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									Lambert -
Turn your iPhone into a Geological Compass

The iPhone is much more than just a mobile phone with internet connectivity and nice game
apps. It has a full built-in digital compass (magnetometer), a GPS sensor and an accelerometer, a
sensor that is able to measure the Earth's gravity field very precisely. The readings of these sensors
are used in this app, turning your iPhone into a full geological compass.

                                     Simply place the iPhone on the bedding or foliation and adjust
                                     it roughly in the direction of the dip. Lambert automatically
                                     detects the precise dip direction and displays a cool realtime
                                     projection. The dip and the direction of the dip together with
                                     the GPS position of the measurement and date and time
                                     information are stored in a data table and can be displayed in
                                     a Wulff Net or Schmidt Net. Of course you can later transfer
                                     all data to your computer.

                  Perform measurements
                  of planars or linears
                  and store the data with                                      Review your data in a
                  the GPS position of                                          table.
                  your outcrops.

                                                                               Transfer your data to your
                  Plot your data in a                                          Mac or PC by using the
                  Wulff Net or in a                                            Wi-Fi Net or a local
                  Schmidt Net to                                               network or iTunes File
                  evaluate them directly                                       Sharing. See the program
                  in the field.                                                 help for detailed
                                                                               information on this and
                                                                               other program features.

                   Needs iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone OS 4.0 or higher
                          © Peter Appel, CAU Kiel, 2009-2011. All Rights Reserved.

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