where my understanding would be without this book. A
huge gap would need to be filled. But you must first go along with the idea that this
author IS being channeled by Gaia herself. If not the case, then this book is nothing. But I
have since seen several channels of Gaia that simply boggle the mind, and I have not
been able to reconcile as anything less than the truth (The wisdom, the conscious stream
of thought, no ummms or ahhhhs when answering deeper questions, and the sense it all
makes afterward). So that belief must first be there. Given that, he does seem genuine.
There is a wisdom that comes through the ‘real ones’, and we should listen, should it be
the truth we’re seeking. That being said, the knowledge this book will bring you, will
give meaning and understanding to the circle of life, the meaning of our changing
consciousness, and where we are heading. That part’s a bit unsettling, but it is all
necessary to pass, before reaching the immensely different paradigm we are now shifting

                             To purchase from Amazon:
   8.   Becoming Gods – A Reunion with Source
                  – James Gilliland

From Amazon:
This book contains prophecies and understandings concerning the past and future
destiny of Humanity and the Earth. The information in this book is true. It
transcends religious dogma, scientific dogma, social consciousness and will manifest
as factual in the days to come. To some it will be unbelievable; to others it will
resound in their heart of hearts and empower them to expand into, own and
remember their divine origin. You are all eternal beings, loving, joyous, wise and
powerful manifesting Gods and Goddesses. You have experienced many lives, on
many planes and many dimensions. You have ancestors in the stars as well. This
book is a beginning and a foundation to assist the radical few who have the courage
and desire to start an outrageous journey and march forward into becoming Gods -
an interdimensional journey into omniprescence.

About the Author
After a near-death experience, James Gilliland became an open door or conscious
channel for the Beautiful Many Angelic Guides and Ascended Masters. He possesses
what is know as inter-dimensional mind. His twenty years of experience include six
years of yoga, the teachings of the Inner Christ Ministry and the Tibetan Foundation
where James was certified as a channel for the Highest Consciousness and Energy.

    The Ultimate Soul Jorney– James Gilliland
From the ECETI Website:

Th is B ook Is a M us t R ead F or The Aw akening of Spirit & The N ature o f
Ou r True S elves .

An I n terdi mens ion al Journe y w ith Angelic Guides , As cended M as ters ,
Th e M ar y C onnection, N D Es , P as t Lives , N ature S pirits , O rbs , Light
S p h er es , B igfoot, U FO s and the ultimat e connection w ith the S O U R C E.
A tr u e s tor y and autobiograph y of an outrageous life.

B y C azekiel R eceived through J ames G illiland.

"J a mes is a pers on w ho unders tands the activation of the planetar y
n etw o rk."
- D. E . Hu r tak an d D r . JJ Hur tak, Ph .D . A u th or of Th e B ook of
k n o w ledge, Th e K eys to E n och

" I h av e traveled further than mos t men have drea med. I have not found
a p lace of higher cons cious ness than the S elf M as tery Earth Ins titute,
n o r h ave I found a greater teacher and mas t er than J ames G illiland. I
h ig h ly reco mmend this book for s eekers of higher purpos e and mean ing
to lif e."
- Br o o ks A . A gn ew , Ph .D . Hos t of X -S qu ar ed R adio

