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FY12 Contributors Report
             July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012
             President’s Message
                             Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond
                         Dear Alumni and Friends,                                    •   Protocol - Students will adhere to best practices
                         Few things are as rewarding as the opportunity to               for accomplishing their goals.
                         serve, and I am very proud to serve as Central State        •   Civility - Students will exhibit active respect for
                         University’s eighth president. With nearly 2,200 stu-           one another, our past and our future.
                         dents, 428 faculty and staff, and 16,000 alumni world-      There is another impor-
                         wide, we are a large family. I feel the warmth. Central     tant component of stu-
                         State alumni are not only part of a large family, they      dent success. Together,
                         are also a powerful network of leaders, doers and phi-      we must also work to
                         lanthropists. I appreciate the support you give to the      provide our students
                         University.                                                 with the financial sup-
                         In recent weeks, I have shared my vision for the Uni-       port they need to re-
                         versity with many of our constituencies. My wish for        main in school and
                         alumni is that you become personally engaged in re-         graduate from the Uni-
                         cruiting outstanding students for matriculation at Cen-     versity. I ask that you
                         tral State University. I also believe we have a duty to     continue to support the
                         encourage those students to perform well in school and      University financially,
                         take full advantage of the educational experiences          and grow your support
                         CSU provide. We are seeking students who not only           to ensure the availabil-
                         meet the University’s standards, but also exceed them,      ity of scholarship
                         both in and out of the classroom.                           funds. I also ask you to
                         We believe student success is connected to student          challenge your class-
                         image. Central State’s student image is aligned with        mates who are not
                         three key tenets: service, protocol and civility. Here is   listed in this Institutional Advancement Year-End Re-
                         what we mean when we talk about these tenets:               port to give generously to their alma mater.

                         •   Service - Students will make a commitment to the        Again, thank you for your support of Central State
                             betterment of the University and the greater com-       University.

“Change is

Vice President’s Message

Anthony Fairbanks                                           Exacerbating the problem is dwindling federal support
Executive Director,                                         and student loans have become increasingly difficult to
Central State University Foundation                         obtain, and if obtained quite expensive. Together we
                                                            must do more.

FY12 saw Central State University grow to 2,200 stu-        Each of you has received a personal letter from me
dents and increase its academic offerings to include the    thanking you for your previous gifts to the University.
University College and a College of Science and Tech-       I invite you to peruse this document and learn of the
nology. Also, we dedicated two new residence halls          many ways our alumni and friends have helped this
and we are preparing to break ground for a $31 million      University and our students. This report includes a
construction project to complete the long awaited           listing of alumni contributors, friends, and
UNIVERSITY CENTER. This facility, when com-                 non-individual supporters of the University.
                                                            Please know your gifts to Central State Uni-          We   must do MORE!
pleted, will provide a cafeteria to accommodate 1,000
students, a food court, a black box theatre to host vari-   versity have provided critical financial sup-
ous student plays, counseling offices, a chapel and         port for scholarships, funded programs to ensure future
spaces where students can gather and discuss the is-        urban teachers for school districts throughout the Mid-
sues of the day. Why is this important? If Central State    west, established a state of the art Stock Trading
students are to compete in the global marketplace they      Room, ensured that the Chorus remains number one in
must have the opportunity to learn using the most and-      the nation, increased the number of Ph.D.s on the fac-
vanced educational tools in state of the art facilities.    ulty as well as provided opportunities for six students
We are preparing students for excellence.                   to attend law school. Again, we are pleased, but to-
                                                            gether we must do more!
We are pleased with the progress made. Please know
that providing a high-quality education is becoming an      I thank you for your past support of Central
expensive endeavor for both the University and stu-         State University. I enjoy seeing your name in
dents. The funding the University receives from the         one or more of the giving categories detailed
State of Ohio has decreased significantly in recent         in this document. Finally, I look forward to
years, causing us to increase educational costs for each    seeing you at Homecoming or one of the
student. As educational costs increase, students and        many exciting activities Institutional Ad-
families are asked to pay more for tuition, more for        vancement has planned for this year.
housing and meals, and more for books.
                                                                                                                                       “Change is
             About Central State University Foundation

                          The mission of the Central State University Founda-        •   Objective III. To provide $400,000 in student
                          tion is to enhance the academic vision and priorities of       scholarship support. This objective was achieved
                          Central State University through organized fundraising         by May 2012. During the academic year the CSU
                          activities and fund management. Established in 1992,           Foundation awarded $336,000 in direct funding to
                          the Foundation, a non-profit corporation, today man-           students. In addition, $137,000 was awarded to
                          ages an endowment of $3.2 million and has total assets         students through the Division’s College Access
                          of nearly $27 million (as of June 30, 2012.)                   Program. The amount of scholarships received by
                          The Foundation is governed by an elected Board of              CSU students was $473,000. This objective was
                          Trustees whose members serve as advocates for the              achieved by end of fiscal year, June 30th.
                          University, its colleges, programs and units. Founda-      •   Objective IV. To raise $200,000 for the endow-
                          tion board members are professionals from many                 ment. This objective was established by the
                          walks of life, and they are committed to building suc-         Foundation Board to cover the purchase of the
                          cessful partnerships with CSU and its many generous            DEAN KELLY HOUSE, a residence reserved for
                          supporters.                                                    the Vice President of Enrollment Management.
                          For FY12 the Central State University Foundation               This objective was achieved by end of the fiscal
                          established the following objectives:                          year.

                          •   Objective I. To raise $1.5 million to establish        The Foundation is committed to establishing fundrais-
                              Central State University’s first endowed chair.        ing objectives that make a tangible difference in the
                              The Division in October 2011 designed and              academic lives of Central State University students,
                              implemented the “An Unforgettable Presidency”          faculty and staff.
                              Campaign to raise $1.5 million. This objective
                              was achieved by end of fiscal year, June 30, 2012.                     To donate online please go to:
                          •   Objective II. To provide operational funds to sup-
                              port the Marauder Football Program. The Dayton                             To request additional
                              Classic VII, a fundraising event designed to raise                 information or comment, please call:
                              funds for the Marauder Football Program, was                Division of Institutional Advancement
                              held on Labor Day Weekend, September 3-5,                                (937) 376-6373
                              2011. Funding in the amount of $65,000 was
                                                                                              We thank you for your generous support.
                              raised to support the Football program. This
“Change is                    objective was achieved by end of the fiscal year.               For God, For Central, For State

Central State University Foundation Board of Trustees
                                                                                                  Updated September 3, 2012

Ernie Green                                         Starla McCollum
  Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman               President/CEO, Tinsley & Associates, Ltd
  President, Ernie Green Industries
                                                    Karen Jefferson Morrison
Derek H. Anderson                                    President, OhioHealth Foundation
 Assistant Director, City of Columbus, Ohio          and Senior Vice President, OhioHealth
 Department of Public Utilities
                                                    Bob Recchia
Robert Bowles ‘61                                    Controller, Valassis
 Owner, Founder, Chairman RB Company, LLC
                                                    Jenell Ross
David Clapper                                         Dealer Principal, Vice President,
 Director of Facilities Management and Security       Bob Ross Dealerships
 Standard Register Company
                                                    Alvin Tucker ‘60
Dennis Dowdell ‘67                                    Retired, Budget Director
 Vice President of Human Resources                    Community Services Administration
 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute            Department of Health and Human Services
James Elam ‘54                                      Charles Whitehead ‘61
  Retired, President of Belmont Park Laboratories    Retired President, Ashland Inc. Foundation
James E. Farmer ‘67
  President, James E. Farmer Consulting, Inc.
Vernon Ford ‘70                                     Ex-Officio Trustees
  Retired, Vice President, Aluminum Company
  of America (ALCOA)                                Cynthia Jackson-Hammond
  President, Owner of Ford Cleaning Services         President, Central State University

Fred J. Grigsby, Jr.                                Anthony R. Fairbanks
  President, Central State University                Vice President, Institutional Advancement
  General Alumni Association (GAA)                   Central State University
Barry P. Hoffman                                    Legal Counsel
  Retired, Executive Vice President
  and General Counsel Valassis                      Bev Shillito, Attorney

Dennis Kernahan
 Independent Stock Broker                                                                                                     “Change is
             Central State University Endowed Chair

                                            The “An Unforgettable Presidency” fundraising campaign resulted
                                             in the establishment of the University’s first Endowed Chair.

                                     On June 21, 2012, the Central State University family,    ing one. Under his leadership the University increased
                                     the city of Dayton, and indeed the state of Ohio paused   enrollment by 160 percent, constructed eight new
                                     for a moment to pay tribute to the “Unforgettable Pres-   buildings, including four residence halls and estab-
                                     idency” of John W. Garland during an elegant dinner       lished a new College of Science and Engineering and a
                                     party at the Dayton Art Institute. Two hundred and        University College.
                                     fifty special guests, including elected officials, area   President Emeritus Garland has been recognized
                                     college presidents, alumni, community leaders, family     throughout the State of Ohio and the nation as a leader
                                     and friends attended the event. “Congratulation”          in higher education. He is the recipient of numerous
                                     videos were received from nationally known celebri-       awards, including the 2006 Joseph Cinque Award, pre-
                                     ties Dr. William (Bill) Cosby and Dr. Tom Joyner, Jr.     sented by Black Law Students Association at the Uni-
                                  During the evening, nu-
                                           merous speakers
                                           praised former
                                           President Gar-
             Alumni and friends
             honor retiring president land for his many
             John W. Garland during accomplish-
                                           ments. It was
             his elegant retirement        noted that his
                                           legacy at Central
                                           State University
             dinner at the
                                           would be a last-
             Dayton Art Institute.

“Change is

versity of Dayton, and the 2004                                                  search and quality teaching in
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship                                                    their discipline.
Fund Educational Leadership                                                       Students are challenged and
Award. He was inducted into                                                       guided by exposure to the high-
the Central State University                                                      est quality academic leadership.
Achievement Hall of Fame in                                                       Endowed Chairs provide fund-
2004 and was named Alumnus                                                        ing to support integrated learn-
of the Year in 2001 by the Ohio                                                   ing and promote a more diverse
State University Moritz College                                                   curriculum that is not dependent
of Law. The Parity 2000 pro-                                                      on usual income sources, such
gram named him one of the Top                             as state funding, tuition and student fees.
Ten African-American Males in the Miami Valley in
1998, and in 1997, the Ohio State University College      A great university has a great faculty. The newly estab-
of Law presented him with its Alumni Certificate of       lished John W. Garland Endowed Chair at Central
Achievement.                                              State University will recognize distinguished faculty
                                                          for their teaching and research. It will ensure that Cen-
“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to      tral State University is able to sustain the tradition of
thank John Garland for the work he has done,” Board       excellence in HBCU education.
Chairman Gary Dowdell said. “His service to the
University has been remarkable. He has given his all      Endowed Chairs are also living memorials to the
and as a Board we will celebrate his contributions.       donors who contribute to the campaign, signifying
Central State University is a better place because of     their permanent commitment to quality education. The
John W. Garland’s tenure in the presidency.”              names of the contributors to the “An Unforgettable
                                                          Presidency” fundraising campaign are listed on the
The occasion also marked the establishment of Central     next two pages and will be inscribed on a plaque that
State University’s first Endowed Chair. Endowed           will be prominently positioned on the campus.
chairs offer numerous benefits to the University, the
donor, honored scholars and, most of all, students.       We ask you to go to YouTube
Endowed chairs also supply the means to attract, retain
and honor distinguished faculty members. The              ature=plcp
esteemed scholars who hold these chairs receive
recognition for personal achievements in their fields,    to preview highlights of the evening.
and the satisfaction that the University supports re-                                                                     “Change is
             Central State University Endowed Chair Gifts & Pledges
                                                                                                                                                        ** Denotes Open Pledge

             Green, Ernie & Della         Bowles, Jr., Dr. Robert L.           Cunningham, Penny                    **Ford,Vernon N.           **Hughey, Andrew
             Adair, Mary Lou              Bramwell, Patricia A.                Daniel, Ms. Willie D.                Fraley, Gregory            Iwomi, Dr. Peter O.
             Adams, Roosevelt M.          Bridges, Dr. James W.                Darjean, Alex B.                     Frank & Pearl E. Gelbman   Jackson, Reaner B.
             Adams, Ann B.                Bridgman, Nancy A.                   Darrow, Sheila L.                     Charitable Foundation     Jackson, Martha T.
             Ajayi-Majebi, Dr. Abayomi    Briscoe, Jr., Dr. Ralph Joseph       Davis, Robert L.                     Garland, John W.           James, Gwendolyn L.
             Allen, William M.                                                                                       & Carolyn Farrow
                                          Broadnax, Sidney                     Dawson, Lawrence S.                                             James, Dr. Andrew B.
             Allen, Gary L.                                                                                         Garland, Richard D.
                                          Broomfield, Geraldine                DeCoux, Benette                                                 James, Marcia F.
             Alphonso, Mervyn L.                                                                                    Glenn, Loraine
                                          **Brown, Caleb                       Dickerson, Tyrone E.                                            Johnson, Dana Raye
             Alston, Dolores R.                                                                                     Goldsberry, Ronald E.
                                          Brown, Michael E.                    Dixon, Edward T.                                                Johnson, Chester F.
             Anderson, Beth A.                                                                                      Gooding, Terry G.
                                          Brown, Lois P.                       **Dixon, Richard “Clay”                                         Johnson, Henry D.
             Angell, John & Janet                                                                                   Gratz, Carolyn
                                          Brown, Jr., John B.                  ** Douglas, Wayne                                               Johnson-Jordan, Karen
             Arrindell, Dr. Nicholas J.                                                                             Gray, Helen L.
                                          Brown, Jr., Booker T.                **Dowdell, Cheryl                                               Jones, Dr. Lawrence
             Avery, Eleanor M.                                                                                      Gregory, Mrs. Annie N.
                                          Caldwell, Robert E.                  Dowdell, Marilyn A.                                             Jordan, Albert L.
             Bailey, Lugene                                                                                         Grigsby, Jr., Fred J.
                                          Campbell, Amy S.                     Dowdell, Jr., Mr. Dennis                                        Jubarock, Inc.,
             Bailey, Juan K.                                                                                        Grissom, William A.
                                          Cannon, Larry R.                     Dowdell, Gary                                                   Kelley, Jr., Thomas E.
             Barksdale, Norman L.                                                                                   Hardaway, Patricia L.
                                          Carter, Ltc. Robert A.               Dozier, Benja                                                   ** Key, Ramon
             Barnes, James D.                                                                                       Harper, Amy A.
                                          Carter Willis, Urcelle               Dukes-Campbell, Linda                                           King, Cheryl
             Bates, Dorothy M.                                                                                      Harper, Sandra
                                          Chatman, John S.                     DuPree-Gibson, Martha                                           Lansing, Kerry L.
             Battle III, Menzo                                                                                      Harrell, Clarence L.
                                          Collier, Robert E.                   Easterly, Cassandra E.                                          Lapedes & Lynch,
             Bayless, Marsha J.                                                                                     Harrington, Albert L.       Richard & Maureen
                                          Collins, Eddie L.                    Elam, Dr. James A.
             Beasley, Roger                                                                                         Henderson, David L.        Lasley, Michael
                                          Copeland, Elaine J.                  Evans, Anthony M.
             Beck, William M.                                                                                       Henderson, James R.        Lee, Dr.Valerie
                                          Copeland, Catherine M.               ** Evans, Hakim
             Bell, Dr. Juliette B.         Cunningham                                                               Henderson, Perry           Leigh, Barbara S.
                                                                               Fahrenbruck, Dr. Mary J.
             Birdsong-Beatty, Joyce B.    Coursey, Dr.Yvette                                                        Hill, Jr., James           Linder, Sr., Arthur I.
                                                                               Fairbanks, Anthony R.
             ** Bishop,Verdora            Crawford, Dr. Jeffrey W                                                   Hoffman, Barry P.          Lipsey, Mr. Isiah
                                                                               Farmer, James E.
             Black, Frank S.              Crawford, Barbara J.                                                      Holden, Jr., John M.       Lucas, Beula E.
                                                                               ** Farris, Doug
             Botts, Stanley J.            CSU Class of 1971                                                         Hudson, Addie              Lynn, Sandra
                                                                               Flowers, Alice
             Bowden, Gillis L.            Cummings, Dr. Jerry                                                       Hudson,Col (R). Mckinley   Lynton, Gwendolyn L.
                                                                               Flowers, Lavonnie
“Change is

                                          Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
Marcus, Robert & Cheryl   Patterson Harris, Dr. Emily          Sharpton, Dr. Robert E.             Tiggett, Alice Myers
Mathews, Karen M.         Peoples, L Kimberly                  Shepherd, Jr.,                      Towers, Luther & Gloria
Matthews, Jr, Nemiah      Perkins, Wendelin                     Richard & Betty                    Townsell, Marilyn
** Mayberry, B. Cato      Perkins, Deborah                     Shillito, Beverly F.                Tuggle, Carl
McCants, Harold           ** Perkins, Keith A. & Lisa          Sims, Jr., Almon                    ** Turner, Felis
McCleskey, Rachele        Petett, Lila                         Sloan,Vivian R.                     Tyus, Paul
McCullough, Tracy L.      Phillips, Eugene                     Smith, Timothy L.                   University Housing
McGuire Davis, Anna M.    Porter, Elijah                       Sritharan, Dr. Subramania            Solutions
McKinney, Shirley         Powell, Jr.,Esq., Lewis T.           Stepney, Marilyn                    ** Watkins,Veronica
McLemore, Gaile           Price*, David H.                     Stepp, Candace B.                   Walker, Charlotte A.
McLin, The Honorable      Pryor, Dr. Willa                     Stevenson, Jerome & Ida J.          Walker, Margie
 Rhine                    Pryor, II, Dr. Chester C.            Stevenson, Julia P.                 Washington, Dr. Willie J.
Medical Mutual of Ohio    Reed, Winifred A.                    Steward, Letha Ann                  Washington, Jr., Robert L.
Meeks, Howard W.          **Renick, Dr. James C.               Stocks, Eleanor                     Waters,Victoria E.
Melton, Emma              Ridley, James E.                     Stonework, Horace                   Watkins, Elizabeth
Miller, Rose              Robinson, James E.                   Stowe, Jr., Haywood G.              Whitehead, Charles
Mingo, Byron A.           Robinson, Jr., Ronnie E.             Svager, Aleksandar                  Williams, Marian D.
Mitchell, Emma J.         Rogers,Vandadean                     **Symonds, Curtis                   Williams, George E.
Montgomery, Elvira H.     Rogers, Clarence C.                  Tate, Leonard E.                    **Williams, Joey
Morrow, Lucille           Ross, Jenell R.                      Taylor, Hilary S.                   Williamson, Bobbie
Moss, Dr. June R.         Rountree, Hazel                      Taylor-Devond, Lesa M.              Wood, Guy E.
Myers, Edward A.          Rutledge, Martin                     The Dayton Power & Light            Wyse, Rodney E.
Nicholson, Doris                                                Company Foundation
                          Sadler, James R.
Nnazor, Dr. Reginald                                           Thomas, Ronald P.
                          Samborski, Kenn J.
Norman, Ellsworth R.                                           Thomas, Larry J.
                          Sanders, Dr. Betty M.
Norvell, Christy L.                                            Thomas, Leatrice D.
                          Scott, Celestine
Okunade, Dr. Samuel A.                                         Thompson, Bernida L.
                          Scott, Rachel M.
Owens, Joan J.                                                 Thornton, Milton
                          Sellers, Irene D.
                                                                                                                                            “Change is
                                              Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.   9
             The Dayton Classic VIII

             “With excitement and pageantry the Dayton
             Classic VIII created memorable experiences for
              Dayton Public school students, senior citizens and
             other community residents. It has become the sum-
             merending event in Dayton, Ohio. Many thanks to cor-
             porate sponsors PNC Bank, Dayton Power &Light,
             and Speedway as well as churches such as Maranatha
             Christian Fellowship, Believers Christian Fellowship,
             St. James AME and several others who provided the
             funding that enabled Institutional Advancement to
             invite 1500 Dayton residents as guests of Central State

                                          Labor Day Weekend,
                                          August 30th - September 2,
                                          2012, the Dayton, Ohio,
                                          region once again was filled
                                          with excitement, athletic
                                          competition and several
                                          events to have fun with a
                                          purpose: Raising scholar-
                                                                                                      Tigers vs. Central State University Marauders in a
                                          ship dollars for deserving, first-generation college stu-
                                                                                                      highly competitive football game whose outcome was
                                          dents from the state of Ohio. These students, all of
                                                                                                      not decided until the last few plays. Unfortunately for
                                          whom have better than a 2.5 grade point average
                                                                                                      the fighting Marauders, we lost 28 to 27. We may have
                                          (GPA) and a score of 18 on the ACT, are enrolled or
                                                                                                      lost the game, but it was a winning weekend as the
                                          seeking to enroll in Central State University, but lack
                                                                                                      Golf Tournament, Pep Rally, The White Night Scholar-
                                          the necessary financial resources.
                                                                                                      ship Gala, Parade in the Park, and the President’s
“Change is                                The Dayton Classic VIII featured the Stillman College       Corporate Reception were well attended.
                                  Please review the pictures from the weekend as well
                                  as the Dayton Classic VIII video at
      PNC Bank Awards             http://www. EDpoT2Srnfw.
$10,000 for scholarships during   We think you will agree that it was an exciting
    Dayton Classic VIII           weekend.
                                                                                             “Change is
             “a Night for Philanthropy”

                                                   The Division of Institutional Advancement hosted the      gift to the University. Today 63 people have been
                                                   second annual “a Night for Philanthropy” at the           inducted into the 1887 Legacy Society. The 1887
                                                   Schuster Performing Arts Center in downtown Dayton,       Legacy Society represents deferred giving to the
                                                   Ohio. The elegant event attended by 300 alumni and        University - gifts of insurance, tangible property,
                                                   friends of the University featured guest speaker          bequests and works of art. The University has two
                                                   Maggie Anderson, Founder of the Empowerment Ex-           major planned gift programs: Wills Campaign and
                                                   periment. Ms. Anderson argued that the economic and       The Gift of Insurance Campaign.
                                                   social crises that disproportionately impact Black peo-   During the April 2012 “a Night for Philanthropy”
                                                   ple and underserved Black communities could be            induction ceremony, 12 alumni and friends of the
                                                   countered by “conscious consumerism.” The                 University were inducted into the respective societies.
                                                   evening’s activities are captured on YouTube:             We invite you to contact the Division of Institutional
                                                         Advancement at 937-376-6373 for more information.
                                                   The “a Night for Philanthropy” induction ceremony
                                                   celebrated individuals both the Sustaining Philanthro-
                                                   pist Society and the 1887 Legacy Society.
                                                   The Sustaining Philanthropist Society consists of four
                                                   (4) donor recognition societies through which the
                                                   University expresses appreciation for the generous and
                                                   sustained lifetime giving from its University family.
                                                   As of June 30, 2012 there are 37 members of The
                                                   Sustaining Philanthropist Society.
                                                   The Sustaining Philanthropist
                                                                                            Premier Health Partners
                                                   Society is designed to encourage
               Mrs. Maggie Anderson, Keynote       contributors to make multi-year
                                                   gifts to support the University and   contributes $10,000 to support
             Speaker, at the Second Annual “a
                   Night for Philanthropy.” Mrs.
                                                   its planned growth.
                                                                                          “a Night for Philanthrophy”
             Anderson is a noted entrepreneur,
                 attorney and national leader of
              “The Empowerment Experiment.”        Central University established the
                                                   1887 Legacy Society as a way to
                                                   honor alumni and friends who have made a planned
“Change is