My thoughts on ‘Becoming Gods’ and ‘Ultimate Soul Journey’:
I touched briefly on the ECETI ranch earlier, and will actually highlight two of James
Gilliland’s many books on the subject. There is so much to be said about the meaning and
activity that takes place on his Mt. Adams property that also goes well beyond UFOs. But
the more you read what I’ve selected, the more you’ll realize they are all just a part of the
whole. It’s still all about light, consciousness, intent, and vibration. Everything happens
for a reason. And UFOs are just one part of our advancement, and the ECETI ranch
seems to not only promote, but enhance that knowledge in us all. James is an
extraordinarily kind and gifted individual that draws an actual vibration of energy to him,
and those around him. What I knew and believed of the ECETI ranch could be considered
next to nothing before I got there, as compared to when I left several days later. It’s the
photographs of ships, and light beings, and orbs that simply abound at this place. It’s
watching James hold a completely dead laser pointer (for UFO tracking) in his hand for
several minutes, then hand it back to me with greater intensity and life in that beam than
when I bought it! Then it becomes the education about intent, and the response you’ll
actually receive from these craft as you’re thinking it! I witnessed that first hand, and am
still in awe over it. James has also shared his personal story of a Bigfoot close encounter,
which he stood before for many minutes, just feet away, before it left his sight and
disappeared. This again ties into the link Linda Howe has drawn to their presence around
UFOs. They seem to be inter-dimensional, which is what James had also observed. And it
is the teaching we were privileged to receive while with him and others at the ranch, that
are described in these two books. The information is profound, and so is the ranch
experience. Becoming Gods was full of information about those he speaks and channels
through the veil, and while even in the face of his own doubt, they have always guided
him to where he should be now. And that is the lesson. Learn to contact and listen to
these ascended masters, spirit guides, and light beings, and stay very open to what you
may find hard to believe as being possible. There is a plan at work, is the moral. The
Ultimate Soul Journey also delves into these areas, but with a much more human
component. It is essentially James’ personal story. A very self deprecating look at his
confusion during this process of enlightenment, and why he now feels a permanent link
has been established since his near death experience while surfing, many years ago. You
find yourself identifying with all of his troubles from the past, and with the hope you will
also overcome them once you learn the secret to meditation and communication during
these trying times. Soul Journey is a much easier read, and more a bio than anything. But
the two compliment each other as a beginner and advanced course, if you will. Very good
stuff to take with you in life. Both recommended. But do visit the ECETI ranch one day
to appreciate the full scope of it all!

To purchase these and other titles, directly from James Gilliland’s ECETI website:

    9.   Passport to the Cosmos – Dr. John Mack
From Amazon:
Here is a fascinating foray into an exotic world. From Harvard psychiatry professor
and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Mack comes a second book (after Abduction) based
on accounts by people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. While he fudges
the question of whether the aliens are "real in a strictly material sense," he insist
that the experience is "real" for the abductees, in the way that shamans' spiritual
journeys are real to them; indeed, a couple of his interviewees are shamans. He
focuses on the newly emerging spiritual importance of the alleged abductees'
message. Their reports, Mack believes, reveal much about human culture and the
future of the human race. In extensive interviews with Mack, those who claim to
have been abducted, report that the aliens are especially motivated by questions of
ecological destruction, and that they may even be survivors of a destroyed
civilization seeking to breed hybrid children with humans to ensure the survival of
both the human race and their own. Overwhelmingly, the abductees state that the
aliens visit Earth to warn us that our cavalier tree-cutting, water-polluting, trash-
dumping habits will have dire consequences if we do not change our ways.
Abductees are left with not only a profound caring for the environment, but with a
sense that they have encountered creatures sent by whatever power rules the
universe. They particularly find that their experiences resonate with Native American
religions. This discussion leads into what is possibly the most intriguing section of
the book, the examination of sex between humans and aliensAgreat sex, by
numerous accounts. But as a serious investigation into a mystifying experience,
Mack's account poses questions begging for answers.

My thoughts on ‘Passport to the Cosmos’:
John Mack is someone that I have admired for so many years now. It is such a shame,
and a true loss to this world, that someone like that should be taken from us while in the
prime of his career, and at the peak of his understanding. But again, life and death has its
purpose. But I, and others, miss him nonetheless. Dr. Mack was a professor of psychiatry
for Harvard University. It is that statement alone that sets him apart from the rest. Dr.
David Jacobs was, and is, an Associate Professor for a major university as well, but they
all followed in the footsteps of this man. This book is one of those that could honestly
pass as a university text, which is exactly where the Exopolitics proponents would like to
see it. It is a balanced, scientific study, with the greatest of modesty one could hope for. It
is the rational study and observation of abduction cases, measured against what the
scientific community can prove! But that can be said of a lot of books. The difference is,
he understood the science. Dr. Mack knew how to measure and gauge the sensibilities of
a patient. When they may be hallucinating, imagining, drugged up, or dreaming. He was
qualified to discount those cases when something truly anomalous landed on his lap.
Unlike the debunkers of our day that throw out these terms, like they have any idea how
to measure hallucinations or psychosis! That unfortunately doesn’t work well against
those who make such diagnoses. Besides the person Dr. Mack was known to be, and the
kindness he expressed for all, and the tolerance he withstood from his peers at Harvard, it
is his knowledge of BOTH sides of the abduction scenario that leave us all at a loss for
what he gave us. You also read this book, and you hear the honesty in the study. He
would often censor himself at what he couldn’t prove to be 110% reliable. Case studies
that sound quite genuine to the reader, but he would interject with how the information
might not stand up in a court of law, so to speak. And that’s the value of this book. You
learn about Dr. Mack, you read some great accounts from experiencers, and you learn
what a contribution it was that he made to this field. This is a newly released tenth
anniversary edition of the original, and is now available on Amazon.

                          To purchase from Amazon:

     10.   The Other Roswell – Ruben Uriarte and
                        Noe Torres
From Amazon:
Shocking eyewitness testimony that is just as riveting as the story of the 1947
Roswell UFO crash. On a clear spring day in 1955, Air Force pilot Robert Willingham
was flying an F-86 fighter jet across West Texas when he saw an object "as bright as
a star" streak past him and then execute a 90-degree turn going 2,000 miles per
hour. Giving chase in his jet, the decorated World War II and Korean War veteran
watched in awe as the object suddenly plummeted to Earth near Del Rio, Texas.
Soon after, he visited the crash site and saw a large, silver UFO impacted into the
side of a sandy hill. Nothing could have prepared him for what happened next, as his
life was about to change forever. Foreword by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, veteran UFO
researcher and bestselling author.

My thoughts on ‘The Other Roswell’:
This is a book that I picked up from Ruben Uriarte back in 2008, while at a UFO
conference in California. Ruben is one of those researchers who is just so generous and
decent to those around him. He is a standout in this field for not only his research, which
links us to the best cases from Mexico through his association with Jaime Maussan, but
also for tackling some of the most interesting, yet little-reported cases within our borders.
This is one of those cases. We tend to forget, that Roswell was not the only crashed
saucer there was. There have actually been quite a few (Google: Ryan Wood Crash
Retrieval). According to the testimony of pilot Bob Willingham, we have now, and have
had since 1947, a veritable ‘strike team’ ready to deploy anywhere in the world in the
event of a downed saucer, with full autonomy to cordon off the scene and extract the
vehicle and bodies! So for those that clamor “Why don’t we know about these crashes
then?” well that’s why.
But this story is fantastic! A pilot witnesses his jet being buzzed by a UFO, then watches
it crash, only to arrive later, and more covertly, in a smaller plane to visit the site secretly
with a military buddy, to find the strike team there already, shooing him away, not
knowing he witnessed the whole thing! But he saw what he needed to see. And the man
gives details. A great and easy read that branches out and away from the many cases we
already know of. As a footnote to this story, Ruben had shared quite a touching point
about the publishing of this book with me. Ruben managed to complete this book, and
have it in print for his father to see, just before he passed away. His father was very proud
of Ruben’s work, and it’s a very special moment in his life, that he is very lucky to have.
Ruben is a very good soul, and a fine writer and researcher. A great work. Pick this one
up. It’s like none other.

   To purchase the book from Ruben’s site directly, and to even hear the original
                    radiocast of the Roswell crash back in1947:

                            To order from Amazon:

              11.        Awakening – Mary Rodwell

From Amazon:
Mary Rodwell RN, midwife, counsellor, hypnotherapist, and metaphysician. Co-
founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network.)
ACERN supports individuals and families with "encounter" experiences. It also
provides information to the public and raising awareness in therapeutic/medical and
healing professions. ACERN recently featured in the "The Australian Doctors" Journal,
(November 2003,) re the Abduction Phenomenon. Author and International speaker
Mary has appeared in several television documentaries. She is director and presenter
for the EBE award winning documentaries "Expressions of ET Contact..a visual
Blueprint?" And Expressions of ET Contact a communication and Healing Blueprint?

Author of the book ‘Awakening" How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your
Life.Â’ Mary is Vice president of the Star Kids Project and official representative of
the Star Kids Project Ltd. Australia.
In 9 years over 850 individuals have resourced ACERN Nationally and
Internationally, U.K, America, Europe, Russia, Japan and South America.