Sustaining Philanthropist Society for Central State University

Your gift to the “Sustaining Philanthropist for Central   years. Members of this society support Central State
State University” campaign will help build the endow-     University at the level of $10,000 - $39,999,
ment; strengthen academic programs and services; en-      either through a one-time gift or a multi-year commit-
hance the learning environment and expand                 ment.
scholarship opportunities.                                Your reward is the personal satisfaction of making an
             John W. Garland ‘71 and Carolyn Farrow-      investment in a student's education. By sharing your
             Garland ‘70 Society recognizes the former    financial gifts and joining a Sustaining Philanthropist
             President and First Lady of Central State    Society, you will help continue the legacy of excel-
             University. Members of this society          lence at Central State University.
support Central State University at a level of $100,000
or more, either through a one-time gift or a multi-year     Members of The Sustaining Philanthropist Society
                                                            John W. ‘71 and Carolyn Farrow-            Gary A. Dowdell ‘70
              James A. Elam ‘54 Society recognizes Dr.       Garland Society                           Vernon N. Ford ‘70
              James A. Elam, an entrepreneur and phi-       John W. ‘71 and Carolyn Farrow-Garland
              lanthropist, who has made many contribu-      James A. Elam ‘54                          Audrey L. Norman-Turner
              tions to the University over the years.       James E. Farmer ‘67                         ‘68 Society
Members of this society support Central State Univer-       Ernie and Della Green                      William Allen ‘62
sity at a level of $70,000 to $99,999, either through a     Ronald E. Goldsberry ‘64                   Dr. Abayomi Ajayi-Majebi
one-time gift or a multi-year commitment.                   Richard ‘71 and Betty                      Dr. Gordon Berry ‘55
                                                             Kennedy-Shepherd ‘71                      Gillis Bowden ‘77
            Charles Whitehead ‘61 Society recognizes        Richard Lapedes and Maureen Lynch          Dr. Robert L. Bowles, Jr ‘61
            Mr. Charles Whitehead, an alumnus, long         James Hill, Jr. ‘64                        James Bridges ‘56
            time financial contributor and active board                                                Richard “Clay” Dixon ‘63
            member of the Central State                     James A. Elam ‘54 Society                  Linda Dukes-Campbell ‘75
University Foundation. Members of this society              Marcella Boozer ‘67                        Dana Raye Johnson ‘92
support Central State University at the level of            Luther ‘54 and Gloria Towers ‘54           Robert and Cheryl Marcus ‘96
$40,000 - $69,999, either through a one-time gift or        Dr.Yvette L. Coursey ‘63                   Isiah Lipsey ‘71
a multi-year commitment.                                                                               Deborah Perkins ‘73
                                                            Charles Whitehead ‘61 Society              Chester Pryor, II ‘51
            Audrey L. Norman-Turner ‘68 Society             Charles Whitehead ‘61                      Wayne Wheat
            recognizes the late Mrs. Audrey L. Nor-         Stanley J. Botts ‘70                       Kellen Winslow, Jr.
            man-Turner, a beloved and esteemed              Dr. Jerry R. Cummings ‘63
            alumna and CSU administrator of over 26
                                                                                                                                           “Change is
             The 1887 Legacy Society
                                          The 1887 Legacy Society is a giving society                          Maggie Anderson.
                                          to recognize alumni and friends who have                             In the past five years The 1887 Legacy
                                          made a legacy (property, bequest, insurance)                         Society members have donated more than
                                          gift to the University.                                              $4 million dollars in planned gifts to ben-
                                          The first induction ceremony for the 1887                            efit the University.
                                          Legacy Society was held Thursday, April 5,                           The list below shows The 1887 Legacy
                                          2007 at the Schuster Performing Arts Center in            Society Members inducted since 2007.
                                          Dayton, Ohio. Singer/ Actress Della Reese was the
                                          keynote speaker for this inaugural event. Other
                                          keynote spaekers for this event have been Patricia
                                          Walton, Joshua Smith, Taraji P. Henson and

              The 1887 Legacy Society (Planned Giving)

             Garland, John W.             Glover, Waverly            Owens, Joan J.
              & Carolyn Farrow-Garland    Goldsberry, Ronald E.      *Palmer, Dorothy
             Angell, John & Janet         Green, Ernie & Della       Peoples, Kimberly L.
             Alston, Dolores              Hadin, Leota               Perkins, Keith A. & Lisa R.
             Brack, Armelda               Hayes, Ronald              Perkins, Deborah
             Bridges, James               Hill, Jr., James H.        *Price, David
             *Bronston, Esther            Jackson, Lance O.          Renick, James C. & Peggy
             Callier, Alice M.            James, Latisha             Shepherd, Richard
             Coursey, Yvette              Jefferson, Ruby             & Betty Kennedy
             Douglas, Hugh                Jones, Gloria              Smith, Joshua
             Dowdell, Cheryl L.           Kelly, Sr., Thomas E.      *Smith, L. Shelbert
                                                                                                            From the Left: Anthony Fairbanks, Tom E. Kelly, Jr.,
             Dukes-Campbell, Linda        Kidd, Cynthia E.           Symond, Curtis
                                                                                                            Tom E. Kelly, Sr., and past CSU President John W. Garland
             Elam, James A.               Lapedes, Richard           Thomas, Leatrice                       as Tom, Sr. is inducted into the 1887 Legacy Society.
                                                                                                            During the ceremony the Kelly family also made a gift and
             *Farris, Hattie               & Maureen Lynch           Thompson, Benjamin W.                  pledge to the University.
             Flowers, LaVonne             *Marable, James P.         *Walters, Gwendolyn
             Glover, Waverly              Nicholson, Doris           Walton, Patricia
             Goldsberry, Ronald           *Norman-Turner, Audrey     Willis, Urcelle Carter
“Change is   Graves, Biancha              *Norman, Gene                                * Deceased

Did Y Know?

                   Corporations and foundations weigh the percentage          Please know your gift will be counted toward the
                   of Central State University alumni giving in their         alumni giving rate for FY13, and it is income tax
                   decision to award funds to the university. Currently,      deductible.
                   the alumni giving rate is 17 percent. Our goal is to       Support the Central State University Athletic
                   raise the rate to 35 percent in 2013, in order to better   Department
                   compete with other schools for external funding.
                                                                              Did you know that Central State University athletes

              “In a time of
                               Why should you give?                           graduate at a rate higher than the regular student body?
                               When you give to Central State Univer-         These young men and women achieve excellence on
         limited resources     sity, you invest in the future of academi-     the playing field and in the classroom. Under the new

and increased competition
                               cally talented students. Your gifts will       leadership of Interim Athletic Director Jahan Cul-
                               help students avoid the burden of loans        breath the department is destined to achieve even
               for funding,    and excessive debt after graduation. The       higher levels of playing excellence. We must undergird

      alumni giving takes
                               Dream Keepers campaign is Central State        the department with increased scholarship support.
                               University’s yearly campaign to raise
   on added importance.”
                                                                              After eight years of “startup,” we want to win football
                               scholarship support for its students. Every    games. Coach E.J. Junior agrees and if we give him
                               gift helps new and returning students          the scholarships necessary to compete for talented
                   “keep the dream of graduating from CSU.”                   football players, we can win. Put simply, we must have
                   No gift is too small                                       a team as talented as our coach. Please make a dona-
                   We ask that you make your gift to the Central State        tion to the Marauder Football Team. Your financial
                   University Foundation today so that we can be counted      support will provide funds for football operational
                   among the best of the best public institutions in the      costs and scholarships.
                   state of Ohio. Enclose your gift in the remittance enve-
                   lope and mail it to the Office of Institutional Advance-

                                                  Key Bank Awards              PNC Bank Awards
       Bob Evans Farms
      Awards a $5,000 gift               Central State University $50,000 to $10,000 to sponsor the
           to CSU.                      establish a stock Trading Room in the Count Basie Orchestra
                                                 College of Business.         Scholarship Concert.                                       “Change is
             Tom Joyner’s Veterans Education Program

                          JPMorgan Chase recently awarded                                          supplement skills acquired in the
                          Central State University $100,000 to                                     military to advance private-sector
                          support the Tom Joyner Veterans                                          careers.
                          Education Program (VEP).                                The Tom Joyner Foundation and Central State Univer-
                          The VEP Program is designed to provide educational      sity Foundation have developed a program whose
                          opportunities for returning veterans from the wars in   mission is to ease the transition from military service
                          Iraq and Afghanistan. These young men and women         to college student. The program will be replicated at
                          will be seeking additional education and training to    selected HBCUs across the country.

                              JPMorgan Chase Partners with the Tom Joyner Foundation and Central
“Change is                      State University to implement an innovative Veterans Program
Major components of the Tom Joyner Veterans Education Program (VEP)

Academic Guidance/Assistance
Each student veteran will receive assistance to aid in his or her learning success. The program will have
established study tables for each course, encourage the creation of study groups, and provide peer-to-peer

Veterans Center
Military life promotes camaraderie to build morale and create a supportive team environment. Particu-
larly, during times of stress and hardship. The Veteran’s Center will house a counseling office, recreation
facilities, computing laboratory and space for workshops
and seminars. The Veteran’s Center will be housed on
Salem Avenue in Dayton, Ohio.

The program will achieve a graduation rate of 55 % and
90% of student veterans completing the program will be
placed in full-time jobs and/or enrolled in graduate
Other components include housing assistance, commu-
nity outreach and resource referral. The program will
enroll at CSU over a three year period 600 student vet-
erans, including a minimum of 15 female student vet-

                                                                                                                   “Change is
             The “Dream Keepers” Scholarship Fund

                          Central State University’s scholarship budget is            bution and school expenses. Central State University
                          strained to the utmost. As the University seeks to in-      simply does not have the scholarship dollars to accom-
                          crease its enrollment, it must also increase its scholar-   modate them.
                          ship offerings. In recent years many of our students        The annual “Dream Keepers” Scholarship Fund cam-
                          have “dropped out” for financial reasons. Ninety-seven      paign is designed to address this need by providing
                          percent (97%) of all students require funding to            “bridge-the-gap” scholarships to students. The average
                          “bridge-the-gap” between financial aid, family contri-      scholarship amount for each student is $1,500. These
                                                                                      limited scholarships enable our students to achieve
                                                                                      their full intellectual, economic and social potential.
                                                                                      For winter semester 2012, we raised scholarship funds
                                                                                      to keep 73 students enrolled in the University. We are
                                                                                      indeed very pleased. During the year, the Foundation
                                                                                      awarded a total of $473,000 in scholarship aid to stu-
                                                                                      The research, teaching, and mentoring that goes on at
                                                                                      Central State University is second to none, and the ed-
                                                                                      ucation we offer is coveted by many. The “Dream
                                                                                      Keepers” Scholarship Fund will ensure that no student
                                                                                      be denied a Central State University education due to a
                                                                                      lack of financial resources.
                                                                                      A listing of “Dream Keepers” contributors is contained
                                                                                      in this report. Each of these alumni and friends can say
                                                                                      “I am a DREAM KEEPER.”