Mary research embraces both physical and metaphysical implications of Contact. Her
research demonstrates similarities between Contact experience and a modern day
‘shamanic journey.’ Most clients exhibit transformative changes such as
heightened psi abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing. Also complex artwork,
scripts, symbols and strange languages, as part of their Contact experiences, with a
"down-loading" of information" an eight year old called "knowledge bombs."
Complex data conveyed through mental images and concepts, ‘energy signatures’
or "wave forms ‘ at this heightened consciousness level. Children whose families
have a history of Contact often display this multi-dimensional awareness. "Star
Children." or as Mary calls them " the new kids on the block,Â’ exhibit a maturity and
wisdom beyond their years, past life memories and dual consciousness sharing and
often connect to spirit and angelic realms.

Mary shares personal testimony of Star children and their families. Explore the
fascinating range of visual, and vocal phenomenon that MaryÂ’s clients have
displayed, and learn what they have to say about it. What data supports this growing
phenomenon from a medical, psychological, scientific, and historical perspective?
What is the purpose of such transformative changes and what do "experiencers"
believe this all means? Is it ‘true’ that our children are being changed on many
levels through contact? What is our relationship with our Extraterrestrial visitors?
These questions and more will be explored in MaryÂ’s presentation of "Awakening"

My thoughts on ‘Awakening’:
Now this book from Mary Rodwell also gets to heart of the abduction scenario, much in
the way Dr. John Mack did. The differences are apparent though, in terms of the fields
they both worked, and John’s obvious hurdle in studying what he did, while a professor
at Harvard. But Mary has found her own niche in Australia, where she resides, and now
growing in name throughout the world. But I’m not here to vouch for her or her
qualifications. What Mary has done, is to interview a great number of experiencers /
contactees, to help put the many pieces together in her own way. And she is of one sharp
mind. I am fascinated when I hear her speak, and she is very fluent in her subject. The
book unfortunately, does not read quite as easily, but the information is certainly there.
Unlike Dr. Mack, Mary has now carried the baton to a newly evolving aspect of ET
studies, the Star Children (Indigo Children, Golden Children, etc.). She is about the study
of Awakenings, and how this latest generation of children seem to be playing a vital role,
and a very IMMINENT role, that says something is very close at hand. Children are
being born with extraordinary natural abilities and knowledge beyond their years (Past
life memory? Maybe.). They are born with greater compassion, caring for the planet, and
extrasensory abilities. Mary’s studies are showing that these children are growing up, and
somewhere during adolescence, switches are being turned on, in tandem, and on cue, for
some apparent reason, when the typical adults have not! Almost like a computer program
set to run a given time in their development, for some unknown purpose. Is this what the
hybrid program has brought us? Are these the new generation that will inhabit our
societies in our time of greatest need? Well, this is why I simply love this woman’s work.
So again, the book gets quite technical, but she’s covering a very important angle at a
most crucial time.
Listen to this incredible (and important) interview with Mary Rodwell, as a guest on
                             Coast to Coast, back in 2006:

                           To purchase from Amazon:

  12. The Day After Roswell – Colonel Philip

From Amazon:
As the 50th anniversary approaches of the crash of a so-called extraterrestrial craft
near Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO conspiracy theory is getting more attention.
These latest books approach Roswell from different perspectives but identical
agendas. Hesemann and Mantle are young UFO researchers who have visited
Roswell and spent several years collecting documents and eyewitness testimony
from people reputedly involved in either the crash recovery or its cover-up. (Most of
the eyewitnesses turn out not to be.) The authors trade off chapters, with Hesemann
using his anthropologist's training not only to tie the Roswell crash to Native
American legends but to claim that Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Greek alphabet
are directly related to the characters said to have adorned the crashed spacecraft's
exterior. Corso, a career military intelligence officer, claims to have managed myriad
research projects throughout the 1950s connected to recovery of the Roswell craft.
Like Hesemann and Mantle, he asserts that the Cold War was a cover to develop
"alien technology" that superpowers USA and USSR could not only use against the
other but against the threat of extraterrestrial invasion. The most memorable
passage in either book, however, is Hesemann and Mantle's suggestion that
President Clinton induced the warring parties to make peace in the Bosnian war only
by showing them proof of that alien menace. For public libraries convinced that pro-
UFO books are needed for balance, the Hesemann and Mantle may be appropriate.
The Corso is only for the few special libraries that have made documenting the
unconventional a collecting priority.?Scott H. Silverman, Bryn Mawr Coll. Lib., Pa.