“Change is                         Alumni and friends respond to request for “Dream Keeper” funding.
Central State University Dream Keepers Supporters
                                                                                                                     This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                        from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

Albright, Ronald          Bridgman, Nancy A.                   Dixon, Richard C.                    Hazel, Janet                      Martin, Tommisietta C.
Allen, William M.         Briley,Vincent L.                    Doss, Ella M.                        Hazel, Ruth R.                    Mayberry, B. Cato
Alphonso, Mervyn L.       Briscoe, Ralph J.                    Dowdy-Harris, Kathleen L.            Hill, James                       McCracken, Charles
Alves, Loren D.           Brooks, Mary E.                      Dyer, Susan P.                       Hobson, J E.                      McDaniel, Maple L.
Anderson, Kassaundra E.   Bryson, Paul D.                      Esprit, Lee G.                       Holden, John M.                   McGough, Benny V.
Anderson, Beth A.         Burnette, Colette P.                 Evans, Anthony M.                    Hollis, Lula                      Means, Arthur
Anthony, Donald K.        Caldwell, William H.                 Fairbanks, Anthony                   Hopkin-Oliver, Terry              Meeks, Howard W.
Anthony, Lillian          Callier, M. A.                       Ferguson, Grace                      Houston, Willie W.                Miller, Matthew J.
Arnold, Katherine         Carter, Robert A.                    Fields, Marquerite K.                Howard, Earl J.                   Miller, Megan R.
Ashford, Spencer O.       Carter Willis, Urcelle               Fields, Theodore C.                  Hudson, Mckinley                  Moore, Frederick B.
Badger, Idabelle          Carter-Lowery, Carol J.              Flood, Ovetta R.                     Jackson, Evelyn G.                Morgan, Beverly P.
Bailey, Lugene            Castleberry, Terri L.                Ford,Vernon N.                       Jackson, Douglas B.               Nicholson, Doris
Bain-Wilkins, Rita        Chatman, John S.                     Ford, Barbara                        Jackson, Martha T.                Norman, Ellsworth R.
Baldwin, Marygene         Clark, Melvin L.                     Ford, Ernest                         James, Marcia F.                  Nunley, Inez
Barnes, Joanne            Coleman, William L.                  Foster, Ceilia                       Jemison, Lana J.                  Orr, Anne
Barnett, Garvey M.        Collier, Sherre I.                   Foster, Debra A.                     Jenkins, Jewell S.                Orr, William E.
Barwick, Gertrude         Collier Ph.D., Samuel                Garland, Richard D.                  Jenkins, Regina                   Owens, Darryl T.
Beck, William M.          Collins, Rudolph V.                  Garnett, Ronald L.                   Jeter, Frederick R.               Owens, Joan J.
Bell, Juliette B.         Costley Bond, Gladys A.              Gillispie, William L.                Johnson, Betty L.                 Paige, Renee J.
Berry, Gordon L.          Coursey,Yvette                       Goins, Francis V.                    Johnson, Dana R.                  Palmer, Louis T.
Berry, Elton T.           Cowherd, John E.                     Good, Harry K.                       Johnson-Jordan, Karen             Pelekoudas, Lois M.
Blalock,Vinson            Crosby, Tiney M.                     Gooding, Jessie O.                   Jones, Richard                    Perkins, Deborah
Blunt, Calvin D.          Cummings, Jerry                      Gray, Page E.                        King, Carolyn B.                  Pettis, Curtis S.
Bogan, Bobby J.           Dale, Lucile                         Grooms, Talbert L.                   Lawson, Sheralyn Y.               Pickett, Brendolyn B.
Bourn, Brad E.            Daniel, Willie D.                    Gunn, Gladys                         Lee, Gwendolyn                    Pipes, Miriam E.
Bowden, Gillis L.         Darden, Mildred Y.                   Hardy, Mae F.                        Lewis, Dennis                     Pope, Carol W.
Bowles, Robert L.         Davis, Helen                         Harris, Kathe H.                     Linder, Arthur I.                 Porter, Frank G.
Brack, Armelda L.         Day, Byron M.                        Harris, Juanita                      Little, William                   Redden, Joseph F.
Branham, LaTonya M.       Delane, Charles E.                   Harris, Emily P.                     Lowery, Aaron                     Roberts, Grady H.
Bratton, Betty W.         Dickerson, Tyrone E.                 Hayes, Debra A.                      Marcus, Robert L.                 Roberts, Thomas E.
Bridges, James W.         Dixon, Samuel                        Hazel, Ruth R.                       Marcus, Cheryl D.                 Robinson, Brenda L.
                                                                                                                                                                               “Change is
                          Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                                   19
             Central State University Dream Keepers Supporters
                                                                                                                                This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                   from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

             Robinson, James E.       Walker, Charlotte A.            Youngblade, David                    CSU Everglades Alumni                  MWC Publishing
             Rogers,Vandadean         Walker, Willie F.                                                     Chapter                               NAACP
             Roney, Raymond           Walton, Doris D.                ORGANIZATIONS:                       CSU New York Alumni                    National Black Presbyterian
             Sadler, James R.                                                                               Chapter                                Caucus Inc.
                                      Washington, Wellesley S.        American Electric Power
             Saunders, Christopher                                     Service Corp.                       CSU Philadelphia Alumni                P & G Fund
                                      Watkins, Richard C.
             Savage, James R.         Watson, Bonita J.               American Enterprise                                                         Parents Advancing Choice in
                                                                       Investment Services, Inc.           CSU Pittsburgh Alumni                   Education (PACE)
             Seymore, James L.        Watts, Gwendolyn                                                      Chapter
                                                                      Bethel Baptist Church                                                       Parker Hannifin
             Sharp, Denise M.         Watts, David                                                         CSU Southern California
                                                                      Bob Evans Farms Inc.                                                         Corporation
             Shoates, Jean D.         Webb, David R.                                                        Alumni Chapter
                                                                      Boeing Integrated Defense                                                   Payne Theological Seminary
             Simpson, George A.       West, Lori                                                           CSU Washington DC
                                                                       Systems                                                                    Peter L. Walton Jr.
             Sims, Samuel L.          White, Betty J.                                                       Alumni Chapter
                                                                      Care Source Management                                                       & Associates
             Sloan,Vivian R.          Whitehead, Charles                                                   Dayton Power & Light
                                                                       Group                                                                      PNC Foundation
             Smith, Frances B.        Whitmore, Anthony B.            Chicago Defender Charities                                                  Prince Hall Scholarship
                                                                                                           Dayton Road Runners M.C.
             Smith, Otis H.           Wilcox-Evwaraye, Helen B.        Inc                                                                         Foundation
                                                                                                           Economy Linen and Towel
             Spiva, Wendell A.        Wilkins, James L.               Coca Cola Bottling                                                          Sodexo
                                                                                                            Service, Inc.
             Starks, Royal L.         Wilkinson, Reginald A.           Companies                                                                  Speedway SuperAmerica
                                                                                                           Friends of Winburn
             Stephens, Jewellean D.   Williams, Shawnell              CSU Alumni Dayton                                                           Sprint Foundation
                                                                       Chapter                             Greater Dayton Regional
             Stepp, Candace B.        Williams, Marian D.                                                   Transit Authority (RTA)               Texas Southern University
                                                                      CSU Atlanta Alumni
             Stevenson, Ida J.        Williams, Grace M.                                                   K Townsend Consulting LLC              The Boeing Co.
             Steward, Donald L.       Williams, J C.                                                       KSU Foundation, Inc.                   The Dayton Foundation
                                                                      CSU Chicago Alumni
             Steward, Letha Ann       Williams, Sharon S.              Chapter                             Maintaining Ourselves                  The Hospice of Dayton, Inc.
             Sturghill, Ulus E.       Williams, Chuck J.              CSU Cincinnati Alumni                 Dayton View Branch                    The P&G of the Greater
             Thomas, Leatrice D.      Williams, Dorothy J.             Chapter                             Marathon Oil Company                    Cincinnati Foundation
             Thomas, Ronald P.        Willis, Joyce A.                CSU Cleveland Alumni                 Meadwestvaco Consumer                  The Procter & Gamble
                                                                       Chapter                              & Office Products Group                Company
             Thompson, Kemal P.       Winslow, Kellen B.
                                                                      CSU Columbus Alumni                  Medical Mutual                         The Tom Joyner Foundation
             Tildon, Earl T.          Wood, Jesse L.                                                                                               Inc.
                                                                       Chapter                             Merrill Lynch MLPA
             Tucker, Alvin            Wright, David                                                                                               US Bancorp Foundation
                                                                      CSU Dayton Alumni                     Account Aggregation
             Tucker, Leon W.          Wright, Jacqueline               Chapter                              c/o The Garden Cty Gr                 Victoria Theater Association
             Wade, Craig A.           Wright, Roxanne C.              CSU Detroit Alumni                   MetLife                                Washington Enterprises, Inc.
             Wade, Carol D.           Yarbough, Inez V.                Chapter                             Miami University - Oxford
             Walker, Willie F.        Young, Gail
“Change is
               20                                     Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                                   Central State University Foundation
        FY12 Contributors Report:
                                                                    This report represents contribution received
                                                                   during FY12 (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012.)
                                                                     The listed contributors are alumni, friends,
                                                           alumni chapters, churches, corporations, foundations,
                                                                 fraternities, sororities, and other organizations.

    Please accept our sincere apology if we inadvertently omitted or made an error in our listing of
    contributors. We encourage you to contact the Division office at (937) 376-6373 should you have any
    questions regarding this publication. Once again we thank you for your support of Central State University.
                                                                                                                      “Change is
Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                       21
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                       This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                          from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                                     CHARLES H. WESLEY CLUB
                                                                                   $5000.00 and above
             Boozer, Marcella            Green, Ernie & Della                Johnson, Dana R.                     Marcus, Robert & Cheryl                Svager, Aleksandar
             Cousino, Forrest D.         Grigsby, Fred J.                    Kelley, Thomas E.                    Murphy, Frank E.                       Whitehead, Charles
             Garland, John W.            James, Gwendolyn L.                 Lapedes, Richard                     Ross, Jenell R.                        Winslow, Kellen B.
              & Carolyn Farrow-Garland                                        and Maureen Lynch

                                                                            PRESIDENT'S CLUB
                                                                                    $1,000 to $4,999
             Adair, Mary Lou             Botts, Stanley J.                   Darjean, Alex B.                     Foster, Cecilia                        Lipsey, Isiah
             Adams, Roosevelt M.         Bowden, Gillis L.                   Davis, Robert L.                     Garland, Richard D.                    Lowell, Cadance A.
             Allen, William M.           Bowles, Robert L.                   Dawson, Lawrence & Judith            Goldsberry, Ronald E.                  Lowery, Charles &
             Alphonso, Mervyn L.         Bridges, James W.                   DeCoux, Benette                      Gooding, Terry G.                       Carol Carter
             Anderson, Beth A.           Briscoe, Ralph J.                   Dickerson, Tyrone E.                 Green, Carol P.                        Lucas, Beula E.
             Anderson-Owens,             Broomfield, Geraldine               Dixon, Richard C.                    Gross, Mary L.                         Lynn, Sandra
              Curtis & Edna V.           Brown, John B.                      Dixon, Edward T.                     Harris, Emily P.                       Lynton, Gwendolyn L.
             Angell, John E.             Burnette, Colette P.                Dowdell, Dennis                      Hayes, Wendy E.                        Lyons, Christopher
             Anthony, Donald K.          Butler, Leroy N.                    Dukes-Campbell, Linda                Hazel, Ruth R.                         Martin, Truman L.
             Arrindell, Nicholas J.      Campbell, Amy S.                    DuPree-Gibson, Martha                Henderson, David L.                    Mayberry, B. Cato
             Bailey, Lugene              Carter, James T.                    Easterly, Cassandra E.               Hill, James                            McCollum, Starla
             Beasley, Roger              Carter, Robert A.                   Elam, James A.                       Hoffman, Barry P.                      McDowell, Linda
             Beck, William M.            Chatman, John S.                    Ellis, Claude & Carol King           Holden, John M.                        McKinney, Shirley
             Bell, Juliette B.           Clay, Edwin R.                      Fahrenbruck, Mary J.                 Ingram, Blanche L.                     McLin, Rhine
             Berry, Gordon L.            Cohen, Julienne M.                  Fairbanks, Anthony R.                Iwomi, Peter O.                        Miller, Rose
             Berry, Mattie               Collins, Eddie L.                   Farmer, James E.                     Jackson, Martha T.                     Mingo, Byron A.
             Birdsong-Beatty, Joyce B.   Cosey, Ronald E.                    Feldman, Deborah                     James, Marcia F.                       Mitchell, Irving E.
             Black, Stephen W.           Coursey,Yvette                      Flowers, Alice                       Kernahan, Dennis                       Montgomery, Elvira H.
             Black, Frank S.                                                                                                                             Nicholson, Doris
“Change is
 Central”                                Cummings, Jerry                     Ford,Vernon N.                       Lawson, Sheralyn Y.
                22                                           Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                                          PRESIDENT'S CLUB cont’d
                                                                        $1,000 to $4,999

Norman, Ellsworth R.        Reed, Winifred A.                    Sherman, Rommie                      Towers, Luther & Gloria   Watkins, Elizabeth
Penny Fuller, Ponzella M.   Roberson, Joshua P.                  Smith, Timothy L.                    Tucker, Leon W.           Wells, Carol J.
Peoples, L K.               Robinson, Chester                    Stepp, Candace B.                    Tucker, Henry C.          Williams, Benjamin L.
Perkins, Deborah            Rogers, Clarence C.                  Steward, Letha Ann                   Turner, Dwayne E.         Willis, Urcelle C.
Pettis, Curtis S.           Rutherford,Vancenia                  Sturghill, Ulus E.                   Vaughan, Clyde W.         Wood, Guy E.
Porter, Laverne & Elijah    Shelton-James, Jill F.               Taylor, Myra L.                      Walker, Wynona G.         Woodford, Christopher
Pryor, II, Chester C.       Shepherd, Richard                    Thomas, Leatrice D.                  Washington, Robert L.     Youngblade, David
                             & Betty H.

                                                                    TOWER CLUB
                                                                          $500 to $999
Albright, Ronald            Burgess, Quentin                     Gibbs, Peter C.                      Jackson, Kunta            Martin, Sarah E.
Alves, Loren D.             Butz, Timothy S.                     Giles, Elba & Cheryl                 Jeffers, Walter           Mathews, Karen M.
Anderson, Larry D.          Caldwell, William H.                 Graham, Lois E.                      Jemison, Lana J.          Meeks, Howard W.
Ashby, Gregory              Caldwell, Robert E.                  Graham, Joe L.                       Jett, Lucy M.             Melton, Emma
Bagley, StephenB.           Callier, M. A.                       Hall, Barry K.                       Johnson, Carolyn S.       Moore, Fontella R.
Barker, Seymour H.          Colbert, Michael B.                  Hardaway, Patricia L.                Johnson-Jordan, Karen     Morton, Beverly
Batch-Burgess, Mary L.      Cope, Terri Y.                       Harper, Sandra                       Jones, Charles B.         Norvell, Christy L.
Bates, Dorothy M.           Costley Bond, Gladys A.              Harris, Janette H.                   Jones, Ronald             Pelekoudas, Lois M.
Bethea, Lalethia            Coursey,Yvonne                       Harris, Charlotte                    Keener, Janice D.         Pinkney, Betty K.
Brockman, Derrick V.        Cowherd, John E.                     Harrison, Peggienne                  Kirkland, Carol A.        Porter, Frank G.
Brooks, Michael L.          Cox, Frederick L.                    Henderson, Cris T.                   Kuti, Morakinyo A.        Pressley, Clarence
Brooks, Frances             Crutcher, Lucinda J.                 Henderson, James R.                  Lasley, Michael           Ransier, Frederick L.
Brown, Tulanda              Demeritte, Theodore Q.               Hill, Ronald C.                      Lauderdale, David H.      Rengan, Alessandro R.
Brown, Larry C.             Dudley, Starlon                      Hunter, Rosetta                      Little, William           Roney, Raymond
Bruce, Sheila               Freeman, Monroe                      Irby, Henry E.                       Mann, Aaron R.            Rutledge, Martin
                                                                                                                                                             “Change is
                            Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                     23
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                   This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                      from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                                       TOWER CLUB cont’d
                                                                                  $500 to $999
             Savage, James R.        Singletary, Maxton                  Sullivan, Ernest L.                  Tunstall, Eric D.                      Wilkinson, Glenda L.
             Scott, Adam R.           & Tracey A.                        Taylor, Hilary S.                    Varner-Brown, Keisha C.                Williams, Edward D.
             Self, Willie            Smith, Carl A.                      Thomas, Ronald P.                    Vinson, Linda R.                       Willis, James R.
             Shoates, John & Jean    Smith, Otis H.                      Thompson, Richard A.                 Wade, Carol D.                         Wood, Jesse L.
             Sims, Almon             Smith, FrancesB.                    Thompson, Bernida L.                 Watts, Gwendolyn                       Wycoff, B. Harrison
             Sims, Stani N.          Stepp, Wendell                      Thorne, John N.                      Weathers-Bond, Gretchen                Young, Gerald A.

                                                                       MARAUDER'S CLUB
                                                                                  $300 to $499
             Adams, Ann B.           Davis, Derrick E.                   Jenkins, Jewell S.                   Paige, Renee J.                        Springs, Ruby N.
             Alexander, Harland P.   Early, Robert S.                    Johnson, Kelvyn B.                   Potter, Katherine                      Sritharan, Subramania
             Alsop-Owens, Mari       Flewellen, Shasta T.                Johnson, Chester F.                  Powell-Stivers, Lynnora                Stevenson, Ida J.
             Blunt, Calvin D.        Franklin, Shirley L.                Johnson,Valerie M.                   Ragland, Sherman                       Stewart,Vivian
             Bradley, Daryl          Frazier, Addiebelle                 Johnson, James G.                    Riddles, Richard                       Taylor, Carole A.
             Bridgman, Nancy A.      Gamble, Carolyn                     Junior, Ester J.                     Robinson, Ronnie E.                    Thomas, Theodore L.
             Cannon, Larry R.        Garnes, George V.                   Junior, Ester J.                     Robinson, Brenda L.                    Tiggett, Alice M.
             Cheatham, Tonya D.      Gilliam, George A.                  Key, Ramon W.                        Ruffin, Gabrielle D.                   Todd, Marilyn L.
             Cherry, Ronald          Grant, Gail S.                      Lavender, Cheryl W.                  Sharpton, Robert E.                    Towner, WillieC.
             Chinwah, Lovette A.     Grayson, John C.                    Leigh, Barbara S.                    Shaw, Robin D.                         Townsell, Mark & Marilyn
             Clark, Ronald           Gregory, Annie N.                   Linder, Arthur I.                    Shelton, Utsey T.                      Trotter, Samantha S.
             Cox, Amanda T.          Grissom, William A.                 Livingston, William F.               Shook, Daniel S.                       Turnbow, Kellee
             Craig, Christian L.     Harris, Juanita                     Manning, Travis J.                   Simic, David T.                        Turner, Thomas
             Crockett, Daphne        Heard, Lavonte L.                   Morgan, Beverly P.                   Sloan,Vivian R.                        Turner, Bernice J.
             Cunningham, Penny       Hill, Sandra A.                     Morrison, Boris R.                   Smith, Darlene L.                      Walker, Willie F.
“Change is   Daniel, Willie D.       Hylton, Robert L.                   Owens, Joan J.                       Smith, Merri L.                        Welch, Frances K.
                24                                       Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                                        MARAUDER'S CLUB cont’d
                                                                         $300 to $499

White, Paul L.             Williams, Farris & Dolores           Williams, Marian D.                  Williams, J C.            Williams, Sharon S.

                                                            BENEFACTOR’S CLUB
                                                                         $200 to $299
Ajayi-Majebi, Abayomi      Conway, Fred                         Gray, Page E.                        Jarvis, Jackie C.         Metcalfe, Craig L.
Amber, Gwendolyn R.        Cook, Jacqueline W.                  Greene, Judy L.                      Jernigan, Jacob R.        Morrow, Lucille
Ameny-Dixon, Gloria M.     Craft, Otwool C.                     Harper, Amy A.                       Jeter, Frederick R.       Moss, Relda A.
Anderson, Samuel K.        Crawford, Jeffrey W.                 Harrell, Clarence L.                 Johnson, Cyrita J.        Murphy, Diamond D.
Ashford, Spencer O.        Crawford, Richard D.                 Harris, Antoine S.                   Johnson, Lauren M.        Myers, Lazarus Z.
Ashley, Rubelle            Crayton Owensby, Joshua L.           Harris, Angela J.                    Johnson, Henry D.         Nnazor, Reginald
Atkinson-Trent, Dorthula   Dawan, Nola S.                       Harris, Lorna J.                     Jones, Roosevelt          Oldham, Bettye T.
Bailey, Juan K.            Dawkins, Nolan B.                    Harville, Trent D.                   Jones, Lawrence           Pagan, Shirley M.
Barton, Myles D.           Day, Patricia A.                     Hatcher, Marilyn A.                  Jones- Kelley, Helen E.   Page, Felton
Battle, George F.          Delane, Charles E.                   Hawk, Britain S.                     Joyner, Patricia E.       Palmer, James W.
Battle III, Menzo          Dowdell, Gary A.                     Hawkins-Thomas, Sandra               Kennedy, N J.             Parker, Willis L.
Beard, Katherine J.        Dowdell, Marilyn A.                  Hazel, Janet                         King, Treonte A.          Parks, Katheryn
Bonner, Marsha L.          Dowdy-Harris, Kathleen L.            Henry, Ike J.                        Lemire, Eric J.           Patterson-Jackson,
Bradford, Rashawn R.       Edwards, Keith                       Hopkin-Oliver, Terry                 Lewis, Nina M.             Kessondra L.
Brooks, Mary E.            Evans, Anthony M.                    Houston, Willie W.                   Lewis, Stephanie A.       Philon, Charsier M.
Brown, William A.          Feiler, Stephen A.                   Howard, Earl J.                      Lipscomb, Beverly A.      Pipes, Miriam E.
Brown, Ira H.              Fields, Marquerite K.                Hudson, Mckinley                     Lowery, Aaron             Pye, Loretta
Burroughs, Carolyn Y.      Fraley, Gregory                      Hunt, Freddie                        Madden, Brianna M.        Rankin, Charlisha R.
Clark, Melvin L.           Gardin, Sherman & Betty              Ivy, Loyce C.                        Marshall, Cynthia C.      Reid, Dorette P.
Coleman, Sterling J.       Gaston, Leonard G.                   Jackson, Cronicle A.                 Mayo, Patricia A.         Rogers,Vandadean
Collins, Rudolph V.        Gray, Helen L.                       James, Andrew B.                     McClure, Bettie J.
                                                                                                                                                           “Change is
                           Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                    25
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                       This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                          from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                                    BENEFACTOR’S CLUB cont’d
                                                                                       $200 to $299
             Rountree, Hazel             Simpson, George A.                  Townes, Marjorie L.                  Waters,Victoria E.                     Wilson, Linda K.
             Russell, Billy C.           Small, Angela                       Turner, Lawrence J.                  Wells, Dennis L.                       Wood, Jesse L.
             Samborski, Kenn J.          Smith, Stanley W.                   Walker, Charlotte A.                 Williams, Shawnell                     Wright, James A.
             Saunders, Christopher       Stowe, Haywood G.                   Walls, Clarence                      Williams-Neal, Ethelyn J.              Younger, Barbara B.
             Shepherd, Gladys L.         Taylor, Gretchen C.                 Washington, Willie J.                Williamson, Bobbie
             Shillito, Beverly F.        Tekpetey, Kwawisi                   Washington, Wellesley S.             Willis, Joyce A.