My thoughts on ‘The Day After Roswell’:
Just as John Mack has proven to be one of those great, great losses in UFO history, so
was Colonel Philip Corso. This book touches the events of Roswell at a depth and angle
like no one else could, but the Colonel. This is a man that did not have an easy life,
however skilled and committed he was as a soldier. Holding the highest of clearances in
the military, Colonel Corso was very much on the ‘inside’ when it came to governmental
knowledge of ETs and UFOs. But this is a case, and years of consistent testimony, that
we (The U.S. Government), not only retrieved a downed crescent shaped craft in the
desert of New Mexico, but in fact ‘lifted’ those technologies as part of a back-
engineering project, to use in the private sector! Things such as microchips, fiber optics,
and night vision, were all supposedly originations from those very craft. Corso spoke
very publicly, and never changed his story. Some disagree with his rank and
qualifications, but he stood firm until his dying day. The unfortunate part of all of this
was the misquoting of some facts, and the words the Colonel actually used, by his co-
author, William Birnes. It was an honest mistake, I’m sure. But this is a prime example of
a nation of UFO enthusiasts who quickly threw the baby out with the bathwater. Corso
himself never earned back that respect and believability here in the states, as he probably
should have. He was a good an ethical man by all I’ve heard, and told the story straight,
without embellishment. In his final years though, he always found comfort and love
abroad, Italy in particular, where his well-earned respect remained intact. It’s quite a
yarn, and sometimes hard to fathom, but given the Colonel’s honesty in life, and telling
the story the same until his death, leads me to believe this is one of the most powerful
pieces of evidence for alien visitation and a UFO cover-up as this nation has ever seen. A
must have book, if we are to understand the breadth and depth of the greatest secret ever
kept by our government,

                         To purchase from Amazon:

          12.         Need to Know – Timothy Good
From Amazon:

Above Top Secret   is a bible for UFO watchers.

An obsessively researched look at what British sky-watcher Good (Alien Contact, 1993,
etc.) deems ample international evidence of UFO visitations since the 1930s, and the
repeated official denials that they ever happened. "UFOs are as real as the airplanes
that fly over your head," declared former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer in
2005. Good methodically lays out similar testimony from pilots, military men in air and
sea, civilian observers, surgeons who operated on the extraterrestrials, generals and
presidents, accompanying their words (some from sworn affidavits) with meticulous
footnotes, photos, drawings and copies of documents. During World War II, small,
seemingly remote-controlled flying objects dubbed "foo-fighters" created a nuisance for
pilots. In the summer of 1946, a rash of sightings of "ghost rockets" across Scandinavia
and other parts of Europe alarmed the U.S. military, which blamed them on the Soviets.
Good believes UFO incursions were common in 1940s New Mexico, the site of U.S.
atomic testing, and avers that the debris found near Roswell in 1947, quickly identified
by the military as fragments from a military balloon, was in fact the remains of a flying-
saucer crash. He chronicles alien-disc sightings during the Cold War, suggests that
Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy were taken to disc-landing sites and maintains that
since the 1940s, aliens have been communicating "with an elite group of U.S. military
and scientific intelligence personnel [and] there has been a project was actually
motivated by growing concerns about alien hostility, the author adds. The bizarre crash
of a cigar-shaped craft near Varginha, Brazil, in January 1996 stranded strange
creatures needing medical attention. Good excerpts some chilling material from an
interview conducted by a fellow UFOlogist with comments are conflated into quotes
collectively attributed to "Medical Personnel." The author certainly knows his stuff, and
to his credit is keenly aware of the importance of documentation, however specious some
of it may seem to the unconverted.

In this exhaustive and provocative polemic, Good (Above Top Secret, Alien Liaison),
UFO researcher extraordinaire, endeavors to demonstrate that incontrovertible proof of
UFOs is being buried by a global conspiracy of governments, academia and the media.
Good catalogues hundreds of sightings of unidentified flying objects from the 1920s
through the present and marshals scores of declassified government reports, news stories
and eyewitness affidavits to support his often-controversial contentions: not only are
aliens here, but the U.S. military has established contact with them; President
Eisenhower met with aliens in 1954 at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.; President
Kennedy viewed alien bodies at an air force medical facility in Florida; President Nixon
arranged for comedian Jackie Gleason to view alien bodies in 1973. Good emphasizes a
lengthy record of credible witnesses, including military and airline pilots, who have
reported unexplained phenomena, but he fails to provide incontrovertible evidence of
UFOs, extraterrestrials or a global conspiracy of secrecy. Moreover, he ignores
contradictory testimony, exaggerates rumors and circumstantial evidence, and reprises
old charges. Nonetheless, UFO enthusiasts will appreciate this comprehensive and
spirited UFO defense and the hundreds of supporting documents reproduced within.