                                                                              CENTURY CLUB
                                                                                      $100 to $199
             Alexander, Lanetta C.       Benham, Liza A.                     Carter, Robert A.                    Cooper, Phyllis E.                     Dyer, Susan P.
             Allen, Gary L.              Berry, Elton T.                     Carter, Paula J.                     Copeland, Elaine J.                    Elmore, Jeffrey T.
             Alston, Dolores R.          Biddle, Reginald F.                 Chase,Velma D.                       Craft, Thomas J.                       Elmore Newbern, Bertha S.
             Anderson, Sandra Y.         Biehn, Joseph J.                    Chatman, Larry D.                    Crawford, Barbara J.                   Elmore-Florence, Anita
             Anderson, Charles W.        Black, Dunton L.                    Chinnappan, Santhi                   Crosby, Tiney M.                       Embrey, Bennie J.
             Anthony, Lillian            Blalock,Vinson                      Choice, John H.                      Culbreath, Jahan L.                    Fields, Denise A.
             Anthony-O'Neal, Lillie M.   Bogan, Bobby J.                     Cochran, Geraldine P.                Cunningham, Catherine M.               Fitzgerald, Robert E.
             Applin, Cynthia A.          Bolden, Nancy                       Colbert, Charles H.                  Dale, Lucile                           Flowers, Lavonnie
             Armstrong, Michael A.       Bourn, Brad E.                      Cole, Claude L.                      Daniels, Donald                        Folley, Emmett P.
             Avery, Eleanor M.           Boyce, Russell E.                   Coleman, William L.                  Davis, Rickey                          Ford, Barbara
             Bain-Wilkins, Rita          Branham, LaTonya M.                 Coleman, Rosie B.                    Davis, Robert L.                       Forest, George
             Barnett, Garvey M.          Brown, Sharon T.                    Collier, Sherre I.                   Day, Patricia A.                       Foster, Debra A.
             Barwick, Gertrude           Brown, Lois P.                      Collier, Samuel                      Day, Hatcher A.                        Frazier, Carol R.
             Battiste, Auggeretto        Buchanan, Tommy L.                  Colvard, Jacqueline L.               Doss, Ella M.                          Freeman, Terry
             Bayless, Marsha J.          Byers, Andrew                       Cook, Dianne P.                      Douglas, Lillian                       Gardner III, Joseph H.
“Change is   Bean, Kevin                 Callier, M. A.                      Cooper, Joan M.                      Dowdell, Cheryl L.                     Garraway, Annie M.
                26                                           Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                                        CENTURY CLUB cont’d
                                                                      $100 to $199
Gatling, Sheila D.      Jeter, Shaquille                     Lewis, Dennis                        Monk, Earl W.          Price, Ralph E.
Ghavami, Firooz         Jeter, Kaye M.                       Lindsey, Jill L.                     Moore, Biaunca N.      Pruitt, Ruby
Gilbert, Lonny A.       Johnson, Alice                       Little,Yolanda R.                    Moore, FrederickB.     Pryor, Willa
Gillispie, William L.   Johnson,Yolanda                      Long, Deborah P.                     Morrison, Carolyn A.   Ramey, Linda K.
Goins, Francis V.       Johnson, Betty L.                    Lynn, Sandi                          Moss, June R.          Randall, Sandra L.
Gooding, Jessie O.      Johnson, Melody W.                   Marsh, Dominique R.                  Murphy, Matthew S.     Renshaw-Ovid, Gwendolyn
Gratz, Carolyn          Johnson, Dwight L.                   Marsh, Ethan M.                      Musgrove, Lawanda C.   Reynolds, Cynthia
Griffin, Marion D.      Johnson, Shirley A.                  Marsh,Vivian L.                      Myrick, Dominique S.   Richards, Eugene C.
Grissom, Leo W.         Jones, Kimberly K.                   Marshall, Kenneth D.                 Nelson, Lydia J.       Richardson, Stephanie
Gruber, Stephen S.      Jordan, Albert L.                    Martin, Tommisietta C.               Nicholas, Junida       Rieck, Harold R.
Gunn, Gladys            Joyner, J C.                         Mason, Michael L.                    Oden, Deborah A.       Roberson, Pauline
Hall, Bradley A.        Karmo, Lahai M.                      Matthews, Jr, Nemiah                 Okunade, Samuel A.     Robinson, James E.
Harper, Constance D.    Kelley, Charles P.                   Maxwell, Tomasina S.                 Oliver, Demetrius P.   Rodriguez, Carrie J.
Harris, Kathe H.        Kennedy,Victoria M.                  McCants, Harold                      Orr, Anne              Sadler, James R.
Henderson, Perry        King, Diane R.                       McCreary, Sharon                     Orr, William & Annie   Sample Walker,Vivian
Hollis, Lula            King, Carolyn B.                     McCullough, Tracy L.                 Owens, Darryl T.       Sanders, Betty M.
Hopson, Sallie F.       King, Cheryl                         McDowell, Marion L.                  Palmer, Terry          Santiago-Valles, W F.
Hubbard, Sybil          Kring, Donald D.                     McGoodwin, Roland                    Palmer, Louis T.       Saunders, Barbara L.
Hudson, Addie           Lackey, Johnneta                     McGuire Davis, Anna M.               Patton, Jason L.       Schooler, WilliamB.
Huggins, Shawn A.       Lansdown, Edward M.                  McNeal, Dennis J.                    Petaway, George D.     Schwieterman, Betty T.
Hughes, Charles E.      Lasky, Nova                          McVay, Christina                     Petett, Lila           Self, Eileen F.
Hyter,Yvette D.         Latham, Paula K.                     Means, Arthur                        Phillips, Eugene       Sellers, Irene D.
Iles, Larry S.          Leahr, Michael L.                    Mitchell, Emma J.                    Pope, Carol W.         Showell, Charles H.
Jackson, Evelyn G.      Lee,Valerie                          Mitchell, John T.                    Powell, Keith          Simpson, Marketta L.
Jackson, Glenn          Leseur-Brown, Geta                   Mixon, Lawrence & Joan               Powell, Harold         Singh, C.P. Roy               “Change is
                        Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                   27
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                      This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                         from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                                        CENTURY CLUB cont’d
                                                                                     $100 to $199
             Sisomphone, Nikki        Tate, Leonard E.                      Thrash, Alberta B.                   Walker, Karen W.                       White, Betty J.
             Smith, Cooper L.         Taylor, Gail A.                       Thurmond, Wanda                      Wallace, Belinda A.                    White, Walter J.
             Smith, Beverly           Taylor, Kathleen D.                   Tildon, Earl T.                      Walls, Ada A.                          Whitmore, Anthony B.
             Smith, James M.          Taylor, Jeanette P.                   Timmons, Harold                      Walls, Chandra                         Wiley, William H.
             Steagall, Josephine W.   Taylor-Bragg,Vivian                   Toney, Cheyenne L.                   Walton, Peter L.                       Wilkinson, Reginald A.
             Stephens, Jewellean D.   Taylor-Latham, Joyce O.               Tucker, Alvin                        Walton, Sherri J.                      Williams, Shirley D.
             Steward, Donald L.       Thomas, Everett                       Tyus, Paul                           Ward, Lori L.                          Williams, Grace M.
             Stocks, Eleanor          Thomas, Clarence L.                   Vonderheid, Douglas C.               Watts, David                           Williams, Gwendolyn
             Stonework, Horace        Thomas, Arthur E.                     Wade, Craig A.                       Weaver, Paul N.                        Wilson, Carmalita A.
             Sykes, Clifton T.        Thompson, Kemal P.                    Wainwright, Anita                    Welch, Theodore                        Wilson, Curtis
             Symonds, Curtis N.       Thompson, William M.                  Walker, Angelo A.                    Welch, Theodore L.                     Wright, Roxanne C.
             Symonette, Hazel         Thornton, Milton                      Walker, Margie                       Westefeld, Barry C.                    Young, Gail

                                                         OTHER INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS
             Abdusalaam, Ishmael      Allen, Tyesha S.                      Austin, Daphne R.                    Ball-Williams, Sonya                   Bartlett, Peter M.
             Adderley, Hulsrum K.     Allen, Ronail D.                      Babb, Trevor R.                      Banks, Wendell L.                      Barton, Gigi
             Alexander, Royce D.      Anderson, Kassaundra E.               Badger, Idabelle                     Barksdale, Norman L.                   Bassett, Wendy G.
             Alexander, Annetta J.    Anderson, Larry A.                    Bailey, James H.                     Barnes, James D.                       Batts, Charles
             Alexander-Jones, Diana   Andrews, Michael R.                   Baker, Ernestine B.                  Barnes, Joanne                         Beal, Linda
             Allen, Lavida R.         Arnold, Katherine                     Baker, Joan M.                       Barnes, Miller                         Beatty Shorter, Mary L.
             Allen, Ronald L.         Atlas-Leeper, Mary K.                 Baldwin, Marygene                    Barnes-Marshall, Tracy                 Beemer, Elizabeth A.
             Allen, Dixie             Augustin, Katrina A.                  Ballard, Clifford H.                 Barri, Aymen                           Bell, Lonnie C.