The evidence that Good has amassed is too overwhelming to ignore and it is clear that a
more open debate is long overdue.

Integrity, his determination and skill as a researcher, and his wide and detailed
knowledge of the whole fascinating UFO experience. --Lord defense

My thoughts on ‘Need to Know’:
This is another of those researchers who is just a pleasure to listen to. His easy manner,
cool Brit accent, rapid-fire factoids, and historical knowledge is very much in the spirit of
Richard Dolan (Minus the accent!). But Timothy, is much more of your ‘inside guy’ in
the UK, and close friends with former Ministry of Defence in the UK, Nick Pope. So he
has had some inside scoop, that not too many others may have been privy to. But
Timothy is encyclopedic in his military and aviation knowledge, especially in regards to
this subject. The book starts off a bit slow, bogged down, and laden with overwhelming
stats and aviation lingo. For flight buffs out there, who will surely find absolute joy in a
man who is speaking your language, this chapter’s for you! But after a chapter’s-worth of
“so may degrees…point…azimuth…370mph.. at 5 o’clock”, I’m ready to move on to the
business at hand, and what they saw, and what these craft were doing. By chapter two, we
are exactly there. From that point on, it is a historical, chronological account since the
40’s, of some wonderful cases in our military history. To hear these pilots speak of
‘retaliations’ and ’90 degree turns’ and ‘blinding beams and flashes’ and ‘disappearance
before their eyes’, you have to think, no matter how many you may choose to discount, it
only takes one to be real, to have a genuine visit from elsewhere on your hands! This is
powerful stuff, and the evidence, how ever circumstantial, would crucify someone in
court. Get this book, or ‘Above Top Secret’, but you must get his perspective. There are
not a lot like him out there to be sure. You want evidence? You’ll get it with Timothy’s

Listen to this interview about ‘The Secret UFO War’ with Timothy Good, as a guest
                           on Coast to Coast, back in 2007:

                             To purchase from Amazon:

          13. Contact with Beings of Light – The Story of
                Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt – Peter Guttilla

From Amazon:
Contact With Beings of Light is truly an amazing tale of Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt.
Using an ordinary 8 mm movie camera she has filmed hundreds of sequences of
unexplained, yet authenticated, pictures of UFO's, ETs, and anamolies. Dorothy Izatt
is without peer anywhere on record in the world, even when compared to today's
tabloid media with its endless loops of bizarre video footage from various places and
people. Aside from the fact that electronically simulated video images aren't as
yielding to analysis as the images in film photography, the obvious difference is that
the footage derives from multiple sources. With Dorothy we have a credible,
trustworthy, prolific source in one location - or in any location anywhere she chooses
- willing to demonstrate the process for an observer. The author, Peter Guttilla has
spent years sifting through photographs, movies, and taped interviews with Dorothy
to produce an exceptional glimpse into her life's work.

My thoughts on ‘Beings of Light’:
This was a strangely pivotal book in my years of study. And I say strangely, because I
only had a vague notion of who Dorothy Izatt was, prior to purchasing this book. It was
actually on an ATS forum that people started discussing how similar my own accounts
were to hers. I figured I’d better take a closer look at that. And much to my surprise, they
were absolutely right. For those that have seen her ‘ribbon shaped’ multi-colored streaks
of light on film, I too have taken hundreds of those. But they also spoke of the ‘tone in
the ears’, which was actually something I was experiencing, but had not heard about
before. Now I see it in so many books. She believes it to be a communication of sorts.
Barbara Marciniak speaks of it as a ‘download’ of information as well as assistance in
raising our vibration, so as to ‘step into’ the next parallel world at will one day. Hard to
say which may be the truth, but this book rounded out some important questions for me.
The problem with the book, is that it is so horribly edited. Spaces where they shouldn’t
be, misspellings galore, but however homemade it appears, the info seems solid. For
those experiencing the tones or capturing the pics at will, as I often do, I refer them now
to her story. The DVD is a documentary which is actually quite well done, and has a
segment that I just cannot get over! Amazing UFO stuff on the DVD, and even more info
in the book, as we would expect. Big recommendations for both.