“Change is
                28                                          Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                         OTHER INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS cont’d
Bell, Christine             Briley,Vincent L.                    Burton, Shirley                      Clay, Curtis               Dale, Harold
Bell, Gloria                Broadmax, Traci                      Butler, Alice C.                     Clay-McClanahan, Linda     Daniels, Michael A.
Berry, Jean H.              Broadnax, Sidney                     Butler, Griffin K.                   Clayton,Yvonne B.          Daoud, Ribhi M.
Besteder, Mary A.           Brooks, Esther                       Byrge, Nancy L.                      Clayton, Emanuel O.        Darden, Mildred Y.
Bethea, Kathleen A.         Brooks, Manuel M.                    Cain, Calvin E.                      Clemons, Crystal           Darrett, Clifford H.
Beville, Irene              Brown, Zakiya T.                     Cain, Tracy                          Cliffswallow, Willow       Darrow, Sheila L.
Billingsley-Johnson,        Brown, Louis E.                      Caris Midl, Joy A.                   Cohrs, James A.            Davis, Darlene
 Stephanie                  Brown, Eric M.                       Carter, Richard                      Colbert, Charles A.        Davis, Jeffrey B.
Blackmon, Mary J.           Brown, Ava L.                        Cary, Steven C.                      Coleman-Gill, Fayette M.   Davis, James L.
Blamo, Barbara J.           Brown, Booker T.                     Cash, Marcus A.                      Collie, Saundra            Davis, Helen
Bobo, Cheryl J.             Brown, Michael E.                    Castleberry, Terri L.                Collier, Robert E.         Davis, Stephanie K.
Bonds, Gladys A.            Brown, Deborah A.                    Catanzarite, Jill A.                 Collins, Cheryl L.         Day, Carolyn A.
Boreman, Lydia M.           Brown, Charles S.                    Causey, Marion                       Colon-Canales, Wanda I.    Day, Byron M.
Bosway, Mary L.             Brown Gaines, Deborah K.             Chambers, Paula Y.                   Copes, Richard J.          Dean, Cynthia
Bowens, Gayle A.            Browning, Nancy                      Charles, Jerry L.                    Corriveau, Douglas N.      DeCoux, Karen
Boyd, Minnie G.             Bryant, Robin D.                     Chattams, Denise L.                  Cowans, Pamela A.          Destefani, Carolyn L.
Boyd, Imogene               Bryson, Paul D.                      Chattams, Denise L.                  Cox, Martha                Dickey, Ernest H.
Boyd, Douglas G.            Buchanan, Delora                     Cherebin, Barbara J.                 Craft, Clarence            Dixon, Samuel
Bracey-Liggins, Sheila A.   Bullock, Mary E.                     Childs-Jeter, Linda                  Crawford, John C.          Dodson, Patricia G.
Brack, Armelda L.           Bunch, Bruce                         Chisholm, Fletcher C.                Crawford, Piper D.         Dotson, Joanne
Bradley, Shirley M.         Burban, Cynthia L.                   Chisolm, Fletcher                    Crawford, Margarette       Dozier, Benja
Bradshaw, Angelique M.      Burks, Howard C.                     Christmon, Jonathan B.               Cripe, Helen L.            Drake, Marilyn
Bramwell, Patricia A.       Burks, John A.                       Clark, Walter G.                     Cruz, Eric S.              Drummer, Dana
Bratton, Betty W.           Burns, Michael D.                    Clark, Inge M.                       Cunningham, Darius L.      Dunbar, Dax A.
Briggs, Jerryl              Burton, Nakia M.                     Clarke, C. A.                        Cuyler, Renaye             Dunson, Darlene              “Change is
Bright,Viola A.                                                                                                                                                Central”
                            Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                      29
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                      This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                         from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                    OTHER INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS cont’d
             Durham,Veeda D.            Flowers, Pearl R.                   Goins, Barbara                       Harris, Randall W.                     Hill, Clarence
             Duritsch, Christina S.     Floyd, Elizabeth                    Good, Harry K.                       Harris, Cheryle A.                     Hill, Patsy L.
             Dycks, Willie H.           Ford, Ernest                        Goodwin, Rebecca M.                  Harris, Natalia S.                     Hill, Joseph W.
             Dyer, Roselle E.           Foreman, Renae D.                   Goolsby, Annie J.                    Harris, Paula N.                       Hills, Nathaniel T.
             Dyksterhouse, Felicia M.   Foster, Ronald L.                   Grant, Mary J.                       Harrison, Pamela M.                    Hines, Thomas L.
             Earl-Jenkins, Alyce        Foster, Billie G.                   Graves, Biancha R.                   Harrison, Barbie J.                    Hines, Shawn L.
             Eck, Jerrold D.            Franklin, Adrien T.                 Graves, Odell W.                     Harshaw, Ona                           Hobson, J. E.
             Ector, Ernest J.           Freeman, Fillmore                   Graves, Jacqueline R.                Hart, Barbara A.                       Hoffman, Lee E.
             Edelen, Ida                Froning, Nancy E.                   Green, Shirley J.                    Harvey, James                          Hogue, Patricia E.
             Edwards, Leroy V.          Fulton, Willie J.                   Greene, Drexel A.                    Haston, Kristy                         Holley, Priscilla S.
             Ellington, Teal            Gaines, Jane                        Gregory-Gee, Michele                 Havens, Teresa E.                      Holloway, Angela C.
             Elliott, JuanC.            Gardner, Carolyn                    Gresham, Sandra M.                   Hawkins, Stephanie                     Hood, Deloise M.
             Ellis, Emory               Gardner, Jesse W.                   Grooms, Talbert L.                   Hayes, Debra A.                        Horton, Tommie L.
             Enterline, Zachary R.      Gardner, Anthony E.                 Hale, Rosalind P.                    Heitmeyer, Daniel F.                   House, Rosalyn P.
             Esprit, Lee G.             Garnett, Ronald L.                  Halfpap, Rhonda                      Henderson, Flora E.                    Huff, Pearlie L.
             Evans, Hakim K.            Garrett, Bridgette G.               Hamilton III, Lawerence              Henderson, Harlan R.                   Huggins-Jones, Jacqueline F.
             Fagan, Joy R.              Garrette-Sanders, Lolly             Hampton, Darlene                     Henry, Carl L.                         Hughes, Etrulia C.
             Faustman, Julie L.         Garth, Sandra J.                    Hancock, Barbara                     Herick, David L.                       Hunter, Joan
             Ferguson, Grace            Gauthier, Timothy J.                Harden, Robert                       Herring, David C.                      Hurley Murphy, Laura
             Fields, Janet S.           Gay,Victor L.                       Harding-Hooks, Cassaindra            Heskett, Josiah T.                     Huston, Nathaniel S.
             Fields, Theodore C.        George, Teal U.                     Hardy, Mae F.                        Hess, Debbie                           Idrees, Ayman M.
             Fisher, Sjon A.            Giffin, Elizabeth H.                Harps,Vanessa                        Hester, Olivia D.                      Ifill, Angela S.
             Flanagan, Chelton C.       Giscombe, Gary L.                   Harrington, Albert L.                Heyward, Geneva                        Iqtaifan, Mayson H.
             Flood, Cheryl L.           Glenn, Loraine                      Harris, Dwayne                       Hicks, William E.                      Jackson, Avery J.
“Change is   Flood, Ovetta R.           Glenn, Stephanie R.                 Harris, Zachary V.                   Hill, Beverly                          Jackson, Sadie
                30                                          Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                        OTHER INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS cont’d
Jackson, Douglas B.        Joyner, Claude                       Lister, David A.                     McGough, Benny V.        Moore, Alicia F.
Jackson, Claudia M.        Kane, Michael                        Little,Victor D.                     McGrady, Dawn N.         Moore, Denise E.
Jackson, ReanerB.          Kemper, Amy S.                       Locher, April L.                     McHarg, Luann M.         Moore, Jeffrey D.
Jacksonson-Buckles,        Keys, Jeffrey L.                     Lockhart, Sterling                   McKenna, Danielle M.     Moorman, Mary M.
 Deborah J.                Kiefer, Arnold M.                    Lofton, Nathaniel                    McKinney, Talmadge       Morgan, Carolyn T.
Jalanbo, Haitham M.        King, Bonita E.                      Long, Darline                        Mclemore, Gaile          Muhammad, Afra A.
Jarrett, Dorothy J.        Knights, Marjorie                    Lyle, Eleanor Cameron                McQuary, Gwen K.         Muncy, Monique L.
Jeffers-Coly, Phyllis M.   Kues, Eileen M.                      Macario, Karen W.                    McWhite, Keith L.        Murphy-Williams, Lucretia
Jeffries, Monica J.        Kuna, Andrea L.                      Madden, Tina M.                      Means, F.                Myer, Charlott A.
Jeffries, Laneda R.        Kuykendall, William J.               Manuel, Emma                         Medley, Shirley A.       Myers, Eugene F.
Jehn, Nancy L.             Ladipo-Jerry, Ganiy A.               Marcellus, Delores                   Melrose, Arnold          Myers, Edward A.
Jenkins, Beatrice          Lane, Donna M.                       Margerum-Luckett, Denise             Milbry, Tammy L.         Myree, Troy
Jenkins, Regina            Lanos, James H.                      Martin, Kerry                        Miller, Matthew J.       Nadir, Tyrone E.
Jerschina, Jacob J.        Lansing, Kerry L.                    Martin, Judith A.                    Miller, Carlyn O.        Neal, Jacqueline S.
Johnson, Clifford W.       Lanton, Teri W.                      Mays, Shirley                        Miller, Megan R.         Nelms, Roceta F.
Johnson, Dorothy A.        Larger, Mark                         McBride, Marlene                     Miller, Cheryl A.        Nelson, Michael L.
Johnson, Bonita A.         Lauderback, Darrell B.               McCampbell, Alyce                    Mitchell, Lorraine D.    Nervis, Linda L.
Johnson, Spencer L.        Lawson, Artisha S.                   McCleskey, Rachele                   Mitchell, Deborah D.     Neumeier, Mary E.
Jones, Kimberly N.         Leath, Nicole N.                     McConnell, Albert L.                 Mitchell, B              Newberry, Lillie R.
Jones, William H.          Lee, Reginalo S.                     McCormick, Clyde                     Monaghan, Rita           Newman, Ina M.
Jones, Glenda E.           Lee, Gwendolyn                       McCormick, Tara R.                   Montague, Ronald C.      Newton, Karen
Jones, David L.            LeRoy, Gary L.                       McCracken, Charles                   Montgomery, Cammie       Noakes, Betty L.
Jones, Linda C.            Lester, Audrey                       McCulloch, Sarah L.                  Montgomery, Rebecca I.   Nunley, Inez
Jones, Sue                 Lipsey, Joe K.                       McDaniel, Maple L.                   Moon, Sharron G.         O'Connor, Daniel J.
Jones, Richard             Lister, Anita                        McFadden Carpenter, Rita             Moore, Roshaun           Overby, Mosezetta           “Change is
Jones-Zhang, Hua                                                                                                                                           Central”
                           Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                  31
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                       This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                          from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                    OTHER INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS cont’d
             Paige, Christal             Polk, Samuel L.                     Roberts, Grady H.                    Seagraves, Kayla B.                    Start, Gerrit J.
             Paige-Livingston, Myra V.   Porter, Matthew D.                  Roberts, Kenneth                     Sehlhorst, Marcela                     Steed, Don H.
             Pannapara, John             Powell, Dee                         Robinson, JoAnn                      Seymore, James L.                      Steiner, Nicholas W.
             Parker, Markerite           Pratt, William E.                   Robinson, Janell M.                  Sharp, Denise M.                       Stephen, Allen
             Parker, Clarice V.          Price, Donna J.                     Robinson, Scott F.                   Shelton-Pierce, Indira                 Stevenson, Julia P.
             Parks,Vera E.               Proctor, Ronda D.                   Robinson, Debra                      Silkert, Margaret                      Stewart, Pamela
             Parran, Roy E.              Qasem, Hussam F.                    Robinson Rodgers, Angela             Simmonds-Lettsome,                     Stokes, John
             Pate, Mike                  Quant, Sterling R.                  Robinson-Moody, Mary                  Lydia M.                              Stokes, Sarai L.
             Payne, J. Jeffrey           Rand, Rasheda R.                    Rodgers, Doris M.                    Simmons, Clark A.                      Stone, Kelly M.
             Payne, Joanell              Redden, Joseph F.                   Rogers, Laklesha                     Simmons, Aurelia C.                    Stone, Edna D.
             Peavy, Benee                Redden, Joseph F.                   Rollins, Bobby J.                    Sims, Samuel L.                        Stonebarclay, Barbara
             Perkins, Keith A.           Reeder, Bethany M.                  Rose, Kathleen                       Sistrunk, Theresa                      Strode, Tivey T.
             Perkins, Donnie J.          Reese, Barbara G.                   Rossman, Thomas M.                   Skinner, Glenda                        Sturm, Beverly A.
             Perkins, Jennie E.          Reeves, Edward L.                   Rouselle,Yvonne                      Slauenwhite, Pam                       Swett, Alanna M.
             Perkins, Wendelin           Renfrow, Catherine A.               Rutledge, Maxine                     Smiley, Mary L.                        Swift, William H.
             Perry, Anitamarie           Reporter, Shernaz M.                Rutter, Edgar A.                     Smiley, Mary C.                        Taste, Sharon A.
             Perry, James A.             Revenaugh, Heidi W.                 Sallis, Rita J.                      Smith, David M.                        Tatum, Katherine
             Pewther, William R.         Rhodes, Felisha L.                  Sanders, Laura                       Smith, Beverly F.                      Taylor, Maria D.
             Phadke-Gupta, Pratibha      Rhodes - Baynes, Nutashia           Sargeant, Nancy J.                   Smith, William E.                      Taylor, Caillie
             Phillips, Pamela K.         Rice, Ronnie R.                     Scaggs, Todd E.                      Spaulding, Pia P.                      Taylor-Smith, Sylvia A.
             Pickens,Vernadine C.        Richmond, Tanisha                   Schack, Anna M.                      Spencer, A                             Thobe, Rebecca
             Pickett, Brendolyn B.       Ridley, James E.                    Scott, Rachel M.                     Spiva, Wendell A.                      Thomas, Anique E.
             Pickett, Kristian P.        Ritter, John                        Scott, Celestine                     St. Pierre, Cathy                      Thomas, Michael W.
             Pinkett, Bernard A.         Roberts, Thomas E.                  Scott, Anita Y.                      Stantley, Suzanne F.                   Thomas, Larry J.
“Change is   Polk, Bobbie J.             Roberts, Cheryl G.                  Seabold, Paul                        Starks, Royal L.                       Thomas, Ronald
 Central”                                                                                                         Staroska, Justina L.
                32                                           Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                         OTHER INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS cont’d
Thomas, Steven              Turner IV, Miles W.                  Walton, Doris D.                     Whitesell, Corinne B.       Wilson, Manuel A.
Thomas, Jeanette E.         Tyree, William H.                    Washington,                          Whiteside-Dubose, Diane     Wilson, Robert C.
Thompson, Sabra             Van House, Darryl                    Craig & Jean Vance                   Wilcox-Evwaraye, Helen B.   Winhoven, Carrie
Thompson, Earl M.           Vanderhorst, Angela L.               Watkins, Dolores V.                  Wilkerson, John T.          Winston, Linda D.
Tidmore, Audrey R.          Vandintel, Sebastian P.              Watkins, RichardC.                   Wilkerson, Lorene S.        Wise, Eugene E.
Tiller, Georgia L.          Vonderheide, Jared                   Watson, Bonita J.                    Wilkins, James L.           Witcher, Marzell D.
Tillery, Irma L.            Wachtel, Susan M.                    Weathers, Hazel L.                   Willeford, Megan J.         Wong, Irene
Tipton,Vernon               Walker, Johnny                       Weaver, Aaron M.                     Williams, Angela            Woods, Rita F.
Townsend, Bonisha D.        Walker, Doris M.                     Webb, Kimille A.                     Williams, Dorothy J.        Woolford, Hiawatha J.
Townsend Smith, Jan         Walker, Karen                        Webb, Kimberly                       Williams, JoHelen           Wright, David
Tucker, Tammy               Walker, Thomas O.                    Webb, David R.                       Williams, Delores           Wright, Jacqueline
Tucker, Beverly A.          Walker, Gwendolyn E.                 Webster, Charles V.                  Williams, Joann             Wyse, Rodney E.
Tucker, Janet E.            Wallace, Clarence S.                 Weir, Harry L.                       Williams, Judith M.         Yarbough, Inez V.
Tuggle, Carl                Wallin, Rebekah                      West, Lori                           Williams, Chuck J.          Yelder, Joyce
Tunstall, Gloria J.         Walton, Sherrie J.                   West, Amy                            Williams, James G.          Young, Ivy
Turner, Christopher W.      Walton, Allen M.                     White, Zad T.                        Williams, George E.         Zepher, Alberta
Turner, Robert A.           Walton, Evelyn R.                    White, Marlena                       Williams-Smith, Tonya L.    Atlanta Alumni Chapter