      You can see the original ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ episode here on You Tube:

  Dorothy’s official site, where you can purchase the book or DVD is here:

                       To purchase the book from Amazon:


            14. The Grays – Whitley Strieber

From Amazon:
Fact into fiction? In bestseller Strieber's engrossing SF thriller, which draws heavily
from Communion (1987), the author's controversial account of his personal contact
with aliens, Danny and Katelyn Callaghan are a happily married couple oblivious that
both took a saucer ride as kids—until a UFO sighting in their Indiana town awakens
subliminal memories and excites their genius teenage son, Conner. Meanwhile, in a
secret facility in Colorado, Air Force Lt. Lauren Glass learns that the Roswell incident
really happened, and that for decades the surviving ETs have been sharing their
advanced science with us. In exchange, these "Grays" have sought to rejuvenate
their dying species by genetically manipulating human receptacles for their DNA. But
some military hard-liners see this as a betrayal of humanity, and they launch a
manhunt that brings them to Indiana and the Callaghans' doorstep. Though
Strieber's human characters are sometimes as stiff and unbelievable as his Grays,
his depiction of black ops intrigue and military espionage is a first-rate exercise in
literary paranoia. It goes without saying that his abduction scenarios have a
disturbing authenticity that even skeptical readers will find provocative. (Aug.)

My thoughts on ‘The Grays’:
Now this is just a bit of fun. To be honest, I have little to no interest in fiction these days,
as there is so much important stuff to be learned during these changing times. So this was
a departure. But it’s always the curiosity to see how much of the real stuff, gets
intertwined within a story. And it was Whitley’s very proclamation of this that led me to
give it a read. Something up my alley, but not so serious, was probably good for me
anyway! But this is a well written story that weaves SO much of what we are finding to
be true. It’s a great bit of Roswell, with more than a dash of Whitley’s own experiences,
with some dramatic escape scenes within the story, that remind me of the real life
Clifford Stone experiences, and all very much akin to the Spielberg series ‘Taken’, which
brings it all back to Roswell again. So if you fit that description of where I was at in
choosing this, then pick it up! Definitely worth a read.

                                 Whitley Strieber’s site:

                           To purchase from Amazon:

So that’s what I’ve got for you so far. More will be added at a later time, to be sure. But if
there is a book that has simply changed your life, and just your view of the world as you
knew it before, email me. I want to hear it. And I want to read it.

                                   Author Bio:
                   Dennis Whitney is an avid ufologist, ufo experiencer, practicing
                   survivalist, and writes about Consciousness, UFOs, 2012, and
                   Emergency Preparedness, in various publications. He is also a
                   columnist for specializing in the paranormal
                   and UFOs, as well as a contributor to UFO Magazine (U.S.), The
Ufologist Magazine (Australia),, and . In 2008, Dennis also became a strong voice for
action, in pressuring the United States government into an official and public
Disclosure of the ET presence by Spring of 2009, through a worldwide letter
writing campaign to then-incoming President Barack Obama. Visit for more on this effort, alongside Mr.
Stephen Bassett of

Dennis lives in California, USA, and for years, has been taking photos and videos
of many UFOs in the skies overhead, which have also been shown on the History
Channel. He has also reported from the James Gilliland Ranch in Washington
State, and is convinced of something very special and profound taking place
there. He is also on personal terms with many of the world’s top ufologists and
researchers, and is dedicated to the education and sharing of all the valuable
information they’ve confided and entrusted with him over the years.

For those of you wishing to also learn about the helpful guidance now being
offered, in this volatile time upon Earth, by both ‘Higher Dimensional Light
Beings’ and ‘Off-World Entities’, please visit . Brenna is a
wonderfully kind, compassionate and gifted channel of such beings. She offers
strong guidance and readings to help make sense of all the energies now affecting

You may reach Dennis through email at: for any
questions or commentary on these subjects. Also, if you are a specialist in your
field of similar phenomena or science, you may be featured in a future column in
a special Q&A segment, with space dedicated to market your newest book,
website, or chosen interest.

Other articles by Dennis Whitney on and

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