Chicago Alumni Chapter      Columbus Alumni Chapter              Everglades Alumni Chapter            Philadelphia Alumni         Southern California Alumni
Cincinnati Alumni Chapter   Dayton Alumni Chapter                New York City Alumni                  Chapter                     Chapter
Cleveland Alumni Chapter    Detroit Alumni Chapter                Chapter                             Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter

                                                                                                                                                               “Change is
                            Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                       33
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                       This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                          from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                 LOCAL CHURCHES/RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS
             Believers Christian           Christ United Methodist           Holy Trinity Baptist Church          Maranatha Christian                    St. Andrews Episcopal
              Fellowship Church             Church                           Living Faith Apostolic                Fellowship                             Church
             Bethel Baptist Church         Greater Abyssinia Baptist          Churh                               Mount Zion Baptist Church              St. James AME
             Carmel Presbyterian            Church                           Macedonia Second Baptist             Mt. Zion Church                        Zion Baptist Church
              Church                                                          Church

             4 You, Inc                    Armed Forces                      Case Western Reserve                 CFC - Fort Campbell Area               CFC - United Way
             Active Network                 Communications Inc                University                          CFC - Huntington                        of Hawaii Pacific Area
             ADVIZEX Technologies          AT&T                              Cash Miscellanous                     (Cleveland OH)                        CFC - United Way of
                                           Austin Peay State University      Cedarville University                CFC - Huntsville Alabama                Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.
             Alcoa Foundation
                                           BCD Global Ltd.                   Central State Univ -                 CFC - III Corps & Fort                 Chicago Defender Charities
             Alpha Kappa Alpha-Rho
                                                                              Cash Management                      Hood                                   Inc
              Omega chapter                Beaver-Vu Bowl
                                                                             Central State University -           CFC - Overseas                         Cimi's Concessions
             American Chemical Society,    Bob Evans Farms Inc.
              Dayton Section                                                  ROTC                                CFC - Philadelphia Area                Cincinnati Metro Area CFC
                                           Bob Ross Auto Group
             American Electric Power                                         Central State University-            CFC - Pikes Peak Region                City Year - Columbus
                                           Boeing Integrated Defense
              Service Corp.                                                   Dayton Alumni Chapter                (0140)                                CityFolk
             American Enteprise                                              Centralian Connection LLC            CFC - SENC Fund-0656                   Cleveland State University
                                           Butler Technology and
              Investments Services, Inc.    Career Development               Cetech, Inc.                         CFC - South Jersey Com-                CMC, Inc
             American Enterprise            Schools                          CFC - Central Valley/Sierra           bined Federal Campaign                Coca Cola Bottling
              Investment Services, Inc.    Capital University                 /United Way of Stanislaus           CFC - United Way Employ-                Companies
             American Honda Motor                                             Co.                                  ees Giving Campaign
                                           Care Source Management                                                                                        Columbus City School
              Co., Inc.                     Group                            CFC - Dayton                         CFC - United Way                        District
             Andrews Roofing               Carl A. Fletcher Insurance        CFC - Federated Campaign              of Central Ohio                       Combined Federal
              and Restoration               Service                           Stewards Greater Indiana            CFC - United Way                        Campaign of Greater
“Change is   Armed Forces Communica-                                          (#0283)                              of Central Ohio                        Wisconsin
 Central”     tion & Electronics
               34                                            Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.
                                          CORPORATIONS/NON-INDIVIDUALS cont’d
Commercial Fitness            Fifth Third Bank                     Infoscitex Corporation               Merrill Lynch MLPA            Ohio Foam Corporation
 Solutions, Inc.              First Christian Church                Foundation                           Account Aggregation c/o      Oklahoma City University
Cox Media Group                (Disciples of Christ)               Jackson Center Local                  The Garden Cty Gr
                                                                                                                                      Omega Music
Crazygood LLC                 Frank & Pearl E. Gelbman              Schools                             MetLife
                                                                                                                                      Omega Psi Phi
CSU Alumni Association-        Charitable Foundation               JUBAROCK, INC.                       Metropolitan Life Insurance    Eta Gamma
 DC Chapter                   GA Davis LLC                         K Townsend Consulting                 Company
                                                                                                                                      Orthopaedic Institute
Dayton City School District   Gary Chamber                          LLC                                 Miami University - Oxford      of Dayton, Inc.
Dayton Foundation              of Commerce                         Kettering Medical Center             Miami Valley Career           P & G Fund
                              GE Foundation                         Network                              Technical Center
Dayton Literary Peace Prize                                                                                                           Parents Advancing Choice
 Foundation                   GE Money Americans                   KeyBank Foundation                   Middle Georgia Area            in Education (PACE)
                                                                   Kroger Company                        Combined Federal Cam-
Dayton Power & Light          GFS Marketplace                                                                                         Parker Hannifin
                                                                                                         paign #0217
 Company                      Gordon W. Burke DFNS                 KSU Foundation, Inc.                                                Corporation
                                                                                                        Mount Vernon Nazerene
Dayton Road Runners M.C.       SPLY CTR COLS                       Lafayette Life Insurance                                           Payne Theological Seminary
Dept. of Public Safety        Grand Court of Calentha               Company                                                           PEP
                                                                                                        Move The Crowd
Dominion Foundation            of Ohio                             Liberty Mutual Insurance                                           Peter L. Walton Jr.
                                                                    Group                               Muskingum University
Dunbar High School Alumni     Greater Cleveland Sports                                                                                 & Associates
                               Commission                          Life-Time Independent                MWC Publishing
 Association                                                                                                                          Phoenix Alumni Chapter
                              Greater Dayton Regional               Living                              NAACP
Economy linen and Towel                                                                                                               Pita Pockets, LLC
 Service, Inc.                 Transit Authority (RTA)             Macaulay-Brown, Inc.                 NASA-FCU
                                                                                                                                      PNC Foundation
Emerson Climate               Greene Change for                    Magnode Corporation                  National Black Presbyterian
                                                                                                                                      Premier Health Partners
 Technologies, Inc.            Charities Foundation (CF)           Maintaining Ourselves                 Caucus Inc.
                                                                                                                                      Prince Hall Scholarship
Fairborn City School          Hallie Q. Brown Memorial              Dayton View Branch                  National Environmental
 District                      Library                             Marathon Oil Company                  Technology Incubator
                                                                                                                                      Procter & Gamble
Family Health and Wellness    HillYard Inc.                        Mason City School District           National Underground
                                                                                                         Railroad Freedom Center      Remi J's Barbecue
 LLC                          Honda of Amercia Mfg, Inc.           Meadwestvaco Consumer
                               (Marysville)                                                             NCAA                          Rob's Beer Barn
Federal Reserve Bank                                                & Office Products Group
 of Cleveland                 Huber Heights City Schools                                                Northern Kentucky             Safety National Casualty
                                                                   Medical Mutual
                                                                                                         University                    Corp.
                                                                                                                                                                   “Change is
                              IBM                                                                                                                                   Central”
                              Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.                                         35
             Central State University Foundation Donors
                                                                                                                                      This listing represents all donations to the University
                                                                                                                                                         from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

                                                      CORPORATIONS/NON-INDIVIDUALS cont’d
             Shema Global, LLC.            The Joe Willliams Every Day      University Housing                   Worthington City School
             Shook Construction             Foundation                       Solutions                           District
             Sodexo                        The John Marshall Law            University of Cincinnati             Wright State Univ - Center
                                            School                          University of Dayton                 for Prof Development
             Speedway LLC.
                                           The Kroger Co. Foundation        University of Saint Francis          Wright State University
             Speedway SuperAmerica
                                           The mGive Foundation             University Sports                    Wright-Patt Credit Union
             Sprint Foundation
                                           The Ohio State University         Publications Co. Inc.
             Standard Register
             Standish Title Agency Inc
                                           The P&G of the Greater
                                            Cincinnati Foundation
                                                                            University System
                                                                             of New Hampshire
                                                                                                                          CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY
             State Employees'                                                                                              Division of Institutuional Advancement Staff:
                                           The Procter & Gamble             US Bancorp Foundation
              Community Campaign                                                                                                 Anthony Fairbanks,Vice President
                                            Company                         Vectren
             State Farm Companies                                                                                             Glenda Skinner, Administrative Assistant
                                           The Quentis B. Garth             Vectren Foundation
                                            Foundation (Q.B.G.)                                                                   James S. Burton, Grant Writer
             Student Government Asso.                                       Victoria Theater
                                           The Tom Joyner Foundation                                                      Hakim Evans, CSU Foundation Fund Manager
             Texas Southern University      Inc.                                                                         Tary Glass, Research Analyst & VEP Coordinator
                                                                            VV Designs, LLC World                          B. Cato Mayberry, Director of Development
             The Board of Education        The University of Akron           Wide Origins                               Markerite Parker, Administrative Assistant (OAR)
              Cincinnati City School
                                           The University of West           Walmart                                Keith A. Perkins, Director Office of Alumni Relations (OAR)
                                            Alabama Foundation, Inc.                                                            Frances K.Welch,Volunteer (OAR)
             The Boeing Co.                                                 Wal-Mart Store Inc.
                                           The Urban League                 Distribution Center 6024
             The Cleveland Orchestra        of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.                                                               To donate online please go to:
                                                                            Washington Enterprises,               
             The Danis Foundation, Inc     Thomas M. Cooley                 Inc.                                                          To request additional
             The Dayton Foundation          Law School                                                                            information or comment, please call:
                                                                            West Carrollton City
             The Dayton Power & Light      Thurgood Marshall                School District
              Company Foundation            Scholarship Fund                                                             Division of Institutional Advancement
                                                                            Wilberforce Optimist Club                                  (937) 376-6373
             The Don Zierdt Agency         Toledo Branch NAACP              4-84                                           Once again, we appreciate your kind support.
              (DZA)                        Trophy Sports Center             Williams Interior Designs,
“Change is   The Hospice of Dayton, Inc.   Troy Christian Schools, Inc.     Inc.                                              For God, For Central, For State
               36                                           Please accept our apology if we inadvertently omitted your name from the donor listing.

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